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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 16- Malus-Veneficus!


Dmitri: (Batman was doing his best to dodge the Man of Steel. Nightwing and Robin, shot their grappling ropes around Superman to try and stop him, he spun at super speed sending them flying in two different directions, Superman busted out of the robes that were suppose to bind him! Superboy flew and caught Robin, I flew up and caught Nightwing!)

Nightwing: Thanks, (Kisses my cheek!) I’d rather kiss your lips, but you never know who’s watching!

Dmitri: (My face just turned red and I didn’t say anything! I set him down, and flew at Superman, and came up behind him, I grabbed him at the waist and flipped him over my back!) Batman get out of here!

Superman: Dmitri what’s wrong with you, that’s Darkseid!

Dmitri: Superman, listen to me, whoever’s controlling you, is making you think that Batman is Darkseid!

Superman: Get out of my way, I have to destroy Darkseid!

Dmitri: I wont let you hurt him! (My mother flew from behind Superman, and put him into a head lock!)

WW: Kal, listen to me, you have to stop this, your not seeing straight!

Superman: Doomsday! So you and Darkseid have joined forces!

WW: Kal, its me Diana!

Batman: Zatanna, you must get to Shadowcrest, they’re going after your library! Dmitri, Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, go with her, the rest of us will take care of Superman!

Dmitri: But…

Batman: Go! That’s more important than this, if he gets his hands on her books, this will be the least of our troubles! Now go!

Dmitri: (We huddled around Zatanna!)

Zatanna: Hold on to each other! TSERCWODAHS! (Shadowcrest)

Dmitri: (As she spoke the word Shadowcrest backwards, we suddenly found ourselves there!)

Zatanna: Follow me!

Inside the library of Shadowcrest-

Voice: (As I stand in the center of the library, I hold out my hands, and call forth all the books, they land in a pile in front of me filling up one side of the room, I stick my hands into the pile, and the words from the pages, start to flow into me. Every book being drained into me, so that the books hold no power, but now, the power is within me, I am the living embodiment of the spell books! The power fills me, my whole being has changed! That’s when I hear them run in from behind me! I turn to face them!) Your to late!

Dmitri: (Shocked) CALEB! NO!

SB: You two know each other?

Robin: That’s Witcher of the JLA!

Zatanna: Caleb, you have no idea what you’ve just done!

Caleb: The name is Malus-Veneficus! (Latin)

Zatanna: EMAC TI ECNEHW MORF REWOP EHT NRUTER! (Return the power from whence it came)

Caleb: (Waving his hand!) Your powers are nothing compared to mine! (Holding his hands straight out, he sends electricity bolts shocking them and sending them flying back!)

Dmitri: Caleb, this isn’t you, why are you doing this?

Caleb: I said my name is Malus-Veneficus! Caleb is no longer here! (Holding his hands out again, WG, SB, Robin and Zatanna are lifted against a wall, and are stuck there!) Time to feel my wrath! (With another wave of his hands, he sends a blue light that wraps around their bodies, making them scream in pain!) Ahahahaha, ahahaha!

Dmitri: Caleb, I know there is apart of you in there, you have to stop this, your hurting them!

Caleb: They’ve only begun to know what real pain is!

Dmitri: (I fly and land in front of him!) Why are you hurting them, why not hurt me, if Caleb is really gone, then why not hurt me too?

Caleb: Its not time for you yet! Soon, you we will be together!

Dmitri: (I fly back to them trying to pry them off the wall. Nothing is working!) I cant get you free!

Cassie: Dmitri, you have to stop him!

Dmitri: Caleb, I don’t want to hurt you!

Caleb: I am the all powerful Malus-Veneficus, no one can hurt me! I bet you felt superior to Caleb, because of the gifts that have been bestowed on you!

Dmitri: I don’t think I’m superior to anyone, Caleb I’ve always viewed you as an equal!

Caleb: You don’t know what its like to not be strong, to not have the powers bestowed on you by the Gods! Maybe I should show you what its like to get you ass kicked! (Pointing his hands towards himself and moving them down his body!) Lets dance shall we!

Dmitri: I wont fight you!

Caleb: You don’t have a choice!

Dmitri: (He flips in the air, lands in front of me, does a round kick, kicking me in the face!) Ugh!

Caleb: Don’t be such a spoilsport, get up and fight me!

Dmitri: (He comes closer to me, and raises his leg and bring his foot down, trying to kick my face. I grab his foot and flip him backward, he flips and lands on his feet!) Stop this Caleb, your better than this!

Caleb: I’m really getting sick and tired of explaining this to you, Caleb is dead, there is only me, Malus-Veneficus!

Dmitri: (He comes at me, punches I block, punches with his left hand, I block. I grab his hands, and hold them to his side. He head butts me!)

Caleb: No more games, if you don’t fight back, you’re going down!

Cassie: Dmitri, you have to fight, that’s not Caleb anymore! Defend yourself!

Dmitri: (I knew she was right, but I just felt so guilty for what’s happened to him! He grabbed my hand, twisted it behind my back, and started kicking my face with his foot, I took my free hand, balled it up into a fist, and hit him in the face sending him flying! As I ran towards him, he put his legs out, and flipped me over his head, I hit the wall behind him and came crashing down!)

Caleb: Is it just me, or is your heart not in this? Fine, you wont fight me on your own, I’ll give you a reason to fight! Your mother was created from the soil of Themyscira! Making her a magical being in itself! If you don’t start putting your heart into this fight, I will turn her back into the earth from which she came! I wonder, if I got rid of your mother, would that make you disappear as well! Hmm, maybe I should just do it to see! Then I wouldn’t have to listen to your constant whining, poor me, why does this happen to me, why, why, why, boohoo!

Dmitri: Malus-Veneficus! (I charge at him with the full force of Hercules himself! Hitting my shoulder into his stomach sending him flying through the three walls of the mansion!) Nobody threatens my family!

Titan Tower-

Batman: I hate to have to do this to you, but I have no choice! (He’s my best friend, Diana and Clark have been by my side for as long as I can remember! I don’t think I can even remember life before they entered it! We’ve faced so much together, and always over came anything that was tossed our way! But somewhere in the back of my head, the practical side of me, that knew one day someone would find a way to control Superman, told me to keep a piece of Kryptonite inside my utility belt at all times! Today is that day! As himself Superman is a symbol of peace! In the hands of evil, he’s a weapon of mass-destruction! He’s beaten me badly, I barley have strength to do what I’m about to do. He’s taken out so many of us, thinking we are his enemies! This is the only way! I reach in and grab the piece of Kryptonite, I hold it in my fist, and get ready to use it against my best friend!) Now Diana! (She hits him my way, as he comes sliding across the ground, stopping right in fron t of me, he gets up and stands in front of me!) Forgive me old friend! (I punch him in the face, he starts to get weaker and weaker, he goes to hit me, I block and swing back at him, hitting him in the face, each time he goes to hit me I block, and punch him again and again, till he starts bleeding from his mouth!)

Superman: Kryptonite! Darkseid you dirty bastard! What’s the matter cant fight me with out it?

Batman: I hope you’ll thank me later! (With each moment he’s exposed to the Kryptonite, he becomes weaker and weaker. My hope is that, he’ll be weakened enough to see through the lie and realize who we are! He fakes a punch and spin kicks me, hitting me in the stomach sending me flying back! Diana comes flying at him from behind, using his super hearing, he turns and grabs her sending her flying and crashing into me!) Diana!

Diana: (Picking myself up off of Batman!) Give me the Kryptonite!

Batman: I cant ask you to do it!

Diana: Your not, I’m doing what needs to be done! You wont last much longer against him!

Batman: We just need to weaken him enough, hopefully break the mind control!

Diana: I hope the others are having better luck!


Caleb: (Flying back in!) Now that’s more like it!

Dmitri: (He comes at me, he punches with his right, I grab his fist and twist it, he punches with his left, I grab it and twist it, I head but him, knocking him back. I jump and spin in the air kicking him, flipping him sideways! He got up and came at me, I performed my signature move and flipped over him, grabbing his shoulders and bringing him with me, I flipped him, slamming him into the ground! I wrapped my lasso around him!) Who did this to you?

Caleb: Maxwell Lord!

Dmitri: Why?

Caleb: He’s going to rule the world!

Dmitri: How?

Caleb: With Superman and you he will have all the muscle he needs, no one will ever be able to fight the two of you and win! With control over me, no magic based hero will ever be able to stop him!

Dmitri: How do we stop him?

Caleb: You cant, no one can!

Dmitri: Free my friends! (He waves his hands freeing them!)

Zatanna: Dmitri, get over here quickly! REWOT NATIT! (Titan Tower)

Dmitri: (Putting my head down) Caleb!

Cassie: Don’t worry Dmitri, will help him, will stop Maxwell Lord!

SB: (Looking around) They tore this place apart!

Robin: Come on we need to look through the debris we need to make sure everyone is ok!

Dmitri: (The place looked like a tornado had crashed through it, Parts of the buildings lay everywhere, I ran through lifting debris looking for any sign of life!) Mother, Mother, if you’re here please say something, anything! Mother! (Raven appeared, as did Doctor Fate!)

Zatanna: Fate! Where have you been, we’ve needed you?

Dmitri: Doctor Fate, my name is Dmitri, Caleb is my friend, and I hate to have to be the one to tell you, but he’s under the control of Maxwell Lord!

Zatanna: To make matters worse, Caleb has absorbed all the magical books of the Shadowcrest Mansion Library! He’s been consumed by the power, and now refers to himself as Malus-Veneficus!

Fate: With that kind of power, a dark personality has taken over, combined with being controlled by the devil himself Maxwell Lord, Caleb is in grave danger! Zatanna, we need Raven, and Etrigan, it will take our combined efforts to help save Caleb!

Dmitri: But you will be able to save him?

Fate: He is my son, I will move heaven and earth, to save him! Now someone please find me Raven, she is the key! Dmitri, when the time comes, for my plan to work, you will have to know what to do!

Dmitri: What does that mean, you know I’ll do anything for him, but what do you mean?

Fate: You will know Dmitri, you will know! Have Raven meet Zatanna and I at Shadowcrest! Zatanna, lets go! Find the others, we need everyone on board, and we much find Maxwell Lord!

Caleb: <Dmitri, you got away for the moment, but its not over with yet, I want you, I want you by my side, and you will be by my side! Nothing will ever stand in the way of us!>

Dmitri: Its Caleb, he’s talking to me telepathically! <Caleb please, Maxwell Lord, made superman destroy all your friends, I cant find anyone, Caleb, I’m scared, my mother might have been killed, Caleb I don’t now what to do, I need you Caleb, I need you, you’re my best friend!>

Caleb: <I…um…D…Dmitri…please, I…cant fight him…Dmitri, I cant hold on much longer, Malus-Veneficus, he’s going to take back control of me, Dmitri, I wont let you get hurt, I’ll die!>

Dmitri: <Caleb, please, fight it, tell me what to do to help you! If Maxwell Lord continues with his plans, we are all dead, he’ll get rid of you, me and anyone else that stands in his way! Caleb, what if my mother is dead, or Batman, or any of your friends?>

Caleb: <Dmitri, I left you on Paradise Island, he was waiting for me, and took control over me, and I tried sending you messages through your dream! I tried to warn you, I tried! (Crying) Dmitri, I don’t want to hurt anyone, and most of all I don’t want anything to happen to you, I don’t want you to be hurt, or cause you pain through deaths of the ones closest to you, but most of all I cant let him control you, and I cant let him kill you, I’ll die if he kills you!!>

Fate: What’s he saying?

Dmitri: Hold on! <Tell me what to do, how can I help you, how can I stop him?>

Caleb: <There…Ahhhh.>

Dmitri: <What is it, Caleb, talk to me, Caleb!>

Caleb: <You cant stop him, the only way for him to stop is to die! Ahhhhhh!>

Dmitri: Caleb! Caleb! <Caleb, what’s wrong Caleb answer me!?>

Caleb: <Caleb’s not home, this is Malus-Veneficus! Can I take a message?>

Dmitri: <You son of a bitch, if you hurt Caleb, I’ll kill you myself!>

Caleb: <Listen, you’ve hurt Caleb more than I ever could, so I owe you pain!>

Dmitri: <I never hurt him, he is my best friend, he’s been there for me, he’s the closest thing to a brother that I have!?

Caleb: <You like pain, you must really love pain! All you do is fall for a guy who hurts you, you cry lie a little bitch, cause that’s what you are is a little bitch, your suppose to be an Amazon, a warrior, instead, you’re a sad excuse of an Amazon, you’re a wimp! You deserve every bit of pain that you’ve had and all that is about to come to you!>

Dmitri: <Bring it on, I know Caleb is in there, and if he feels he can kill me, then do it, but you cant, because Caleb is still alive inside you, he will never let anything happen to me! Never!>

Caleb: <Your time is at hand, I dare you to close your eyes, I dare you not to have someone watching your back! When you least expect it will be there, and you will regret the day your whore of a mother had you!>

Dmitri: <Bring it on! I’m ready for you, bring it on!>

Caleb: <Ahhhh…Dmitri…listen to me…I don’t know…ahhhh…how long…I can…ugh…hold on…its not just Maxwell Lord…he has a boss…you must talk to Zeus about….ahhhhhhhhhhh!>

Dmitri: (Yelling) CALEB, CALEB! <Caleb, Caleb! Talk to me, Caleb!>

Caleb: <You’ll pay for that, the both of you will pay for that!>


Fate: Dmitri! Calm yourself, you need to have a level head right now!

Dmitri: You don’t know, you didn’t hear him!

Fate: We did hear, we heard it all!

Zatanna: We did Dmitri, Caleb must have opened the connection so that it was on a speaker level!

Fate: No we must go, you must fine the others, it will take all of us! Go now, find your mother and Batman, and make sure everyone else is ok! Then go see your father, we will meet back here as soon as possible!

Cassie: Come on Dmitri, we have to find everyone! Good luck Zatanna, Doctor Fate!

Dmitri: (I thought I saw some ruble to the side move. So I flew over, and lifted a support beam and threw it out of the way! Then lifted up one side of a wall and threw it the other way. Laying there was Nightwing!) Nightwing! (I pulled him into my lap and wiped off his face!) (Shouting) Guys over here! Nightwing say something, talk to me! (I felt for a pulse, it was faint, I picked him up and laid on him on solid ground! He wasn’t breathing, I began to give him CPR! Again and again, I pushed on his chest, then blew air into his mouth! Finally he started coughing up!) Nightwing, you’re alright, your going to be ok!

Nightwing: Cough, cough, cough! Dmitri, you just saved my life!

Dmitri: We need to get you to a hospital!

Nightwing: No, no, I’m fine, your kiss, it brought me back to life!

Dmitri: It was CPR!

Nightwing: (As I saw the other approach, I quickly hugged him and kissed him on the lips!) The whole time I was under there, I thought I was going to die, but something in me told me to hold on, Dmitri will come, he’ll save you! And you did, I owe you my life!

Dmitri: You don’t owe me anything, all I want is for you to get better!

Robin: Dick, I was so scared, I thought you were…(Grabs him and hugs him!) Jerk, you’re the only brother I have, don’t do that to me again!

SB: Good job Dmitri!

Cassie: Nightwing, where are there others, were is Wonder Woman, Donna, Batman, any of them?

Nightwing: Superman lost it, he thought we were all evil, and tried to stop us all, the last thing I saw was Wonder Woman and Batman being thrown into one another, if you only saw what he did to them! So Batman used a piece of Kryptonite, but I don’t know what happened after that, Superman collapsed this all on me! We have to find them, we have to find Donna, I cant lose her again!

Dmitri: (Suddenly I felt something pulling me, lights began swirling around me!) Help me, you guys help me! (They grabbed onto me holding my hands from being sucked away, then Bam, the were sent flying in different directions and the lights engulfed me and I was spinning in bright white lights!)

Cassie: Dmitri! No! Dmitri! (Yelling into the sky!) Zeus, Father, Help us!

SB: We have to get him back!

Robin: Everything is out of control, we’ve lost everyone!

Nightwing: We’re all that’s left! We have to find them all, we have to save them, and save the world!

Cassie: (Looking to the sky!) Please Father, here my call, you are Zeus, Father of the Gods, save my brother, your son! Save us all!

End Chapter-