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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 17- Personal Demons


Mount Olympus-

Dmitri: (When I finally stopped spinning in the bright white lights. I found myself standing on Mount Olympus! But how, why?) Father! Hello! (Appearing next to me out of no where!)

Hermes: Demetrius come with me quickly!

Dmitri: I don't understand, what's going on?

Hermes: There is no time, follow me, we mustn't stay out in the open!

Dmitri: (I fly behind him, following him into a cave, as he ushers me in, he seals the doorway!) What's happening, where is Zeus?

Hermes: Follow me! Once we left you on Paradise Island, returning to our home here on Mount Olympus! Our powers were weakened, it would take us some time to gather our strength. Phobos the God of Fear and Deimos the God of terror, the children of Ares, were here waiting for us upon our return. Knowing that we would be weakened the set traps for each of us! One by one they took the Gods until all that was left was me!

Dmitri: Why?

Hermes: To cease control of power! The wish to get revenge for their father! Not only revenge on us, but you, for defeating Ares!

Dmitri: Where is father, what have they done to the Gods?

Hermes: They have them locked away, they are in the pit of eternal slumber!

Dmitri: But how did you escape?

Hermes: When father realized what was happening, most of the Gods had already been taken! He sent me to bring Diana, Cassandra, and you! As I was leaving fathers throne, they overtook him! They closed off all openings in and out of Olympus! So I have been unable to leave, I've been moving around hiding from them! Trying to find a way to get you here!

Dmitri: How did you get me here?

Hermes: Using the Sphere of Arno! It can only be used once, its useless now! I had to sneak into Athena's relics room!

Dmitri: The world is falling apart, I have to get back home, I don't even know if my mother or friends are alive!

Hermes: I've been listening in, trying to hear what their plans are! All that's happening on earth, they are behind!

Dmitri: You mean Caleb, Maxwell Lord, even controlling Superman?

Hermes: They made a deal with Maxwell Lord, they enhanced his ability of mind control!

Dmitri: What's the deal they made?

Hermes: Their ultimate plan is to free their father from the 12 labors! Return him to what they feel is his rightful place as head of Olympus! With control of Superman and you, fear and terror will run wild with mankind, they will become stronger, as well as wars beginning causing Ares powers to strengthen. Phobos snuck away during your battle with Ares, he freed his brother Deimos, and swore revenge on you and the ones that helped you! Caleb was a perfect opening, for both revenge on you, and a deal to make with Maxwell Lord. Caleb's abilities allow for him, absorb Powers as well as his limitless potential to become the most powerful Wicca the world will ever know! But what Phobos and Deimos didn't say is that the more magic he absorbs the easier it will be for evil to consume him. He will no longer no right from wrong, his conscious will slowly disappear, till all that's left is a complete void, there will be no rhyme or reason to his action. He will only know power, he will only want power, and he will do anything to get more, will no moral regard to anyone or anything!

Dmitri: Can I save him?

Hermes: Right now, Doctor Fate an the others are working on a plan, when the time comes you will have to face him!

Dmitri: What is it with the constant cryptic messages everyone wants to give me today! Ok my next question is how do we save father and the other Gods?

Hermes: Your going to have rescue them from the pit of eternal slumber!

Dmitri: What is a pit of eternal slumber, and how does one rescue someone from it?

Hermes: You will have to fight Deimos, while I distract Phobos!

Dmitri: Why couldn't you free them yourself?

Hermes: Brother, I am the messenger God, Strength is not one of my abilities!

Dmitri: You are my brother, and he is my father and they are my Gods, if the fates have brought me here, at this point in time, when all else has fallen apart, I believe I am suppose to be here, that the answers I'm looking for to save my friends, lays in freeing our father and the Gods!

Hermes: Athena has granted you wisdom my brother, may it always guide you in the right way! Now let us go and find where they are and what they are doing!

Dmitri: Now how am I suppose to fight Deimos?

Hermes: When I took the Sphere of Arno, I also found the Pelian Spear, it was Achilles great mythical spear. Created by Hephaestus himself! And the Aegis Zeus Shield, often used by Athena and the one used by Perseus, to defeat Medusa! You will use it to defeat Deimos and free the Gods!


Titans Tower-

Nightwing: (Shouting) Over here, I found someone! (Moving the debris, SB, WG and Robin run over, they start helping to move everything, after WB moves a big piece of Debris, they find Donna laying at the bottom, Nightwing grabs her and holds her in his arm wiping her face of the dirt!)

Donna: D...Dick!

Nightwing: Try not to talk, just rest!

Donna: No...Dick, listen to me, this was a battle to end all battles, the three people we all look up to, are fighting it out to the death! Batman, was beaten till he could barley stand any longer, Diana, held her own, but she was holding back and he took advantage of that!

Nightwing: Donna, where are they now?

Donna: He was choking Diana, I tried to get him off of her, but he slammed her through a wall and turned around grabbed me flew up into the air and came back down slamming me through the floors of the tower after that, the next thing I know, your holding me in your arms!

Cassie: So we have no idea where the three of them are, or even if the are alive!

Donna: Where is Dmitri?

Cassie: He was sucked into a swirl of bright white lights, we have no idea who took him, or where!

Donna: No one has heard from Doctor Fate, or Zatanna?

Cassie: No!

Nightwing: We need to try and contact Raven, she's suppose to be with them, if she is, we should be able to get a hold of her and get a status!

Cassie: That still leaves us with Dmitri, Diana, Batman and Superman, M.I.A.

Donna: Will find them, we have to fine them!

Nightwing: Donna and I will try to get in contract with them, the three of you, search for anyone else, we don't know who was in the Tower when this all began!

Robin: (Shouting) Titans Go!


Fate: Caleb, I know your inside, I know you can hear me, you can fight this, you must use everything you're mother and I have ever taught you about magic, to fight this!

Caleb: Malus-Veneficus, is the name, call me Caleb again, and this body will pay the price!

Fate: Malus-Veneficus it is! So, will you let Caleb out to talk to me for a moment, it cant hurt you, you're the one that's in control, you're not afraid are you?

Caleb: I'm not afraid of anything, I could wipe you from existence with a mere wave of my hand!

Fate: Then let him come out and talk to me?

Caleb: I suppose there is no harm in doing so! You have one minuet and he goes back!

Fate: Thank you Malus-Veneficus, your very generous!

Zatanna: (Whispering) What are you talking to him so nicely?

Fate: You attract bees with honey not vinegar! Trust me!

Caleb: (Falling to his knees) F...Father!

Fate: Yes son it is I!

Caleb: Is Dmitri alright?

Fate: He's fine!

Caleb: But, I cant sense him anywhere on earth!

Fate: That doesn't mean anything, he could be hiding, or cloaked

Caleb: Father, if Maxwell Lord gets his hands on Dmitri, between the power of Superman, and Dmitri, the world as we know it will be destroyed! There is nothing I can do to stop him! Please father, tell me what happened to Dmitri, I need to know?

Fate: We left him at Titan Tower helping the others!

Caleb: You lie! I told you I couldn't sense him anywhere! If I cant sense him then he's not on earth!

Fate: (Telepathically speaking with Raven!) <Raven, I cannot sense Caleb at all, Malus-Veneficus, has taken compete control over him! We have no choice, we must stop him! Astral project your Soul-self into him carrying all the human emotion you can!>

Rave: <Are you sure, it might overwhelm him to the point of madness, you could lose your son forever?>

Fate: <I know, but we have no choice, we have to try!>

Caleb: Hello! Did we forget something?

Fate: I'm sure you'll remind us!

Caleb: I can read your thoughts! You want a fight Father! I'll give you one! (Holds out his hands, sending an energy blast, causing Etragan, Raven, Zatanna and Fate to fly back crashing into a wall behind them!) Didn't know you were such a push over!

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos- Wrap the demons Malus-Veneficus binding his powers where he stands! (As the lights encircle Caleb, he's wrapped with a black wrap around his body)

Caleb: Nicely done! With my powers I remove this bind, causing Raven to forget her crimes! (The black warp shoots back at Raven, Using she soul self, she astrals a shadow of ravens absorbing his spell!)

Raven" Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Lesions on his skin will grow afflict him with a painful blow, sores and pain afflict him now, holding him in place he's bound!

Caleb: Ahhhhhh! (Lesions begin to appear on his skin, sores and pain afflict him, holding him in place he's bound!) Reverse this spell in which she cast, give it back to her, ten fold each blast!

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos, (Ringing a bell three times) I call upon the Ancient ones from the great abyss to do my bidding I invoke Cuthalu, God of Anger and creatures of the underworld hear me now, Bones of anger, bones to dust, full of fury, revenge is just, I scatter bones of rage take thine ememy, bring him pain, I see thine enemy before me now, I bind him, crush him, bring him down, with these bones I now do crush, make thine enemy turn to dust, torment, fire, out of control, with this hex I curse your soul, free Caleb from your grasp, give him back his soul in tact!

Caleb: Ahhhhh!, F-father, me!

Raven: Its not him!

Caleb: Your to smart for you own good! Block, her words, and seal this pact, reverse the curse which would free Caleb at last! Nice try, I expected more from you! But here's one for you! ...

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos, There has been unfairness done to me and all the other ones, I summon the elements, I invoke them, I conjure them to do my bidding, the four watchtowers shall lay their eyes and minds, there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood, there shall be submission and no pity, I point the threefold law against thee, against thee it shall be pointed threefold, a hundred fold, is the cost for my anger and my pain, thou shalt be blinded by the fear, blinded by the pain, blinded by me, blinded by me, cursed by me so mote it be! (A black tornado spins and spins engulfing Caleb in, he spins and spins as he screams and shouts, begging it all to stop and halt!)

Fate: We must move quickly I wont lose my son! Now is this time, for us to become one!

End Chapter -