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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 18- Power Corrupts

Diana: (Flying in the air, carrying Bruce, following Superman!) Bruce, please let me take you to a hospital!

Batman: No Diana, don't lose him, we need to see where he goes, he may lead us to whoever is controlling him!

Diana: Bruce please, I don't think you could handle another round with him!

Batman: We still have the piece of Kryptonite, Diana, its Clark, we have to save him!

Diana: I swear to you, if you get killed, I will find a way to bring you back so I can kill you myself!

Batman: I love you too Diana!

Diana: Do you think Dmitri is doing any better?

Batman: He's a very capable young man Diana, and don't forget, he's your son, he very much so takes after you!

Diana: I should have done a better job of preparing him for the world outside Themyscira!

Batman: You did just fine! I'd be proud to have a son like him!

Diana: Look, he going down!

Batman: Wait, that's outside the dimensional portal to Zatanna's Shadowcrest Mansion! He shouldn't be able to get in without Zatanna letting him! I'll contact her!

Mount Olympus-

Dmitri: (As we enter through a cavern, we hid behind some large rocks overlooking the pit of eternal slumber! Phobos and Deimos stood below, speaking with one another!)

Phobos: Demetrius is no where to be found! Its as if he has left the earthly plane!

Deimos: We need to find him, if we are to have Maxwell Lord control him, in order to free father!

Phobos: Demetrius shall take fathers place in completing the 12 labors! The humiliation he has cause father will not go unpunished!

Dmitri: (As they continued talking with each other. Hermes and I whispered with each other!) How do I get them out of the pit of eternal slumber?

Hermes: You will have to exchange Deimos for Zeus, once you battle him, you must succeed, throw him into the pit, speak thrice "Zeus arise from slumber so deep, return now return to me!" Once Zeus has been set free, he will be able to free the others!

Dmitri: How will you distract Phobos?

Hermes: I will fly down at sonic speed, hitting Phobos, they know I'm free somewhere on Olympus, he is sure to follow! Deimos will want to continuing watching what is transpiring on earth, and searching for his father, through the looking well! Once I have Phobos out of them room, you must move quickly, attack Deimos and free Zeus! My brother, Deimos is very powerful, it will take all the cunning, and strength you have to defeat him! Your our only hope to free the Gods, will have one chance and one chance only!

Dmitri: Thanks, no pressure there!

Hermes: You can do this, I have faith in you brother!

Dmitri: Glad you have faith in me, but a motivational speech would have been better!

Hermes: How's this, your mothers life hangs in the balance as well, when last I was able to see into the viewing well, her and Batman were battling Superman!

Dmitri: Ok, that just makes me worried, you really need to work on your motivational speaking!

Hermes: May the Gods grant you the strength and courage to be victorious! (Hugging his brother!)

Dmitri: Please be careful! (Hermes jumped up and flew at such speed, ramming right into Phobos, knocking him over!)

Deimos: Get up you fool, get him and bring him back to join the others in the pit!

Hermes: What's the matter nephew you cant catch me? Maybe if you would lose some weight around that belly of yours you wouldn't be so slow!

Phobos: You talk to much messenger of the Gods, it will be my greatest pleasure to throw you into the pit of eternal slumber, so I wont have to listen to the sound of your annoying voice!

Hermes: Well then catch me if you can, you overweight bad of scum! (With that I ran at super sonic speed hit him on the head and ran out of the cavern Phobos following behind! Do be careful my brother Demetrius!)

Dmitri: (I watch on as Hermes taunted Phobos causing him to chase after him, once they were clearly out of the room. Deimos returned to the looking well!)

Deimos: That's it Superman lead Wonder Woman and the Batman straight to Caleb. They will all destroy one another, and Superman will strike fear and warfare into all of mankind! (Sinister laugh) Ahaahahahaha, Ahaahahahaha! Soon father soon, you will be free of your labors unfit for the God of War!

Dmitri: (Now was as good a chance as I was ever going to get! Holding Zeus's shield and the Pelian Spear, I took to the air and flew at Deimos, as if he knew I was behind him he turned and caught me in air and threw me against the wall behind him crashing with a thud!)

Deimos: I've been expecting you!

Dmitri: Glad I didn't disappoint you!

Deimos: Hermes was very cleaver in finding a way to bring you here, to bad he brought you to your death!

Dmitri: (Faking him out) Oh good Hermes you got Phobos!(Deimos turns around to look, and I fly at him with the speed of Hermes, ramming the Pelian Spear into his shoulder, moving him back against the cavern wall, as he shouted in pain, he lifted his leg and kicked me, as I flew backwards I stayed holding onto the spear and it yanked out of his shoulder causing him to bellow in pain, blood running down his shoulder! As I stool up, he shot me with an energy beam out of his hand, and I used my shield to deflect the power of a God, hitting the ceiling causing rubble to fall on top of Deimos he quickly stood up sending the rubble flying in all directions, he put his hand on his shoulder where I hurt him.) What's the matter Baby got a bubo? (Come on, I just need to get him to come at me so I can flip him into the pit!)

Deimos: I was hoping you would put up a fight! I'm going to enjoy crushing the life right out of you!

Dmitri: (I spun around with the spear, hitting him in the head, spun again the opposite direction and hit him in the face again, then spun the spear and hit him upwards, he flew up into the air and landed back down flat on his back! As I went to bring down the spear, he grabbed the tip and pushed it back hitting me in the face with the end I was holding, knocking me back, my nose bleeding from hitting me dead on! He side stepped knocking me off my feet, he went to bring his foot down on me, I brought my left arm up, with the shield, and he brought his foot down on the shield instead, I pushed back knocking him backwards a few steps. I flipped myself up, landing on my feet, kicked upwards, hitting him in the face, he spun from the hit and continued spinning bring his fist around hitting me in the face. He Grabbed me and started squeezing the life out of me, I took my thumbs brought them to his eyes and pushed them in, he screamed in pain and let me go, and grabbed his eyes. Using the shield I smacked him on the right side of his head, then I smacked him on the left side of his head, spin kicked him, he spun in the air, and landed on the ground. He quickly got to his feet!)

Deimos: You'll pay for that, I'll watch you burn in the fires of Tartarus!

Dmitri: (I slowly moved forward positioning myself in front of the opening of the pit!) Your just like your father, all talk no action! I'm right here, so give it your best shot! (He charged at me, as he got close enough, I took the spear and jammed it in his stomach, lifted the spear up with him on it, and flung him over my head into the pit. He screamed as he went flying into the pit!) Zeus arise from slumber so deep, return now return to me! Zeus arise from slumber so deep, return now return to me! Zeus arise from slumber so deep, return now return to me! (Is a swirl of bright lights Zeus appeared in front of me, as Hermes came running into the room, with Phobos following behind!) Father!

Hermes: You did it!

Phobos: Oh no! (Turns and starts to run!)

Zeus: Oh no you don't! (Creates a thunderbolt in his hand and throws it hitting Phobos, freezing him in place!)

Hermes: (Patting Dmitri on the back!) I knew you would best Deimos!

Zeus: My son, the Gods are once again indebted to you!

Dmitri: I'm just glad I was able to free you father! And if it wasn't for Hermes I never would have been able to do it! But I need to return to earth, my mother and friends are still in trouble, I have to help!

Zeus: Hermes will get you to where you need to go! I will free the other Gods! Thank you my son!

Dmitri: I'm just glad to know the reason I hadn't heard from you was because you were in the pit of slumber, I was starting to think you didn't want anything to do with me!

Zeus: You are my son, I love, and I will always be apart of your life! I must tell you, a great trial lays ahead of you, be strong my son, and remember in the face of darkness, light will always triumph! Now, go and help your mother and your friends!

Dmitri: Goodbye father!

Hermes: Follow me!


Dmitri: (In a swirl of white lights I appeared inside Shadowcrest! I looked on his horror as the place was destroyed, it looked like a bomb had gone off In here! Etrigan was shooting fire out of his mouth at Caleb, while Dr. Fate was shooting an energy blast at him, Caleb stood there with his arms spread out, as if forming a shield around himself! My mother and Cassie had their lasso's wrapped around Superman, while aunt Donna was trying to help get Nightwing out from under stacks that used to hold the books that Caleb had absorbed! Caleb started glowing a red color that become darker and darker, then suddenly burst out from him being sent to Etrigan and Dr. Fate sending them flying back and crashing against the wall! He then went over to Etrigan and put his hands on him absorbing his powers!

Caleb: Oh yes, what a rush! Etrigan you've been holding out, who knew you had that kind of power! (Maxwell Lord starts speaking to Caleb through telepathy!)

Max: What are you doing, you haven't killed any of them, I sent you to do a job! Bring Dmitri and Superman to me now! Will deal with the rest later!

Caleb: N-no, you no longer control me, Maxwell Lord!

Dmitri: Who are you talking to?

Fate: Maxwell Lord! He's using mental telepathy!

Diana: Now Batman!

Dmitri: (I turned and looked, as Batman held the Kryptonite to Superman's chest, both Lasso's still wrapped around him, Superman now laying on the ground!)

Max: (Using more force behind his mind control over Caleb!) You will do as I say, or I will kill Dmitri!

Dmitri: (I watched as my mother wrapped her lasso around Superman, making sure to subdue him completely! She then came over to me!) Mother!

Caleb: (Grabbing his head!) I...I...I'm more powerful than you could ever imagine, you have to control over me!

Diana: Who, who's he talking about?

Fate: Maxwell Lord, he's been controlling Superman and Caleb!

Diana: If he has the power to control Superman, the world will never be safe, Superman will never be safe!

Dmitri: It was Phobos and Deimos that increased Maxwell Lords power of mind control! Mother, Maxwell Lord now has the power to control anyone he wants!

Diana: Use your lasso Dmitri, to find out where Maxwell Lord is!

Dmitri: (I went to wrap my lasso around Caleb when he back flipped into the air, moving back from us!) Caleb, please, we can help you, just tell us where Maxwell Lord is?

Caleb: (Waving his hands, Maxwell Lord appeared right next to him!) He's right here!

Max: (With a look of shock!) What have you done, why have you brought me here?

Caleb: (Waving his hand, sending Max flying against the wall!) I don't take orders from you anymore!

Max: (Pulling a remote control out of his pocket!) While you were all busy fighting each other, I got the codes, to all missiles around the world! Breaking into the IADC a second time around, was much easier, when their top agents were missing! (Pushes a button!) I'd advise you band of heroes to start flying, I just lunched the first wave of missiles! As for you Caleb, I was prepared for the possibility that you taking in all these powerful magic books, you might want to take me out of the picture! You guys might want to turn around and take a look at who's freeing Superman!

Dmitri: (I couldn't control myself, it was like I was inside my own mind, trapped, watching someone else control me! I had moved with the speed of Hermes and freed Superman from the Lasso's and crushed the piece of Kryptonite, under my feet! Superman and I then flew and stood next to Max!)

Diana: Dmitri!

Max: Sorry, Dmitri is no longer home, please leave a name and number where you can be reached, and he'll gladly return your call NEVER!

Batman: Nightwing, Robin, Cassie, Donna, go, we need to stop the missiles, contact the JLA and every team available, stop all the missiles! Go!

Caleb: Dmitri is mine and mine alone!

Max: If you want to stop me, you'll have to go through Dmitri, are you willing to kill him, just to get to me?

Diana: Free my son or I'll kill you myself!

Caleb: (Waving his hand, Dmitri, floats through the air, and is now next to Caleb!) You have no power here Maxi! Even your precious Superman, is defenseless against my magic!

Max: Kill him Superman!

Caleb: (As Superman flies at Caleb, Caleb shoots bolts of electricity hitting Superman, shocking him, as he screams in pain, he is shot back against the wall and falls to his knees!) Are you done? Do you have anymore tricks under you sleeves?

Max: Just one more! (Pulling out a gun, he starts shooting at Caleb, hitting him in the shoulder, the chest, and the side! Blood starts flowing out of Caleb's wounds!) No one more, if anything happens to me, I'll send a telepathic message to one of my other little minions, triggering the rest of the missiles around the world! (Starts to back up away from them heading towards the doors to the library!)

Fate: Caleb! (Running over to his son, blood coming out everywhere!)

Caleb: (Starts floating in the air, stretches his arms out, and starts to glow, as the bullets starts coming out of his body, and landing on the floor below him. His wounds healing on their own!) Now I am really upset! (Shouting) MAXWELL LORD! (The Whole place starts to shake as he yells, Caleb starts floating towards the door, following behind Max!

Fate: Caleb, where are you going!

Diana: He's going to kill him!

Fate: No, Caleb wouldn't kill!

Batman: Fate, that's not Caleb anymore, and we've all seen that look that was in his eyes, he's going to kill him!

Fate: We've got to stop him, he'll never forgive himself, if he takes a life!

Caleb: (Reaching the door, he waves his hand and Dmitri's body floats behind him, following him!) There is no where to run, Maxi, I've sealed off the mansion, you'll never get out of here alive!

Batman: Everyone, take a different direction, and find him before Caleb does! Diana, will go together!

Diana: (Lifting Batman and flying off with him!) Bruce, you've been hurt badly, just sit this one out!

Batman: Diana, don't! I've been through worse!

Fate: (Speaking to Raven telepathically!) We must shield Max from Caleb! Use whatever spell you can, don't let Caleb detect him!

Raven: I'm already on it!

Caleb: So your enemies have decided to protect you, no matter, I can smell you fear! I cast darkness to chase my enemy, following the scent of fear, stop Maxwell lord, where he is, hold him, chain him, torture him, keep him, let his scream lead my way, to where I'll kill and maim him! (With those words, a little yellow light formed and started moving in the direction of Max!)

Dmitri: (Still frozen) Caleb let me go, don't do this, it not who you are!

Caleb: How would you know who I am and what I'm capable of, your to busy chasing after that two timing, cheater!

Dmitri: Caleb please, you are a brother to me, I love you with all my heart, you've been there for me, we've laughed together, cried together, isn't that what brothers do for one another?

Caleb: Oh Maxi, I'm getting closer, I can hear your heart racing, I can smell the fear, its intoxicating!

Dmitri: (I looked back and saw the other following behind us! I didn't think there was much they could do to stop him, but I am still going to pray to Zeus, that they find a way to stop him, before he crosses a line, that he may never come back from! Suddenly the sound of Maxwell Lord could be heard screaming! The locator spell Caleb cast must have found him!)

Caleb: (Hearing Max scream) Music to my ears!

Dmitri: (Caleb got to the room, where Max was in, with me still floating behind him unable to move!)

Caleb: Disperse! (The yellow light glowing all around Maxwell disappeared, he fell to floor trying to catch his breath!) I told you, there was no where you could hide from me! Since you like controlling people so much, lets see how you feel about being a puppet! (Waving his hand, Maxwell, floated in the air, arms stretched out, legs spread open. With another wave of his hand, Max was flung against the wall! The others appeared behind Caleb in the room!)

Fate: Son, listen to me, you don't want to do this! We can turn him into the DMA, we're he'll be held accountable for his actions!

Caleb: (Turning sideways, using one hand to keep Max against the wall, and waving his other hand, towards, the others that have entered the room!) Solid wall, thick as onyx! (An invisible barrier blocked the others from moving in closer!)

Batman: Fate, do something!

Max: I give up, I turn myself in, whatever you want!

Caleb: You've done enough damage! You tried to kill me, you shot me, do you know what it feels like to be shot...

Max: (Interrupting) Please, I'm sorry, your right, I've done really bad things, I should be locked up, for a really long time!

Caleb: (Waving his hand, Max's mouth is sealed shut, making his face look like it never even had a mouth!) How rude, I'm talking here! Now where was I! That's right, for so long now, you've had me hurting people, people that were my friends, stealing their powers, kidnapping them from their lives, their loved ones! You've had me hurt so many people, some who even died! Now its time for you to pay, to feel what the true meaning of suffering really is! (Waving his hand, the window next to him shatters, the pieces frozen in air, he moves his hand in the direction of Max, the pieces of glass inches away from different parts of his body! The look of horror in Max's eyes!

Fate: (Shouting) Caleb don't do this, Caleb!

Caleb: The name is Malus-Veneficus! And its time for Maxwell Lord, to get what's coming to him! (Waves his hand forward, and all the pieces of glass enter into Max's body, tears running down Max's face, if he could scream, his scream would pierce the ears!) What's that I didn't hear you! Oh, here, you want your mouth back! (Waves his hand and Max's mouth reappears!)

Max: Ahhhh, you mother fucker!

Caleb: Tisk, Tisk, you'll only make me cover your mouth again!

Max: (Blood running down his body!) Your suppose to be one of the good guys, your not like me, I'm bad, you don't want to do this, you don't want to become like me! Just turn me over to Batman and the others, they'll lock me away, I'll repent, I'll get help!

Caleb: You'll never change, and you have the power to control anyone, even Superman, that makes you the most dangerous person to walk the earth, you cant be allowed to live!

Max: What! (Shouting) Help me, Batman, Wonder Woman, any of you, help me!

Caleb: It'll just hurt for a minuet, ok that's not true, this is going to hurt a lot! Feel my thoughts, feel my words, feel my pain, all mighty God of Vengeance, take this evil where he stands, take him, burn him, forever damned! (With a thunderous roar, Maxwell Lord's body is engulfed in fire, and then disappears!

Fate: Caleb, what have you done!

Caleb: (Looking a little weakened!)I did what none of you could do, what had to be done! Now, its time for a pick me up!

Raven: If you want real power, try my power! (Astral projecting her soul self, her astral self appears next to Caleb and then jumps into his body! He starts getting dizzy and lightheaded, he kneels over, then falls to the floor, his body vibrating!)


Raven: Gave you a dose of real power!

Caleb: I...I...feel, so, so, OH MY GOD, what a rush, so connected, so much power, I can fell everything, everyone, I can hear everything, I'm in everyone's head, I can feel the earth, the animals, oh, no, the pain, all the pain, people dying, wars, famine, disease, I...I...cant take it, its to much, I...I...have to end their suffering, I have to make it stop!

Fate: What do you mean you have to make it stop!

Caleb: I'm going to end it all, the end of the world, Armageddon!

Fate: You cant do this, you have no right!

Caleb: I can do this, and I will do it! (Shouting at he raises his hands into the air!) From down below, from up above, from in between, I call forth Quasit, I call forth Hezrou, I call forth Balor, arise my demons, hear my call, bring forth darkness, bring forth destruction.

Fate: Caleb no! Think of all the innocent people!

Caleb: I am thinking of them, its time for their suffering to end! Its time to go lead my armies! (A whirlwind appears around Caleb and he disappears!)

Dmitri: (Falling to the ground as Caleb disappears) What just happened? Raven what did you do to him?

Raven: I sent all human emotion into him, hoping to trigger his humanity!

Dmitri: What did he just summon?

Fate: Quasit is a demon that resembles a tiny humanoid with bat-wings often found serving chaotic evil spell casters! Hezrou is a Tanar'ri resembling roughly humanoid toads with arms instead of forelegs that act as sergeants in demonic armies. Balor is a Tanar'ri among the most powerful of demons, standing 12 foot tall with huge wings and hands, generally covered in flames!

Batman: How do we stop this?

Fate: Only he can stop them, he controls them now!

Etrigan: We must summon Celestials to help fight against his demons, until we can stop Caleb!

Fate: I know just which ones! Solar, the greatest celestial, generally linked closely to a deity, resembles a nine-foot tall humanoid with silver or gold skin and white wings! Planetar, a celestial resembling a tall, muscular green-skinned hairless human with feathered wings, acts as a general in celestial armies! And Chaele (Eladrin) chaotic good celestial that offers assistance and musters resistance against evil resembling a noble elf or a globe of eldritch.

Zatanna: (Appearing a puff of smoke) I've freed the others, they working on a way to extract their powers back from Caleb!

Raven: We've got bigger problems, Caleb has summoned Quasit, Hezrou and Balor!

Diana: These demons would have to be called from the pits of Tartarus, correct?

Fate: Yes!

Diana: Then Lord Hades would have true dominion over them! He could stop them! I will go ask him to take the demons back to the underworld!

Dmitri: Mother, you cant, after you asked him to free the souls of Artemis and Lord Hermes, he told you never to return to him, asking him for a favor!

Diana: We have no choice, I must do what I can!

Dmitri: No mother, I will do it!

Diana: Dmitri, no, I forbid it! I will not take that chance with your life!

Dmitri: Mother, either way, my life is at stake, if we don't stop these demons, they will destroy the earth, and I'll be dead anyway! Plus, I'm counting on the fact that I have saved the Gods twice now, maybe he will show favor to me!

Batman: Diana, its time to trust in your son, he's very capable! We need to get to the Watch Tower, we have to see what's happened with the Missiles, as well as get everyone one out there fighting the demons!

Dmitri: (Pulling a remote control from the back of his pants!) I already disarmed the missiles! When Maxwell Lord, thought he had control over me, Caleb had released my mind, before Caleb took me to his side, I swiped the remote from him! I punched in the codes, I had already seen them, from when he tried stealing them the fist time at the IADC, so I disarmed the war heads!

Batman: Remind me to do something special for you after this is all over!

Dmitri: All I ask is no one hurt Caleb, this isn't his fault he's not in control of his actions!

Fate: You concern for my son pleases my heart to no end! Thank you Prince Dmitri!

Batman: Alright, everyone to the watch tower! Dmitri, good luck!

Diana: (Hugging him) Please be careful, and remember no mater what happens don't strike a deal with him, he will collect, and there will be no way to get out of it!

Dmitri: Mother please I can take care of myself! (Closing my eyes and thinking of Hermes!) Lord Hermes, Brother, Messenger of the Gods, I need you! (In a blur of a flash, he appeared standing next to me!)

Hermes: Hello Princess!

Diana: Lord Hermes!

Dmitri: Please, can you...

Hermes: I already know, father is expecting us now!

End Chapter-