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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 19- The Deal

Dmitri: (Hermes had taken me, in as if seconds had passed we were standing before Zeus.) Father!

Zeus: My son! I'm sorry we keep meeting under such circumstances!

Dmitri: I hope one day it wont be that way!

Zeus: You are about to embark on a journey to my brother Hades! Ares may have been power hungry, but Hades is one angry God! He will not give you what you seek so easily!

Dmitri: From what I've learned so far, nothing worth fighting for is ever easy!

Zeus: (Waving his hands the gauntlet of Atlas appear on Dmitri's arms!) These are the Gauntlet of Atlas! With them they will add ten fold to the power you already have.

Dmitri: Thank you Father!

Zeus: My son, Hades will not say yes so easily, there will be a price for helping you! The only thing that may aid you, is that fact that if not for you defeating Ares and freeing the Gods, returning Hades to his throne, Hades would still be trapped in the underworld, try and use this to reason with him although, he will still have an agenda of his own!

Dmitri: How will I find him?

Hermes: Just follow the foul stench!

Zeus: Hermes, don't forget if it weren't for Diana you would still be trapped down there with him!

Hermes: Sorry father!

Zeus: I will return you to Paradise Island, were you shall dress in full battle armor! Then you will enter through the old Doom's Doorway! Once you enter his realm, he will sense your presence, causing him to make you feel a sense of direction that leads you to him! No matter what form of trickery he tries, do not fall for it!

Dmitri: But he will surely want something in exchange for stopping the demons from destroying the world?

Zeus: He will! But you mustn't give up your soul to him, no matter what the cost to the earth! I fear the judgment lies with you and you alone! Choose wisely my son!

Dmitri: (Walking up to Zeus and hugging him and kissing his hand!) I love you father!

Zeus: (Waving his hand and opening a doorway to Themyscira!) As do I! Go now, with the blessings of the Gods! (Dmitri waves before walking through the doorway!


Watch Tower-

Booster Gold: Who is this Wonder Boy?

Batman: (Diana and Superman standing next to Batman) Most of you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the son of Wonder Woman, Prince Dmitri! As we speak he's on a one man mission to stop Armageddon! If anyone finds Witcher/Caleb, you are not to confront him, call upon Dr. Fate. The most vile of demons have been banded together to destroy the earth. Until Wonder Boy can find the only way to stop them, it's up to us to protect the earth and its people from annihilation. Team leaders are Superman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Shayera Hol, Flash, Aquaman. Green Arrow. Mr. Terrific you will run control of the Watch Tower, as well as Oracle! Keep your com-links open at all times, Oracle and Mr. Terrific will keep everyone posted as to were your needed and what's happening, to who is in need of help! Doom patrol, Teen Titans, Titans, The Elementals, Global Guardians, Green Lantern Corps, Forgotten heroes, Birds of Prey, Justice Society of America, Justice League Task Force, Justice League Europe, Darkstars, Omega Men, Freedom Fighters, Outsiders, Shadowpact, Sentinels of Magic, Shadow Fighters. Each of your team leaders have been given a specific location to protect. Anyone with Magic based powers, Dr. Fate will lead you to where Witcher is, and you will try to stop him, without killing him! Everyone else you'll be doing damage control, help the authorities, people will be panicking. You all have your orders, lets go!

Diana: (Holding her arms up and to the left, she begins spinning spreading her arms, till a thunderous red and blue light is shown, she changes from her Wonder Woman outfit, into a full battle Wonder Woman outfit!) Hera help us!

Superman: (Looking down) Bruce, Diana, I...

Batman: Clark, you don't have to say it, it wasn't you fault!

Superman: I just cant stand the thought of what I did!

Batman: We've all been there at one time or another! Now, lets get out there and do what we do best!

Superman: I hope Dmitri is ok!

Batman: He takes after his mother and she always gets the job done!

Diana: I hope the God watch and protect him, and I hope he is stronger than me!

Batman: How many Apocalypses does this make for the three of us?

Diana: More than I care to remember!

Superman: We've been through a lot together, and no matter how difficult the situation, or if we didn't see eye to eye, we've still always come out on top, some of us have even died and managed to come back! Thank God!

Diana: Sometimes I wonder if we're making a difference in the world!

Batman: You know we are, some of us were given abilities, some weren't, but either way I think we were given these destinies to do just what we are doing, helping to keep the world a safer place, trying to make a better tomorrow! I often ask myself if there had been a Batman in crime alley the day my parents were killed, would things be different today, would they have been saved, what would my life be like, would I still have become the Batman, or would I just have been the billionaire bachelor playboy, everyone thinks I am! (Diana punches his shoulder) I said thinks I am! Then I think look at the three Robins I've trained, and all the good they've done, the lives they saved. So the answer is that we are making a difference in the world, and by looking at the new generation of heroes following in our footsteps, we must be doing something right!

Superman: You do give great speeches! Maybe after this is all over, you two should change the bachelor thing and get married, so you can give a speech at your wedding!

Diana: Maybe your right, maybe we do make a difference in the lives of people!

Firestorm: (Walking up) Superman, the teams ready whenever you are!

Superman: Ok, I'll be right there!

Batman: (Shaking his hand) Good luck old friend!

Superman: Speak for yourself, I'm going to stay looking young long after you! (They all start laughing) Be careful you two! After this is over, we're doing dinner together, like normal people!

Diana: Deal!

Mr. Terrific: {All teams prepare to be teleported! On Three! One, two, Three! Teleport initiated!} (Team by teams, were teleported to different places throughout the world. Aquaman, lead Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Deep Blue, and Garth (Once Aqua-Lad, now known as Tempest) as well as Atlantis's royal army, against Hezrou the Tanar'ri resembling roughly humanoid toads with arms instead of forelegs that act as sergeants in demonic armies. Armed with swords in their hands these toad like humanoids began to arise, by the thousands, as Aquaman sent a telepathic message to the sea creatures to start an attack on them, while some Dolphins and Whales began their attacks on the toad like creatures, as they swam as fast as they could crashing into them hitting the toad like creatures into one another. The toad like creatures, began fighting with a force so unexpected, whirlwinds of water were created around them and the Dolphins and the Whales, began being sucked into the whirlwinds of water, and with the toad like creatures swords, they began slicing and cutting through the Dolphins and Whales killing them instantly! Aquaman, in a fit of anger at the death of Dolphins and Whales, uses his Waterbearer hand (given to him by the Lady of the Lake, this hand magical in nature, grants Aquaman numerous abilities including but not limited to the ability to dehydrate anyone he touches with it, killing them instantly, as well as making his hand become extremely dense thus taking Aquaman to the ocean floor quickly, he also shoots jets of scalding water, it also has healing abilities and the ability to nullify magic.) He shoots scalding water at the toad like creatures, melting them back into the bottom of the sea. As he swims at super speed touching the toads as he moves past them, he dehydrates them, killing them instantly! Tsunami using her mental ability to cause and control tidal waves, sent waves crashing at the toad like creatures knocking them into each other and crushing them, killing them instantly! Deep Blue, using her ability to control seal life if she touches it, and changes the size of the creatures, touches some crabs, after the crabs grow to giant sizes, they begin using their claws to grab and crush the toads in half killing them! Tempest using his powerful purple energy blasts from his eyes, splitting the toads in half, as well as using boiling the water around groups of the toads melting them back into the ocean floor.)


Dmitri: (As I arrived in the royal palace. I was greeted by my Grandmother) Oh how I have missed you!

Queen: My darling, (Embracing him) my heart has ached to see you once again!

Dmitri: Oh Grandmother, so much has happened, is happening...

Queen: I know Demetrius, as we speak battles have begun around the world! The Goddess Athena has told me all that has transpired! It wont be long now before the battles reaches our own shores! The Amazons have already begun preparation to defend our home!

Dmitri: Does it ever end, I mean all these years longing to know what was outsides the shores of Paradise Island, and all I've found is one battle after another! Sometimes I wish I was still a little boy, getting into trouble with my school teachers, watching you trying to scold me, with half a smirk on your face because you wanted to laugh at what I had done, more than to discipline me!

Queen: (Smiling) The things you would come up with, being so young, how could I not find them amusing! But nature always has its way, and we all must grow up one day, and face the challenges that adulthood bring us! You have amazed me with all you have done in the short time you've been away from here! You have made the Amazon nation proud, as your mother and aunt have done so many times before, you are following in their footsteps, the Gods themselves have you to thank! For as long as there is evil in the world, there will be heroes to stand up and fight! You my child are one of those heroes!

Dmitri: Your not so bad yourself grams! I searched through articles in the library in Gateway City, reading about all the things you did during your time as Wonder Woman during World War Two! Not to mention your little nickname Polly! Or you little romance with the Wild Cat aka Ted Grant!

Queen: Hey new, a woman gets lonely sometimes, and Ted, he was something else...enough of this talk, we have more important things to deal with! (Walking over to a mantel) I was hoping, I wouldn't have to give you this till much later, after you had been in man's world for a longer period of time! In addition to your weaponry in formal battle, these were made for you and blessed by the Gods themselves, such as ceremonial golden armor complete with golden wings, war-skirt and chest-plate, and a golden helmet in the shape of an Eagle's head. Your deadliest piece of battle-gear is a magically forged sword, again a gift from Hephaestus, so sharp that it can "carve the electrons off an atom".

Dmitri: I don't know what to say, this is amazing, however I wish It wasn't for battle armor, but it looks just like mom, and yours! (I held them and lifted my arms out to the left, and began to spin spreading my arms out as a thunderous red and blue light explosion appeared then disappeared leaving me dressed in my new ceremonial golden battle armor!) It feels so amazing, so much power running through me, I feel so strong!

Queen: You're a man, a brave strong man! I couldn't be prouder!

Phillipus: (Entering) My Queen, Prince Demetrius! (Bowing) My Queen the enemy is approaching the island!

Queen: Are my Amazons ready!

Phillipus: Yes my Queen!

Queen: Then let us defend our Island Paradise with our lives if we must! Come Phillipus, bring three others we must open Doom's Doorway and allow the Prince access inside!

Phillipus: What! But why Queen...

Queen: Phillipus, the Prince is on a mission from the Gods themselves to save all mankind! We mustn't waste a moment more! Now go! We shall meet you there!

Phillipus: As you wish my Queen!

Queen: (Hugging Dmitri) I love you, you know that right?

Dmitri: Of course I do, and I love you to, more than anything!

Queen: Lord Hades, will say many things to you, many will be to deceive you, (Looking down) Some maybe true! But...

Dmitri: More family secrets?

Queen: Demetrius, one day, when you've experienced certain things in life, you will understand, how some things from the past can be hurtful, and how you don't want to ever speak of them! But be that as it will, the truth always comes out in the end! Now, listen to me, don't let anything he tells you sway you from your true purpose there, don't let your emotions blind side you! And whatever you do, don't make a deal with him, he always comes to collect! (Grabbing his hand, she holds it palm up and lays a coin on it!) You will need this to pay the Ferryman to take you across the river Styx, it's the river of Hades, you must cross the river, where the souls of the dead were ferried into the underworld! You must give him this, and do not speak to him at all!

Dmitri: I can do this right?

Queen: Of course you can, you're an Amazon! One last thing, keep your Lasso at the ready, hold it in your hand, it will keep you from all forms of trickery, lies, illusions, as well as ward off any magical attacks!

Dmitri: Thank you Grandmother!

Queen: May the Gods watch over and protect you on the journey that lays ahead!

At the Doom's Doorway-

Phillipus: (Her and four Amazons stand at the doorway and begin to pull it open!) Pull, harder, That's it pull harder! (The door opens!)

Queen: Be careful heart of my soul!

Dmitri: For the Glory of the Amazons, and the Pleasure of the Gods!

Phillipus and the other Amazons: For the Glory of the Amazons and the Pleasure of the Gods! Good luck Child of Themyscira!

Dmitri: (As I enter they close the door behind me, with a loud thud the door is once again sealed! I stood there and looked at the door for a moment, realizing just how alone I felt, how as much advice as I've been given I don't know if I'm ready to face Lord Hades! But I know my family, friends, and the world is counting on me! I have to face the reality the only way to save the world is to face Hades himself! Fear is not an option! Looking into the large cavern, so dark and damp! I followed the path that led me through a smaller cave, and then into an opening so big, it look like the lost kingdom of Caesar himself. Desolate, and in ruins, I couldn't help but wonder what the place looked liked before it became an underground decaying shadow of its former self. I reached a point where the river began, there stood a light post, and a bell. I rung the bell once and stood there, coin in hand waiting for the ferryman! (Moments later in a misty fog, appeared a man on a Ferry, the man covered in a black garb from head to toe, when he finally reached the shore, he held out his hand, and all I could see was the bones of his fingers and hand being held out palm facing up, expecting his coin! I set the coin in his palm, and made my way into the Ferry! The misty water, had a stench to it, but I dare not say anything, after being warned not to speak to the Ferryman. We passed through parts of what used to be a city above water, bones floating along side us, some warriors I had been told about as a child, other villains in search of the lost city of gold. After what felt like an eternity we came to a shore line, the Ferry stopped along the shore. The Ferryman pointed his hand forward sticking his boned finger out. I took that as a sign that it was time to get off, I walked onto the shore stood looking around turned back around and the Ferryman had disappeared into the misty water. The smell or rotting flesh was in the air, I decided the best course of action was to take to the air, having this feeling in the pit of my stomach that Hades was straight ahead, as well as the fact that he knew I was coming, I was prepared for anything, no sooner did this thought occur to me, then a swarm of flying monkey like creatures flew at me, ready to attack. I pulled my sword out, as the first beastly monkey swung his Sword of Damocles (A sword that threatens to bring imminent disaster once struck with) I spun myself in the air, and our swords hit with each other, as the blades ran across each other sparks could be see flying, I pushed him back spun around and sliced down on him sideways, cutting him in half, he went flying down into the ground burning up in flames. Others started attacking me at the same time, I did everything I could do to keep from being hit by the swords, instant death was not an option when the lives of so many were depending on my succeeding! I spun my sword on my right side then my left side then brought it up and then brought it down slicing through three of them like butter! More and more started to appear and grabbing my shield that was attached to the back! I began blocking and striking my enemy! My battle raged on!

Home of Dr. Fate-

Fate: (Sensing such a powerful surge of mystical energy I knew Caleb had to have come home. Using our home as a conduit of controlling all his creatures, as well as being able to use a mirror and know where everyone is!) It will take our combined powers, to open a doorway inside, we just need to distract Caleb long enough for Wonder Boy to do his thing! If everyone does everything right, no one should get hurt!

Enchantress: And what if he tries to kill one of us, are we just supposed to stand back and do nothing?

Zatanna: First of all you heard Batman, Caleb is not to be harmed! Second of all, if I remember correctly you were under mind control yourself not to long ago, and Caleb spared your life then! So I swear to you, you try and do something to him, I'll send you into a dimension so far away, you'll never be able to find a way back! (Looking the Enchantress up and down. The Enchantress lowers her head in defeat)

Fate: (Using the circular device that adorns the livery collar worn around Doctor Fate's chest and shoulders is the Amulet of Anubis, which gives anyone who wears it vast magical abilities. The Amulet has also been shown to house the souls of many who have worn the vestments of Fate. The Villain Mordru was imprisoned in this dimension for sometime. Focusing an energy beam from the Amulet to create a doorway!) Everyone focus your mystical energy on the same spot, so we can create a doorway! (As everyone focused their energy on the same spot as Dr. Fate, an explosion of yellow lights opened a doorway, and quickly one by one they all entered!)

Enchantress: So really what is the plan?

Fate: The soul self that Raven entered into him, holds a large part of humanity, were counting on Dmitri's life being in danger, to trigger that spark of humanity within, put in by Raven should trigger that part of humanity, changing him back into Caleb, he will still have all the abilities to stop the Apocalypse. Oh and Enchantress, you try to harm a single hair of my sons head, you will answer to me.

Zatanna: Quasit! Everyone, here they came! (A swarm of Quasit's come flying at us. Everyone is surrounded by them as they attack! The lights go out as they enter the room!) That's it, everyone listen, the Quasit hate light, use whatever spell you have to create light! (Waving my wand I speak the words Bright lights!) STHGIL THGIRB! (My wand lights up, the Quasit, start to move away from me as I wave my wand in all directions!)

Gateway City-

Batman: (Shouting) Diana look out! (No sooner had I shouted that, she was hit by Balor's fiery hand! Being sent flying down into the ground and sliding across leaving a path of broken up earth! I threw ice pellet after ice pellet trying to freeze Balor as I made my way over to Diana!) Diana! Talk to me, say something!


Batman: (Smiling) Don't do that!

WW: He really packs a punch! I've got to stop him, he's destroying the city!

Batman: Diana, there is no I in team! We all have to work together!

WW: This coming from the man who loves to work alone!

Batman: I've learned better, we just need to slow him down long enough for Dmitri to work his magic!

WW: Your right, but you know me, I don't know how to do helpless, and fighting just helps to keep my mind off of Dmitri!

Booster Gold: (Shouting from afar) HEY YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS WANNA HELP?

Batman: Tell me again how we got stuck with him! (Diana kisses me and then flies up into the sky over Balor, using her lasso ensnaring his legs, she pulls up with all her might and Balor crashes down on his back. God I love that woman. Before I could get to happy Balor raises his legs and slams them into the ground yanking Diana down causing her to crash into a car below her!) Diana! Everyone shoot at his wings, now!


Dmitri: (I kill the last flying monkey as I make my way in the direction they came from. My eyes wide open, my hand gripping my sword tightly preparing for whatever Lord Hades has in store for me! I make my way towards the end of the tunnel, as I enter the opening, I enter a huge room, isles and isles of books and scrolls all around, I look straight ahead, and see a throne and none other than Hades himself. I float downwards and land on the ground I bow before him.) Lord Hades!

Hades: Well, well, if it isn't the bastard son! Did you really have to kill all of my pet monkeys?

Dmitri: (As angry as I am at his words, I say nothing in return!) My Lord, I knew not those to be your pets, they attacked and I defended myself! My Lord I am here on a very important miss,...

Hades: Boy! I am Hades, Lord of the underworld, I hear and no all things, I know why you are here!

Dmitri: Then I needn't tell you how important it is that you help us!

Hades: I expected more from you, your mother came down here ready to fight me, while you stand there sounding like a simpering little boy, afraid to talk to a God!

Dmitri: I am choosing to be respectful of who you are, as you very well know, it was I who bested the God of war Ares and his son! But if you prefer that side of me, I am also prepared to do battle with you!

Hades: I am not my nephew Ares, if I wanted you dead, you wouldn't be able to blink again, and I would be holding your head in my hands!

Dmitri: Bastard or not, I am your nephew as well, and I appeal to the family side of you, the lives of everyone on earth is in jeopardy as we speak! You're the only one that can help to save them! Please Uncle!

Hades: (Clapping his hands) Bravo, bravo! That was so touching, trying to appeal to the family side of me! Ahaahahahah! Boy! You know nothing of me! Do you know why I chose the underworld rule?

Dmitri: No I do not!

Hades: Of course you don't! They really must be desperate to send a boy to do a man's job! I choose the underworld, so I wouldn't have to deal with family!

Dmitri: So you came down to the hottest place you could be, and yet still your heart has grown so cold! You must be as talented as I've been told to achieve such a thing! What would your wife Persephone have to say about that?

Hades: You dare speak her name, I'll cut out your tongue!

Dmitri: I don't have time for this, who knows how many people have been killed already! You need to call back the demons!

Hades: I don't have to do anything!

Dmitri: So you enjoy being made a fool of?

Hades: A fool, I am nobody's fool!

Dmitri: Really, than how do you explain that a boy used his powers to take demons from under your nose to attack the earth?

Hades: How do you know I didn't just let him take them, how do you know this isn't my plan all along?

Dmitri: This lacks the finesse of a God to be your doing, no it was just a simple boy, with the powers of a God that brought them to life to destroy the earth, while you the ruler of all here in the underworld were powerless to stop him. How does that make you feel, a little impotent!

Hades: Impotent! I'll show you Impotent...

Dmitri: Wait, here is a chance for you to show everyone that no one bests you. Summon the demons back to the underworld to their rightful place here in your domain!

Hades: Oh, your good, I under estimated you, that wont happen again! You almost got me! Almost! You want the demons summoned back here, then there is something you must do for me!

Dmitri: No deals, Father warned me you would try to make a deal and told me not to!

Hades: Your grandmother tried not to make a deal with me, but if she hadn't your mother wouldn't be here today, nor you for that matter!

Dmitri: She would never make a deal with you!

Hades: Ahahahahaha! So I take it you've never been told, very well I tell you myself! Long ago before the amazons were brought to Themyscira, when your grandmothers sister Antiope was still alive, they once resided in "Amazonia" in the days of ancient Greece, until they were beguiled and bested by the demi-god Hercules....In those days temples of the Gods were many, people came and sacrificed gifts to the Gods, I was visiting my temple one day, when I saw Antiope for the first time, her beauty was beyond words, her hair so black, her cheeks so red, her lips so full and a body to rival that of all others. I had to have her as mine. As she made her way over to the temple of Aphrodite offering gifts. I appeared in front of her, she was taken aback, realizing who I was she quickly lowered herself before me, I grabbed her and lifted her up...

Antiope: My Lord I...

Hades: You are a vision of beauty, what is your name?

Antiope: (Putting her head down) My Lord, Antiope!

Hades: (Putting his hand under her chin and raising her head!) One with beauty that rivals that of the Goddess Aphrodite should never hide her face!

Antiope: I pale in comparison to Aphrodite...(In a whirlwind of hearts appears the Goddess Aphrodite)

Aphrodite: Hades you dare desecrate my temple, comparing a mortal woman to me! (Antiope falls to the ground in submission to the Goddess!) Get up my child, return to your sister, now go! (Antiope runs out) Really now Hades, you of all should know better, the Amazons are off limits!

Hades: Amazon, she's an Amazon!

Aphrodite: Yes, consider this a warning, stay away from my Amazons! (In a swirl of hearts she disappears!)

Hades: A warning huh, will see about that!...(Back in Tartarus!)

Dmitri: What did you do?

Hades: Nobody threatens me and gets away with it! I wanted Antiope, and I wasn't about to let a Love Goddess stand in my way! So I changed my appearance into that of a mortal man, and sought her out! Unbeknownst to me, Aphrodite had gone to see Antiope sister, your grandmother! See your grandmother was so protective of her sister, Aphrodite used that to make sure I wouldn't have my way, she cast a spell over her eyes, thus allowing her to see through any appearance I would show up in. But in the end I got more than she would ever realize.

Dmitri: (A bone chilling shiver was sent over my body as he spoke those words.) What does all this have to do with a "deal" my grandmother made with you?

Hades: Come now don't look at me like that, was it not you that said my heart had grown cold! I continued my advances on Antiope, finding her whenever she was alone, but to no avail, her sister had filled her head with evil thoughts of me!

Dmitri: Maybe because you are evil!

Hades: I'll ignore your words, but do it again, and you will really see evil! Now where was I, oh yes...So I sent Ares on a rampage of war, starting fights with the Amazon, he sent his best men after the Amazons, yet they bested them...

Dmitri: So Ares hatred of the Amazons was really started by you!

Hades: I never knew he would go down the path he did with his hatred, but in essence yes! I needed to keep your grandmother busy, so I could have Antiope. But I underestimated your grandmother, she saw right through my plan. I arrived at Antiope's room to find Hippolyta waiting for me...

Hippolyta: (I stood waiting for Hades to appear in Antiope's room, armed with a sword given to me by Aphrodite. He entered through the door, I was standing on the side of the door, I spun in front of him and held the sword to his throat!) Hades, you've been warned to leave the Amazons alone, why do you persist in chasing after my sister?

Hades: Warned! No one tells me what I can or cant have! (I grab the tip of the sword) No mortal weapon can hurt me woman, I am a God!

Hippolyta: (I pull the sword out of his hand, slicing his hand) This is no mere mortal sword.

Hades: You bitch, I will burn your flesh off again and again in the pits of Tartarus for that!

Hippolyta: You have no power here! Stay away from my sister, or I swear to you I will kill you!

Hades: Big words for a little woman!

Hippolyta: I'll give you little woman! (I began to swing my sword at him, as he created a sword in his hand. We began to fight, sword to sword, as we stood face to face, with the swords crossed between us, I head butted him and then flipped over his head, I kicked him and went to stab him with the sword, he brought his sword up to block!)

Hades: Enough!

Hippolyta: What's the matter afraid of the little woman?

Hades: We could go at this all night, and you would still never best me! If I cant have your sister willingly I will have her by force!

Hippolyta: You bastard, you would lower yourself to such a thing as rape!

Hades: To exact revenge...I would!

Hippolyta: Ahhh! (I ran at him, jumped on him and starting hitting!) I'll kill you, before I would ever let you touch a hair on her head!

Hades: Ahahahaha, ahahahaha! You are a wild woman, do you give this much passion in the bed?! I'll make you a deal...(Grabbing Hippolyta and lifting her up.) You give yourself to me willingly, and I give you my word as a God, I will never come after your sister again!

Hippolyta: Your sick!

Hades: Put it this way, give yourself to me, or I swear to you, what I will do to your sister, will make you wish you had given yourself to me over and over again!

Hippolyta: How can you be this way, you're a God, yet you act like the lowest of creatures! Have you no heart, have you no conscious?

Hades: No! Now what will it be, you or her...(Back at Tartarus)

Dmitri: (The rage in me built up, I did the only thing I could do, I attacked him I lifted him up and threw him down into the ground, he disappeared and reappeared behind me! Hitting me in the head sending me flying forward sliding across the ground.)

Hades: Ahahahaha, ahahahaha! Temper, temper, your no different than Hippolyta! I bet you're a wild fuck, just like she was, if I swung that way, I would find out for myself! But no I don't think so!

Dmitri: Why would you tell me, why?

Hades: for the fun of it of course!

Dmitri: I saved you from Ares, and this is how you repay me, you sick twisted bastard!

Hades: Now, now, that's your father your talking about! Come to think of it he's also your great uncle, now that's twisted! Raping his own niece!

Dmitri: You don't know what your talking about, he never raped my mother!

Hades: Think what you will, I know my brother better than you! Now get up off the ground! You want the demons returned here, you must give me something, something dear to your heart!

Dmitri: What would that be?

Hades: The soul of your lover!

Dmitri: (My heart sunk as he said lover...I have even begun to deal with Steve, hell I haven`t seen him in what feels like forever.) And just who would my lover be?

Hades: Come now boy, don't you think I keep an eye out on my own grandchild! Steve Trevor's life, to save the world, I think that's a fair deal!

Dmitri: Then you know nothing, Steve Trevor has nothing to do with me!

Hades: Why cause you caught him sleeping with someone else! That wasn't his fault, you know you'll go back to him the second this is all over with!

Dmitri: Don't presume to know me, you have no idea what I will or wont do! You don't know me at all! And if you did, you know I would never sacrifice anyone's life!

Hades: Then we have nothing left to talk about! You know the terms, I either get what I want, or you can watch the world crumble before you!

Dmitri: So you would sacrifice your own daughters life, if your supposed to be her father, my grandfather, you would just leave us to die, with the rest of the world?

Hades: What loyalties am I suppose to have to any of you, you mother has never acknowledged the fact that I'm her father, hell you didn't even know till I just told you, I owe nothing to any of you!

Dmitri: You owe me, I freed you, not once but twice. I have worshiped the Gods my whole life, you included, doesn't that count for anything?

Hades: Hmmm, Good point! Fine, your life for theirs!

Dmitri: (He waves his hand and like a TV I see the world falling apart, I see the battles taking place on Themyscira, I see my mother and friends fighting for their lives. I know I was told not to make a deal with the devil, but what choice do I have!)

Hades: What do you say boy, will it be you, or them?

Dmitri: One condition, you have to help remove the power within my friend Caleb, so that this cant happen again!

Hades: Done! Ahaahahahaha, Ahaahahahaha!

End Chapter-