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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 2- Learning the ropes



The Museum-

WB: (I had spun and changed into Wonder Boy and made my way through the window after my would be thieves Osmond and Smith. I flew up into the window and floated through the air, looking for them, I wanted to catch them quickly and go make sure Steve was ok. I came up behind Osmond first, he had used a laser to slice through the glass enclosed Diamond display. As I approached him from behind I was hit in the back with some kind of electric shock device that sent me flying into the wall in front of Osmond, I fell to the ground shook my head got up and turned around)

Osmond: So what do we have here?

Smith: A new super freak in town!

WB: You Diamond stealing days are over!

Osmond: Do you think you can actually stop us, when no one else has ever been able to?

WB: I don't think I know! (They began shooting at me with the shocker guns, I deflected them with my Bracelets. They weren't expecting that! I grabbed my magic lasso and spun it in the air and threw it at Osmond catching him first! Smith started to make his way back to the window, I ran at super speed and got to the window in front of him right before he reached it, he bumped into my chest as there was no time to stop himself and fell flat on his ass, he shot at me a couple more time when I deflected with my Bracelets again) Haven't you gotten the point, that wont work on me! (I grabbed the gun out of his hand and smooched it into a ball and threw it on the floor. He got up and went to hit me, I caught his fist in my hand, he brought up his other fist to hit me with, I caught that one in my other hand, I stretched out our arms and head butted him knocking him out, I took him over to Osmond and used a rope from within one of their bags to tie them together, with the jewels hanging in their bags on them. I flew out the window and went around to the window that Steve had gone in, I hadn't heard anything from him in sometime now, so I was getting a little worried. When I got into the window I slowly made my way in and as Steve was fighting Taylor, Perez was coming up behind him getting ready to hit him over the head, I used my lasso to catch Perez, I yanked back and he came flying backwards and crashed into a podium, Steve turned and Taylor took the opportunity to bring his elbow back and hit Steve in the face, he then slide stepped knocking Steve on his ass, Steve kicked around his leg knocking Taylor down as he was starting to run away, Steve then flipped himself upward landing on his feet, grabbed Taylor by the arms and handcuffed him. Comes over to Perez and handcuffs him as well.)

Steve: Hey Angel, I was wondering if I was going to run into you tonight!

WB: A little bird told me you would be getting into trouble tonight, so I just came to make sure your ok!

Steve: Thanks for your help...again!

WB: That's what I'm here for!

Steve: So, let me guess, lasso, Bracelets, Stars, you wouldn't have any relation to Wonder Woman, would you?

WB: Can you keep a secret?

Steve: Yes!

WB: She's my mother!

Steve: Your joking right?

WB: Why, would I joke about something like that?

Steve: Wow, that's just crazy!

WB: Let me guess, your in love with her!

Steve: No, no, not at all, its just my dad worked side by side with her! My grandmother, died on your home island! Can you keep a secret!

WB: Of course!

Steve: Hearing the stories growing up, I always used to dream that one day, I would get to work with a Wonder...(Facing turning red)...Person!

WB: I guess your prayers were answered, cause now you've got me for a partner!

Steve: Partner, shit, Prince!

WB: (As he turns his back to me, I fly out the window)

Steve: (As I'm turning around to face Wonder Boy) I'm sorry I...(He's gone) How does he do that! (I grab Perez and Taylor and make my way to were Prince should be. I enter to find him standing over Osmond and Smith) Hope they didn't give you to much trouble rookie!

Dmitri: Nope been done for over twenty minuets now!

Steve: Then why didn't you come to back me up?

Dmitri: You said "You follow my lead, you do as I say, and nobody gets hurt!" So that's what I did!

Steve: Smartass!

Dmitri: (After we radioed for the clean up crew to come pick these guys up. We were standing outside.)

Steve: So you need a ride home?

Dmitri: Its ok, I can walk, I don't mind!

Steve: No, I'll give you a ride!

Dmitri: Really its no trouble at all, it will give me a chance to learn the city!

Steve: Are you afraid to ride with me or something?

Dmitri: I'm not afraid of anything! (We walked to his car and got in, he began to drive like a maniac!) Do you always drive so recklessly?

Steve: Just wanted to see if you'd piss your pants or not!

Dmitri: It would take a lot more than that! I'm at Greenfield and Colson! (We approached my corner!)

Steve: Wow you live here, you must have some serious cash flow going, I think I need to ask for a raise! So you going to invite me up for a drink?

Dmitri: I actually haven't had a chance to buy fool or drinks yet!

Steve: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Dmitri: Your more than welcomed to come up and see for yourself!

Steve: I believe you, I'll see you in the morning!

Dmitri: Thanks for the ride home!

Steve: Hey rookie!

Dmitri: Yes!

Steve: Good job today!

Dmitri: (I smiled at him closed the door, and he took off like a bat out of hell! I made my way into the bushes and spun into Wonder Boy, and flew into the air, to follow him home, I wanted to make sure he was ok, and another look at him wouldn't hurt! As I was soaring high above him to black trucks got on either side of him and rammed their trucks into him, another truck got behind him and a semi-truck got in front of him, the back door opened on the semi, releasing a ramp, the truck behind him forced his car inside the semi and the doors shut behind him. I flew down punched my hands into the steel doors and ripped them off, the black trucks started shooting at me from their trucks, I deflected the bullets with my Bracelets, I flew backwards still deflecting bullets when I got in deep enough, I turned and looked to see that there was no way for Steve to open his doors and get out, so I went over to the car and ripped off the hood)

Steve: Twice in one day, you really are an Angel!

WB: It seems to me that you need 24 hour protection, why do so many people want you dead!

Steve: The line of work I'm in, I know to much, they want what's in my head, then they want me dead!

WB: Well we need to get you out of here!

Steve: They'll be waiting for us to come out that way!

WB: They wont be expecting us to come out the top! (I flew up and punched a hole through the room, I grabbed Steve and flew out the top, Steve had some sort of device in his hand pushed the button on it and below us, his car exploded) What did you do that for?

Steve: In case there was anything in my car that they could use! I've never flown before! This is amazing!

WB: Its my favorite thing to do! So how did they know where to find you?

Steve: That's a very good question! Its been happening a lot lately, any mission I've gone on, someone is always there to ambush me!

WB: Sounds like there is a traitor in the ranks!

Steve: (Laughing) Yes, I suppose your right! I'll have to make a list in the morning of everyone that knew my whereabouts. Wait, the last place I was at was dropping off Prince...

WB: He had nothing to do with it!

Steve: That's not what I was going to say, but how do you know Prince?

WB: Doesn't matter, what were you going to say?

Steve: I was going to say, that maybe if they saw me drop him off, maybe they went after him, can you fly me to his place?

WB: (Great, well on the one hand its nice to see him be concerned for me, as Dmitri! On the other hand how the hell am I going to do this! I fly us there and land outside the apartment complex.) You go in, I'll check the outside!

Steve: Ok! I guess I don't have to tell you to watch you're back?

WB: No, but its still nice to hear! (I Fly up leaving him to enter below. Thanks aunt Donna for making me get an apartment with a balcony. I land on the balcony, and enter through the doors my apartment looks clear so I run into the bed room spin in the opposite direction and change back into Dmitri, strip off my clothes and jump into the shower.)

Steve: (Knocking on the door no answer, I pull out my handy lock pick and open the door. I look around everything looks nice and neat, I walk through the apartment, searching for Dmitri or any sign off a struggle, I hear a noise from in one of the rooms, I walk into it holding my gun out, I walk through the bedroom, I see a light coming from the door inside the room I walk over to it, kick it open, point my gun straight out) Freeze!

Dmitri: (I stand there naked soaking wet, I couldn't have planed this better if I tried) What are you doing?

Steve: (My eyes are glued to the long flaccid cock, resting on two hefty balls) Whoa, I'm sorry, I thought you were in trouble!

Dmitri: Can I move now?

Steve: Oh, yeah, sorry!

Dmitri: (I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist, my long black hair hanging over my eyes dripping water down on my chest and 6 pack!) So you want to tell me what's going on?

Steve: Someone tried to kill me after I dropped you off!

Dmitri: Are you alright?

Steve: Yes, my guardian angel was watching over me luckily for me! But I thought maybe they saw me drop you off and decided to come after you!

Dmitri: I must not be as popular as you are!

Steve: I need to call a cab!

Dmitri: Why don't you just stay the night, I mean what if they know where you live?

Steve: I doubt that, but if its not putting you out, I wont mind just knocking out here, this couch feels comfy enough!

Dmitri: Why would you sleep on the couch!

Steve: You want me to sleep in your bed with you?

Dmitri: (My face turning red) No, that's not what I meant, I just, well I mean, I have two spare bedrooms here!

Steve: Two spare bedrooms, what do you need all that space for?

Dmitri: In case my family wants to come stay!

Steve: You have brothers or sisters?

Dmitri: No, just my mother, aunt, and grandmother!

Steve: Prince, your mother wouldn't happen to be Diana Prince would it?

Dmitri: The one and only!

Steve: What about your father?

Dmitri: What's with the interrogation?

Steve: Sore subject huh?

Dmitri: No, I'm sorry, its just well, I'm not use to having a guy around to talk to!

Steve: What, you've been surrounded by woman your whole life?

Dmitri: (Mumbling) If you only knew the half of it!

Steve: What's that?

Dmitri: Did you want to take a shower before going to bed?

Steve: Although that's not what you said, sure a shower would be great!

In Hades-

Ares: So Penelope found the clues you planted for her and gave them to Queen Hippolyta!

Phobos (Ares son. God of Fright): Yes father, I left clues showing them that, if the boy remained on the Island he would be killed on his birthday!

Ares: Stupid Amazons, that Island was the only thing protecting the boy! Diana, has been a thorn in my side for far to long now! I will make her suffer the ultimate suffering, the loss of a child!

Phobos: I still don't understand, how is it a boy came to be on the Island?

Ares: That's a very good question, there is only one explanation, one of the other Gods must be involved! No matter, Zeus wants to take the Gods out of this realm, I will rebuild Olympus, with me as its ruler! I almost have my sister Cassandra (Wonder Girl), trusting in me completely. Once I have all the pieces moved on this chest board I will make my move, to create my new Mount Olympus! As for the boy, find him, let us begin our reign of terror on the Prince!


Paradise Island-

Queen: Phillipus, we have less than two weeks before his birthday, whatever was to take place here on that day, will likely still take place, we must be prepared for the worst!

Phillipus: I've created shifts for the Amazons on the outer layer of the Island, and another for the inner layer. And the Palaces Royal Guards will be placed all around the Palace!

Queen: Very good!

Phillipus: My Queen, you know I would follow you to the ends of the earth! But I must say something doesn't feel right about this! My instincts are almost always right, and they are telling me there is no battle ahead of us!

Queen: Hmm! Penelope, said all the signs pointed to Demetrius being killed on his birthday, if he were to stay here on the Island!

Phillipus: What if whoever is behind this attack, set those signs for Penelope! What if by sending Demetrius off the Island, we in fact sent him straight into the mouth of danger?

Queen: Hera help us, if that's the case and sent him off like a lamb to the slaughter, I would never be able to forgive myself! Diana, would never forgive me!

Phillipus: My Queen, what if we send a small envoy to keep an eye out on the Prince?

Queen: He would angry, we didn't trust him to handle himself!

Phillipus: Better for him to be angry, than to be dead! My Queen!

Queen: We should have the Princess, Donna, Cassie, and Kara, alerted immediately, they will be able to watch over him, without him getting suspicious!

Phillipus: And his mother?

Queen: I promised him I would leave it to him to let his mother discover that he is there, if she doesn't know already, I'm sure she will find out soon enough!

Phillipus: My Queen, why not go for a visit, he would think nothing more than a Grandmothers desire to see him!

Queen: And leave my Amazons to do battle without their Queen! No, I wont leave my Amazons, if a battle lays ahead, I will lead us in it!

Phillipus: As you wish your Majesty!

Queen: Athena, grant me the wisdom to know make the right choices!


Dmitri: (I watched as Steve talked to his assistant Jordan, there was an anger in Jordan's eyes, one I've seen before, one that leads to revenge and betrayal. As Steve walked out of his office and towards me, Jordan left, I quickly followed! Steve stopped me)

Steve: Hey, were you going?

Dmitri: I forgot something, I'll be right back! (I followed Jordan out of the building, he went to his car, so I found a spot that was clear from any viewing eyes, lifted my arms straight out to the left and began to spin myself, until an explosion of lights, and I turned into Wonder Boy! I flew up into the air and followed him. He finally pulled into a near by boat docking area! He got out of his car and walked into a building near the water. I flew to a window at the top of the building and entered in. I looked around and saw no one, I floated across the room till I was over Jordan as another man approached him.)

Man: You better have something good, the last two attempts on Steve Trevor's life, were thwarted!

Jordan: That's not my fault, I gave you good information, it should have been easy enough for you to catch him!

Man: Who you getting loud with punk, remember you came to us!

Jordan: Look, here are some files on what he'll be working on next, I need to get back to the office before someone notices I'm gone!

Man: We've been hearing a rumor that Trevor has someone protecting him, what do you know about that?

Jordan: He has a new partner, Dmitri Prince, other than that I haven't heard anything!

Man: No, the rumor is someone that sounds like Wonder Woman only it's a guy!

Jordan: I'll see what I can find out!

WB: Why don't I just clear up the rumor for you! (I lowered myself down)

Man: (Shouting) Boys we got company!

WB: (Guys started coming out shooting at me, I deflected their bullets, the Man that Jordan was talking to took off running one way, while Jordan took off another! I grabbed the dumpster and threw it towards the guys shooting their guns, and made my way out towards Jordan, he already was in his car and on the move, I flew as quickly as I could and landed on the road ahead of him, he sped up faster as he approached me, I held out my hands and stopped the car as it reached me. Jordan hit his head on the steering wheel, I walk around ripped the door off, grabbed him and put my magic lasso around him) Who was the man you were talking to?

Jordan: Rick!

WB: Rick what?

Jordan: That's all I know!

WB: Who does he work for?

Jordan: Ares Buchanan!

WB: Why does he want Steve Trevor?

Jordan: I don't know!

WB: Why have you been helping them?

Jordan: Because, that asshole Steve Trevor, broke my heart, he used me, he didn't want a relationship, he wanted sex! After he got what he wanted he started acting like he didn't know who I was, and just moved on to some new piece of ass! So, when I heard of this Rick guy I went to him and he offered me money for information on Steve, I gladly did it!

WB: You will tell everything you told me to Col. Atkinson! Now sleep! (I flew us back to the IADC, I changed back into Dmitri and handcuffed Jordan and took him in! After he told everything to Col. Atkinson)

Steve: How did you know it was him, Prince?

Dmitri: It was all in his eyes!

Col.: Good job Dmitri! Now, lets find out all we can on this Ares Buchanan, and find out why he wants Steve!

Voice: {Col. Atkinson, The Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Risk and Sungirl are robbing the Star City 1st nation bank of America!}

Col.: You heard him, get out there you two!

Dmitri: Yes Col! (As we headed out to the scene, I couldn't help but think to myself, I need to get away from Steve to be able to change into Wonder Boy, and this time it might just be a little hard!)

Steve: Something on you mind rookie?

Dmitri: Just trying to figure out this Ares Buchanan angle, what's he want with you, that Rick guy sounded pretty adamant that they wanted you, and they aren't willing to stop trying!

Steve: Are you starting to care about me?

Dmitri: Steve! This is serious, how can you be so cavalier about it all!

Steve: Hey, look will figure it all out, and hey now I got you watching my back don't I!

Dmitri: Jordan said something else that I left out!

Steve: What was that?

Dmitri: He said he did this out of anger towards the way you used him for sex and then discarded him like a dirty rag!

Steve: He said all that huh! Well that's not what happened!

Dmitri: You don't owe me any explanations!

Steve: No, I don't do I! But I don't want you thinking I'm an asshole too! Listen, he's been trying to make the move on me for a while now, when I wouldn't go along with any of his advancements he became angry, he started following me wherever I went, if I was a bar or club he would make a scene making it sound like we were a couple, embarrassing me everywhere!

Dmitri: Why didn't you have transferred or replaced, or even fired?

Steve: I felt bad about it all, I know what its like to have feelings for someone and them not feel anything for you. He was a good worker, I just never thought it would get that out of hand! You know what I mean?

Dmitri: I think his actions spoke for themselves, the signs were all there, I think you let your emotions get the better of your judgment. I'm sure your instincts where telling you something was wrong, you should have trusted them!

Steve: Wow anything else you want to get off your chest?

Dmitri: I'm sorry I don't mean to sound so harsh, I just worry about you!

Steve: You know, I don't think I've ever met anyone like you before!

Dmitri: Is that a bad thing?

Steve: Rookie, I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship! We're here, you ready for this?

Dmitri: An Amaz...I mean ready as I'm ever going to be!

Steve: Stay low, remember your dealing with super powered villains, never let your guard down! Make sure you laser gun is set to stun! Keep radio contact with me at all time! Watch your back!

Dmitri: Steve!

Steve: Yes!

Dmitri: Be careful!

Steve: I always am Prince, I always am!

Dmitri: (We got out of the car the police had surrounded the building, I watched as Steve flashed his badge and made his way through to the left side of the building, he truly is a brave man. I took this opportunity to make it into an alley way, spun myself around, as the red and blue light explosion occurred changing me into Wonder Boy! I flew up into the air and came down on the left side of the building behind Steve.)

Steve: Angel, I had a feeling you would show up!

WB: So far what I've learned about you, is that wherever trouble is, your not far behind!

Steve: We have four criminals holding hostages in there!

WB: I know all about it! Steve, I know I cant stop you from going in, but will you at least give me a 5 minuet head start?

Steve: Would love to, but my partner is on the other side of this building, finding a way in, time is of the essence!

WB: Don't make me use my powers on you!

Steve: You can tie me up anytime you want in private, but this is my work! People lives are at stake, so I know I can count on you for back up!

WB: (With that he slipped into the window. I decided to take the direct approach and enter through the front door. I flew around and with the speed of Mercury I flew in, there were 15 people huddled around together on the floor in panic mode, while Risk the one armed ex-good guy was standing screaming at them to shut up. Star Sapphire was using the Sapphire in her head piece, to move the money and everything else inside the vault! I didn't see Cheetah or Sungirl. My first priority was the innocent bystanders so I took my lasso and spun it and ensnared Risk, I spun him around and knocked him into Star Sapphire and knocked them both into the wall) Hurry up everyone out, as quickly as possible! (Steve came up) Steve, get these people out of here, while I handle these two!

Steve: Come on people lets go! I'll be right back Angel!

WB: (Star Sapphire, started to shoot a purple beam from the Sapphire, I deflected with my Bracelets, when I was hit from behind, sent flying head first into a wall, I crashed through, just as I turned myself around the Cheetah was mid-air claws out about to land on top of me, I held my feet and arms up caught her and threw her back over my head, I got up and flew out, Star Sapphire was shooting her beams at me, as I deflected and finally made it to her, I grabbed her and spun and flung her straight into Cheetah, they crashed into each other. Risk had jumped up from behind me, but fool me once shame on me, try to fool me twice, your getting your ass kicked! While floating in the air I spin kicked and knocking him in the head sending him straight down into the floor. He recovered quickly and picked himself up off the ground!)

Risk: Why don't you come down here and face me like a man!

WB: Why are you doing this, you used to be a good man?

Risk: Look where being a good man got me! (Pointing to his missing arm)

WB: That's what happens in battles, as a warrior it comes with the territory!

Risk: Then why don't you come down here and let me rip your arm off and will just see how you handle it!

WB: I'm sorry about what happened to you, and more than that I'm sorry you've chosen the path that you have! (I floated down and landed in front of him he punched I blocked he kicked I blocked, he kicked with his other foot I blocked, I took my lasso wrapped it around him.) You will walk out the back doors and wait there for me! (He walked out. I turned around and was hit with a sunbeam from Sungirl that sent me straight through the wall of the front of the building, and crashing on a police car. I shook my head and got off the car I floated in the air getting ready to fly back in when I was hit dead on, with what felt like a mach truck just hit me, I went flying into the ground sliding through the ground. As I look up someone lands on top of me and starts punching my face, again and again, I flipped us over and started hitting him, I grabbed his head and pounded it into the ground, when a lasso much like my own was wrapped around me, the next thing I knew I was being sho cked with what felt like a thunder bolt of Lord Zeus himself. I shrieked in pain and fell back, I tried as hard as I could to reach for my own lasso, hoping that the power from my lasso would counteract the power of the lasso around me. As I finally reached it, holding it in my hand and then grabbing the lasso wrapped around me, with all my might I yanked it down as hard as I could and pulled down the owned of the lasso, as she got close to me, I punched sending her flying back into the air and landing on a police car. I was tackled from behind, grabbed his arm and flipped him over my shoulder.) Do you want to tell me why your fighting me?

Superboy: I'm a good guy, you're a bad guy, its what we do!

WB: So brains isn't apart of the job description?

Superboy: You just fought Wonder Girl and I, am I really to think your one of the good guys?

WB: If I'm not mistaken you both attacked me first I was defending myself!

Steve: (Running up) What's going on here!

WB: These two decided it would be fun to waste time catching the real criminals and fight me instead!

Superboy: We've never seen you before! (Wonder Girl comes walking up)

WB: So just because you never saw me before gives you the right to attack me, and your suppose to be the good guys!

WG: Were did you get that costume, the lasso, the Bracelets!

WB: And I'm suppose to answer you because? Steve, are they all caught?

Steve: Yes, they are, they've all been rounded up! But I cant seem to find agent Prince anywhere!

WG: Agent Prince? Agent Diana Prince?

Steve: No, her s...(WB puts his hand around my mouth)

WB: I know where he is! Will be going now! Steve, I'll get him and have him meet you at the car!

Steve: Ok!

WB: (I fly up and start to make my way towards the alley when WG stops me mid-air.) What do you want now?

WG: Prince Demetrius, is that you?

WB: Just leave me alone!

WG: It is you, oh my Goddess, does Diana know you here, does she know you Wonder Boy, does the Queen know you're here?

WB: I don't have time for this I need to change and get back to Steve!

WG: Prince Demetrius, why do you hate me so much, I've never done anything to you, I don't understand?

WB: (Hearing her ask me those words, sent shivers down my spine, I had no real reason to hate her, I truly was only ever jealous of her and the relationship she had with my mother) You know, I don't hate you, I really don't have a reason to hate you, and its been petty of me to act the way I have towards you all these years. But I'm sorry I am just to jealous of your relationship with my mother!

WG: But she loves you more than anything on this planet!

WB: All I've seen her do my whole life, is chose others over me, she can say what she will to you and anyone else but her actions speak volumes to me! I'm sorry I have to go!

WG: Please let me talk to you, lets have dinner tonight?

WB: Fine!

WG: Do you have a cell phone?

WB: Yes, 1 313 555 2322! I really have to go!

WG: (Grabbing him and hugging him) I'm so glad you're here, I promise you things will be different between us now!

WB: Me too! (I flew off changed and brought out Risk handcuffed, Steve came running over as I was turning him over to the police)

Steve: Wow, you took down Risk, that's a pretty heavy hitter, nice going rookie!

Dmitri: What was with the fight between Wonder Boy and the others?

Steve: Misunderstanding of sorts!

Dmitri: Well, we're two for two today, Col. Atkinson will be pleased! (Just then I heard a scream that could have made me melt into the ground wishing I had never been born!)

Diana: (Shouting) Dmitri Prince, you get your butt over here right now!

Dmitri: Gulp! Steve hit me over the head and put me in the car and lets get out of here please!

Steve: Its just your mother how bad could it be?

Dmitri: Please I'm begging you! (He lifted me up, threw me in the car slid across the hood and got in the car and sped off)

Steve: You know that's not going to stop her right?

Dmitri: Yes I know, but you bought me enough time to get reinforcements! This needs to be a family affair! (Grabbing my cell phone and calling aunt Donna!) Hi, its your favorite nephew, alright your only nephew. I'm in big, big trouble I need your help!

Donna: What is it, what's wrong?

Dmitri: Its mother, she just found out where I'm at, will you please, get Grandmother and, I cant believe I'm saying this, but Cassie too, and meet me at my place, as soon as possible?

Donna: Don't go inside till I come with back up!

Dmitri: Have I told you how much I love you lately!

Steve: Wow sounds pretty serious!

Dmitri: Lets just say, my mother is one woman you don't even want to piss off, and today is the day I just pushed her over the edge!

Steve: Do you want me to be there with you?

Dmitri: Thanks, but you don't want to be there when this bomb goes off! Could you drop me off right here!

Steve: Sure, look good luck, and if you need to talk afterwards, know that you can always call me phone 24 hours a day!

Dmitri: Thanks Steve! I'll talk to you later!

End Chapter-