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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 20- The Dominoes of evil for every evil fought another lays in wait-


Fate: He's straight through those doors, now everyone knows what to do, once we start the chanting, we can not stop until its complete! (Zatanna, Raven, Phantom Stranger, Madame Xanadu, Etrigan, Enchantress and I all entered the room and surrounded him.)

Caleb: I don't know how you did it, but you will pay with your lives!

Fate: And what is that we've done?

Caleb: My Demons, they've vanished off the planet!

Zatanna: Dmitri!

Caleb: What Dmitri? But how could he have done this, he doesn't have magical powers!

Fate: Its what the power of good can do. Its what you use to do before you let this power consume you.

Caleb: My power, it belongs to me, and I planned to do the world a favor and end its suffering!

Fate: Its to late Son, its over!

Caleb: Ahahahaha, nothing is over, I still have more power than all of you combined! There are many ways destroy the earth, so my first attempt was thwarted, I have many tricks up my sleeve. Watch and learn!

Fate: Everyone now!

All of them together: What once was ours return to us...Ahhhhhhh!

Caleb: Ahhhhhh! (Before I knew what happened I was floating in the air arms spread open, yellow mist began leaving my body, I could feel the powers being drained from me, each one shooting back into the person they belonged too...As the power drained my body weakened and everything went black!)

Fate: (We were all shot backwards, I watched as Caleb fell to the ground. I ran over to his body and held him in my hands.) Caleb, Caleb, talk to me, Caleb!

Zatanna: What the hell was that, we never even finished the spell!

Etrigan: Did you not feel that, the presence of someone else? Whoever it was, they did something to Caleb to remove the power from within him and returned it to us!

Raven: It was a God, and Wonder Boy was with him!

Zatanna: What?!

Raven: Yes, and there was something wrong with Dmitri, he reeked of despair!

Zatanna: We need to tell Diana!

Fate: I need to tend to my son, I don't know what was done to him, and what the effects of taking the powers from him, without the spell will have on him. Thank you all, but I'll take it from here, go find Diana and let her know what's happened!

Zatanna: I'll be back to check up on Caleb, Good luck my friend! (Return us to Diana) ANAID OT SU NRUTER!

Watch Tower-

Batman: Mr. Terrific report?

Terrific: All Meta Humans that are not seriously injured are being scene by doctors at Star Labs. Anyone with serious injuries have been teleported to the med bays here!

Batman: Any word on Wonder Boy?

Terrific: I have not been able to locate him anywhere, The Martian Man Hunter has searched the globe telepathically for him, but has found nothing!

Batman: And all the demons?

Terrific: There is no sign of them anywhere, its like they just vanished into thin air!

Batman: Then Dmitri succeeded, he got Hades to take them back down into the underworld! Keep me posted on, I'll be in the med bay! (Dmitri, what did you do!)

Med Bay-

Diana: I'm not going to tell you again get these things off of me! I don't have time for this!

Batman: (Walking in) Diana! What are you doing? Just relax let the doctors check you out!

Diana: I'm fine, I need to get back to the island and find out what's happen to Dmitri!

Zatanna: (Walking in) Oh thank God I found you!

Diana: What is it Zatanna, what's happened?

Batman: Has Caleb been stopped?

Zatanna: Yes he has, but it wasn't by us!

Batman: What do you mean?

Zatanna: If you let me talk I'll explain! As we were about to perform the spell to extract the powers from within Caleb, something happened and the powers were pulled out of him shooting back to all of us that he had stolen powers from, it was like a giant explosion sending all of us flying back, and leaving Caleb laying on the ground!

Diana: If you didn't do it, then who did? And what about Caleb, is he...back to normal?

Zatanna: According to Raven it was Hades himself who returned everyone's powers!

Diana: Hades...but...

Batman: Wait so if everyone's powers were returned, what happened to all the magic that Caleb absorbed from the books?

Zatanna: As of right now there is no telling, whatever Hades did, Caleb is still unconscious! Dr. Fate is tending to him now! But that's not all, Raven also said that Dmitri was with Hades and that he reeked of despair!

Diana: Damn him, Hades will pay if he does anything to my son!

Batman: (As Diana gets up to leave) Diana, wait, we need a plan, you cant go into the underworld with guns a blazing!

Diana: Bruce its my son!

Batman: And its your God of the underworld! Stop and think, Zeus is Dmitri's father, wouldn't it be better if we talked to him, there is no way he'd leave his son in the underworld!

Diana: Your right, then I must return to Paradise Island!

Zatanna: I'm going with you, right now I think you can use all the help you can get!

Performing one of his 12 labors-

Ares: (Mumbling to himself) I'm going to get those Amazons if it's the last thing I do, me a God of war doing these labors...grrr! (In a glimmer of light appears a beautiful violet haired woman) Circe! I knew it was only a matter of time before you'd show your face witch! Come to gloat?

Circe: As much fun as that would be, I have more important things to discuss with you!

Ares: This aught to be interesting, whatever it is, It better included bring down the Amazon and her son!

Circe: Son?! What Amazon are you talking about?

Ares: Wonder Woman of course, don't you know anything!

Circe: Diana has a son! How come you've never told me about this?

Ares: Who do you think put me here! And for that matter what rock have you been hiding under, haven't you heard of Wonder Boy, wears the same kind of costume as his mother, bracelets, magic lasso and all!

Circe: Interesting! I've been else where, its why I've come to you!

Ares: Do explain!

Circe: I've been on Apocalypse!

Ares: Apocalypse! You mean to tell me, you've been with that maniac Darkseid and he didn't kill you!

Circe: I'm a Goddess, he couldn't kill me if he tried!

Ares: I wouldn't count on that! He's killed Gods before!

Circe: You know I have a way with men!

Ares: Don't remind me!

Circe: Since our daughter Lyta is being raised by Athena, thanks to you and that Amazon bitch Diana, I've had plenty of time to come up with a plan for payback!

Ares: I had nothing to do with Lyta being raised by Athena, if I had known what you were up to, I would have taken Lyta away before Athena had the chance!

Circe: No matter, I will have our daughter back, and retribution to those involved!

Ares: I've heard that threat many times, yet the Amazon still lives and you still remain hidden!

Circe: Not anymore! And now with this new information, that Diana has a son, I will make her woe the day she messed with me!

Ares: What's your plan?

Circe: All in good time! For now I have but one question, do you want out of here or what?

Ares: Zeus and the others banished me here, you have no power of theirs!

Circe: Join me, and I'll show you what powers I have?

Ares: Get me out of here and I'll join you!

Circe: You try anything, double cross me in anyway, and I swear you'll live to regret it!

Ares: Bite your tongue woman, you have no power of me!

Circe: Swear on the life of our daughter and I'll free you!

Ares: I do! (Crossing his fingers behind his back)

Circe: She took my daughter and now, I'll take her son. A day of reckoning is approaching, soon the Amazons will be nothing more than a distant memory, sands of time in the wind! Ahahahahaha!

Paradise Island-

Phillipus: (Walking up to Doom's Doorway) My Queen! You've been camped out here for far to long, the battles have ended, the Prince has succeeded in his mission, surely he shall return soon.

Hippolyta: Something is wrong Phillipus, I feel it in my bones! Hades would not have agreed without a price and I fear Dmitri did what any true warrior would do in a situation to save lives. I fear he sacrificed his own!

Phillipus: But my Queen, the Prince has saved the Gods, returned Hades to his rightful throne. Lord Hades should be all to willing to show favor upon the Prince!

Hippolyta: If only that were true, Hades will use the Prince to get back at me!

Phillipus: To get back at you?! I don't understand, why would he want revenge on you?

Diana: (Appearing with Batman and Zatanna) Yes mother why would he want revenge on you?

Hippolyta: Daughter! By the Gods, if you are here then Dmitri...

Diana: Mother! What were you going to say, why would Hades want revenge on you?

Hippolyta: (Looking down) I...Its...

Diana: Mother you need to tell me! MOTHER! You let him go down there, knowing that Hades had a vendetta against you! Mother I want answer and I want them now! This is my child were talking about!

Hippolyta: Don't you think I know that, I've raised my grandchild as if he were my own son, I'd sooner die than let anything happen to him. The Gods sent him on his mission, his father sent him, if I had thought for one second Hades would use this opportunity to get back at me I would never have let him go!

Diana: But he did go and now Hades has him, why mother, why would Hades keep him?

Hippolyta: Its time you know daughter! Long ago, before we Amazons became immortal. Hades fell in love with my sister Antiope...Aphrodite came to me and charged me with a duty to stop Hades from ever being with Antiope. My sister was all I had left of true family, I would have gone to hell and back for her. Hades was crazy over her, I was given a special sword to fight him, and fight him I did, he swore he would continue to pursue my sister and if he couldn't have her willingly he would take her by force...I couldn't let that happen, not to her, he swore he would rape her again and again...unless I gave him something else...he swore he would spare my sister if I agreed...if...I...(Tears running down) I...

Diana: (Grabbing her mother and holding her) I'm sorry mother, I'm sorry!

Hippolyta: I had no choice Diana, she was my sister, I had to protect her! So I gave myself to Hades and he swore he would never go after her again!

Diana: (Eyes opened wide) But...that would make...

Hippolyta: Yes daughter, Hades is your father! I'm sorry I never told you, I just, I couldn't, I didn't know how...

Diana: I understand mother!

Zatanna: (Mumbling) And I thought I had a dysfunctional family!

Batman: Zatanna!

Diana: Then at least we know he would never hurt Dmitri!

Hippolyta: I wouldn't count on that! Hades has no allegiances to anyone!

Diana: Damn him! I told Dmitri not to make a deal with him!

Hippolyta: You know as well as I, if it were one of us, we would have done the same thing!

Diana: Then its time to go say hello to father and get back my son!

The underworld-

Dmitri: (I lay on the ground in a fetal position, battered and bruised, naked, bleeding, a chain around my neck. Wondering why no one has come to rescue me, wondering how long I've been down here, chained like a dog. I know time moves differently down here, but as to how many earth days have passed I am unsure. With a whip of fire, Hades begins to whip me again, my body cut all over, numb, he waits for me to scream in pain, but a true Amazon would never give him the satisfaction!)

Hades: How much more will you take before you beg me to stop boy?

Dmitri: (My mouth is dry, my tongue like sandpaper, I don't think I could talk if I wanted to!)

Hades: Oh come now, you have nothing to say? Maybe some water will help you to talk!

Dmitri: (Water comes pouring down on me, but the sadistic bastard sent down hot salt water, burning the open cuts on my body, I fight back the screams that want to escape me! I wont give him the pleasure!)

Hades: Ahahahaha! Now that was good if I do say so myself! Hmmm, what should I do next...

Dmitri: (Barley a whisper) Fuck yourself!

Hades: What was that? I didn't hear you?

Dmitri: (A little louder) I can fuck yourself!

Hades: That's a dirty mouth, not befitting a Prince!

Dmitri: Unchain me and fight me man to man and I'll show you what's befitting a Prince of Amazons!

Hades: I've already beaten you boy, do you really think you could take me on...look at yourself, laying there naked, beaten and alone! There is no one to help you, no one to free you, just you and me!

Dmitri: Do you really think my family will leave me here to rot?!

Hades: You made a pact with me, I saved your friends in exchange for you! Are you telling me you'd be willing to renege on our deal?

Dmitri: (He was right, I couldn't go back on my word!) No! I'll keep my word, but that doesn't mean I wont enjoy what's going to happen to you, when they do come looking for me...

Hades: I'll deal with them when the time comes...but as you know time moves quite differently down here, and the torture I've put you through has brought me much joy!

Dmitri: I cant believe how naïve I've been worshipping Gods such as you and Ares...Your worse than the mortal criminals of the outside world. Torturing, killing, all in the name of sport! I used to think the Gods were all knowing, all trusting all powerful, when in reality your nothing more than animals, looking for your next hunt! You disgust me, no matter what you do to me, in the end I still won, the world is safe, my friends are safe, nothing else matters!

Hades: So much like your Queen, she took all that I dished out and never cared what happened to herself, as long as her sister safe! But the joy of pounding her with my giant 14 inch cock, in every hole, unloading load after load, all over her, inside of her, demeaning her...

Dmitri: (A rage inside me built up, I sprung to my feet and charged at him) Arrrrr! (I ran at him and was yanked off my feet, by the chain around my neck!)

Hades: Ahaaahaha, I knew that would get a rise out of you!

Dmitri: I'll kill you, I swear I'll kill you! (Waving his hand I was lifted into the air my arms and legs spread open. Molten rock flew up out of a fire pit before me, their shape changing to that of screws, and just like that they spun and started to screw into my body, my arms, my hands, my legs and feet, my chest, burning hot, the smell of my burning flesh filled my nostrils, my body wanting to pass out from the pain, but he wouldn't allow that!)

Hades: No, no, you will stay awake for this, you might not scream, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the pain in your face! Now I have something else for you, something you enjoy only its not going to be done the way your used to it, no this is going to be quite painful!

Dmitri: (With that said he created a molten shape of a cock, I knew what he was going to do, I wanted to beg him not to do it, plead with him, but I knew he would do it anyway, so I tried to prepare myself for the worst, knowing there was no true way to prepare myself, I feared this time I would have no choice but to scream. Then it happened, I felt it burning at my hole, he slid it in, just the head of it, my eyes closed tightly as I fought back my screams, the tears running down my eyes, then he shoved it all the way in, as hard as he could, my eye burst open, I started throwing up, the pain was searing, I could never have imagined feeling anything so horrible in my life, he started ramming it in and out, pounding my hole, I couldn't close my eyes, and he just stared into mine, watching the pain, faster and harder he started pounding me till I couldn't take it anymore, the scream escaped my lips before I had a chance to stop it.) Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Hades: Ahahahaha, ahahahah, ahahahaha, hahahahah!

Zeus: (Appearing in a lightning bolt) HADES! YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR THIS TIME! You dare humiliate and torture my son like this! (Creating a lightning bolt in his hand and sending it at Hades hitting him in the chest sending him fling backwards. Hades gets to his feet creates a fireball in his hand and sends it at Zeus, while Zeus sends another lightning bolt his way, as they hit mid-air creating an explosion sending them both flying backwards...Meanwhile Diana, Hippolyta, Batman and Zatanna enter witnessing the explosion by the Gods.)

Diana: By the Gods, its like a war zone down here. I should have known Zeus wouldn't abandon his own son!

Batman: (Seeing a chained up Dmitri trapped against the wall) There he is!

Hippolyta: What has he done to him!

Zatanna: We've got to get him down!

Batman: You guys cover me, I'll get him down!

Diana: No, I'll get him!

Batman: Diana, listen to me, he's tortured and naked, the last thing he's going to need right now is for his mother to rescue him, while he's naked and chained! Let me do this! (Using his bat-grappling) I'll be back! (He swings across the room landing on the ground under Dmitri, he climbs the wall) Dmitri, I'll get you out of here, just hang on!

Dmitri: made...a deal with him, what if he reverses everything and frees those demons again?

Batman: Will worry about that later, I'm not going to leave you here, like this, now hang on son! (Pulling out a bat laser! To cut through the chain!)

Dmitri: me son...

Batman: I did, didn't I!

Dmitri: Batman...cutting the chain off isn't enough...there are nails of molten fire holding me up...(Passes out!)

Batman: Dmitri, Dmitri, just hang on kid! (I take off my cape and drape it on his body!) Zatanna, I need your help!

Zatanna: (Appearing next to him, floating in mid air) What is it?

Batman: Can you do some kind of spell to remove these nails from his body?

Zatanna: Dear God! Yes, just be ready to catch him! This is really going to hurt! (Nails Remove) EVOMER SLIAN! (Nothing happens) My powers must not work on that of a God!

Zeus: Stand down Hades!

Hades: Never, he's mine we made a contract, he belongs to me!

Zeus: You made a deal that he could never back out of, you knew he would sacrifice his life to save the lives of others! He did an honorable thing, and you torture him for it!

Hades: (Waving his hand, Hippolyta appears next to him!) He paid for her crimes against me!

Hippolyta: (Attacking Hades) You bastard, your anger was towards me, how could you take it out on an innocent boy!

Hades: (Grabbing her and throwing her on ground!) All is fare in love and war! Have the boy I'm through with him for now!

Zeus: Hades, you come after my son again and I swear to you, as I killed our father Cronus I will kill you!

Hades: Threaten me all you want brother, you have no power over me! (In a fiery explosion he disappears!)

Hippolyta: Lord Zeus, it means so much to me that you came for Demetrius!

Zeus: He's my son, as soon as Hermes gave me word that Hades had him down here, I came!

Batman: (Shouting over to them) Sorry to break things up, but we need help getting him down!

Diana: Lord Zeus, can you remove these nails from his body!

Zeus: Hades will pay for this! Be ready to catch him! (Clapping his hands together, the nails come flying out of his body!)

Dmitri: (Eyes opening wide) Ahhhhhhhhhh! (Passes out as his body falls to the ground and Batman catches him!)

Hippolyta: Quickly we must get him back to Themyscira!


Circe: The God of War has agreed to join us!

Darkseid: And what does he want in return?

Circe: To be left to rule over Mount Olympus, and one other little thing!

Darkseid: What would that be?

Circe: Revenge on the Amazons!

Darkseid: Hmm...The Amazons play an intricate part in my plans, I can not guarantee him that they will live through!

Circe: He only seeks revenge on Wonder Woman and her Son!

Darkseid: The Amazon Princess has a son?!

Circe: I just learned of it myself!

Darkseid: No they are not to be harmed! No, I want the boy...I assume he has the same abilities as his mother?

Circe: Yes he does! Same costume and all!

Darkseid: This will work in my favor! The boy is to remain unharmed, he will play an important part in my plans, I will have complete control over Wonder Woman!

Circe: What do you mean?

Darkseid: The Princess is to be my bride, and I will use her son to force her! Granny Goodness will use Apocalyptic technology to brainwash the boy, he will be very useful in dealing with the last son of Krypton...Your information has pleased me and I am not easily pleased!

Circe: What do I tell the God of War?

Darkseid: Tell him he can rule Olympus, and do what he wants with his fellow Gods, but the Amazons are off limits! Now go, I have much to prepare!

A temple in Greece-

Hades: (Appearing in a fiery flame) Ares! Come out, I know you're here!

Ares: (Appearing) Uncle, are you following me?

Hades: I don't know how you escaped your labors, but you couldn't have done it at a better time!

Ares: Oh! So all is forgiven?

Hades: Not forgotten I don't trust you and never will! But right now, we have a common goal, and together I think we can achieve it!

Ares: Really, go on I'm listening!

Hades: After torturing the Amazon Prince, your father is quite angry, he will surely seek retribution against me, I want the Amazons to pay, and I want to overthrow Zeus...Are you in?

Ares: Oh, I am in, whatever it takes, I want the Amazons to pay for humiliating me...

Hades: Hear my words and listen good Ares, if you do anything to try and betray me, you will pay with everything you hold dear!

Ares: No need to make threats uncle, but I have some information you need to know about, a certain little Witch Goddess has informed me about!

Hades: Circe! What is that evil witch up to now?

Paradise Island-

Batman: How's he doing?

Diana: Oh Bruce, he tortured his whole body, I mean whole body, there was even molten rock shoved into his anus! I don't know how he's going to get over what has happened to him!

Batman: With time and love, will be there for him, and help him anyway we can!

Diana: Thank you for being here, for helping him, for everything!

Batman: There is no where else I want to be, I love you Diana!

Diana: I love you too! (Hippolyta enters)

Hippolyta: The Purple Ray has been activated, now all we can do is wait and let his body heal! (Falls to the ground and starts crying)

Diana: Mother...he's going to be alright! We have him back, he's safe now!

Hippolyta: But this is all my fault, I should never have let him go down there, I should have known that Hades would have taken this opportunity to get revenge on me!

Diana: Mother, you can blame yourself, you did what you had to do for your sister, how could you known all these centuries later that he would still want revenge on you!

Hippolyta: Because he's always been a petty God, nothings changed with him, and fear this is far from over!

Diana: You don't think he he wouldn't make another attempt on Dmitri, not after Zeus...

Hippolyta: Diana, you know better than most that when the Gods set there minds to something, they don't give up, till they get what they want!

Diana: Then will be ready, I'll kill him before I'll let him have my son again!

Inside Dmitri's head-

Zeus: Demetrius, my son, can you ever forgive me?

Dmitri: Where, where are we?

Zeus: Where inside your mind!

Dmitri: Wow! My personal thoughts are still mind aren't they!

Zeus: Ha, ha, ha! Yes, I would never pry like that!

Dmitri: I have no reason to forgive you father, you've done nothing!

Zeus: I shouldn't have let you go down there, I just never thought my brother would dare to harm you!

Dmitri: (Looking at his body) So am I going to die?

Zeus: No, no! As we speak your body is under the purple ray being healed! I just couldn't wait to talk to you, so I opened a door into your mind! You my son are a brave man, with courage to rival that of all your brothers combined! What he put you through, and you remained strong through it all!

Dmitri: don't...

Zeus: You don't have to talk about it, whenever your ready, I'm here for you my son!

Dmitri: Thank you! Father I have a favor to ask you, Steve Trevor, I need you to make sure that he's safe! Hades threatened his life, I fear now, he'll go after him!

Zeus: I will make sure that he is kept safe! For now you rest and I will return to you soon!

Dmitri: Wait...will you with me for a while! I kind of don't want to be alone!

Zeus: Of course!

The Home of Dr. Fate-

Dr. Fate: (Sitting by Caleb's side sleeping)

Caleb: (Waking up, looking around and seeing his father sleeping)!

Dr. Fate: (Raising his head) Caleb, oh thank God your awake!

Caleb: did I get here, what's going on?

Dr. Fate: You just had an accident is all, just rest!

Caleb: Everything is so fuzzy in my head! Wait, Dmitri, is he ok, I, I, feel like something happened to him, or I did something to him...?

Dr. Fate: Don't worry about Dmitri he can take care of himself, he's an Amazon after all!

Caleb: Dad, I know that look on your face, your not being honest with me!

Dr. Fate: This isn't the time, I just need for you to get better, I'll tell you everything later!

Caleb: (Starting to remember) Wait, I'm remembering, oh, oh God, I'm remembering, oh God, wait tell me I didn't, tell me what I'm thinking wasn't really, please, oh God all the people I hurt, I...I...killed Maxwell Lord, Dad...I killed someone I have blood on my hands, oh God and my friends!

Dr. Fate: Caleb, you need to calm down, its more complicated than that!

Caleb: DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! (Without realizing it, he pushes his fathers chair across the room) Oh God, dad, I didn't...I mean I didn't even use my powers, what's happened to me?

Dr. Fate: Its alright son, its all going to be ok!

Caleb: How can you say that, I just sent you flying across the room without even meaning to, I've killed someone, hurt all my friends...

Dr. Fate: You were under mind control, you had no control over what you did! Its not your fault!

Caleb: What about my powers, I can feel it coursing through my veins?!

Dr. Fate: The powers you absorbed from the magic books, I'm afraid there is no way to return them, your just going to have learn to control them!

Caleb: I need to see Dmitri, I need to know he's ok!

Dr. Fate: I'm afraid there is no way to see him right now!

Caleb: What do you mean, talk to me, tell me what's happened to Dmitri?

Dr. Fate: He went to the underworld to get Hades to take back the demons you summoned! There's been no word on him yet! But you need not worry, his mother is Wonder Woman after all, she will make sure he's alright!

Caleb: (Closing his eyes trying to sense Dmitri!) I know where he is! I have to go to him, he needs me!

Dr. Fate: No Caleb, this isn't the time...(In a puff of smoke Caleb disappears) No Caleb!

Paradise Island-

Caleb: (Appearing next to Dmitri) Oh God Dmitri, what did he do to you...this is all my fault, if it wasn't for me you never would have had to go down there! I'll fix this, I can heal you...(Holding his hands over Dmitri's body) Just hang in there Dmitri!

Batman: (Sneaking up behind Caleb and grabbing him!) Just what do you think your doing?

Caleb: Batman, I...I'm healing him!

Batman: He doesn't need you to heal him, the Purple Ray will heal him!

Caleb: The Purple Ray?! Look at him, whatever this Purple Ray is, its taking to long, I can heal him within moments, please Batman trust me!

Batman: Kind of hard to do right now, after all that's happened! (Diana and the Queen enter)

Diana: What is the meaning of this, what are you doing here?

Queen: Everyone get out, just get out of here, this is why my island has been free of men centuries, all the destruction you bring, the wars and violence!

Caleb: Please Queen Hippolyta, Diana, this is all my fault, just let me heal him, I can do it, it will only take me one minuet!

Diana: I'm assuming if you're here, your back to if you really can heal my son, do it!

Caleb: (Holding his hands over Dmitri's body, he closes his eyes and Dmitri's body begins to glow, his wounds begin to seal, his body starts to move!)

Dmitri: (Shaking and stirring) No, no, no more, please, I...I cant...I cant take it anymore, mother, mother, grandmother please help me, don't leave me here, help me...

Diana: (Crying) I'm right here Dmitri, baby I'm here, no ones going to hurt you anymore.

Dmitri: (Waking up and shooting up in his med bed!) Wh...what, how...I mean...I...

Queen: Oh my darling boy, your home, your safe.! Just relax!

Batman: (Putting his hand on Caleb's shoulder) You did good!

Dmitri: (Diana hugging him) Mother, I cant breath...hugging to tight!

Diana: I'm sorry, I just...well I'm your mother...I cant help myself! it's a mother's prerogative!

Dmitri: Look...I'm grateful to everyone here, but if you all don't mind, I just want to be I need to be alone...

Diana: But honey I don't think...

Dmitri: Mother please for once, just give me what I need, and right now, its to be alone! (Getting up and out of his bed, almost falling over from being dizzy)

Queen: (Grabbing him) Dmitri, please just sit, and rest, gather your strength...

Dmitri: Ahhhhhrrrghh! (I grab the bed and lift it up and throw it against the wall, I turn to table with medical tools on it and throw that against the wall! My anger just took over, I was so embarrassed at all they had witnessed, everything that I had gone through and the fact that it was all displayed, and the more my mind remembered all that bastard did to me, the angry I become, it was to much to handle, I started punching the wall again, and again, and again, till my anger turned to tears and I fell to the floor and put my face in my hands and let it all out, I cried and cried. My mother and grandmother came up behind me and held me, while I just cried!)

Diana: You will get through, just let it all out, your safe baby, just let go!

Dmitri: I...I'm sorry...I just cant deal with this right now its to much, its just to much! (Suddenly the sounds of explosions were heard, the palace shaken with each sound!)

Phillipus: (Running in) My Queen, the Island is under attack, forces coming from all sides! The alarm is being sounded as we speak!

Diana: Who would be attacking? Where did Bruce go? (Looking around) He must have gone to see, come on! (Everyone running outside to see. When they get outside, they witness boom tubes opening all over the island, as Para demons are exiting them, large flying ships hovering over the island.) By the Gods, its Darkseid!

Darkseid: (Over a load speaker, so that the whole island can hear the sound of his booming voice!) Amazons, this will be your only warning, laid down your arms and submit to me willingly or you will pay with your lives! As of this moment, Themyscira is now under my control! I want the Princess and her Son brought before me, you have 30 minuets after that I will begin killing your royal subjects...Tick Tock Princess!

Batman: I've contacted the JLA, Superman and the others are on their way!

Diana: This cant be happening, not right now, not today!

Dmitri: Who is this Darkseid and what does he want with us?

Queen: It doesn't matter who he is he'll never take the two of you from me, I'll die before I let that happen again! Dmitri I want you out of here, far away from here and safe!

Dmitri: These are my people, and I am an Amazon warrior, this is my home, no matter what's happen to me, I will not abandon my royal duties! If it's a fight he wants, I have enough anger in me to give him one! (With that I lift my arms up and raise them to the left and begin to spin to the right till a thunderous red and blue light turning into Wonder Boy! I start to fly up, but my mother grabs onto my feet)

Diana: What do you think your doing, we need a plan first!

Dmitri: (Yanking my feet out of her hands) I have a plan, my fists slamming into his face! (With that I fly up and towards the aircrafts crashing through, Para Demons begin attacking me, I fight through them with easy, when suddenly I'm hit with a red beam sending me flying back down to the ground. Cheap shot, I get back up to my feet and fly upwards again, this time I see the red beam as well as who its coming from, I remembered who he was now from files I had scene, he's a new God from Apocalypse. But I don't care he threatened my family, my home, my people, and I had the right amount of anger to do some damage! As his Omega Beams shot at me, I crossed my wrists and the beams hit my bracelets, pushing me backwards, with all my might I pushed my way forward, he started intensifying his Omega Beam, and I mustered up every bit of strength I had moving forward, with out moving his legs, he began to slightly slide backwards, his face already look miserable, and now, it looked like he was losing his temper and anger was starting to consume him, he must not have been expecting me to be able to hold up against his Omega Beams that were known to turn a man to ashes if hit by them! His eyes became full red, he now was holding nothing back, he released the full power of his Omega Beams, it was unlike anything I had ever felt before, the power, the sheer force of it, I wanted a fight, he was all to willing to give one to me!...)

End Chapter-