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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 3- Family Secrets


Dmitri: (I'm pacing outside my apartment, waiting for aunt Donna's call. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life, I mean I just got this new life, and I like it. I love being around Steve, and he needs me that's for sure. it's the first time in my life, I've ever been needed by someone and it feels great! What could her reason possibly be for not wanting me to stay here, why would she want me to go back home! Its not fair, if she tries to play the you're the Prince card, and you have obligations, I'm so going to say, how hello, she's the Princess and so is aunt Donna and neither of them are sitting on the Island. I feel like I have a chance to make a difference here, to help people, to use my abilities for good! Ok and maybe my feelings for Steve are a big part of it all too, I mean, how am I ever going to learn what these feelings are that I have towards a man, that I don't feel towards a woman, if I stay on an Island full of woman! Ok so I cant tell her that, but still! Come on aunt Donna, call already! Just then my cell phone rang!) Hello!

Donna: Hey honey, listen we all are at your apartment, so I think its time for you to come up!

Dmitri: How did you know I was downstairs?

Donna: Because I can hear the ground rumble every time you pace back and forth!

Dmitri: OH! I just have to ask, do you think she's going to kill me?

Donna: I promise you I wont let her!

Dmitri: Thanks! You do realize she could kill both of us if she wanted to!

Donna: I know, but I was trying to be supportive! Now get up here!

Dmitri: (As I held my arm out to my left and spun around till a thunderous red and blue light showed changed me into Wonder Boy, I flew up and landed on my balcony. I figured I should show up in my Wonder Boy outfit and get that part out of the way first! I looked through the window, my mother was pacing back and forth, Donna and Cassie were standing next to each other watching her! I was hoping my grandmother was going to be here, but I guess that was a little to much to expect her to leave and get here in such a short period of time! Here goes nothing, may the Gods protect me from the wrath of my mother!) (Whispering) Hi!

Diana: Wonder Boy huh! (Wow my mother did a great job on his costume!)

WB: (I walked up to her and hugged her and kissed her, I figured maybe it would help my cause) Hello mother!

Diana: (He would have to hug and kiss me to make this harder on me wouldn't he!) What were you thinking Demetrius?

Dmitri: Mother, I did what I had to do, what you did, what aunt Donna did, what Grandmother did!

Diana: I don't want this life for you, cant you understand that, I want you safe on the Island!

Dmitri: Mother, ask yourself, is it right for me, a guy, to be trapped on an Island filled with woman? (Ok, maybe that didn't come out right)

Diana: Most men would kill for the chance!

Dmitri: I knew you were going to say that! Its different, everyone on the Island is thousand of years older than I am!

Diana: How could you do this without talking to me about it first?

Dmitri: Last time I checked you slapped me and left Themyscira, I didn't know I was suppose to ask for you approval! Wasn't it you who deceived your mother and entered the contest to leave Paradise Island to begin with! At least I had Grandmothers blessing to be in the contest!

Diana: We're not talking about me, and what happened with me is a completely different story! Do you know the risks of you being out here?

Dmitri: I've handled myself so far!

Diana: Demetrius, I've worked very hard to create this secret identity...

Dmitri: (Interrupting) You mean to tell me your worried I'm going to expose your true identity! (I spin in reverse Changing from WB back to myself) I have my own secret identity, to protect!

Diana: That's not what I meant!

Dmitri: No offence Cassie, but she only got her powers a few years ago, I was born with my powers, I've had 1117 years of learning and training to prepare me for the day when I would leave Paradise Island! What is the real reason Mother, why don't you want me here, damn it why don't you want me?

Diana: Is that what you think, that I don't want you?

Dmitri: I wouldn't be asking if I didn't mean it!

Diana: 12 hours, 12 hours of labor, after carrying you for 9 months in my womb, and you think I don't want you!

Dmitri: I'm not saying you didn't give birth to me, or that it wasn't hard, I'm saying I want to know why is it that all these years you've left me on the island, its like after I was able to walk and talk, you up and decided you had enough of being my mother! If I didn't have the Aunt Donna and Grandmother I don't know what I would have done! Do you even know what life has been like for me! How hard being the only boy on an Island of woman, some who looked at me like I was an abomination, hearing the whispers of people talking saying, the Gods have forsaken us, the Princess has brought shame to the Amazons, other things like she had child out of wed lock, the boy with no father! (Tears were rolling down my cheeks, my breathing heavy, waves of pent up emotions flooding out, so much so I didn't notice my Grandmother had appeared in the room) There is nowhere that I belong, not a man on an Island of woman, not boy in a strange new world! Where do you want me to go mother, te ll, where would make you happy?

Queen: Who said these awful things to you, I will have their heads!

Dmitri: Grams that's not the point!

Queen: Not even a week from Themyscira and you're already using slang!

Diana: (Crying) I am so sorry, I never thought about the difficulties you have had to face, you must understand, I kept you there to keep you safe! I didn't know what else to do, the safest place I know is with my mother, if I had for one second thought of the burdens you have had to carried, I, I...

Queen: Diana, you did what you had to, we all do what we have to! Everyone in this room knows all to well the scarifies we make as Royalty, Superheroes, mothers! I think its time we laid out all the secrets, we all know to well, secrets divide us, while the truth unites us!

Diana: What are you talking about Mother?

Queen: When you first learned you were pregnant, Penelope asked for permission to propheteia, she discovered that if Demetrius should stay on the Island on his birthday, he would be killed!

Diana: What! Mother, how could you not tell me this!

Donna: But who would want to kill him?

Queen: She could find nothing else out! The Amazons are on high alert, we are prepared for anything! But Phillipus made an important point, what if the what Penelope learned was actually a trap laid to get Demetrius off the Island! Your birthday is in less than two weeks, we must be prepared for anything! Together as a family!

Dmitri: I don't understand, why would someone go through all the trouble to kill me?

Diana: Unless, it is an enemy of mine!

Donna: But who knows you have a son other than the Amazons and Superman and Batman?

Diana: (Looking down) Demetrius father!

Dmitri: Why would my father want me dead! For that matter who is my father? (My mother sat on the couch put her hands on her face and began to cry, I had never seen her like this, and the guilt inside me rose to levels I have never known! I Kneeled down in front of her, I put my head on her lap, she laid her head on my head and wrapped her arms around me, I wept harder than I ever have) Mother, forgive me mother, they way I've acted towards you, for not understanding what it must have been like for you all these years, I'm so sorry, I wish I had never been born!

Diana: (I grabbed his head, I moved his head so we were face to face as the tears rolled down both our faces) Don't you ever talk like that again, don't you ever think like that. I don't care what was done to me, when I was pregnant with you, I had never felt so complete in my whole life, I felt you growing inside me, the connection that came with you inside me, is still here till this very day, you are my vision of hope, when I look at you my heart is filled with peace and love. You are my son, I loved you the moment I found out about you, the day I had you, and all the days of your life, nothing, and I mean nothing will ever change that!

Dmitri: (Everything I ever wanted to hear, wanted to know, was finally spoken and I was at a loss for words, just filled with so many emotions!) Mother I...

Diana: (Hugging him) I know my son, I know!

Cassie: (Crying) Wow, I think I need to call my mom and tell her I love her!

Donna: (Putting her arm around Cassie and one around her mother) You only get one mother!

Queen: And don't any of you forget it!

Diana: Mother I think its time we find out who his father is! Its time to talk to the Gods!

Queen: And what if the answer is Zeus!

Diana: Mother!

Queen: Diana, how many times has he tried, I know you haven't forgotten what he tried to do to you, or the tests he put you through?

Cassie: Dmitri, we could be brother and sister if that's the case, and that would be awesome!

Donna: Cassie, I don't think this is the time for that!

Cassie: Sorry, bad attempt at lighting up the mood in here!

Dmitri: But still if Zeus was my father, why would he want to kill me! He loved Hercules, he gave Cassie powers, and tried to have a relationship with her! Why would he hate me? Mother is one of the favorites among the Gods, their chosen emissary in Man's World, to spread their word, chosen to fight Ares through the power of love as well as made you the Goddess of Truth!

Diana: That's it you just said it, why didn't I see this before!

Queen: Diana, what, what is it!

Diana: Do you see it, who hates me more than anyone, Ares! What better way to pay me back, than to kill the one person that he knows would devastate me, my son!

Dmitri: Wait, he would go through the ones you care about right?

Donna: Yes! Why, what are you thinking?

Cassie: That's not fair, he's changed, he's been trying to have a relationship with me, he helped me with my powers, he gave me my magic lasso, and didn't want anything in return but my love!

Donna: Cassie, don't be so naïve especially when it comes to the Duke of Deception, that title was given to him for a reason, remember he is the God of War!

Cassie: Look I was skeptical about him in the beginning, but you haven't been talking to him, I have, and he's a new man! He wants to create a new Olympus, with the other Gods leaving this realm, he believes a new order is necessary!

Donna: Cassie, cant you see what he's doing, he's collecting the powers of all of Zeus's children, that must be how he is becoming more powerful, Athena and Aphrodite are the only other two remaining with him, Diana, this isn't just about revenge on you through you son, this about him collecting his powers as well as any of Zeus's children! He overthrew Hades, and now is the God of the Underworld, he's not going to stop till he has complete control!

Dmitri: (Shouting) Hello! (Everyone looks at me) Someone has been trying to kidnap Steve Trevor...

Diana: (Interrupting) Steve Trevor! How do you know Steve?

Dmitri: He's my partner!

Diana: Your partner? He's retired!

Dmitri: That must be his father your talking about, this Steve Trevor is a whole lot younger, he's the grandchild of Diana Trevor, the spirit you met during the Challenge of the Gods, when Zeus had given you trials to perform, for not meeting his advances! (Everyone looked at me oddly) I did read every book in the library on Themyscira, its all in the history books!

Diana: Mother you didn't find it odd that of all the people to land on Themyscira, the son of Steve Trevor would be the one! No red flags were waving for you?

Queen: There is a connection with the Trevor family and ours, it struck me as fate!

Dmitri: (I whistled really loudly) Can I finish a sentence here! After I followed Steve's assistant, he lead me to a man, that works for the man who hired him to capture or kill Steve, although they have had plenty of chances to kill him, they continue to try to kidnap him. I have thwarted their attempts so far. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is I found out the name of the man who is pulling all the shots, is none other than an Ares Buchanan! Do you think they could be one and the same?

Diana: That is one of his aliases, this is all starting to come together!

Donna: Hey, where did Cassie go?

Diana: Oh no, you don't think...

Queen: She is going to tell him everything we have just discovered!

Dmitri: I haven't been her biggest fan, but that was over my jealousy of her relationship with my mother. But you don't really think she would betray you mother do you?

Diana: Who knows the extant of the power he has over her!

Donna: (Hanging up her cell phone) She's not answering her cell phone!

Queen: We have no time for this, we must move quickly, if she does warn him, we lose our advantage!

Donna: So what do you suggest we do?

Queen: I must return to Themyscira, we still have his daughter Lyta, and he will do anything to get her back!

Diana: Mother, you wouldn't?

Queen: I would never harm her, she is under our protection, but he doesn't know what we would do if we felt Demetrius is in danger!

Dmitri: What about Steve, I need to protect him, I promised him! I'm not leaving here!

Diana: I came here to argue with you, and send you packing back home! But I know now, its time for you to be with me, its time for my friends to know I have a son and that you are my son!

Dmitri: Are you sure mother?

Diana: Your pictures as Wonder Boy are starting to show up in papers, people are going to began wondering what connection to Wonder Woman you have!

Dmitri: Mother if you want me to go back home, after I'm sure Steve is safe, I will do as you ask!

Diana: No, I'm so proud of you, and all that you have done, and I am sorry, that in my blindness to protect you, I forgot to let you live!

Dmitri: I just want to make you proud of me, as I am of the three of you, you are the greatest women I know!

Queen: We are proud of you!

Donna: We might not always see eye to eye, but at the end of the day we are family!

Diana: Together we can do anything, mother is right, together we are a united front! Ares wants a war, together we will give him a war! Dmitri, there are some rules we need to lay down later, but we will deal with them later!

Dmitri: Yes mother!

Queen: Alright, I have to get back to the Island, I must go over everything with Phillipus, as well as sending and envoy here to guard Dmitri...

Dmitri: But Grandmother, I can...

Queen: I am speaking as your Queen right now! An envoy shall remain hidden at all times, watching you!

Donna: I've got the Titans support, they will back me up!

Diana: Superman and Batman, will be there for us as well!

Dmitri: I still have my duties as an IADC agent, and what about your duties mother, your and agent as well!

Diana: My son, you take priority over everything!

Queen: Come here and give you Grandmother a kiss! (He kisses me) I love you, more than words can say! You are stronger than you know, you have been trained by the best, I must say I am a little upset with you though, I told you the ruby in the star can be used to contact me, yet you still haven't contacted me once! I have to say, I'm not feeling the love!

Dmitri: Grams, I mean Grandmother, I swear, its been one thing after the other since I got here, I think I've slept a total of 5 hours since I got here, Steve really is a handful!

Queen: Most men are, you included!

Dmitri: Just like you told mother most men are devious?

Queen: They are, you were raised by Amazons, with Amazonian ideals, but I'm sure in time you will see, even Steve Trevor will show you!

Dmitri: Steve doesn't have a devious bone in his body!

Queen: You would know, would you!

Dmitri: Grandmother! (With that she kissed my mother and aunt and disappeared!)

Diana: What did she mean by that?

Dmitri: I have no Idea! (OMG, does she know I like him, has she known all this time, no its impossible!)

Diana: I'm going to talk to Batman, about doing some Training with him!

Dmitri: What for?

Diana: If your going to be working for the IADC, I think you should learn from the best detective there is!

Dmitri: (My cell phone rings) Hello!

Steve: Hey, just wanted to check and see that you were still alive!

Dmitri: (I walked onto my balcony) Now look who's starting to care about whom!

Steve: Can I be honest with you?

Dmitri: I thought we said that's what we were going to be from now on!

Steve: I've been pacing downstairs from you apartment all night, waiting for you to call!

Dmitri: Why would you do something like that?

Steve: Hey, you freaked me out earlier, I really thought your mother was going to rip you an new asshole! Thought you could use a little company!

Dmitri: Hold on a second! Hey mom are you guys staying the night here?

Diana: What you say Donna?

Donna: Sounds good to me, we can search for Cassie for a little while and regroup back here!

Diana: Yes, honey we are!

Dmitri: Steve, can I ask you a favor?

Steve: For the guy who risked his life for me, sure!

Dmitri: it's a bit crowed in here and they're planning on staying the night, would you mind if I crashed at your place tonight?

Steve: I don't have the great apartment that you have, its not as clean as your is, and you can either sleep on the most uncomfortable couch, or you can sleep in my bed with me, and if you sleep on my bed with me, you have to know I sleep n the buff!

Dmitri: I guess I better get a hotel room!

Steve: Hey you brat, no your not, were camping it out at my place tonight, be down here in 10 minuets!

Dmitri: (Laughing) Alright, alright, although I have to tell you, I have no idea what you mean by you sleep in the buff! (Click) I'm sleeping at Steve's place!

Diana: What! What for?

Dmitri: Mother he's still a target, and I cant very well let him stay here, with all of us!

Donna: He's right Diana, plus, we can cover more ground searching for Cassie if its just the two of us, no offence Dmitri, its just we've been here a lot longer we know our way around!

Dmitri: None taken! (I ran and got some stuff together and kiss my mom and aunt goodbye and made my way downstairs) Hello!

Steve: We're just going to my place not out of town, what took you so long?

Dmitri: You try dealing with an over protective mother, who can kick your ass!

Steve: That's true, are you hungry cause I'm starved!

Dmitri: I could eat a horse!

Cassie's apt-

Cassie: (Looking into a mirror) Ares, you wouldn't lie to me would you?

Ares: Of course not, sister!

Cassie: Are you after Demetrius?

Ares: Cassie, what I'm about to tell you, you can never repeat, I need your solemn oath!

Cassie: I swear!

Ares: If you do, I swear to you, I will take back every piece of power I gave to you!

Cassie: Ares, I thought we trusted each other!

Ares: Demetrius is the son of Zeus. Zeus raped Diana, made her forget the whole thing, and has watched his son from afar! In order for us to remake Olympus, I need all of us to be together, but Diana can never learn what Zeus did to her!

Cassie: But that's great that Dmitri is our brother too! He would be so excited to find out!

Ares: When the time is right, he will learn of the truth, and when he does he will want to protect his mother from reliving the pain of what Zeus did to her, he wont say a word, and we can rebuild what the other Gods have abandoned!

Cassie: So what do you want me to do know?

Ares: Exactly what your doing, if you find out anything that might be helpful to our cause, report back to me at once!

Cassie: Alright!

Ares: We will be the New Gods of New Olympus!


Ares: Move in on Steve Trevor now, I need Demetrius broken, consumed with rage!

Phobos: But isn't it to soon?

Ares: Yes, but you heard Cassie, those damn Amazons have found the trail that leads to me, far quicker than I had anticipated!

Phobos: Father, I don't want to incur your anger, but the time table is off, if we kill him now, your plan wont work!

Ares: Your right, then go, beat him badly, I want him hospitalized, for the pleasure of the violence!

Steve's apt-

Dmitri: (Sleeping in his bed with him, I can feel the heat radiating off his body, and knowing that he's naked, has made my, as Steve calls it, dick hard, it hurts so bad its so hard. And this room, its so hot, I'm sweating in my clothes) Steve, Steve are you awake?

Steve: What is it D?

Dmitri: Steve, its really hot in here, I'm sweating badly!

Steve: Haven't you ever slept at a friends house before, when you were younger?

Dmitri: No, I was never allowed!

Steve: Just take off your clothes, were both guys, its not like we don't have the same equipment!

Dmitri: You want me to sleep naked next to you?

Steve: Well I'm naked and I was sleeping a minuet ago, and I'm next to you!

Dmitri: But what if I, um, well, I mean what happens if...

Steve: OMG, you're a virgin aren't you?

Dmitri: How did we go from sleeping naked to you're a virgin?

Steve: Your so scared, the bed is shaking, what are you afraid you'll have morning wood, and it might rub up against me?

Dmitri: Morning wood, I don't plan on cutting down any trees in the morning!

Steve: When you cock is hard, that's morning wood!

Dmitri: Cock, as in rooster?

Steve: (Sitting up in his bed and turning on the light) You not joking are you! What were you raised by a bunch of woman?

Dmitri: I told you already, I have never had a male friend and I don't know who my father is, are you happy, go ahead make fun of me!

Steve: Wow, I'm sorry! I didn't know! Look, just stick with me, I'll teach you everything you need to know about the world!

Dmitri: (My dick went down, but now I had to go to the bathroom) I have to go to the bathroom!

Steve: Do you need some help?

Dmitri: Is that something guys do for one another?

Steve: I was being funny! Just go, God rookie I have a lot to teach you about life!

Dmitri: I'm looking forward to learning from you! (I went into the bathroom and as I started to go, I heard a loud crash through a window, I heard Steve shouting and other voices, I spun myself in the small room and changed into WB and flew out the window and around to the bedroom window, I flew inside knocking the men over as I entered and standing next to Steve!)

Steve: If I wasn't so happy to see you, I would start to think your stalking me!

WB: I told you, I'm here to protect you!

Steve: Lets kick some ass shall we!

WB: Yes, Kick some ass!

End Chapter-