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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 4- Finding Steve

Steve's apt-

WB: You do realize your naked right! (And wow is he huge down there)

Steve: These guys crashing through the window didn't give me much of a chance to get dressed!

WB: (One of the men started shooting I stood in front of Steve and blocked all of the bullets.) Haven't you guys learned yet, bullets don't work on me!

Guy: How about this!

WB: (With that he pulled out some sort of ray gun and started shooting beams at me, I once again used my Bracelets to deflect all of the shots!) Nope sorry, that wont work either! (At this point Steve had put on a pair of underwear on. Grabbing one of the posts of the bed I spun and kicked the two men hitting them into the wall, Steve ran to the guy closest to him and started punching him in the face, he grabbed the gun out of his hand and threw it behind him, the guy brought his leg between his and Steve's body and pushed Steve backwards, as he ran towards Steve, Steve held out his legs and arms and grabbed the guy and flipped him over his head, sending him crashing into the wall behind him! The guy got up and ran towards Steve again, Steve dodged out of the way and the guy went flying out the window, Screaming the whole way down! As I was fighting my own guy, he pulled some sort of gun out) I thought we already established that guns don't work on me! (Before I knew it, h e sprayed me in the face with some sort of chemical that quickly knocked me out! I fell to the floor)

Steve: Angel! (I kicked the gun out of his hand, brought my fist up into an uppercut and sent him flying back against the wall!) What did you do to him, answer me damn you! (I started punching him in the face again and again, and then I was hit in the back of the head and everything went black!)

Guy: Come on bring Trevor and lets get out of here!

Guy#2: What about Wonder Boy?

Guy: No, leave him, we only have order for Trevor!

Guy#2: Cant we at least take of his mask and see who he is, I mean aren't you the least bit curious?

Guy: Who cares, it could be a million different people, just cause he wears a mask doesn't mean he's some famous person, who's face you would recognize anywhere! Now come on lets go! Circe will be waiting for us, and you know what she'll do if we fail her!

Buchanan Industries-

Circe: Throw some water on him you fool!

Steve: (Feeling the rush of cold water being splashed on me, I shake my head) Wha-what's going on! (I find that I my hands are tied over my head and my feet separated and tied! I try to break free.) Who are you, what do you want with me?

Circe: I don't want anything from you, although I must say, you are one sexy bastard in those tight fitting undies!

Steve: (Damn, I just had to sleep naked did I) Sorry, you way to old for my taste!

Circe: Bite your tongue (Looking into a mirror) no one rivals my beauty!

Steve: Have you met Wonder Woman lately!

Circe: Don't you dare speak her name in front of me, or by the Goddess Hecate I will kill you!

Beastimorphs: (Men who Circe has changed into animals) My Queen, you cant kill him, remember he wants him alive for now!

Steve: Who wants me alive?

Circe: Shut up you idiot! As for you, (Looking at Steve) Wouldn't you like to know! I think its time I have a little bit of fun with you!

Steve: Sorry I gave up on skank!

Circe: Do you have any idea what I could do to you with just a snap of my finger?

Steve: Oh no, I got so scared right now I just crapped my underwear!

Circe: You're a smartass you know that! Its time I shut you up! (Waving her hand to change him into a Beastimorph, nothing happens)

Steve: What's the matter gone impotent?

Circe: This cant be, how are you protected by my magic?

Steve: Oh, I just happen to spray on some evil witch be gone, before I was brought here!

Circe: No man can resist me!

Steve: Hello, am I talking to a wall here, get the shit out your ears, purple haired woman went out with the 80's, you just don't do it for me sweetheart!

Circe: Andros, whip him till he passes out, I don't want to hear another word out of him!

Steve: Aww, is the honeymoon over baby!

Circe: Your one cocky son of a bitch! I like that, its too bad I wont have more time to break you!

Steve: Why is that?

Circe: Because we have bigger plans for you, you're the bait, and will soon be swallowed whole!

Steve: Now that's just cruel, swallowing me whole, your starting to turn me on!

Circe: (Looking at his cock) Hmm, it looks awfully small! Don't want no small Dick man!

Steve: Oh baby you couldn't handle my python when it comes out to play!

Circe: As much fun as this is, I have places to go, people to torture! Beat him boys!

Steve's apt-

WB: (I came to on the floor of Steve's bedroom, looking around the place was trashed and there was no Steve to be found! I found the phone and called the headquarters of the IADC!) Col. Atkinson! Security clearance 015324...Col. This is Prince, I'm at Steve's apartment, he's been kidnapped!

Col.: Have you searched the his place?

WB: I'm doing that as we speak! Wait, here (Picking up a gun) I found a gun!

Col.: One of Steve's?

WB: No sir! I'm bringing it into headquarters now!


Dmitri: Col. There where no finger prints and the serial numbers have been shaved off!

Col.: So we have nothing!

Dmitri: We've finger printed the apartment and Steve's and mine are the only finger prints there!

Col.: I want every available agent on this! Let reach out to all our contacts, let everyone talk to their informants, if there is word on the street about Steve I want to know about it! What do you know of this Wonder Boy character?

Dmitri: Just that he's managed to bail Steve out of a lot of situations!

Col.: I don't suppose we have a way of contacting him, we could really use his help right now! Maybe we should get him a Wonder Boy signal, like the Bat signal!

Dmitri: I'm sure he's already trying to find Steve now!

Col.: Maybe its time you called your mother, see if they can back us up on this?

Dmitri: Yes sir! I'm going to get out there see what I can find!

Col.: Contact me the minuet you hear anything!

Dmitri: Yes sir!

Dmitri's apt-

Dmitri: (Walking in) Mother, aunt Donna, anyone? (To my utter shock, I walk into my living room to find my mother, Donna, Superman and Batman Standing there, as I walked in all eyes turned on me!) Oh!

Diana: Dmitri, I want you to meet...

Dmitri: (interrupting, with my eyes staring bug eyed) Superman and Batman!

Diana: Guys, this is my son Demetrius!

Dmitri: Dmitri is fine! Wow its and honor to meet you guys, and before I forget, thank you for always being there for my mother!

Superman: (Shaking his hand) it's a pleasure to finally meet you son!

Batman: Hello Dmitri! Will have plenty of time to get to know each other better, when we start your training!

Dmitri: I'm looking forward to it! But I have a really big problem right now, maybe you guys could help!

Donna: Honey what is it?

Dmitri: Steve Trevor has been kidnapped!

Diana: What!

Donna: But you stayed the night there, what happened?

Dmitri: (Now I was embarrassed it was only two guys and they still managed to knock me out and get Steve!) I was in the bathroom when I heard someone crash through Steve's bedroom window, I quickly changed into Wonder Boy and got in there! There was a fight, we were shot at, I blocked the bullets, but one guy pulled out what I thought was a gun, I got cocky thinking I could just deflect it, but instead I was sprayed with something I believe it to be chloroform, next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor!

Donna: That's odd they didn't try to take you at all? Why just Steve, most criminals, given the chance would want to take the super powered person!

Diana: Are you thinking that this is really about Demet, I'm sorry Dmitri?

Donna: That's exactly what I'm thinking! It wouldn't be the first time Ares uses a member of the Trevor family, to get at someone!

Batman: Is there anything you remember about the attackers, or the crime scene, that might help us out?

Dmitri: (I couldn't believe that Batman was asking me questions, or that either him or Superman were in the room! I stood there thinking for a minuet, maybe there was something I missed, I got sprayed, I was fighting to stay a wake, I heard Steve wrestling with the guy, then I didn't hear Steve talk again, and right before I passed out I heard...

Donna: (Interrupting) Are you thinking or unable to talk, your killing me!

Dmitri: Right before I passed out, I think I heard the name Cirs, I think!

Diana: Do you think you heard Circe, or cirs?

Dmitri: That's it, he said, don't do something or another and then I heard Circe will do to us if we fail or something!

Batman: So we have Circe, and Ares working together?

Dmitri: Don't forget Ares Buchanan!

Batman: Ares Buchanan, of Buchanan Industries?

Dmitri: One of the guys that attacked Steve before said the name Ares Buchanan, I don't know if they are one in the same!

Batman: Buchanan Industries has some warehouses downtown, Superman if you would you could super speed over there, and X-Ray vision it out for us!

Superman: Done!

WB: (With that he flew out the window faster than a speeding bullet!) I want to be there is he finds him!

Batman: Knowing him he'll go in first, call for back up never!

Diana: But magic can harm him, Kal wouldn't?

Donna: We better get down there! There isn't much sense in us waiting here!

Batman: Wonder Boy right?

WB: Yes!

Batman: I'll fly with Wonder Boy it will give us a chance to go over any clues!

WB: (Oh you've got to be kidding me! What if I mess up, he so tall and built and mysterious, Ok, need to stop, palms getting sweaty, mouth getting dry!)

Batman: You ready?

WB: (In a cracked voice) Yes, I'm ready! (He grabbed my hand and I flew upwards holding onto him. When we were flying in the sky he pulled himself closer to me)

Batman: So are you finding it hard adjusting to life away from Paradise Island?

WB: I used to have practice battle scenarios everyday, but this is so real, everyday you have to make choices that are truly important, peoples lives hanging in the balance! Its scary but I have to say, being needed, making friends that aren't your friend because you're the Prince, here I feel like I can finally be me, and find out who I am, what I'm made of, what I want, what I need! I never realized just how lonely I was all this time, till I came here, and met Steve!

Batman: You've become close I take it?

WB: Really close, he's very funny, he teaches me the ways of the people here, I just feel very comfortable around him, he has this way about him, that just makes your personality come out!

Batman: Just be careful, it's a hard road living the life of a double identity!

WB: I know what you mean! I don't have a clue how I'm going to explain why I never came out of the bathroom to help when those guys broke in!

Batman: You'll learn to come up with the excuses! Right up ahead!

WB: Did I really just have a conversation with you!

Batman: Yes you did, and if you tell anyone I'm a nice guy, I'll have to kill you!

WB: Gulp!

Batman: Diana, look (Pointing to a hole in the roof of a warehouse!) Superman must have already went in!

Diana: We need to hurry, remember the last time Superman went up against Circe, she turned him into a killer Lion!

Donna: To bad we don't have any Moly, it blocks out Circe's magic!

Diana: You two need to be careful remember she has power over men, she can control you or change you!

WB: (We went in through the hole Superman had already made! The place was completely dark! Batman must have had some sort of contraption that allows him to see in the dark! He pulled out a flashlight and shines it for my mother and aunt, but guided me down! As soon as we landed on the ground, bright lights turned on above us blinding us and locking the four of us back to back. Whatever trap this was, we flew right into it!)

Circe: (Clapping her hands a few times) Well, well, well, if I would have known I was going to have all this royalty over, I would have prepared a celebration!

Diana: Circe! I thought you called a truce the last time we saw each other! You said you wouldn't come after the Amazons again?

Circe: Yes, I did didn't I! See, the problem is the rules have changed, I have no choice this time! If it makes you feel any better, I'm not after you, its your son I need!

Diana: You know I wont let you harm a hair on his head! Now tell me why are you working for Ares, what does he have over you now?

Circe: Usually it takes a lot longer than this for you do-gooders to figure out the players in the game! I'm sorry Diana, I've always kept my word with you in the past!

Diana: Then stop this Circe, you don't have to do this, whatever Ares has over you, I swear to you I will help you!

WB: (While my mother and Circe talked, Batman looked all around studying the area, as any good tactician does in a battle situation! I listened closely and heard the whimpering of Steve coming from the left of me! I was standing so close to Batman from the way we had landed that I was able to move my hand behind me without being noticed, I grabbed his hand and repeatedly moved it in the direction that Steve could be heard from, he pulled down on my hand. I took that as a signal that he got what I was trying to say! I heard him pushing something, I took it to be something from his belt, he tapped a rhythm on my lower back, one tap, two tap, three tap, and repeated, I took it to mean on the count of three he was going to make a move! He pressed his whole hand against my back, and began to tap again, I knew he meant on this third tap we will make our move! As soon as he hit the third tap, he threw exploding pellets on the floor causing the room to be filled with smoke. A true Amazonian doesn't need eyes to see in battle! I followed my senses, which led me to Steve, I felt for his face and released the gag from his mouth!)

Steve: Its you Wonder Boy isn't it?

WB: Its me, I'm sorry I failed you! (I felt for his ties and ripped them off)

Steve: You could never fail me! I'm just happy to see you!

WB: (As I bent down to untie his legs, my face must have been level with his dick, because I rammed my face into his dick and it was hard, I was in such shock that I couldn't move my head!)

Steve: Sorry, it gets that way when I'm excited!

WB: (I ripped of the ties that held his legs together! My own dick was rock hard, as I stood up my head moved along his cock. When I was standing straight up next to him) Hang on to me, I want to get you out of here now!

Steve: Not a problem!

WB: (He reached his hand out to find me, first he landed on my chest then he moved down to my waist, then he moved down to my hard dick, pressed his hand against it again and again!) Sorry, it gets that way when I'm excited!

Steve: Don't ever tell me your sorry about that!

WB: (I pulled him tight into me, and floated slowly into the air, I could hear battling from all around me, but I needed to get Steve to safety first, I looked to the ceiling to the hole that we had come in from, and flew upwards in that direction, holding one hand out to make sure nothing was in front of us. When we flew threw the hole he spoke)

Steve: You should drop me off down there somewhere and go back in and help your friends!

WB: Not until I know your safe!

Steve: So take me a little ways away from here and go back and help your friends, I'll be fine!

WB: Don't argue with me, you wont win! (I flew as fast as I could to IADC headquarters and landed on the roof. Steve leaned in and kissed me, it was the most amazing sensation, his soft luscious lips pressing against mine, after the first time we kissed on Paradise Island, I thought I would never feel his lips against mine again! I was wrong, I never wanted that moment to end, he grabbed my head and pulled me in tighter to him, and then let go, I stood there with my eyes closed dizzy for a moment and then slowly opened them!) Wow, that, that...

Steve: Was amazing! Now go, be careful!

WB: (I grabbed him and kissed him one more time and then flew off into the air, yelling) Woo hoo! (He just stood there smiling at me, waving, and I once again realized that he was still in his underwear! And damn if he didn't look good enough to eat! I got back to the warehouse, Batman had been turned into a Beastimorph as well and he and Superman were fighting mother and aunt Donna! Circe was standing on a metal ledge watching, cheering Batman and Superman on! I flew towards Circe, brought my body upwards so that my legs were facing her and kicked her sending her flying back and hitting the wall!) Change them back!

Circe: You sound just like your mother, always barking orders!

Diana: (Yelling from below) Get away from her Dmitri, don't forget she has control over men!

Circe: To late Wonder Woman, your son is mine! (Waving a hand at Dmitri, but nothing happens!) Not again! How is this possible, two of you in one day!

WB: I said turn them back, or I swear I'll hurt you like you've never been hurt before!

Circe: It matters not, this trap was for you all along, in the end, will get you one way or another!

WB: (I went to grab her, she snapped her fingers and Superman and Batman changed back into themselves and she and all her minions disappeared!)

Diana: Are you ok!

WB: I'm fine, I don't understand, why did she leave so easily?

Batman: She'll be back, whatever it is they're planning this is only the beginning!

Donna: How come she didn't change you Dmitri?

WB: She tried, I think, she waved her hand at me, and then said no not again, two of you in one day! Maybe her powers are out of whack?

Superman: No, I saw her use her powers without breaking a sweat!

Donna: She's a Goddess now, her powers wont drain!

Diana: Thank the Gods it doesn't work on you!

Batman: Did you get Steve out of here?

Dmitri: Yes, I took him back to the IADC! Which I should get back to, I have a lot of explaining to do, as agent Prince!
Diana: Will meet you at your apartment later!


Dmitri: (Walking up to Steve and shaking his hand) Welcome back!

Steve: And what happened to you, how come you never came out of the bathroom to help?

Dmitri: I got stuck in the bathroom, your door wouldn't budge!

Steve: Oh, yeah, I meant to tell you not to close the door, it jams up!

Dmitri: I'm glad your ok, I was worried about you!

Steve: I wasn't worried, I knew Wonder Boy would show up eventually!

Dmitri: it's a good thing he always knows how to find you!

Steve: It sure is!

Dmitri: So let me ask you, did Circe try and change you into a Beastimorph?

Steve: She tried doing something to me, but her magic wouldn't work on me, so she got all frustrated!

Dmitri: Interesting!

Steve: Why? Does that mean something?

Dmitri: Well its just that, she was able to change Superman and Batman! But she couldn't change you or Wonder Boy!

Steve: How do you know!

Dmitri: (I walked right into that one) I followed a lead that led me to the warehouse, Wonder Boy must have just gotten back from dropping you off, when she tried changing him, I talked to them afterwards!

Steve: Oh! (I wonder, if she changes men into animals and controls them, if the guy is gay would it still work?)

Dmitri: (I wonder, if she controls and changes men into beasts, if a man is not into woman, but into other men, would her powers have no effect on that type of guy! And if that is the case, I hope my mother and her friends don't figure it out!)

Col.: (Walking up) What are you two staring at each other for like a couple of pansies!

Dmitri: (We both realized what we were doing, shook our heads and moved a little ways apart from each other!)

Col.: You both have had a long day, why don't you two get out of here for today and I'll see you both bright and early!

Steve: Sounds great to me, I really want to get out of these IADC work out sweats!

Dmitri: Thank you sir, I have some unfinished business to attend too!

Col.: See you in the morning boys! (Walks away)

Steve: Unfinished business, do you mean our conversation from last night?

Dmitri: As much as I would love to continue that, I should really get home to my mother!

Steve: Your mother, aren't you to old to have a curfew?

Dmitri: I, its that, well we...

Steve: What happens if I get taken again, wont you feel responsible for me, wont you wish you were there to help me out, since you were stuck in a bathroom yesterday and let them get away with me?

Dmitri: You sure know how to make a person feel guilty! Your staying at my place till further notice, its not safe for you at your place anymore, they know where you live now!

Steve: I'm sure Wonder Boy will be out there watching over me anyhow!

Dmitri: Wonder boy, is that all I'm going to hear about all the time?

Steve: Don't be jealous, you know you remind me of him a lot!

Dmitri: Really?

Steve: Yeah, you have the same ankles!

Dmitri: (I punched him in the arm for that) Your evil!

Steve: And you love it!

The underworld-

Circe: They were both immune to my magic!

Ares: Immune! Is that even possible?

Circe: Its never happened before!

Ares: Could father Zeus be helping out his little bastard child?

Circe: What about Lyta, Ares you promised me, you'd get our daughter back from the Amazons!

Ares: All in due time! All in due time! (Pulling his cape around the front of him, he sits in his throne) So, we cant use you, will have to use another tactic! Its only a matter of time before they come down here looking for me!

Circe: Why don't you use Wonder Girl to bring him in, she could trick him?

Ares: I need him to come willingly, he cant be forced, you should know becoming a God must be of your own free will!

Circe: Why do you need him anyway?

Ares: I only need him to get the power of a God, then I will kill him and take his from him! Making those damned Amazon pay! I want to see Diana on her knees in defeat, beaten, broken, knowing true loss!

End Chapter-