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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 5- The Evil Enchantress



Dmitri: (Felix Faust has turned The Enchantress evil, no one knows how and everyone who has tried to turn her back has failed! Now she is here in Star city running amok! Using her magic, she is turning the city upside down! Creating whirlwinds, heavy rains, fires! Steve and I have been given a new experimental gun, that when used, sends a blocker into the body of any magical user, thus not allowing them to use their magical powers! Sounds easy enough right! Wrong! Magical beings can create a force field around them, not allowing anything to penetrate them!) Steve this is getting us no where! She tearing apart the city!

Steve: These blasted guns are useless!

Dmitri: We need a plan!

Steve: I'm going to try and go around and get behind her!

Dmitri: Be careful please!

Steve: Aw honey, are you worried about me?

Dmitri: Always! (This is just the opening I needed, with him not watching me, I can change into Wonder Boy and I'll have a better chance at helping! I move into an alley way, look around making sure no one is there, raise my arms out to the left and bring them around as I spin, a thunderous explosion of blue and red appear and disappear as I become WONDER BOY! Time for some back up! I call my mother!) Mom, I need your help!

WW: Mom!

WB: Mother please!

WW: Sorry I'm just not use to you speaking this way! What's going on?

WB: Felix Faust has turned the Enchantress evil, and she's tearing apart Star City, I don't want to hurt her, and really am not sure how to stop her!

WW: Well, I have my own hands full with the Cheetah right now! But this will be a perfect time to send you someone I've been wanting to introduce you to for a while now!

WB: Who?


WB: Sounds good to me, send him over and quick please!

WW: Will teleport him there now!

WB: (Within moments Witcher was standing next to me!) Wow that was fast!

Witcher: I'm speechless, when Wonder Woman said she had a son I was stunned, but she never said you were as hot as she is! The Gods really took care of you guys in the looks department!

WB: Now I'm just plain embarrassed! Thanks! I need your help, the Enchantress...

Witcher: Diana filled me in! I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I think will stop her!

WB: What do you need me to do?

Witcher: Distract her, keep her busy long enough for me to do what I need to do!

WB: That's easily done! (As I flew up towards the Enchantress, I couldn't help but think to myself just how much guys are so free with saying what they think! I don't think I could ever go up to a guy and be like, hey your hot, want to kiss! As I got closer to her, she started waving her hands sending objects flying my way! First a light post, which I spun and kicked back at her, she easily deflected, then a bench hit me from behind, distracting me long enough to hit me in the stomach with a fire hydrant, knocking the wind right out of me! Yelling) Ok, that's enough, why don't you put your little force field down, so we can do a little hand to hand combat here! (Remember she is not in control of what she's doing! I fly around and around really fast and start punching at the force field, hoping to weaken her! I wish Witcher would do whatever it is he's trying to do! As I continued punching her force field I was being hit from behind by various objects, so I just kept trying to move and punch, move and punch till finally I punched and a bright yellow light exploded around her! I saw Steve on a root top behind her!) Now Steve! (As Steve shoots his gun, everything moves in slow motion, as the magic blocker induced bullet moves towards her, she slowly starts to turn, as it reaches right in front of her as she has completely turned and faced the direction of the bullet, she holds out her hand to stop the bullet, but it pierces right through her hand and hits her in the stomach, as she shrieks in pain, she starts to fall, I move to catch her when she suddenly vanishes in midair! The storms stop, the whirlwinds die out, the rains end. I look at the damage that's left behind and just wonder to myself, why do they do it, how do they find it so easy to destroy cities! I quickly fly back down as I see Steve start to make his way back down the building! I fly into the alley and change back! I walk over to Witcher!) Hi I'm agent Dmitri Prince of the IADC, thanks for your help, I don't know what you did, but whatever it was it worked, you gave us the opening we needed!

Witcher: Caleb, Caleb Fate! Your mother and I go way back! (Wink, wink)

Dmitri: Oh, you know my mother agent Diana Prince?

Caleb: Yes, we work together! (Wink, Wink)

Dmitri: Do you have something in your eye?

Caleb: Dmitri, I know your secret!

Dmitri: Well, I kind of figured, but I wasn't going to come out and say it! Here comes Steve, he doesn't know! Steve, this is Caleb Fate, Caleb this is Steve Trevor!

Steve: Nice to meet you!

Caleb: The pleasure is all mine!

Steve: Where did Wonder Boy go?

Dmitri: He was just there!

Steve: That's strange!

Dmitri: What is?

Steve: Well, that's the first time I've been in the same place as him and he didn't stop to talk to me!

Caleb: Well he did look like he got pretty banged up by the Enchantress, maybe it took a lot out of him?

Steve: I hope he's alright!

Dmitri: Don't mind him he has a one track mind!

Caleb: Well I have the day off, so I was wondering if you want to hang out?

Dmitri: I'm done for the day, I don't see why not! (Steve must have realized that Caleb just asked me to hang out cause suddenly his whole demeanor changed!)

Steve: Didn't we have that thing we were suppose to do tonight?

Dmitri: What thing?

Steve: You know, that thing, with the thing, where we thing it!

Dmitri: Can you say that three times fast?

Caleb: Did you guys have plans for tonight?

Dmitri: I don't remember us making plans!

Steve: He's so forgetful! Remember I wanted to take you out to a, a, um, to a club, ya, you said something like I've never been to a club before, and I was like, ok this Friday we're going to a club!

Dmitri: (I shook my head at Caleb in a no we didn't kind a way, and he just smirked at me) So why don't we all go together?

Steve: Sure we can do that! I'll swing by around 9 so we can hang out before we go out!

Caleb: Sounds good to me!

Steve: Make sure you dress to impress Dmitri!


Felix Faust's lair-

Felix: (The Enchantress is laying on a table while Felix moves his hands back and forth over her wounds!) Don't worry my pretty, you'll be as good as new in just a second! (The bullet comes flying out of and lands in his hand, her wounds heal up as if they never happened!) There we go, all healed up!

Enchantress: Why are you doing this to me?

Felix: Because its just so much fun!

Enchantress: You're a powerful sorcerer yourself, you don't need me!

Felix: I do need you, I'm trying this new spell out, controlling you is just the first step, I want to harness your powers for my own, and then move on after you to each and every person with magical powers! I will become the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever seen! And in the process get revenge on the Amazon through her son! He showed up as expected did he not!

Enchantress: Yes he did!

Felix: Where ever that Steve Trevor is, he shows up! Now its time for you to get back out there and find him, but this time your going to do a little something different!

Dmitri's apt-

Caleb: Ok, so what is Steve's deal?

Dmitri: What do you mean?

Caleb: Who's he want, you or Wonder Boy?

Dmitri: Good question, if you can find the answer let me know! (I grabbed us some drinks out of the fridge and brought them over to the table and had a seat. I was feeling more and more comfortable with him by the second. I could see why mom thought we would hit it off. It helps that we are both from mythical/mystical backgrounds, we have so much in common.)

Caleb: Thanks! So then the next question is just how in love with him are you?

Dmitri: I'm bats in my stomach, earth shaking, volcanoes erupting, plants colliding, lets just put it this way, his kisses kill me!

Caleb: Kisses! You've kissed?

Dmitri: Well he doesn't remember, but on paradise Island, he gave my first earth shaking kiss! But here as Dmitri, no he's never kissed me! But we've slept in the same bed! I don't know, sometimes I think if he had never met Wonder Boy, he would be with me right now! Other times I think that he just thinks of me like a kid brother that he's trying to teach about the world!

Caleb: Ok, but when I asked to hang out with you, he went from talking about Wonder Boy to jealous we have plans tonight, which I so know you didn't have plans tonight! That has to mean something!

Dmitri: And what if it does, what happens when he falls from Wonder Boy, I can never take off my mask and if I did, he would never forgive me for not telling him that Wonder Boy and I are one in the same!

Caleb: Being a superhero with a secret Identity sucks!

Dmitri: Your telling me! He's just the most amazing guy I've ever met! So daring and brave, honest and trustworthy, funny and smart, sexy as hell, and those green eyes are just to die for, I got lost looking in them!

Caleb: Your mother doesn't know that you like guys though right?

Dmitri: No! And I don't plan on letting her in on that piece of information either!

Caleb: What about your aunt Donna?

Dmitri: I don't know, sometimes she says things that make me think she does, and then other times, its like she plays off a when are you going to get married type talk! I think I could talk to her about it, but its like I don't even understand what these feelings are, what being with a man is like, what would I have to talk to her about!

Caleb: So my assumption that living on an Island of woman for 1117 years didn't leave you much room for learning about guys?

Dmitri: I got as far as looking at pictures in text books of naked men's statues, to play with myself!

Caleb: Nice! Trust me it was no easier for me, my parents hovered over me my whole life, I was to scared to make a move, hell to even have a thought in my head, afraid my dad would erase my mind and start over if he ever found out!

Dmitri: I'm so glad my mother wanted to introduce you to me, hoping we would become friends, I feel so comfortable talking to you! You get me, its great!

Caleb: I feel the same way! But I had a feeling we would hit it off as friends! Although, I don't know just how much Steve is going to enjoy you having anyone but him for a friend!

Dmitri: Well, he'll just have to deal, I spend almost 24 hours a day with him, not that I'm complaining, but I'm just saying that has to count for something! He is always in trouble, the man cant drive away from my house without into trouble by the time he reaches his car!

Caleb: I'm sure you just love every second of that!

Dmitri: I wont lie, it feels great to have someone to care about! Someone I get to protect instead of everyone wanting to protect me! So who do you have your eye set on?

Caleb: I don't think you've met him, but he's Zatanna's cousin Zachary!

Dmitri: I know Zatanna, I met her back home before!

Caleb: He's a total babe! But he's such a chicken shit and that's just such a turn off! But I cant help myself, anytime I'm around him, I get tongue twisted!

Dmitri: I met Batman and Superman the other day, can we say hot, hot, hot! And the tights they wear, they leave nothing to the imagination, their dicks look like they are huge!

Caleb: Yeah, I wouldn't mind borrowing Superman's X-Ray vision to scope their packages out!

Dmitri: Your telling me, I'm like why did we have to get the super hearing, but not the X-Ray vision!

Caleb: So you're a total virgin, that's a given!

Dmitri: Yes, and cant wait to give it up! You sound like your not!

Caleb: Oh, no, I haven't been since I was 16 years old!

Dmitri: What's it like, I mean what did you do, how did you do it, I mean I have ideas of what would happen, but no real thoughts on the matter!

Caleb: Its amazing, the feeling of your cock sliding down someone's throat, of when you slide it into a tight warm asshole! Hell, I've versatile, so I don't mind being bent over and having a cock rammed in and out of my ass!

Dmitri: So, guys stick their cocks in and out each others butt holes! Wow!

Caleb: So you mean you never tired sticking your finger in your ass, while you where jacking off?

Dmitri: Its kind of hard to have experimented on an Island that was watched by the Gods! I always felt like I was being watched, I wanted to touch myself all over but I just couldn't bring myself to do it!

Caleb: Wow, you must have some serious discipline going on! I don't think I could have had the self control to not do it, being watched or not!

Dmitri: Well that's all in the past, I have a new life with new opportunities to do and try anything I want!

Caleb: You go boy! I'm here for you man, you have any questions just give me a call, I totally think you're a cool ass guy, and can see us being friends a really long time!

Dmitri: Thanks, I feel the same way! Now, we should probably get dressed! What does one wear to a night club?

Caleb: We're going to make you look so sexy, Steve is going to be like Wonder Boy who?

Hours later-

Caleb: (Knock, knock) That's probably Steve, I'll answer it so I can see his face when he sees you!

Dmitri: Are you sure I look alright?

Caleb: Your very hot!

Dmitri: (Caleb said I look like an add in a magazine whatever that meant! He opened the door and Steve walked in like he owned the place, when his eyes locked on me, he stopped dead in his tracks and his eyes bugged out of his head, while his mouth hung open! I would have done the same he looked so good, but I was to busy being shocked at his reaction to seeing me!)

Caleb: What's the matter Steve, catching flies?

Steve: Wow, Dmitri, you look, a, ah...

Caleb: Amazing! Hot! Sexy!

Steve: You clean up well that's for sure!

Dmitri: Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself!

Caleb: I think Wonder Boy is on the balcony!

Steve: Wonder Boy, where, out here? (Frantically looking out the window) Now that was just plain mean!

Dmitri: Lets go! (We all start walking out, and I whisper to Caleb) See, I told you Wonder Boy on the brain all the time!

Studio 54-

Caleb: Dmitri, your not standing here all night, your going on the dance floor and dancing if it kills me!

Dmitri: What the heck do I know about dancing?

Caleb: You know more than you think, just move you body to the beat of the music!

Steve: Caleb's right, we didn't bring you here to stand around, put your drink down, they'll be here when we get back! (I grab his hand and pull him onto the dance floor. We start dancing and she just so nervous, so Caleb gets behind him while I'm in front of him and we sandwich him in and I can see him getting lost in the feeling of our bodies being pressed against his, the beat of the music flowing through our bodies, the heat, and his first drink of liquor giving him a buzz, he must be feeling pretty good right about now!)

Meanwhile at the guys table-

Enchantress: (Disguised as normal collage girl, she moves over to the guys table and pours a love potion into Steve's drink, the first person he looks at he will fall in love! She will be standing there so that when he takes a drink he will look at her and fall in love!)

The guys go back to the table-

Steve: See you not a bad dancer at all!

Dmitri: Then why was everyone staring at me?

Caleb: They were staring at you, because they want you, I'm telling you, you're a total stud! Look, they're still looking at you from over here!

Dmitri: I don't know about all that!

Steve: He's not kidding they are! (I take a drink of my drink, and as it runs down my throat, a warm tingling sensation runs through my body.)

Enchantress: (He taken a drink now's my chance, I walk over to get in front of him, so his eyes land on me, when so drunken fool, bumps right into me, I knock right into one of Steve's friends, I believe he was the other agent I fought earlier and knock him right into Steve! Damn it now it will never work)

Steve: (As Dmitri got pushed right into my arms, I caught him and held him there, our eyes locking, I stared into his deep blue eyes, that seemed to pierce right through my soul! All I know is my head got really dizzy, and my heart sank into my stomach, I didn't want to let go of him, I suddenly needed him, I wanted to be near him, to stay holding him in my arms to never let go. I wanted to make him mine, to love him, to make love to him, I cant believe I've had this guy next to me all this time and never realized just how much I loved him, till this very moment!)

Dmitri: You can let go now, I'm fine!

Steve: Oh, sorry, but do I have to let go, I kind of like holding you next to me!

Dmitri: Steve, I think you've had way to much to drink!

Caleb: Come on guys lets go dance some more!

Dmitri: Good idea! (We walked back out onto the dance floor and started dancing this time Steve was all over me, pulling me into him, rubbing our crotches together, his hands on my ass. I don't know what's come over him, I mean I like it, but it just doesn't seem right!) Steve are you feeling ok?

Steve: I've never been better! Now that I've got you, I'm perfect!

Caleb: < Dmitri, see I told you he would totally fall for you once he saw how hot you are!>

Dmitri: <Something doesn't feel right, this isn't like him, its to much!>

Caleb: <Your just nervous, relax enjoy, your getting the guy, that's all that matters!>

Dmitri: (I should just listen to Caleb, but my gut says something is off! I pulled myself away from Steve) Sorry, I'm getting hot!

Steve: You want me to get you something to drink?

Dmitri: No thanks, I just need some space to breath is all! (I cant believe I just said that! We continued dancing his eyes never leaving me, he watched me so closely! Some guy walked up to me and grabbed onto me and started to try to dance on me) He what are you doing!

Guy: Your pretty hot dude, I just want some of you is all!

Dmitri: I don't think so! (Next think I knew, Steve turns this guy around and decks him, he goes flying into another guy, and the whole club breaks out into a giant fight! Caleb grabs my hand I grabbed Steve's and we moved as quickly as we could out of there! When we got outside, we could hear sirens from police cars on their way) Steve what the hell got into you tonight?

Steve: That guy had no business making the moves on you like that!

Dmitri: Steve, I can handle myself, I don't need you saving the day!

Steve: Hey, you're my special guy, I told you before I got your back!

Caleb: You guys are a lot of fun! But we need to get you home and I need to get home! I'll drive Steve's car!

Dmitri's apt-

Caleb: Thanks again guys, Dmitri, I'll talk to you later! Steve take care!

Steve: Later bro!

Dmitri: Steve, I'm going to take a shower, you can go to bed if you want! (I walked into my room took off my clothes got into the shower and the hot water wash the night away! I don't know if that's the effect of drinking or not, but as much as I want Steve to want me, I want it to be natural! I was suddenly startled back to reality, when I felt two arms wrap around me.) Steve, you scared me, what the hell are you doing?

Steve: Come on you know you want me, the same way I want you!

Dmitri: You don't want me, you want Wonder Boy!

Steve: How can you say that to me, I'm here with you aren't I! Dmitri, I love you, I want to make love to you!

Dmitri: Steve, are you saying this because your drunk, or do you really mean it, cause, I just couldn't handle doing this, if your going to wake up tomorrow and be like what the hell did I do last night! If you only knew how much you mean to me!

Steve: Oh baby I do, I feel you mind body and soul! I want you Dmitri, I need you! Please let me make love to you! (I grab him and start kissing him our hands running up and down each others body, after a while I turned off the water picked him up and carried him into the bedroom, I lay him down on his bed and continue kissing him, I then make my way down his chest, kissing and licking biting his nipples, licking down to his belly button, his body shaking beneath me, just knowing this is his first time, is sending me over the edge! I take his cock and hold it in my hand, all 8 inches of perfect man meat nice and thick and hard, I start licking up and down the shaft, down around his balls, making him squirm in excitement, the moans the escape his lips are like music to my ears knowing that no one has touched his body but me, its driving me wild! I finally swallow his cock, taking it in my mouth and moving slowly down the shaft till I reached the based, I heard the loudest g asp I have ever heard, this being is first time, I'm going to give him a night he'll never forget! I worked his cock over really good, until I started hearing his breath become heavier and heavier, I didn't want to bring him over the edge just yet I wasn't done with him! I raised his legs into the air, and attacked his warm tight hole with my tongue, I made out with his hole, burying my tongue deep inside him!)

Dmitri: Steve, your driving me insane, I've never known such pleasure, my body has never felt like this before, I'm on fire, I know I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you, but I never know it could be like this, I never knew you could make me feel this way!

Steve: There is still way more to come baby, I'm going to make you feel so good, you'll never want to leave this bedroom! (I started eating his hole out again, and licking all the way up his crack to his balls, and back up his shaft, making sure to pay special attention to the head, and then making my way down again, I continued this for a really long time, I never got tired, all I knew was the more I had a taste of him the more I wanted, no the more I needed him! I moved back up and started to make out with him again, this time he lowered him self to my cock, his hands trembling, he was so nervous!) Baby you don't have to do anything, this night is about you!

Dmitri: I want to Steve, I want to make you feel as good as you've made me! (I grabbed his cock, I know my hands were shaking but I was nervous I couldn't help myself, I wanted him to feel good, but I had no idea what I was doing, I just tried to mimic everything that he did to me! So I started licking his cock up and down, licking his balls, putting them in my mouth, hearing him moan made me so excited, letting me know I was doing something right! I knew it was time, I had to have him cock in my mouth, I held it towards my mouth, opened as wide as I could and let it slide in, the feel of it, his 9 inches, all hot and thick and in my mouth, this sweet taste coming out of the tip of his cock, made me hungry for more, what have I been missing out on all these years. I tried to take more of his cock in my mouth, but started gagging, I was choking on his huge piece of meat!)

Steve: Slow down D, take it little by little, let you mouth get use to it, you don't have to take it all the way down to make it feel good, use your tongue and those sweet big sexy lips of yours, ahh, ya baby, just like that, oh fuck yeah D, take my cock, work your tongue all over, it feels so good in that virgin mouth of yours!

Dmitri: (If I thought I was in love with the guy before, I was a fool, now I really know that I love this guy, I love every part of him inside and out, he already had my heart and now I want to give him my body! Just like Caleb told me earlier guys stick their cocks in and out of their assholes, I wanted to have Steve in me, I wanted him to take my virginity!) Steve!

Steve: Dmitri!

Dmitri: Steve I want you inside me, will you please be my first, will you really make this night more special than it already is?

Steve: Nothing would make me happier than to make love to you, I want to be inside you so bad! But you have to know, its going to hurt in the beginning, and after a little bit, it will start to feel amazing I promise you I will take it slow and gentle!

Dmitri: Do it Steve, make, make love to me!

Steve: (I got up and kissed him some more, then raised his legs again and started to eat his hole out again, sticking one finger than two then three in, moving them back and forth as I licked on his cock and balls, once he started fucking himself on my fingers I knew it was time, I made sure to lube his ass up good and lube my cock up with enough spit as well, I pulled his legs around my waist, aimed my cock head at his hole and leaned in and started kissing him as I was about to push the head of my cock in, I bit down on his lip, not super hard just enough to let the head of my cock go in, he gasp, I stood still, just kissing him some more, I started licking on his neck and then I bit on his earlobe as I slid more of myself inside him, he gasp again and I moved back to kissing him and continued this till I was all the way inside him, I stayed there buried deep inside his ass, while I continued to kiss his sweet lips, I started moving my hips in a circular motion, until I started to hear him moan and I knew he was ready. I slowly started to move back out and then back in with each thrust he moaned more and more!)

Dmitri: Oh, Steve, it feels so good! I love having you in me, if this is making love, I never want it to end!

Steve: I'm all yours baby, now and forever! (He started pulling me into him harder and harder I got the hint and started fucking him harder and faster, thrusting my cock in and out of his tight warm hole, bringing it all the way out, making him feel every inch of my cock enter and exit his body!) Tell me how much you love me, tell me you belong to me, that your mine and only mine, that you just want me and no one else!

Dmitri: Its you Steve, its always been you, I've been waiting my whole life for you, for this moment, to know the true meaning of love, to feel the love your giving to me. I am yours I belong to you heart, mind, body, and soul, I am forever yours Steve! I love you Steve, I will always love you!

Steve: I love you, my Prince! Your all I want, your all I need! (I started ramming my cock harder and harder smacking my balls against his ass, all you could hear was our moans and our bodies slapping together, I knew I was getting to close, I knew I was going to explode any moment!) Baby, I'm going to shoot my load deep inside you and once I do, I've marked you as mine, you belong to me, do you want that, tell me you want me to make you mine, tell me you want my load!

Dmitri: I want it Steve, I want to be yours, I do belong to you, mark me as yours, shoot your load inside me, as I shoot mine between us, gluing us together! Oh, yeah, here it comes, mine is going to come out kiss me Steve kiss me!

Steve: Me too baby, me too! (His cock shot spurt after spurt of his love juice between us and his ass tightened around my cock squeezing it, milking the cum right out of me, I kissed him so hard, sucking the breath right out of him as my load shot deep inside him, after the very last drop had left my cock, I laid on top of him still kissing him! Not wanting to ever take my cock out, I just laid there! He held on to me for dear life, I could feel his heart pounding in his chest and his breathing became erratic, his chest heaving up and down, I put my hands to his face and felt tears running down his cheeks and I wiped them away!) Why are you crying?

Dmitri: This was the most amazing night of my entire life, and I've lived more years than you would believe! I'm afraid that tomorrow it will all disappear, so I'm crying because I'm the happiest man in the world, I got to make love to the man I'm in love with, and I'm crying because I'm scared that I'll go to sleep and this wont be real when I wake up!

Steve: Don't think like that, I told you I'm not going anywhere! I love you D, I want you, I want to be with you!

Dmitri: But why, when did this change come over you, what about Wonder Boy?

Steve: I'm here with you right here right now, not Wonder Boy! This was your first time, and it's the specialist gift you could have ever given to me, your just emotional, because you gave me something so sacred! Tonight you'll sleep in my arms and when you wake up I promise you I will be right here!

Dmitri: You promise?

Steve: I promise! I love you Dmitri Prince!

Dmitri: I love you, Steve Leonard Trevor!

To Be Continued-

End Chapter