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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 6- Waking up to a nightmare


Dmitri: (I woke up to the feeling of my cock being sucked, and I couldn't have been more happier!) Now that's the way to wake up!

Steve: I want to wake you up like that everyday!

Dmitri: Then by all means, please carry on! (As he started working my cock over and I was getting all into it, we heard a voice calling from outside my room, I listen closer and realized it was my aunt Donna!) Steve, oh no, its my aunt Donna, go get into the bathroom!

Steve: Why, I don't want to hide the fact that I love you, I want to tell everyone!

Dmitri: That's nice, but no! Now go hide, please I don't want anyone to know, especially not my family!

Steve: Fine!

Dmitri: (What is wrong with him, why would he be so reluctant to go and hide, why would he want everyone to know, its not like he goes around telling people he's g-gay! I quickly put on some clothes and walk out!) Aunt Donna, what are you doing here?

Donna: I'm happy to see you too!

Dmitri: That's not how I meant it, I'm just surprised, what's going on?

Donna: Your mother sent me! It seems that Ares is the one who released Felix Faust, Ares has given him the orb of Thessaly, combined with a potion he will be able to steal all magical beings powers!

Dmitri: So the Enchantress was just a preview of what's to come! But to what purpose, what does Ares get out of this?

Donna: The only thing we can think of is that he's trying to keep us busy dealing with other things, rather than us chasing after him!

Dmitri: So what do we do now?

Donna: Your mother captured the Cheetah who was also working with Tala, and when she used her magic lasso on Tala, she discovered that Faust is hiding in Star City, if we can get there and take away the orb of Thessaly we should be able to break the hold he has on the Enchantress as well as any spells cast while she was under his control!

Dmitri: Can we take Caleb Fate with us?

Donna: Already called him he should be here any second now!

Dmitri: I just need to shower really fast!

Donna: No problem, I'll wait on the balcony!

Dmitri: Ok!(Great Zeus, how am I suppose to leave with them, while Steve is here, and what do I say to Steve, this is turning into a headache! Now, why did I give aunt Donna a key to my apartment again! Oh, yeah, cause I never knew I would have a life that needed privacy! I walked to the bathroom, Steve was already in the shower I took off my clothes and hoped in the shower with him!) Steve! I have to go, I completely forgot I had plans with them, that I cant get out of!

Steve: You're really going to leave me?

Dmitri: Trust me, I don't want to go anywhere, I want to stay here with you! (He took the shampoo and started washing my hair) But I have responsibilities that I just cant ignore!

Steve: What kind of responsibilities?

Dmitri: Family stuff!

Steve: You're not going to tell me, I don't want there to be any secrets between us!

Dmitri: Steve its not like that, I want to tell you everything I really do, but its just not about me, there are other peoples secrets involved, I'm just a piece of that big puzzle!

Steve: So your telling me you don't trust me to hold your or anyone else secrets! Is that it?

Dmitri: That's not it at all, why are you being this way?

Steve: Do you even know how hard it was for me to give myself to you like I did last night! I have never shared my feelings with anyone the way I have with you, I never let anyone in, but you, you have some kind of control over me, I told you I loved you, I've never said I loved you to anyone! Is this a game to you, am I just some dog you let in when you want and put out when you don't want?

Dmitri: (At this point, he pushed me into the wall of the tub, I've never seen him this way before!) Steve, let go of me, your hurting me!

Steve: The same way your hurting me, you don't trust me, but you're the one with all the secrets, I don't have any reason to trust you!

Dmitri: Steve, why are you doing this, you know the way I feel about you, this isn't a game, this is real to me, we're real, just give me time, this is new to me, you know I've never been with anyone, I just need to figure it all out!

Steve: So what now you need space, are you breaking up with me, is that, oh I know, its that Caleb guy isn't it, he just appears out of nowhere, comes into our lives and takes you away from me, I'll kill him before I let him have you, you're mine you belong to me, (Shaking Dmitri slamming him into the wall) do you understand me, no one can have you, no one!

Dmitri: (I kept thinking Caleb in my head, and before I knew it, he was in the bathroom, he opened the shower door and waved his hand and Steve fell into my arms unconscious!) Caleb, but I don't understand, how...

Caleb: Telepathy! I was on the balcony with Donna when I heard you thinking my name and sensed the panic inside you!

Dmitri: I don't understand what's wrong with him, he was great last night, and then now, he just, he just flipped out, saying all these crazy things, and being so forceful!

Caleb: I hate to have to tell you this, but Steve is under a spell, his aura, is green, which signifies a spell has been cast on him, I don't know why I didn't see it last night!

Dmitri: (My heart started pounding, my breath heavy, I was about to start crying, but I knew this wasn't the time) I cant deal with this right now, we have to get Faust and break the spell!

Caleb: (I reached out and hugged Dmitri) I'm sorry!

Dmitri: (Ok, I forgot I'm standing there naked) Thank you, now would you mind handing me the towel behind you, kind of getting cold in here!

Caleb: (Handing him the towel) I'll move Steve onto the bed! (Raising my hands Steve floated into the air, I walked him into the bedroom and set him on this bed) He should be fine here, while we go to what we need to!

Dmitri: (I lift my arms out to the left and spin until I change into Wonder Boy! I walk over to the bed, I take my hand and run it down Steve's face and then kiss him on his lips) Lets go! (We walk out to meet aunt Donna!)

Donna: Took you long enough, did you take a shower or a bath! Lets go!

In the dimension the Olympian Gods have left too-

Zeus: (Watching through a looking well! He watches Dmitri) Alas, would that I had not raped your mother, your life young Demetrius would not be so sorrowful!

Hermes: Father, forgive me, but why did you do it, why did you rape Diana, knowing she is one of our most devote patrons, and the woman I loved?

Zeus: My son, we all have flaws and yes even us Gods have flaws, it is apart of the grand design, I fear that mine is my sexual promiscuity, I cant help myself, when it comes to a creature so beautiful as a woman, I lose all sense of reason. Diana, is their anyone as beautiful as her on earth, I think not! She denied me many times over, she denied you, my own son! I'm afraid that after I challenged her to the challenge of the Gods, I was sure she would lose, and be forced to willingly give herself to me! But she didn't, she bested us where no one has ever been able to before! Which is why we did pick her to be our emissary on earth. But I was so outraged, I couldn't take it anymore, no woman has ever been able to refuse me before, that in my fit of anger, I went to her in the darkness of the night, and committed my crime against her, after it was done, I realized what I had done, I begged her for forgiveness, but through her tears, she looked at me with a hatred, that shoo k the very core of my being, something that I couldn't ever remember feeling, the guilt washed over me like floodgates opening, that I wiped her mind clear of what had happened hoping she would never find out!

Hermes: But Hippolyta knows doesn't she?

Zeus: Diana became pregnant with child, Hippolyta knew all to well that her daughter was way to strong to be overpowered by any mere mortal! But Diana had the child, and they fell in love with him, as did I but from afar! That Diana never cared to try to find out, she has always felt alone and I think having a child of her own took away that feeling of loneliness! Hippolyta on the other hand was not so easy to give up, she had Penelope search, so I had to do some work to block her from finding anything out!

Hermes: (Looking in the looking well) He is as beautiful as Diana!

Zeus: That he is, life has not been easy for young Demetrius! The only man on an Island of woman! It has been a long lonely rode for him, as much as it was for his mother! But he has turned into an amazing young man! But now you're brother Ares seeks to destroy him, seeking power and revenge on the Amazons, mainly Diana, through her son!

Hermes: Is there nothing we can do to help? Demetrius is my brother after all!

Zeus: When the time comes, if necessary we will aid them against Ares! For right now, I want to see what young Demetrius is made of! These new challenges he faces everyday will prepare him for what lays ahead!

Hermes: He reminds me of Perseus at about the same age as when he battled Medusa and the Cretin for the love of Andromeda!

Zeus: Ah, those were the days, life was much simpler then!

Hermes: Yes, father they were! May I watch Demetrius with you father?

Zeus: Of course Hermes, I think you will truly like him a lot!

Felix Faust's Lair-

Donna: Can you sense anything from inside Witcher?

Witcher: He has a barrier shielding him from telepaths!

Donna: Then we have to go in blind! Remember our primary goal is to get the orb!

WB: (Would killing Felix Faust be out of the question!)

Witcher: <I heard that!>

WB: <Hey get out of my head!> (We entered through a door in the roof of the building! Each of us going in a different direction! I floated straight ahead, I knew I needed to clear my mind of all thoughts of Steve, a good warrior never goes into battle with a clouded mind, you're only setting yourself up to fail! As much as I want Steve, I cant afford to let him down, I have to break the spell he's under! I floated through corridor after corridor, till I finally came to a big opening, I tried to listen closely for any sign that they might be inside there! When I didn't hear anything I entered, I looked around and found a table with what looked to be potions and a pedestal which a book lay open on, I went over to it and flipped through the pages, till I found one that said love spell! Blah, blah, blah, love spells are dangerous if you used wrong, blah, blah, blah, a person can turn irate, mad with anger, troubled, blah, blah, blah) Damn it, how do you break the spell!< /P>

Felix: You don't, I do!

WB: Faust!

Felix: In the flesh! Well the borrowed flesh, since Hades turn my body to ashes!

WB: So where did you get this body?

Felix: Oh, wouldn't you like to know!

WB: You don't have to tell me, it was Ares!

Felix: Nothing gets by you Amazons does it!

WB: No, it doesn't! (As I said those words I turned and used my Bracelets to block two spikes that were headed towards my head!) Nice try Faust!

Felix: Oh well this will have to do then!

WB: (With that said he waves his hand and an invisible barrier encircles around me. I push with my hands everywhere trying to break free but nothing works!) What is this?

Felix: A little trap I laid just for you! Try as you may, you wont be able to get out of there!

WB: What do you want from me?

Felix: Unfortunately for me, I cant kill you! The bounty on your head is far to large! Don't even think your going to get out of this, see I know what your thinking, he doesn't know that my friends are here and they`ll eventually find you and rescue you! Guess what! I`ve created an endless path for your two friends, they will never find their way in here! (Waving his hand, The Enchantress appears)

Enchantress: (Seeing Wonder Boy trapped) You have the boy, now let me go, please!

Felix: When will you learn, your not going anywhere, you are mine, you belong to me, you do as I say, when I say!

WB: Enchantress, fight it, reach down deep and find the strength to break his hold over you!

Felix: I'm sure your pep talk would help someone who's in a position to fight, but as long as I have this (Holding the orb) she's under my control!

WB: (I slowly float myself upwards, maybe there is an opening at the top!)

Felix: Float as you might, your still not getting out of there! Soon, they will be here to pick you up, and when they do, I will be given my body back, and able to wield the powers of the Gods themselves!

WB: (I looked down and saw that air was flowing through the bottom of my invisible cage! I slowly moved my hand and grabbed my lasso and slowly lowered a part of it downwards, using my mind I can control the lasso, if I can get it around the Enchantress, the Lasso should break the control he has on her, why didn't I think of it before, it's the lasso of truth, and the truth shall set her free! As he kept rambling on and on about his body, I used my mind to push the lasso up the back of her leg after it got to the waist, I wrapped it around her waist and held it there!) That's it Enchantress, see the truth, Felix Faust has you under control with the orb of Thessaly, break it and the spell will be broken!

Felix: Foolish boy, I told you, she's under my control!

Enchantress: (Holding her hand out, palm up, the orb loosely hanging in his hand, with a thought in her mind, the orb flies into her hand!)I'm not longer under you control Faust! Now, you shall pay! Sicker Ka Skoo! The shield around Wonder Boy is realized as she says those words!)

WB: (I walk over to her, take the orb and smash it into the ground, it exploded with lights coming out of it!) Thank you Enchantress!

Enchantress: No, thank you for helping me to see the truth!

Felix: You damned Amazons, you're always interfering in my business and ruining everything for me!

WB: I'm so tired of hearing that, cant you villains take responsibilities for your own action! Oh, who am I kidding! Enchantress, I'm so tired of the sound of his voice, feel free to send him on a one way ticket, back to his jailed boy!

Enchantress: You invaded my mind! Made me do things that were plain evil, now I will send you back to your tormented body, in the pits of Hades!

Felix: No! (Screams)

WB: I watch as she waves her hands and a fiery hole opens and swallows him into the ground! (Donna and Caleb appear moments after!)

Donna: What, happened?

Enchantress: Wonder Boy used his brains to save me!

Witcher: But how?

WB: Well he created a loop that you guys were in so you wouldn't find me, trapped me in some invisible force field, rambled on and on, when it hit me, I could you the lasso to make her see the truth, which in turn would make her see she was under a spell, thus freeing her! She got the orb back because Felix didn't realize she was out of the spell, I broke it and she sent him to hell! Did I leave anything out?

Enchantress: I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm sorry for all the harm I've caused as well as the pain!

WB: Please it wasn't your fault! He was controlling you!

Enchantress: I owe you my life! If ever you need my assistance (Waves her hand and a small blue medallion) Hold this in your palm and call out my name, I will be there in a blink of an eye! Goodbye! (She waves her hands over her head and disappears!)

Caleb: She one powerful Sorceress!

Donna: You can say that again! I got buzzed earlier, Nightwing needs my help in Bludhaven! (Hugging Wonder Boy) Call me later, sorry to fight and run, but it sounded serious!

WB:I completely understand, go, just be careful!

Donna: Love you! Bye Caleb!

Caleb: Bye!

WB: (I stand there motionless as she leaves, for the first time I can stand still and let it sink in that Steve was under a spell!)

Caleb: We're going to do this here aren't we?

WB: Caleb, (Tears start welling up in my eyes!) I cant believe this happened! That everything, that happened last night, was only because of a love potion!

Caleb: I know it sucks, but think about it maybe Steve will realize that he has feelings for you know that the hard part is out of the way!

WB: He'll feel embarrassed about what happened earlier, I feel stupid around him, there will be an awkwardness between us now, everything is ruined now! Why did this have to happen?

Caleb: I'm sorry Dmitri, this is one of the sucky parts of our lives! I know what you need, we need some Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and a movie tonight!

WB: Chocolate who?

Caleb: Oh, come on Amazon, let me introduce you to the world of comfort food!

Ares Lair-

Ares: The boy is getting smarter with each battle he faces, but with his heart broken, he will make a mistake!

Phobos: But if he becomes to smart, aren't you afraid he'll see right into your plan?

Ares: Do you think I watch him because he's pure entertainment! Of course I don't, I'm studying him, finding all of his weaknesses out, when the time comes I will use all of my knowledge against him!

Phobos: There isn't much time, there is les than a week left!

Phobos: That's all I need, Cassandra will start feeding thoughts into his head, remember I need him to come willingly!


Dmitri's apt-

Dmitri: (We had landed I changed back into Dmitri, gone to the store and just got back to my apartment, when we entered and closed the door, Steve must have heard it close shut and woke up from the sleep that Caleb had put him in earlier. He walked out! I stood there shocked and looking into his eyes!)

Steve: What time is it?

Dmitri: (I couldn't talk)

Caleb: 4 in the afternoon!

Steve: What, I've been sleeping straight since last night?

Caleb: What's the last thing you remember Steve?

Steve: I remember coming here, going to the club and then I think coming back here, other than that, waking up two minuets ago when I heard the door slam shut!

Dmitri: (Voice all crackly!) You mean you don't remember anything, anything at all?

Steve: No, why, I didn't do anything crazy last night did?

Dmitri: (Heartbrokenly!) No, not at all, you were a perfect gentlemen!

Steve: Good, wouldn't want to have ruined your first time!

Dmitri: (Eyes open wide with hope that he remembered) My first time?

Steve: Yeah, breaking your club virginity! Are you ok Prince, you sure are acting strange?

Dmitri: (Trying to sound normal) Nope, I'm fine, everything is just fine!

Steve: Alright! Well I cant let the rest of the day get away from me, I have things to do, like a months worth of laundry! You going to hang out here?

Dmitri: I'm being introduced to Chocolate chip cookie dough!

Steve: At 4 in the afternoon, that is really going to ruin your appetite for dinner! So, Caleb your going to be hanging out here too?

Caleb: Yeah, my boyfriend had a dinner he had to go to, so I figured I'd hang out here for a while till he's done that is!

Steve: Boyfriend, oh, cool, you have a boyfriend! Well then, I guess I'll catch you guys later! Dmitri, if you get bored give me a holler!

Dmitri: (He grabs his things and heads out the door!) He doesn't even remember it, its as if it didn't happen!

Caleb: Well, look on the Brightside, you get to lose your virginity to him twice!

Dmitri: But it was so perfect, he said the sweetest things, the way he touched me, talk to me, the things he did and showed me, I've never experienced anything so amazing in my whole life! And in the end he doesn't remember anything, how is this fair!

Caleb: Look, Steve will show his true feelings for you in time, let him sort out his feelings, he'll realize that its really you he wants! Look how he asked if I was staying, but then the minuet I said I had a boyfriend, his whole attitude changed, that doesn't come from someone who's just a friend, that comes from a place of jealousy, like what a boyfriend does! He takes you personally!

Dmitri: Since when do you have a boyfriend, you just said yesterday that you didn't have anyone, I remember yesterday, remember!

Caleb: I don't have a boyfriend, I was just saying that to calm him down, you saw how he got!

Dmitri: Do you have a spell to fix a broken heart?

Caleb: No, I'm sorry, your just going to have to go through the pain! Come on lets watch the movie and eat this ice cream before it melts!

Steve's apt-

Steve: (As I set my clothes in the washer, I cant help thinking about Dmitri! He just stared at me with such sadness in his eyes, I don't know if I am over thinking this or what, but it was almost like he didn't want me to go! And what's up with me getting all jealous over Caleb hanging out with him, he's not my boyfriend, he can hang out with whoever he wants to, I don't have any say in that! I think he's starting to grow on me! But I have such strong feelings for Wonder Boy! In that weird way, I feel like its destiny with me and Wonder Boy, are families crossing paths throughout the generations, like I was suppose to meet him, and fall in love with him, albeit, there wont be future generations through us, since we're both guys and cant have kids! Ok for the random thoughts! Steve, get it together, you've been in relationships before, here's virgin boy on one hand, and Masked boy who you really no nothing about, except the connection in the families, who's the obvious cho ice, Dmitri, right, Dmitri! Only I'm all about Wonder Boy, this is like a choice between the bad boy and the good boy, I always go for the bad ones, the ones that are so going to break your heart! I hope you know what your doing Steve, wasting an opportunity with a good guy, who will fall hardcore for you, or a guy who may never take off his mask! This has got to be why I hate when I don't work! I would give anything for the telephone to ring right now! (Ring, Ring)) Oh yeah baby, who's the man! (Answering the phone) Hello!

Col.: Trevor, we got trouble, Lobo's here in Gateway City, and he's having a bad day! I want you and Prince on it, now!

Steve: Lobo's the main man!

Col.: What?

Steve: Where on it! (Hangs up. Looks up in the sky!) Thank you for those small miracles! (Calls Dmitri) Hey, we got a problem, and he goes by the name of Lobo! I'll pick you up in 5 minuets! (Hangs up) I just need sometime to figure it all out, and the more time I spend with Prince, the more time I will know who it is I really want!

Paradise Island-

Phillipus: My Queen as we get closer to the day, I beg of you, hear my plea, bring the boy back here, I know it is a trap for him to be in man's world!

Queen: I sent guards to follow him! What more do you want from me!

Phillipus: I want you to trust me, I have served you well all these thousands of years, trust me know! (Penelope walks in)

Queen: Anything to report Penelope?

Penelope: I have seen more, my Queen! Where Doom's doorway once stood, a barrier between realities shall unfold! Creatures shall once again escape into our dimension such as those we were once sworn to keep locked away behind Doom's door! If the male child born of the island of Themyscira, they shall take his as one of theirs, one of the creatures shall inhabit his body, and the soul of the boy shall live no more!

Queen: Then we shall make sure he is no where near this Island! So it be written, so shall it be!

Phillipus: But my Queen...

Queen: (Interrupting) Enough! I don't want to hear another word on the subject, I will not lose my Grandchild! To Ares, or Monsters, or anyone else! (Shouting) Do you understand me! (She gets up from her throne and knocks everything off of a near by table! She bends over the table and puts her hand over her face and begins to cry. Phillipus walks over and puts her arm around her!)

Phillipus: Then we wont let anything happen to him, but we will be by his side come his birthday!

Queen: So be it!

End Chapter-