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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 7- The Main Man


Lobo: (Holding Steve and Dmitri by the necks in each of his hands) The main man asked you a question! Where is the Wonder Brat? (Throwing both of them against a wall!)

Steve: (Cough, Cough) Do you always speak in the third person?

Lobo: It's my multiple personality disorder! (Shouting into the air) Come out, come out wherever you are! Oh, Wonder Brat! I'm going to tare this fucking city to shreds if you don't come out!)

Dmitri: (I cant let him tare apart anymore of the city or hurt anyone else! When he threw Steve and I, it gave me the perfect opportunity to sneak off into a nearby alley! I raised my arms up and to the left and started turning spreading my arms out and spun until a thunderous blue and red light appeared changing me into Wonder Boy! I flew upwards and came floating down onto the main street, landing in front of Lobo!) Did you really need to destroy everything! What do you want with me Lobo?

Lobo: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you're the Wonder Brat! You ain't nothing but a kid! Have you even finished potty training yet?

Dmitri: (He charges at me and I flip up in the air grabbing him by his shirt and flip him with me sending him flying into the wall. As I move closer to him he jumps out at me, sending us both into the ground, he starts punching and punching me, I flip him over my head and get up and run over to him, grab him by the neck and slam him into the ground.) How do you like me now! (He kicks up with his feet hitting me in the chin sending me flying back, I regain my balance and stop myself. He grabs a car and throws it at me, I look behind me and Steve is there, so I cant move to let car hit Steve, Zeus give me strength, I brace myself and catch the car, it takes moves me backwards some, before I'm finally able to throw it back at him. He swings the chain that's wrapped around his right arm in the air, it has a large gutting hook at the end, it wraps around my neck and he pulls me into him and punches me in the face sending me flying backwards and into the wall of a building, leav ing an imprint of my body in the building as he pulls me back, he spins me around and around in the air, and then crashes me into a car, my body hits ripping off the top of the car, I land on the ground next to Steve!)

Steve: Wonder Boy! Leave him alone Lobo! (I take out my stun gun and start shooting at Lobo, he waves it off like its nothing!) Come on Wonder Boy, you can take him down!

Lobo: Get up kid, we got places to go, and I got a bounty to collect!

Steve: Your not taking him anywhere!

Lobo: Who's going to stop me, the main man always gets his bounty!

WB: (Steve distracted him long enough for me to remove the chain from around my neck, he was still holding on so I flew up with him, spun him in the air faster, and faster, using the speed of Hermes I look like a blur as I turned and turned and then flung him with all my might, into the sky! I floated back down next to Steve. Suddenly his motorcycle roared and flew up into the air in the same direction as he went flying!) Do we know any weakness, I mean I know he's immortal, and can regenerate, but there has to be something to stop him!

Steve: This is the first time I've ever had to deal with him, I have no idea, there is nothing in his file!

WB: Well, time is up, look he's on his way back! Steve get out of the way, I need to know your safe! (On his bike Lobo comes speeding through the air headed straight for us, I took to the air to get away from anything Lobo could damage! Great Zeus give me the strength! I grabbed my lasso and swung it around and around, waiting to time it just right, hoping to use the power of the Lasso to make him leave! Now more than ever I wish I had listened to my mother on how she beat him before! I threw my lasso, as he threw his chain, as the large gutting hook came flying at me, I caught it in my hand, at the same time he caught my magic lasso, he wraps it around the bars of his bike and pulls back on his motorcycle, I pull his chain and yank him off his bike pulling him towards me, once in front I punch him sending him flying back, he puts his fingers to his lips and whistles, and his bike comes flying around and he lands back on his seat, with my lasso still wrapped around his bik e he pulls me with him as he flies off on his bike! After be dragged through the air for a minuet, I fly faster than the speed of his bike, using my mind, my lasso un-snares from the bike. Lobo turns his bike around and is facing me now, he pulls out a giant gun and starts shooting at me, 8 bullets at a time come shooting out of the gun at a time, I use my Bracelets to deflect the bullets, with the speed of Hermes I move to deflect, as he continues to shoot at me!)

Lobo: That's much sexier when your mother is deflecting the bullets!

WB: Did you tell her that, before or after she beat you up?

Lobo: I think after! Hell, your mother could beat me up any day of the week, now that's one sweet looking Amazon!

WB: Watch what you say about my mother, or I'll make you wish you had never been born!

Lobo: Did I hurt the little baby's feelings?

WB: No but you have tried my last nerve! Who placed the bounty on my head?

Lobo: The Preserver!

WB: What does he want with me, I've never even heard of him?

Lobo: He collects things, mainly one of a kind originals, and you are a one of a kind male Amazon! Which I have to say is pretty gay if you ask me!

WB: No one asked you! What will it take to get rid of you?

Lobo: Kid, I'm a bounty hunter, the only thing that will get me to stop, is turning you in and getting paid!

WB: Then we have a problem, cause I wont come willingly and there is no way your taking me!

Lobo: Well maybe just the once, I'd be willing to turn the other way!

WB: What's the catch?

Lobo: Here catch, it's a peace offering!

WB: (He threw a "Frag-Grenade" at me, exploding just as it reached in front of me, I tried to deflect as many of the pieces that came flying at me, but there was just to many that pieces of the grenade hit me, the pieces must have been dipped in some kind of toxin because my vision became blurred and I started getting dizzy and lightheaded!)

Lobo: That's is just let the poison work into your system, don't fight it!

WB: (I started getting weaker and weaker, with the lasts bits of strength I had left, I flew downwards trying to get back down, where I could change back into Dmitri, if I passed out he wouldn't know its me! As I started approaching the ground, I was unable to fight any longer, and I went crashing into the ground!)

Steve: (I watched as Wonder Boy came flying like a missile into the ground! I ran over to him) Wonder Boy! (He was knocked out but still breathing, I picked him up as I could hear the sound of Lobo's bike getting closer! Where is Dmitri, I could use his help right about now! Actually I haven't seen him since Lobo threw us! I hope he's ok! I made my way into an alley, and tried to hide us!) Wake up! You have to wake up, I don't know how to stop him from taking you! (I lightly smacked Wonder Boy trying to wake him up, but nothing seemed to work! As I looked closer I was fragments embedded in his body! I started pulling them out, I brought one to my nose and smelled it, it smelled of some sort of chemical. He must have drugged Wonder Boy! Next thing I knew the dumpster I hid us behind was lifted and thrown! Then I was grabbed and thrown!)

Lobo: No one can hide from my nose, I can smell a bounty that's hiding in another galaxy! (Picking up Wonder Boy and Whistling, his bike comes zooming in, he lays Wonder Boy on the back on the bike, then hops on revs up his bike!) Time to go kid, I have one more person I need to get, don't feel too bad you put up a good fight, but I'm the Main Man, and I always get my man!


Lobo: (Walks into the police station, goes up to the front desk!) Hey, I'm looking for Superman, do you know where I can find him?

Cop: We don't keep tabs on Superman he just show's up when there is trouble!

Lobo: Now trouble I can do! (He pulls out his gun and starts firing his weapons off inside the police station. Shouting) Do what you got to do, I want Superman here now, tell him the Main Man is calling him out!

Superman: (I was at the Daily Planet, when we got a report that some manic was shooting up the MPD, I went into an empty office space and with my super speed took off my clothes leaving me in just my Superman suit, jumped out the window and flew over to the police station.) You've got my attention, what do you want?

Lobo: (Sitting in a chair firing his weapons.) The names Lobo, and I'm an intergalactic bounty hunter!

Superman: So, what do you want with me?

Lobo: You're the bounty!

Cop: (Talking to another cop) Is that guy crazy, doesn't he know who Superman is!

Superman: So I take it we're going to have to do this the hard way!

Lobo: That's the only way I like it!

Superman: (My only concern is getting him out of his police station and away from hurting any people! He comes running at me, with super speed, I move out of the way, then come back behind him, grab him in a head lock and fly out of the hole he must have made in the side of the building! Before I know it, he bangs the back of his head against my face, which causes me to loosen my grip on him, and he slips out of the hold I have on him. He grabs me and throws me into a building, I wasn't expecting him to be strong enough to pick me up, but now I know I don't have to hold back! I fly out of the building and head straight for him, hitting him in the stomach and flying him backwards I crash him into the side of the police station. He kicks his knee up hitting me in the stomach and then brings his fists down upon my back, I slam into the ground with a thud! He sits on my back, and puts his hands around my neck and pulls back. I fly up with him on my back flip around and come ba ck down smacking him straight into the concrete! I pick him up and lift him over my head and slam him back into the ground again!) Had enough?

Lobo: That's just foreplay, we're just getting started!

Superman: You cant win!

Lobo: I still have a few tricks up my sleeves!

Superman: (He kicks his legs around knocking me down, he gets up and grabs a car and smashes it completely into me, I come out from underneath it, I look around for him, and see that he's picking up a moving bus filled with people!) Lobo don't do it, the people!

Lobo: Should have thought of that before you put up a fight! Now lets see if you can catch?

Superman: (He throws the bus into the air, I jump up and punch both my fits into the bus to get a grip on it, I can hear the screams of everyone on the bus, I slow the rate at which the bus was moving, I get to my feet, and start to gently put the bus down, when I look to my right and see a fist coming straight at my face, I prepare for the hit to my face, knowing whatever I do I cant let go of the bus. Bam, Bam, Bam, punch after punch, till I finally set them bus down. As he goes to punch the next punch I catch his fist in my hand, and squeeze, till I can hear the sound of cracking!)

People on the bus: (Shouting) Kick his ass Superman! Get him Superman! Send that freak back to wherever he's from! Ya, pee-you he smells bad!

Superman: (As the last comment was made that he smells bad, the look on his face changed, his smug look that he had earlier disappeared and was replaced with a look of rage, before he could react I grabbed onto him and flew upwards, he started punching as I was flying him into the sky, I just didn't want to take a chance that he would kill the people in the bus.) If you keep hitting me and I let go, you'll fall!

Lobo: Who says?

Superman: The law of gravity! (He went for a sucker punch and hit my balls, I dropped him as soon as hit fist hit! I quickly put my hands over my aching nuts, trying to rub them. I looked to see that his motorcycle flew up to catch him and he started taking off towards the sky! Shouting) So does this mean your leaving?

Lobo: (Shouting) No I need a time out!

Superman: (So I fly up and follow him into space, he starts shooting at me, so I do the only thing I can I block the hits, and fly faster and get up to him on his bike) I guess the only way to stop you is to take away your toys! (I start ripping apart his bike!)

Lobo: Get your hands off my Hog!

Superman: (As we start fighting, I'm suddenly hit by a yellow beam that completely weakens me!)

Lobo: Lights out!

Superman: (He punches me and everything goes black!)

The Preserver's ship-

WB: (I wake up to find myself on what looks like the royal palace, but I know its not. Glass enclosed all around me, so I punch the glass to break it, but it hurts my fist and does nothing to the glass! What in Hades is this stuff made from! I move through every part of my prison trying to find a way out but nothing works, there must be some sort of force field, not that I've tried to break every kind a glass, but I've also never heard of indestructible glass! Then he appears, this humpty dumpty looking guy, he's like a big egg, with little arms and hands, floating in the air!) Who are you, what do you want with me?

Preserver: I am one that does what he must to save things from extinction, and you are the only living male Amazon!

WB: So what, your going to keep me here forever, looked in this cage?

Preserver: I think you should find this most comfortable, it will remind you of your home Amazon! I pride myself on details!

WB: (I look around and see that there are others looked in these large glass rooms! This crazy guy is a total collector, there are animals, things I've never seen before in my life.) I'm not an animal to be locked in a cage!

Preserver: For ages I have preserved many rare creatures, normally I don't take centered creatures but you and the Krpytonian will make perfect additions!

WB: (He floats away!) Superman! Are you there, can you hear me!

Superman: Who is that?

WB: Its me, Wonder Boy!

Superman: I think I found a way to break out, but my powers are down he has a red sun type light and that takes away my powers! Hang on kid! (I use a piece of a mirror to reflect a red light into an animal with a horn on his head, I catch his eye with the light, he gets angry and starts running towards me, he gets to the window and bam, with his horn he breaks a big hole through the glass, and then he turns and walks away! I jump out of the window, grab one of the pieces of glass and try and break it in my hands, when it does, I know some of my power is back! I go over to Wonder Boy, break open his window after a few punches!) How do you get here?

WB: Some freak named Lobo, I was fighting him, he threw some sort of grenade and it must have had something inside it, knocked me out!

Superman: Come on, lets find a way out of here!

WB: You don't know how glad I am to see you, for a moment there, I thought I was going to be trapped in here forever!

Superman: You and me both! I've been meaning to come see you, but I haven't had the chance, how are you adjusting to your new life?

WB: A side from all of my mother's enemies, trying to get to her through me, Steve constantly in trouble, Ares trying to do whatever it is he's trying to do to me! Just fine!

Superman: You know if you ever need me, I'll be there for you in the blink of an eye! WB: Thanks, that means a lot! (As we are walking we see Lobo trapped inside a cage now too!) Well, well, if it isn't the Main Man!

Lobo: That double crossing, low life, son of a bitch! He trapped me in here, he's pumping me full of chemicals! You guys got to get me out of here!

Superman: Now you belong here in a cage, where you cant do any damage! Come on Wonder Boy!

Lobo: (Shouting) I swear to you, one day, somehow, someway, I will get out of here and when I do, I'm going to kick that big red S of yours all over the place but not till after I nuke the earth and that's a promise!

Superman: (I stop, I put my hand out and stop Wonder Boy. I walk back to Lobo!) I'll let you out on one condition you have to promise to leave earth alone, you never do anything to me or anyone on earth again?

Lobo: The Main Man's word is his bond man, I promise!

WB: (These androids start coming after us, Lobo takes and rips off their heads!)

Lobo: Hey blue thanks!

Superman: (Lobo socks me in the face) What was that for?

Lobo: Didn't want you to think I'm going soft or anything!

WB: (More robots start coming and shooting beams at us! I fly around and come from behind them and punch one sending him into the others causing them to explode!)

Lobo: Thanks I owe you!

Superman: We aren't up to full power, we need to get out of here as quickly as we can! Wonder Boy, he must not of done anything to your powers, so its up to you to do the heavy lifting!

WB: No pressure there!

Lobo: We need to get to the south hanger, that's where I left my bike, there are other spaceships there as well! But I'm not leaving till I make this preserve pay, by kicking every inch of his body!

WB: We need to get out of here, not go after him!

Lobo: You pansies can run, me on the other hand, I owe that guy pain!

Superman: Maybe he's right, we cant just leave all these creatures trapped here!

WB: Then lets take him down! (We start making our way through a wilderness type area, when suddenly we're being shot at from every direction, I use my Bracelets to deflect) Look, they must be the Preserves men! Run, I'll hold them off!

Superman: Be careful! Come on Lobo!

WB: (I fly at them with the speed of Hermes and hit one, I get hit from behind by one of them, it sends me flying into the ground, I flip myself over getting to my feet, I turn around and face them, they shoot again, I deflect again, run at them jump up kicking both of them in the face sending them flying back! I go after the third one, he holds the gun facing me with a shaky hand!) Haven't you learned yet, that they don't work on me? (I grab the gun out of his hand an smash it in my hands and shake it onto the floor! I pick up the guy and throw him at the others knocking them all back onto the ground! I fly up into the air and go to find Superman!)

Superman: (Lobo and I fell into some kind of trap, it was a large hole filled with dirt, suddenly the there was a rattling and then a giant snake like creature came out of the ground, it wrapped itself around Lobo and started to squeeze, I grabbed on to its tail and squeezed it really tight, causing it to screech and let go of Lobo!)

Lobo: Thanks I owe ya!

Superman: (The snake waves his tail hitting me, sending me flying into the wall, it then comes down and tries to eat me, using all the energy I have, I hold its mouth open with my hands and feet! Lobo is laying on the ground watching like it's a show!) Lobo, I though you said you owe me!

Lobo: Oh, you mean now!

Superman: (I watch as he grabs it by the tail and completely rips the skin off it, the scream it let out was ear piercing. I grabbed Lobo and flew us out of the hole! When we got out of the hole we ran right into Wonder Boy!) You ok?

WB: Yup, you? (Some sort of dog looking thing comes running our way!)

Superman: Super!

Lobo: Watch out for that thing, if it sprays you, you`ll become so horny, you`d wind up doing that damn thing!

Superman: (Using my X-Ray vision to see where we are, I spot a Dodo bird, just what I need!) Lobo, you go to the docking deck, will meet you there!

WB: (He has the face of someone who has a plan, so I follow without saying a word. Flying behind him, I notice that his that his package really sticks out at this angle, damn the man must be hung like a horse, and in that moment I suddenly wish I had x-ray vision!) Where are we going?

Superman: In there, there is a yellow sun based light, it should restore my powers!

WB: You saw the light with your X-Ray vision?

Superman: Nope, a bird from earth, that needs a yellow sun!

WB: You really do have the coolest powers!

Superman: I cant complain! (We break the window and I step into the light, and absorb the power of the yellow sun! I feel the strength coursing through my veins and feel powerful!) Come on kid lets get out of this place!

WB: After you sir! (He flies at super speed, with me right behind him, we make it into the south bunker to find Lobo standing in front of the Preserver, all of the sudden the Preservers egg like body cracks and he transforms into a giant like creature with razor like claws, slaps Lobo around like a rag doll! Shouting) Lobo cant you do anything without getting into trouble!

Lobo: (Shouting) It just ain't my style, Wonder Brat!

WB: (Superman flies over and punches the Preserver again and again!)

Superman: Wonder Boy, coming your way!

WB: (He punches him hard sending him flying my way, I fly with the speed of Hermes at him and we meet with a force of impact that sends him flying through a giant spaceship! He gets up and comes flying at Superman, Superman grabs his hands and holds him back!)

Lobo: Hang on Supes!

WB: (Lobo spins his chain around and hits it into the control which opens the doors leading into space, everything starts getting sucked out, including the Preserver, Superman digs his hands into the floor, I do the same thing, holding my breath as well, I don't know if this is a good idea, or stupidest! The Preserver was at the door holding on for dear life, Lobo throws a piece of machinery and it hit's the Preserver sending him flying out into space! Lobo then throws his chain at a red button on the wall closing the doors!)


The Fortress of Solitude-

WB: (After everything was done and over with, Superman had us bring all of the creatures that the Preserver had on his ship here) This place is amazing, thank you so much for bringing me here and trusting me to see this place and knowing its location!

Superman: Dmitri, after everything we've been through together, I completely trust you!

WB: That means a lot, I meant what I said, I will never forget the fact that you always have had my mothers back, protecting her, befriending her, she speaks so highly of you and Batman!

Superman: Dmitri, please, call me Kal! The three of us have been together for a long time, we are really close, I trust them with my life!

WB: (Looking behind him I see the dog like creature jumping towards us, before I can even say anything we both get sprayed by it!) Kal, I feel, so, um weird!

Kal: Me to, I'm getting so hot, I, I, need to, to, take off, all, my clothes!

WB: Me, me too, I, have to have my clothes off now! (We both start ripping our clothes off, and were standing there naked, rubbing our hands all over our bodies, we both look straight into each others eyes, and then like a speeding bullet, he flies at me picks me up and flies me into another room, the room has a giant bed that's completely encircled in crystal, the lighting so dimly shinning off of the crystal walls)

Kal: I want you Dmitri, I want you so bad, I cant stop touching you, I love the way your soft body feels against mine, from the first time I saw you, I knew I had to have me a taste of that hot Amazon ass of yours!

Dmitri: (We start kissing passionately, our hands roaming over each others bodies, we're all over the bed one second I'm on my back with him on top, and the next I'm turning him over and I'm on top of him, the more I kiss him the more I want. His huge muscles are bulging all over, I've never seen anything to hot in my life, I start kissing his entire body, letting my hands play with his pecks, pinching his nipples hard, he's moaning with pleasure, I make my way down till I'm at the biggest cock I've ever seen, it has to be at least 11 inches, I grab it in my hands and start smacking it on my tongue!)

Kal: Oh, fuck yea, baby, that's it, smack my dick on your tongue, you like that big Super cock don't you, mmm, lick the pre-cum off the head, once you have a taste of my sweet nectar, your going to keep begging me for more and more!

Dmitri: (I start sucking on just the head of his cock, while I play with his balls, his cock, leaking his juice into my mouth, the taste is driving me insane, the more I taste the more I want more, the more I want more the more I moan, he grabs me by the hair on the sides of my head and forces me down his cock, I start to swallow his cock, inch after inch, till I cant go any further, he starts moving my head up and down his cock, fucking my mouth!)

Kal: Oh yea, that's it, work my cock with those big Amazonian lips! Your mouth feels so hot on my cock, mmm, your making me feel so good, fuck yea, take more, choke on my monster cock, show me how bad you want it!

Dmitri: (He pushes my head down further and starts ramming his cock in and out our my mouth, I gag, but he continues, I don't care, he taste so good, he lifts my head off his cock and moves me down to his balls, I start to give them a tongue bath, licking them sucking on them, trying to fit them into my mouth, I lift his legs up and he gets the idea, grabs his ass cheeks and spreads them, and I dive in eating him out, making love to his hole, I tongue it, and start to fuck him with my tongue, he starts thrashing all around, moaning louder and louder!)

Kal: Oh yea, eat my ass, that's it burry your tongue deep inside me, boldly go where no man has gone before! Fuck me with your tongue Dmitri, fuck, yea, your driving me wild, oh that feels amazing, I never knew that could feel so fucking unbelievable, don't stop, don't stop!

Dmitri: (I continue eating him out, then I start, licking from his asshole going all the way up to his balls, then up to his shaft, then his head, and back down I continue this for sometime until he turns himself around so that we are in a 69 position, he grabs my cock and swallow it all the way to the base, I must have let out the loudest moan, it was the most amazing sensation I have ever felt, whatever this euphoric feeling was, I never wanted it to end! He squeezed my balls as he sucked up and down on my cock, when he would take it down to the base. He then started fingering my ass which made me moan more, and suddenly I was a whore for his cock, the harder he rammed my ass with his finger, the more of his cock I took down my throat)

Kal: That's it, I have to be inside you, I want that sweet bubble butt! You ready for my cock, do you want it, show me how much you want it, beg for it! I want to hear you!

Dmitri: Please Kal, please take my ass, shove your huge long thick cock in and out of my tight hole, I need you, I need you to fuck me, I need to have that cock in me, my ass needs you, will you save me, will you do what needs to be done and fuck me!

Kal: Fuck yea I'm going to fuck you! Get ready for the ride of your life!

Dmitri: (He spits on his hand and wipes my ass with it, then spits on his hand again and rubs it into his cock, he grabs my legs and holds them straight up, he aims his cock at my hole and sticks the head in, I moan, he slides more and more of it in, I moan louder and louder, moving my head back and forth) Your so fucking big, oh, yea, I want you all the way in, I need you, please Kal, fuck me, fuck my ass!

Kal: Fuck yea baby, your sweet ass feels so good around my cock, nice and tight, like a good little Amazon boy's ass should be, you need me to fuck that ass, you need me to open you wide, to breed that ass!

Dmitri: (He's all the was to the base of his cock, his head rolling back, as he starts to move in and out, slowly at first then picking up the pace, the more I moan, the harder he starts to fuck me, till he's like a piston going in and out of me, I can feel every inch of him throbbing inside me, after a little while of this, he turns me over and has me on my hands and knees he comes in from behind grabs my hips and starts pounding my ass hard, the bed is shaking the walls cracking with the sound of thunder as he pounds in and out of me, harder and harder, faster and faster, I keep moaning and moaning, after a little while of this, he lays down and I get on top, I ease myself onto his cock, I'm looking into his eyes, as I start riding his cock, bouncing up and down on it, all the way to the head and back down to the base, my balls slamming down on his pelvis, he grabs my cock and starts to stroke it, as I ride his cock!) I'm so close, I'm going to shoot any second!

Kal: Me too, squeeze that ass around my cock, tighter baby, tighter, milk my bone, I'm going to blast you with my load, oh yea, that's it, I'm almost there, fuck yea, ride my cock, fuck, fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!

Dmitri: Me too! (As he fills me with his sperm, my load, shoots out like a bullet, hitting him in the face, in the mouth, on his chin and then on his chest and then dribbles out. I fall onto his chest as I'm completely spent, he wraps his arms around me and we start kissing again, till we fall asleep!)

Dmitri's apt-

Steve: (I've checked everywhere, no sign of Dmitri, no sign of Wonder Boy, I don't understand what happened, how could I have lost both of them in one day! Why is this happening, where could they be! I've searched Dmitri's apartment looking for a phone book, to call anyone and everyone but I didn't find one! I don't know what to do! Please let them be all right! Then there is a knock on the door, I run over and answer it!) Dmitri! (I open the door) Caleb?

Caleb: Steve, is Dmitri here, I've been calling him all day, but no answer, I got worried!

Steve: He's gone, I don't know where he is, Lobo, took Wonder Boy, I don't know if he's ok! I don't know what to do?

Caleb: Its going to be ok! I'll contact the JLA, and see what we can do to find him, I mean them!

Steve: Thank you, thank you!

Caleb: (I walk out onto the balcony. If Lobo has Wonder Boy, who knows where they could be! Lobo is a crazed lunatic, they could be anywhere in the galaxy! I push in my ear piece!) Watchtower this is Witcher, I need you to patch me through to Diana, but before you do, I need you to run a scan I need to know where Lobo is, he's taken Diana's son!

Watchtower: That will take sometime, I will get back to you with that information, I'm patching you through to Diana!

Diana: This is Diana, go ahead watchtower!

Caleb: Diana its me, Caleb, Dmitri has been taken by Lobo!

Diana: What, how can that be, Lobo was seen earlier today fighting Superman!

Caleb: I'm at Dmitri's apartment right now, Steve is here, he's looking for both Dmitri and Wonder Boy, he said Wonder Boy was taken earlier by Lobo!

Diana: I'll get back to you, I'm going to try reaching Superman!

The Fortress of Solitude-

Diana: Kal, this is Diana, come in please, Kal, this is important, please come in!

Kal: (Waking up to the sound of someone calling me, I wake up with a massive headache, I feel a head on my chest, I open my eyes and look to find Dmitri laying on my chest and my arm around him! Oh shit, it wasn't a dream, that was real!) Dmitri, wake up, Dmitri!

Dmitri: Ow, my head! (I open my eyes, and see that I'm laying on Superman's chest, I get up quickly, oh no, it wasn't a dream!) Oh, I, um, oh! I'm so, I!

Kal: Shh! (Pushing the button on my ear piece) Diana, this is Kal!

Diana: Thank Hera! Kal, I just got a call that Dmitri was taken by Lobo!

Kal: He was, we both were, but were ok, he's on his way home now!

Diana: Thank the Gods, if he was with you, then I know he was in good hands!

Kal: Diana, I have to go, I'm sorry, I'll talk to you later! We need to talk!

Dmitri: No we don't! It never happened, I was never even here, it was all a dream!

Kal: No it wasn't it really did happen, and I really did...enjoy it!

Dmitri: Kal, I mean Superman, no, it was the dog thingy, you heard what Lobo said, if you get sprayed by that thing, you'd get so horny you would do the dog thingy!

Kal: Then why do I still feel the way I do now! Don't tell me you don't, I know you do, you cant deny that was great!

Dmitri: No, I cant, but that's not the point here, your Superman, and I, I, I'm my mother's son!

Kal: What the hell does that mean?

Dmitri: I don't know what it means, but I couldn't think of anything else to say! What in Hades is happening to me, every time I turn around something crazy is happening! All those years of wanting to leave the Island, now I just wish I was a kid again, back on the Island, no worries, none of this emotional baggage to always carry around! Its to much, I cant handle it, I don't know who to love, or who loves me, one second your saying I love you, the next you cant remember a thing!

Kal: What are you talking about, I remember everything, and you have the most amazing ass, I want to be inside you again! Your skin, its smells so good, after all that we've been through and no shower, yet your skin smells like roses...

Dmitri: (I grab my clothes and put them on!) I'm sorry I have to go!

Kal: No don't leave, not yet!

Dmitri: (He moves at super speed and is standing in front of me, with his hands on my shoulders) I have to go, I need to think, and I cant do it here!

Kal: (I lean in and kiss him.) Dmitri, I don't know what it is, but after being with you, I cant help myself, I want you, (I move my hand through his hair and then down his face and down his chest) I love having you next to me, be it fighting bad guys, or laying in my bed, I love touching you. You've awoken something inside me, that I buried so long ago!

Dmitri: (I start to cry, I cant help myself, more sweet words from another man, who once again was under mind control of sorts, maybe the stuff the dog sprayed works different on Kal, and he's still feeling the effects, either way it doesn't matter I want Steve.) Let me go, please!

Kal: Don't cry, I wont hurt you I swear! Go, but please, just think about it, and call me, when you've made up your mind! The offer is always open! I want you Dmitri! (I lean in and kiss him again! Then watch as he flies away! I hope in my bed and stroke my cock again thinking of the hot time we had no so many hours ago!)

Dmitri's apt-

Dmitri: (I cried most of the way home, wondering am I doomed to never make love to anyone without there being an outside force that caused it! It made me wonder, how has my mother done it all these years, here with men and always being alone. Is she lonely, does she tie herself up in saving the world to keep her mind off of well sex! I just want to be with someone that wants me for me, to love me, an equal that I can love, someone to share my life with, someone that truly loves me! Is that to much to ask! As I flew towards my balcony I saw the lights on from my apartment, and I know I had them off. So I flew down to the alley below and changed out of my Wonder Boy suit. I went to my door and stood in front of it for a moment, I took a deep breath and walked in. Inside was Steve, Caleb, my mother dressed as Diana Prince and my aunt Donna. Steve ran to me first and hugged me.)

Steve: Where have you been, I was worried sick, I thought you were dead!

Dmitri: After Lobo threw us against the wall, I was knocked unconscious, he must have came back and taken me, cause when I woke up I was trapped with Wonder Boy!

Diana: It doesn't matter, your safe that's all that's important now! (Hugging him)

Caleb: <You've been crying I can tell. Something happened didn't it?>

Dmitri: <Yes, I'll talk to you after everyone leaves!>

Steve: So Wonder Boy is ok too?

Dmitri: Yes, Superman and he took care of Lobo and the Preserver!

Steve: Well, I feel much better now, look you have family here, so I'm going to go, I'll call you later!

Dmitri: I'll walk you out! (I walked with him into the hall!) Steve!

Steve: Yes!

Dmitri: Thanks!

Steve: For what?

Dmitri: For being here, when I got back!

Steve: I was worried about you, of course I was going to be here, waiting for you!

Dmitri: Its good to know!

Steve: I'll call you before I go to bed, to check on you!

Dmitri: I'd like that!

Steve: You sure your ok?

Dmitri: Ask me again in a year!

Steve: Count on it!

Dmitri: (I walked back inside, I just wanted to tell everyone to go home.) I'm alright, you guys don't have to fret every time something happens to me!

Donna: Its our job, that's what family is for!

Diana: So how was being with Superman?

Dmitri: (Guilty party of one!) Huh?

Diana: How was fighting side by side with the man of steel?

Dmitri: Oh, yea, he sure knows what he's doing! (That's an understatement!)

Diana: You look warn out! Maybe we should go and let you get some sleep!

Dmitri: I'm sorry, its just really been a long day!

Donna: Lets do dinner tomorrow, ok?

Dmitri: Sounds great!

Donna: (Hugging him and kissing his forehead) Love you!

Dmitri: Love you!

Diana: You sure you ok, do you want me to stay?

Dmitri: Mom, I swear I'm fine! Go do, whatever it is that you do!

Diana: Alright, but I'm always a call away! (Hugs and kisses him) Love you!

Dmitri: Love you too! (Her and Donna flew off the balcony, I waved when they where out of sight I turned to Caleb put my head on his shoulder and started to cry again! It would be a long night as I told him all that had happened!)

End Chapter-