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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 8- Hearts and Secrets


In Sao Paulo, Brazil-

Dmitri: (There is an ambulance racing down the street. I ride behind it with the motorcycle I eyed on a street. Two men are behind me on bikes as well, I cant lose the ambulance, Lucius Fox is in there, the Black Mask and Tony Zucco have him, and I don't know what they plan to do with him. All I know is earlier today, we got a tip that a bomb was stolen by Tony Zucco the Gotham mobster, and Bruce Wayne said that Batman was fighting it out with Bane and couldn't chase after him as well! I looked in my mirror and the two goons where closing in on me, I looked over and saw a viaduct that the ambulance was about to go under, so I knew it was my chance to try and shake the two behind me, so I moved to the right with my BMW R1200 GS motorcycle, raised the front end, riding on just the back wheel, I had to time this just right, hopping onto a piece of the viaduct, that only had enough room for the wheels of my bike, hoping that the two behind me would follow, as I reached the vi aduct, I let the front wheel drop onto the sliver of concrete, and rode up the viaduct, riding as fast as I could, I got to the top flew into the air, and landed on the other side of the bridge landing on the next part of the viaduct that went down the other side, the two that were behind me, only one tried to do what I had done, as he flew over the top, a semi was crossing the top of the bridge and he smashed right into it! Ouch that had to hurt! I got back down on the road behind the ambulance, and the other guy was still on my tail, as he started moving and coming up on the left of me, I squeezed on the breaks, stuck out my arm, slamming it against his neck, knocking him off of his bike. I kept following the ambulance. The ambulance pulls up to a building, enters a gate. I comes up behind. The ambulance enters the building. I stop and take off my helmet, watching. I spot a way to get into the building. Inside, the ambulance driver takes off his tuxedo coat. Talks to Black Mask. They're getting Lucius Fox out of the ambulance. To the side, is a marked off area with hospital gear set out.)

AMBULANCE DRIVER: Was there any problems?

Black Mask: No problem. He's ready to go. (Dmitri runs and climbs up a stairwell outside. Inside, a few doctors gather around Lucius Fox.)

DOCTOR: Scalpel. (Lucius Fox lays, unconscious. Dmitri breaks a cage outside and climbs inside. At the operation, a doctor makes an incision on Lucius's chest. Someone else wipes the blood away. Dmitri climbing above where the operation is taking place, moves through an entryway and gasps as his legs dangle below through a giant hole in the walkway. He pulls himself up, grunting. On his hands and knees, he looks down. Coming up to another hole in the ceiling above where the doctors are currently cutting Fox open, he gets a better look with a small telescope that is about the size of a pencil. He sees Black Mask below, observing the operation and Tony Zucco. Dmitri gets a better look. He sees Fox's face. They're making the incision deeper. One of the doctors holds a small metal casing that is formed into a half moon.)

Black Mask: Uh, careful with that. That's the equivalent to three hundred pounds of TNT.

Tony Zucco: Yes. Don't kill him. (Dmitri watches in horror as the doctors put the bomb inside Fox's chest.)

Dmitri: (I watch as they close his chest up and bandage it! I wait for all the doctors to leave, and one by one Black Mask and Tony Zucco leave the room, I slide down through the hole in the ceiling, landing next to Lucius.) Your going to be ok Lucius, I'll get you out of here! (Suddenly I'm grabbed by my hair and lifted up.!)

BODYGUARD: Busted! (He punches Dmitri and he blacks out. The Bodyguard walks down a hall in a boiler room, dragging Dmitri beside him by the strap of his shirt. He speaks in a walkie-talkie.)

BODYGUARD: Anyone else? Keep looking. (He slams Dmitri up against a wall.)

Dmitri: Uhhh! Uhh.

BODYGUARD: I never did find out what you were doing in Corsica. Are you working for the IADC? (Dmitri doesn't respond, so he bangs Dmitri against the opposite wall, then chokes him.)

BODYGUARD: Tell me now, or you're going in the fire. (He opens a heavy door that leads into a fire pit. Flames lick the top of that room.)

Dmitri: Ahhh...

BODYGUARD: Who sent you here? Are you here alone? Who sent you here?

(While getting ready to toss him over into the fire, Dmitri slips The bodyguards pen out of his shirt pocket.)

BODYGUARD: Answer me, you little bitch! (Dmitri stabs him in the neck with the pen, kicks him. He takes the poker for the fire, and hits his gun away. It flies into the fire. He slams the door shut with the poker, and hits the bodyguard three times with the poker. The bodyguard falls to the ground. He runs.)

BODYGUARD: Get to level "C" now... he got away...

Dmitri: (If I could just have a chance to change into Wonder Boy, but there is to many people after me right now! I run down the hall, turn a corner, running. Two armed men come behind me, chasing me. I stop, see two men coming from ahead and behind, I'm trapped. I run down the stairs nearby, while gunshots fly around me. I see more men coming behind me, and see a tunnel on the wall above me. I jump up, grab a bar ahead, and kick the cover of the tunnel in. I slide down the tunnel, and grab a hold of the little ledges inside. Holding on with my fingers, looking down the tunnel in fear, gunshots bounce off the sides of the tunnel, all around me. Finally, one bullet hits the ledge I was holding onto, and breaks off. I slide down the tunnel.)

Hours Later-

(Suddenly, it's daylight. We see Dmitri, wet and sprawled out on a rock at the end of the tunnel. He's unconscious. A young boy pokes him several times, and he comes to. He speaks Spanish to Dmitri, asking if he's dead.)

Dmitri: Oh, my God... what time is it? (Dmitri catches himself, and asks in Spanish. The young boy answers him.)

United Commerce Organization-

Steve: (At the UCO, Steve is inside the lobby. His cell phone rings.)

Dmitri: Steve, it's me. (Dmitri is on a bus with other people. The young boy stands beside him.)

Steve: Thank God. Where've you been? I didn't sleep last night.

Dmitri: That doesn't matter. Listen to me. Have you spotted Lucius Fox?

Steve: (Looks outside) He just showed up. News agencies are reporting he had an arrhythmia. Where did they take him?

Dmitri: What I'm about to say, Steve, you just have to believe me.

Steve: Of course.

Dmitri: The bomb we're looking for... it's inside of him.

Steve: What!?

Dmitri: Inside Lucius! They implanted the bomb into his chest, like it was a pacemaker. A simple outpatient procedure. Tony Zucco just turned an Edgar Peace Prize winner into a human bomb! Which is not good. (At the UCO, Steve watches as Fox goes through the metal detector. It goes off. He opens his shirt a little and shows the guard his bandage.)

Steve: Did you see the device?

Dmitri: Yeah. It's small, which means it's probably on a wireless remote. Look, get Fox and I'll meet you directly behind the auditorium.

Steve: I'll get there as soon as I can. Please be careful! (On the bus, Dmitri hangs up and gives the cell phone back to the boy.)


Steve: (In the lobby, Steve follows Fox and his guards. He watches from outside the conference room as they take Fox into a back room. He sees Fox's name on the poster outside the room, and glances at his watch. Outside, protestors yell and have anti-UCO signs. Horns honk. People yell. Dmitri comes in with the gang of protestors and looks around. Inside, people converge inside the room.)

SPEAKER: Ladies and gentlemen... it is my honor to officially open the 2008 ministerial conference of the United Commerce Organization, First we would like to thank Bruce Wayne for making all of this possible. (Applause.)

Dmitri: (Outside, I walk up to an ambulance. I speak in Spanish, telling the driver I'm not feeling well, and "faints." The driver, alarmed, gets out and goes to see if he can help me. I sneak around the side of the ambulance and jump in the drivers side. I start up the van.)

DRIVER: Hey! (Dmitri takes off.)

Steve: (In the back room of the UCO, I walk in, speaking a foreign language. The guard stops me, but I try pleading. Finally, I turn to leave but punch the guard three times. The guard's out. Fox looks at me, alarmed.) Lucius Fox, you have to come with me, your life is in danger! (I try speaking to him that he has to come with me, but he refuses.)

Fox: No, what are you talking about, who are you, I'm not going anywhere with you!

Steve: (Apologetically) I'm sorry Lucius! (He looks confused, and then I punch him in the face, knocking him out!. Outside the auditorium, Dmitri pulls up in the ambulance. Steve comes out, carrying Fox over his shoulders. Dmitri opens the back doors and lets them in.) (Inside the auditorium...)

SPEAKER: Please welcome our keynote speaker... ladies and gentlemen...Lucius Fox of Wayne Industries! (Inside the ambulance, Fox is on a stretcher.)

Steve: I just punched Lucius Fox in the face!

Dmitri: Any luck with the trigger?

Steve: I worship this man!

Dmitri: (Shouting) Steve, when you were in the building, did you I.D. the trigger?!

Steve: No, no! I didn't see anyone! (Dmitri takes off the bandage, revealing the incision.)

Steve: Oh, God. (Inside the auditorium, applause. Everyone looks to the backroom, expecting Fox to enter. He doesn't.)

SPEAKER: Please, wait one moment. I will be right back. (In the back, Tony Zucco speaks French into his communicator, and looks at the remote. The signal is faint, meaning Fox isn't around.)

(Inside the ambulance, Steve fills a needle while Dmitri puts a gas mask over Fox's face, prepping the anesthesia.)

Steve: Look, I know you've been field-trained, basic medical, but can you really do this? Pull a bomb out of a man's chest?

Dmitri: Yeah. (They hear tires screeching. Steve gets up, looks out the back window and sees a car coming.)

Steve: It's Tony Zucco. (I jump to the front and start up the ambulance.) (In the car...)

Tony: There, in the ambulance! (Steve screeches ahead while Dmitri begins taking the staples out of the incision.)

Dmitri: Don't forget this thing's on a remote. You can't let them get within range!

(Steve screeches around a corner, Tony behind us, In his car, Tony looks at the remote and sees the signal is getting stronger.)

Tony: Get me closer! Get me closer! (Steve rounds another corner sharply, making Dmitri fall against the wall of the ambulance, his latex gloves covered in Fox's blood. He finally sits down again, and puts his hand in the cut.)

Dmitri: I can feel it!

Steve: Oh, God! Hang on! (He screeches around another corner, but slows down when he sees that...) The police have a roadblock!

Dmitri: Get around it Steve, come on I know you can do this!

Steve: Oh, God, I`m going to make a hard right! Ok, hang on, I`m going to go through some large gates!(I crash through a metal gate, Tony is right behind us.)

Tony: (To driver) S'il vous plait! Get me CLOSER! (Inside the ambulance...)

Steve: You've got to hurry!

Dmitri: They put an adhesive on the incision, it must have bled through! It's stuck! Oh, no he`s coming too! (Fox is coming to. He mumbles something, still drugged. Dmitri's eyes get wide. He puts more gas. Tony's car is coming closer.)

Tony: Closer! Bon, bon...(The signal is getting stronger. Dmitri takes the bomb out of Fox's chest.)

Steve: Oh, God...(The bomb begins to beep.)What's that?!

Dmitri: It's on a remote! Just keep driving!(I stand up, bomb in hand. Tony's car is approaching fast.)

Tony: Now! (He's about to hit the button to set off the bomb, when Dmitri opens the back door and throws the bomb at the car. Too late. Tony hits the button... and blows himself, and the car, up. The force of the explosion sends the car flying up and then down on its roof. The ambulance rides safely away.)

Steve: Nicely done!

Dmitri:'re going to be okay.(Steve breathes heavily, in relief.)



Steve: So after all that, Dmitri pulls out the bomb, all calm, like it isn't a bomb that can go off any second, and opens the doors and throws it out as its beeping, Tony Zucco is right on our tail, the bomb goes off and Tony's car explodes and flips over! The only words out of Dmitri's mouth is, "Lucius you're going to be ok!" can you believe this guy!

Bruce Wayne: Very impressive agent Prince!

Col.: Prince and Trevor aren't my top two agents for nothing!

Bruce: Have you ever opened someone's chest like that before?

Dmitri: No, that would be my first time!

Bruce: Really now, were you nervous?

Dmitri: Only about Steve, he kept repeating, "Oh God, Oh God!"

Steve: There was a bomb beeping behind me, what did you want me to say?

Bruce: You didn't answer the question!

Dmitri: Why do you want to know?

Bruce: Its just that your not a superhero, you could have been killed at any moment, and still you risked your life to pull a bomb out of a man, that you didn't know!

Dmitri: Not all superhero's are invincible, take Batman for instance, he has no super powers, yet, look at all that he is capable of doing! The IADC fights for justice, for peace, to keep people safe! I am an agent, I do what I have to do, when people's lives are at stake, be they people I know and love, or people I have never met, or ever will! I knew what I was signing up for when I became an agent! I'm just sorry we didn't catch Black Mask!

Bruce: You sound just like your mother, do you know that?

Dmitri: (Ok, why is this guy focusing on me!) You know my mother?

Bruce: Yes, we go way back!

Dmitri: (Interesting, so does that mean he knows she's Wonder Woman, or just Diana Prince!) Really!

Bruce: She's never mentioned me before?

Dmitri: I'm sure I would remember her mentioning Billionaire Bruce Wayne, of Wayne Industries!

Steve: (What the hell is that guys problem, what's with the 20 questions!)

Col.: (Phone rings) This is Col. Atkinson!...Yes...Great...Thank you! Lucius is fine, the doctors have repaired everything, he should be waking up within the hour!

Dmitri: That's great news!

Bruce: Yes that is, and he has you to thank for that Dmitri! If you ever need anything, this is my card, call anytime! Don't worry about Black Mask, I`ve heard he`s back in Gotham already and that Batman is already after him! (Walking to the door) Oh, and do tell your mother, Bruce says hello! (Looks at Dmitri for a moment.) Good day Gentlemen!

Steve: Ok what was that all about?

Dmitri: I have no idea!

Col.: Billionaires their eccentric, they are a weird lot! Now, you two, get of here before I send you on another mission!

Steve: (Jumping up) No thanks, will see you boss man! Come on Prince, I'll buy you dinner!

The Batplane-

Batman: (Speaking through his ear piece) Diana!

Diana: Bruce! I'm kind of busy right now!

Batman: Doing what?

Diana: Giganta, uhh, is, uhh, trying to, uhh, step on, uhh, my head!

Batman: Well just listen then! Your son just pulled a bomb out of Lucius Fox's chest!

Diana: What! As, Wonder Boy, or agent Prince, uhhh!

Batman: As agent Prince! He literally stopped Tony Zucco Dead in his tracks!

Diana: When you say, uhhh, dead, do you mean dead?

Batman: Well his intentions weren't to kill him, but Tony tried setting off a bomb and killing Dmitri and the others, Dmitri had no choice but to throw the bomb, which in turn killed Tony Zucco! But that's not the point. He Black Mask's plans, your son is knocking out bad guys one by one, he's making a name for himself!

Diana: Did, you really expect anything less, he's and Amazon!

Batman: Yes, but I hope he realizes what that means, bad guys will be coming at him left and right, as agent Prince and Wonder Boy, I just want him to be careful! Now to the point of why I really called! Diana, why haven't you told Dmitri, about us?

Diana: Uhh, oh, uhh!

Batman: Diana, don't play that with me, answer me!

Diana: Look, I've been meaning to, but with everything going on, I just haven't had the chances!

Batman: You know Diana, it took me along time to even acknowledge us as a couple! This has been hard enough on me, you know my trust issues, and especially when it comes to my heart, I've put myself out there for you, and now your not even willing to tell your own son about me!

Diana: Bruce, listen to me, its not like you're my dirty little secret! Demetrius, Dmitri just got here not to long ago, we're trying to build a relationship, you know all that he's gone through, I just don't know how to tell him, I don't know how he'll take it!

Batman: So basically your scared to tell him! He knows me as Batman, he has no idea I'm Bruce, every time I train him, I feel like I'm lying to him, normally I wouldn't care, but this is your son we're talking about! I don't want there to be a trust issue between us when he does find out!

Diana: I promise you, I will tell him!

Batman: Tonight Diana! You'll tell him tonight!

Diana: Bruce!

Batman: No more putting it off, you tell him, or I will! The longer you wait, the worse it will be! Batman out!

Dmitri's apt-

Dmitri: (I walk up to my door, to find it slightly ajar, I slowly enter, everything seems to be in order, suddenly I hear a noise coming from the kitchen! I lift my arms up and to the left and then spread them straight out as I spin and a thunderous blue and red light appears as I become Wonder Boy! I walk into the kitchen, to my surprise I find Cassie!) Cassie, you scared me half to death, what are you doing here?

Cassie: Sorry, I was getting a drink, and knocked a cup into the sink!

Dmitri: You didn't answer my question, what are you doing here, and how did you get in?

Cassie: I came to see you, and well, I turn the door knob just a little to hard!

Dmitri: What's going on, where have you been, no one has been able to find you for weeks now!

Cassie: it's a long story, but the short version, is I was in the future!

Dmitri: Oh!

Cassie: It was crazy, the Teen Titans and I had to fight our future selves, everything was so different, we were so different!

Dmitri: That's what time does, it changes people!

Cassie: I'm glad you just said that! I need to talk to you, about Ares!

Dmitri: I don't think that's a wise topic of conversation, last time Ares came up, you left in a fit of anger and disappeared for weeks!

Cassie: Dmitri, there are things you don't understand, things that Diana, or Donna, or the Queen don't understand! Ares is a new man, he's changed! He has a new mission now that all the other Gods have left this plane, he's trying to reconstruct a new Mount Olympia! Aphrodite and Athena have stayed behind as well!

Dmitri: What does this have to do with me?

Cassie: Look when Zeus and the others left, my powers slowly started to fade away, Ares gave me my powers back plus some. He didn't have to do that, if he was evil he wouldn't have done that! He wants your help, I want your help, will you please just talk to Ares, hear him out, if you don't like what he has to say, then we all go our separate ways!

Dmitri: Cassie, even if I wanted to, I would never go against Zeus and the other Gods! They left this plane for a reason, its not for us to ask why, or try and replace them. They are our Gods, they command us, not the other way around!

Cassie: So you think its perfectly alright, that they just abandoned us, in our time of need, that Zeus, my father, just left, leaving me to lose my powers!

Dmitri: Its not for me to say what's right, or wrong, when it comes to the Gods! Listen I've worshipped them for well over 1000 years, you've just learned about him being your father, a few years ago! Its completely different for you, than it is for me!

Cassie: Well Ares is your God too, and your not willing to hear out your own God?

Dmitri: He's tried to kill my family members off more times than I can remember, and you want me to go to him, that's like walking right into the mouth of a lion and hoping he doesn't bite down!

Cassie: Dmitri, please, there are things that he knows, that he wants to tell you, things, that you've been questioning your whole life!

Dmitri: Like what Cassie?

Cassie: I cant say, I swore to him I wouldn't!

Dmitri: Cassie, if he wants to tell me so bad, he would have allowed you to tell me! For that matter, he's a God, he could just appear at will and tell me himself!

Cassie: He thought it would be easier if I told you! He doesn't want to appear and scare you! He wants you to come willingly!

Dmitri: Sorry, but its just something I cant do!

Cassie: Even if it means learning who your father really is?

Dmitri: What, Cassie you know who my father is, Cassie, my mother doesn't even know who he is, you have to tell me!

Cassie: Ares knows who he is, and he will tell you, all you have to do is go to him of your own accord!

Dmitri: That sounds like a trick, and an evil one at that, playing on my desires!

Cassie: Its not, I swear, he knows who your father is, and he's willing to tell you, all you have to do is go to him! Just think about it! Hey, it would be a great present for your birthday, to find out who it is! Just let me know when your ready, don't take to long though!

Dmitri: (She walks out to the balcony, looks back and me, and then flies away. My cell phone rings, I pick it up to see who's calling, its Superman, I'm so not answering, but what if its serious, grrr, argh!) Hello!

Superman: Wow, you answered, I didn't think you would!

Dmitri: Well, to be honest, I wasn't going to, but then I thought, what if its important! So...

Superman: I just wanted to call and see how your doing, and to say, I'm sorry if I sounded forceful! I'm just really excited about what happened between us, I don't regret it, and well, I just wanted you to know that!...Hello! there?

Dmitri: Yea, sorry, I have a lot on my mind!

Superman: Anything I can help you with?

Dmitri: Actually, maybe you can! If you had the chance, to find out who your father was, would you?

Superman: I actually have an answer for that, yes, I would!

Dmitri: Even if it means going against your mother and grandmothers wishes?

Superman: Whoa, now your entering a whole new arena! If your family doesn't want you to find out there must be a reason!

Dmitri: But is that really fair, just because they don't want me to, I mean, its my father, don't I have a right to know! Doesn't he have a right to know me? What if he doesn't even know about me?

Superman: Those are a lot of tough questions, that I just don't have the answer for! Listen, when my parents, well my earth parents told me how they found me in a field, I was freaked out, I had so many questions, and they didn't have any of the answers! It was a journey that I had to go through, I was lucky, my parents left me clues all over Smallville! That led me to the Fortress, which led me to my birth parents! I wish your situation was that simple but I know its not! Look, all I can tell you, is you need to talk to your mother, tell her how you feel, and why this is something you need to do, for you, in the end I'm sure she'll understand!

Dmitri: I hope your right!

Superman: Good luck Dmitri, let me know how it all turns out, and if you ever need anything else you know how to find me!

Dmitri: Hey Super...Kal, thanks!

On a different plane-

Hermes: Father, if he makes the choice to go see Ares, he will find out that you're his father, and Ares will succeed in his plan!

Zeus: Hmm!

Hermes: Don't you want a chance to have a relationship with him?

Zeus: Of course I do! I don't want Diana to ever have to know what happened to her!

Hermes: Couldn't you change the situation in which he was conceived?

Zeus: Start a relationship with deceit?

Hermes: With all due respect father, would it be the first time?

Zeus: (With a thunderous roll!) Hermes! Don't start, you're beginning to sound like Hera!

Hermes: Would you like to hear my idea?

Zeus: It better be good!

Steve's apt-

WB: (I flew over to Steve's apartment! I landed on his balcony and knocked on the door.)

Steve: (Opening the balcony door) You're the only person that would make an appearance on my balcony!

WB: Hi Steve, look I'm sorry to bother you but if your not busy, I could really use a friend right about now! Would you like to fly the friendly skies with me?

Steve: I would love to!

WB: (He wrapped his arms around me so that we were face to face!) Hang on tight!

Steve: Not a problem!

WB: (I flew up into the sky with him, it felt so good to hold him close to me, tightly!) Steve!

Steve: Yes!

WB: What are we doing?

Steve: Flying thru this amazingly beautiful night sky!

WB: You know what I mean!

Steve: I don't know, but I would like to know!

WB: Steve, what is it that you want?

Steve: I want to clean the world of as many bad guys as I possibly can, starting in our own backyard!

WB: Steve!

Steve: Ok, ok, look, I just want to find someone that I can be with, share my life with, someone that I can trust, someone that I can love, that will love me, the good, the bad, the ugly! There is so many things I can say to answer that question, but the jest of it is, I just want to be in love, with someone that really truly is in love with me! All the way in love, no secrets between us love, you know what I mean?

WB: I do!

Steve: Then why did you make that face when I said, no secrets between us love?

WB: Its just that, you know I have a lot of secrets that I just cant come out and tell you about?

Steve: Believe me I know that, I've thought about that a million times over!

WB: And?

Steve: And, what! I'm an agent for the IADC, I cant tell you about things that confidential! Just like I know there are things you wont be able to tell me!

WB: Ok, what about Dmitri Prince, what does he mean to you?

Steve: What, why are you asking me about him?

WB: I see the way you two look at each other, and I see the way you get worried about him when your on a mission! You have feelings for him, you cant deny it!

Steve: I never did! But he's my partner, we work together, of course I care about him and worry about him, but at the end of the day we work together and that can lead to a lot of problems in the future!

WB: Steve, why are affairs of the heart so complicated?

Steve: Because nothing that's worth having comes without struggles!

WB: I have a big secret Steve, one that if I tell you, might ruin how you feel about me and how you feel about someone else!

Steve: Oh, come on, it cant be that bad!

WB: (I land back on his balcony) Steve...I...

Steve: (I put my finger to his lips) Shhh...Don't say anything! (I lean in and kiss him, and when I do, I have the weirdest sensation that I've kissed him before! He steps back and flies away, I stand there watching him!) Those lips, I know I've kissed them before!

Dmitri's apt-

Dmitri: (I flew back home, feeling worse than I did before I left! Being with him just feels so right, but I cant do both, I cant lie to him and be with him, its not right! How to I wield the power of the Lasso of Truth, and lie to a man I love! It makes no sense, and I'm sick and tired of the lies! I'm sick of having to come up with one all the time to cover my tracts! Just then my mother appears on my balcony! I run to her, hug her and hold on tight as I cry onto her shoulder!)

Diana: Honey, what is it, what's the matter?

Dmitri: I just needed to do that is all! Its been a long couple of days!

Diana: So I've heard!

Dmitri: Not that I'm not happy to see you, but are you here on a social visit or business?

Diana: I have to talk to you about something, its very serious and very important!

Dmitri: What is it mother?

Diana: Please sit down! (I could sense that Bruce was across the street watching, I knew he wasn't spying, but in his own way, there for moral support!) I've been here a long time now, made a lot of friends, as well as enemies! But, it can be very lonely here...

Dmitri: Isn't that the truth!

Diana: What, I thought you have all these new friends, and Caleb and you have been hanging out a lot!

Dmitri: I don't mean lonely in that way, I meant lonely in love!

Diana: That's really what I want to talk to you about!

Dmitri: Is it my father, cause I thought you didn't know who he was?

Diana: No, I don't know who he is!

Dmitri: (I didn't want to cut her off, but I knew I needed to ask) Mother, what if I could find out who he is, how would you feel?

Diana: Why do you want to know who he is, he's been gone your entire life, you have a family that loves you, sisters that would die for you, what could he possibly do for you that you would want to know him?

Dmitri: (Ok maybe this wasn't the best thing to do!) You don't understand, maybe you can never understand, your not a guy, you don't know what its like, I've never had a male figure in my life, until recently I never even met another man!

Diana: What about Batman, he's been training you, and befriending you, he's trying to be there for you in anyway he can!

Dmitri: That's different, he's doing that for you, more than he is for me!

Diana: He's doing it cause he wants to, no one can make him do anything he doesn't want to, trust me I know! He cares about you, he wants to be apart of your life!

Dmitri: (Which reminds me) What about Bruce Wayne! Who is he to you, how do you know him, I met him and we had the strangest conversation!

Diana: We do know each other, very well...look your all over the place, can we start one thing and finish it, rather than jumping all around!

Dmitri: Ok fine, who's Bruce Wayne to you?

Diana: Look, like I was saying at the beginning of this conversation, I've been here a long time, and well relationships develop, especially when you work side by side with people!

Dmitri: (So now you tell me, couldn't have said that before I came here could you!)

Diana: And well, someone I've worked with for a while now, well, its getting serious between us!

Dmitri: How serious, is serious?

Diana: Very serious!

Dmitri: (Now I was getting pissed, she been seeing someone and its serious and she's telling me now!) You mean to tell me you've been seeing someone, and if its as serious as you sound, that means its been going on a long time now, and your just telling me now?

Diana: This isn't easy for me, I've never been in love before, not like this!

Dmitri: Don't you think I have a right to know, don't you think me, your own son, your flesh and blood, don't you think you should have told me about this? Does he know about me, does he know about the bastard son you've kept hidden on an Island for over a 1000 years!

Diana: Demetrious, please, don't talk to me that way! Of course I've told him about you, he's know about you since I was pregnant with you!

Dmitri: That's nice, so you've been with him since I've been born?

Diana: I've known him for a long time, we didn't start dating till...

Dmitri: You cant even say it, you don't want me to know how long you've been with this guy! Oh, wait a minuet, now it all makes sense, that's why he was looking at me that way, that's why he said I reminded him of you, its Bruce Wayne isn't it, isn't it mother?

Diana: Y-yes!

Dmitri: How long mother, how long have you two been together?

Diana: For a little over two years now! Demetrius there were so many times I wanted to tell you, but I just, I just couldn't, I didn't know what to say, I knew if I did, it would lead to questions about your father, and would lead to me having to try and figure out who he was, and then bring up what he did to me, I couldn't deal with it, I'm not this perfect little princess everyone makes me out to be, I make mistakes, I do my best, that's all anyone can do!

Dmitri: (I was livid! Two years) Two years mother, two years, do you know how much time passes on Themyscira in two years?

Diana: (Turning away, putting her hands on her face as she begins to cry!) Of course I know!

Dmitri: How could you, I'm your son, do my feelings mean nothing, does it matter what I think, wait a second, you said when you work with someone feelings develop, Bruce Wayne owns his own company, how could you possibly work...(Then it hits me like a ton of brinks!) Bruce Wayne is the Batman! Isn't he?

Diana: To keep his secret identity Bruce Wayne became the Batman yes!

Dmitri: Oh isn't that just rich! So all this time that he's been "helping" me out you've been...

Diana: I'm sorry, I cant take the time back, but we can start a new future, with nothing between us, no more secrets, no more lies!

Dmitri: Oh that's nice, after you get that off your chest, now you don't want any secrets, but when I was locked away on the Island, well then, then it was ok, but now I'm here, and you have to worry that someone might tell me, or that I might find out, so you come here to tell me...

Diana: Bruce has tried to get me to tell you a thousand times, I just didn't listen to him!

Dmitri: Well isn't that just so very nice of him! (Out of the night sky, the Batman appears on my balcony!) Since when did my place become Grand Central Station!

Batman: Dmitri, please, don't be mad at your mother, its been really hard on her all these years, believe me, I've watcher her as she's beat herself up over you, time and time again!

Dmitri: Really, aww, poor baby, little good it did me! I was still locked away in my cage, while she beat herself up, living her in the land of sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Batman: Dmitri, your better than disrespecting your mother, don't do it, don't go down that road! I lost my parents when I was young, and I've lived everyday of my life, closing myself off from the rest of the world, morning their deaths, not being about to let one person into my heart, never fully trusting, scared that my heart would break, your mother was the first person to tare down all those walls for me...

Dmitri: Well that's nice, while she was tearing down your walls, she was building more and more around me! Its no wonder I'm so messed up in the head! My life is one let down after another, one lie upon lie, and now, I've come here and I'm doing it, I'm learning to lie to people that I care about, making relationships built on lies!

Diana: Demetrious, I haven't done right by you, I know this, I can only say I'm sorry so many times, I'm trying to start fresh with you, give us a fighting chance, to have a mother/son relationship, please, just give me that chance!

Dmitri: (My head was pounding, my heart empty, as the tears ran down my face, I couldn't look at them, I was outside yet I couldn't breath, and I knew in my heart of hearts, this wasn't just about them, this was everything, it was all just to much for me!) I'm so confused, I don't know who anyone really is anymore, and now, I'm starting to lose who I thought I was. My heart has been broken, time and time again, and by all the people I love! You did what you had to do for you mother, now I think its time I do what I need to do for me! (I lifted my arms out to the left and started to spin myself around spreading my arms out, till a thunderous blue and red light explosion appeared and disappeared, changing into Wonder Boy!)

Diana: Demetrious, what are you taking about, what do you mean?

WB: I'm going to go find out who my father really is!

Diana: What, you cant, I don't even know, who could possibly tell you?

WB: Ares!

Diana: Demetrious, you cant trust him, he's tired to kill me time and time again!

WB: Stop me!

Diana: I will not allow you to go!

WB: Watch me! (I knew she could fly after me, so I did the only thing I could do to stop her from going, since he wasn't expecting it, I caught him off guard and threw him over the side of the balcony ripping his belt off as I did! I threw her his belt and flew off, I watched as she jumped over the side and flew to catch him. I disappeared into the night sky!)

End Chapter-