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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 9- Ares The Duke of Deception



Dmitri's apt-

Hippolyta: (Has just arrived with 10 other Amazons) Diana, what do you mean he went to see Ares?

Diana: I don't know, that's what he said! Somehow Ares knows who his father is, and he's gone to find out!

Hippolyta: How could you let him go?

Diana: It was kind of hard to stop him, when he through Batman off the side of the building!

Hippolyta: There is no telling what Ares has in store for Demetrius, we have to stop him before its too late! Diana, Ares plans to somehow creating a rift in the barrier between realities causing Doom's doorway to open on Themyscira!

Diana: Oh no mother, we cant let that happen! The Amazons it will be a massacre!

Hippolyta: They are prepared, all forces are ready for the doorway to open!

Diana: How will we close it, once its been opened?

Hippolyta: The Gods themselves are the only ones that can close it!

Diana: We need to be there to help them!

Hippolyta: We need to find Demetrious! If he is anywhere near the Island, the creatures that come out of Doom's doorway, shall enter his body, taking complete control, and killing his very soul! We must not let that happen!

Donna: (Flying in and landing!) I got your message! Any word on Dmitri! Hello mother!

Hippolyta: Hello daughter, I have to talk to Phillipus, I'll let Diana fill you in!

Buchanan Industries-

WB: Cassie, wait, before we go inside, maybe I'm being irrational! Maybe mother was right, something just doesn't feel right!

WG: Dmitri, you cant think like that, they filled your head with the way Ares was! Ares is different now, plus all your coming to find out is who your father is!

WB: <Caleb, your watching right?>

Caleb: <I'm right behind you, this invisible spell is working perfectly! Don't worry I got your back!>

WB: Alright Cassie lead the way!

Steve's apt-

Steve: (I've called Dmitri all night, but no answer! I'm starting to get really worried! His mother called and asked if he was here! Said something about a fight, and that he took off! But now I want to know, why he didn't come to me, if he was sad or hurt or in trouble, shouldn't I be the first person he comes to? Every time I close my eyes, I keep seeing Dmitri, then I remember the kiss from Wonder Boy, why did it feel so familiar? Then I keep having these flashes of an Island, and for some reason Dmitri was there, I was hurt laying on a bed, and I remember kissing him. But that couldn't have happened, I would know! Damn it what's happening to me! I hear a noise coming from the living room, I grab my gun from my night stand, and slowly walk out, wearing only my boxers! I slowly walk, I flip the light switch on, and see no one there! Hmm, that's weird, I swear I heard something! Then just like that I hear a sinister laugh come from behind me, I whip around no ones there, then again I hear it from behind me, whip around and no ones there!) Who's there, show yourself you coward!

Phobos: Ahaahahahahahah! Steven Leonard Trevor, you will come with me!

Steve: Where are you, who are you?

Phobos: I am the God of Fear! Its time to go!

Steve: (The room began closing in on me, the walls moving closer and closer, I began sweating, I couldn't hardly breath, I was being boxed in, moving down to my knees the ceiling pushing me down! Everything went black!)

Another plane of existence-

Hermes: It has begun father, the barrier between realities is opening on Themyscira, the Queen and her daughters are no where near the Island, they have taken the Trevor boy! Young Demetrius is about to walk right into a trap!

Zeus: Then it is time!

Hermes: Hera shall not be pleased, about what you are about to do!

Zeus: Hera hasn't been pleased with me since the dawn of time! He's my son, I must protect him! Ares must be stopped, this time he has crossed the line! What he is doing to my children, to his own family, all in the name of power! Where did I go wrong? If you answer that question Hermes, your speed with not save you from my wrath!

Hermes: Not a word! Shall I prepare the others?

Zeus: Yes, this will take our combined powers! Now go messenger of the Gods!


Penelope: (Coming out of a vision quest!) By the Gods, it is beginning! Artemis, the rift its begun to open!

Artemis: (Shouting to the armies of Amazon Warriors that stand in battle line formation!) Amazons! Today we have been given the task of guarding our Island against the creatures that shall enter through Doom's doorway! The Doorway we once where sworn to guard by the Gods so many years ago! My sisters not everyone will live through this, but in the name of the Gods, we shall not go down without a fight! (The Amazons Roar! With a fight chant!) Let us send these demons back from whence they came, let the Goddess Demeter guide our hands this day in the battle that lays ahead! We have the creatures, chimeras, winged horses, hydras and several Cyclopes at our disposal, use them wisely, we will defend our Island Paradise with our lives! (As the creatures began to escape through the tear in realities!) It has begun, Amazons Attack!

Buchanan Industries-

Dmitri: (We walked into Ares office, a chair behind a desk turned so that the back of the chair was facing us as we walked in, Ares must have been sitting there staring out the windows ahead of him, the whole city could be seen. As we got in front of his desk, he turned in his chair to face us.! My eyes opened wide, seeing a God for the first time in all my life!) Lord Ares!

Ares: Welcome Demetrius! Cassandra, sister (Reaching his hands across the desk to hold hers!) It is good to see you! Would you prefer I call you Dmitri?

Dmitri: My Lord, which ever pleases you!

Ares: (This is almost to easy, he's a push over, nothing like his mother!) I have to say, I didn't expect you to be so humble!

Dmitri: Forgive me my Lord, its just that you are the first of the Gods I have ever met!

Ares: Ah, I understand!

Dmitri: My Lord, Cassie told me that you know who my father is, please, I have to know! <Witcher, can you sense anything off of him?>

Witcher: <Dmitri, his thoughts are jumbled, might have something to do with him being a God, but I'm sensing something evil from him, lets be prepared for anything!>

Ares: (I'm sensing someone else in the room, fools, do they really think they can fool a God!) Ambrosia! Do you know what that is?

Dmitri: it's a fruit of the Gods, that when eaten my a mortal, will make them immortal!

Ares: But you already are immortal, so what would it do for you?

Dmitri: I don't know, but if I had to guess, it would make me a God as well?

Ares: The Amazons have taught you well! A new age is upon us, the other Gods have left this realm, its time to build a new Olympus! With me at the head, I want the two of you to join me, to stand by my side...

Dmitri: (Interrupting) With all due respect Lord Ares, Zeus and the other Gods have not abandon their roles as Gods, they have only left this realm! What will they have to say about this?

Cassie: Dmitri, the other Gods did abandon us, if it wasn't for Ares, Athena and Aphrodite, we would have no Gods watching over us! Think of all the people we could help by becoming Gods, all the good we could do! Ares is trying to help us, help the world, together as a family!

Dmitri: If mortals were meant to become Gods everyone would be doing it, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, I mean come on, isn't that a little cocky!

Cassie: I'm already a Demy-God, and so are you!

Ares: Cassandra!

Dmitri: What! What are you talking about, is that why you wanted to see my, is it you who's my real father?

Ares: How would you feel about if I was?

Dmitri: Feel about it, who cares how I would feel, I want to know, are you or aren't you my father?

Ares: (I walk around the desk and stand between them, I put my hand on Cassandra's shoulder, and one on the side of her head, making her forget what I need her to forget!) Dmitri, this is hard for me, you have to understand that!

Dmitri's apt-

Diana: We've been everywhere, I have all of the JLA looking for him, we've been to all the places that Ares Buchanan owns, there's nothing no sign of struggle, no sign of Demetrius!

Hippolyta: Then we keep searching, we don't stop, I'm not ready to give up!

Donna: Mother, I think we've done all we can, its time for us to join our sisters in battle!

Phillipus: My Queen, forgive me, but maybe its best we get back to the Island, if Ares has him, maybe that's where he'll take him!

Hippolyta: Phillipus, I swear by the Gods, if that is where I find him...

Phillipus: (Throwing herself at the Queens feet!) Please forgive me, I'm sorry, I believed we were doing what was best for the Prince!

Diana: Mother, its not her fault! She made the same choice I would have made, what any of us would have done! If your going to be angry with anyone, be angry with me!

Donna: Why not be angry with Ares! This is his doing, but we can discuss this later, right now, I think its best if me go!

Batman: (Swooping onto the balcony and walking inside!) Diana!

Diana: (Surprised) What! What are you doing here?

Batman: We got a distress call from Witcher! Mr. Terrific was working the com-links! Witcher tried sending a message, all that got through was Dmitri saying Ares is my father!

Diana: What?

Donna: Are you sure?

Batman: The transmission was full of static, and then completely lost! Mr. Terrific was trying to pin point a location on them, but they are no where to be found! I had the Martian Man-hunter telepathically search, and he came up with nothing! Its as if they've vanished!

Hippolyta: Then he has him right where he wants him! We must return home, now!

Batman: I'm going with you!

Diana: You know you cant!

Batman: Diana, I'm concerned for him to and there is a member of the JLA with them, that makes it my responsibility!

Diana: Mine as well, I will get Witcher out of there, and save my son!

Batman: Queen Hippolyta, there is a war going on, on your Island, you're going to need all the help you can get! (Superman flies in)

Superman: Sorry, super hearing! I'm going too!

Hippolyta: May the Gods forgive us! Diana, let them come, I will not lose my grandchild!

Buchanan Industries-

Dmitri: Why, what is so hard?

Ares: I'm afraid, afraid that if I tell you, you'll hate me!

Dmitri: Lord Ares, I've worshiped the Gods for over a 1000 years, how could I possibly hate you?

Ares: So, if I told you I was your father, you wouldn't hate me?

Dmitri: Of course not, I would have a lot of questions, but I would never hate you!

Ares: But I've tried to kill your mother, time and time again!

Dmitri: And I threw a man over the side of a building in a fit of anger, we all do things we aren't proud of! The man is alive though!

Ares: Have you always been this way?

Dmitri: What way is that?

Ares: So, so understanding, so optimistic, so forgiving!

Dmitri: That's hardly the case!

Ares: (I put my hands on his shoulders, and then grab his face!) Demetrius, you're my son!

Dmitri: <Witcher, can you tell if he's lying at all?>

Witcher: <Dmitri, I'm sorry, he has me blocked, but a surge in evil spiked when he said that, the same way it did, when he put his hands on Cassie! If I had to guess, I would say, that anytime he does something evil, I feel that surge!>

Dmitri: <If he's done something to Cassie, then this probably isn't the first time! We have to find out what he's doing, what he has planned!>

Witcher: <But what if he makes you eat the Ambrosia, you can do it, Dmitri, that's the point when we have to get out!>

Ares: Are you going to say anything?

Dmitri: Oh, I'm, uh, speechless! I don't know what to say!

Ares: Say you'll join me, say you'll stand by my side in the new order?

Witcher: <Dmitri, something is wrong, something is really wrong!>

Dmitri: Can I have sometime to process all of this, its just, its a lot to take in!

Ares: Dmitri, there is no time, the time is now, I need you, I need you with me!

Dmitri: What do you mean the time is now?

Ares: I mean, my plan has already begun, everything is happening as it was meant too!

Dmitri: (I slowly move my hand down to my lasso and then whip it around him and Cassie!)

Ares: Ahahahahahah!

Dmitri: What is happening, what has begun, answer me?

Ares: Right now the Amazons are fighting for their lives, where Doom's doorway once stood, there is a rift, the creatures are now on Themyscira!

Dmitri: You do this, you did all of this, how could, your one of the Gods, the Amazons are your most devote worshipers!

Ares: And a thorn in my side!

Dmitri: But why?

Ares: Because, like you said, the Amazons are worshipers of the Gods, the strongest worshipers, and I cant have that! With the Amazons destroyed, there will be no one to give power to the old Gods through worship! My New Olympus will be free from the worry of Zeus or any of the others trying to ever try and overthrow me!

Dmitri: Your not a God you're a monster!

Ares: Some may call me a monster, some may call me the devil himself, but whatever they call me, no matter what they say, I am a God, the most powerful God there ever was!

Dmitri: Interesting, if your so powerful, why does this golden lasso compel you to tell the truth, how is it, that I can make you a God as you say, answer anything I say! You disgust me, everything you are and everything you stand for disgusts me! What have you been doing to Cassandra?

Ares: I've been playing with her mind, getting inside, making her trust me, controlling her!

Dmitri: Why?

Ares: Power you fool, power!

Dmitri: I don't understand, how does doing this to Cassie, gain you power?

Ares: You fools, I'm surrounded by idiots, do you know why I've kept you here talking, wasting time, for a reason!

Dmitri: What reason would that be?

Ares: You walked into Buchanan Industries, but that's not where we are anymore!

Dmitri: We're on Paradise Island!

Ares: Took you long enough!

Dmitri: Still doesn't tell me how you gain power from Cassie?

Ares: I needed to make you two Gods in order to take your power away and add it to mine!

Dmitri: That's only if we eat the Ambrosia, and you may control her, but there is no way you can control me!

Ares: I don't have to, I've already injected the two of you with the Ambrosia, as we speak the powers with in you rise!

Dmitri: When you touched her, and then you touched me! You sick...

Ares: Now, now, don't say anything you might regret later!

Dmitri: My family will never let you get away with this!

Ares: And who's going to stop me, your mother (Looking around the room) cause she's not here right now! Or maybe, Steve Trevor will stop me?

Dmitri: Steve! Where is he, if you harmed a hair on his head, by the Gods themselves, I will kill you!

Ares: You'll kill me, ahahahah, how might you kill a God?

Dmitri: Where is he, where is Steve?

Ares: (Waves his hand and Phobos and Steve appear. Steve is tied up against the wall, hands and legs spread in only his underwear!) Right there! Now if you will, take this lasso off me, or my son kills him!

Dmitri: A switch then, let Steve go, and I'll do whatever you want!

Ares: Whatever I want?

Dmitri: Yes!

Ares: Is that the proposition you'd rather be giving to him?

Dmitri: You've been watching me?

Ares: I see everything! Naughty boy! No more games, take this off!

Dmitri: Do we have a deal?

Ares: No we don't, you're not in position to make a deal, kill him!

Dmitri: No wait, ok! <Witcher, get by Steve we make our move now, get him out of here!>

Witcher: <I wont leave you here!>

Dmitri: <Please, don't argue, just do what I say!> (I take the lasso off of him!) Cassie, see the truth, see through Ares lies!

Ares: You can try all you want, it wont work!

Paradise Island-

Diana: (My sister Amazons have been battling the creatures of Doom's Doorway! So many fallen Amazon lives wasted, because of Ares! My son is out is missing, I don't know what's happening to him, my heart hurts with a pain only a mother can feel! Batman and Superman are helping to rid the Island of these monsters! Zeus, I know in my heart of hearts that you can hear me, and I know you are the father of my child, I beg of you, I will forgive you of your crime against me, just keep our son safe, give me the chance to be a better mother to him! The clouds above begin to thunder, the lightning strikes with a fierceness that could only be by the hand of Zeus himself! One by one the monsters are being destroyed, each thunder bolt that rains down from the skies, takes away another monster! Then one by one the Gods appear all around us, striking the monsters with their powers causing them to disappear!)

Hippolyta: Diana! Donna! We must go to the palace at once!

Diana: (We make our way to the Palace! Where we are met by Zeus himself!) Lord Zeus! Have the Gods returned for good?

Zeus: We have! But if we do not move quickly it will be in vein, right now Ares has Cassandra and Demetrius, he has injected them with Ambrosia, turning them into Gods, in hopes to steel their powers and take them into himself!

Hippolyta: What will happen to the children if he succeeds?

Zeus: Ares will be unstoppable! The children shall die!

Diana: Lord Zeus, can you take us to them?

Zeus: Ares has been plotting this for a long time now! It will take the combined efforts of all the Gods to unmask him in this hour! There is only one way to defeat him!

Hippolyta: Whatever it is we will do it!

Zeus: It is not for you to do! This is something that can only be done by the Gods alone! We must combine ourselves into one being in order to fight Ares, and take away from him the power he has amassed already!

Diana: That will not be difficult for you my Lord!

Zeus: We cant do it ourselves, we need to combine ourselves with Demetrius and he must fight Ares!

Hippolyta: But that will drive him insane, the powers of the Gods inside him, he was not meant to wield such power!

Zeus: it's the only way!

Diana: Mother please! Lord Zeus would not allow anything to happen to Demetrius, would you?

Zeus: No, no I wouldn't! But this is beyond my hands! There is only one way to save Demetrius, after we combine ourselves, and if we defeat Ares, he must freely separate himself from us! If he does not, the power will consume him until there is nothing left of him, and only we the Gods are left standing!

Hippolyta: Then there has to be another way!

Zeus: I wish there was, but it's the only way, he's the only one that can do this! Cassandra is to far gone under Ares control! Ares has them contained within a force field that can not be broken! The only way for us to confront him, the only ones who can get inside are us the Gods are self!

Diana: (My mother begins to cry, putting her head on Donna's shoulder, I want to cry to, but I know this isn't the time!) Mother, Ares will kill him if we do nothing! This way at least he has a fighting chance!

Zeus: He has been raised well, he is a humble young man, filled with humility! I believe in him to willingly give up the power! He could have lived as a king to the Amazons, yet he chose to remain a Princess to his people, he could have gone to Man's world and tried to rule with an iron fist, you he chooses to fight in the service of mankind, for peace and justice! Have faith Queen Hippolyta, in the boy born of this Island Paradise! It is time!

Hera: (Appearing in a whirlwind) Zeus, we are ready!

Hermes: (Running and arriving with speed!) Hello Diana! The monsters have been defeated Father!

Zeus: Then let us begin! We must join the others now!

Diana: How will we know once you've defeated Ares?

Zeus: When you can enter the palace the hold Ares has over it will be gone!

Inside the Palace-

Ares: (Walking over to where Witcher is standing invisible! He reaches his hand out and grabs him making him visible!) Nice try! (Waving his hand Witcher becomes tied up next to Steve!)

Dmitri: You know he was here all along, didn't you?

Ares: Of course I did! But the glimmer of hope that rested in your eyes, was worth allowing you to think you had the upper hand! Phobos, move your sister Cassie onto the table!

Steve: (Waking up! Looking around he see's what's going on around him! He struggles to get free!) Wonder Boy, what's going on here?

Ares: Wonder Boy, ha, ha, ha! Oh yes, the lovely secret identity!

Dmitri: Steve, its going to be ok! You just have to trust me!

Ares: Trust you, (Walking over to Steve, running a hand down his face and then grabbing him by the chin and jolting his head so that he is facing Ares face to face!) How is it that you trust a man that wears a mask?

Steve: If he's wearing a mask, he must have a good reason! I don't judge him for what he wears, I do it by his actions, and what he stands for! He is an honorable man!

Ares: What if the man behind the mask is someone you know and trust?

Steve: Then I know that if he didn't tell me, it was in order to keep me safe! Because no one that I trust would where a mask just to deceive me!

Ares: How touching! And what of you Steve Trevor, how is it that you love two different people at the same time?

Steve: You don't know anything about me!

Ares: I know everything about you Trevor! I've used your family as pawns in my games since before you were ever a thought in your fathers head! In fact, it is due to my hands that your grandmother is dead! I bet you didn't know this, but you're father has died before, if it were not for the mercy of the Gods, he would still be dead! So don't you dare try to tell me that I don't know you!

Steve: You sick Bastard! (I spit in his face I'm so angry! He slaps me hard till I spit out blood onto the floor)

Dmitri: Enough Ares! Leave him alone!

Ares: He's not what I'm here for anyway! Now, time to get to business! Come lay down next to Cassie!

Steve: Don't do it!

Witcher: Wonder Boy, Steve is right, you cant, our lives aren't important, think of all that he will do, if he gets all that power!

Ares: What will you do, will you let the one you love die? (Waving his hand, cuts appear on Steve's body!)

Steve: Ugh!

Dmitri: Ok, don't hurt him, I'll do it!

Witcher: You cant, what do you think he'll do with us after he kills you, he's going to kill us anyway!

Dmitri: I, I, cant, just, I cant watch you guys get killed! (I walk over to the table and lay down on it!)

Ares: Aha ha ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha!

To be continued-

End chapter-