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I still hadn't remembered anything. We had been here for about a week now and I had been on the phone with my family and Riley hoping they would tell me something and it would all just click. But so far... no luck. Riley had called me a lot and we just caught up I guess you could call it. He told me everything about how our lives used to be and I just tried to remember anything about it. My parents had sent more of the photos that I hadn't taken from home and I was just browsing through them. Most of them we were always at some big function or other, us kids were looking miserable, and my parents were usually tipsy. There was a knock on the door, so I put the few photos I had taken out away and got up to answer the door. I was a little surprised that it was Jamie. We had hung out around lunch and we had a few classes together but I didn't expect him at my door.

Jamie: “Hey what's up?”

Just looking at some pictures. Come on in.”

Jamie: “Where is Jude?”

After the fight I just think he's walking around. He was pretty mad earlier.”

Jamie: “I bet. So what kind of pictures were you looking at?”

Pictures of me when I was younger. Just a bunch of stuff I'm trying to remember.”

Jamie: “You don't remember anything at all?”

Just the stuff my family and Riley told me.”

Jamie: “Riley? Who's he?”

I guess he's my best friend. I don't even remember him. I have tons of pictures of us together though and we were really close.”

Jamie: “Have you talked to him since you've been here?”

Everyday. Maybe talking to him will jog something and my memory will come back. Just want to remember something.”

Jamie: “What are you going to do about it?”

I don't know. I might ask the Professor to see if he can find something.”

Jamie: “The Professor... I don't know if I would want him poking around in my head. Not right now anyway. Just give it some time, things will work out.”

I hope so.”

Jamie: “Why don't you come hang out? I'm going to go and see if Casey wants to go out and Jubilee and Story are getting ready right now.”

What about Jude, Kevin, and Serenity?”

Jamie: “I couldn't find Jude or Serenity.”


Jamie: “Haven't seen him. Don't want to. If he wants to hang out, he can do it by his self.”

You really don't like him? What happened between you two?”

Jamie: “It's too much to get into.”

We don't have anything but time right now.”

Jamie: “Me and Kevin have never been friends. Never! It's just when we got here I needed as many friends as possible and we already knew each other. But he showed his true colors. If liking guys is a problem for him, then screw him. I don't need him as a friend.”

Maybe you should give him a chance. From what I've seen he's a really great person.”

Jamie: “Give it time.”

Maybe I could help them out. Both Kevin and Jamie were really great guys. There was already a lot of tension in the school around us and we needed to be friends. All of us.

Jamie: “Just get ready. Be downstairs in a half.”

I grabbed a quick shower and then changed into a striped tan, white, and red polo shirt, a pair of Dickies shorts, and a pair of tan and brown K-Swiss sneakers. I hoped everyone else was coming, even little Morgan. I went down stairs and it was just Story and Jubilee there. Story was watching some television program and holding Morgan in her lap and Jubilee was just browsing through a magazine.

Where is everyone else?”

Jubilee: “Jamie's rounding them all up.”

Who all is coming?”

Jubilee: “Everyone I think. Jamie doesn't really like Kevin but I made him ask. They need to get over that crap between them.”

I tried to tell him that.”

Jubilee: “How are things with you? Remember anything?”

Nothing so far... I can't remember anything before my coma.”

Jubilee: “Don't worry. When it's time, you'll know everything.”

We changed the topic and we were just shooting the shit. It was only a little while before everyone else was coming downstairs. We all looked pretty good just to be going to hang out. Jubilee was wearing a pair of capris, a Baby Phat tank-top, and a pair of pink and white Nike Air Force 1's. Story had on just a regular pair of jeans, a camo Von Dutch hoodie, and a pair of black Chuck Taylors. Serenity had on a Baby Phat tube top, a pair of Baby Phat hip-huggers, and a pair of Baby Phat stilettos. Casey just had on a Dolce & Gabanna Tank Dress with a corset top and a pair of D&C high heels. Kevin had on Ecko hoodie, a pair of Phat Farm shorts, and a pair of Nike's like Jubilee's except they were tan and brown. Jamie was wearing a State Property t-shirt, State Property khaki shorts, and a pair of white Air Force and last was Xander who was wearing a white State Property polo, a pair of jeans and a pair of white Air Forces.

We all looked pretty decent and when we were walking down the hallway to go to the garage we all got a lot of stares. Anyway Jamie, Casey, and Kevin's cars had all arrived and they were really nice. Jamie had a black 2006 Navigator with leather interior and a banging sound system. Casey had a re-built blood red '67 Chevy Camaro with red leather and a system that was equally as impressive. Kevin had a really nice 2006 Cadillac Escalade and the system he had almost topped both Casey and Jamie's. I had my own car but it was at home and I wasn't in the mood to ask the Professor anything. The girls all rode with Casey in her car and all the boys rode in Jamie's car. It really was a pleasant trip and we basically talked about nothing. None of us were from New York so we had to ask for directions to the mall and after a little while we finally made it there. The girls were getting a lot of stares and I caught a few guys and girls staring my way. It was very flattering but I just wanted to hang out with my friends and take my mind off of everything else that was fucked in my life.

We walked around and I held Morgan while we just browsed around the different stores and looked at everything they had to offer. I stopped at a few video game stores and got the new Xbox360 and my favorite game of all time Dead or Alive 4. The girls had kind of split off for a second and when they came back they were loaded with shopping bags of clothes and shoes. Kevin, Jamie, and Jude had also went to some stores and bought a few new things and had gotten me some stuff too. While they were gone a few people approached me and commented on Morgan and how pretty she was. I tried to deflect the comments and tell them that she wasn't mine but it got to be too many people so I just gave up and smiled whenever they said something. I was looking around for anymore interesting games when I noticed this guy looking at me. Well it was more like staring. He was a really good looking guy, blond hair and blue eyes. He was probably around my age, but he just seemed to be kind of weird, and he just gave off a scary vibe. He started to walk toward me but just then my friends walked into the store and he backed away. Serenity had noticed and she pulled me off to the side.

Serenity: “Who was that guy?”

I don't know. He was just staring at me.”

Serenity: “Probably because you're so hot.”

He's not really my type.”


Serenity: “Wait... wait... wait. You're gay?”

No. I don't think so. I mean I'm attracted to some guys, but I don't remember doing anything with them. My friend Riley said that we had done some stuff, but it was before my accident. But girls are equally as hot to me.”

Serenity: “So you're like Jamie?”

I guess so. Please don't tell anyone. It's not something I want everyone to know.”

Serenity: “They would be cool with it. I mean Jamie got outted and everyone is still just as cool with him.”

Yeah, except everyone else at school. I just don't want this to get around.”

Serenity: “Your secrets safe with me. Come on, we're about to get out of here.”

We started to walk out of the store and when I looked back I noticed that the guy who was staring at me was gone. We all walked to the car and dropped our bags off and then walked back into the mall and went into the food court. We all ordered something to eat and then sat down to just shoot the shit. We were almost ready to go when there were loud screams coming from just outside the food court. I grabbed up little Morgan and with the rest of my friends and the majority of the people eating we walked to where the screams came from. When we rounded the corner there were people running in all directions trying to get away from whatever was there. We walked down further and that's when we noticed the monster that was swatting people down the hall like they were flies. It was a brown creature on four muscular legs; its tail was all bone and was only covered in a very thin layer of skin. Its body was massive and all muscle, and its head was small and looked like he had the head of something like a piranha and sharp knife like teeth. He went to hit another woman and that's when I noticed the claws coming out of the bottom of his gross looking feet. He had almost hit her when she was magically pulled back and the monster missed her by an inch.

Story: “We have to do something. We can't let that monster hurt these people.

Jamie: “Come on. We can stop this thing.

Story: “Mask your faces. Shift or something. Just don't let these people see your faces.

Jude: “Got It!

We all masked our faces and then Jude shot a plasma bomb at the monster. It barely left a scratch and the monster turned towards and started coming towards us. He was moving at a crazy speed and he crashed through people trying to get to us. Jubilee stepped up and she fired a blinding firework at the monster, but it didn't even phase it. He hit her head on and she was thrown into a store to the right of us. I still had Morgan in my arms and I was trying to stay clear of that thing to keep her safe. Casey tried next and she created a sonic beam, that on something normal would have ripped it to shreds, but it only left a small cut on the monster. He did a swift turn and hit her in the stomach with his tail. She flew up 30ft in the air and then crashed back down in one of the kiosks that were in the middle of the walkway. Jamie stepped in front of the monster and created a sword out of nothing. He ran up to the monster and started to slash at it but it did nothing but anger him. He swung his left paw at Jamie and he was sent crashing through the wall and into some store. The monster made eye contact with me and he started to advance on me. He started swinging wildly at me but I was agile enough to evade most of the attacks. I didn't want to move too much because I was holding Morgan and I didn't want to hurt her. I did a spinning flip and landed with my back to the monster. He swung at me and I felt the skin on my back being torn open. I fell to my knees in pain and when I looked back the monster was about to bring his hand back down on me. I teleported away from him and came back about 100ft. away by the food court. Serenity teleported next to me and I handed Morgan off to her. I ran back and faced the monster again.

Everyone who hadn't gone up against this thing was trying to direct the civilians in a safe direction away from everything. I wanted to check on Jamie, Casey, and Jubilee but stopping this thing was what was most important. I felt the only way I would be able to do beat him was to become equally as strong. I loved reading about mythology and mythical creatures and stuff like that and one creature stood out to me at the moment. I started to transform and to be honest, it hurt like hell. I almost gave up on the transformation, but the need to help was a lot stronger and I finished. When I was done, I stood at 7'6”, muscular build, hooves and a tail. I had horns coming out of my forehead and coarse hair down my lower legs. I was also wielding a mallet that would demolish anything it touched. I charged at the monster and when I was about 10ft. away from him he sprinted about 5ft. and then jumped into the air. I swung as hard as I could and when it connected with his body he was thrown into a wall and fell to the ground. It was a minute or so before he got up and when he did I was there and slammed him with the mallet again sending him crumpling to the ground. I was about to deliver the final blow when the monster started to de-morph right in front of me. I slowly lowered the mallet and when I looked again I noticed that it was the boy from the game store. With the threat now gone, my friends came back to my side. Jamie was holding Jubilee, who was still knocked out, but he and Casey seemed fine except a few little scratches and bruises. A crowd started to form around us and I started to get nervous all over again.

What are we going to do?”

Kevin: “We need to get out of here!”

The crowd had started to advance and we were still trying to figure out what to do.

Story: “What about him? We can't just leave him here.

Jamie: “Well we can't take him back to the mansion either.”

Casey: “Why not? The Professor takes in stray mutants all the time.”

We need to do something now! They're closing in.”

Kevin: “We can't take him. He just tried to kill all those people.”

Jude: “What if he had no control? A lot of mutants don't.”

A bottle came out of nowhere, almost hitting Casey in the face and that's when we moved. Still in my morphed form I grabbed him up and teleported out of the mall and to the cars. The one thing I had noticed about my powers was that I could use more than one power simultaneously, so even though I was in this morphed from I could still use my other powers like teleportation. I de-morphed, stuffed the guy in the car, and we were gone. Jamie was behind the wheel and we had just pulled out of the parking lot when I got a call on my cell phone.


Serenity: “We need to figure out what we're going to do.”

We put each other on speaker phone and that way we could all talk.

Jamie: “Serenity is Jubilee okay?”

Serenity: “She's a little groggy but she's up.”

Jubilee: “I'm okay; I'm just hurting all over.”

Jude: “What are we going to do about this guy?”


We had to. They would have killed him.”

Jubilee: “Like he tried to do us?”

Serenity: “Story said to check if he has some kind of I.D.”

He was kind of laying on me so I reached into his pocket and felt around until I found his wallet. I pulled it out and looked to see if he had a license or something.

It says his name is Carson Myers. 17 years old. He's from New York City.”

Jubilee: “What's the Professor going to say?”

He takes in mutants all the time. Why would this guy be any different?”

Casey: “Not every mutant tries to kill a mall full of people.”

Jude: “Maybe he doesn't have control over his powers. That's possible. Right?”

I knew what Jude was thinking. We all knew what he was thinking. If this guy purposely tried to kill all those people, and he was in our car, when he woke up he might try to kill us too.

Pull over.”

The two cars pulled over and the girls came over to our car. We all looked at him for a second and then backed away.

Jubilee: “What are we going to do?”

Call Ms. Grey. She might be able to give us some advice.”

Jamie: “No. We need to get him back to the mansion before he wakes up and spazzes on us.”

Story: “Look we need some kind of plan. We can't just take him there and drop him off like nothing happened. If they find out that he hurt anyone, they're going to want to turn him over.

Serenity: “They didn't turn me over.”

You're different. You don't have normal powers.”

Story: “The Professor and everyone at the school are about mutants being just as responsible as humans, and I understand that. But he's a kid. He's our age.

Jubilee: “He tried to kill us.”

Look let's just go back to the house and we'll figure it out there.”

We got back in the car and had almost made it back to the house when Carson started to stir.

Carson: “What's... what's going on?”

I instantly formed an energy blade on my arm and aimed it right at his chest. If he was bad then it would be quick and easy putting him out. Jude was on the other side of the car and he looked ready to attack if there was any need to.

Jude: “Do you remember anything that just happened?”

Carson: “What are you talking about? I was at the mall looking at games and stuff. What the hell you guys kidnapped me?”

We didn't kidnap you! You tried to kill us!”

Carson: “You were in the game store. What the hell are you doing? Where are you taking me?”

I could see his eyes turning and I didn't want to hurt him so I figured I'd try and calm him down.

Listen, you're a mutant and you spazzed out at the mall. You hurt a lot of people and we stopped you.”

Carson: “A mutant? Dude you're fucking crazy.”

Kevin: “Dude! Yes you are.”

The car swerved a little because Kevin looked back when he was talking and we all nearly flew out of the car.

Jamie: “Watch the fucking road idiot.”

Kevin: “Chill the hell out. I got this.”

He started to sit up and Jude and I made room for him on the middle seat.

Carson: “Seriously... What's going on? Why did you guys kidnap me?”

Jamie: “We saved your life. Those people would have killed you if we hadn't taken you with us.”

Carson: “Look I don't know what the hell you're talking about!”

Kevin stopped the car, screeching to the side of the road and we got back out the car. The girls stopped behind us and we all joined up with each other. I thought that Jubilee was going to punch him or something, but she just stood there.

Carson: “Will somebody please tell me what's going on? I was at the mall, some kids starting messing with me, and now I'm here.”

Jubilee: “You don't remember anything that happened in the past hour?”

Carson: “No! I only remember those guys messing with me.”

Story: “Maybe it's like a split personality or something. I mean if he's not aware of the power and he blacked out, maybe he doesn't have powers.

Carson: “What the hell?”

I guess he'd never had anyone speaking in his mind before.

Story: “Sorry!

Carson: “Then stop.”

Jude: “Lay off. It's the only way she can talk.”

The Professor would be able to check that. If he had like multiple personalities. Each one could have like a different power.”

Serenity: “No.”

Casey: “What do you mean?”

Serenity: “He doesn't have another personality. I'm no Professor but he's just one person.”

Jamie: “Then he would know about his power then.”

Kevin: “His powers maybe haven't fully emerged yet. I mean it could be just like a defense mechanism, and it spurs up when he needs help.”

Carson: “What did I do?”

Jubilee: “You hurt a lot of people. Me included!”

Carson: “I don't know what's going on? I'm not a mutant.”

Kevin: “Yeah you are. We all saw you. Shit, everyone saw you.”

Come on. Let's go.”


We made it back to the mansion and we were just walking through the garage door when Logan, Jean, Ororo, Scott, and Betsy came out of the door.

Ororo: “What's going on?”

Jamie/Casey/Serenity/Jude: “Nothing.”

Scott: “That's a dead give away.”

Jubilee: “We're just coming back from the mall.”

Jean: “The mall? They just had an accident up there. A mutant attack or something.”

Must have been after we left.”

Logan: “That might make sense if you hadn't brought your friend back. We went to the mall and there was no mutant to speak of.”

Serenity: “What does that have to do with us?”

Logan: “I have advanced sense kid. His scent smells the same as the mutant at the mall.”

Xander: “He doesn't even remember what happened.”

Jean: “We'll have to speak with the Professor.”

Carson: “Look I really don't know what's going on here, but I think I'm just going to leave.”

Logan: “You aren't going anywhere kid. We're going to sit down and have a long talk.”

He went to grab Carson and that's when things took a turn for the worst.

Carson: “Please let go of me?!”

Logan: “Kid just calm down!”

Carson: “Let Me GO!!!”

Carson's skin started to rip from his body and he began to transform into another monster. Logan was hit with a very long tail that had a diamond-shaped, razor sharp blade at the end. Logan was thrown into a nice looking Mustang Convertible and slid to the ground. He had finished transforming and he was now a black and white-striped predator type monster. He had a very agile body and sharp talons on the end of his hands and feet. He had very strong muscle definition and his head was protected by a layered skeleton-like shell.

Not again!”

I was hoping that this form didn't have the same physical resistance as the other one, because that wasn't fun at all. We all stepped up, except Casey who had Morgan, but almost instantly we retreated because of the way he was whipping his tail around. Jean tried to do a mental assault that would put a normal person to sleep but it didn't work on him at all.

Jean: “That skeleton must protect him from mental attacks.”

Scott went up next. He tried to blast him with his force beams, but Carson moved around the room so fast in his form that all Scott did was leave holes in the walls. He was still racing around the room when Betsy disappeared into a shadow. Ororo, in this confined space didn't try anything and stood back unless she was really needed. Logan had gotten back up and he jumped from the floor and tackled Carson. He started to slash at him, but Carson's tail hit Logan in his ribs sending him crashing through the garage door. I looked over and Jubilee was concentrating really hard on something. It was then that I realized that the wall that Carson would soon be on was vibrating. As soon as raced across the wall, it exploded violently and he was tossed away from the wall and caught using telekinesis by Jean. She slowly walked over to try and talk some sense into him when he whipped his tail at her, slicing her leg open. He fell from the ground and was about to get up when Serenity formed fire-coils to try and keep him from moving. He just jumped high enough in the air to land out side of the fire. Casey and Jamie had already run over to try and help Jean who looked furious by now.

Carson: “Just leave me alone.

Just calm down. We're trying to help you.”

Carson: “I don't need your help. Just leave me alone!

Jean can you do a power scan or something?”

Jean: “No! We have to stop him before he gets out of here.”

Jubilee: “He keeps going on the walls. It's harder for us to target him there because there is nothing in his way.”

I was suddenly pushed back, as with the rest of the team except for Jean. We all looked as Jean lifted one of the school cars and prepared to launch it at Carson.

Casey: “Jean. Stop!”

Just as she was about to launch it at him, it was blasted out of the air by a huge lighting bolt and Ororo stepped into the fight. She was about to attack with another lightning bolt, when Carson jumped back onto the wall and started to run around the room again. We thought we would have to try and catch him again, but just as he was hitting a very shadowy spot, Betsy's upper body came out of the shadows. As Carson jumped in the air she used her psi-blade and stabbed into his chest as he soared over her. He crashed to the ground, unconscious and instantly his skin started to regenerate back over his body and Carson was before us again. We looked at the damage done to the garage and Ororo started to lay into us.

Ororo: “How dare you bring this menace into our home? He could have gotten into the school and hurt the other students.”

Story: “He needs help!

Jude: “I thought this school was all about helping mutants.”

Jean: “We are... But we still need to think of the well being of the other students.”

Jubilee: “So what happens now?”

Logan: “We go talk to the Professor.”

Why does everything have to go through the Professor? It's not always about him.”

Scott: “The Professor runs this institute. It's because of him that all of us have a place to be. Don't disrespect him.”

Casey: “Like he disrespected us? We know that he's keeping something from us. So sorry if we aren't so quick to jump in his pocket.”

The room got really tense with the fact that they knew, we knew, that they were keeping something from us. He was our age and yet again they wanted to throw him to the wolves.

We'll walk down with him.”

Scott grabbed up Jean and carried her down to the Med Bay and we followed. Jean contacted the Professor through a psychic broadcast and he met us in the basement. When he saw that it was us walking in with the teachers his whole expression changed. Mr. McCoy had already set up a table for Carson and he immediately started taking care of him and Jean. She had a very deep gash on her leg, but she insisted that she was fine. It was a little over two hours before Mr. McCoy was finished and the only time any of us left was to go to the bathroom or get something to drink. When he finally came back that was the Professor's cue and he laid into us.

Professor: “You're the one's who brought him from the mall?”

Jude: “Yeah. We didn't want to leave him there.”

Professor: “And why not?”

Xander: “You know why. Those people would have killed him. If we wouldn't have left, they would have killed us.”

Is he going to be okay?”

Hank: “He should be. Luckily Betsy wasn't aiming to kill or we wouldn't even be having this conversation.”

Story: “He doesn't have control of his powers. He blacked out and didn't even remember what happened at the mall.

Jubilee: “It was just best for us to bring him back.”

Jamie: “Can we go?”

Professor: “Yes.”

We'll check back on him in a little bit.”

We all walked out and I figured this was as good a time as any to get this over with.


Jamie: “What is it?”

Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Jamie: “About what?”

It's important and it's private.”

He stopped and came back towards me while the others kept walking. I just wanted this to be over. I didn't want there to be tension between me and Casey because Jamie and I were beefing. He looked like this was the last place he wanted to be, but I was doing this regardless. I was doing this for Casey and our friendship.

This thing between us...”

Jamie: “There is no thing between us. We don't like each other.”

That's not true. We were cool for a minute and I want to be friends again.”

Jamie: “You've got to be shitting me.”

I'm serious. Those things I said... They were uncalled for and they were hurtful. I understand that. I thought I had moved past everything, but when Casey told me that she had a baby by you, I lost it. I didn't expect her to...”

Jamie: “Sleep with the fag. That is the word you used right? Fag?”

I'm trying to apologize. I don't care who you have sex with. It's not even any of my business. I just want us to be able to hang out again. To be friends again.”

Jamie: “Kevin we were never friends. We weren't friends before we came here and we definitely aren't friends now.”

Casey forgave me. Why can't you? I really want to be your friend again. I know you hate me, and I know you don't trust me, but right now all we have is each other.”

He just stood there for a while and didn't say anything. I hoped he was thinking of excepting my apology, but it was unlikely.

Jamie: “I don't trust you. I just want you to know that. So the minute you fuck up... It'll prove everything I always thought about you. Got it?”

Got it.”

I grabbed him in a big bear hug and squeezed him hard. I had my friend back and if I had things my way, he wasn't going anywhere.


I was starting to think the worst of this place. The Professor has them teaching us about tolerance and all of that crap, but sometimes he doesn't practice what he preaches. He wants us to accept humans even though they hate us, but he can't accept us and our powers. Things were just crappy at the moment. I had called my mom using a private number a few times, just to try and hear her voice. I don't know if she knew it was me but she always hung up really quickly. I had been messaging my friends from back home as often as I could. They were completely fine with me being a mutant. They were just surprised I felt the need to keep it from them. I had also been seeing less of Dreamer. We communicated but he made friends back where we came from and he was capable of making his own decisions. It had been a few days since the whole Carson incident and he was still in the holding cell. The Professor hadn't figured out what he was going to do and any investigation the police had was finished. They said 'the mystery assailant had disappeared and no one was critically injured,' so the Police were just summing it up to mutant violence. We had all been going down there to see him because he didn't deserve to be locked up like that. He was scared and his powers flared up. We had been trying to convince the Professor to try and read his mind for what happened but he was being an ass about it. I guess he felt anything connected to us in any way had to be bad. When he let down his walls he was a really cool guy and he got along good with everyone. The Professor tried to restrict us from going down there, but with our powers that was damn near impossible. I was feeling those same feelings that I felt when I was at camp with Darren before he tried to rape me. I actually did have feelings for him but that lasted all of about two minutes.


Carson: “Hey... what's up?”

Just stopping by. We're still trying to get the Professor to let you out of here.

Carson: “I don't mind it so much. At least I get a guaranteed three meals a day. When I was out on the street, I'd be lucky if I got one.”

I'm sorry you had to go through that. But if he let's you out of here, then you would have a place to live. You could stay here.

Carson: “Like that dick would let me stay here. Look where I am now.”

We're still here. He hasn't given us the boot yet.

Carson: “But you hate it here...”

I'd hate living on the street too. My parents hate me and if I have a roof over my head, then I can deal with the Professor.

Carson: “Well if he ever lets me out of here, I might be able to believe that.”

I stayed with him a little while longer and we just talked. He was a really funny guy and I was going to make it my mission to get him out of here. I left a little while later and made my way to the Professor's office but stopped when I heard the Professor talking with someone.

... :” I still don't understand what the problem is Xavier. They are high-level mutants... there are others.”

Professor: “Not like them. Their power levels were off the charts. Higher than anything I've ever seen before.”

... :” Higher than....?”

Professor: “Yes. Even more powerful than her.”

... :” That is impossible. She is the most powerful mutant there is.”

Professor: “If they reach their full potential, then they would be significantly more powerful than her.”

... :” You still haven't told me their powers Xavier. I can't help you if I am still in the dark.”

Professor: “I know. The only people who know are the senior students.”

... :” Charles spit it out... Damn!”

Professor: “I told them that they had powers very similar to Rogue's. That part was true. But they have the power to greatly increase the levels of powers after it is absorbed. It's like flames and gasoline, the more powers they absorb the more powerful they become. Powers like that can be dangerous if they were to turn sides or lose control over themselves.”

... :” I understand that... But you can't possibly be proposing what I'm thinking Charles... It's unethical. And you want to do this without their knowledge.”

Professor: “This may be the only way. We have to worry about the good of everyone.”

... :” Everyone doesn't want your help Charles. You're taking the weight of the world on your shoulders and they're just kids. You can't do something like that...”

Professor: “It's the best thing for everyone.”
... :” Everyone. Are you thinking about those kids when you're saying that?”

Professor: “I'm doing this Moira. I have to consider what's best for everyone when I make these kinds of decisions.”

Moira: “You've already lost the respect of your senior students Charles. I've helped you as much as I could when it came to mutants... But why did you really send for me?”

Professor: “I wanted your consult Moira.”

Moira: “No! You asked me here to see if I would be on your side, when you knew damn well how I felt about this. I've been on the side of mutants for my whole life!... My whole career! And what you're proposing to do is wrong Charles.”

Professor: “Does no one understand what I am trying to do?”

Moira: “I understand it Charles. But you are beginning to think and act like your enemies. I'm beginning to think that you're judgment is getting less and less reasonable.”

Professor: “I never felt like I had this weight on me before Moira. We got through the Phoenix with hope, but she was defeated. If these kids ever learned the scope of their powers then I'm afraid what the consequences would be.”

Moira: “That's why you need to train them Charles...”

Professor: “You don't understand Moira...”

Moira: “Because I'm not a mutant Charles?”

Professor: “You don't understand what it's like. That first taste of power. When you feel on top of the world. If they were to realize these powers then they would want to explore them. And when that got to be boring, then they would do a little more with their powers and then more. They would get out of control.”

Moira: “Where is your faith in these kids Charles? With the Phoenix you never lost faith. Why can't you do the same for them?”

Professor: “I don't want this to be another Phoenix fiasco. Control is needed. What if they can't resist the temptation of their powers.”

Moira: “Temptation Charles? You are connected to every person on the planet. You built a machine to enhance that Charles. Isn't that temptation? To know that at anytime you could know what any person is doing at any time. How do you control that Charles?”

Professor: “That's totally different Moira.”

Moira: “How? Because I don't see it Charles.”

I faintly heard her chair scooting back and I teleported a few feet away from the door and then started to walk back towards the Professor's office. I wanted to see exactly who this lady was. I didn't know what the Professor wanted to do to us, but whatever it was, it was causing tension between him and the seniors. If it was that bad, it had to be something horrible. When she walked out the door, I was surprised at how attractive looking she was for someone of her age. When she saw me she froze and looked back at Professor Xavier. She looked at me as if she recognized me, so I guess the Professor must have shown her some pictures or something of all of us. She walked up to me and offered her hand to me. I took it and then she introduced herself.

Moira: “Hello... I'm Dr. Moira MacTaggart. You are?”


Moira: “Why do you choose to speak telepathically?”

It's not a choice. I can't speak normally.

Moira: “Why's that?”

Something happened to me when I was younger. I can't explain how it happened and I don't want to get into the reason behind it.

Moira: “No problem. It's not really my business.”

Are you staying here at the mansion?

Moira: “For a few days. Have some business to wrap up with the Professor.”

Is he in? I have to ask him about a detainee of his.

Moira: “Carson?”

Yeah. He doesn't deserve to be locked up like that.

Moira: “I've been trying to get him out of there. The Professor seems to be making some pretty harsh decisions as of late.”

The Professor rolled out of his office and when he saw me and Dr. MacTaggart talking an apprehensive look flashed across his face and a look of hate flashed across mine. I was going to figure out whatever it was the Professor was thinking of doing to us. I believed that he truly was a man looking to do what was best, but we were our own people. It would be our choice if we wanted to use these powers for good or bad, just like any other mutant. It's all about ethics and choices. I wouldn't allow him to take ours away.

Professor: “Story...”


Professor: “Your friend Carson... I've decided to release him. But he will be under surveillance until we can determine what his true motives are.”

He was scared Professor. We've all done things we aren't proud of when we feel we are being threatened, especially by the very people who are supposed to be protecting us. I understand exactly what he did Professor.

I don't know what he was thinking but I got the feeling he knew what I was talking about. He accusingly glanced over at Dr. MacTaggart, but she wasn't paying him any attention. I excused myself and took the elevator back to the Subbasement and just as I exited Carson was leaving the Brig. I ran up to him and just about knocked his head off hugging him.

I'm so glad the Professor finally let you out.

Carson: “Well that makes two of us. I guess I have you to thank for that.”

It was more of a group effort. We all knew that you didn't belong in here.

Carson: “But what if I do? I can't control this... this whatever it is. What if I hurt someone else? What if someone dies because of me? I don't want that.”

I don't either. But that's not going to happen. We'll all be there to make sure it doesn't. I'll be there.

We looked at each other for a long while and didn't say anything. I really liked him, but I wasn't ready to take it there. I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the elevator behind me. I figured I could give him a tour of the mansion and show him beautiful a place it was, despite some of the people. Even though the Professor wasn't training us, we did still have free reign in the house. I figured I'd show Carson the Danger Room and maybe we could run some drills together or something. Maybe I could help him with his powers... What the hell right?

I sat down at the Control Panel and even though there were a lot of colorful buttons, everything was pretty self-explanatory. I told him where to go to change and once he was in the room, I began to implement the scenario. It was just a simply setting really... A nice forest area and no innocent bystanders around to freak Carson out. He was really worried about hurting people. I set the program to begin in five minutes so that I would have time to change and meet Carson in the Danger Room.

Once I got changed and met Carson outside, I explained to him what exactly the Danger Room was. He understood that it was holographic imaging that would allow a person to interact in real life situations. What he didn't understand was how holographic images could cause pain. I didn't really know the logistics of the situation myself, so I bypassed the question and waited for the time to pass by.

In several seconds we were in an empty clearing that was surrounded by large trees. We could hear noises in the distance and I figured the best thing to do was to find out what it actually was. Even though I had set up the simulation, I hadn't actually participated in this one. Actually I had only been in here the one time. I had to force Carson to follow me and after about ten minutes of walking, we finally reached open land again. A very short piece of land though because it dropped off only a few feet away from the trees. We slowly walked to the edge and when we looked down there were about a hundred men, women, and children chained together and passing wooden logs to each other and dumping them into a truck. We had to be in some foreign country because this was definitely slave labor and no one was doing anything about it. I don't personally know how Carson was feeling, but my blood was boiling. No one deserved to be treated that way. I scanned the area from where we were and their seemed to be several drops leading to the lower ground. I motioned for Carson to follow me and we made our way done the cliff until we were mere feet away from the working people. They weren't very well taken care of. They had dirty skin and hair and looked like they hadn't eaten in some months. We walked up to the them and instantly we were spotted by the guards. I wasn't worried about them even though they were carrying guns, but Carson backed up a tiny step. One of the guards noticed us and after signaling to a few other guards he began to make his way over to us.

Guard #1: “This ain't the circus. Keep it moving.... What you even doing in these parts?”

Carson: “Why are these people chained up like this?”

Guard #1: “Because they don't know how to pay on money they owe.”

Carson: “So... It's only money. Let them go!”

Guard #2: “Excuse me?”

A group of other guards had walked up and we were surrounded. There had to be at least twenty of them now.

I think you heard him. You better let these people go!

Guards: “They're mutants!”

They all raised their guns and were about to fire at us, but I used telekinesis to snatch the guns away and I tossed them into the trees. Everyone had stopped working and they were just staring at us. I teleported a few feet away, formed a ball of fire, and launched it at the group of guards nearest to me. It wasn't hot enough to burn them, but they were busy trying to get the fire off of their clothes.

What are you waiting for? Use your powers?

Carson: “I can't! I don't know how. They only ever worked when I was scared.”

And you're not scared now? Try and use your powers. Think your something else...

Since they're guns were gone I was fighting with them physically. I was okay holding them off, but I was starting to feel the strain of it all. I generated a force beam on my hands and blasted the ones closest to me back. I was about to finish them off when a hand came out of no where and hit me in the face. I fell the ground and when I looked up there were even more guards then before. They had to have a base around here somewhere for them all to be coming like this. I got up and looked behind me and Carson was still standing there. He had a look of concentration on his face, but he still hadn't used his powers.

Carson: “I can't do it!”

They were only coming after me because I was so close, so I decided to move his process up a little faster. I took control over one of the guards' mind and had him go over to where Carson was. I made him punch Carson in the hopes that it would get him angry. It did. I saw a look of rage pass across his face and then it was like he was a different person. His skin started to stretch and then it tore and a second skin was coming up under it. It was actually gross and cool at the same time. Like he was being reborn. When he finished his transformation he was on four legs and he had the build of a mini T-Rex with a shorter tail. He had four very sharp clawed feet and his mouth had razor sharp looking teeth. His body looked like it was made for running and hunting and I was pretty sure anything that got in his way would be turned into mince meat. I released the mind of the body guard just as Carson took one of his clawed hands and slashed the guy’s chest open. He came over to me and we started to disperse the guards. I flew into the air and copied Storm's powers and started to create a massive tornado. I used my powers to keep Carson and the workers from getting sucked up, and after all the guards were either flung off into the forest or unconscious on the ground below I stopped the powerful winds and lowered myself to the ground. Carson had changed back into his regular self and we had started to take the chains off of the people and they left in a hurry. Just as we were about to try and locate the base, the simulation ended and as we looked up Dr. MacTaggart, Jean, Scott, Ororo, and Logan were all in the Control Tower. We quickly ran out of there, changed back into our normal clothes, and met them in the Control Tower. I felt kind of odd looking at Ms. Monroe because I had just imitated her powers and I know she saw me.

Ororo: “It took me some time to control a storm of that magnitude.”

I guess I was pretty angry. People are able to do things in times like that, right?

Moira: “That really was a very interesting display of power. The seniors had me believing you weren't able to control your powers Carson.”

Carson: “I guess I wasn't until just a few minutes ago. I was trying, but I just couldn't get it until that guy hit me.”

Oh yeah... Sorry about that.

Carson: “That was you?

I only controlled his mind for a second. Just to get you mad enough to use your powers. I hope you aren't mad.

Carson: “No. Not at all.

Logan: “Enough with the quiet talk. Did the Professor give you two permission to use the Danger Room.”

Carson: “No. Story was just showing me around.”

Jean: “Uh huh. Well we ran some tests while you were down there Carson and your powers truly are amazing.”

Scott: “And they would be?”

Jean: “He has the power to turn into a variety of different monstrous creatures. If you trained up some, I'm sure you could even transform into monsters of your own imagination.”

Carson: “Great! People already think we're monsters. Now I find out that's what my power is.”

I thought he was sad, but then I saw him smiling and knew he was just messing around. I wanted to ask them if the Professor had changed his mind about training us, but I knew it was a lost cause. Hell if he didn't want to offer it up, I'd train my damn self. I walked with Carson back to his room and we just hung out for a little bit. I told him all about everything that happened to me and he seemed to genuinely care. I guess time will tell.

(3 weeks later)

Things had really started to cool down around the Mansion. The Professor had apologized for his behavior and had even started to give us minimal training. The new kid Carson was even a fine addition to our group of outcasts. I was getting really nervous though, because Story was getting really taken with him. I guess I wasn't ready to see my little sister moving on and finding herself somebody. Hell... I hadn't even found someone. Not that I was looking. I figured if they still hated Jamie because of what he did with Bobby, then they would definitely do the same to me. He was a lot stronger than me for that. I had called Seven a few times and we talked on the phone. His mother had a rare form of cancer and he was staying with her until she got better or she died. I hoped that she didn't because she was one of the funniest women I knew, even through her sickness. Anyway... I wasn't really looking for anybody. I knew I was bisexual, so I had choices, but I guess it just wasn't the time. I was thinking about taking a trip back home to see Seven, because 1. I was horny and 2. I wanted to try and see my mother and father, even if they didn't want to see me again. I told Story that I was thinking about going home for a little while, but she told me she wasn't ready to go back there. Izzy and Arizona, her two best friends were only at our house that day because of her birthday party, so she had no reason to go back. I told the Professor that I was leaving and he tried to get me to go with a senior but this was something I needed to do by myself. My friends weren't all that excited about me going back either, they all thought it would be dangerous with everyone knowing about our powers.

Guys... I'm gonna be fine. I'm only going for this weekend.”

Casey: “One of us can come with you.”

Story isn't coming. This really is something I need to do alone. My parents need to know that I'm okay. I can at least leave them a note or something.”

We hung out all night and then around noon the next day I started the drive down to Egg Harbor, New Jersey in one of the school's cars. It only took me a little while to get there and when I did, I felt out of place. This wasn't my home anymore. I drove around for a little while and I noticed a few people, and a few people noticed me, but I didn't stop moving. I knew everyone knew I was a mutant. This was a small town and word got around fast. I thought better of it, but I had to get some things out of the store for the weekend, so I pulled into the nearest grocery store and went in. Everyone recognized me and I started to feel kind of uncomfortable. I went to the back of the store and started to gather some of the things I would need for the weekend. I was about to walk up to the counter when I realized I wasn't in the aisle alone. I looked down and noticed that Shawna was at the other end of the aisle. She hadn't seen me yet and I was trying to figure out a way of getting by her and out of the store without her seeing me. I tried to quickly walk by her, but just when I was about to pass her she decided to turn around. I can't really describe the exact look on her face, but at first it was like a realization of who I was, but then it turned into a look of pure hatred. I didn't want any confrontation with her so I tried to pass her, but she stepped in my way.

Shawna: “What are you doing here?”

Minding my business. Something you were never able to do.”

Shawna: “I don't think you're in a position to get smart with me.”

Look... I have things to do. I'm only here for this weekend and I don't have time to argue with you or anyone else!”

Shawna: “So what... You're going to try and beg for your parent’s forgiveness?”

I don't have anything to apologize for. I didn't ask for this.”

Shawna: “Whatever. I think you should leave before something bad happens to you.”

Well luckily for me Shawna, what you think doesn't matter to me anymore.”

Shawna: “You think you're so tough? Just because you're a freak doesn't mean you can't get fucked up.”

No it doesn't Shawna... Are you done?”

She walked behind me and I continued to walk towards the counter. I was almost there when a glass jar crashed into the back of my head. It didn't hurt at all. I was just more surprised that it happened. I turned around and Shawna was in the middle of the aisle and holding three glass jars. She threw one after the other and before the got even remotely close to me, I stopped them in the air and set them on the counter nearest me. I looked around and all eyes were on me so I grabbed my stuff, threw more than enough money on the counter, and walked out of the store. That was probably exactly what she wanted, but I didn't pay it much attention. I was going to try and talk to my parents and then I was going to spend the rest of the time with Seven. I got in my car and drove the little way to my parent’s house. I got out of the car and walked up the driveway to see if anyone was home. I heard noises in the backyard and when I went around the house I saw that they were having some sort of party. Probably one of Dad's business parties. I walked back to the front of the house and I decided it was best to knock on the door. I knocked and waited for a little bit and I turned around and was about to leave when the door swung open.

Mom: “The party is going on in the back. Hector has all the drinks and food out back...”

I turned around and she realized who I was and a look of nervousness flashed across her face.

Mom: “What are you doing here?”

I wanted to let you know that I was alright. I know that you didn't want to see us, but we are alright.”

Mom: “You need to get out of here Jude. If your fath... If Hector saw you... I don't know what he'd do.”

I'm not to worried about that. You can't even call him my father anymore? It's that bad?”

Mom: “You aren't part of this family anymore. It would be best if you just left.”

I guess I hadn't realized how much us being mutants had ruined the relationship we used to have with our parents.

Dad: “¿Marta donde está el resto de las bebidas?”
<Marta where are the rest of the drinks?>

Mom: “Correctos allí en el contador. Los traeré hacia fuera en un segundo.”
<They're right there on the counter. I'll bring them out in a second.>

Dad: “¿Quién es ése en la puerta?”
<Who's that at the door?>

Mom: "No es nadie.”
<It's nobody.>

He walked closer to the door and he realized that it was me standing on the steps.

Dad: “¿Qué el infierno él está haciendo aquí?”
<What the hell is he doing here?>

No se preocupe. Era el irse justo.”
<Don't worry. I was just leaving.>

Dad: “¿Para qué el infierno usted viene aquí?”
<What the hell did you come here for?>

Papá Bien... Significo a matón. Quisiera que usted supiera que los dos niños que usted tenía fueran aceptables.”
<Well Dad... I mean Hector. I wanted you to know that the two children you had were okay.>

Dad: “Salga de aquí... ¡Ahora!”
<Get out of here... Right now!>

Adiós. Apenas espero eso un día que podremos conseguir más allá de esto. Sigo siendo el mismo Jude.”
<Bye. I just hope that one day we'll be able to get past this. I'm still the same Jude.>

I walked down the steps and just as I stepped into the street, I heard a car engine revving up and when I looked it was Shawna behind the wheel of a Pickup Truck. She was coming at me fast and the only thing I could think to do was teleport out of the way. I got out of the way just in time and when I ran back into the street, she was turning the corner and she disappeared from sight. I looked back to my parent's house and they were both in the door, looking shocked. I got in my car as fast as I could and drove off. I knew that it was Shawna, but I wasn't worried about her. She'd get hers soon enough. I drove to Seven's house and just sat in the driveway thinking about everything that had happened here so far. I heard the door close and saw that Seven was coming outside with the garbage, so I decided to get out of the car.


Seven: “Jude? What the hell are you doing here?”

Came down for a visit.”

Seven: “Why didn't you tell me?”

Wanted it to be a surprise...”

He came over and hugged me really hard and then he just looked at me. I guess he could see the hurt look in my eyes, so I'm pretty sure he realized that he hadn't been my first visit.

Seven: “You went to see your parents?”

Yeah. I did.”

Seven: “How did it go?”

How do you think? I'm only here for the weekend.”

Seven: “I guess we'll have to make the best of it.”

Yeah. I saw Shawna too.”

Seven: “Oh.”

Yeah, Oh. She started with me. Used my powers in plain sight to stop her from throwing shit at me.”

Seven: “Did anyone say anything?”

I didn't stick around long enough to find out. I just threw my money on the counter and got out of there.”

Seven: “Well fuck her. She's an immature bitch.”

She used to be my best friend. I can't just up and forget that.”

Seven: “Well if you don't. You're only gonna end up getting hurt.”

He invited me into the house and after I visited with his mom Vera for a little bit, (she was slowly getting better) we went up to his room and just hung out. We played a few video games and basically just caught up with each other. I told him all about my new friends and that I really wanted him to meet them all. I didn't want to tell him about the problems we were having at the mansion after all the trouble he went to... so I just told him everything was great. It was getting late and I had been driving all night, so I really wanted to get ready for bed.

Can I use your shower?”

Seven: “You have to ask?”

I started to take off my clothes and realized that Seven was watching me. I put on a little show for him while I took of the rest of my stuff and then walked into the bathroom. I started the shower and just got in and tried to relax for a little bit. It was depressing just being back home, but if I could spend some time with Seven then it was worth it. I didn't want him as a boyfriend, but he was a great friend and with everything going on, I needed him. I was just starting to relax and let the water carry my thoughts away, when Seven came in the room and closed the door behind him.

What happened to a guy's privacy?”

Seven: “Umm... I don't know. Maybe you should have locked the door.”

Well get out and I will.”

He took off his shirt.

Seven: “Naw... I think there's something in here I want.”

He started to take off his pants.

And what might that be?”

And then his boxers.

Seven: “I think you know.”

He stepped into the shower with me and I just took in his body. I had seen it more than enough before I left, from every angle, but it had been so long that I was taking him in again. He had a little more muscle on him than before, but he looked exactly the same. The only thing different was that he had let his hair grow out and he had braids now. He had gotten a few tattoos too and they made him look even better. He had the school mascot on his shoulder, his name on his upper-arm, and his mom's name between angel wing's in the space between his shoulder blades. I was nervous about being with him again, but I just let things happen naturally. The shower head was still spraying and Seven moved closer to me, so that we were right up on each other. He grabbed both of our dicks and he just started to slowly stroke them. I pulled him by the back of his neck and started to kiss him. It was a great feeling being back with him. I pushed him off of me and turned around to turn the shower off.

Seven: “You know this is a good position you're in right now.”

Good for who?”

Seven: “Both of us...”

He pushed up on me and he rubbed his cock over my ass-cheeks. I pushed back against him and just let whatever happened happen.

Seven: “I missed you so much.”

Missed me? Or missed what we did together?”

Seven: “Both. But mostly you.”

Uh huh.”

He slipped his cock down in between my ass cheeks and rubbed the head of his dick on my hole. He applied a little pressure and then stopped. He did that a couple times, teasing me.

Seven: “You ready?”

He started to push into me again, and I started to push back onto him to answer his question. It was a feeling that I had missed for a long time. That initial feel of him filling me up. He finally got the rest of his cock in me and he left me get used to it before he started moving again. I pushed back on him again, signaling that I was ready for him to start fucking me. He started pulling out of me and then slowly pushing himself back into me until he found a steady rhythm. My hole was on fire and I never wanted this to stop. I pressed up against the wall to keep myself from slipping to the floor and tried to keep up with the fucking that Seven was giving me. He reached around to my front and grabbed my hard-on while I laid my head on his shoulder. He continued to pump into me and was steady stroking me faster and faster. He pulled out of me and turned me around, and I was wondering what he was doing. He lifted me up and placed my legs around his waist and my back to the shower wall and since the water had been off for a while the shower walls were dry. This felt totally different. Kind of like if I was riding him, but he was still in control of the pace. He was lifting me up and down on his cock and I felt like I was about to cum just from that. He kept pumping into me and I could tell that he was close to cumming and when he started to repeatedly hitting my prostate, I lost it. I could feel the cum traveling from my balls, through my shaft, and then explode out of my piss-slit. It splashed up in between us, and I'd say about six ropes of my jizz fell back onto us. He started to really get into it now and he started long-dicking me. I was still on my own personal high and him repeatedly sliding in and out of me made me shoot a second, smaller load. He finally got to the point of no return and I could feel his dick pulsing in me and then unloading inside of me. I know it must have been hard for him to keep me in the air while he was cumming, but he managed and after a minute he set me back on the ground. I could hardly hold myself up because I was still feeling the after effects of cumming. I slowly stepped out of the shower, dried off the best I could, and then got into his bed.... I was sleep before my head hit the pillow.

~ ~ ~

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing and was wondering who the hell would be calling me this late.


...: “Jude!”

Hello... Who is this?”

... :” It's Shaw... It's Shawna... Jude I... I really need your help.”

Why are you playing on my phone?”

Shawna: “Jude... Jude I swear this isn't a joke. They're going to kill me.”

I'm getting off the phone now... Why don't you grow up!”

Shawna: “Jude please!....”

I heard her scream and then someone else got on the phone.

... :” You Jude?”

Who's asking?”

... :” That ain't important. But if you don't get down here, you're friend Shawna is gonna be one dead bitch. We're at the old abandoned warehouse on Lennox St. I suggest you hurry. We've already started the party.”

I heard her scream again and then the line went dead. Seven was still sleep so I slipped out of bed and put on some sweats and a wife-beater. His mom slept downstairs, so I opened up his window and jumped to the ground. I drove towards the warehouse, but got out a few blocks away and walked the rest of the distance. The place had been abandoned way before I was born and I'd been in a few times before just horsing around with friends. I walked up the entrance and the chain was busted off, so I just eased through the door trying to be as quiet as possible. I heard screaming and what sounded like someone being hit from deeper into the warehouse, so I followed that. I passed through another entry-way and there I saw three guys with guns standing over Shawna, two woman were taking turns hitting her, and another guy was looking on amused. I walked into the open and let them see me.

... :” Ah... He finally decides to join us.”

Who are you?”

... :” I'm Lucas. These are my guys Richie, Tiny, and Rocco. And you're Jude right?”

Yeah. That's me.”

He turned back to Shawna and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up to her feet.

Lucas: “That's him?”

Shawna: “Yes... He's... He's the one who sto...stole your money.”


I looked at him in shock, but he wasn't paying attention. I looked at Shawna and she had a look of triumph that I could still see through the pain. I was about to say something when two thugs came out of the shadows behind me. He turned around towards the two girls and started walking towards the back.

Lucas: “Make sure this bitch doesn't move.”

I didn't know what was going on, but I felt a pain in the back of my head and I was out.

~ ~ ~

When I finally came around, my hands were tied together and I was hanging from a crane hook. I looked around and saw the same two guys that were behind me and the three guys with the guns. My head was still a bit foggy so I didn't see the Lucas guy standing against the wall.

Lucas: “Ah! He finally wakes.”

What the hell?”

Lucas: “I didn't introduce you to two of my guys. This is Mark and Mike, my little fighter guys.”

I don't give a fuck. Why am I tied up?”

Lucas: “Let him down.”

I was lowered to the ground and then the ropes were taken off my hands.

What the hell did you tie me up for?”

Lucas: “You took my money...”

Money?... What money?”

Lucas: “The money that bitch in there was supposed to be paying me back.”

I don't even know what you're talking about. I've been gone for the last six months. I only came back for the weekend.”

Lucas: “Whatever. Kick his ass!”

They all moved their guns to the side and started to come at me. I took in each of them and the three guys with the guns were all very tall and muscular and the two other guys were younger looking and were actually twins. Mark, one of the twins came at me first and started throwing punches and kicks my way and I was finding it difficult to dodge them. I did a back-flip away from him and tried to completely clear my head. He didn't advance back on me and I realized I had landed right in front of Rocco, one of the big ass muscular guys. He grabbed me around my neck and started to choke the hell out of me. I struggled for a second and then brought my leg up as hard as I could towards his face. I hit him in his nose and he instantly let me go. I did a spinning kick to his face and knocked him on his ass. He got back up quickly, but I was already fighting Tiny. He was actually a really big guy, but he was unnaturally quick. I didn't think he was a mutant, just fast as hell. I had evaded most of his punches but he eventually hit me in the stomach, sending me to the ground. He went to grab my shoulders and when he pulled me up, I punched him in his throat and then did a sweeping kick and he fell on his ass. The second twin Mike came up to me and pulled a long, metal chain from under his shirt. He started swinging it at me and trying to hit me. I turned my head for a second because I thought I heard one of the others closing in on me, and when I did I felt the chain wrap around my neck, cutting off my air passage. I felt to my knees and tried to figure out how to get the chain off of me. I didn't want to use my powers, but I had to now. I grabbed the chain and focused as I hard as I could and then froze. I saw the look of shock pass over their faces and then it was gone. I guess they realized why I was really here. I broke the chain around my neck and did another sweeping kick and hit Mike in his knees so he was on the ground too. I got up and Lucas had a pistol pointed at me.

Lucas: “You didn't take my money did you?”

No. She wants me dead because I'm a mutant.”

Lucas: “Why would she want you dead just because of that?”

Because she used to be my best friend. When she found out she thought I betrayed her.”

Lucas: “Well she won't be thinking anything in a few minutes.”

What are you gonna do?”

Lucas: “It doesn't matter. You should get out of here.”

I grabbed one of the guns off of the floor and shot if off four six times, then I made my way outside of the room and the two women were still standing over Shawna waiting for orders. I invaded both of their minds and put them to sleep, but I also entered Shawna's mind and showed her something different. I made it seem like their guns had turned on them and they were both shot. I walked over to her and when she stood up, she had a look of victory on her face.

Shawna: “Two birds. One stone.”


Shawna: “You got them off my back and you're going to jail.

Jail? Why the hell would I be going to jail?”

Shawna: “Because you just killed eight people. That's prison for the rest of your pitiful mutant life.”

Killed? I didn't kill anyone.”

I pulled out of her mind and she looked around and saw that the two girls were just sleeping and the six guys were all standing behind me.

Have a nice life. What little of it you have left.”

A look of nervousness passed over her face and I just walked away from her towards the exit.

Shawna: “Jude.... Jude wait! I was just playing around. Jude please.... Jude please don't leave me.”

I heard a loud SMACK! and I heard Shawna hit the ground. I kept walking and then I heard a gun cock behind me. I thought that Lucas wasn't going to let me leave, but when I looked back he wasn't pointing it at me. He shot Shawna four times. In both arms and both legs so she wouldn't be able to move. I watched as the girls were picked up and they all started to exit the building.

Lucas: “You better get out of here kid.”

He followed his people out of the side exit and I jumped through one of the windows. I could still hear Shawna screaming for me to help her, but I never turned back. I had almost made it to my car, when there was a huge explosion behind me that knocked me off my feet. I looked back and it was the building I had just left out of. I didn't even feel bad. You know what they say: Karma's a Bitch.

~ ~ ~

I had stayed with Seven for the rest of the weekend and then traveled back home. The only thing on the news in our old small town was the horrendous act of violence that struck on such a young girl.

This is Martha Townsend Reporting on the gruesome death of teenager Shawna Morris. Ms. Morris was found in the old Sidney Construction Warehouse. She had been shot four times, once in each arm and in each leg, most likely immobilize her. Investigators also found explosives that were set up around the building. It isn't known just yet what caused this sudden crime, but a full investigation is in effect. When more information becomes available we'll report back on this horrible crime.

Seven had tried to console me, but like I told him, I didn't need it. Shawna was never a true friend or she would have accepted my differences. We continued fucking for the rest of the weekend, in every position, over every surface that his mother wouldn't come into contact with. I made it back to the mansion later that night and just crashed until the morning. When I finally did wake up, I decided that I wouldn't be going to any of my classes. I knew I had to be walking somewhat funny, because I had been either attached to Seven's dick or ass for the majority of the weekend and I was still feeling that. I figured I'd go get something to eat and try and catch up with my friends before classes were supposed to start. I made it downstairs, grabbed something to eat, and then made it back to my room. I just thought I'd go to Jamie's room and go from there.

I walked to the other side of the mansion, where his room was and when I got to his door, it was open. I peeked my head in and saw that Logan was in the room, looking through his things.

Hey Logan...”

He jumped and looked around at me. That was weird because usually Logan could sense when someone was coming. He could sense them from a mile away, but I didn't think anything of it. I walked into the room to talk to him better.

Is Jamie here? I just got back from my trip.”

Logan: “Uhh... No. He isn't here.”

Do you know when he'll be back.”

Logan: “Should be in a little bit. You can relax here for a while.”

I sat on Jamie's bed for a little while and then got up to look at his stuff. I had never been in here before, basically because I never had a reason to. It was nice seeing all the pictures he had of Casey and Morgan, and then the pictures of him and Jubilee. They were a really great couple and it made me almost jealous that he had somebody special. I was about to turn around to tell Logan I would just be back later when I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I almost didn't feel it anymore, because my body had gone completely numb. I didn't understand why blood would be coming out of my mouth, but when I looked down I saw three metal claws sticking out of my chest. I wanted to ask Logan why he would do this to me, but I couldn't. No words were coming out and I was slipping away. It's corny but my life did flash before my eyes. All I could think about was what I was leaving behind. I had just seen Seven and all my new friends. I was leaving them all behind. My sister Story, she really needed me, but I was leaving her too. My parents. Then I thought about Shawna. Maybe I shouldn't have left her, maybe I should have helped her no matter what the consequences. You know what they say: Karma's a Bitch. That was my last thought before I slipped away, first there was only black, then there was nothing.


Hey have any of you seen Jude? He should have been back by now.”

Casey: “I haven't.”

Well I'm going to look for him. He's probably sleeping.”

Carson: “I'll go look for Story.”

Kevin: “I bet you will.”

I looked all around for him. I looked outside, in the gym, in the Entertainment Room, his room. I couldn't find him anywhere. I went to everyone's rooms to see if maybe he had been waiting on one of us. No Luck. The only room I had left to try was Jamie's so that's where I went. I wondered what it was actually like to have to sleep in the same room with Logan. I bet he was like a drill sergeant. I knew that Jamie was in class and I had seen Logan just a few minutes ago, so if he wasn't out here, I wasn't going to stay. But when I got to the room, the door was open slightly. That was kind of weird because Jamie would never leave the door open and Logan would kill someone if they left his stuff exposed. I peeked my head in the door and saw something on the window sill. Like a red hand print and then when I looked further in the room, I saw something that made my blood turn cold. I was hyperventilating at first and then I screamed. I screamed the loudest, hardest scream. I ran over to Jude and tried to shake him awake. I knew that he was just playing around. I heard footsteps and then Casey, Jamie, Jubilee, and Kevin all were in the room. I couldn't even think straight and we were all looking on in shock. Jude was stone cold and lifeless. I looked at his chest and through all the blood, I could see three tears in his shirt. There was no way that Logan would have done this. It just wasn't possible. Jubilee and Casey were both crying and I could see that Kevin and Jamie were trying to hold their's back.

Where's Story?”

Jubilee: “She was with Carson...”

Keep her away from here!”

Casey: “This is her brother... We have to tell her.”

We can't let her see him like this.”

I wanted to do something for him, but there wasn't anything for me to do. Jude was dead and Story didn't know. I had blood all over my shirt and my hands, and I was just trying to keep calm. I thought I heard footsteps and then when I turned around there was Story, Xander, and Carson.

Story: “What all you guys doing in here?

Casey: “Story...”

Story: “Have you guys seen Jude? He was supposed to be back today, but I haven't seen him.

Serenity: “Story... Jude's...”

Xander: “Is that blood? Is that blood on your shirt? What the hell happened?”
I honestly don't think any of us knew how to answer that. How do you tell someone that you found their brother dead. There was no good way to do that.

Story: “Okay... You guys are really starting to scare me... Where's Jude?

Kevin: “Story...”

Story: “Where's Jude?

Serenity: “He's dead.”

Story: “What?

Serenity: “He's dead Story.”

Story: “You're lying.

Serenity: “I would never do that to you.”

Story: “Wh... Why... Why are you doing this? Where is my brother?”

Casey: “He's in there Story...”

Story: “Why are you letting her do this? My brother is not dead!”

Casey: “Story listen to me. I would never lie to you. None of us would.”

She tried to get by and I got in her way.

Story... You shouldn't go in there.”

Story: “Move.”


I never got to finish because I was blasted back into the wall. I wasn't hurt, but she definitely wanted me out of her way.


When I walked into the room, it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. It felt like my world was crumbling around me. There he was, on the bed, just as lifeless as a rock. I slowly walked over to him and as I got closer the reality of this hit me over and over again. I looked him over and saw the three stab wounds. My first thought was that it was Logan, but he had been downstairs with the Professor for the better part of the morning. I didn't know who did this, who in this school had the audacity to do this, but they were dead. I was overwhelmed by emotion and just laid my head on his shoulder and cried. I cried every tear that I had and when those were gone, I found it in me to cry some more. The teachers had arrived, but I wouldn't let any of them touch him. It had already turned dark by the time I was exhausted enough to actually let Carson pick me up and take me out of the room. I guess they brought Jude's body down to the Med Bay, so that Mr. McCoy could see what the cause of death was. Someone wanted us to think that it was Logan who did this, but it wasn't him. Someone found a way into the school as him and killed my brother. I hoped that they enjoyed it for now. Because it would be the last thing they ever did.