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Regular Conversation”
Telepathic Conversation
Mental Detection
Unknown Name/Pause “...”// ...


They called a meeting in the Lunch Room and announced to everyone what happened. Surprisingly a lot of people were crying. I didn't think my brother hung out with anyone but us, but he did have a lot of different classes. I was going to call my parents but they didn't give a shit about us. A lot of people were just shocked that someone had actually been murdered on the grounds. Some people came up to me and offered their condolences, but most just stayed back. The Professor wanted me to come into his office alone, but I needed my friends. They were all I had at the moment. We walked in and the Professor and the seniors Ororo, Jean, Scott, and Logan were already in his office.

What can we do?”

Professor: “What do you mean?”

I mean what can we do?”

Professor: “There is nothing we can do. Jude is gone.”

Bullshit! I know there is someone out there who can fix this.”

Professor: “Death is a natural occurrence... It was his time.”

Fuck that! I want my brother back. Of all the mutants there are in the world, I know there is someone who can fix this.”

Serenity: “Story...”

No! I want my brother back!”

She came up to me and just held me.

Serenity: “I know. I know, but he's gone.”

It's not real. He can't be dead Serenity. He can't be.”

There was a silence in the room for a while. Nobody looked at each other. Nobody did anything.

Logan: “Roma!”

Professor: “Logan...No!”

Wait! Wait! Wait! Who's Roma?”

Logan: “She's a...”

Professor: “Logan I said No! All of you except Story, please leave.”

Xander: “Professor she nee...”

Professor: “There will be plenty time to talk to her later. Please excuse us.”

They all filed out, but not before glancing back at me. They were worried about me and it was something I needed at the moment. I waited for a little while and then turned to the Professor again.

Why won't you let him tell me? If it wasn't for this stupid ass place, my brother would be alive.”

Professor: “What happened to your brother was an unfortunate thing. But what you are asking for isn't ethical.”

Ororo: “Charles how dare you? I wouldn't be here if it wasn't ethical.”

She brought you back?”

Professor: “That is enough! This conversation is over.”

I turned to him with a look of hate all over my face.

If you won't help me, I'll find out by myself.”

Professor: “I can't let you do that...”

And how the hell do you plan on stopping me?”

I went to walk away and I felt something strange. I felt like my mind was being invaded, like I was being put to sleep. I fell to the ground and I was out.

~ ~ ~

Jean: “Professor what the hell are you thinking?”

Professor: “She cannot find out about Roma.”

Ororo: “Why not Charles?”

Professor: “She isn't a savior. Yes, she resurrected you, but we can't call her every time someone dies.”

Logan: “You don't think that she'll find some way to get that information. She's determined to save her brother.”

Professor: “That's the least of our worries. We need to find out who killed him.”

Scott: “You know damn well who did it. The only shape-shifter, who's repeatedly been able to get into this school.”

Jean: “Mystique.”

Logan: “Why? What did she do this for? Some sick message from Magneto?”

Professor: “Whatever the reason, we have to get this idea of Roma resurrecting Jude out of her mind.”

Jean: “And how do you plan on doing that?”

I felt whatever the Professor had done to me lifting. I was waking up. But I felt like a different person. Like I was having an out-of-body experience. I felt stronger, like nothing in the world could stop me. I slowly got up and they were all facing away from me. I backed up slowly until my back was to the door. I phased through to the other side and made my way to the subbasement. I knew that they kept files on mutants. Probably every mutant they encountered. And if this Roma chick had enough power to bring someone back from the dead, then they'd definitely have something on her. Using my mind, I kept an eye on the Professor and everyone in his office. It was like I was actually in the room with them, but I wasn't. They were all arguing back and forth when Jean noticed I was gone.

Jean: “Where is Story?

Professor: “She's right there.

He turned to look and he saw I wasn't there.

Logan: “She must have phased through the wall. I didn't even hear her get up.

Professor: “It's impossible. She should have been sleep for at least a few hours.

Jean: “I'll try to locate her.

Professor: “Get to the subbasement now.

Ororo: “What makes you say that Professor?

Scott: “That's where the main access for the profiles are. Who we've encountered.

When I got off of the elevator, I smashed the control panel so that the elevator wouldn't move. It had a safety device that wouldn't allow it to move if anything was messed up. I located the Professor again and he was directing them to a back-up entrance to the subbasement. I had used what Jean taught us and shielded my mind so that none of them could communicate with me or stop me. I didn't know where they would keep the files, so I checked all the rooms. I knew where the Danger Room was, so no need in wasting time there. I knew where the confinement center was so that was out. I found an infirmary, laboratory, a hangar that held the X-Jet, and finally there was just one room left. I checked back on the Professor and he was in a tunnel leading to the subbasement.

Professor: “Jean... Go to the computer in the Teacher's Lounge. It has access to the profiles and you know the password. Delete the file on Roma immediately. I'll get the others to stall her.

She ran off in the other direction and I made sure to keep an eye on her too. I was walking to the next room, when the Professor came out of a sliding panel of the wall.

Professor: “Story... You must stop this. Jude is gone. You need to accept that.”

I'm going to find out about Roma. Whether you like it or not.”

He advanced on me and I got into a defensive stance.

Professor: “Story... I don't want to hurt you.”

Trust me Professor... That I'm not worried about.”

I used my powers to roll his wheelchair out of the way and just past by him. He directed a psionic blast at me, but I was ready and deflected it.

Professor... Please don't make me mad.”

Professor: “I can not allow you to see those files.”

He directed another blast at me and again I deflected it, but this time back at the Professor. It hit him and he slumped over in his chair. I turned back around, only to be stopped by the teachers. I looked for Jean again and she was in the teacher's lounge on the computer. I was concentrating on Jean at the computer and on what was going on in front of me with little effort. They advanced on me and I put up an energy shield until I could deal with Jean. I focused on her and tried to think of a way to stop her. She was searching through the files and any minute she would pull up the profile on Roma. I focused and pulled the electrical wires through the wall, pulled her out of her seat, and started to wrap them around her. The were like spider-webs entangling her and soon I had her whole body wrapped up. She was going to try and scream out, but soon I had wires covering her mouth and then pulled her back into the wall. I focused back onto the other teachers and they were all prepared to duke it out. I lowered the shield and instantly Storm threw a lighting bolt my way. It hit me in my stomach and I hit my knees instantly. I took the electricity into my body and used it to make myself stronger and faster. I got up off of my knees and was again hit with a lightning bolt that sent me into the wall. I was getting mad now. All I wanted was a damn file. I got back off of the floor and this time I prepared myself to fight it out. I started to walk towards them when Scott set up his visor and then blasted me with his optic beam. I was fast enough to put up a shield that absorbed the blow, but I was still pushed back a little. I waited until he stopped and since I was still electrically charged, I sent an electricity bolt at him and he flew back and hit the ground hard. Next it was just Ororo and Logan. Before Storm could use any of her weather powers, I started to create an artificial wind that began to push both her and Logan back. He had his claws, so he dug them into the wall and held on, but she was pushed back and pinned to the wall. I turned back to the room and finally tried to make it to the room with no one to stop me. I heard crunching behind me and when I looked to the left, I saw a quick flash of Logan before he hit me in the face with the back of his claws. It felt like I was hit in the face with a brick and I hit the ground hard. The wind I had going instantly stopped and Ms. Munroe slumped to the ground. I tried to get my senses together, but I was pulled from the ground and faced with the livid face of Mr. Logan. I summed up enough energy and hit Mr. Logan as hard as I could. It hurt like hell, but he crashed into the wall and before he could get up I ripped two shreds of metal from the wall and melded his arms to the wall. Just as I was about to open the door another bolt of electricity crashed into the wall just missing my head. I turned around and there was Ms. Munroe standing there with orbs of lightning in both of her hands. I did the same and stared into her eyes until she made the first move. She let the electricity fly from her hands and directed it right at me. I did the same and our powers clashed in the middle of us. I increased the intensity of electricity coming out of my hands and she did the same.

Ororo: “You need to stop this! Now!”

I can't. Not until I have my brother back.”

Ororo: “The Professor...”

I don't give a flying fuck what the Professor says. He doesn't care about my brother the way I do. My brother promised to never leave me.”

Ororo: “Death is natural. It happens all the time.”

You of all people should understand. You and anyone else she brought back.”

Ororo: “Even if you could get in touch with her, there is no telling what her decision would be.”

At least give me the chance to find out. All I have is my brother.”

She instantly stopped her powers and I did the same. I turned around and got into the room. I locked the door behind me so that hopefully I would get a few minutes to find the file. I tried to look for Jean again, but I found nothing. No brain activity, no anything. I hoped she was okay, because I really didn't want to hurt her, but no one was going to stop me. I sat down to the computer and tried to figure it out. We had a computer back home, but it was nothing compared to this and I didn't know how I was going to do this because the database was very high-tech. I put my hand to the computer and a wave of electricity swept over the room and the lights simultaneously cut out. It felt like I became part of the computer, like I was being carried throughout the whole school. It was amazing how it felt like me and the computer were somehow integrated. I looked at my hands and it had blue glowing lines, like vines all through my hands. I looked down and surprisingly I was naked because I could see the blue lines everywhere. I guess when the electricity swept over the room, it fried my clothes. I started typing and pretty soon I was in the Mansion Database. I found the Mutant Database and typed in Roma, but she wasn't there. What the hell? She had to be in here. They wouldn't have made such a big fuss about it if she wasn't. I went back and saw other databases besides just mutants. Aliens, Robots, Vampires, Demons, basically all the things you'd find in the Sci-Fi section of your bookstore. I scrolled down more and saw the word Deities. I knew they were like gods or something. I wondered if she was in that category. Maybe this is why they didn't want me to see these files. I went into that Database and typed in Roma. Her name instantly popped up and I brought up her file. It didn't have much on her, basically just her family history and that kind of stuff. I didn't see any information on where to contact her and that's what I needed. I printed out what I did have though and just when I was about to get up I had another thought. I typed in shape-shifters and waited for the list to come up. I scrolled down looking for Mystique and when I saw her file, I pulled it up and printed it out. I was getting up when the door was blasted off the hinges almost hitting me. I waved at the papers and they were teleported into my drawer. Scott, Ororo, Logan, Jean, and the Professor all came into the room. Ororo had a guilty look on her face, but I don't think anyone else noticed. They saw me in this form and they all kind of gawked at me.

Professor: “Scott stun her!”

He set his visor to stun and was about to blast me when I stopped him.

I don't think that's a really good idea. See... if you hit me, your whole system shuts down. I'm somehow connected to this computer and doing that would destroy everything here.”

Ororo: “Is that possible Professor?”

Professor: “With them... Anything is possible.”

I walked past them and they all stepped out of my way. I don't think they wanted to touch me at the risk of messing up the school's files. I walked to the elevator and touched the Control Panel and instantly the elevator came back to life. I stepped on with the rest of the teachers behind me and we rode to the Ground Floor. When we reached the first floor all the lights in the school were off. A few people were using their powers to make light, but basically it was pitch black. When I stepped off the elevator everyone's eyes were on me. I guess the blue attracted all of their attentions... or maybe it was the fact that these blue lines were all over my body. I focused on the lights and they flickered and came on. Everyone gasped when they saw me and it made me extremely uncomfortable. I teleported to my room and tried to put on some clothes, but they just turned to dust in my hand. I focused and let myself relax. I felt the energy from the computer system drain from my body and when I looked I was normal self. I put on a white wife-beater and a pair of capris and went back downstairs. I was kind of scared to see what would happen but I did what I had to do. I looked for my friends and they were all outside.

Serenity: “Story are you okay?”

Yeah. I'm fine.”

Xander: “Did you get what you needed?”

Yes and no. I read up on her profile, but there was no way to contact her. I think she's from another planet or something.”

Jamie: “I heard something while you were gone...”

He looked really nervous saying it, but I told him to spit it out.

Jamie: “I heard that lady Martha...”


Jamie: “Whatever... I heard her say that they were burying Jude Monday.”

WHAT?! They can't just make decisions like that!”

Casey: “Your parents did sign over guardianship, so it kinda is their decision.”

So... We have to do something. We need more time or something.”

Jubilee: “How can we do that? I mean what do we do? Steal the body?”

We all looked at her and I realized that she was a genius.

That's a great idea.”

Jubilee: “I was just joking.”

That's what makes it a great idea. If we can't find this Roma chick by then, then we'll just take the body.”

Kevin: “You're kidding me right? We can't steal a body. Isn't that like a crime or something?”

He's my brother. I'm going to do whatever I have to do to bring him back.”

Xander: “I'm all for finding this chick, but that's crossing a line Story. We just need to do whatever we can to find her.”

Jubilee: “I'll try to get something out of the Professor.”

Jamie: “I'll talk to Ororo.”

Kevin: “Logan.”

Casey: “I'll take Scott.”

Serenity: “I'll take Mr. McCoy.”

And I'll see if I can worm anything out of Dr. MacTaggart.”

~ ~ ~


Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Dr. MacTaggart didn't know anything and the teachers weren't telling anything. Mr. McCoy gave up a little information, but only that she was the Queen of another world. It was two days until my brother was supposed to be buried and we had nothing. I went down to the Infirmary, went in an addition to the Infirmary and stepped into the Morgue. The place was kind of dusty since it hadn't been used much. I pulled out the table that held my brother and I just looked at him. His skin had taken on a kind lifeless color, but he still looked the same. Mr. McCoy never did an autopsy because the cause of death was evident and I didn't want him to mess up my brother's body. I stayed for a little while longer and shed a few tears. There had to be some other way for me to bring my brother back. I made my way up to the Ground Floor and as I was passing the front door to go up to my room, when the doors suddenly opened. A beautiful woman walked in the door followed by two men. On closer inspection, she was wearing a royal long coat and royal pants, and she had on a royal pair of high heels. The two men had on the same expensive clothing, but it was less decorative, and they had swords strapped to their backs. I guessed they were guards and they had on royal vests, pants, and boots. Even though she had sharp pointed ears, she was ridiculously pretty. The guys had the same pointed ears and they were both very handsome. She strolled into the foyer and looked around. It was pretty early so everyone was still in their classes.

Woman: “Charles. Hello... Charles.”

She walked in further and stopped next to the stairs.

Guard #1: “Your Majesty, maybe we should try further in the Mansion.”

Guard #2: “Ask the child.”

He pointed at me and I actually kind of took offense.

Child? I'm 15.”

Guard #2: “I'm 273. Is the Professor around?”

Woman: “I wish to see Charles. It has been oh-so long since we've spoken.”

I don't think he really wants to see my right now, but I'll go get him anyway. Who are you if you don't mind me asking? So I know what to tell him.”

Woman: “Roma, Lady of the Northern Skies, and ruler of Otherworld.”

Oh my God!”

Roma: “What?”

I've been trying to find a way to contact you. For the past week and here you are.”

Roma: “I did feel a certain urge to visit this place again. But I thought it was Charles.”

No he didn't want you here.”

A look of pain and anger crossed her face and I realized my mistake.

No... Not like that. At least I don't think it's like that. But he didn't want you to come here because I need your help.”

Roma: “Help with what?”

Yes. My brother he was murdered.”

Roma: “And that has what to do with me?”

I know you can bring him back. You did it for Storm.”

Roma: “Storm is a dear friend. You are a mere child.”

My brother was murdered up in his room and you're the only person I know who can bring him back.”

Roma: “I'm not a magician. I don't just snap and make things happen.”

But you can do it... I know you can. Please! I really need your help.”

Roma: “I can't help you. Everyone dies sometime.”

I'm getting really tired of hearing that. My brother did not deserve to die. Mystique or whatever that bitch's name is killed my brother for no reason and when I find her, I'm going to tear her apart. Right now, I just need a little sympathy from you. I need my brother back.”

Roma: “I don't take very kindly to people loud talking me.”

I don't mean to be disrespectful. I've just been trying to get my brother back and no one is trying to help me.”

Roma: “I of all people understand tragedy. Many of my people have died during wars over my throne in Otherworld.”

Then you should know what I'm feeling right now.”

Roma: “I know exactly what you're feeling, thousands of times over.”

Besides my friends, he's all I have.”

Roma: “Mystique you said?”

That's who the teachers think it is.”

Roma: “She's been a particular thorn in the side of Xavier.”

Well she messed with the wrong person.”

There was a rustling behind us and when we both looked back the Professor was at the entrance to his office.

Professor: “Roma! How delightful to see you?”

Roma: “As it is to see you Charles. I was just talking to this young lady...”


Roma: “Story...”

Professor: “I see. What brings you here Roma? I'd think Otherworld would need your undivided attention.”

Roma: “To be honest Charles, I felt an unexplainable urge to be here. I thought it was you, but I hear you were trying to keep me away. So it must have been this young lady.”

Professor: “I hoped that you would have stayed away. Can we go to talk somewhere more private?”

Roma: “I want to know what I'm here for Charles. I want to know from you!”

Professor: “Jude. Her brother Jude died. She wants you to use your magic to bring him back.”

Roma: “I see. And what did you tell her?”

Professor: “I told her that her brother was gone and that getting you here would not necessarily mean you would help her.”

Roma: “Good! At least she knows where I stand.”

She turned to me and continued to talk.

Roma: “I won't bring your brother back. I won't bring him back unless you can beat me in a fight of the sword.”

I don't want to fight you. I just want my brother back.”

Roma: “I don't know you. It's not about the fight. You have to earn my respect. You have to earn this gift. If you beat me, then I know your brother was worth saving.”

He was.”

Roma: “Do not take me lightly. This will determine the fate of your brother.”

Professor: “Roma I advise against this.”

Roma: “I will not back down on a deal Charles. If she shall lose the fight, then you have nothing to worry about.”

Professor: “We can't run to you every time someone dies.”

Roma: “I have a pretty good scope on reading mutant powers Charles, and given the right training they won't need my help.”

When do we get started?”

Roma: “We will meet back here in an hour. Be prepared to fight.”

I will. But what are the rules?”

Roma: “Rules? In war there are no rules. I won't attempt to kill you and the same courtesy would be appreciated. Other than that... As it is said on this world, 'no holds barred.'”


Jubilee: “You're serious?”

Story: “Yeah. It's the only way.”

Why can't she just help you? Why can't she just bring Jude back.”

Casey: “It's not that simple. I'm sure it takes a lot of energy to bring someone back from the dead. I can understand why she would want to see if he was worthy of that gift?”

Jubilee: “You sound like you admire her.”

Casey: “Maybe I do. The power to give someone their life back. To bring someone back from the dead. That's a power to be envied.”

Envied? Nah.. It would be nice, but I understand why the Professor said no. Imagine if someone besides us knew about her powers, they would try to bring everyone back and it wouldn't be fair.”

Story: “Maybe before I fight her, I should like make a vow or something that everything will stay between us. No one else needs to know she was even here.”

I'm sure if you plan on tearing the school up, someone is going to notice. (laughing)”

Story: “I'm scared. I don't know what she can do.”

Jubilee: “But you know what you can do. Just try and kick her ass!”

Story: “If I don't my brother is gone.”

It was just us girls talking in Story's room while the boys were out taking a drive. They were still pretty torn up about Jude dying, but if things went our way tonight, we would all be celebrating by the end of the night. I didn't understand this whole situation. Seeing Jude come back from the dead was something I still hadn't mentally prepared myself for.

You still haven't told your parents?”

Story: “Why should I?”

Jubilee: “They're your parents. Jude is their son. They need to know.”

Story: “They don't give a shit about us.”

Casey: “They need to know Story.”

I'll call them for you. So you don't have to talk to them if you don't want to.”

Story: “Whatever!”

She gave me the number and after a few rings someone finally picked up at her parents house.


Woman: “Hello...”

Is this the residence of Marta Santiago?”

Woman: “This is she. May I ask who's calling?”

I'm Serenity. Serenity Pearson. I'm a friend of Story's at her school.”

Marta: “Why are you calling me?”

She knew you didn't want to talk to her, so I volunteered to call for her.”

Marta: “And why would she need to call here?”

To tell you something that happened last week.”

Marta: “Listen, I don't have time for this shit. What do you think is so damn important?”

Jude died last week. He was murdered in a friend's room. I thought it would be important to tell you that.”

I hung up the phone after that. Whatever she wanted to say would be here business to call back and tell her daughter. I wanted her to know, what happened after that was not my business, and I wasn't about to make it my business.

The boys came back a few minutes later and we filled them in on the whole situation. They were kind of freaked out that Story actually had to fight to get Jude back. I wanted to try and think of another way to bring Jude back, but it wasn't worth the effort. Story would just have to do her best and give it to that Roma chick. We walked to Story's room and she got changed into a pair of black boy-cut shorts, a black wife-beater, and biker's gloves. There was a lot of commotion in the hallways and Story kept getting a lot of funny stares. Some people were pointing and others were just whispering to their friends. I knew she had that clothing-optional moment, but I'm not sure this is what they were all staring at her for.

Did you tell someone you were fighting?”

Story: “No! The halls were empty when we were talking.”

Casey: “Maybe they weren't. Be right back, I'm going to get Morgan.”

She teleported away and we were trying to fight our way through all the kids trying to get downstairs.

Kevin: “Can you people move out the fuckin' way?”

We walked down to the Foyer and Roma was their waiting.

Story: “I guess it's time.


She was dressed in royal pants, blouse and a royal vest that was crested with the royal seal of her throne, and a pair of heels. She had her hair in a ponytail and she was ready for a fight. I simply had on a pair of shorts, a wife-beater, and my black Air Force 1s. Casey returned with Morgan and I just took in the whole situation for a minute. If I win, I get my brother back. If I lose, my brother stays dead. This would be the fight of my life because I don't think anything could ever compare to this. My friends stood towards the kitchen so that they could get a good look of the whole fight, and I walked down the stairs to greet Roma.

Roma: “Quite an audience. I thought this was just between us.”

So did I. I didn't tell any of these people.”

Roma: “Very well. It is time to commence with the fight.”

She put her hand in the air and dragged it down and a sword materialized in front of both of us.

Roma: “What is a sword fight without swords?”

Both swords were beautiful. Both were exquisitely crafted and made of the best metal. Her sword was personalized with jewels, her name on the blade, and the royal crest. Mine basically just had the royal crest, but it was beautiful regardless.

Roma: “We will each take ten steps back, and when the signal is given we will fight.”

I took the 10 steps back and again faced her. We were waiting for a seconds before a bolt of electricity exploded in the middle of the floor signaling us to fight. She raised her sword and charged at me and I did the same. We met in the middle of the floor and our swords clashed together. We were each trying to overpower each other, but I wasn't budging and neither was she. She raised her foot off of the ground, planted it on my stomach and pushed. Our swords separated and I flew back, crashing into the floor. I raised my head to look at the spot where she was and she was no where to be found. I looked up into the air and there she was coming down on me fast and her sword was pointed right at my chest. I rolled out of the way and her sword crashed into the ground. It was stuck for a second, but only a second and when I swung my sword at her she was able to block it. I kept swinging it at her and she was easily blocking them. We locked up again and this time I pushed her back with my foot. She was about to hit the ground, but she used her powers and she glided to her feet.

I didn't know we could use our powers.”

Roma: “I never said you couldn't. Like I said there are no rules in war.”

Works for me.”

I used my powers to turn the floorboard where she was standing into dust. Her left leg fell into the gap and she dropped her sword. She was trapped for a second and I ran over to her and just as I was about to swing at her but she disappeared. I did a mental scan for her and she was right behind me. I swung my sword around and when I did the turn she was gone. I turned back around and she was flying at me with her sword pointed right at my chest. I waited until she was almost upon me when I did a half step to the left and swung my sword down on her. There was a loud gasp and she crashed to the ground. I waited for a second and then I was going to help her up, but she started to get up on her own. She got on her feet and pulled the vest off her shoulders. There was a huge cut in it, but there was no blood. She dropped the vest to the ground and picked up her sword.

Roma: “That was a good hit.”

I'm really sorry...”

Roma: “In war you do not apologize.”

This isn't a war.”

Roma: “But isn't it?”

She swung her sword at me and it sliced into my shoulder. I fell to the ground and then looked back at her. She was advancing on me and I backed away from her. I stopped moving and she walked right up to my side. I wrapped my leg around hers and put force on it and she fell to the ground. Her sword fell from her hand again and I kicked her hard in her stomach. She rolled on top of me and we started tussling on the ground. There was no hair pulling, but punches were thrown as we both tried to gain the upper hand. I rolled on top of her and punched the shit out of her. I was about to hit her again when I was grabbed off of her and tossed across the room. I thought it might have been one of the teachers, but it was one of the statues that were in the main hallway.

Roma: “A little taste of magic for you.”

I got up off of the floor and faced her and the statue. It was one of the real fancy 16-Century body armor suits that every ridiculously rich person has. The statue charged at me and I did a high-jump and landed behind him. I did a backwards swinging kick and my foot connected with the armored head. The statue stumbled and fell, then crashed to the floor. The head rolled off and the thing stopped moving. We summoned our swords at the same time and I charged at her full speed. The sounds of metal hitting metal were all throughout the foyer and the other kids were watching intently. The teachers had looks of worry on their faces but I couldn't pay much attention to them. With her sword she slapped mine to the side and she swung around and punched me in the face. I flew back and hit the wall hard. I got up instantly and looked around to see if I could use anything to my advantage. The only thing I saw that I thought I could actually manipulate was a regular garden plant. I focused and the plant started to grow. I engaged in fighting her again so that she wouldn't notice how rapidly the plant was growing. I swung at her and missed, but I didn't care. The plant had grown to a monstrous size and she had no idea. I was controlling it mentally and when she started to charge at me, I had one of the stalks bend and wrap around her leg so that she tripped. She hit the ground and controlling the other stalks I had them wrap around her, growing and covering her whole body. I had them begin to tighten around her, but almost instantly they vanished.

Roma: “Simple tricks like that won't hurt me.”

Then what will?”

Roma: “You'll just have to find out.”

I dropped my sword and blasted her with fire. She vanished again and I let up on the fire and grabbed my sword.

You're running.”

Roma: “These are royal garments. Fire wouldn't do them well.”

I looked up and she was at the top of the stairs. I flew up and landed on the railing. We started going at it with the swords as I moved along the railing. She swung her sword at my feet and I did a cartwheel off of the railing and swung at her. The tip of my sword connected with her chest and left a huge gash. She fell on the floor and blood was dripping everywhere. I wanted to help her, but I couldn't have sympathy for her. She placed her hand to her chest and almost immediately her wound started to heal. There was still an obvious red mark where I had hit her, but the wound was gone. She got up and I kicked her in her stomach sending her back to the ground.

We can end this now if you admit you lost.”

Roma: “This fight is not over yet.”

She vanished again and when I turned around she was there. Her back was to the balcony and she was inches from it. I charged at her and she jumped up on the banister and fell back. I jumped off after her and pointed my sword directly at her. She floated in the air and waited for me. I leveled with her in the air and waited for her to make her move.

This isn't a game for me!”

Roma: “Nor is it for me.”

She flew at me and we fought. We fought like it was the last fight we would ever have. We were pretty evenly matched when it came to the sword fighting. I had taken some sword combating classes and had gotten pretty good. So either she was holding back or we were on the same level. It was an intense fight and I was trying my best to get the best of her. I swung at her and made the mistake of using to much force. My sword swung out of control, giving her the perfect opportunity to hit me and she did. I felt her sword come down on my back and I fell through the air and crashed to the ground. I didn't really feel the cut in my back and I was going to get back up, but her sword came down inches away from my head. I didn't feel any pain, I didn't feel anything. I had failed. I failed to save my brother. The one chance I had to bring my brother back and I failed. I blew it. I don't think I moved for at least five minutes. My friends all came over to me, but they couldn't do anything to console me. They didn't have the weight of this failure on their shoulders.

Casey: “It's okay Story. We'll find some other way.”

What other way?! This was it! This was our big plan and I fucked it up!”

Casey: “I know... I'm just trying to help.”

I could see I had hurt her feeling and it made me feel even worse. I hugged her tight to me and apologized.

Everything is just so messed up. What am I going to do now?”

No one had an answer for that. How do you answer something like that.

We walked outside and I just wanted to sit quietly for a minute. We found a secluded clearing that no one really knew about and just tried to get our bearings. Carson didn't know Jude for long, but he was there for us. He especially made me feel better and tried to take my mind off of things.

~ Roma ~

Roma: “Bring me to the child.”

Professor: “What?!”

Roma: “Bring me to him Charles.”

Professor: “The deal you made...”

Roma: “It wasn't about the fight Charles. She was determined to win that fight and she could have.”

Professor: “But she didn't...”

Roma: “What do you have against this Charles?”

Professor: “I'm just confused about the change. Allow me to have you something made in the kitchen.”

Roma: “The boy can wait a while. What are you serving?”

~ ~ ~

Kevin: “This sucks!”

Jubilee: “It really does. That was a stupid way to decide if you bring someone back. She's probably had years of practice and shit.”

She was really good.”

Jamie: “Well you were keeping up with her at least. We'll figure out something.”

Casey: “I hope so.”

Kevin: “Jamie, why don't you just do it?”

Jamie: “What?!? What the hell are you talking about?”

Kevin: “You brought Casey back.”

Jamie: “Casey wasn't dead either.”

Kevin: “Damn near.”

Hey, wait... What is he talking about?”

Jamie: “It's nothing.”

No please. I want to know.”

Jamie: “It was a little while after everything blew up with Bobby. We were going out and some guys blew up the front of the school. A piece of wood lodged itself in her chest and while Kevin pulled it out I healed her up.”

Jubilee: “That's amazing.”

Jamie: “Not really. I just did what I had to do.”

Carson: “Well maybe you could try with Jude. I mean if it doesn't work, at least you know you tried.”

Xander: “Sounds like an idea to me.”

Jamie: “Guys it's not that simple. I almost passed out just bringing her back. Jude is dead.”

Look I know it's a lot to ask. But if you just tried, it would mean a lot. No pressure though.”

Jamie: “No pressure... Yeah right.”

I really didn't want to pressure Jamie. But what if he could do this? What if he could bring Jude back?


No pressure my ass. What the hell do you call bringing someone back from the dead. That's pressure.

We walked back into the mansion and went straight to the elevator. I really wanted to go back to the room, but they were adamant that we go to the Morgue. We got there and Hank was in the Med Bay. He wanted to do know what we were doing and we just told him that we were just coming to say goodbye to Jude. He told us he would give us a few minutes and we made our way into the morgue.

Guys... I really don't know about this.”

Story: “Look you're just giving it a shot.”

I know. I just don't want to mess this up.”

Story: “No pressure.”

She pulled out the table that he was on and we all just took him in. I actually didn't believe it was him on the table. I mean it looked like him, it was him, but Jude dead. It just didn't make sense. He was on the coolest guys you could meet. He was such an awesome person and he really didn't deserve this. I moved towards the table and just tried to concentrate. I didn't know how I was supposed to do this, but I would try for my friends. I touched Jude and focused on him, trying to bring him back. I closed my eyes and when I opened them back up, I was some place else. I looked around and it was like a vast space filled with darkness. I couldn't see anything. I didn't want to use my powers, but I had no choice. I formed a glove of fire around my hand and brought it up above my head. It wasn't as dark, but I still couldn't see much. I walked a little and ran into something. I brought my hand down so I could see what it was and it was like a box or something, but it had a black veil over it. Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled the veil off. I couldn't see anything, but dim color and everything was swirled around. I put my face down where the colors were swirling around and things cleared up perfectly. What I saw was one of Jude's memories. A memory that had me in it. It was a memory of the first day that we had met. It was so clear, but there was a dull feeling to it. I left the veil off and then moved on. I saw more veiled objects and I looked at a few of them. It was basically a bunch of different things. I saw him when he was younger, the day his parents kicked him out, the day he left to visit his parents. I also saw something that completely shocked me. Jude was in the shower with some guy and they were getting it on. I didn't understand it because he had never said anything to us, but what the hell I was into the same thing. I just wondered why he never told us about it. I was getting further along when I saw a dim light in the distance. I was going to follow it, when I bumped into another box that was closer to the floor. When I got down on my knees to look at it, it was covered in a red veil. I pretty much figured out what it was, but I wanted to see it anyway. I removed the veil and put my face to the box so that I could see everything clearly. It was basically what everyone thought, someone impersonated Logan, killed Jude and then left. She had dropped the guise of Logan and what was left was a blue woman with orange hair. She was super agile and she climbed out of the window and disappeared from sight. I was going to tell Story this just as soon as I did what I had to do, so I left the box and walked towards the light again. I got closer and the light was just as dim as everything else. I didn't know what it was and when I went to touch it my hand just went through it. I was hoping that maybe it might have been his life-force or something. I didn't know if I was doing it right, but I focused on my own energy and started to let it flow out of me. I directed it at the orb and I could see it strengthening before my eyes. It was really getting bright, when there was a movement in the shadows being cast from the orb. I stopped flowing my energy into it and looked around to see what it possibly could have been. I didn't see anything so I went back to what I was doing. I started feeding more energy into the orb when I thought I saw something glide through the shadows again. I didn't feel it at first, but my energy was waning. The orb that I guessed was his life-force was glowing a lot stronger, but I kept feeding it energy. I actually felt like I was getting somewhere when I felt something on my shoulder and I was thrown back. I flew about 5 ft before I finally hit the ground. I looked back and there was something there. It looked like a person, but it wasn't. It had the upper body of a man, but below was what looked like fire.

Hey! Get away from there. Get away...”

He looked back at me for a second and then turned away again. He put his hands up to the orb like I had mine and he started to pour his energy into it. I got up to stop him, but what I saw stopped me in my tracks. The more energy he put in, the more his body began to disappear. I looked past him and the orb that had been a dim yellow was being changed. Half of it was yellow and the other half was pitch black. He was completely gone and the orb was split down the middle perfectly. One half yellow and one half black. I didn't know what had just happened, but I felt myself slipping away.


It was fascinating watching Jamie. It took us a while to notice anything was happening, but after a few minutes his pupils and irises turned black and he levitated off of the floor. It was amazing because you could actually see the color somewhat returning to Jude's skin. It was taking on a life-like color. We all tried to keep hope, but we knew that this was taking a lot out of Jamie. It almost seemed like Jamie was done when there was like a shadow that washed over Jude's body. We all saw it, but none of us really paid much attention to it. But after that Jamie stopped. It was like he was suspended in mid-air and then he started to fall. Luckily Kevin was close by and he caught him before he hit the floor. Kevin laid him down gently and I ran and got some water from the Med Bay and laid it on his forehead. We all joined Jamie and Kevin on the floor and Casey slapped him lightly on his face a couple times and he started to come around.

Kevin: “Hey Big Guy!”

Jamie: “I fucked up.”

What do you mean?”

Jamie: “I was doing it. I mean I was putting my all into it, and then...”

Story: “Then what?”

Jamie: “I don't know. Somebody... something it threw me out of the way and whatever it was started feeding his energy into Jude.”

What the hell are you talking about?”

Jamie: “I don't even know. All I know is that something else was there.”

I was about to ask another question, when the door to the Morgue opened and Roma, the Professor, Jean, Logan, Ororo, and Scott walked in. We all looked up at them and they all looked down at us. I think they pretty much figured out what had taken place because Jude didn't look so dead anymore. Everyone had a look of shock on their faces, but mostly the Professor and Roma. I guessed he was just surprised that one of us could actually do this and then Roma was surprised that someone other than her would at least attempt this.

Ororo: “What's going on here?”

Logan: “Isn't it obvious 'Ro?”

Jean: “I don't believe this. How?”

Jamie: “I couldn't do it. I almost did it, but something happened.”

Scott: “You? All by yourself?”

Jamie: “Yeah, but I couldn't do it.”

Don't short change yourself. What you did was amazing. It was very admirable and you almost brought him back.”

Professor: “How?”

Jamie: “I don't know. I really don't know.”

Story: “Roma? I lost the bet, I know that. But Jude tried, he really tried and he gave it his all. He almost did it. I could see my brother coming back to me, but it just wasn't enough. Maybe if you just finished where he left off.”

Roma: “I didn't anticipate this.”

Story: “Anticipate what?”

Roma: “That you would take this step. I knew you wanted to save your brother, but taking it into your own hands. It's admirable.”

Story: “He's my brother.”

She asked us all to leave and we did. The eight of us went upstairs and out to the same secluded clearing. We waited and waited. After that we waited some more. I thought that with her being all experienced with doing this that it would only take a few minutes. We all got a little impatient and decided to go back downstairs. We walked into the room and the teachers were all standing around the table where Jude was. We were expecting to walk in and see the teachers taking his temperature and poking and prodding him to see if he was okay, but he was still on the table. In the same spot he had been in.

Story: “What's going on? What's wrong?”

Roma: “I haven't been able to connect to him.”

What do you mean?”

Roma: “I can't reach his life-force. It's as if something is blocking me out.”

We all looked at Jamie after she said that. I wondered if this is what he was talking about, the thing that wrapped itself around Jude's life-force. Jean advised her to take a break and we all went outside into the Med Bay. I just didn't understand. She was supposed to be the person to do this, but Jude was still on that fucking table. The Professor had a student bring down lunch meat sandwiches and us kids nibbled on a sandwich or two. I don't think we were really hungry, I knew I wasn't. I got up and walked over to the partition between the Morgue and the Med Bay and looked to the table Jude was on. I was really torn up about things not working out. It didn't even work when Roma tried. I was about to turn away when it looked like there was the slightest movement on the table. I didn't believe it, but I walked back to the table anyway. Jude was one of the coolest people I knew. I touched my hand to his arm and just as I was about to walk away his hand shot up and grabbed my neck. He started choking me and after a few seconds my legs started to get weak. I was trying to pull his hands away, but I didn't have the energy. I started to weaken and he started to squeeze my neck harder. I shot out my arm and knocked a tray to the ground with the hopes that someone would hear it. I tried to pull his hands off of my neck again, but his hand let go of my neck and I fell to the ground. I tried to take in air, but it wasn't coming to me. I tried and tried, but I passed out a few seconds later.

~ 5 Hours Later ~

I woke up a few hours later with a splitting headache. I don't know who did what to Jude, but he was knocked out cold. I didn't hold any ill feelings toward Jude, because I would have done the same thing had I just been brought back from the dead. The Professor was still mad, but he also didn't want us crowding Jude, so he only let two of us in at a time. I was still actually kind of tired, so I opted to stay outside with everyone else. Jamie and Story were both in there, so everyone else was out here. Roma was still concerned about why her powers hadn't worked, but we were more concerned with what Jamie saw. We didn't tell the Professor what Jamie said he saw, because the Professor was already jumpy about all of this. It was just freaking me out I guess.


Everything was a bit overwhelming at the moment. Jude was back, which was great. But I don't think we considered the full weight of what we had done. Like I said it was great, but how were we supposed to introduce him back into the school. Everyone was convinced that he was dead, and for him to come back would be considered some plot of ours to get people to be sympathetic or not be so mean to us. But then again, I guess that wouldn't happen because the teachers knew what happened. I had planned on going in to see Jude, but it was getting late and I didn't want to bother him. He still needed rest, so I just figured I'd visit him tomorrow.

It had been a few days and things were still pretty awkward. Jude had been trying to get back into the swing of things, but it was hard. Everyone was kind of weird around him, because he was supposed to be dead. It was great to have him back and even though he was still a little distant, it was great just hanging around him. And we did that a lot. We were all usually together, but most of the time Jude was either with me or Story. I don't know how it happened, but we just seemed a lot closer now that he was back. Something was off though and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It just felt like there was something different about Jude, something under the surface.

Jude: “Hey.”

What's up?”

Jude: “I have to go down to the Med Bay. Dr. McCoy wants me to keep doing these annual check-ups until he says I'm completely okay.”

How do you feel?”

Jude: “I feel fine. I mean considering everything that happened, I'm perfect.”

Well I know everything is alright.”

Jude: “Do you want to come with me? It'll make the time go by faster.”

We headed downstairs, and as soon we hit the door Jude was told to “strip.”

I guess he was used to the routine, because he didn't give any lip. I couldn't help but admired his body. He was perfect. He was 6'0”, 150lbs, hazel eyes, perfect six pack, and since he had been here the hair on the side of his head had grown, so he had soft curls all over his head. They went on with the whole process and I just stayed off to the side in order to stay out of the way. They finished up and Mr. McCoy left out of the Med Bay and it was just me and Jude.

Jude: “See something you like?”

What do you mean?”

Jude: “You've been staring at me for the past hour. It's hard not to notice.”

I used to want to be a Doctor. Made sense to pay attention.”

Jude: “Right...”

I turned around and decided it was best for me to leave. I didn't want Jude to see that my dick was growing, because I didn't want to be put out like Jamie was. I mean everyone knew he was bisexual and I am too. I just didn't want my business to be out there like that. I had the door almost open, when it slammed shut and sealed. I felt Jude walk up behind me and I got really nervous. I was planning on phasing out of the door, but before I could Jude grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

Dude... what... what's up with you?”

Jude: “Nothing. Just want to know why you were staring.”

It's nothing.”

Jude: “You like seeing me in the nude?”

Jude back off.”

I saw a darkness pass over his eyes that I wasn't completely comfortable with. I tried to back up, but he just came closer and closer to me. I stopped and started to power myself up. I didn't want to, but if I had to I would protect myself. I think he saw the look I was giving him and I heard the doors open and he backed up.

Look, I'm going to back upstairs. I'm sure you'll be okay by yourself for a little while.”

Jude: “Yeah. No problem.”

I got out of there as fast as possible. I hoped that Jude wouldn't tell everyone what happened today. I mean it's not like anything actually happened. I took a few glances at him, but that was it. And then he got so weird all of a sudden. I wandered if it was just him getting back to his old life, but it seemed like things had just changed so much. I got up to the living room and everyone was there. They were all laughing and talking, but I guess the strange look on my face brought that to a stop.

Jubilee: “Xander? Are you okay?”

Huh... Yeah I'm fine.”

Story: “Where's Jude? I thought you two were together.”

What? Oh, yeah. He umm... He stayed downstairs to talk to Hank.”

Jamie: “You sure you're okay? You're acting kind of weird.”

I think I'm just kind of tired. It's been a long day.”

Serenity: “Yeah it really has been. I shouldn't have taken on that psychology class. I'm drowning in work. (laughing)”

Where's Carson?”

Story: “I don't know. He might have gone to the Danger Room or something.”

Oh. Well I think I'm going to hit the sheets.”

Casey: “It's not even 8 o'clock yet.”

I really just wanted to leave before Jude came back up. He was my roommate and everything, but I figured I could go to sleep before he actually came up to go to sleep. I talked for a few more minutes and then I finally made my way upstairs. I had homework to do, but I figured that it could wait until tomorrow, being that tonight was Friday and all I had tomorrow were mutant-related classes. I sent a short email to Seven to see if everything was all right, then I got in the bed. I hoped that Jude wouldn't keep on with what he thought happened in the Med Bay because not a damn thing happened. I turned the television to music videos and got in the bed. I just wanted this day to be over.


I really didn't know what had gotten into me earlier. I don't know why I was pressing Xander like I did, but the way he was looking at me was kind of familiar. Actually kind of the way Seven looked at me since we started screwing around. Things had been different, that's for sure. I had the feeling clawing at me, like something wanted to get out. I didn't know what it was, but I was fighting it tooth-and-nail. I went upstairs to my room and got into bed. He was sleep now, but I wanted to talk to Xander in the morning and try and straighten things out with him. I didn't want him to feel weird around me, because I honestly don't know what possessed me to act like that. Sleep finally came, but it was anything but pleasant.

I had this dream and it was horrible. It felt like I had been thrown into a pool of darkness and hate. There was so much hate and violence. But not everywhere. There were some sincere feelings, but it was still an overwhelming feeling. I tried and tried to wake up, but I couldn't. It felt like I was being enveloped in darkness and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop it. Whatever it was, it was taking over.


~ House of Demos ~

...”What are talking about Viscera?”

Viscera: “Sovereign, one of the prisoners has escaped.”

Sovereign: “Which prisoner?”

Viscera: “One of the high risk prisoners. The demon Nazarus.”

Sovereign: “How does the most heavily guarded prisoner escape?”

Viscera: “We're not sure yet. But...”

Sovereign: “Is there something else?”

Viscera: “He found a host.”

Sovereign: “Who?”

Viscera: “A boy named Jude.”

Sovereign: “The boy would have had to have been dead.”

Viscera: “He was. For about a week and half.”

Sovereign: “Nazarus would have had to known the boy was dying.”

Viscera: “He has vast abilities Sovereign. It's why he was so guarded.”

Sovereign: “Clearly.”

Viscera: “It appears that a friend of the boy planned on resurrecting him and during that time Nazarus appeared and combined his life-force with the boys.”

Sovereign: “Dammit... What is being done?”

Viscera: “That is where we hit a snag.”

Sovereign: “A snag?”

Viscera: “Yes. The only thing we can do is monitor him. In order to bring him back here, we would need to find host.”

Sovereign: “Then do it!”

Viscera: “It's not that simple. After we finished our mission, we would need to evacuate the body of the host. If we did that, the host would die.”

Sovereign: “We're demons. We can body hop.”

Viscera: “For short periods of time, yes. But what this requires is a much longer period of time. Nazarus doesn't plan on going anywhere because he fully mended himself to the boy. We'd have to kill him to even get to Nazarus.”

Sovereign: “Leave me. I need to think.”


Finally free! How dare they lock me in that prison for centuries and leave me to rot. No matter, my power had grown to limitless amounts and with this body, I'd be unstoppable. I wasn't after world domination, that was back in the day. I just wanted to be free. I also didn't want to hurt the boy, but his fate was inevitable. I had control of him now, but he was strong for someone of his age and it wouldn't last. His memories were at my disposal, so after I grabbed some of his clothes and his money, I made my way to the door. I was almost out into the hallway, when he woke up.

Xander: “Jude... Are you going somewhere?”
I tried to match my voice to his as much as possible, but I don't know how I pulled it off.

I'm just getting some fresh air.”

Xander: “You're carrying a tote-bag.”

Look, don't worry about it. Just go back to sleep.”

Xander: “You're voice sounds funny.”

I think I have a little cold or something. Just go back to sleep okay?”

I heard him slide out of the bed, and he walked up behind me. He put his arm on my shoulder and tried to turn me around. I didn't want to hurt him, but it seemed like a definite possibility. He applied more force and I finally turned around. He looked into my eyes, and his face contorted into a look of fear. They had a mirror to the left of me and when I looked into it, my eyes were completely black except the iris which was a milky white color. I turned back to him and I could tell he was about to yell and I couldn't let that happen. I grabbed him by his throat and threw him as hard as I could, he was headed for the wall and before he slammed into it, I raced across the room and grabbed his throat again. I tightened my hold on his throat and slammed his head into the wall repeatedly. He had blood pouring out of his mouth and there was blood smeared on the wall, where his head kept hitting it. I let him drop to the ground and walked back to the door. Some of my host's feelings were coming through because as I was taking out his friend, I had a strong impulse to stop. It seems the boy Jude had mixed feelings about his friend. It was a mixture of lust for him, fear of me hurting him, and a desire to keep it under wraps if the feelings weren't reciprocal. There was a soft knock at the door and I stopped in my tracks.

Story: “Jude... Jude are you alright in there? I heard a banging sound.”

It's fine. I just dropped some of my stuff.”

Story: “Why don't you open up? I'll help you get it up.”

It's fine. I'm gonna get back in bed.”

Xander: “Story something’s wrong! It's Jude... something is wrong!”

I turned back to him and formed a whip of dark energy and hit it with him. He slumped over and he didn't move again. I turned back to the door and it was heading right for me. She had blasted it off the hinges and stepped into the room. I dove out of the way just in time, and when I got back up she had a look of concern in her eyes. That all changed when she saw the condition that Xander was in.

Story: “What did you do to him?”

She stepped a little closer and she looked into my eyes.

Story: “Who are you? What did you do to my brother?”

He's in here somewhere. Don't worry, I didn't hurt him. I'm just taking over for a little while.”

Story: “And then what? You just dispose of my brother?”

Of course not. See if I was to leave this body, it would be a life-threatening strain on me and your brother would die.”

Story: “Bring my brother back right now!”

I won't be able to do that.”

She levitated the desk that was behind her and hurled it at me. I opened up a dark portal and the desk was sucked into it. I ran over to her and grabbed her by her throat.

I really don't want to hurt you. But you're not leaving me much of a choice.”

I squeezed her throat harder in the attempt to knock her out. I'm positive it might have worked, had she not blasted me across the room. She straightened up, ran out of the room, and down the hall. I took one last look at Xander to make sure he was still knocked out and I went after her. I couldn't risk someone else knowing. I heard screaming coming from around the corner, so that's where I went.

Casey: “Story slow down. Morgan is sleeping in there.”

Story: “You have to... You have to listen!”

Casey: “I'm trying to. Slow down a little.”

Story: “Something happened... something happened to Jude. He's acting crazy. Xander... He beat Xander up!”

Casey: “What?!”

I formed a dark energy ball and launched it at her. It hit her in the chest and she was sent flying down the hall. I sent another energy ball at Casey, but she had already retreated into her room. I didn't think I was going to have to deal with her, until she came back out of the door. The only thing is, she wasn't the only person who came out of their room. Them all being on the same floor must have been convenient for Jude, but it was making things really hard for me at the moment. Story had since gotten back up and she had joined her friends.

I am not in the mood for this!”

Story: “What did you do to my brother?”

Just fed my energy into him!”

Jamie: “You! It was you that stopped me.”

Oh, yes. Sorry about that. I had to stop you before you fully brought your friend back, or I would have needed to find a different host.”

Carson: “What are we standing around talking for? I wanna go back to bed, so let's kick this guy's ass already.”

Brave aren't we?”

He started to morph into one of his monster forms and the others just gave him a little space. When he finished his hideous transformation, there stood a skinny, four legged, six armed, worm/human thing. That's honestly the only way I could explain such a hideous creature. He didn't seem very dangerous to me, until he pulled two long swords and four throwing knives from behind his back. He moved with the speed of a cheetah, and before I could even blink, he was upon me. I dodged most of the swipes of his sword, but he successfully hit me twice. I wasn't going to take much more of that shit. I created two dark energy pools in the ground below his feet, and his front legs slowly started to sink into the floor. When he was up to his knees, the pools closed in around his legs and he was stuck. I was going to blast a hole in his chest, but before I could the girl Casey stepped in front of him. She stood there and did nothing. I thought that she would have attacked, but it seemed that she was waiting for me. I formed a spike of dark energy and directed it right at her. They were about to make contact with her, when they turned into a cloud of smoke and vanished. She sent a bolt of energy towards me and when I put up a shield it passed through it and struck me in my chest. I thought I would have been thrown back, but I hadn't been. But I did suddenly feel a sense of sadness and regret. Feelings that weren't mine. She was influencing my emotions and making me regret what I was trying to do. Not gonna work! I fought her powers and sent a blast of dark energy at her. She was hit in the gut and sent flying. Serenity stepped up next, but she didn't use any powers on me. She ran right up and started throwing kicks and punches. I was caught off guard at first, but after she got in a few hits, I managed to block the rest of them. She threw a punch at me, but I grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her and pushed her into the wall. I turned to look back at the group and was hit in the face with someone's fist. It was the kid Jamie, and he was livid.

Jamie: “Get the teachers up here Kevin! Now!”

He made a move to run down the hall, but I created a dark portal and he ran into it. I didn't send him to a dangerous place, but he'd be shaken up for a long time.

Serenity: “Kevin!”

I dodged a few energy beams that were directed at me by Jude, and then ran back down the hallway where Jude's room was. I had almost made it to the other side of the hallway, where I would have been able to get outside, but the wall of our room exploded and I was tackled by Xander. He was pretty messed up, but he had enough energy to do that. I rolled him off of me and when I got up, I wasn't only looking into the faces of Jude's friends (Kevin must have found the other side of the portal), but also the angry faces of his teachers. Okay, maybe angry wasn't the word. It was that times 100. I felt something in my head and then I heard a voice speaking to me.

Professor X: “Who are you?

Professor, it's me! Jude! They all attacked me for no reason.”

Professor X: “You're own sister attacked you.

She's gone insane. Maybe another of the students is influencing there actions.

Professor X: “I can sense that you are in your right mind.

Very well then. I guess I'll just have to get you out of my way like I did them.”

Jean: “I assure you. We won't be that hard to get past.”

The kids looked kind of offended, but they weren't really being paid much attention.

Story: “I'm going to go and try and help Carson.”

That would be a waste of time.”

Story: “Let him go now!”

You let me leave and I'll do just that.”

Story: “Or I could beat the fucking shit out of you until you let him go.”

Tsk,Tsk. Now don't they teach you better than that here?”

Jean: “Enough of this crap. What have you done with Jude?”

Like I told his sister. He's in here somewhere.”

Professor X: “I'll ask you again... Who are you?

Nazarus from Demos.”

Jean: “Demos?”

Before I could answer, Casey, Jamie, Serenity, Kevin and that girl Jubilee (who came out of nowhere), stepped in front of the teachers and began to attack.

Jamie: “Jubilee!”

On his command, she summoned up one of her fireworks and launched it at me. I was expecting the shield I formed to absorb the blast, but before the firework even reached my shield, it exploded into a blinding white light. I was shocked by the sudden flash of light and let down my shield. It was just the opening the others needed to gain the upper-hand on me. Casey levitated a potted plant and sent it flying at me. I couldn't see it and it hit me square in the stomach, sending me to the ground. My vision was clearing up some, but Serenity had already created a mass of energy darts and launched them at me. I was able to evade several of them, and I swiped a few of them away from me with telekinesis, but I was hit with the rest of the darts that I had missed. I felt a crippling pain that coursed through my body and I crumpled back to the ground. I created a dark portal behind me and tried to inch my way towards it, but Kevin froze my arms and legs in place, so that I couldn't move.

Jean: “Sleep tight!”

I felt her invading my mind and then all I saw was black.


Xander was messed up pretty badly. Jean said that he had a mild concussion and him crashing through the wall didn't help much either. Carson was okay too. Logan clawed him out of the floor, because after Jude... I mean Nazarus was knocked out, Carson was stuck in the floor. None of us understood what was going on. The Professor and the other teachers were questioning him, but they weren't getting anywhere. Story had demanded to get in there and see him, but they wouldn't let her. I figured that she didn't much care for what they told her to do, so she'd find a way to get in there. I had gone down to check Xander in the Med Bay, and when I was leaving I saw Jean and Ororo coming out of the War Room. I figured that's where they would have kept him. We were all lounging around the living room for the time being. Jamie was playing with Morgan, and we were all just trying to see what was going to happen with Jude.

Carson: “I can't believe that was really Jude.”

Story: “That's not Jude. It's some monster. My brother would never do that!”

Casey: “We know. It's just hard to understand what happened if they won't tell us anything, or even go down there for that matter.”

Story: “That's my brother. They can't keep me away from him.”

... :” Humph Umm.”

We all turned around at that sound of someone clearing their throat, and I don't think of any of us recognized the couple that was standing behind us.

Story: “Mom?... Dad?”

Mom: “Oh my God!”

Dad: “Your voice. You got your voice back.”

Serenity: “You're Mr. And Mrs. Santiago?”

Mrs. Santiago: “Yes. You're the girl who called?”

Serenity: “Yes.”

Story: “What are you doing here?”

Mr. Santiago: “What do you think? When we got the call, I had a few affairs to set aside, but we got here as soon as possible.”

Story: “What for? You actually give a shit now?”


I actually didn't believe the speed that Story's mom had, but she slapped the shit out of her, almost as soon as the words left her mouth. There was a bit of a shocked silence in the room and no one did anything for a few moments.

Story: “You ever put your hands on me again, so help me God.”

Carson took a few steps towards her and put his hands on her shoulders.

Carson: “Baby chill out.”

Mr. Santiago: “Excuse me?”

Carson backed up a little, after saying that. I guess he didn't want the same treatment that Story had just been treated to.

Mrs. Santiago: “You will not disrespect me. I am your mother.”

Story: “No you're not. You didn't want us around because we were mutants.”

Mrs. Santiago: “We never said that to you.”

Story: “You didn't have to. And if that's not bad enough, you treat Jude like crap and you toss him on his ass at my party.”

Mr. Santiago: “It's bad enough that he's a mutant, then on top of that he's some faggot.”

Okay, another shocking silence. I think basically all of our mouths dropped at the same time. Jude being gay was impossible. I mean he didn't talk to many girls, and he was always with us, but he was a bona fide flirt.

Story: “How could you put his business out there like that? What's wrong with you?”

Mr. Santiago: “If they were truly your friends, then they would have known.”

Story: “Jude wasn't ready to tell them. And you still think of him as some fag. You can't even call him your son.”

Mr. Santiago: “He was my son.”

Mrs. Santiago: “We're just here to see the burial.”

Story: “Burial? There isn't going to be a burial.”

Mrs. Santiago: “Excuse me? What the hell do you mean there isn't going to be a burial.”

Jude isn't dead.”

Mr. Santiago: “How dare you call my house and play with us like that?”

Serenity: “No he died. He's just not dead anymore. Jamie brought him back.”

Mrs. Santiago: “What?!”

Serenity: “It's really hard to explain, but he's alive.”

Carson: “Yeah he is, but he has some demon in him.”

We all gave him an evil look, and Story punched him in the stomach. We really needed to be keeping that to ourselves.

Story: “I'm going to my room.”

Mrs. Santiago: “We are not done talking to you yet.”

Story: “Oh I think you are.”

Mr. Santiago:”Consiga detrás aquí. Usted no dará vuelta su de nuevo a mí o a su madre.”
<Get back here. You will not turn your back to me or your mother.>

Maybe it'll be best if you give her a little while to calm down. She's kind of emotional at the moment.”

Mrs. Santiago: “And we aren't? Our son is dead.”

We all turned around at the sound of footsteps and wheels, and it was the Professor, Jean, and Ororo.

Ororo: “Mr. & Mrs. Santiago?”

Mrs. Santiago: “Yes.”

Ororo: “Can you please follow us?”

Story: “Wait... Wait. What are you doing? Where are you taking them?”

Professor X: “To see Jude. After the incident, we called them and asked them to come here. Then after Jude's... awakening, we called again.”

Story: “They don't give a damn about Jude. You're not taking them to see him.”

Jean: “Story we have to.”

Story: “Like hell!”

She vanished in a cloud of smoke before any of us could say anything. I think we all pretty much knew where she was going and so did the Professor.


I'll be damned if they let my parents see Jude. If they thought for a second that I was going to let then see my brother, then they were sadly mistaken. I teleported right in front of the War Room Door, and when I opened it, they had some kind of laser prison in the middle of the floor. I thought that he was sleeping, but he wasn't. He was just lying on the bench they had provided for him.


I thought he didn't hear me, but then I remembered. He wasn't exactly Jude right now.


He slowly rose up off of the bench and walked towards me as far as the lasers would allow.

Nazarus: “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Our parents are here.”

Nazarus: “Our?”

I don't want them to see you like this.”

Nazarus: “Like this? What's wrong with me?”

You're a fucking demon.”

Nazarus: “(laughing) Oh yeah. That.”

This isn't funny. You're supposed to be dead.”

Nazarus: “I am.”

My brother is alive, and the sooner you get out of him, we can get back to living our lives.”

Nazarus: “Didn't I already tell you what would happen if I deserted this body? Your brother would die.”

Him dying is better than being stuck with you?”

Nazarus: “Why don't you let me out of here and you can get your chance.”

I'm not stupid.”

Nazarus: “I don't want to hurt your brother. I just want to live my life.”

It's not your life! It's my brothers and you're stealing it from him!”

Nazarus: “Demons live in the background. We only show ourselves when we have to. Some of us are bad, that's true. But not all of us.”

And which one are you if you would beat Xander to a pulp?”

Nazarus: “I used to be bad. I tried to take over our dimension, but that was a long time ago.”


Nazarus: “I'm not from Hell if that's what you're thinking. That only exists in this dimension.”

So you're not from Hell, then how are you a demon?”

Nazarus: “In my dimension, I am a lesser being. Under our God.”

You're god?”

Nazarus: “The Sovereign. He makes all the decisions in Demos. Him and his council.”

This is all sounding a little far-fetched. How can I believe you?”

Nazarus: “You're just going to have to. I'm not going back... I can't.”

I was about to answer him, when the doors slid open and everyone walked in.

Carson: “Story get away from him! He's dangerous.”

Mom: “What the hell is going on here? I thought you said he was dead.”

Professor X: “He was, but they brought him back from the dead. But when they did, he came back with this alternate personality.”

Nazarus: “I'm not an alternate personality.”

Serenity: “Story, are you sure you want to be so close to him? He has a lot of power.”

He's not going to hurt me. He's not going to hurt anyone!”

Jubilee: “Except Xander. Did you see what he did to him?”

Of course I saw. I just don't think he wants to hurt us.”

Nazarus: “I don't. I just wanted to get away from Demos.”

Dad: “Demos? He's not making any sense.”

Jubilee: “I have to agree with him. Jude isn't making a bit of sense.”

Look, I'll explain everything he told me. I don't know if it's all true, but I believe him.”

Casey: “What about Xander? Did you forget what he did to him?”

No. Look guys please don't gang up on me. I just want to look at this from every angle.”

Nazarus: “If you let me go, we could skip a few steps.”

Professor X: “You will not be coming out of that cell.”

Nazarus: “Yet!”

Come on. We need to talk about this upstairs.”

I started to walk away and everyone began to follow me, including my parents. I turned to them and gave them the most hate filled look I could.

Where the hell do you think you're going?”

Mom: “He's our son. We're going to discuss what's going on here?”

"¡Como infierno!”
<Like hell!>

Mom: “Story. Entiendo que usted no nos desea aquí. Pero soy su madre. Soy su madre.”
<Story. I understand that you don't want us here. But I am his mother. I'm your mother.>

Not anymore.”

Dad: “Story, what we did was wrong. I understand that. Things haven't been the same since you two have left and we want you to come back home. We love you so much.”

You just outted Jude to our friends. What kind of love is that?”

Jean: “Outted him?”

It's nothing.”

Nazarus: “Outted him how?

My brother's bisexual. He's into guys.

Nazarus: “Oh.

Not shocked?

Nazarus: “People of Demos are sexually liberated.

I felt an arm touching me and it brought me back to the conversation in front of me. When I realized it was my mom's hand, I snatched my arm back as hard as possible.

Mom: “Are you okay Story?”

Don't ever touch me!”

I walked out of the War Room, and everyone but my parents followed me. I was going to go upstairs, but it didn't seem to make much sense if we were only going to come back down here anyway. I walked into the Danger Room's Control Tower, and we settled into the conversation.

Jamie: “What the hell are you thinking?”

I'm thinking about my brother.”

Jamie: “I understand that, but he could have killed Xander.”

Jubilee: “Were you going to release him?”

No. Of course not. At least not until we talked.”

Casey: “Jubilee, listen... Yeah, Jude is in there somewhere. But how do you know this Nazarus guy isn't lying?”

I don't. But what am I supposed to do?”

Kevin: “I'm on Story's side here.”

Casey: “What?!”

Kevin: “Is that so hard to believe? Jude is her brother. And it sounds crazy, but this Nazarus guy seems to be a part of him now.”

Jamie: “This is all my fault. If we would have just waited, Roma would have done it right.”

Jamie it's not your fault. It's mine. I was so blinded by the need to have my brother back. I asked you to do something that just wasn't fair.”

Professor X: “We can't let him loose. He is a potential risk.”

Casey: “We're all potential risks. Everyone of us.”

Professor X: “We're going to have to kill the demon.”

What?! My brother would die.”

Professor X: “I understand that. But he is to much of a risk.”

You want to kill my brother?”

Ororo: “Let's take a vote.”

Kevin: “Isn't that a little juvenile?”

Ororo: “Excuse me?”

Kevin: “What I meant to say was... Isn't it a little high school-ish?”

You're all okay with this? He said he wants to kill Jude.”

Serenity: “Babe listen. It isn't just Jude anymore. It's something else.”

He's my brother.”

Jamie: “We know that. But this isn't just about him right now. Whatever that thing is, it can't be trusted.”

You've all already made up your minds.”

Casey: “Story, it's not like that. We're just trying to be logical.”

No. Let's just take the vote.”

I teleported a pen, pencil, and container out of my room and tore it into thirteen pieces of paper.

Don't write your name on the paper. Just 'yes' or 'no'.”

They all took a slip of paper and waited on the pen.

Serenity: “What's with the extra paper?”

It's for Scott, Logan, and Xander.”

Serenity: “Oh.”

I wrote my answer down and then put it into the container. I passed the pen around, they each wrote their answers, and then they put it into the bin. I sent a telepathic message to Scott and Logan, asking them to come downstairs and then I walked to the Med Bay where Xander was. I almost cried when I saw what Nazarus did to him, but this was not the time for that. He was sleeping and I softly shook him awake.

Xander: “What... What's going on?”

Xander. I need you to do something for me?”

Xander: “What?”

Take a vote. Vote whether you want to give Jude a second chance, or let the Professor kill him.”

Xander: “Kill him?”


I gave him the paper and turned around while he wrote his answer down. I handed him the container and he dropped his answer in with the rest of him. I gave him a soft kiss on the forehead and told him I'd come to see him later with what had been decided. I went back to the Control Room and Logan and Scott were just walking in.

Scott: “What's going on?”

Jean: “It's Jude. We're taking a vote on what to do?”

Scott: “Isn't that a little high school-ish?”

Kevin: “That's what I said.”

Professor X: “This is a serious matter.”

We're taking a vote to see whether my brother should live or die?”

Logan: “Die?”

Yes. Die.”

I handed them the papers, and after they wrote their answers down, they dropped the slips into the container and stepped back. I covered the top and shook and shook, until I was satisfied everything was completely mixed up.

Now we see.”

I pulled the slips out one by one and read off each answer. It worked in their favor that I had only seen the Professor's writing because the answers astounded me.









Professor Xavier


















Seven yeses. Six nos. It's decided then.”

Jubilee: “Story...”

Don't... None of you.”

Ororo: “I am so sorry.”

What's it matter right?”

Kevin: “This isn't right.”


Professor X: “Tomorrow at Noon.”

I walked out of the room and went back to the War Room. I put a mental block up and told me parents to get the fuck out. Nazarus saw my face and his turned into a look of worry.

They're going to kill you?”

Nazarus: “What!?”

I'm going to get you out of here. Be ready. I'll have some clothes for you, but that's it. Just be ready to go at Midnight.”

Nazarus: “I will be!”

Don't make me regret this.”

I made my way up to my room and started to pack. I kept the mental block going, just in case someone had the bright idea of seeing what I was thinking. There was a soft knock on my door and when I turned to look it was Carson.

Carson: “Can I come in for a second?”

Sure. Whatever.”

Carson: “Where you going?”

I'm leaving.”

Carson: “About Jude...”

What was your vote?”

Carson: “Story... I...”

You voted 'yes'. Right?”

Carson: “I did.”

I thought so.”

Carson: “Story...”

Get the fuck out!”

Carson: “Story...”


I had all of my stuff packed and ready to go. I didn't know who voted what, but it didn't matter. Come Midnight, this place would be a thing of the past. I didn't need to be around people like them.

Who Needs Enemies When You Have Friends Like Them?



What the fuck are you guys thinking?”

Casey: “Kevin calm down.”

No! You guys voted for Jude to die.”

Jamie: “He's not himself. If they can find away to get whatever that thing is out of him then....”

Then he'll die. Which seems to work for all of you?”

I was ready to kill someone. I couldn't believe they were going to kill Jude. Even though it was dark, we were all outside by the pool, and I was going on a rampage. This was all the Professor's fault. He was supposed to protect us, but here he was trying to kill one of us.

Casey: “Of course we don't want Jude to die. But we have to consider everything here. Did you see Xander? Did you see what he did to him?”

We all saw. That doesn't change anything. Why don't you ask Xander how he voted?”

Jubilee: “I'm not sure I made the right decision.”

And what decision was that?”

Jubilee: “I voted 'yes.'”

Jubilee how could you?”

Jubilee: “I said I made the wrong decision.”

Jamie: “It's to late.”

How could you guys do this? What about when we came here? Serenity was in trouble. We fought for her. And then Carson. They were going to feed you to the wolves, but who was by your side. Story was. Every step of the way. She visited you every fucking day.”

Carson: “It's not going to matter. Story's leaving anyway.”

Serenity: “What? What do you mean she's leaving?”

Carson: “She was packing her stuff, and when I told her how I voted, she flipped out. She kicked me out and here I am.”

Serenity: “Come on. We're going to see her.”

A few hours had passed since voting, and it was around 11pm. We figured that she would be in her room, so that's where we all went. Since it was also Serenity's room, we just walked in and Story's side was completely bare. She had taken her all of her clothes out of the drawers and she had packed up all of her books and things.

Serenity: “Oh My God. I don't believe this.”

Carson: “Where could she be?”

We could check the athletic center. She likes to train in there.”

Casey: “Look, we'll split up and we'll search the mansion.”

I'll scan for her.”

Story: “Don't bother. I'm right here.”

In our panic, I don't think any of us realized her walking into the room. Serenity had started to run up and hug her, but Story stopped her.

Story: “Don't. I'm not staying. I forgot the shoe box under my bed.”

Story what are you doing? Where are you gonna go?”

Story: “What do you care?”

I'm on your side Story. I would never want to hurt Jude.”

Story: “Okay. Maybe you give a shit, but who else does? Who voted against my brother?”

It was basically clear to me who had voted against Jude, but none of them stepped up. She already knew Carson's answer, mine, and the Professor's, so she really was only in the dark about everyone else's.

Story: “Exactly what I thought.”

She went to her bed and pulled a shoe box out from under it. She pulled out a shit load of cash and then threw the box back on the bed.

Story: “My cab will be here in an hour. I need to get downstairs.”


Story: “Thanks for your vote Kevin. It actually mattered a lot to me.”

She walked out of the room and was making her way down the hall. I was going to go after her, but Carson beat me out the door.



Carson: “Story, can we please talk for a second?”

What do we have to talk about?”

Carson: “I made a mistake. I should have never voted against Jude. I was only thinking of my safety, and not all that you guys did for me. Jude was right by my side, and when he needed me, I turned my back on him. That was wrong of me to do.”

You're damn right it was wrong.”

Carson: “If I could, I would take it back. But I don't know how I can.”

I was about to lay in to him again when the rest of them came outside.

Casey: “I voted against him too, and I am so sorry I did. Jude has been nothing but great to me, and how do I repay him? I'm really sorry.”

Serenity: “Me too. I'm really sorry. It was such a sudden demand, that we weren't able to think of all the great times we've had.”

Jamie: “With everything that happened upstairs, I just think it was on all of our minds. I was angry at Jude for what he put us through, and it influenced my decision.”

Kevin: “Do you think the Professor would let us do it over?”

Serenity: “For us? Probably not.”

Well he's going to have to. If you've guys have changed your mind, the situation has changed.”

Jamie: “Well what can we do?”

Kevin: “We have to go and see the Professor right now.”

Jamie: “What for? He's not going to change his mind.”

It's worth a shot.”

Jubilee: “There's only one problem. Does anyone know where the Professor's room is? I mean, I've only ever seen him in his office, the cafeteria, Danger Room sessions, and occasionally outside.”

Carson: “She's got a point. I've never seen his room. All the other teachers have name plates on their doors.”

Well then what are we going to do?”

Jubilee: “Send him a telepathic message. He'll get that instantly.”

Uh, Duh! Why the hell didn't I think of that. I sent one to the Professor, but I also directed it at the other teachers. I wanted them to meet me downstairs in the War Room, because after we said what we were going to say, I wanted them to release my brother immediately. We made it down to the War Room and I was surprised to see that my parents were still there, watching Jude sleep.

Mom: “Story... What are you doing here?”

The better question is, what are you doing here?”

Mom: “Jude is our son. We have his best interest at heart.”

Since when?”

Dad: “Listen, this has been a long day for all of us. Story we just want to be here for you and your brother.”

We don't need...”

Serenity: “Story! It's not the time.”

Carson: “Story she's right. We need to figure out what we're going to say to the Professor.”

Casey: “We'll just tell him that we changed our mind.”

Kevin: “You think that'll work?”

Mom: “Excuse me, but what's going on here?”

I was about to reply to her rudely, when the doors opened. All the teachers walked in and settled into the room.

Jean: “I was wondering the same thing. It's not everyday someone screams psychically in my mind.”

Sorry... It's urgent.”

Ororo: “And what is so urgent at this time of night?”

Jubilee: “We want you to release Jude.”

Professor: “Excuse me?”

Carson: “We want you let Jude out.”

Casey: “We made a mistake and we want you to let him go.”

Dad: “What is she talking about?”

Jamie: “Yeah Professor. Why don't you tell him what you're talking about.”

Serenity: “How you wanted to rip the demon from Jude.”

Kevin: “Because you were scared.”

Casey: “Because he messed up one little hallway.”

And knowing that ripping the demon from him, would ultimately kill him.”

Carson: “Right Professor?”

Jubilee: “Or did we miss something?”

Mom: “What the hell are they talking about?”

Dad: “You were trying to kill our son?”

Professor: “Mr. Santiago, we weren't sure of what would happen when we extracted the demon.”

He told you exactly what would happen.”

Dad: “You were going to kill my son?”

Professor: “It was one of the risks. We have advanced machinery that could have separated the two.”

Dad: “When I get through with this place, you'll be begging for change and doing tricks with your wheelchair.”

Professor: “You will not threaten me in my own home!”

Dad: “You had better release my son. Immediately!”

Professor: “There are certain matters that we need to think about. That isn't just Jude anymore. It's Jude and Nazarus... or whatever he calls himself.”

Let my brother go. Or I'll just do it myself.”

Jean: “Calm down Story. The last thing we need is a fight.”

I don't want to fight either Ms. Grey. Please just let my brother go.”

Professor: “Story I don't think you understand the repercussions that could come with letting him out. We don't know anything about this person. Nazarus. We need to make sure what he's saying is the actual truth.”

I wasn't going to listen to too much more of that shit. I walked over to the War Room's control panel, and after figuring out what everything meant, I lowered the laser cell and Jude was free. I walked over and gently shook Jude awake.

Problem solved. Well I think I'm going to bed now.”

Nazarus: “Is it time to go?”

We don't have to leave anymore. We did a re-do.”

Nazarus: “Good. Does that mean I can stay here too?”

That, I don't know. I hope so, but if not, we'll leave together.”

Professor: “You will report to my office immediately. All of you!”

The Professor rolled out of the room and the doors closed behind him. I'm just glad that I was able to get Jude released. I still hadn't come to terms with calling him Nazarus, or when I would have to call him that. I turned back to him and crouched down beside the bench.

Can you release my brother now? Or at least vie him back control?”

Nazarus: “Yeah. He'll need to get used to me and the powers I have. It'll be like nothing he ever experienced.”

Will he remember any of this?”

Nazarus: “I'm sure he will.”


Oh My God! It felt so good to finally be back in control. I didn't understand what happened. I was aware of what was going on, but I was also aware that I wasn't in control. After I got some sleep of my own, the first thing I would do was go and apologize to Jude. He was pretty messed up, and I wanted to make sure he was alright, and let him know that I was me again. I also had to do some damage control with my friends. Based on what happened in the War Room when Nazarus was in control and locked up, I pretty much figured out that my Dad had outted me. I hated him at the moment. He talked all that shit about wanting us to be a family again, but me being bisexual was to much for him. Fuck Him! I got up to my room and started to undress. I was going to take a shower before I got in the bed, but something in the mirror caught my attention. When I faced it again, something felt different. I couldn't see any noticeable difference, but things just felt different. I brought my face closer to the mirror and I noticed my eyes were a different color. My normal, hazel-colored eyes had taken on an almost white color. There was still a tint of hazel, but if I wasn't so close to the mirror, I would have thought they were just white. I was a little shaken up, but I didn't worry to much about it. I took off the rest of my clothes and turned back to the mirror. I could see a faint scar on my chest where I was stabbed, but other than that, there were no obvious signs of what I had been through. I turned away from the mirror and was caught off guard when I thought I saw something black flash across the mirror. I was going to turn around, but the tattoo on my back stopped me in my tracks. I ran my hand across my lower back and I didn't feel any rise in my skin. It was like this mark had been branded under my skin. I didn't know what was going on, but I'd be damned if I didn't find out.


Sorry this chapter took so long. A lot of things were going on here. I guess I went a little far out with this one. With the demons and everything, but what the hell it's my story. Photos of Carson's monsters and Jude tattoo are in the group. Also I need advice. I guess it's not bad, but I feel like I don't leave enough time for things to stew. By that I mean, I write out a problem for the characters, and then solve it the same chapter. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I don't think I leave much suspense. I guess it's a lot of action, but still. Like with Jude coming back this chapter and all this stuff happening, it makes me feel like it's been rushed. Well I hope I get some feedback on this with some ideas. I have an idea for some new actual Marvel characters that I'm going to try and work into the story for like a chapter and then have them come back later. Let me know what you guys think. Remember the group is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/highschoolx and feel free to join. Also my email is numberme30@yahoo.com if you don't want to post in the group.