I messed up a few times with names and other stuff, but whatever and I'm sure you all knew who and what I was trying to say. I don't know if I ever gave the proper descriptions of everyone in the story. When I first began, I wasn't really worried about all the details and I only really explained the looks when Jude, Story, and Serenity came into the picture. I realized this when I was finding drawings I wanted to resemble my characters (it's really hard finding pictures of guys, so there won't be any until I can find good pictures for them). Realizing that, I'm going to describe all the characters. I realize some of the descriptions may contradict with earlier descriptions, but this is what I'm going by now and sorry for any mix-ups. I also want to say that even though this is an X-Men Fan Fiction, I am going to be using other characters from the Marvel World. You don't have to worry about me going all overboard with characters from completely different genres, so I'll basically be sticking to Marvel, even though there were several Marvel/DC crossover stories.
Here Goes!

Jamie Phillips
Birth Date: October 18th, 1989
Age: 17
Race: Black and White (mulatto)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown (braids)
Weight: 188lbs.
Height: 5'9”
Body Type: Muscular/Toned
#2 – Tribal, Libra Insignia
Piercing: Tongue & Ear
Scars: Large scar on Left Hand

Casey Fuller
Birth Date: June 7th, 1989.
Age: 17
Race: Puerto Rican & Dominican
Eyes: Light Brow
Hair: Brown (shoulder length)
Weight: 154lbs.
Height: 5'7”
Body Type: Slim Hourglass shape
Tattoos: Stars on lower stomach
Piercing: Ears & Navel
Scars: Dim scars above stomach

Kevin Wyatt
Birth Date: August 17, 1988
Age: 18
Race: Chinese & Black
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown. Fade.
Weight: 200lbs.
Height: 6'1”
Body Type: Muscled. Not bulky
Tattoos: '
Kevin' on neck. Dragon starting on left pec, across the shoulder, across the back, and ending right side of the stomach. (Colors not filled yet)
Piercing: Left Ear
Scars: None

Jude Santiago
Birth Date: December 21, 1989
Age: 17
Race: Puerto Rican
Eyes: Hazel (turned almost white)
Hair: Curly Top. Shaved Sides
Weight: 150lbs.
Height: 6'0”
Body Type: Toned
Tattoos: Skull tattoo on back. (will be explained)
Piercing: Ears
Scars: Three faint scar marks on chest and back

Story Santiago
Birth Date: November 16, 1990
Age: 16
Race: Puerto Rican
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Brown. Curly. Past shoulders.
Weight: 140lbs.
Height: 5'5”
Body Type: Slim with slight muscles from fighting
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears. Navel.
Scars: None

Serenity Douglass
Birth Date: July 6, 1989
Age: 17
Race: Puerto Rican & Black
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown. Straight. Past Shoulders.
Weight: 155lbs.
Height: 5'7”
Body Type: Slim
Tattoos: Wings above Vagina
Piercings: Tongue. Ears. Navel. Clitoral Hood.
Scars: Thin gash over left eye

Xander Wayde
Birth Date: January 6, 1991
Age: 16
Race: Puerto Rican & German
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown. Fade
Weight: 145lbs.
Height: 5'8”
Body Type: Thin. Swimmer's Build.
Tattoos: None.
Piercings: None.
Scars: Thin scar from above right ear, down to neck. Mental trauma causing severe memory loss.

Morgan Phillips
Birth Date: March 1, 2006
Age: 10 months
Race: White, Black, Puerto Rican & Dominican
Eyes: Green with Brown Specs around iris
Hair: Brown. Short Curls

(Jubilation Lee) Jubilee
Birth Date: October 11, 1989
Age: 17
Race: Chinese
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black. Short Cut.
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'4”
Body Type: Thin
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Navel.
Scars: None

Carson Myers
Birth Date: July 15, 1989
Age: 17
Race: White
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde. Spikes
Weight: 175lbs.
Height: 5'9”
Body Type: Toned
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Left Ear
Scars: None


High School X



I woke up feeling slightly refreshed. I got a message from the Professor saying that, (1) I could stay and (2) that they were moving Xander into a new room. I was still on edge about the whole situation. I just couldn't shake how fucked everything seemed to be. I was now sharing my body with a demon, who from what I heard, was centuries old. Dr. MacTaggart and Roma had since went back to their respective homes. Roma was completely freaked out that her powers didn't work and she retreated home, and Dr. MacTaggart had things to do back on Genosha Island, where ever that was. Things just seemed to be coming out of some sick story book. I got out of my bed and walked over to my mirror. So much had changed in the last couple of days, but the only thing different were my eyes and back. I turned around and ran my hands over my new tattoo. I was amazed at how smooth my skin was, like there was absolutely nothing there. I didn't want to think about any of this, so I grabbed a set of towels and took a nice hot shower. I let the hot water wash over me, and even though I tried to fight it, everything came back in a whirlpool of emotions. I kept getting these flashes of memories that didn't belong to me. A life that wasn't mine. I got out of the shower and after drying off, got back into my bed. I wasn't ready to leave my room just yet, so I figured I'd just relax on top of my covers for a little bit and then find my friends and do some damage control. I was about to get up and get ready, when there was a soft knock at the door. I grabbed some boxers out of my drawer, and answered the door. I was surprised to see that it was Xander. I thought he would have had bandages from when he crashed through the wall, but his skin was completely smooth and scar free.

'' Hey! What are you doing here?”

Xander: “We are friends aren't we? Friends visit each other. Don't they?”

'' Well yeah. I just figured that...”

Xander: “That I wouldn't want to talk to you because of what happened. It was beyond your control. I can't hold that against you.”

'' Yeah... You could.”

Xander: “But why would I? If that guy hadn't taken over, none of this would have happened.”

'' That's an understatement. (laughing)”

Xander: “Can I come in?”

'' Oh shit! Sure. I'm sorry.”

Xander: “It's not a problem (laughing).”

He came in and after looking around for a bit, he sat down on my bed. There was a lag in the conversation, and I wasn't sure what else to say to him, so I made myself busy by picking up some things that had fallen to the floor. I was going to grab a pair of jeans, when Xander's hand met mine. He was reaching for them in the exact same spot I was. Our hands touched and my whole body froze. It felt like I was in daze when I looked up, and my eyes met his. I don't know what came over me, but I leaned down and pressed my lips to Xander's. I could tell he was shocked for a few moments, but after a while he started to kiss me back. I was really getting into it, when his lips parted from mine and he shoved me back. I looked at him and before I could say anything, he was up and out of the door. I was a little hurt by him pulling away because I thought he was enjoying it as much as I was, but I guess I was wrong. I threw on some clothes and went down the hall to my sister's room. I was thinking of going after Xander and explaining myself, but I couldn't face him right now. I knocked on the door and just waited. I figured either Serenity or Story would answer. To my surprise it was Carson.

Carson: “Jude! Hey. It's good to see you. I mean it's good to see you and not that other guy.”

'' Yeah, I understand. Is Story here?”

Carson: “Oh yeah. She's in the shower.”

'' And you're in here?”

Carson: “Yeah. She let me in here before she got in. Don't worry, we weren't doing anything.”

'' Oh, Okay. Well tell her I stopped by.”

I was about to leave, when Story came out with just a towel wrapped around her. I was getting ready to say something about it, but it really wasn't my place anymore. Even though she was only 16, I considered her to be an adult. We didn't have parents, so it was time we started to make decisions for ourselves.

Story: “Jude!”

'' Were you expecting somebody else?”

Story: “(laughing) I didn't know what to expect.”

'' I was just coming back to make sure we were still cool... I know I hurt you guys a lot, and I just want to apologize about everything.”

Carson: “Jude, it isn't your fault. What happened was unavoidable. At least you're here now, and you're healthy.”

'' But it's not just me in here anymore. I don't know... Things are just a bit confusing at the moment.”

Story: “Jude... what happened to your eyes?”

Carson: “Whoa... What did happen to them? They're white.”

'' They're not white. It's just they're so pale, you can't tell the difference.”

Story: “How?”

'' I don't know, but that's not all that’s changed.”

Carson: “What do you mean?”

I turned around and raised my shirt up, so that they could see the new addition to my back. They both gasped and Story turned me back around.

Story: “What the hell did you go and get that for?”

'' I didn't go and get it. I wasn't even in control.”

Carson: “Then how?”

'' I don't know. The skin isn't even scarred or anything. It's like it's underneath my skin.”

Story: “We have to talk to one of the teachers about this?”

'' NO! Things are bad enough already. I don't need to add to it by showcasing all the shit that's gone wrong.”

Story: “I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help.”

She looked a little hurt that I had yelled at her, so I gave her a quick hug and a peck on the forehead.

'' I know you're just trying to help, but we need to all figure this out. The whole group. If the others are still even talking to me.”

Carson: “Of course they are.”

'' We'll see.”

We made it downstairs, and I was even more nervous than I realized. Xander was on one of the couches having a conversation with Jubilee, and when I saw him my stomach started doing flips. After this morning, I wasn't even sure if he was my friend, and I didn't want to do anything to upset him. He looked up where he heard us walking in, and when he saw me, he got quiet instantly. Jubilee noticed the lull in the conversation and she looked up too.

Jubilee: “Jude!”

'' Hey everybody.”

Jubilee: “It's good to have you back.”

'' You don't sound so sure.”

Jubilee: “A lot has happened.”

'' To me!”

Jubilee: “To all of us.”

'' Like what Jubilee? How have you changed?”

Jubilee: “I had to watch my friends get their asses handed to them by you.”

'' You say it like it's my fault. Like I had a choice.”

Jubilee: “I know you didn't. But it's going to take a while for me to get over the things that I saw.”

'' A while? It's going to take me a life-time. I'm stuck like this. What the hell do you have? A few bumps. Maybe some bruises. I have another fucking person in me!”

Jubilee: “Don't yell at me. I'm just voicing concerns that everyone is feeling.”

'' Concerns?”

Jubilee: “Yes concerns! How are we supposed to know it's safe to be around you? How do we know you aren't going to have an episode and seriously hurt someone?”

Carson: “Jude... Jubilee, come on guys calm down.”

'' No fuck that. Why don't we all get it out right now?”

Jamie: “Jude, she didn't mean anything by it. We just need to get used to the fact that you aren't the same way you used to be.”

'' Of course I'm not the same. I have a demon inside of me.”

Jubilee: “This is bullshit. You have no right to be mad, when I don't even know if I can trust you. How the hell are we supposed to know it's even you?”

'' I have every right to be mad. You don't know what it's like thinking it's the end of your fucked up life. Only to have it forced back on you like a bad dream. I didn't ask for this, so don't you dare penalize me for the choices you all made.”

Jubilee: “And I thought I made the wrong decision. We should have just let your ass stay dead. Or better yet, we shouldn't have saved you from the Professor, so you and that freak would be gone.”

There was a collective gasp among everyone, and before I knew it my feet were rapidly moving toward her. There was this strange feeling coming over me, like a veil of numbness. I was vaguely aware of Jude stepping in my way, but with a small shove, he flew back and out of my line of sight. I could anticipate the satisfaction of gripping her fucking throat and taking the life from her. I was so close when suddenly there was this ripping pain in my stomach. I felt to my knees, trying to just catch my breath. I heard my sister and my friends calling my name, but it seemed as if they were so far away. When I finally looked up at them, their reaction scared the hell out of me, because they instantly jumped away from me. I got up and as quickly as the pain would allow, I made myself outside, and to the garage. I looked into one of the mirrors on the car and my eyes were back to the color they were when Nazarus was in charge. I never wanted to be back in his control, and this was a sure sign that it might happen again. Thanks to Seven, his many financial expeditions, and his connections, he had managed to score me and my sister each an awesome car (she couldn't get hers until after she got her license). They were both 2007 Limited Edition Porsche vehicles and I'd never seen them before. I didn't want it because I thought it was to expensive, but he said that his Uncle's company was testing out a brand new car, and he was basically giving them away as long as the cars got awesome reviews. I felt like that before, but now that this car would be coming in handy, I appreciated the hell out of this gift. I got in and was off the mansion grounds in a matter of seconds. I couldn't even enjoy the exhilarating feeling of this powerful car beneath me, because of how I was feeling. I pulled down the mirror on the visor and checked my eyes out. The black color was slightly receding, but it wasn't completely gone yet. I was so scared and frustrated, that I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going. I pulled over the car and got out; when it finally struck me that I was lost. I figured that I'd go into one of these stores and ask for directions. I was heading into a store called 'Isle of Magi', which clearly was some kind of magic or voodoo store, when I heard a loud scream coming from behind me. I looked back and there was a filthy alley that turned at an angle so it was impossible to look into further. I didn't want to get involved in anyone else's problem, but what would I do if someone was in serious trouble? I ran as fast as I could into the alley and around the bend to try and find whoever was screaming. I slowed down and slowly crept around another bend, where a biker looking guy was standing over a woman on the ground. He had on a dark leather jacket and tattered jeans, and she had on a pair of thigh-length shorts and an employee shirt from one of the shops in the open-air market.

Guy: “Where is it?”

Girl: “I don't know what you're talking about!”

Guy: “I saw you coming out of his apartment.”

Girl: “You've got the wrong person. I just got out of work.”

Guy: “You lying bitch.”

He brought up his foot to kick her, and out of nowhere a black and purple liquid glob formed on the wall behind her. I screamed out to her, but it was too late, and she was sucked into it. The crook turned around to me, and he started advancing on me. I could tell he was on something, because he had a really crazed look in his eyes, and I started to back away. I wasn't sure about using my powers anymore, because I didn't know how they would affect me, or if I used to much power, this demon would come out.

Guy: “You know where she took it don't you?”

'' What the hell are you talking about? Didn't you just see her get sucked into the wall?”

Guy: “You did it! You're trying to protect her.”

'' I don't know what you're talking about!”

He ran at me full speed, and I was bracing myself for an impact, but a glove of dark energy enveloped my hand, and swung of its on free will. To say that I was shocked was an understatement. This power wasn't mine, and yet it was working on its own. I felt that strange feeling again, like I was being sucked into myself. It seemed as if I was frozen in place, and my body wasn't working for me. He got up off of the ground, and before I realized what was happening, my feet were leaving the ground and I was closing the space between us. I watched as my hand wrapped around his neck, and started to choke the life out of him.

'' Leave now! Or suffer the consequences.

What the fuck is going on?

'' Do you understand me? You are going to leave, and if you see her again, you won't bother her. You're going to forget about whatever you think she stole. Is that clear?

Guy: “Yes! Yes!”

'' Get the fuck out of here. Now!

My hand released his neck and scrambled away, further into the alley. I felt myself gaining control again, and I fell to the ground. Before I could stop it, I was throwing up all over the alley floor. There was a sound behind me, and when I looked back, the woman I saw earlier was walking out of what seemed to be a portal. She probably was only a few months older than me. She looked to be of Asian decent, but how I was feeling right now, I couldn't tell for sure.

Girl: “Are you okay?”

I wiped my mouth off, and told her I was fine.

I stood up to her face her, and when she looked into my eyes, she let out a small scream.

Girl: “Oh my God! What are you?”

'' I don't know.”

She turned and ran towards the mouth of the alley, but before she could get out, she slipped on a banana peel and hit the ground hard, landing on a glass bottle. There was a red alley cat right next to where she fell, and when it came out to see what the commotion was, its paw landed on one of the glass shards, and tore it open. I watched as the cat scurried away as fast as it could with its injured paw. When she put her hand to the ground to get up, it landed right in the puddle of cat's blood and she froze. The change was subtle and instant, but it was recognizable. He eyes started to take on a yellow tint, and the irises turned to a black slits. Her brown hair took on a red color identical to the fur of the cat, and her skin transformed into a light covering of fur. Large canine teeth ripped out of her jaws, and claws tore through her fingers. A tear in her lips began to form, and there was a tear in her shorts, where a strong, lengthy tail, forced its way out. If she was freaked out about me, I was definitely freaked out about her. She had the physical appearance of a cat, but she still had the figure of a woman. I slowly walked over to her, and when she saw me approaching, she swiped at me with her claws. She connected with my chest, and she ripped my shirt, and skin open. I backed away from her, and she fell to her knees crying.

Girl: “What the hell is going on? What's happening to me?”

She kept crying, and it sounded like a group of people were congregating at the entrance to the alley. I braved going back over to her and knelt down beside her.

'' Please... I understand you're scared right now, but we have to move. People are at the mouth of the alley, and if you keep crying, they are going to come in here.”

Unfortunately, that didn't help much.

Woman#1: “Someone's back there.”

Man#1: “I don't know, but I'm going to call the police.”

Woman #2: “I'm going in. I'm dying to test out this pepper spray.”

I was getting nervous as hell now. I didn't want them to see her like this, because I didn't know how many of them there were, and I was too scared to use my powers.

'' Listen, I'm going to lift you up. Please don't attack me. I'm just trying to help you.”

I picked her up and carried her back into the alley. I didn't want to go to far because of the bum, and when I turned down a dip in the alley, it turned out to be a dead end.

'' What am I going to do now?”

Almost instantly, I felt a ripping pain on both of my shoulder blades. I looked back and there were damn near transparent wings coming out of my back. There was a sudden gust of wind underneath me, and I was carried to the top of the building I was in front of. I laid her on the roof, and just sat down beside her. My head was spinning in confusion, with all the shit that just happened. I watched her closely, in case she decided to attack me again, and to make sure she was okay. She was still silently crying, but she had calmed down considerably.

'' Are you okay?”

Girl: “No. I'm not.”

'' Are you calm at least?”

Girl: “What do you think? I'm a cat.”

'' I'm not trying to upset you. Just want to make sure you're okay.”

Girl: “Well I'm not.”

'' You don't have to be a bitch. Okay?”

Oh shit. Please tell me I thought that. There was a quick flash of fur, and I was pinned to the ground.

Girl: “What did you call me?”

Get off of me!”

Girl: “I will scratch your eyes at.”

I grabbed her around the waist, and slid her off of me.

'' I'm sorry. Okay? There's just a lot of shit that's been happening lately, and this is the last thing I need.”

Girl: “Shit like what?”

'' It's not important. I don't even know you're name.”

Girl: “Tatiana Cabian.”

'' Okay.”

Tatiana: “Yours?”

'' Jude Santiago.”

Tatiana: “Okay.... So back to everything that's been happening.”

'' What about it?”

Tatiana: “What is it?”

'' Summed up version?”

Tatiana: “Yeah.”

'' I died. My friends brought me back, but before they could all the way, a demon attached himself to me. Then he took over my body, and brutalized my friend. Then the teacher at my school wanted to kill me to kill the demon, and then my sister got me released. And today was my first day back in school, and me and my so-called friend Jubilee, got into a fight, that almost turned physical, but my body stopped me. Then I was driving and I got lost, then this shit with you happened.”

I don't know what was so funny about what I said, but she burst out laughing. She was laughing so much, she didn't realize that she was transforming into her original self.

'' Welcome back.”

Tatiana: “Wha... Oh. Yeah.”

'' I guess it's safe to get out of here now.”

Tatiana: “Yeah. I guess it is.”

What don't tell me you don't want to leave?”

Tatiana: “Of course I do. I don't even know you.”

'' I don't know how we're going to get back down.”

Tatiana: “Aren't you a mutant? Didn't you fly us up here?”

'' Yes. I mean No. No, I didn't.”

Tatiana: “Well I know I didn't fly us up here.”

'' It was me kind of. I told you, it's this demon inside of me.”

Tatiana: “Oh right. The demon, that got in you when you died.”

'' I'm not lying! Look at my eyes. They used to be hazel, and now they are all cloudy and shit. Look at my back.”

I turned around and lifted up my shirt to show her my 'branding.'

'' Feel it. Have you ever felt a tattoo and the skin wasn't raised?”

Tatiana: “No.”

'' Of course you haven't. No one has.”

Tatiana: “That doesn't prove anything.”

'' Whatever. Get off of here the best way you know how.”

Tatiana: “You're just going to leave me?”

'' Seems like it.”

I jumped into the air, and flew out a bit. I was still scared of using my powers, but I needed to get down anyway.

Tatiana: “You can't just leave me up here.”

'' Why not?”

Tatiana: “Because... You just can't!”

'' Watch me.”

I flew down and around to the other side of the building so she couldn't see me. I figured I'd make her sweat for a little while, and then go back and get her. I waited a little while, and figured it had been long enough, so I flew back up to the top of the building to get her. Imagine my surprise when she wasn't there. I flew around the perimeter of the building, and I didn't see anything.

Tatiana: “Hey Jude. Down here.”

I turned around in the air, and she was in between two buildings with a small gap in-between them.

'' How did you get down there?”

Tatiana: “I climbed down the wall.”

'' How?”

Tatiana: “I don't know, I just thought of transforming again.”

'' Why?”

Tatiana: “You left.”

'' It was a joke. I was coming back for you.”

Tatiana: “Not really in that kind of mood.”

'' Yeah. Me neither, that's kind of why I did it.”

Tatiana: “That's twisted.”

We walked out of the alley together, and there were still a few people lingering around.

Guy#2: “Did you two see anyone back there? Someone screamed a little while ago, and when we went back, no one was there.”

I had to think of something real quick and hoped she could follow along with a good lie.

'' See I told you that you were loud.”

Tatiana: “Huh?”

'' She saw a rat back there. Girls and rats. (laughing)”

Tatiana: “Oh that. Well I wasn't screaming any louder than you were.”

Guy#1: “Uh huh. Well stay out of the alleys. They're dangerous.”

'' Will do.”

Tatiana: “Yeah. Thanks.”

We started walking, and we ended up going in the direction of my car.

'' Do you need a ride somewhere?”

Tatiana: “No. Umm... I only live a little ways away from here.”

'' Oh. Okay.”

Tatiana: “Why? Don't tell me you don't want to leave?”

'' (laughing) Well you've grown on me.”

Tatiana: “That's a first.”

'' Well I guess I better get back to school.”

Tatiana: “You live at that big mansion up the hill?”

'' Yeah. Look, here's my number. Call me if you want to talk... Or you know, if you need something.”

I took out a piece of paper, wrote my number on it, and then handed it to her.

Tatiana: “I'll keep this close by. Who knows when I'll need you to protect me again?”

I got in my car and drove off back towards the school. I wasn't really ready to go back, but after what just happened, I was ready to get into my bed and go to sleep. I parked my car in the garage and made my way into the school. It was around 5pm, and there were still a few people lingering around. Some people were out by the pool, some were in the cafeteria, the game room, and the living room. I scoped all of them out, because I was trying to avoid my friends. I made it all the way to my room and inside without meeting anybody. I was a little surprised though, because there were foreign posters on the side that used to be Xander's, and I didn't know who they belonged to. I was about to contact the Professor, but before I could the door opened and in walked this guy.

Guy: “Hey you must be my roommate. You were gone when I got here, and Mr. Xavier said you went out driving.”

'' Yeah. I needed some fresh air.”

Guy: “It's really nice to meet you. My name is Gavin Duvall.”

'' Jude Santiago.”

I shook his hand when it was offered, then went and laid down on my bed.

Gavin: “So?”

'' So what?”

Gavin: “What are your powers?”

'' I don't know. The Professor didn't give us a straight answer.”

Gavin: “Us?”

'' Me and my friends. We have similar powers; we just don't know exactly what it is.”

Gavin: “Oh.”

'' So what are your powers?”

Gavin: “Illusions, mind-control, and mild empathy.”

'' Illusions... How does that work?”

Gavin: “I think of something in my mind, and an illusion of it, materializes. Or I can make something look like something else.”

'' Okay. Dangerous combination.”

Gavin: “That's the same thing my parents said.”

'' They kicked you out?”

Gavin: “No. They just wanted me to get help controlling it. My parents are hippies and all about mother nature doing its thing.”

'' (laughing) Cool. Wish my parents were like that.”

Gavin: “They kicked you out.”

'' Yeah and my sister ran away with me.”

Gavin: “She's a mutant too?”

'' Yeah.”

Gavin: “They kicked you out just because you're a mutant?”

'' Among other things.”

Gavin: “Oh.”

'' I'm going to crash. It's been a long day.”

Gavin: “Okay.”

I laid down for a while and just tried to go to sleep. I had tons of shit on my mind, and sleep just wouldn't come. I looked over, and Gavin was lying in his bed listening to his CD player. I got up and grabbed some clothes out of my drawer. I figured if I took a hot shower, it would possibly make me sleepy. There was a full-length mirror that I had to pass when I went to the bathroom and when I did, something froze me in place. I slowly turned to the mirror, and I was staring back at someone else. It was him. It had to be. He was taller than me, about 6'4”, thin, white hair, almost white eyes, and he was dressed in a long black cloak, with red accessories. To say that I was scared out of my mind was an understatement. He put his hand to the mirror, and it came out on the other side. His whole body soon followed, and he was standing in front of me.

Gavin: “What the hell?”

He jumped out of his bed and scrambled out the door. He was yelling at the top of his lungs for someone to help and I was left all alone.

'' You!”

Nazarus: “And you.”

'' Why do you need me if you're right here, standing in front of me.”

Nazarus: “This? This is just temporary. I'm actually drawing on your power, and in a little while I'm sure you'll start to feel a bit drowsy.”

'' What do you want from me?”

Nazarus: “First you could stop acting like a fucking pansy. Why are you afraid to use your powers?”

'' Because of you? Why the hell did you pick me?”

Nazarus: “Because you have power beyond measure. For me to go to a lesser being is preposterous.”

'' I'm not going to lose control of my powers and let you take over.”

Nazarus: “If I wanted to take over, there would be nothing you could do to stop me.”

'' Like hell!”

He looked like he was about to answer, when there was a red light creeping in the frame of my door. The door disintegrated in front of my eyes, and a huge beam of red force, courtesy of Scott, slammed into Nazarus throwing him back. I felt a pain in my stomach and I was sent flying into the opposite wall. It felt like I had been hit by Scott's blast myself, and I passed out from the pain.


'' Has anyone seen Jude?”

Serenity: “We've been looking all over for him.”

'' Jubilee what the fuck were you thinking?”

Jubilee: “I wasn't okay? We've been through this already. I made a damn mistake.”

Story: “We just need to find him okay...”

... : “Did you say you were looking for Jude?”

'' Yeah. Do you know where he is?”

... : “Yeah. I think that Scott guy said they were taking him to the Med Bay. Wherever that is.”

'' Who are you?”

... : “Gavin Duvall. Jude's my new roommate.”

Story: “What happened? Why is he in the Med Bay?”

Gavin: “Well he was going in the bathroom, and all of a sudden this guy came out of the mirror. I ran to get help, and then that guy Scott blasted the door open, and he hit the strange guy, but Jude was thrown back too.”

'' Nazarus?”

Story: “Who else.”

Gavin: “Who is Nazarus?”

'' A friend of my friend's.”

Gavin: “Oh, Okay. Well when you see Jude, can you let him know, that I said I hope he feels better.”

Story: “I'll let him know. But you're welcome to come along.”

Gavin: “That'd be cool.”

We all walked down to the Med Bay. Everyone was a bit quiet because we didn't know if Jude was going to be okay or not. Serenity had been in a pretty big funk for the last couple of hours. She wasn't exactly mad at Jubilee, but she wasn't talking to her either. Xander hadn't said much of anything all day, even before what went down. Casey she was just quiet and taking care of Morgan. After Jude had left, she kind of agreed with a few of the things that Jubilee said. Things would be different, but she didn't have to get so vocal with him. Jamie wasn't exactly happy either. Jude basically threw him across the whole room trying to get to Jubilee.

Jubilee: “Can you guys slow down for a minute?”

We all stopped and just looked at her. Gavin kind of stood off to the side, because he knew this didn't have anything to do with him.

Jubilee: “I know that this is all my fault. I should have never said what I said to Jude, but things are changing so much. Yes, we're mutants. But the shit we've seen since we've been here is just scary. Ho do you tell people that one of your friends died, and a week lately he's back with you. I love Jude and he's one of my best friends. All of you are my best friends. I just got so overwhelmed.”

'' We're all overwhelmed. It's natural to feel that way, but we have to try and consider how Jude feels.”

Jubilee: “I know.”

'' He was right when he said so much has happened to him, because it has. Look what he has to deal with now.”

Serenity: “Oh my god! Can we please quit with the mushy shit? Let's get in there and see about Jude.”

It wasn't as bad as we though it was. Jude was just a little bruised up, but it could have been more serious. Jude and Nazarus were fully integrated. When Nazarus got hit, Jude felt his exact pain. It's scary actually. I feel so bad for Jude, because now he has to look out for two people. Himself and Nazarus.


To be honest, I was scared as hell to be in the same room with Jude. After what happened this morning, I hadn't said much of anything. I couldn't tell my friends, because the only person who knew about me was Serenity. I wanted to tell them. I really did, but what would be the consequences? I knew they were okay with it. They had proved that by accepting Jude and Jamie. But what about the rest of the school? Besides the teachers, I didn't know who knew about Jude. My parents didn't know about me, and if mine ever did to me, what Jude's parents did to him, I don't know if I could ever forgive them. We all walked into the Med Bay and only Mr. Hank McCoy and Jude were there. Gavin was a little surprised when he saw Mr. McCoy's appearance, but he held it together, as not to be rude. I kind of stayed back with Gavin, while everyone else went up to Jude's bed. I walked over to Hank and made sat on one of the tables.

'' Is he going to be okay?”

Mr. McCoy: “He'll be fine. It's you I'm worried about.”

'' Why? You told me everything was A-okay.”

Mr. McCoy: “You were pretty messed up. I'm a genius scientist and Doctor, but even I can't catch everything the first time around.”

'' So what do I have to do?”

Mr. McCoy: “Well I want to do another physical, but we can do that later. The Med Bay is pretty crowded right now.”

'' Okay. I still think everything is fine though.”

Mr. McCoy: “Have you had any spontaneous pains?”

'' A few.”

Mr. McCoy: “Any headaches?”

'' Not many.”

Mr. McCoy: “Have you blacked out recently?”

'' Black outs? What do you mean?”

Mr. McCoy: “It's been a few days since your accident. I'm concerned that maybe you've been experiencing blackouts.”

'' Not that I can recall.”

Mr. McCoy: “And finally, have you had any memory loss? From the last couple of days, or even from after your accident?”

'' I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that everything is still up there.”

Mr. McCoy: “I just want to do a follow-up and make sure everything is how it should be. I'll schedule a time with you soon.”

'' Okay.”

I walked back over to where my friends were, and Jude was up and talking. When he saw me, he got quiet for about a second, but then he picked back up on the conversation. I just waited around, and tried to hold out until they were ready to go. I didn't want it to seem like I wasn't happy that he was alive, but I couldn't be near him. Of course I found him attractive, and I definitely was feeling the kiss, but what could really come of it. Jude was a cool guy, and despite what happened to him, I didn't see him in any other light. He was still the exact same Jude to me. It looked like they were getting ready to leave, so I was already at the door when they said their final goodbyes. I would have been the first person out the door, had Jude not called me back.

Jude: “Xander.”

'' Yeah?”

Jude: “Can I talk to you for a few minutes?”

'' Umm... yeah.”

I waited until everyone had left, then I walked over to Jude. I tried to stay back as far as possible, but he slid off of the table and walked over to me. I flinched a little when he reached out to touch my arm, and he pulled back from me with a sigh.

Jude: “I guess things between us are going to be pretty different from now on. I never meant to scare you Xander. I just had a feeling and I went with it. I guess I fucked everything up pretty bad, huh?”

'' No. It just surprised me. Clearly I wasn't upset about the kiss, because I kissed you back. But I just don't want to get hurt. By you or by getting outted here at school. Jamie still hasn't made many friends besides us, and I don't want things to be that hard for me.”

Jude: “I would never try and hurt you. You know that.”

'' Yeah, I do.”

Jude: “Beside... I'm not proposing a relationship. But I like you. I really, really like you.”

'' So what? You want me to be your fuck buddy?”

Jude: “If us having sex happens, then that's cool. I just want you to know how I feel about you.”

'' I can't.”

Jude: “Why?”

'' My friend Riley.”

Jude: “Who?”

'' My friend Riley. Before my accident, he said that we were really close.”

Jude: “How close?”

'' Really close. He said that we had done stuff together. Not as far as screwing, but other stuff.”

Jude: “He says?”

'' He had no reason to lie. If I had my memory I could tell you for sure.”

Jude: “Do you care about him?”

'' I don't remember him. Only everything after I woke up. He's a great guy and he's a real friend.”

Jude: “And he likes you like that?”

'' I'm not sure.”

He had a look of apprehension on his face and then he spoke again.

Jude: “Seven.”

'' Seven what?”

Jude: “He's a friend of mine from back home.”

'' And?”

Jude: “We fucked. A lot. Even when I went back home, we fooled around.”

'' He's your boyfriend?”

Jude: “My best friend. We just happen to screw around. A lot.”

'' Oh.”

Jude: “So that means you’re a virgin?”

'' I guess I am.”

Jude: “If you remembered... How do you think you would feel about Riley?”

'' I don't know. I like him now. We talk almost everyday, and it doesn't have to be about anything special. Just everyday things. Sex rarely comes up.”

Jude: “He asked you about sex?”

'' He asked me if I had met any guys or girls I liked? And had I done anything with them?”

Jude: “He sounds like the jealous type.”

'' I don't think so. I think he's just looking out for me.”

Jude: “Or maybe he just wants to be your first.”

'' I doubt it. He has a girlfriend and everything.”

Jude: “Then let's find out. Tell him you slept with me.”

'' But I haven't slept with you.”

Jude: “No you haven't. But if you tell him you did, he'll either say he's happy for you, or he'll get mad at you.”

'' I don't want him mad at me. Especially if I'm not even telling the truth.”

Jude: “Then don't lie.”

'' What are you saying?”

Okay, so I was being naive. I really was being completely ignorant to what he was suggesting. I liked Jude a lot. There was no doubt about that. But was I supposed to feel an obligation to Riley? Or what if I met a girl and slept with her before either myself or Riley were ready to take that step? Besides, Riley had a girlfriend. I didn't have to sleep with Jude, if I just made it seem like I did. Tell a few little white lies. I was going over all of this in my head, in my own little world, and Jude was steadily getting closer to me. When I snapped back it, Jude was right in my face. I had been leaning against the wall, so there was no where for me to go.

'' Jude what are you doing?”

Jude: “I'm helping you find out about your friend. You want to know how he feels... I'm going to help you.”

'' I don't think I'm ready for this.”

He reached out and started to unbuckle my belt. He slid it out of the loops of my jeans and then he went for the button and zipper on my jeans. Before I knew it, my pants and boxers were down by my knees.

'' Why are you doing this?”

Jude: “Just go with it.”

He looked up at me and it was him. There was a possibility that Nazarus was influencing his decisions, but I wasn't sure. There was a small file cabinet behind me and with a little force, he pushed me up and onto the cabinet. There was definitely no where for me to go now, unless I pushed Jude away and hopped off of the table, snatched up my clothes, and then run. Not really an effective escape. He stepped up close to me and he brought his face closer to mine. I was so scared at first, but instincts took over and I leaned into him. When our lips touched, it seemed so natural. This was exactly where we needed to be at this exact time. I had on a t-shirt, which he pulled off of me, leaving me completely naked except my socks and shoes. We were still kissing, when he rested his hands on my thighs before moving his left hand over to my dick. I'm a very modest person, but even I have to say I was blessed in the genital department. Well I looked blessed with the body I had. I was 8.7”, uncut, pretty thick, and with my thin form, it looked even bigger. I think Jude was just a little shocked at my size, but he didn't say anything. He wrapped his hand around my dick and just started stroking me. I hadn't masturbated or anything since I had been here and this hand-job was already pushing me over the edge. I grabbed his arm and stopped him from stroking me. If we were going to do this, I at least wanted it to last a while.

'' I don't want to cum yet.”

Jude: “We have all the time we want.”

'' We're in the Med Bay. This isn't even a safe spot.”

Jude: “You have a new roomie?”

'' My room was empty. The guy who's in there with me left for the weekend, but I think he's back.”

Jude: “Our old room is off.”

'' This is a sign. We shouldn't be doing this.”

Jude: “Why? Don't you want this?”

'' I don't know. I do, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong.”

Jude: “Because of your friend Riley?”

'' No.”

Jude: “Then what? Is it me?”

'' No. I already told you I really like you. It's just...This isn't special. I wanted my first time to matter. Not a quick fuck in the Med Bay and not just another one of your conquests.”

Jude: “Is that what you think you are to me? A quick fuck?”

'' No. It's just...”

Jude: “It's just what?”

'' Do you want me because you really like me, or just because you’re horny?”

Jude: “It's not even like that. I want you because I like you.”

'' I'll think about it. But even if we did, we can’t use either of our rooms.

Jude: “I know. I'll figure something out.”

'' Were you attracted to me before you died? Because you were never like this before.”

Jude: “I know. Ever since this demon got in me, it's just been hard to control myself. I've been scared to use my powers, I've had all these strange emotions, and it's just like I'm feeling everything times two.”

'' I guess you are.”

Jude: “We better get your clothes on and get you out of here.”

I really did want this, but I wanted it to be special. I got all of my clothes on and just sat back on the cabinet. We were both looking at each other trying to figure out what to do next. The mansion was a big place, but every room always seemed to be occupied by somebody. It was quite frustrating actually. I was brought back to reality when Jude brought his lips to mine and gave me a light kiss.

Jude: “I'll think of something. I promise.”


'' I'm going home.”

Professor X: “What? Why?”

Myself and the Professor were sitting in his office talking about me traveling home. Lately I had been feeling homesick and even though my mother and I had separated on bad terms, she was still my mother. And I hadn't seen Faryn since after I came here and the phone conversations just weren't doing our friendship justice. I needed to see them both.

'' I need to see about my mom. See if she's doing any better. And I need to see my friend Faryn.”

Professor X: “We'll have to get an adult to accompany you.”

'' I'm grown. I don't need anyone to come with me.”

Professor X: “After what has happened with Jude, we want everyone supervised.”

'' I'm not Jude. I'm a big girl and I can handle myself. Besides Jude leaving had nothing to do with him getting killed.”

Professor X: “We just want everyone to remain safe. You also don't have a car. How would you be getting there by yourself?”

'' I was going to go buy a car today.”

Professor X: “(laughing) You were just going to up and buy a car? How do you plan on doing that?”

'' With my money. What you thought after I got caught all my money just disappeared?

Professor X: “Do you think it's okay to use that money? You stole in order to get it.”

'' I'm not proud of what I did Professor, but I needed to survive. I did what I had to do.”

Professor X: “You can use one of the school cars and a teacher can accompany you home.”

'' I can take a school car to the dealership, then I can ask my friends to come with me.”

Professor X: “You need an adult present.”

'' And we'll decide who that adult is when we get back.”

Professor X: “You aren't the adult here.”

'' I'm trying to abide by your rules Professor, but you don't control me. I'm going, with my friends, and a teacher of our choice. That's what I'm offering, or I just buy a car and go by myself.”

Professor X: “Fine. But you'll all wear transmitters, so that we can stay in touch and aware of where you are.”

'' Deal.”

Professor X: “Deal.”

I gave him a satisfied smile and got up from the chair I was sitting in.”

Professor X: “You kids are driving me insane.”

I had to track down all of my friends and see if they could come home with me. I really hated to have to bring them back to my home, but the Professor was right. I needed protection, physically and emotionally. To be honest, I wasn't homesick at all. I just wanted to see had my mom either killed herself, or gotten better. I was hoping for the latter, but I knew it was an unlikely occurrence. It was easy enough tracking down Jamie, Casey, Jubilee, and Kevin. They were all in the gymnasium, and while Jamie and Casey did their gymnastics thing, Kevin and Jubilee were playing with baby Morgan. It was nice seeing them interacting like that with each other. They all consented to coming with me, and they went and got ready while I went and looked for everybody else. I did a mental scan for Xander and found him with Jude. I went down to the Subbasement and they were just coming out of the Med Bay.

'' What are you guys still doing down here?”

Xander: “We were just talking.”

'' Right. Well anyway I'm going back home and I wanted to know if you guys felt like coming. Jamie, Jubilee, Casey, and Kevin are coming and I haven't tracked down Story and Carson yet.”

Jude: “I'm okay with going. I don't have shit else planned.”

Xander: “Me either.”

'' Okay. You guys get ready because we're leaving soon.”

Xander: “Okay.”

I left the Med Bay and did a mental scan for Story, who on the other hand was kind of hard to find. She had been putting up mental blocks a lot recently and it was hard to track her down. She was in the garden having a make-out session with Carson. I was actually kind of envious of Casey, Kevin, Jamie, and Jubilee. They had something that I was longing for. Someone to care about me like that. I waited until they took a break from kissing and proposed my idea to them. They said they were also coming so we were all set to go. I went up to my room and started packing a bag of clothes. I wasn't planning on staying there to long, but I wanted to spend some real time with Faryn. We were all packed and met downstairs in the living room. I had sent the Professor a telepathic message and he was there when we arrived. He told all the senior students that he was requiring one of them to come with us, so they were all on call when it was decided who would be going with us.

We shook hands and I made my way out of the door.

'' Who should go with us?”

Jubilee: “Definitely not Logan. He's too crazy.”

Jamie: “Jean?”

Kevin: “No. She's been acting really funny ever since the accident with Carson in the garage.”

'' Yeah. She's been really stressed out all the time. I'm gonna be stressed enough without her baggage.”

Jamie: “We can ask her to watch Morgan though. I'm sure she wouldn't mind.”

Carson: “What about Scott?”

I think the 'Hell No!' everyone shouted startled a few people in the living room.

Jubilee: “Scott is a stay at the school kind of teacher. He's just too uptight.”

'' That's too true.”

Xander: “We can't go with Hank because of his physical appearance.”

Jamie: “What about Ororo? Or Betsy?”

Casey: “We should ask Ms. Monroe.”

'' I'm cool with that.”

Jubilee: “Me too.”

We all agreed on Ms. Monroe and as we were going to tell her, we passed Logan who was carrying a travel bag.

Logan: “You kids ready?”

Jamie: “Ready for what?”

Logan: “Don't play dumb with me! Xavier said you all need a chaperon.”

'' We were going to ask Ms. Monroe.”

Logan: “Okay. Go ask her. I'll be getting the cars ready.”

He walked away and we were all just a bit stunned.

Jubilee: “Did he just invite his self to this trip?”

Xander: “I think he did.”

After asking Ms. Monroe we all went to the garage to see what the seating arrangements would be. There were eleven of us going altogether, and both Kevin and Jamie's trucks could hold us, since they both had six seaters. I still wanted my own car, but since they had the room, we were going to do that when we got back. Jamie was driving his car with Logan in the passenger seat, with Casey, Jude, and Story, and Carson as the passengers in the back seat. In Kevin's car it was Storm in the passenger seat, me, Jubilee, and Xander as his backseat passengers. It took a few hours to get to Pennsylvania, and by the time we did, we were all pretty beat. We checked into one of the small inns, and after emptying out their reserve of spare cots, we all pretty much settled in for the night. The rooms were extremely big, so we all were able to bunk in the same room with enough space to be comfortable. I was pretty restless, and sleep just kept avoiding me. I got out of bed and after grabbing my cell-phone, I stepped outside the door and made a call.

... :” Hello?

'' This is Serenity. Is Faryn there?

... :” She's not in right now.

'' If you don't mind me asking... Who is this?

... :” Cade.

'' She never mentioned you.

Cade:” We're roommates.

'' Oh. Well tell her I'll be stopping by tomorrow.

Cade:” Will Do.

'' Thanks a lot.

I wondered why she hadn't told me she had a new roommate. But I didn't dwell on it to much. Who could remember to tell someone everything that goes on in their life? I decided to make another call, just to see if anything would come of it, and when I dialed my mom's number, it was disconnected. I walked back into the room and Logan was sitting up in his bed.

Logan: “It's a little late to be out there.”

'' Uh... yeah, sorry. I had to make a call.”

Logan: “Are you okay?”

'' Yeah. I'm just home-sick, and I don't know what's going on with my mom. Last time I saw her, she was an absolute mess.”

Logan: “How did she get like that?”

'' It's a long story. I'm surprised the Professor didn't tell you. I'm pretty sure he knows, because it's on my record.”

Logan: “The Professor has been keeping his fair share of secrets lately. He doesn't confide in us like he used to.”

'' Since we came?”

Logan: “Mostly. But things had been changing for a while.”

'' Is training us really such a crime?”

Logan: “At the moment, the Professor feels you all aren't ready.”

'' How could he know that? After our initial activities in the Danger Room he hasn't even come to us about training.”

Logan: “I'm really not the one to have this conversation with.”

'' The Professor confides in you guys. So that means your know more than you're letting on.”

Logan: “I'll speak with the Professor. I understand the frustrations you kids have.”

'' What if we come up against this Magnet guy....”

Logan: “Magneto.”

'' Okay... What if we come up against this Magneto guy, and because we weren't trained, he wipes the floor with us.”

Logan: “I'll talk to the Professor. Why don't you get some sleep.”

~ ~ ~

I walked up to Faryn's door and waited. She had since moved, and she was living in a really nice condo-style complex with green grass, great landscaping, and a number of large pools. It was taking her a while to get the door and I was beginning to worry, but then I heard voices and relaxed again.

Guy: “I think it's the pizza. Where did you leave the money.”

Faryn: “It should be right there on the table.”

Guy: “Okay I see it.”

The door opened and a half naked guy answered the door. He had on a pair of cargo shorts, but other than that he wasn't wearing anything. I didn't expect to see a guy like him in an area like this, but I wouldn't expect Faryn here either.

Guy: “You're not the pizza.”

'' Not quite. Are you Cade?”

Guy: “Yeah. You Serenity?”

'' That would be me.”

Cade: “Who are all these other people?”

'' My friends and teachers. Where's Faryn?”

Cade: “She's in the bedroom.”

'' In her bedroom?”

Cade: “Well it's more like our bedroom.”

'' Oh.”

Cade: “Why don't you all come in?”

Logan: “Finally.”

We all went and sat down in various areas of the house. It was a pretty big apartment, but there were still a lot of us, and we didn't want to be right on top of each other. We spread out in the living room, kitchen, and family room. I was looking around the apartment, and there were tons of pictures of Robin and Faryn together. I was feeling a little left out, because she usually told me everything, but now it was like this whole chapter of her life had opened and closed without me. It was a little while before she came out and she didn't even notice us at first.

Faryn: “Is that the pizza?”

Her eyes scanned the room looking at all the strange people, and then she looked at me. Our eyes met and then my eyes traveled down her face and to her stomach.

'' Oh my God.”

Faryn: “Serenity...”

'' You're pregnant.”

Faryn: “Listen...”

'' And you didn't even tell me. I'm supposed to be your best friend, and you can't even tell me that you're having a baby.”

Faryn: “I wanted to tell you. I really did, but...”

'' Save it. I'm out of here.”

Faryn: “Serenity wait...”

I was already out the door before she even finished her sentence. Had things really changed that much? She couldn't even tell me that she was pregnant. She was supposed to be my best friend, and yet she kept this from me. I heard the screen door open and out came Logan.

Logan: “What's up with you?”

'' What do you think is wrong with me?”

Logan: “I'm really trying to figure it out. She came out, and you flipped.”

'' She's supposed to be my best friend. Why wouldn't she tell me she was pregnant? I've told her everything that's happened since I've been at the mansion. And this... This she keeps from me?”

Logan: “Maybe she wanted to surprise you!”

'' Bullshit. I don't like surprises and she knows that.”

He said a few more things and finally convinced me to go back in the house. Faryn was on the couch, and when I walked in she wouldn't even look at me.

'' Why didn't you tell me?”

Faryn: “Because....”

'' Because what? Aren't we still friends? Aren't you my best friend?'

Faryn: “Of course. How could you even ask me that?”

'' Then why?”

Faryn: “Because I didn't want you to feel bad. You're always saying that you can't find a boyfriend, and then we happened. I just didn't want you to get jealous.”

'' Uh huh.”

Faryn: “Bitch don't even (laughing). You're my girl. Forever.”

'' Whatever.”

She came over to me and gave ma a big ass hug. It had been a long time and I really missed her. There was an almost instantaneous “girls” from behind us that came from the guys. We all started talking and I caught up with Faryn. She took to my friends really well and I was extremely grateful to her for that. I was happy that she wasn't mad or nervous because I had new friends. I didn't want her to think I was replacing her with them, because that wasn't the case at all. She had enough room in the house for us all to stay there, so that's what we did. Everyone had gone to bed and it was just Faryn and myself. My head was in her lap and we were just hanging out like the old times. Her belly was so big, it was fascinating. I laid my head on her stomach and listened to see if I could hear the baby moving. She was about seven months, and with my powers I could hear movement in her stomach.

'' How does it feel?”

Faryn: “Big (laughing). He's definitely a huge load.”

'' I bet. You already know it's a boy?”

Faryn: “Yeah. I wanted to wait, but Cade couldn't. He wanted to immediately tell his family.”

'' Why?”

Faryn: “In their eyes, he's a failure. He didn't join his dad at the family company, and he didn't go to college. He wanted to tell them so he could prove he could do something right...”

'' And what did they say?”

Faryn: “They were furious. Said he would never amount to anything and a family was just going to weigh him down.”

'' I'm sorry to hear that.”

Faryn: “Screw them. He brought me over to see them, and they wouldn't even come outside.”

'' What did he do?”

Faryn: “We took off. He said he didn't need them. He keeps in touch with his sisters and brothers, but they do it in private. He doesn't want to get them in trouble.”

'' At least he has their support.”

Faryn: “And mine. I love that man (laughing).”

'' I'm so happy for you.”

Faryn: “Don't worry. You'll find a guy soon enough.”

'' Yeah right... Can I ask you a question?”

Faryn: “Of course.”

'' What's he like in bed?”

Faryn: “You know I don't kiss and tell.”

'' Like hell you don't. Remember Pedro.”

Faryn: “Ugh(laughing)..... Um... well he's good in bed. I mean he'd have to be for me to stick around.”

'' What a slut!”

Faryn: “Takes one to know one. And you did ask.”

'' Is he packing?”

Faryn: “I am not going to tell you that he's packing about nine thick ass inches.”

'' (laughing). You are such a slut.”

We turned in a little while later. I had to get some sleep if I was going to do what I came here to do. I needed to be mentally prepared to see what condition my mom was in. She was bad the last time I had seen her, but it had been such a long time, that I wasn't sure how she would be now. Faryn didn't know anything, because after they moved, that world was pretty much cut off. She wasn't close to her mother, and her livelihood was in this part of town. It was a long night, and I had nightmare after nightmare, and the all depicted my mom getting worse and worse.

~ ~ ~

Storm: “Is this the house?”

'' Yeah. This is where I grew up. It didn't always look like this.”

Faryn: “That's for sure.”

I needed the emotional support of Faryn and she brought Cade along with her. He was a really nice guy and I could see why she liked him so much. They drove in their car, since we didn't have the room to carry them.

Faryn: “It looks abandoned.”

Jamie: “I think that's stating the obvious.”

Jubilee: “Are we going in? Or are we just going to look around outside?”

'' I don't want to go in if my mom isn't there. I don't have a key anymore, and I'm not even sure if she still owns the place.”

Jude: “I don't sense anything.”

Cade: “What?”

Jude: “Oh nothing. I just don't think anything is wrong.”

Cade: “Are you all mutants?”

Carson: “And what if we are?”

Cade: “Then that's pretty cool. What are your powers?”

Logan: “Do we really have time for this?”

'' I'm already scared as hell to go up there. The least we can do is relax a little bit.”

Cade: “So....?”

'' Umm... well I don't exactly know what my powers are. I know that we all pretty much have the same power except Jubilee and Carson. We can basically absorb powers... I think.”

Cade: “That's cool.”

He turned and faced towards Logan with a look of amazement on his face.

Cade: “What about you Logan?”

'' I have an adamantium-coated skeleton, retractable claws, and an advanced healing factor.”

Cade: “Adamantium?”

Ororo: “It's an indestructible metal.”

Cade: “Awesome. How did it get on your bones?”

Logan: “Why don't you ask someone else what their powers are kid?”

Cade: “Oh okay.”

He turned to Ororo and before he spoke, she just piped up.

Ororo: “Basically, I control the weather.”

Cade: “Damn. That is so cool.”

Faryn: “What can you do Jubilee?”

Jubilee: “I can create fireworks of different intensities. I can create light, small explosions, and other things.”

Faryn: “Cool.”

Cade: “And Carson?”

Carson: “I'm a monster.”

Cade: “Wha... Huh?”

Carson: “Well I mean I can turn into a number of different monsters. All different kinds.”

Cade: "Oh. I was scared for a minute there.”

Logan: “Let's quit the bullshit. If we're going to do this, we need to get in there.”

I guess I was just avoiding the inevitable. We all walked up the steps and to the door. I reached for the knob and turned. I didn't know what to expect. How could I know?

~ ~ ~

I turned the knob, and gave the door a small push. It swung open and a completely repulsing odor came out. I almost threw up and everyone else seemed to be on the verge of the same thing. I walked in and everyone followed behind me. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but they weren't. There were a number of bodies all over the house, and beer cans and syringes were all over the floor.

Cade: “This is fucking disgusting. Please don't tell me your mom lives here.”

Faryn: “Shut the fuck up Cade. Gosh...”

I walked in a little further and a hand shot out and grabbed my leg. I looked down and it was one of the bums. His hands were tough and grimy feeling. His touching me sent chills down my body and I almost screamed out.

Bum #1: “Ooh. Nice legs baby!”

I snatched my leg away and sent my foot crashing into his mouth. Blood started pouring out of his mouth, and when his head hit the ground, I knew he was out cold. Another one of the bums stood up and started coming at me.

Bum #2: “She hit Stue. Get that bitch.”

There was a mass rumbling in front of me and bums were coming out of nowhere. My friends started to come to my side but I waved them off.

'' I got this!”

The guy who saw me hit Stue was the first to come at me. He picked up an empty beer bottle, smashed it on the wall, and then came at my full speed. He swung the bottle wildly and when he was about three feet away, I threw my foot in the air and his chin connected with the bottom of my shoe. He instantly hit the ground and he was dazed as hell. He rolled out of the way and another guy stepped up to me.

Carson: “Serenity let us help you.”

'' No. I'm fine.”

He swung his fists at me, and I dodged them easily. I saw an opening and I hit him in the face four times before he even realized what happened. His nose was bleeding pretty badly, and his eyes were swelling up. He tried to swing at me again, but I kicked his legs out from under him and he fell to the ground. I kicked him in his stomach and he flew back and crashed into a wall. I wasn't even aware that my powers were active, but at least it was all only skin deep and no one could tell I was a mutant. Another guy came at me and he had a broken pipe in his hand. He swung it at me, and before it even came close to me, I snatched it out of his hand and hit him repeatedly with it. He didn't fall, so I put my foot to his chest, and pushed as hard as I could. He flew back and crashed through the wall that used to be part of my bedroom. I did a small sprint, and after creating a small telekinetic bubble, I jumped off of it, and hit another one of the guys in the stomach and brought the pipe down on his head. He fell to the ground, and another guy came up behind me. I swung my arm back and the pipe connected with his nose, and after a few more quick movements, I hit him in his shoulder, stomach, ribs, and finally after he bent over, the back of his neck sending him to the ground. There were a number of other guys, but they seemed pretty hesitant to step up to me.

'' Anyone else?”

I heard footsteps behind me, and when I looked back a tall muscular guy was coming at me full speed. I did a jumping back-flip and when he was close enough, I sent my legs into his chest. The force of my hit sent him flying back into the kitchen area where he had come from, and I was sent flying through the air. I used telekinesis to propel me through the air, and I drove my fists into the face of two more men. The crumpled to the ground, and I kicked one after the other sending them skidding across the floor. Three guys were left standing, and when I looked at them, they all scrambled for the door. It sounded as if Jubilee was about to say something, but I walked away before she or anyone else could. Words weren't going to make this any better. I walked into my room, and everything was still there. I picked the bum of by his neck and shot him back through the wall. I walked over to my dresser and saw an old picture of my mom and me before she met Johnny, and before she had let herself go. We were so happy back then. We would go out to the movies, go to the mall and just shop. Back then we used to be able to do anything, but then Johnny came along and she was so desperate for a man that she let him do whatever he wanted to her. I found some old pictures and stuff that I wanted to hold onto, but everything else was messed up. I went into my mother's old room to see if there was some kind of sign of her, but there was nothing. There were some old clothes of hers, but everything else was gone. I walked out of the room and over to the nearest guy. I grabbed him around the back of his neck and lifted him up.

'' Where's my mom?”

Bum: “I don't know who you're talking about. We've been in here for the past seven months.”

'' A woman used to live here... my mother. Now where is she?”

Casey: “Serenity, let him go. He doesn't know anything.”

'' Bullshit.”

Ororo: “Release him. We'll find her some other way.”

I dropped him back to the ground and made my way outside. When I got out of the door, there was a group of people waiting there. The three bums were among the congregated people, and I thought I was going to be in for another fight. I jumped off of the porch and walked over to them. Looking at all of their faces, I recognized some of them. A few were people from my school and some were people who had been in this neighborhood before I left. I recognized a girl Rachell, and she stepped to me. I had never really liked her, but I was going to wait for her to make the first move.

Rachell: “You're back.”

'' Not really. Only for a few days.”

Rachell: “I see you and that bitch Faryn are still tight.”

Faryn stepped up to my side and got in Rachell's face.

Faryn: “You damn right we're still tight bitch, and if it wasn't for me being pregnant, I'd beat the shit out of you like I did in high school.”

Rachell: “Uh huh. Whatever.”

She turned back to me and started talking again.

Rachell: “So what brings you back home?”

'' I came to look for my mom. Not that it's any of your business.”

Rachell: “Oh that cracked out bitch...”

My hand was leaving my side before I even realized what was happening, but before it even got high enough, it was snatched back by Mr. Logan. He whispered in my ear to “be cool”, and that's what I did.

'' You know where she is?”

Rachell: “Yeah. She's at St. Gertrude's Clinic.”

Cade: “The rehab spot?”

Rachell: “That's the place. And who might your fine ass be?”

Again Faryn stepped in her way and got in her face.

Faryn: “That's mine bitch, so back the fuck up.”

Rachell: “Ooh. Insecure are we?”

I pulled Faryn back behind me and decided to end this little get together.

'' Thanks for the information Rachell, but we need to be going.”

We walked through the crowd and there were people all over Jamie and Kevin's cars. There was even a man and girl sitting on the hood of his truck.

Kevin: “Oh hell no! Get the fuck off of my truck.”

Guy #1: “Who is he talking to baby?”

Girl #1: “I don't know, because I know damn well he ain't talking to us.”

Kevin: “Like hell I'm not. My truck isn't a fucking park bench.”

Guy #2: “Yo chill out talking to my dude like that.”

Kevin: “Then tell him to get the fuck off of my car.”

Guy #2: “You must not know who you talking to...”

Casey stepped in and tried to end an altercation. I guess she wasn't in the mood for this.

Casey: “Kevin chill out.”

She turned to the guy and started talking to him.

Casey: “Can you please just get off of the car. We're trying to leave, and we're pressed for time.”

Guy #2: “Bitch, I don't think I was talking to you.”

Casey: “Bitch? You really didn't just call me a bitch?”

Guy #2: “Yeah. Don't step in between two men talking bitch.”

Her foot came up out of nowhere and crashed into his chin. He flew back in the direction he came from and crashed to the ground.

Here we go again!


Bitch? Did he seriously call me a bitch? Come on now. He expected to call me that and expect me not to do anything. Yeah, I had cooled off on a lot of shit since Morgan had come to live at the Mansion. But, bitch?! Are you fucking kidding me? The group of people started shouting obscenities at us (mainly me), and they began to advance on us.

Girl #2: “Oh bitch. You about to get it now.”

'' Bring it on.”

She came running at me, and I did a jumping front flip and landed behind her. I did a backwards roundhouse, and my foot crashed into the side of her head. Another girl came out of no where and she kicked me in my stomach. I recovered quickly enough and punched the shit out of her. She grabbed her nose and when she did I did a sweeping kick, which knocked her on her ass. I was surrounded by a group of people, and when I looked around, my friends were separated by groups of people themselves. I did the only simple and logical thing I could think of. Run! I ran through the crowd of people and over to the sidewalk. I didn't want to openly use any flashy powers, so I looked around to see if there was anything I could use to my advantage. There was a broken, round pipe, sticking out of the ground, so I grabbed it and pulled it as hard as I could. I used a little power and it broke from the ground. I did some fancy twisting, twirling, and dodging the pipe to maybe intimidate them, but it didn't work. This big, tall ass muscular guy pushed his way through the crowd and he stepped to me. I wrapped my other hand around the pipe, ran at him full speed, jumped in the air, and then brought the pipe down on him. It was almost at his head, when he grabbed my arm, and was holding me in the air. I let the pipe go, and brought my leg up and over his head. I took my other leg and brought it up and locked my feet together. I was keeping my legs tight, and he couldn't breathe at all. He let go of my arm and I lifted my upper body up and started to punch him over and over again. He was finally dazed enough, so I unwrapped my legs and jumped down to the ground. A chick ran up behind me, so I did a 180°-kick and hit her on the right side of her face. She hit the ground hard, and I moved on to the next person. Another guy stepped up, and threw punch after punch at me. I dodged them all and then punched him in the face. I jumped from the ground, ran up his chest, and kicked him in the face, which sent him flying backwards. I landed back on the ground and immediately did a sweeping kick. Several guys and girls fell, and I put them all to sleep. There was still a pretty decent group surrounding me, and I was trying to figure the best way to end this ordeal. I didn't want to use any more power than I had to, so I entered all of their minds. I was going to attempt to put them all out, but a hand grabbed the back off my neck and tossed me back. I flew through the air, and crashed into a fire hydrant. It hurt like hell, and before I could stop it, the water erupted out of the ground. I created a skin-like shield (so I wouldn't get wet), and got off of the ground. Luckily for me, I realized I could use the water to my advantage. I started to manipulate the water and made big balls of water, and under the spray of the water, they were impossible to see. I launched them all full force at everyone around me, and they all were knocked out on impact. The only person that was still standing was the really big guy. He walked up to me and we faced off. He had picked up the pipe and was tossing it back and forth between his hands.

'' What are you going to do with that?”

Guy: “Crack it over your pretty little head.”

He swung it at my head, and I did several back-flips in the opposite directions. He threw the pipe at me, and I caught it with my mind. I launched it back at him, and when he tried to block it, his arms just missed and the head of the pipe crashed into the bridge of his nose. I pulled it back and then swung it on him again and again. I had it hit him in the back of his head twice, in his face, and then I swiped his legs from under him. He looked as if he was about to get up, so I flew over to him and raised the pipe back up. I used an invisible energy disk to slice off the top of the pipe at a diagonal angle and put it to his throat.

'' For you to get up, you'd be impaling yourself on this pipe.”

Guy: “Fine... fine. Get that pipe away from my neck.”

'' Promise to play nice?”

Guy: “Get it away from my neck!”

I finally took in my surroundings, and saw that my friends had similar piles of people at their feet. The guy on the ground gasped and when I looked at him, he had a look of fear on his face.

'' I took the pipe away from your neck... What the hell are you scared of now?”

Guy: “You... You're melting.”

I looked down and the water was running down my body. I laughed a little and exploded the force field, sending all the water onto the guy.

'' Better now?”

Guy: “Umm... Yeah.”

I walked away from him and over to my friends. Kevin was already at his car checking for damage. There didn't seem to be any, but he wouldn't pull his face away from the car until he saw every inch was okay. Jamie wasn't so concerned about his ride, but he looked over his car too.

Ororo: “We need to get out of here, before any of these people wake up.”

Faryn: “Why did I have to be pregnant? I wish I could have beaten her ass again.”

Serenity: “Another time. Let's get out of here.”

~ ~ ~

The facility Rachell said Serenity's mother was at didn't seem like a good place to look for help. I mean the place was all worn down and dirty. We went in and there were people all over. The patients were everywhere and no one was doing anything about them just roaming around. We walked up to the reception desk and the woman who was supposed to be working was asleep. I hit the bell that was on the desk and she didn't even wake up.

Xander: “Do you think she's dead?”

'' Well at least she wouldn't get in trouble then. Who sleeps on the fucking job?”

I reached my hand in the window and tapped her on her shoulder. At first she didn't wake up, but I started poking her harder and she finally jumped up.

Receptionist: “What the hell?”

Jubilee: “What the hell is right? Do they pay you to sleep.”

Receptionist: “What can I help you with?”

Serenity: “I'm looking for a patient. Renee Douglass.”

She looked up Serenity's mother's name on the computer, and after a few minutes she looked back up at us.

Receptionist: “She on the third floor. Room 320-B. Although she's probably with her counselor right now.”

Can we go up there?”

Receptionist: “I don't care. Damn!”

Kevin: “bitch!

We made our way upstairs and after a little looking around, we found the room. There were only a few pictures of a younger Serenity, but her mom wasn't in here.

Logan: “I'll go ask where she is at the front desk.”

Serenity: “I still can't wrap my mind around this.”

Story: “Things will get better Serenity. We just need to see how bad things are. Maybe she's already gotten all the help she needs.”

Serenity: “I doubt that.”

Logan came back in the room and we all turned to look at him.

Logan: “She's in with her Doctor. The man at the desk said it'd be about an hour.”

'' We can wait.”

Serenity: “Screw that. I'll be right back.”

She left the room and we all followed behind her. We stopped just short of the staircase and let her go on about her business. She made a stop at the service desk and then she barged her way through the back. Some people said stuff to her, but she just brushed them off and kept on going.

'' Well... I guess she's not going to wait.”

Logan: “I guess not. Why don't we all go wait outside.”

'' You guys go. I'll stay here and wait.”

Kevin: “Yeah me too.”

They all left and it was just myself and Kevin.

Kevin: “You know it's pretty quiet up here.”

'' So...?”

Kevin: “So we should see how quiet is in one of these rooms.”

'' You're kidding right?”

Kevin: “No not really.”

'' Well you're just going to have to wait until we get back home.”

Kevin: “We can't do anything there. We'll get in trouble.”

'' We've done it there more times than I can count. Now you're afraid of getting in trouble?”

Kevin: “Well... yeah.”

'' I think you're just an exhibitionist. Probably just want me here because we might get caught.”

Kevin: “You know me so well.”

'' You're nasty. (laughing)”

Kevin: “I wonder if we could get away with it at the motel.”

'' Okay. Now I know you're joking.”

Kevin: “Nope!”

'' Well it's not going to happen. So forget it.''

Kevin: “Why not? Where's your sense of adventure?”

'' The same place as your common sense.”

He looked as if he was going to say something, but before he could Serenity was coming out of the inner door.

Serenity: “Let's go.”

Kevin: “Did you see your mom?”

Serenity: “Let's go.”

'' Are you okay?”

Serenity: “I'm fine. Let's go.”

We walked outside and down to the cars. Serenity hadn't said anything, and I wasn't going to pressure her. She clearly wasn't in a very good mood.

Story: “Serenity I can see you're upset. But I just want to know if you're okay.”

Serenity: “I'm fine.”

Story: “Did you see your mother?”

'' Story drop it!”

Serenity: “Casey... It's fine.”

Story: “Well how is she?”

Serenity: “She didn't want to see me.”

Logan: “Why?”

Serenity: “She still blames me for what happened to her. I hurt her by taking Johnny away from her.”

Faryn: “That punk bastard?”

Serenity: “Yeah.”

Logan: “Who's Johnny?”

Serenity: “He was my mom's boyfriend. I cut his break line and he died.”

We were all pretty shocked to say the least. I never knew that Serenity had been the cause of another man's death. She just didn't seem to be that type of person. Of course she was a little rough, and I knew she had been in jail, but I didn't know what for.

'' What did he do? I mean.... Why did you kill him?”

Serenity: “He used to beat my mother. He used to disrespect her all the time. I even had a video of him screwing some bitch, and she still wouldn't leave him. So I had to make him go away.”

Carson: “That's fucked up.”

Jubilee: “Seriously.”

Jamie: “We should get out of here. No point in sticking around.”

Serenity: “Yeah. I just wanna go home and go to sleep.”

Faryn: “Like hell you do. We're going to my house and we're going to hang out. Sleep can wait.”

'' I'm up for that.”

Ororo: “We could use the leisure time.”

Faryn: “Then it's settled. We'll just stop at the store and get everything we'll need.”

To say that we rocked the house that night would be an understatement. Faryn and Serenity invited kids from their old high school and we had a crazy ass house party. Logan wasn't very enthusiastic, but Ororo was and she had a few dances with people. I guess it was the alcohol (that I wasn't supposed to be drinking), but it wasn't to long before Kevin was dragging me upstairs.

Kevin: “I asked Cade if they had any spare rooms.”

'' Why? Were you expecting something?”

Kevin: “What do you mean?”

'' What... were... you... expecting? Clearly you didn't ask about a spare room just so you could go to sleep.”

Kevin: “You know what I want.”

I had on a button up blouse and a denim wrap-around skirt. While I looked into his eyes, I started to take out each button on my blouse, one at a time. I got my shirt off and pushed him back on the bed.

'' Is this what you wanted Kevin?”

He moved to the edge of the bed and put his hands on my hips. He unhooked the clasp on my skirt and it fell away to the floor.

Kevin: “Yeah. This is exactly what I want.”

I had on a lace bra and panties set, and while he un-strung the lace tie on my panties, I did the same to my bra. After only a few seconds I was completely naked and Kevin was still completely clothed.

'' Strip!”

Kevin: “Why when I can do so much with my clothes still on?”

He picked me up, spun me around, and tossed me on the bed. I scooted up to the headboard and Kevin crawled on his knees up to me. We started to kiss and he started to massage my breast. I nibbled on his ear and he started to kiss down my neck, going further and further down. In a few short seconds he was sucking on my nipples, going from one to the other. To say I was in Heaven would be an understatement. Besides Jamie, I hadn't been with anyone else. Sexually anyway. I had had a few boyfriends, but it never went past kissing or hand jobs. Not that it was impossible to compare Jamie and Kevin, but they both were very different when it came to sex. I don't know, it's just so hard to explain. Anyway, Kevin had moved down my stomach and he started to kiss my navel, and after spending a little while there, he moved down to my pussy. Ever since I had it done, I've loved oral sex (receiving, not giving. I know, I'm a stingy bitch), but it's just something about a guy going down on me that gets me so hot all the time. He kissed the inside of both of my thighs and put his tongue to my pussy. Just the first feel of his tongue on me sent chills up my spine. He started running his tongue up and down over my pussy lips and I damn near passed out. My vaginal lips were extremely sensitive, and he was working wonders on me. I rubbed his head while he ate me out, and was surprised as hell when someone didn't knock the door down. I was moaning pretty loudly. I can't tell even remember how many times I came before he finally pulled his face up. I was exhausted to say the least, but I'd be damned if I didn't have him inside of me. He rose up on his knees and I lifted his shirt up off of him. I unbuckled his pants, lowered the zipper, and let him take it the rest of the way. He slid off of the bed for a second and dropped his pants and boxers. Kevin and I had sex often enough, but every time we did it was still a challenge for me to take him. Jamie was just a bit bigger (by about half an inch), and they were both about the same thickness, and all the times Jamie and I had sex, it was a challenge then too.

'' Please tell me you came prepared this time.”

Kevin: “And by prepared you mean?”

'' With a condom.”

Kevin: “No. Don't you have any?”

'' No.”

Kevin: “I'll be right back.”

'' Wait... You're not going to ask somebody for one are you?”

Kevin: “Yeah I am.”

'' I don't think so. I'm not going to have all these people in my business.”

Kevin: “Come on now.”

'' I'm serious. We shouldn't even be doing this here.”

Kevin: “Well it's not like you're going to let me in you without one.”

'' Damn right I'm not.”

My sexual high was plummeting, and plummeting fast. He knew he wanted this, he was begging me for it. Why wouldn't he be prepared? I hated when he did that.

'' I'm going back to the party.”

Kevin: “Wait. Wait. Wait. I might have one in my wallet.”

'' If you do, I'm going to kick your ass.”

Kevin: “Why?”

'' Just see if you have one.”

He rummaged through his wallet, and after a while he actually did pull out a condom. He pulled it out of the wrapper and slipped it on. I laid back down on the pillow and he settled in-between my legs. Usually we used some kind of lube, but since we weren't at home, we would have to do without. He put the head against me and then applied a little pressure. He slipped in after a few seconds, and I had to push on his thighs to get him to stop for a second.

'' Slow down.”

Kevin: “Are you okay?”

'' I will be.”

He slipped in a few more inches and I whimpered just a little bit. He was stretching the hell out of me. He slid in some more and eventually we were pelvis to pelvis. I held him to me for a few seconds so that I could get acquainted with him in me, then I let him do his thing. Kevin wasn't very different from Jamie when it came to actual fucking either. Jamie was extremely sensitive when it came to sex, but he knew how to be a roughneck at the right times. He knew how to switch it up, and Kevin was showing me he did too. I like soft fucking, but sometimes I need to just be... handled. He had been fucking me softly for a few minutes, but then he started getting a little faster and thrusting a little harder. I couldn't believe it, but I was having another orgasm. Nothing could take away from what I was feeling, not even the door opening and half of the damn party looking in on us. I guess I did have a bit of an exhibitionist side, because I was vaguely aware of them and I didn't give a flying fuck if they watched as long as I got mine. Kevin didn't seem to mind either, because instead of slowing down, he sped up almost like he was putting on a show. I didn't see Jamie or any of my friends among the crowd and I was thankful for that, but if they had seen me right now, I still don't think I would have cared. I grabbed onto his back, dug in with my nails and held on while he fucked me silly. It had been about an hour since we began and I could tell Kevin was close to cumming. I grabbed him by his shoulders and flipped him over so I could be on top. I thought that this was honestly the best way to go. 1) I'd be in control. 2) I could get myself off. 3) I could get him off. I ground myself on him and bounced up and down on him. He grabbed on to my ass and he started driving up into me. It was only a few more minutes before my orgasm hit and I started screaming bloody marry, and he was filling up the condom. I wanted to get off of him, but I didn't have the energy. I was completely beat. It took me about ten minutes before I could actually get off of him. I looked to the door, and everyone was still there, including our friends. I was completely embarrassed now, but there wasn't any thing I could do now. Faryn and Serenity stepped to the front of the crowd and I thought Faryn was going to spaz out.

Faryn: “And I thought you were a slut Serenity!”

Serenity: “Nope. Casey definitely takes the cake on that one.”

Faryn: “I mean she didn't even stop when all these people were at the door.”

Serenity: “I know.”

'' I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect your home.”

Faryn: “(laughing) If we had more rooms in here how many people do you think would be doing the same thing? They got a peep show, but they were just waiting for you to get the fuck out of the room.”

'' Oh.”

Serenity has a look of amusement on her face and she looked me up and down.

Serenity: “Just nasty.”

'' Shut up.”

Kevin: “Can you guys please give us a little space?”

Faryn: “What's the point? Everyone's already seen you. Don't be modest now.”

She and a few other girls really wanted to see him. I thought it was funny because he had what every other man had. I knew Faryn was getting some, so everyone else must not have been. Horny bitches! Kevin slid off of the bed and walked around to the bed where everyone could see him. He took extra long picking up his underwear and after he slipped them on, he adjusted himself so they all saw a little more.

Kevin: “Satisfied?”

Faryn: “Thoroughly, but I got a man. It's these other hoes you need to worry about.”

While Kevin was blocking the way, I slipped on my panties and bra. There were still a few guys lingering around, and I didn't know if they were there looking at Kevin, or if they were trying to get another look at me.... Not going to happen. The crowd dispersed and we finally got fully clothed. I guess Kevin could see I was kind of embarrassed, so he moved me over to his lap and brought my face to his.

Kevin: “You okay?”

'' Not really. A whole room of people just saw me having sex.”

Kevin: “I'm sorry. I should have just waited until we were at home.”

'' I wanted it, I just didn't want everyone to see.”

Kevin: “I'm sorry.”

'' Come on. Let's go back to the party.”

He followed me out and I just tried to blend in with the crowd. When I passed by my friends, they either snickered or called me some sort of name. I wasn't feeling too bad because they were my friends, but it seemed like most of the people at the party had already forgotten. I hadn't seen Logan or Ororo, so I walked up to Faryn and pulled her aside.

'' Where did Ororo and Logan go?”

Faryn: “It was getting to wild for them. I let them borrow my car and they drove back to the motel. We'll just get it from them tomorrow.”

'' Oh. Okay.”

Faryn: “Do you usually do that kind of stuff?”

'' No. Oh God no. I really thought the door was locked. If I wasn't so caught up, I would have stopped.”

Faryn: “Well I'm not mad at you. Kevin is fine.

'' Well Cade isn't so bad either.”

Faryn: “(laughing) He isn't is he. But I might have to try that shit you did after I drop this baby. I've putting out more just so he doesn’t go to some other bitch while I'm pregnant. Might have to put it down on him in a room full of hoes. Let these bitches know how it is.”

'' I wouldn't advise it. I feel funny now. Like I did something wrong.”

Faryn: “You did. You should have done a victory lap. Kevin is packing.”

'' Tell me about it.”

Faryn: “Now all we need to do is find Serenity a man.”

'' In time. She'll find somebody. The right somebody.”

Faryn: “I hope so. I want her to be happy like we are.”


Jubilee: “That was quiet a show.”

'' Yeah. I would have never thought Casey would do something like that.”

We were sitting on the couch, just lounging, and watching the party go on around us. With Logan and Ororo gone, the party took on a completely different level of FREAK. Casey's performance had set things in motion, and people were basically fucking everywhere. I looked over at Jubilee and I could tell she was uncomfortable. A virgin at the kind of party this had turned into was just unheard of. But Jubilee wasn't the only one who was out of her element... Story and Xander both seemed to be uncomfortable, and they ended up leaving with the teachers. Carson stuck around, but he was just shooting the shit with the few people who weren't part of the mass orgy.

'' What's wrong?”

Jubilee: “Nothing... It's nothing.”

'' Obviously there is something wrong. Your face is all screwed up.”

Jubilee: “I just don't want you to feel like you're wasting your time.”

'' Why would I feel like I was wasting my time?”

Jubilee: “I don't want to talk about it.”

'' Well I do. You should want to get whatever it is out of your mind.”

Jubilee: “We're not having sex, so why are you sticking around?”

'' What?! You think I'm with you for sex? You think that's all I want from you?”

Jubilee: “I'm scared that if we don't do it soon, that you're going to lose interest in me.”

'' If and when we have sex, it'll be when you're ready. I haven't pressured you, I haven't even made a move on you!”

Jubilee: “I know you haven't. But sooner or later, you're going to expect me to go there, and I don't know if I'm ready.”

'' What do you think I'm some kind of pig? I've gone without sex for a hell of a lot longer. I hadn't had sex for months before that shit with Bobby happened.”

Jubilee: “I just don't want you to be holding out for something that might not happen.”

'' Whatever. I need some fresh air.”

Jubilee: “Jamie... Jamie...”

I didn't stop or look back. I was beyond pissed. The only time I ever even made a movie on her was when we were at my parent's house, and I slipped my hand under her shirt. I didn't even feel anything, and she was dogging me out because she thought I was mad we weren't screwing. I made it outside and just tried to take in some fresh air. The smell of sex was overwhelming in there, and this was a welcome change. I mean of course I wanted sex, who didn't. Even Jubilee wanted sex, she was just a virgin, and she was holding out for the right time. Once you have sex, it's something you need to have over and over again. I know that, but I wasn't going to pressure her. I wasn't going to make her uncomfortable because I lov....

Guy: “Had to get out of there too?”

I looked to my right and there was a young guy up on a railing smoking a Black & Mild cigar.

'' Wha... Oh yeah. My girl was tripping.”

Guy: “Girls... I wouldn't know about any of their drama.”

'' What do you mean?”

Guy: “I'm not really a fan of girls.”

'' Oh.”

Guy: “Is that bad?”

'' No. Of course it isn't.”

Guy: “Have you ever been with a guy?”

'' A few. I'm bisexual.”

Guy: “Really?”

'' Yeah I am.”

Guy: “So what was your girl tripping over?”

'' She thinks I'm going to start pressuring her for sex.”

Guy: “So she's not putting out?”

'' No.”

He slid off of the railing and walked up closer to me.

Guy: “You smoke?”

'' Depends on what that is. I don't smoke weed.”

Guy: “This is just a regular Black.”

I took a quick whiff of it, and deemed that it was just a regular black. It wasn't weed, and it wasn't laced with some shit. I took it from his hand and took a quick drag on it. I coughed a little, and handed it back to him.

Guy: “You a newbie?”

'' Naw, but it's been a while.”

Guy: “So what are you doing since your girl isn't putting out?”

'' What do you mean?”

Guy: “You can't tell me you're not horny, and you can't tell me that jacking off is working.”

'' Naw... It gets old after a while.”

Guy: “I think you should get someone to help you out with that.”

'' Naw. My girl is the only one I'm checking for.”

Guy: “What she doesn't know, won't hurt her.”

'' I'm cool.”

I turned back to go inside, when I felt his hand latch onto my shoulder. I spun around and knocked his hand off of me.

'' What the hell?”

Guy: “I let you have some of my smoke. You owe me.”

'' I can give you a dollar, but that's it.”

Guy: “I want some dick.”

'' Sorry, not interested.”

I turned back around and hurried inside. I saw Jubilee standing by the window and she had a funny look on her face. At first I thought she was mad at me, but she wasn't. I walked up to her and just relaxed on the wall.

'' I'm sorry. I shouldn't have flipped like that.”

Jubilee: “You didn't flip. I should have had faith in you. I know you wouldn't pressure me.”

I took her face into my hands and looked into her eyes.

'' If we do, when you’re ready, we'll go there. I really care about you, and I don't ever want you to feel uncomfortable.”

Jubilee: “I know.”

I kissed her lightly on the lips, and that lead to a ten minute make out session against the wall. We finally parted and her face frowned up a little bit.

'' What?”

Jubilee: “That guy?”

'' What about him?”

Jubilee: “He wanted to....?”

'' Yeah.”

Jubilee: “Oh.”

'' Don't worry.”

Jubilee: “I'm not.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Logan and Ororo came in. They looked around at everybody and I could see Ororo take a few deep breaths. This must have been a pretty fucked up sight to walk into. Logan wasn't so surprised, but as he looked for us, his demeanor was less and less controlled. He started pulling people off of each other attempting to find us.

'' Logan... What are you doing back here?”

Logan: “Is the kind of shit you kids do when adults aren't around?”

'' Some of them.”

Ororo: “Where are the others? We have to leave immediately.”

'' Why? Is something wrong?”

Ororo: “No. But the Professor wants us to pick up Hank.”

'' And where is Hank?”

Logan: “Currently, he's in D.C.”

'' And we're supposed to get him? In what? I have all kinds of respect for him.... But all that fur? On my interior?”

Logan: “Clearly. The Professor is sending Jean and Scott to do get the cars. They're flying down the X-Jet.”

Kevin: “What cars?”

The rest of the group had walked up when the teachers came in the door and we were all in a group.

'' We have to go to D.C. to pick up Hank. Jean and Scott are coming to get the cars.”

Kevin: “Like hell... I don't let anyone drive my car.”

Ororo: “Okay... Then you stay here and when they come you can drive back. Anyone who wants to go with you can.”

I had never been to D.C. before so I knew damn well I wasn't going, and that seemed to be the feeling among all of us.

Kevin: “Fine!”

~ ~ ~

The night was pretty uneventful after Logan and Ororo came back. Scott and Jean had directions to come here, so this is where we bunked for the night.

It was around 10am when Jean and Scott arrived, so we were pretty much set to go by 11am.

'' Please be careful with my baby. That car was a gift from my Dad.”

Kevin: “And don't mess up my ride. If I see one scratch...”

Jean: “You'll what?”

Kevin: “Be extremely mad.”

Punk! We all got into the X-Jet, and after a teary-eyed goodbye from Serenity to Faryn we were on our way.


Washington, D.C. was an extremely beautiful place. To be honest, that was a complete understatement. The historical buildings and the abundance of history was fascinating. But Washington, D.C., had a dark side, and that dark side was my enemy. It was the enemy of every mutant in America. Washington, D.C., didn't understand us, and therefore they hated us. Of course there were bad mutants, but no larger a number than the human rapists, murderers, and such that were such a problem. But they were ignored, we were the menace that had to be eradicated. The government of course wasn’t open about eliminating us, but that didn't mean they weren't trying. That would probably change though. Ororo had told us that Hank was one of the people who was, 1) Open about his mutant identity, 2) Something like a mutant activist. He went to many meetings and fought for understanding on the parts of humans about mutants.

'' So where are we going to meet Hank?”

Ororo: “He got us special admission into the White House. The men there aren't aware of our mutant identity, and I would appreciate if you kept it that way. Do not use your powers! We're trying to build trust with the government, not tear it down.”

Kevin: “You don't have to worry about that.”

Ororo: “Logan is going to remain here and keep the X-Jet powered and ready to go. You all follow me.”

After walking up to the front gate, we were escorted to the visitor's entrance, led past the waiting tourists, past the library, and led into the East Room. It was a very fancy, ballroom-looking room, and that is where we waited. We were told to wait, and wait we did. We waited forever, and then we waited a little longer.

Kevin: “What the hell? We've been waiting here for like two hours.”

'' They don't even have anywhere to sit.”

Ororo: “I didn't expect it to be this long. I'll be back shortly.”

She walked back towards the way we came, and we were left all alone.

'' I wonder what's taking so long.”

Carson: “Yeah, this is kind of crazy.”

Storm walked back in and she had nine badges that looked like backstage passes at a concert, and she handed them to each of us.

Ororo: “Take these, they will get you around the mansion. All rooms are open, except rooms with red flags on the door.”

Jubilee: “Sweet. All access passes to the mansion. Bet they wouldn't do this if they knew we were mutants.”

Ororo: “They probably wouldn't. Please do not embarrass the school, myself, or Hank. He is working diligently for mutant/human relations.”

Jamie: “You don't have to worry. We'll be on our best behavior.”

Casey: “I wish Morgan was here for this. It's like a once in a lifetime experience.”

Ororo: “We'll meet back here in an hour.”

We all broke off into little groups, and went our separate ways. Myself, Carson, and Serenity were all together. Jubilee, Jamie, and Jude were together, and Kevin, Casey, and Xander were together. We didn't know where to start, so we just took it one room at a time. Even though I wasn't a fan of the government (how could I be), nor was I a fan of the president (again, how could I be?), but this place was honestly beautiful. The history of all the past presidents, and the decisions that were handed down in this building was astounding. We passed tours of people, who were getting guided tours, and we just walked right by them. There were also a bunch of people walking around who were actually doing work. I wanted to go back to the library and see what books were there, maybe find something about mutant relations. See what could be done. I separated from Carson and Serenity and went on my own towards the library.

'' This place is huge!”

I walked a little further and just as I was getting ready to enter the library, a man rushed past me, and ran up to what looked to be a Utility Closet.

Well excuse me.”

When the guy looked back, I saw that it was the Vice-President.

For a man of your position, I would think you had better manners.”

V.P.: “If only I had the time you insolent child.”

I watched as he went into the Utility Closet, and as he was going in, he took something out of his briefcase that looked like some sort of communication device. I went into the library and just checked out all the books. I wish there was someway to get copies of all these books, but I didn't think there was. I was only in there for about twenty minutes and then I left. There was nothing I could do if I couldn't take these books home, so there was no point in me being in here. As I closed the door, I saw the door of the Utility Room opening up, and expecting the Vice-President to come out of the room, I was proved completely wrong. A completely naked, blue woman came out of the room holding the exact device and briefcase the V.P., was holding. As I watched she started to shape-shift, and after several seconds, she was a white female in a blue suit. It was her. It had to be her. She fit the profile exactly.

'' You! It was you!”

Woman: “Excuse me?”

'' I just saw you come out the fucking closet. It was you.”

Woman: “I don't know what you're talking about.”

'' Like hell you don't. You're the one... You're the one who killed my brother.”

It was strange, but a small smile twitched on her face. It was small, but I noticed it, and I was going to wipe it right off of her fucking face.

Woman: “Dear... I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.”

'' Like hell you don't... Mystique!”

The smile on her face widened, and she slowly started walking towards me.

Mystique: “One of Professor Xavier's pets I see.”

'' No. This has nothing to do with Mr. Xavier. This is about revenge.”

Mystique: “Revenge? What did I do to you my dear?”

'' You killed my brother bitch.”

Mystique: “I'm sorry, but I don't recall that.”

'' Then I guess I'm just going to have to beat the memory back into you.”

Mystique: “My dear, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into.”

'' Try me.”

I ran towards her, and sent my foot crashing into her chest. She flew about 10ft. back and crashed into the ground. She got back up with inhumane speed, and before I even realized what happened, she had close-lined me. I slammed to the ground, and before she could take advantage of me, I wrapped my legs around hers, and brought her down to the ground with me. I kicked her in the stomach, and she skidded back across the floor. I jumped back up, and as she was getting up, I tackled her back to the ground.

Where do you think you're going bitch?”

Mystique: “I'm going to kill you. Just like I killed your brother.”

She wormed her feet up and she kicked me back and off of her. She got up and so did I.

'' Why him? Why my brother?”

Mystique: “I had orders. I was just doing what I was good at.”

'' Well you picked the wrong person.”

I did a spinning kick, connected with her face, and as I was rotating around, I slammed my fist into her nose. She stumbled back, and when she straightened up, she had a look of death on her face.

Mystique: “I don't have time for this shit.”

She grabbed up her device, her briefcase, and she ran from the hallway. Just as I was about to go after her, Carson and Serenity came around.

Carson: “Baby, what the hell happened to you?”

I didn't answer him, but I ran around the corner and saw Mystique coming up on a door. I didn't know how I would ever find her again, but I knew I had to. I thought for a second, and then it came to me. I ripped the communicator off of my shirt, and after careful aiming, I launched it at her briefcase. By pushing it with telekinesis, I slammed it into her briefcase. The communicators were so small, that even if she thought to look for it, she wouldn't be able to find it. She looked back once she got to the door, and after giving me a winning smile, she opened the door, and disappeared into the crowd of suited people.

'' Don't think this is over bitch. We're just getting started.

Carson: “Come on. We need to get out of here.”

Serenity: “What the hell happened?”

'' That's the bitch that killed my brother.”

Carson: “Come on, let's get out of here.”

We made it back to the East Room with a few minutes to spare, and when everyone was there, they could see something was clearly wrong with me.

Jude: “Story what's wrong? Why are you looking like that?”

'' I saw her. I fought her.”

Jubilee: “Fought who?”


Jamie: “What?!”

Casey: “She's here? We have to tell Ororo!”

There was movement behind us, and in walked Ororo, Hank, and the President himself.

'' It's nothing. It's not important.”

President: “I'm so happy you all could come to my home. I'm looking forward to seeing more of all of you.”

Kevin: “Yeah right.

I was still extremely upset, but I didn't want Hank or Ororo bothering me with questions. I had to think. We made it to the X-Jet, and after making sure everything was in order, we were off. On the plane, I sat in the back and by myself. This would take a whole hell of a lot of planning. I had to make sure it was perfect. She was going to die. That was a definite. But, I couldn't just get a gun and shoot her. That's barbaric and just a waste of time. I was going to kill that bitch with my bare hands. But the first thing to do was to track her down.

Game On!

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