Being as this is a story with straight people in it there will be some straight sex. I hope it doesn't offend any of you, but it's a necessity to this story. Anyway I made a Yahoo! Group so that people can keep in touch and tell me there ideas about the story. This is the address for the site and I hope that people will join the group and tell me everything you think of the story. I do realize that there are a lot of blanks in my story. The straight sex may be very visual so if you don't want to read it you may need to skip a portion of Kevin's narrative and Jamie's.


H i g h S c h o o l X


'' Is this how it's going to be from now on Story?”

Story: “If it has to be.”

'' That's bullshit. You're wasting your life looking for her.”

Story: “I'm not.”

'' Yeah you are! She killed me Story! Not you! This isn't your fight and if I'm not stressing over it, you shouldn't be either. Let it go!”

She quickly stood up and got right in my face.

Story: “She tried to take you away from me Jude! You're one of the few people I have left. And that bitch had the nerve to try and take that away from me!”

'' Her time will come Story. You can't stay locked up in here all the time. We're all worried about you and we hardly even see you anymore. I don't want you to do this.”

Story: “I have to.”

I was going to reply, but I had already lost her attention. She was again entranced with the notes and files she had collected on Mystique. When Jamie confirmed that Mystique was my killer and when she saw her at the White House, it was just to much. She was bent on killing her, and I would have to find some way to stop her. I walked out of her room and down to the Rec Room. I knew Xander was down here and I really wanted to talk to him. I saw him over near a group of people and it looked like they were having a pretty heated discussion.

Xander: “Lay off of him. He's been through enough.”

Guy #1: “We're all mutants, but you all are true freaks. You're never going to have any friends here.”

Girl #1: Andrew stop it. That's not fair, and it's not true.”

Guy #2: “Kitty you're so naive. They're just waiting for an opportunity to get us when we're off guard. That's why the Professor won't train them.”

Kitty: “Screw both of you. Duke you're just a muscle-head, and Dirk you've never had an original thought.”

I laughed quietly to myself, but I stayed a little ways away so I could keep listening.

Kitty: “What do you think Raven?”

Raven: “I think you guys need to give the kid a break. How many people do you know who are okay after they died?”

Duke: “Whatever. Everyone is afraid of him.”

Dirk: “Yeah. Everyone is.”

Raven: “I'm not, and I know Kitty isn't.”

I finally stepped towards them and true to her words Kitty and Raven didn't flinch, but Duke and Dirk almost shit themselves.

'' That's good. I wouldn't want to scare anyone.”

Kitty: “Of course you wouldn't. These guys are just idiots.”

Raven: “I'd have to agree.”

Kitty: “It's a shame we have hateful people in a place like this. It's supposed to be a sanctuary.”

Xander: “For some it is.”

Jude: “Just not for us.”

They looked pretty upset, but they didn't say anything else. Xander excused himself and we walked out of the room.

'' How did that conversation get started?”

Xander: “That guy Dirk asked me how I could be friends with you guys? Like I'm not one of you.”

'' Oh.”

Xander: “Then he asked if I felt safe around someone with your problem. And I think you heard the rest.”

'' Do you feel safe around me?”

Xander: “Of course. Why shouldn't I?”

'' A lot of anger has been directed at all of you. But I never physically attacked any of the others. Except Jamie, but I just pushed him and well Jubilee, but I was just really upset with the things she said.”

Xander: “They were really hurtful. But I don't think she really meant them.”

'' I know she didn't but it still hurt.”

We ended up walking out towards the Fountain and some people looked at us warily, but we ignored them, and after nothing happened, they all relaxed again.

He wasn't looking at me, but I could tell something was on his mind.

'' What is it?”

Xander: “Oh.... Nothing. I'm just thinking is all.”

'' About what?”

Xander: “A lot of things. My memory, all of you guys, you especially, and then Riley.”

That name always ended up in the conversations. I knew the were close friends and I couldn't believe I was getting jealous when I had a friend like that in Seven.

Xander: “He called me. Last night actually. Said he wanted to come visit.”

'' Oh. What did you tell him?”

Xander: “That I would run it by the Professor. I doubt he'll say 'Yes' though.”

Now I was the one who was closing up. I didn't want to share Xander with anyone. Especially not someone like Riley, because they had a past that was ripped away from the both of them.

'' You guys are really close, even though you lost all memories of him before you woke up.”

Xander: “It's surprising, but I just feel like he's supposed to be there. He's a good friend and I could tell we were really close. Even though you've never lost your memories.... Don't you feel like Seven is supposed to be in your life? You have sex with him I know, but isn't it more than that?”

'' Believe it or not.... We weren't always friends. I always thought he was trying to steal my spotlight, but then when I got to know him, I couldn't stop hanging out with him. You're right... I couldn't imagine my life without him.”

This didn't make me feel better, it actually made what I was feeling even worse. I wanted Xander. Even if he wouldn't admit it, he wanted both Riley and myself. But what was more, I wanted Seven also. I never wanted to hurt Xander, but what if Seven came into the picture and I couldn't help myself. Xander and I hadn't even done anything yet, but it was only a matter of time. I think he saw the change in my attitude and he had a look of concern on his face. I instantly brightened up so he wouldn't ask me any questions.

Xander: “Do you want to go for a swim. It's getting kind of warm out here and I wouldn't mind getting wet.”

I agreed and as we separated to get our swim trunks, the weight of everything came crashing back on me. A swim was just what I needed right now. Maybe I could drown my problems in the pool.

We met back in less than five minutes and when Xander made it to the pool, I could hardly take my eyes off of him. He was slim and he had just enough definition to not be considered lanky. I had seen him completely nude before, but now I could admire him without being rushed. I couldn't take my attention off of him, but I noticed that I wasn't the only one stuck looking at him. Girls and guys were both taking him in, but he passed by all of them without a second glance. I actually don't think he was aware of the effect he had on people. I smiled when he got close and surprising him, I grabbed him around his waste and threw him as hard as I could. He soared through the air and then crashed into the water. I flew up to the diving board and after running and jumping, I did a tornado spin into the water. I'm sure I created a pretty good splash, but I was spinning so fast, I couldn't even tell. I surfaced a few moments later, and when I did a saw a shadow covering the pool. As I looked up, I saw it was Xander and he was coming right at me. I took a deep breath and he collided into me. We were wrestling around in the water and just having a good time. We were playing for all of about an hour, when it got a little cooler, so we climbed out of the pool. We were both dripping wet, and Xander looked so much better with water dripping off of him. I didn't want to start drooling, so I pulled my eyes away from him and found two empty lounge chairs. We were in between two girls I had flirted with before my accident, but I wasn't really interested in them right now. Just sitting there looking at him, my emotions finally got the best of me.

'' Xander....”

Xander: “What?”

'' What if I told you I didn't want you to invite him here?”

Xander: “What do you mean?”

I didn't care if these two were listening, the school knew about me fore sure by now. Even though I trusted most of the people in the room when I was outed, things had a mysterious way of getting out. As strong and as much control as Xavier and Jean had, even they couldn't contain every stray thought.

'' Can we go somewhere more private?”

He raised up from the lounge chair and I followed him. We went into the Mansion and as we went up the main stairs, I figured we were going to his room. We got to his door and after going inside, he locked the door behind us.

Xander: “My roommate is gone for the week.”

'' Cool.”

Xander: “So what's this all about? What do you mean you don't want him here?”

'' I like you Xander. I mean I really like you. If you're friend Riley came here, I'd feel like you would choose him over me.”

Xander: “If we got into something Jude, I wouldn't do that to you. I hope I can never treat anyone like that. And I definitely wouldn't want to hurt a friend.”

He was just sitting in the small chair Lay-Z-Boy chair seat in his room and I realized we were finally alone. I walked over to him, and as I did I started to pull the strings on my trunks. He saw what I was doing and a small smile spread across his face. I knew he wouldn't go all the way, but I could give him a little preview. He was so damn sexy. I slid my shorts down and Xander sucked in a little air and his chest started rising and falling. I got down on my knees and started taking the string out of his shorts. I hooked my fingers around his waist, and after he lifted up a little, a slid the trunks off of his body. I grabbed his penis in my hand and stroked him up and down for a little bit until he was hard. I was still impressed at how big he was for someone so skinny, even though he was bulking up. He was almost 9” so it was very impressive. He was a little longer than me because I was only 8” and he was thick, but I was a lot thicker. I got closer to the head of his dick, and after looking at it closely, I ran my tongue from the base of his dick to the head. He tasted perfect and after I licked around the crown of his dick for a bit, I took the head into my mouth. I closed my eyes and really got into it. I was trying to make this the best blow-job he had ever gotten. If Riley had ever done this for him, I wanted it to be better than that. I had only ever sucked off Seven, but I was putting those skills to use, and I thought I was doing a pretty decent job. I was bobbing up and down and Xander was quietly moaning.

I had been going at it for about thirty minutes and my mouth was getting tired, but I was being a trooper. I was stroking myself off while I was sucking him, and I was almost ready to pop. I finally felt his balls drawing up and I was contemplating what I should do. I didn't know if I wanted to swallow or finish him off with my hand, but I finally made the decision that this was supposed to be special for him. So as he started squirming around in the chair, I sucked even harder on him and not even seconds later he was unloading in my mouth. I didn't focus so much on the taste because it wasn't that bad, but I let it linger on my tongue for only about a second before I swallowed it down. He shot about seven thick loads and after he finished cumming, I cleaned him off and stood up. I started pulling my meat even faster and a few seconds later, I was unloading all over Xander's chest. I slowly lowered myself back to the floor and just tried to catch my breath. I looked at Xander and he had a small smile on his face. He didn't look like he had much energy either, but he brought his finger up to my cum and scooped some up. He sniffed it at first and then put his whole finger in his mouth and when he pulled it out, it was completely clean. I had to laugh at that and then I asked if I could use his shower. I didn't wanna go around with my breath or body smelling like him all day. I wanted to go all the way, but this would do for now. And hopefully it would get his mind off of Riley for a little bit.


I decided that I should take my baby out for a drive. I had been cooped up in the house for a few days and I needed some fresh air. Story was practically ghost, Carson wasn't any fun because he was always thinking about Story. Jamie and Jubilee couldn't pull themselves away from each other and that went for Casey and Kevin too. Even Xander and Jude were always together. Since I'm pretty sure I was the only person who knew about Xander, I was pretty sure what they were doing. I jumped into my car and drove to town. I mean I was happy for them or whatever, but it sucked being left out. I couldn't do everything they did. I was tempted to call Faryn on my cellphone, but even she had a boyfriend and she couldn't relate to how I was feeling right now. I looked in a few stores and picked up a few pairs of heels, but I wasn't really seeing any good stuff. So I drove around a little more and finally came across this shop 'Isle of Magi'. It looked pretty cool, so I got out of the car and went up to the door. I was about to open it, when a sign caught my attention.

Pay Close Attention:

Magic is not a game.
Please do not think it is so.
Only true people of magic should enter.
When the world is changing... Magic is at its' center.
If you can handle these responibilites...



I was pretty freaked out at first, but I slowly opened the door and entered. I was expecting to find shrunken heads and hanging chicken bones and shit, but there was none of that. There was a massive collection of books and a lot of interesting looking trinkets. I walked further into the store and picked up one of the smaller trinkets. It didn't have any description, but as I was about to put it down, a girl about my age came out of the back.

Girl: “I didn't know anyone was here.”

'' Just stepped in to check things out. Just browsing around.”

Girl: “You didn't read the sign.”

'' I did. I still came in though.”

Girl: “Have you used magic before?”

'' No. Never.”

Girl: “Follow me Serenity.”

'' Wha....How... How do you know my name?”

Girl: “The trinket you're holding. It gives off readings of the wearer. Any person with experience could pick it up.”

I dropped the thing back in the basket and followed her.

Girl: “Do you have any interest? Or are you just bored?”

I figured she know if I was lying.

'' A little of both. Sorry.”

Girl: “(laughing) No need. Something drew you here.”

I followed her into another room and there were even more books in here. She took a few off of the shelves and she sat them down on the table. I figured she would have had on a shawl and some funky rings and bracelets, but she had none of that. She just had on some regular clothes. I guess I was being really stereotypical, but I didn't know any better. She laid one of the books down and it was completely empty.

'' What's this?”

She waved her hand over it and words instantly appeared. Upon closer inspection, it was just the story of Hansel and Gretel. I looked up at her in shock, but she just smiled and stood up.

'' I didn't really believe any of this. How did you do that?”

Girl: “My magic.”

'' Are you a witch?”

Girl: “Something like that.”

'' A mutant?”

Girl: “Yes. I am.”

'' This is fascinating. I've never seen anything like this before.”

All of a sudden, there was a BOOMing yell from the back of the store and a look of horror passed over her face.

Man: “WANDA! Get back here now!”

She looked at me quickly and then fled from the room. I sat idly for a second and then stood up. I walked slowly to the entrance she had went in and pulled the curtain back slowly. There was a very old and broken man with white hair and wrinkled skin sitting in a chair and I saw Wanda kneeling by his side. I looked further into the room, and I saw a boy who looked around Wanda's age sitting in another chair. He had a bruise forming under his eye and he was rubbing it slowly. He was interesting because he had hair that was white, just as if he was the old man.

Man: “Find him! I want him here now!”

Wanda: “Father... I don't think that's a good idea. He's unstable and his memory is non-existant.”

Man: “I don't want to hear that. Get him here now.”

Wanda: “Father....”

She was cut off when his hand came crashing down on her face. She fell to the ground and looked up at him in shock. Even in his decrepit state, he was still a menacing man.

Man: “I don't care what you think Witch. You will do as I say or you will suffer by my hand.”

He grabbed her by hair and pulled her up so they were looking face to face. She groaned in pain, but she nor the other boy sitting there did anything.

Man: “Do I make myself clear?”

Wanda: “Yes father.”

Man: “Good.”

He released her hair and she fell back to the ground. He made his way out of the room, and the boy moved over to her.

Boy: “It'll be okay Scarlet. We'll just find Joseph and bring him here.”

Wanda: “And then what? What happens to us Pietro? Once he gets his strength back, he won't need us.”

Pietro: “We'll have to fight him when that time comes.”

Wanda: “We would never win. You know that.”

Pietro: “Then we'll have to find help. Fast!”

They got up and walked out of the room into another room, and I made my way back into the other area. I hated what I just saw, but I couldn't let her know I was in her business. I walked slowly around the room and as I browsed around the books, I saw one in a glass case the caught my eye. I walked over and opened the case and took the book out. I was flipping through the pages and I couldn't understand any of it. I closed it and looked at the cover, but there was just a big D on it. I was about to open it again, when an energy bolt flew at it, and I dropped it back into the case.

Wanda: “No! You must never look at that book!”

'' I'm sorry! I was just curious.”

Wanda: “It's not to be toyed with.”

'' Okay....Okay. I get it.”

I closed the glass shelf and backed away from it. She was looking at me warily and I was doing the same to her. I saw the shiner forming under her eye and I knew her face had to be hurting.

'' I think it's time for me to go.”

Wanda: “I'm sorry to scare you away..... But please do come back.”

'' Sure. Of course.”

I got my purse up and walked through the room and out the door. I was very scared, not for myself, but for Wanda and her brother Pietro. Almost as soon as I walked out the door, the closed sign was up and the place was shut down. I got in my car and after picking up a few more items of clothing, I went back to the Mansion. This, I needed to discuss with my friends.

~ ~ ~

Casey: “So what are we supposed to do?”

'' I don't know. But I figured maybe we could get Jean or Logan to go over there and check things out. Their dad had to be a mutant. He was old, but he was so scary, and they were so afraid of him.”

Xander: “You don't even know these people.”

'' That's not the point. I really just want to look into this or something. I didn't get a chance to talk to her brother, but I talked to her and she was so nice.”

Jamie: “I don't get it though.... You said she was a witch.”

'' That's what he called her. And it was a magic store. Isle of something.”

Jude: “Magi. I almost went in there, but I helped this girl instead.”

Jubilee: “It sounds weird. I mean I've heard of magic, but I never thought it was real.”

'' I'm not even sure if she's a witch... Maybe her power is like controlling magic or something. I'm not sure.”

Kevin: “I think we should check it out. But we might want to have a teacher present. We can't all just go strolling in there.”

There was a small knock at the door and then Story poked her head in. We were in a spare class room and I guess she had found us. She hadn't even been around for the last couple days, so it was good to see her.

Story: “Hey.....”

We all said 'Hey!' back except for Carson. He hadn't really been saying much, but now that she was here, he kind of turned off completely. I thought that he was going to say something rude, but he just got up and walked out of the room. He brushed past her and she looked at him in disbelief. Her eyes were all wet, but she came and sat down inside.

Jubilee: “It's good to see you.”

Story: “Yeah. I've just been really busy with stuff.”

Jude: “Stuff?”

She ignored him and asked us what we were talking about instead. I explained to her, and she was on board for checking things out.

Story: “I think it's a good idea. But only some people should go.”

Kevin: “If we're going to go.... I think we should get one of the teachers.”

We decided that only a few of us would go and as we broke off we each went out separate ways. We agreed that sometime next week would be a better time to go, and after I finished some classwork, I asked Ms. Monroe and Logan if they could come with us. They agreed and I went up to bed. I got into my room, took a shower, and was just slipping into a robe when Story walked in the room. Now we were all cool and all very close friends, but Story was definitely my best friend. I wrapped my hair up into a ponytail and started walking to my bed. I didn't look at her because we hadn't really talked much in the last couple of days.

Story: “Serenity....”

'' Yeah?”

Story: “Can I talk to you for a bit?”

'' Sure.”

Story: “I haven't meant to be so....absent lately. It's just...”

'' The revenge thing.”

Story: “I just feel like my brother deserves justice. Look what she did.”

'' Your brother is alive Story. What else can you ask for?”

Story: “I want her to feel the same way I felt. I want her to suffer like I did. Like we all did.”

'' She will Story. Eventually! What she did will come back on her. If you do something to her, it'll come back on you.”

Story: “What about the fighting that goes on here?”

'' You're unprovoked. I know what she did was wrong, but another wrong doesn't right a wrong. I don't want you to do this.”

Story: “I'm just scared is all. It could happen again.”

'' It'll never happen again. We won't let it.”

We sat the for a little bit and we were just thinking I guess.

Story: “About your friend? What about the guy you saw?”

'' He was just so scary. They were so afraid of him, and he gave me the creeps.”

Story: “Everything will be okay. We'll help your friends out and send that guy packing.”

'' I hope it's that easy.”

Story: “Come on. Let's get to bed. We have class tomorrow.”

~ ~ ~

The day we were supposed to do the shop, I woke up and something just didn't feel right. I mean we were supposed to go to the magic shop today, but something in the pit of my stomach was just making me scared. I got out of bed and washed up and then made my way downstairs. We agreed to meet up early, so we settled on 10am, and by 11 o'clock, we were on our way. It was myself, Jude, Casey, Carson, and Jamie. There was a lot of chatter going on around me, but I wasn't hearing any of it. For some reason my body was screaming at me to cancel this thing and turn the car around. But by the time I had built up the courage to talk to Logan, we were there. I slowly got out of the car and just looked at the store. Something in there was really sinister and we could be walking right into a trap. I looked around and everyone was waiting on me, so I walked up to the door and opened it. There were a few customers looking at some books and trinkets, but they didn't concern me at the moment. I knew where I could find Wanda, but I didn't want to be disrespectful, so we waited along with the rest of the customers.

We had been waiting for about twenty minutes, when the curtain was pulled back and Pietro walked out with Wanda. He noticed me first, and nudged Wanda on her side. She looked at me for all of about a second, but her eyes roamed past me and she looked at Logan and Ms. Monroe. Her face contorted into a mask of fear and she shrieked in horror. I sent a message to the customers to get out and after a few minutes we were alone. I was about to say something, but before I could register what happened, myself and everyone behind me was sent crashing into the wall. I thought it might have been Wanda, but it was her brother. He was moving so fast that I hadn't seen him push me. We all got up from the floor and faced off. Pietro was on the move again, but using my mind, I slowed things down and tracked his movements. I don't know what it looked like to the others, but I felt like I had an adrenaline rush. I saw Pietro running for Logan, but I did a sidestep and kicked him in his ribs. I felt the vibration from the speed travel up my foot, but when I blinked he had crashed into one of the bookshelves. Wanda looked at me with rage in her eyes and she sent a magic bolt at me. I dodged out of the way, but I wasn't sure if it hit someone else. They had respectfully given me space to take care of this by myself. She sent bolt after bolt at me, but I avoided them repeatedly. I was going to attack with my own powers, but I didn't want to scare her. I waited until she paused in sending her power my way to try and talk to her.

'' Wanda Stop!”

She was pissed off! I could tell, but I hadn't attacked her yet.

'' Wanda listen to me.... We came here to help you.”

Wanda: “Help?! You brought them here Serenity. How could you?”

'' Wanda I swear I didn't know. I still don't know what's going on.”

Wanda: “You all have to leave now.”

'' We're here to help... Please let us help.”

Wanda: “You can't help us Serenity. No one can.”

She had a defeated look on her face and I could tell she had already given up the fight against her father.

'' Wanda I don't believe that. I know we can help. I saw what your father did.”

Logan stepped up to me in shock and he was almost stuttering as he talked to Wanda.

Logan: “He's here?”

Wanda: “Yes! You all have to get out of here now!”

Ms. Monroe tried to usher the others out, but no one was moving.

'' God Dammit. Who is 'he'?”

Ororo: “Magneto. If he's here we are in very big trouble.”

I don't think I could describe the look that passed over my face, or the faces of my friends. It was probably complete and utter horror.

Wanda: “Please leave! You all have to leave now.”

I made an about face, but before we even went anywhere, metal melded over the door and we were trapped.

Man: “What's the rush?”

I turned around and it was him. It was the one I had seen slap Wanda. I was amazed at the fear he struck in all of us at his old age. Wanda rushed up to him and tried to pull him back. Metal pieces flew across the room and formed something like a glove on his hand.

Wanda: “Father please.... Let them go. They aren't trying to star....”

She never got to finish her sentence, because he back handed her and she flew into a large bookshelf. The books crashed down on her and she was buried under everything. I hadn't know Wanda very long, but he had no right. I sent a force beam his way, but it connected with a shield and he wasn't even touched.

Magneto: “You little twit.”

I thought he was just in control of magnetism, but that was proven wrong, when he launched a gamma ray from his palms. I was quick enough to put up a shield, but I was still thrown back from the force. I had never seen Logan look so worried before, because his bones were covered by adamantium. Jamie stepped out in front of everybody and started forming ice shards in the air. He was letting them grow in size and then he launched them at Magneto. That shield he had was very durable because nothing was going through. Ororo created a strong wind, but all it did was knock books and stuff over. Casey was the second to step up and she tried to enclose him in fire, but they were extinguished almost instantly. Logan was getting frustrated by now and as he unsheathed his claws a small smile passed over Magneto's face.

Magneto: “Always looking for a fight Logan. And I had almost forgotten you were there.”

Before any of us could do anything, Logan was in the air and flying towards a bookshelf. He was repeatedly slammed into the wall and blood was gushing out of his face. I couldn't take seeing that happen to him, so I created a force beam from my hands and launched it at him. He lost concentration on Logan to put more force behind his shield. I was about to try something else when Jude and Carson stepped in front of us. Carson was the first to move and he started to transform into one of his monsters. He ripped the skin off of his body and when he was done he was a wolf like creature. I thought he was going to attack, but Jude placed his hand over Carson's head and started to do some kind of incantation. There was a subtle change at first, and then red lines started to burn into his fur and a shell like crown formed on his head. Exquisite red lines etched into the crown and were just as red as blood. I had never seen anything as disturbing as Carson being demonized. He let out a long howl and charged at Magneto. The old man was almost laughing at the thought that a dog could pierce his shield, but when the crown tore through the shield and Carson was clawing and biting at him, the laughs turned to anguish. He was trying to keep the wolf at bay and when he finally got a little breathing room he released the metal glove and formed it into a spike. Carson may not have noticed or he might not have cared, but he leaped for Magneto and the spike pierced through his chest and came out threw his back. We all gasped in horror and as Carson reverted to his true form, blood started gushing out of the wound and out of his mouth. Storm started blasting Magneto with thunderbolts and was holding him at bay while we all ran over to Carson. He was bleeding freely and the color was draining from his body.

Casey: “What do we do?”

'' We have to help him.”

Casey: “Jamie.... Jamie do you know what to do?”

Jamie: “No.... Look what happened the last time. I can't do it.”

We were all hysteric...Everyone except for Jude.

Jude: “Leave him be.”

Casey: “What the fuck do you mean 'leave him be'?”

Jude: “He's going to be fine.”

We all looked at Jude in shock, but as Casey was standing to challenge him, Carson gave a gurgling noise and all concentration was back on him. His eyes were wide open and he had a faraway look in his eyes. There was a moment when his skin took on a grayish tone and as it receded the cavity in his chest started to close. After several seconds his chest was closed and he was sitting up.

Jamie: “What did you do to him?”

Jude: “Possessed him with a guardian. Instead of Carson taking the wound, the guardian did.”

We were all relieved, but mystified all the same.

I used telekinesis to pull Logan, Pietro, and Wanda towards us. Logan was the only one who was groaning, but Wanda and Pietro were both practically comatose. Jude had separated himself from us and had ran over to fight Magneto just as Ororo was blasted into a wall.

Magneto: “What can a mere child hope to accomplish against me?”

Jude created two dark portals below and above Magneto and they started to close in on him. He was in shock at first, but then he started concentrating really hard on something. I didn't know what was going on at first, but when I heard a cracking sound inside the walls, I knew he was pulling at the support beams. I sent Jude a telepathic message and he created a third portal and as we all stepped into it, we were transported outside. I don't know why I did it, but I concentrated on all the books in the shop and teleported them into my room. I knew that Wanda would be upset at the ruin of her shop, but hopefully the books would make up for something.


We were all pretty shaken when we got back to the Mansion. Ororo had communicated with Jean and they were waiting for us at the door when we got back. They instantly took Pietro and Wanda to the Med Bay and we were led to Xavier's office. He had a very stern look on his face and I thought we were in for another lecture. We were standing there for a long time and just waited until he said something. I thought he was going to say something, but the office door opened and the rest of the group came in. Story, Jubilee, Kevin, and Xander were followed by Jean and Scott. We again waited a short while and the Professor started to talk.

Professor: “Since the arrival of Jamie, Casey, and Kevin, I've felt that I was losing a grip on what my responsibilities were. It is my job to protect and educate the students of this school, but in the case of the seven of you, I have neglected to do so. I have even neglected to train Carson and Jubilee because of their associations with you. For that I sincerely apologize. I was not aware that Magneto was so close and that Serenity had come in contact with his children. They will be taking care of accordingly.”

Serenity: “Professor..... They had no choice. They were scared of him.”

Professor: “That doesn't make the things they did right.”

Serenity: “It's not about right or wrong... It's about survival. They were just trying to survive. That man was crazy.”

Professor: “His mental state could be called into question, but at any time they could have taken a stand.”

'' Professor you weren't there. For as old as he was, he took down all of us. Storm was holding him off towards the end, but none of our attacks worked. Carson did a little damage and Jude sucked him into that portal, but nothing worked against him. If they would have stood up to him, then they would have died.”

Professor: “I understand that Casey, but they will still be dealt with.”

Serenity: “You haven't changed for shit! This little speech is just a ploy to get something you want.”

Jean: “Serenity...”

Serenity: “No. What a person does in their past is just that... The past. They want to get away from him, and you can't even see.....”

Professor: “Enough! I am in charge here. Not you!”

I thought she was going to reply, but she raised out of her seat and left the room. Scott tried to stop her, but she gave him a look and he moved out of the way. Xander who hadn't gone with us, ran after her. I was feeling exactly how Serenity was...

Professor: “What I called you in here for was to announce that your mutant training will begin Monday. Once Serenity has come to her senses you can tell her. You are all dismissed.”

We all filed out and after the teachers went their way, we walked outside to the fountain, and Serenity and Xander were already outside. Serenity was close to tears and Xander was trying to console her. Carson, Story, Kevin, and Jamie sat next to each other on the grass and myself, Jude, and Jubilee sat on the fountain.

Serenity: “What did he say after we left?”

'' We're going to start training.”

Serenity: “Oh he trusts us now? What a load of bullshit.”

Jubilee: “Maybe he's nervous. I mean you guys took on Magneto.”

Jamie: “What does that matter? We didn't beat him.”

Kevin: “You didn't get beat either.”

'' And the only people who got hurt was Carson and Logan.”

Story: “Carson.... What happened to you?”

Carson: “It's nothing. It doesn't matter.”

Story: “What do you mean it doesn't matter? Of course it matters.”

Carson: “Story drop it. It's not important.”

Story: “You're right it isn't.”

Story got up and walked into the school, I could see her wipe her hand across her eyes as she disappeared into the building. I wanted to say something to Carson, but he seemed to be fighting his own feelings, so I left it alone. I wondered what was going to happen when we started training. We had never been in formal fighting situations, and I didn't know what the Professor had planned for us.

Jamie: “It almost doesn't seem worth it to start training. I think this all goes back to what we heard before. What if we come into all of our power? What if the Professor tries to limit our power?”

Serenity: “Jean says the only way he can do that is telepathically. I don't think we have to worry about that.”

Carson: “I don't think there is a lot of training in my department. Transform and fight.”

Jubilee: “Well then I'm similar in that aspect. All I have is fireworks.”

Jamie: “You have something special. Be proud of it.”

They kissed for a little bit and then separated.

Kevin: “I think we should do the training. We learn more about our powers, control, and we can earn back the Professor's trust.”

Serenity: “Who cares about his trust? I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.”

Jamie: “Well depending on your power... I mean that could be pretty far.”

We all got a good laugh out of that, but Serenity didn't seem to think it was funny.

Jamie: “Anyway.... We have a few days, so that should let us clear our thoughts and think about this rationally.”

Carson: “The Professor can't limit your powers, but he can focus on certain powers during training. I think you guys should make sure during training he keeps things diverse.”

'' We'll definitely have to make sure of that.”

Serenity: “I think I'm going to go see about Wanda.”

'' I'll come with you.”

We said our “see ya' laters” and went back into the Mansion.

Serenity: “Do you think she's still in the Med Bay?”

'' Probably. I'm surprised he didn't take her face off. That was so messed up.”

Serenity: “I wonder what happened to him. I mean he got sucked into one of those portals. No telling where he went.”

'' At this point who cares. He's gone.”

Serenity: “For now at least. I doubt that guy is just going to sit idle, even if he doesn't know where he is.”

We were almost at the elevators when I noticed that Story was sitting alone in the kitchen. She had her head down and I could tell she was still crying. I nudged Serenity on her arm and we both walked over to see if she was okay. I honestly didn't want to get in the middle of any of her and Carson's problems, but she was one of my closest friends, so I was going to do what I could. Serenity and I sat down opposite and just waited until she recognized us. When she finally looked up, I tried to see if she was okay.

'' Hey you stormed off pretty fast.”

Story: “I just had to get away from him.”

Serenity: “So what's going on with you two anyway?”

Story: “I understand why he's mad. I really do. But what I don't understand is why he won't let me apologize! I've went to his room. I've met him at his classes, but he won't hear me.”

'' Are you still trying to find her?”

Story: “Not really. Not to the extent that I was before. I mean I still have notes and stuff and check over things, but not so much now.”

'' You just need to lay off of it completely. We're your friends and we've got your back. But you can't dwell on that. Jude has moved on and he's working through it. When it's time.... You'll know it.”

Serenity: “Why do you think Carson isn't accepting your apology?”

Story: “Carson's told me stuff.... Stuff that I can't repeat because I promised, but he's been through a lot. And I think because we've been together for a while, when I stopped being there, he felt like I was abandoning him.”

Serenity: “Well we'll have to figure out a way to get him to listen.”

'' Do you want to come to the Subbasement with us? We're going to check on Wanda.”

Story: “Sure.”

She wiped her eyes and we made out way to the the basement. I didn't know how Wanda would be out of the Med Bay, so that is where went first. When the door opened we saw Mr. McCoy standing over Pietro with a clipboard and he was hooked up to a machine. I saw Serenity look down and I knew she was feeling bad about what happened to Pietro. We walked through the room and although we saw Pietro, we didn't se Wanda.

Serenity: “Mr. McCoy?”

Hank: “Serenity.... It's nice to see you again.”

Serenity: “Thanks.... But where is Wanda? I figured she was still going to be done here.”

Hank: “Oh no! She's getting ready to be transported.”

Story: “Transported where?”

Hank: “To jail. The Professor has contacted the authorities. They are being charged with past crimes, and Magneto is being searched for right now.”

'' That's bullshit. How were they supposed to get away from him? He's a psycho.”

Hank: “I'm not charge of that ladies. Talk to the Professor.”

Serenity rushed out of the room and we followed after her. I thought she was going upstairs to talk to the Professor, but she went the opposite way. I figured she was going to the Brig and when we got there, she was all alone in a cell.

Serenity: “Wanda.....”

Wanda: “What do you want?”

Serenity: “I never wanted this. Honest. I came to help you and get you away from your father.”

Wanda: “Well you did a great job Serenity. I'm definitely away from him now, but I'm away from my brother too.”

'' We're really sorry. If we would have known the Professor was going to do this, we would have gone somewhere else.”

Wanda: “Who are you?”

I introduced myself and then Story introduced herself.

Wanda: “I can't believe this shit.”

Story: “There has to be something we can do..... I mean she doesn't deserve this. If she couldn't get away from him, she couldn't get away from him.

'' Like what? We can't do shit without getting in trouble with the Professor.

Serenity: “Fuck the Professor. He's been off his rocker lately.

Story: “But Serenity.... What if she hasn't changed?

Serenity: “I don't think she was ever bad. Wouldn't you do what you were told if he was telling you what to do?

Wanda: “Hey what are you guys talking about? You're all looking all extra blank.”

'' Sorry.”

I was about to try and think of something when Serenity pressed her hand to the keypad and after a few seconds, the laser bars lowered and Wanda stepped out of the cell. I wanted to ask Serenity what the hell she thought she was doing, but I knew she didn't deserve to be in there.

Story: “Do you have any healing powers?”

Wanda: “Not that I'm aware of. Why what's wrong with my brother?”

'' We're not sure, but he was hooked up to a machine.”

Serenity: “Wanda I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hit him that hard.... I didn't hit him that hard. I just think at the speed he was going, it enhanced my kick.”

Wanda: “It's fine. But I have to get my brother out of there.”

Story: “I'll take care of Hank. Serenity and Casey see if you can patch Pietro up.”

We all left the room and that's when Story started working her magic. It was like a mirage had appeared in front of me, but in my mind, I could discern what was true.

Wanda: “Wow! That's fascinating.”

We moved down the hall towards the Med Bay and even though it was the same setting, there was definitely something different. As we walked into the Med Bay, Hank was writing something down on his chart and he didn't even turn to look at it. I figured it had something to do with Story's mirage, but I didn't worry about it. We walked over to Pietro and besides the many cuts on his face, he had tubes coming out of his nose and he had bandages wrapped around his waist. His breathing was very choppy and I could tell he was really in pain. Serenity reached out to touch him and she pulled back her hand like it was on fire.

Serenity: “He's burning up.”

'' What do we do?”

Story: “We have to get him out of here. We have to get both of you out of here.”

Serenity: “I can try and heal him, but I'm not sure what would happen....”

'' Just try it.”

She placed both of her hands on Pietro's head and after concentrating for a while, the cuts started fading and Pietro started breathing regularly. It was a little while before he opened his eyes, but when he did he was instantly on alert. He slid out of the bed, but when he saw Wanda with us, he slightly calmed down.

Pietro: “Wanda what's going on?”

Wanda: “Get on some clothes. We're getting out of here and we're getting as far away from here and father as possible.”

Pietro: “Where are we going to go Wanda? Helping him has alienated us from everyone. We don't have anywhere to go.”

Wanda: “We'll think of something. We just have to get out of here.”

I looked over at Story and it looked like she was blinking back a headache.

'' Story what's wrong?”

Story: “I don't know. I think Mr. McCoy knows something is wrong.”

Serenity: “We have to get you guys out of here now.”

'' I thought you created an illusion of some sort. He's supposed to think things are normal.”

Story: “I know that! I'm trying okay. Not only do I have to create an illusion, but I have to get inside Mr. McCoy's mind and make sure if he decides to touch him, he's actually feeling something.”

Serenity: “Will you two stop arguing for a second? We have to figure out a way to get them out of here.”

We made our way to the ground floor and I realized just how much power Story was exerting. She had created an illusion that the whole school was being affected by. We had almost gotten out of the door, but when Wanda reached for the handle, it wouldn't budge. She tried repeatedly to open it, but it just wouldn't move. I looked back to look at Story, but she was frozen in the air alongside Serenity and Pietro. The illusion she had created was gone and almost the whole school was in the foyer. I looked pass Serenity and Story and Jean was holding the three of them with her telekinesis. I was tempted to attack her, but I held back.

'' They're innocent.”

Jean: “It's not my say..... The Professor is ordering them to be taken in. If you help them, then you will most likely be joining them.”

'' Jean..... I'm asking you to listen.... What would you.....”

Jean: “Casey!”

'' No Ms. Grey! Listen to me. What would you do if you were in their shoes? What would you do? How would you come up against them? No backup? No help from anyone who could possibly understand? How do you come up against the man who could annihilate.... A man who has the power to annihilate humans. If we let that happen, it's over.”

Jean: “Casey I.....”

'' What would you do Jean? Tell me!”

Jean: “I don't know.”

'' I didn't think so.”

I blasted her with a psionic bolt and Serenity, Pietro and Casey were instantly let go. Wanda snatched the door open and they all disappeared outside. By now Jean was getting up, and I could tell she was pissed off. She started walking towards me and I could see the malice in her eyes. For just a second, I thought I saw fire burning in her eyes. With a flick of her wrist, the door slammed shut and was sealed shut. To be honest, I was quite afraid because I had never seen Jean look so menacing. I was about to say something, but my windpipe was instantly blocked. I struggled for air and as my vision started dimming, but before I felt like I was going to completely pass out, I saw my friends coming down the stairs. Kevin and Jamie both blasted Jean at the same time and she was thrown against a wall and slid down to the ground unconscious. I held onto the door for support and tried to gain control over my breathing. I saw the other teachers running towards us and I knew there was going to be trouble. Carson, Jude, Jamie, Xander, Kevin, and Jubilee who was holding Morgan had since come to my side and we were facing all the teachers. Logan and Scott both looked at Jean sprawled on the floor and they were instantly ready to attack. Storm, Hank, Betsy, and even Rogue also looked like they were ready to attack at a moment's notice. Hank attempted to wake Jean up, but she had been hit really hard.

Kevin: “We have to get out of here right now.”

Carson: “How the hell are we going to get out of here? There's nowhere for us to go.”

Jamie: “We'll have to blast away the door. It's the only way.”

Carson: “Wait....Serenity left with you..... Where are they? Where is Story?”

'' Outside. We have to get out there now. I don't know who they sent to head them off.”

Xander: “What's going on? Why would they be trying to stop Serenity?”

Jubilee: “You didn't? Please do not tell me you guys helped them escape.”

'' It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Somehow Hank fought through the illusion.”

Kevin: “What are we going to do now?”

Jubilee: “I think I can help.”

Jubilee started screwing up her face and seconds later there was a cracking sound coming from the door. I thought someone was trying to get in, but the door exploded into a million pieces and as Jamie threw up a shield, we escaped outside. I scanned the ground for Story, but I couldn't track them at all. I had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach, but just as I was about to start yelling for them, Serenity came out of a group of bushes. She motioned to everybody and we followed her silently into the woods. We walked for about five minutes and then came to a clearing where Wanda, Story and Pietro were sitting on a dead log. Story powered up, but when she could clearly see us, she relaxed again.

'' We're fucked!”

Xander: “We all just need to get off of the grounds.”

Kevin: “I think Carson and Jubilee should go back. They have nothing to do with this.”

Jubilee: “What kind of bullshit is that?”

Carson: “Dude that's not cool. We're all in this together.”

'' It might be safer is you guys did go back.”

Jubilee: “Screw that. I'm the one who got us out of that.”

Jamie: “Look we know they aren't going to go, so just leave it alone. Besides we're a group. All of us.”

Wanda: “Can you all please just stop arguing for a second. How the hell are we going to get out of here?”

Kevin: “If your dad wasn't such a fucking lunatic, we wouldn't even be in this shit right now.”

Wanda: “You don't think I know that? Why do you think we needed to get out of there?”

Jubilee looked over at Pietro who looked like he was close to tears and he hadn't said a word at all.

Jubilee: “Who's he?”

Serenity: “I should have introduced you....”

She pointed to Wanda and Pietro and introduced them and then she pointed at everyone else and introduced them.

Pietro: “Now that the damn pleasantries are over..... Can we please get the hell out of here?”

Wanda: “What's the best way to get out of here?”

'' I don't know. I've never been back this way.”

Xander: “I have..... Follow me.”

We started walking and Jude's curiosity got the best of him, but mine was definitely following close behind.

Jude: “What were you doing back here?”

Xander: “It's not important.”

He grabbed Xander by his arm and spun him around.

Jude: “Xander what have you been doing back here?”

Xander: “Why the hell are you questioning me?”

Jamie: “Guys it's not that important.”

Jude: “Sorry... This shit is just putting me really on edge.”

That seemed to hold Xander over for the moment and as we made our way further away from the Mansion, it was easy to start relaxing. It had been about a half hour and it finally seemed like the trees were thinning, but Xander took us in a different direction and they thickened back up.

'' Are you sure you know where you're going?”

Xander: “Yeah.... We should be coming up to the Town Hall now. We need to find a decent place to stay.....”

Kevin: “Wait! Wait! Wait! What about our cars?”

We all stopped and looked at each other. We needed cars.

Jamie: “Two of us could go back.”

Serenity: “No they'll be waiting.”

Story: “Jude could you like summon them or something?”

Jude: “I'm not sure. I'll have to go back.”

Xander: “Let's get to a spot first.”

We made it out of the woods and we were looking directly at Libby's Inn. It was a really cozy looking place, and after I paid for the largest room they had, Jude decided to go back to the school.

Jubilee: “I'll come with you..... I'll be able to hold them at bay while you get the cars here.”

'' I'm coming too, but how are we going to get the cars back here with no one noticing?”

Story: “I'll take care of it. You guys get out of here and if you're not back in a half hour, we're coming back to get you.”

Jude: “That won't be necessary.”

Carson: “You guys be careful okay.”

'' Make sure you give Story her space. She's gonna need to concentrate.”

Jubilee handed Morgan off to Jamie and as Jude created a portal in the air, we all walked into it. It only took us a second before we were standing right in front of the garage. I asked Jubilee to keep a lookout and Jude and I walked into the garage. The cars were untouched, but I had a feeling that it was going to be a simple act of sending them to the motel. I walked over to my car and got on the ground to see if there was some kind of device on bottom of the car. There was nothing visible, but that didn't make me feel any better. Jude was doing the same to his car, but when he stood up, he had the same look I did.

Jude: “I doubt they just left them alone.”

'' Me too. What do you want to do?”

Jude: “We could just send them and then take care of it.....”

'' But if they have a tracking device or something..... then they could find us.”

Jude: “True. This is bullshit.”

He reached his hand to the door handle and snatched it open and that's when it went downhill. An alarm started blazing and not even seconds later, Jean, Hank, Betsy, Ororo, Logan, Rogue, and some guy named Kurt stepped into the garage. Jubilee came in and she was being followed by another student who I think was named Piotr. Jubilee distanced herself from the big guy and then we were back to back..... surrounded! Jean stepped forward and I could tell she was still pissed, because she looked like she wanted to jump me right there.

Logan: “The Professor wants to see you.... All of you!”

Jude: “That's not going to happen......”

Jubilee: “We're not here to fight, we just came for the cars.”

Jean: “You'll report to the Professor's office immediately.”

'' I think not......”

I had never seen Jubilee move so fast in all the time I've known her. It looked like she was dancing as she sent firework after firework. They were scattered by the time she was finished and as I scanned for any devices on the cars, Jude started opening portals to send them away. I was about to scan the last car which was Jamie's, when Jubilee flew past me and crashed into the wall. I looked around and Jean had a look of accomplishment on her face because Jubilee was now out of the equation. I could see Jude battling off against the big guy who was now covered completely in metal, Rogue, Hank, and Betsy. He was holding his own well enough, so I turned back to the people in front of me. Jean was by far the most menacing at this point, but I wasn't thinking about that. Ororo couldn't do much in this confined space, but she had lighting dancing on the tips of her fingers, waiting to attack. The other blue guy Kurt was dancing from foot to foot and he was only a concern because I didn't know what his powers were. Logan was looking menacing as usual, and of course I was scared as hell of him. Logan stepped up to me and even though I was afraid......I withheld on attacking. He got almost a foot away from me and when he started talking it was in an extremely low voice.

Logan: “Casey listen to reason...... You can not defeat us all. You let prisoners go...... Prisoners who have tried to destroy the world as we know it.”

'' I trust my friend. Serenity wouldn't have released them if she didn't have complete faith in them.”

Logan: “They are criminals......Countless people have died behind their schemes.”

'' How many people have you killed Logan? How many dead people are on your conscience? If you think you can stop me..... Go ahead and try it.”

Logan: “Then so be it.”

I almost didn't have time to react before Logan tried to take my head off. I did a back-flip away from him and as I was rising up, Storm sent a bolt of electricity right at my chest. I was blasted into the wall which was followed by Jean holding me down with telekinesis. I tried my best to get up, but I was motionless because of Jean. I was almost going to give up when the ground underneath Jean and the others started to rumble and then exploded. They were all thrown into the air and Jean lost concentration and I was released. Jubilee was back off of the ground and she was throwing fireworks left and right. I was about to send a blast of psionic energy at Jean, but I stopped when I smelled brimstone in the air. I looked around to see who else could have possibly joined the fight, but when I turned my attention back to Jean, someone jump-kicked me in the stomach. I keeled over in pain and then a fist crashed into my face sending me to the ground. I looked up, but when I did, there was nobody there. I got up off of the ground and looked around again and there was still only Jean, Logan, and Ororo going against Jubilee. I noticed that the only guy missing was Kurt, so his power had to be teleportation. I was looking around wildly, but I was still caught by surprise when I was punched in the face from almost every angle. I was again on the ground and Kurt finally came to view in front of me. He reached over his shoulders and pulled out two identical Pappenheimer ( German Rapier Sword) swords from his back. I got up off of the ground and faced him with no fear. I created two psionic tantō short swords and waited for him to make a move. I was standing there for almost a complete minute, when he suddenly disappeared in a cloud of smoke and appeared right next to me. I avoided the swipe of his sword just barely, and kicked him as hard as I could in his ribs. I thought he would have been down for a little bit, but as he was flying through the air, he disappeared in another cloud of black smoke...... I ran away from the spot I was currently in and tried to find a spot where he couldn't get behind me. I was wondering why he hadn't resurfaced, but it gave me time to take in my surroundings. Jude had the metal guy and Hank unconscious, but he was still fighting Rogue and Betsy. She had created a psionic sword also and Jude was trying his best to avoid them. Rogue had borrowed powers from Ms. Monroe, so she had a strong wind going and she was sending thunderbolt after thunderbolt at Jude. Jubilee was trying to fight Logan, Jean and Ororo, but she was having a hard time. I created force ball and sent it crashing into Ororo's back and she crashed to the floor. Logan saw this and instead of continuing the fight with Jubilee, he advanced on me and unsheathed his claws. I was going to face him head on, but I didn't move from my spot because of Kurt. He finally teleported back, but now he had Scott and a guy with red eyes I had never seen at the school before. Cyclops wasn't even there for a good couple seconds before he sent a force beam at me. I got a shield up fast enough and as he stopped firing at me, I expanded the shield in his direction and he was knocked off of his feet and slammed into one of the pillars holding up the garage. I turned back to Logan, but a pair of glowing Aces were flying at me, I was going to throw up a shield, but the cards exploded and I was blasted back and I crashed to the ground. I didn't even know this guy and he was attacking me! I floated into the air and started channeling all of my energy. If they wanted a piece of me, then they were definitely about to get it. I was a little concerned, because control had never been my strongest point, but I wasn't worried about that at the moment. I was hardly aware of my surroundings, but I saw Jude grab Jubilee by her hand, get in the car, and then the car was sucked into a portal and they were gone. I was aware of Scott sending a force beam at me before he did it, and when it should have knocked me out of the air, it was just fuel for my fire. I wasn't even fully aware of what was going on, but it felt like an out of body experience as I blasted each and every one of the adults. I wasn't aware of when I landed on the ground and I wasn't aware of someone picking me up and disappearing on the spot. I wasn't aware because the strain of using so much power left me unconscious.


This was the second time this shit had happened. Once Jude and Jubilee had returned in Jamie's car, without Casey, I was gone instantly. I found Casey against the wall unconscious, so I grabbed her up and we were gone. My heart was honestly wrenching in two, because I didn't know if she was going to be okay this time. Jude said he had never seen anyone use so much power, and witnessing her lose control before, I knew what he was talking about. I was laying on the bed next to her with my head on her shoulder, while Story kept placing cold rags on her forehead. Burning up wouldn't even be a description for how hot she was.

Story: “Do you think she'll be okay?”

'' I hope so.....This happened once before and she was okay.”

Story: “She'll be fine. We just need to keep checking on her.”

'' They gone?”

Story: “Yeah.....Carson and Jude got them on the train.”

'' That's good....How is Morgan doing?”

Story: “She's in there playing around with Serenity and Xander. You know they are both big kids at heart.”

'' That's for sure. Jamie?”

Story: “I'm not sure. I know he was in the bathroom for a bit, but Jubilee went in there and then they left.”

'' Do you ever think he still has feelings for Casey? I mean I know he's with Jubilee, but......”

Story: “They're friends Kevin. You don't have anything to worry about.”

I was about to leave the conversation alone, but then Jude and Carson walked in and they looked visibly upset. I saw Story out of the corner of my eye and when she saw Carson, she became visibly upset.

'' What's up?”

Carson: “They're looking everywhere.”

Jude: “How are you keeping this up Sis?”

Story: “A lot of damn concentration.”

There was a knock at the door and we all looked at the door in alarm. Even Morgan stopped her baby noises.... There was another series of knocks and then it stopped. I got off of the bed and went to the window to see if I could see anybody, but there was no in sight.

Story: “Who is it?”

'' I don't see anybody out there.”

Xander: “Open the door.”

Serenity: “No.... It could be the teachers.”

Story: “How..... The illusion is still working.”

'' Maybe one of them fought through it again.”

Story: “Just open the door.”

I waited a few seconds and then finally opened the door. Jubilee and Jamie were on the other side and they were looking pissed....I found it kind of comical going through all that and it was just these two.

Jamie: “What the hell took you guys so long?”

Carson: “We thought it might have been them.”

Jubilee: “We all just need a good night's rest and we'll figure everything out in the morning.”

Jamie: “She's still hasn't woken up?”

'' No....”

Story: “She'll be fine..... She just needs to rest.”

Everyone was actually pretty tired, so we all went to sleep. I was the only guy who was on an actual bed, because I wanted to sleep next to Casey... just in case she woke up. Serenity, Story, and Jubilee took the other bed and Xander, Jude, Jamie, and Carson each had cots that we had gotten from the hostess. Little Morgan was laying on my chest and as everyone was falling asleep, I was still wide awake. I was taking in everything that had happened since we came to the mansion, and thinking about how my life had changed. I honestly had some of the best friends that anybody could ask for. My girlfriend was the best and she had a daughter that I fell in love with. Morgan was such a good kid and I always regretted the way I treated Casey when I found out about her. I clearly wasn't going to sleep, so I got out of the bed and me and Morgan went outside. She wasn't sleeping either, so I just walked her around the perimeter of the building just to waste some time. At least one of us should be able to get some sleep tonight. I was always on the lookout for the teachers, but after a while Morgan fell asleep in my arms, so I went back to the room. I fell back on the bed with Morgan on my chest and just tried to fall asleep.......That didn't happen for three more hours.

~ ~ ~

'' I'm so happy you're okay!”

Casey: “Of course I'm okay.”

I was feeling so good right now. When Casey walked in the door, eating a bagel with Morgan in her arms, I almost jumped right out of my skin. I got off of the bed and was kissing her before she made it halfway across the room. Everyone pretty much woke up around the time and they were all happy to see that Casey had recovered. We had to get ready for check-out, so Story was the first person in the shower and we just talked while we waited for her.

Jude: “We thought you were a goner.”

Casey: “I'm sorry you guys....You guys could have been really hurt.”

Jubilee: “I saw Jean throw up a shield, but I don't know if it helped.”

Jamie: “We need to figure out what to do.... We need to be away from the Mansion for a while.”

Serenity: “That's an understatement.”

Carson: “Cool! We're going on a road-trip.”

'' Not a road-trip.... Just a place to recoup.”

Jamie: “The problem is we don't have anywhere to go. I think my people have had enough of me for a little while.”

Casey: “My family is out.”

Kevin: “Mine too.”

Serenity: “You guys already know my situation.”

Carson: “And mine.”

Jubilee: “And mine.”

Jude: “I'll be damned if I go to my parent's house.”

'' That settles it. There's no place to go.”

Xander: “Yes there is......”

Jude: “Your place? I don't think that's.....”

Story: “That's perfect!”

We all turned as Story came out of the bathroom, and for a minute I was caught off guard because she walked out naked with just her hands covering her body.

Story: “I forgot my towel....”

Serenity: “Uh huh...... Whatever.”

She used telekinesis to wrap a towel around her body and went back into the bathroom. I was going to return to the conversation, but Story stuck her head back out the bathroom and she had a funny look on her face.

Casey: “What is it?”

Story: “In our haste to get out of there, did anyone grab any clothes?”

DAMN! We looked around and the only clothes were what we were wearing.

Story: “Can someone run to the store? I'm not putting the same clothes back on.”

'' They're probably still patrolling....”

Story: “I don't care. I need some clothes.”

Serenity: “I'll go. Come on Carson.”

Carson: “What.... Why do I have to go?”

Serenity: “Because I said so..... Get up and let's go!”

He groaned, but followed Serenity out the door.

Jude: “I don't think we should go to your house Xander.”

Jubilee: “Why not? We've never met Xander's family and he said they were cool with him being a mutant.”

Xander: “They're not necessarily cool with it, but they accept me.”

Jude: “Still.... It's just not a good idea.”

Jubilee: “Is there something going on that we don't know about?”

Jude: “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Jamie: “You guys have just been acting really strange around each other lately.”

Xander:”It's nothing.”

Casey: “Phew! That's good because for a second, I thought you guys were having a lover's quarrel.(laughing)”

Their faces hit the ground and the room was dead silent. Xander was light-skinned, but I had never seen him turn so pale before. We all looked back and forth between them and I could see tears forming in Xander's eyes. He started to get up, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. He kept trying to wiggle free from me, so I pushed him to the ground and straddled his waist so he couldn't move. I was about to start talking, but he threw a right hook and I was almost knocked off of him. I grabbed both of his arms, pinned them to the ground and hoped he would stop moving. I looked at his face and I could tell he wanted to break down and cry. I slowly released his arm, but I didn't get off of him. He finally relaxed and a few tears escaped from his eyes. I looked to over and Jude was against the wall with a shocked expression on his face. I already knew about his sexual orientation, but I had thought that Xander was straight.

'' Xander what's up? Casey made a joke and you damn near shit yourself.”

Jude: “Guys leave him alone!”

Jubilee: “No....”

She moved over to Xander's head and got down to eye level with him.

Jubilee: “Xander we're all your friends.....Please tell us what's going on.”

Xander: “There's nothing to talk about....Kevin get off of me.....”

'' Xander I....”

Xander: “Please!?”

I slowly rolled off of him and let him up. He still had a hurt look in his eyes, but I wanted the full story. He took us all in, but he looked at me the hardest. I was sure that he heard what I had said about Jamie, so he was probably skeptical about admitting anything while I was there. I grabbed him by his shoulders and picked him up and directed him to the bed.

'' Xander what's up?”

Jamie: “You're our friend Xander and we just want to know what's up.”

Xander: “I don't know what I want......Jude and I have been talking, but that's about it.”

'' So that means you're gay?”

He looked at me with fear in his eyes, but I draped my arm over his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile. I was done worrying about who my friends were fucking.... If they were gay, straight, bisexual, or whatever, it didn't matter to me anymore. He finally seemed to relax and it seemed like he wormed his way under my arm a little more.

Xander: “I don't know....I mean I'm attracted to girls....But I'm attracted to guys also.”

Casey: “So what are you making such a big deal about Jude?”

I looked over to him and he just had this look that said he really didn't want to answer that question. I looked back at Xander and he had the same look, but after I gave him a look, he started talking again.

Xander: “Before my accident, me and my best friend Riley used to mess around, and we've been talking since I got here.”

Jamie: “So you don't want Xander to see his best friend?”

Jude: “It's not like that.....It's just....”

Casey: “You think if he sees this Riley guy, all these old feelings are going to come up and he's going to forget how he feels about you.”

Xander: “I told him he had nothing to worry about..... Riley's probably half way to being married right about now. The last time I talked to him, he had some girl all laid up in his house.”

Jamie: “The fact of the matter is, we need a place to go, and if Xander's people can take us in........”

Jude: “I understand....Okay?”

The conversation dwindled after that and a few minutes later, Serenity and Carson came back. She had more bags than I thought she would bring back, so I was a little suprirsed.

Serenity: “We bought clothes for everybody, because I know damn well I'm not changing back into the same shit.”

Serenity brought an outfit into Story, and when she came out we each followed suit, showered up, and got out of there. While Serenity was in the shower, I turned to Carson and asked how things were on the outside.

Carson: “It's crazy. We saw the teachers a few times, but they even have other kids looking for us. It's like we're fugitives or something.... We just need to get the hell out of dodge.”

Xander: “We're going to my house. I'll call my parents when we get on the road.”

I looked over to him and was taken aback for a second because he was pulling on his underwear, but when I looked at Jude, he was all eyes. He had a small smirk on his face and I thought maybe they were having a secret show or something. It was kinda funny actually.

Carson: “I was afraid for a second, because we passed Bobby more than a couple times, but he didn't even look at us twice.”

Jubilee: “I'm surprised Jean wasn't able to find you guys.”

Carson: “Serenity put up a mind block..... I think.”

Casey started getting Morgan dressed and ready to go and as Serenity came out of the shower, we started getting shit together. We were out in the next couple minutes, so we made out way to the cars while Jamie handed the key in. I was getting in the car, when I looked over and Jean was looking right at us. We all seemed to freeze on the spot, but after a few seconds, she shook her head and kept going. I was a little miffed for a second, but I just got in the car, started it, and as everyone piled in, we set off. We passed so many of the Mansion's students and as we made it to the end of the street and as we rounded the corner, Logan was right there. He looked at the car for such a long time, but he never advanced on us.

'' Okay what the hell is going on? Logan could sense us with out even sniffing twice.”

Story: “I've kept my shield up against them. It's made to block out any special attributes the teacher's have. When Logan is in our vicinity it blocks out his senses, and Jean can't scan for us.”

'' This is so weird.”

Xander: “Let's get the hell out of here.”


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