H i g h S c h o o l X


Coming up on my home-town, things started to get a little tense in the car. Jude had previously said he was cool with coming here, but he started getting more and more irritated the closer we got. I kept looking back at him, and the scowl on his face was growing and growing. Everyone kept tying to make conversation, but because of his sour mood, everyone was a little on edge. We finally made it and we were going to go straight to my house, but I wanted to make a detour at my old high school. It only took us a little bit out of our way, so....whatever! Everyone followed me into the school and I recognized a few people, but I didn't really say anything to them. They only had one lunch period, so the whole school would be in the lunchroom, unless they were doing extra work or something. We walked to the cafeteria, and when I opened the door, all eyes were on us. I looked around the room and after I spotted my brother and sister, I headed in that direction. They stood up as we got closer to them and they had smiles growing on their faces. I hugged my sister and even my brother, who was the cause of my current condition. I had heard from my mother, that Joey had really changed up his behavior and he was doing better in school, but because of his past grades he would be graduating at 19, and not at 18 like he was supposed. This was my sister Rachel's senior year also, and she was just turning 17. I was just shooting the shit with them for a little while, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw Riley looking over at me. His mouth was still moving and some girl was leaning on his arm, but he never took his eyes off of me. My heart started beating a little faster and I slipped up in the conversation when my sister asked me something. I was surprised I was even feeling this way, because I didn't remember him prior to my accident, and I was only out of my coma for a few days before I left for the Mansion, but when we talked on the phone everything just seemed to come together. Deep down inside, and buried under all of that amnesia....My old feelings for him were slowly working their way to the surface. I saw him politely push the girl off of him and he stood up and started walking this way. My brother followed my eyes and when he saw Riley coming my way, he got a small smile on his face. Maybe Joey and Riley started hanging out more when I left, but they had always been cool. I was going to stand up, but I was having a problem in my pants, so that wouldn't be a good idea. He finally made it to the table and when I looked back at Jude, he was fuming. That pretty much deflated my problem, so I stood up to greet Riley. I extended my hand for him to shake, but he knocked my hand out of the way and grabbed me into a hug. I was a little uncomfortable at first because of Jude, but I relaxed into him and just held onto my best friend. Jude could kiss my ass right about now. I didn't want to cry in front of Riley, so I held my tears back, but I was so happy to see my best friend. He finally released me and I could see he was also on the verge of tears also.

Riley: “Man I missed you so much.”

'' Yeah right!”

Riley: “No seriously... It hasn't been the same around here. You left so soon after you woke up and I didn't even really get to hang out with you..... You were just gone!”

I looked up at him and a single tear escaped his eyes. I just wanted to make him feel better, but there was really nothing I could do.

'' Well I'm here now.... At least for a little while.”

Riley: “Wow! You let your hair grow out. I forgot how curly your hair used to be.”

'' (laughing) Yeah. I like it.”

He looked at me and then he just smiled. I heard someone clear their throat behind me and when I looked around, my friends were impatiently waiting.

'' Oh Damn! I didn't introduce any of you.”

I pointed to my friends as I listed their names.

'' This is Jamie, Casey, Kevin, Jude, Story, Serenity, Jubilee, Carson, and that's baby Morgan.”

Joey and Rachel shook each of their hands, and when she got to Morgan she picked her up and started playing with her. Riley did the same up until he got to Jude. He extended his hand, but Jude just looked at him, and then stuffed his hands in his pockets. I wanted to say something to him, but now wasn't the time, and this wasn't the place. I could tell Riley was somewhat offended, but he didn't let it show for to long.

'' .....and this is my sister Rachel, my brother Joey, and that's Riley.”

They each waved and we all started talking again. Because of what Jude did, Riley had started looking at me funny. I wanted to pull him aside and tell him what was up, but I was feeling like shit right now. Jude and Riley kept looking at each other, and it was like the tension was building right in front of us.

'' I really think it's time for us to go.”

Jude: “Yeah that seems like a good idea to me.”

'' What the fuck is your problem Jude? The only reason I want to leave is because you're acting like such an ass.”

Jude: “We were just coming here to get out of the Mansion for a while.... If I knew we were coming here just so you could meet up with your 'boyfriend', I wouldn't have come.”

I couldn't take it anymore..... He had just been acting so fucking whack lately. I didn't know what came over me, but I punched Jude as hard as I could. He was a lot stronger than I was, but I didn't care at that point..... He stumbled back into the table behind him, and when he straightened up, his eyes had darkened considerably and he had blood dripping out of his mouth. I thought he was going to come at me, but he didn't.... He just wiped the blood onto his shirt, turned around, and walked out of the cafeteria. Everyone was basically staring at me, and I was starting to get uncomfortable. I turned back to Riley and he wouldn't even look at me.

'' I'm sorry.... Guys come on. It's time to go.”

They all followed me out of the cafeteria and we had almost made it out of the school, when someone grabbed my arm and spun me around.

Riley: “What did you tell him about me?”

'' Nothing.... Except that from what you told me.... we were close.”

Riley: “And he's your boyfriend?”

'' No!”

Riley: “You fucking him?”

'' No! Why?”

Riley: “He's just an asshole....You could do much better.”

'' I could? Like who?”

He didn't say anything, because he didn't have an answer.

'' Exactly what I thought.”

I went to walk away from him, but he grabbed my arm and pushed me up against a locker. I saw Serenity step up, but Casey held her back. He was looking me directly in the eyes and I knew he wanted to say something, but he closed his eyes and leaned into me. I was a little shocked at first, and my friends were right there, but when he kissed me, I forgot about all that. He had me pinned against the wall and I couldn't move if I wanted to. I was really getting into the kiss, but after a while he slowly pulled away from me. I wanted to say something, but the moment was ruined when the girl who was laid up on him earlier came out of the cafeteria and Jude came back into the school. She was almost shocked to death and from where I was standing; I could tell Jude was livid. He did a 180° and walked right back outside.

Girl: “Riley what the hell are you doing? Why are you kissing him?”

Riley: “It's none of your business Erin....I told you what was up before we even started talking to each other.”

Erin: “I thought you were joking. So you're a faggot?”

Riley: “I like guys.... If that's what you want to refer to me as.”

It looked like she was hyperventilating, but she turned around, opened the cafeteria doors, and yelled “Riley is GAY!!!!” at the top of her lungs. I was shocked for a second, but Riley's face was just as calm as before. I saw her grunt when no one really responded, and she stomped her way to the Girl's Room.

Riley: “I swore my friends to secrecy about me liking guys, but I knew they wouldn't. The whole school knew in about an hour, but because I was seeing her, everyone thought it would be funny to keep her in the dark.... She's kind of a bitch.”

I wanted to laugh, but things had just turned sour.

'' We really need to get going. I have to try and diffuse this situation with Jude.”

Riley: “Alright.... But give me a call and you better not leave before I get to see you again.”

'' I won't.... I promise.”

I told him goodbye and we started going to the cars. I was really torn up because I really did care about Jude. I turned to Story and apologized because I didn't want to hurt her brother, but she said she wasn't involved and that Jude was being really immature. Still.... I had never been the object of two people's desires, and I never wanted it to happen again. Myself, Jubilee, and Carson were the only people who didn't have cars, but because Story didn't have her license, Carson was driving her car. I stopped in front of Jude's car, and I was going to try and say something to him, but when he looked at up at me, his eyes were darkening like when Nazarus was in control. I was scared honestly, but I just backed away slowly and got into Jamie's car. I wasn't going to let it go, but I was going to wait until he calmed down a bit.

From the school to my house wasn't a long trip at all, and when I walked into the house, my mom almost tackled me to the ground. She must be really happy to see me. I saw my dad coming out of the dining area, and he had a very big smile on his face. He scanned my friends for a minute, but when my mom let me go, he hugged me just as hard as she did. He finally let me go, and I introduced my friends.

'' This is Jamie, Casey, Kevin, Story, Serenity, Xander, Jubilee, Carson.... and that's Jude.”

My mom gave each of them a kiss on the cheek, and my dad gave the guys firm handshakes and the girls kisses on the cheeks.

'' ..... and this is my mother Maria and my father Henry.”

Mom: “Xander why don't you show them where they will be sleeping.”

'' Okay. Come on guys, follow me.”

Dad: “Did you see Riley? He's been spending a lot of time over here lately.....”

I almost broke my neck turning to look at him, and when he saw the look on my face, he stopped talking completely. I think he saw how red Jude turned, so he just walked into the family room. I let out a huge sigh and just continued up the stairs. We had a bunch of guest rooms for some reason, so everybody got their own room. I showed everyone to their rooms, and after Story walked into her room, it was just me and Jude left.

'' Come on Jude.”

His room was just around a corner, and after I opened the door for him, I immediately backed out of the room.

'' There is a bathroom in your room, and if you need extra sheets, you can find them in the little door down the other hall. There are fresh towels in your closet, but if you need more, you can find them down the hall.”

Jude: “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

'' Sure.”

I walked back into the room, and he closed the door behind me.

'' So what's up?”

Jude: “That's what I'm trying to figure out. You lied to me.”

'' About what?”

Jude: “You said you wouldn't hurt me!”

'' Jude I told you how I felt about Riley.”

Jude: “You said if we got something started... You wouldn't hurt me.”

'' What do we have started? You gave me a blow job!”

Jude: “So that's all it was to you?”

'' No of course not, but we never said we were going to be exclusive. Jude I like you.... I really do like you, but we never said we were a couple.”

Jude: “So you just want to be with him?”

'' I don't know who I want to be with. I've never had to make a decision like this before. And besides.... being with Riley isn't even a choice. I live in New York now.”

Jude: “That doesn't have shit to do with it, and you know it. If you wanted to, you could get here without a problem.”

'' And who's to say that I want to?”

Jude: “You kissed him. You kissed him in front of our friends after you told them what was going on! How do you think that made me feel? I felt like shit Xander.”

'' I never wanted to hurt you Jude. Honestly! I really, really like you. But you can't just expect me to forget how I feel about him.”

Jude: “You lost your memory.... How the hell do you remember anyway?”

'' I don't know.... Okay? Maybe my memories are coming back. All I know is that when I'm around him, I feel something, and I know it's not just because of the phone conversations we've been having.”

Jude: “You're so full of shit Xander! You say you don't want to hurt me, but that's all you're doing.”

'' I didn't ask for you to like me Jude! I never asked for that. Not once!”

I heard a knock on the door and my dad poked his head in.

Dad: “Is there a problem guys?”

Jude: “No Mr. Wayde.... There's no problem.”

'' No Dad.”

Dad: “You boys get washed up for lunch.”

He lingered in the doorway for a little while longer and then he turned and left. I knew he had heard everything that had been said, but he didn't come in and try to throw me out, so that was a plus. I looked at Jude for a long while and then turned and walked to my room. If Jude wanted to act like that, then he could do it by himself. I thought about jumping into the shower, but I didn't want to be late for lunch. I hadn't seen my mom or dad in a long time, and I was really looking forward to spending some time with them. When I finally made it downstairs, everyone was seated at the table except for Jude and Morgan.... I guess Casey had laid her down upstairs. My mom had a very stern look on her face, but I tried my best to avoid looking at her directly.

Story: “Where's Jude?”

I was about to answer her, but he quickly walked into the dining room and took a seat.

Jude: “Sorry I'm late. I had to change clothes.”

Mom: “Not a problem. The food should be done shortly.”

Dad: “So all of you go to the Xavier School?”

Casey: “Or Xavier's Prison for Overly Powerful Mutants.... whichever you choose to go by?”

Mom: “Is there something wrong at the school?"

'' We're just not meshing as well as we thought we would. We have a lot of problems with the teachers.”

Dad: “Well why haven't you called us? We would have handled it.”

Jamie: “No offense Mr. Wayde, but the problems we're having are on a different level.”

Dad: “Meaning?”

Casey: “What he means to say Mr. Wayde is.....”

Dad: “Please call me Henry!”

Casey: “What he means to say Mr. Henry, is that the problems we are having aren't diplomatic in nature. We've actually gone up against our teachers....They fear us because of our powers.”

Mom: “I don't understand, Jean said the Professor was one of the most powerful mutants in the world.”

Serenity: “He is.... But according to them, we are too.”

Mom: “I'll be calling that school first thing in the morning.”

'' Mom, No! We're kind of on the run.”

Dad: “On the run?”

Jubilee: “We had to leave abruptly...See Serenity helped some fugitives escape, and then the teachers tried to stop us, but Casey attacked Jean, then I blew up the front door. Then we got downtown and Casey, Jude, and I went back to the school to get the cars, then we fought the teachers....(laughing) It was a really messed up situation.”

Mom: “I'm getting the phone!”

Kevin: “Please! We don't want them to know where we are, and if you call them, they'll come for us.”

Dad: “This just seems so wrong.”

Jude: ”Yeah.... I agree with you Henry.... This whole day has been shot to hell.”

Mom: “I'm going to get the food.”

For the next couple of minutes we ate in silence. My brother and sister came home in time to sit down with us, so after they had eaten, my father picked the conversation up where we left off.

Dad: “I'm not entirely sure I want you going back to that school.”

'' I have to go back. My friends need me and most of them don't have a place to go.”

Mom: “What do you mean?”

Casey: “The majority of us and the population of the school are runaways. When I told my father, he tried to beat me to death.”

Mom: “At first we weren't very enthusiastic about Xander being a mutant. He had an accident and Joey here was forced to attack Xander.”

Joey: “I've never felt worse.... We didn't get along much before, but when he wasn't in the house anymore, things were just drab.”

Carson: “How did you work through it?”

Rachel: “He's our brother.....A family is supposed to stick together....”

Dad: “So Carson.... What's your story?”

Carson: “No story really....I know I was born in Genosha, but I don't remember my mother or father. I was told I was shipped over here as an infant, but I don't remember much about my early years. I had a foster family, but they died in a car crash, so I had been living on the streets since that. Then these guys found me and brought me back to the Mansion.”

Mom: “I'm so sorry. Do you know anything about your mother and father?”

Carson: “All I know is that they died in an uprising. I don't know what side they were fighting for. Not much story there.”

'' You never told us that.”

Carson: “I never wanted to talk about it.”

Dad: “So Son... If you don't mind me asking.... What's going on between you and Jude?”

I almost choked on my food and everyone else at the table was just shocked and quiet. My dad never looked up from his food, but I knew he was waiting for an answer.

'' Nothing's going on Dad. Nothing at all.”

Dad: “That's not true and you know it. I heard some of the conversation the two of you were having.”

'' You were eavesdropping?”

Dad: “I happened to overhear some of the conversation as I was walking by. I'd just like to know what's going on with my son.”

'' Dad....”

Dad: “You don't have to tell me.. I would just like to know what's going on?”

I looked across the table and Jude was looking right at me. I think he wanted an answer just as much as my father did. If I answered my father, I would have to give a name to whatever Jude and I were doing. If I didn't answer my father, he'd know I was holding something big from him, and it would make Jude feel worse than he already did.

'' Dad I don't know what to tell you.”

Mom: “Are you gay?”

'' Mom!”

Mom: “I won't be mad. It's just I want to know....”

She grabbed my fathers hand and squeezed him tight.

Mom: “...... We want to know.”

'' I'm not gay, but I'm pretty sure I'm bisexual. Jude and I aren't a couple, we're just talking.... And right now, I don't even know where we stand in that department.”

Jude: “We don't stand anywhere.”

'' Then I guess that settles that.”

My family looked back and forth between us, and I know they saw the darkness creeping up in Jude's eyes.... They saw it because I saw it. I had power crackling at the end of my fingertips..... Waiting for him to make a mistake. He stood up and my hand almost shot out, but Story grabbed him by his shoulder and led him out of the dining room. I let out a long sigh and tried to avoid looking directly at my parents. I never meant to bring this drama to their house, but it would have followed me regardless. I finally looked up at my mom and dad and they were still looking at me.

'' Excuse me.”

I was upstairs before I knew what happened. I wanted to confront Jude and all of his bullshit, but as I was rounding the corner to go to his room, I stopped... This wasn't the time or the place, and I'm not even sure any of this was Jude's fault. But he's the one who told me that he didn't want a boyfriend. What? He expected me not to feel anything, while he made up his mind about what he wanted. I slowly turned around and as I was heading to my room, my dad came up the stairs. I really hoped he didn't say anything to me, because I don't think I could take a lecture right now. He looked at me for a few moments, and then turned around and went back downstairs.

'' Dad......”

Dad: “Yes Xander.”

'' I never meant to bring this here. I just wanted to get away from my problems for a little while.”

Dad: “One thing I've learned is that you can't run away from your problems. You have to deal with them head on.”

'' I'm caught in between two people I really like Dad. Please tell me you know what I should do.”

Dad: “I don't know what you should do Xander. I really don't...You're caught between a rock and a hard place. But a decision will be made and it might not be in your favor.”

'' I'm scared Dad! I don't want to lose Riley.... He's been in my corner for so long. But I really like Jude.....”

Dad: “There's no easy way to put it Xander.... Someone is going to get hurt.”

'' Dad honestly..... Are you mad?”

Dad: “That you're attracted to guys? No. I'm not. Maybe I won't have any grandkids from you, but I'm not mad.”

'' I want to give you grandkids Dad......One day I will. I promise.”

J a m i e

And here I thought we were going to take a break from the drama and bullshit. Nope drama seemed to follow us wherever we went. I don't know where Xander had disappeared to, but Jude was laying across my legs, pouring his heart out to me. I didn't want to get in the middle of this, but Jude was my friend and I was lending him my ear.

Jude: “I just don't understand..... I told him how I felt. I did. And he just blows me off for that nigga. That shit is bogus man.”

'' They have a history Jude. You can't just ignore that.”

Jude: “He doesn't even remember him. They talked on the damn phone.”

'' You're being selfish. How do you think Xander feels? He's caught in between two people he cares about, and both of you are asking him to choose.”

Jude: “Riley said something to him?”

'' In a sense. That kiss was enough to know what he wanted.”

Jude: “This is such bullshit. He lives all the way the fuck out here. We live in New York.”

'' Can I ask you something Jude?”

Jude: “We're talking aren't we?”

'' Don't get smart punk(laughing).... But really.... Why do you want to be with Xander?”

Jude: “It's just something about him. I was feeling him before my death, but when I came back, that shit was magnified to like the nth degree. When I see him I just lose it.”

'' I know he feels the same way. Xander is very scared Jude. You have to understand that. He was in a coma for three years. Not a thought, not an emotion, just a shell. He was basically lost in himself. You died.... But he was still alive, but gone. He has a lot of emotions that he doesn't know how to handle. So you have to be patient with him. Don't fight him because he has feelings for someone who was there before he lost his memory. You can't just ask him to ostracize one of the few people who know him better than he knows himself. You may be jealous of Riley, and you may be nervous when Jude is around him, but whether you like it or not, Riley is a key to Xander's past.”

Jude: “But if he goes to him..... How do I know he'll come back? How do I know he won't just leave me to be with Riley?”

'' You don't know...... But if Xander feels as strongly about you, as you feel about him, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.”

I tried to give him the best advice I could, but I'm not sure what the hell was going on. I laid my head back down on the pillow and just let him stay where he was. I honestly had no right getting involved in his business because it felt like I was playing both sides of the fence. I was sleeping for a few hours when Jubilee came in my room. She motioned for me to follow her, so I gently moved Jude off of me because he had fallen asleep, and I got out of the bed. She was already half way down the stairs when I caught up with her, and when I did, she had this look on her face. I thought something bad had happened, but then I just saw that it was nervousness. I looked around, but all the lights were off and it was dark outside. It must have been pretty late because no one was around. We walked towards the back of the house and then went down a small flight of stairs. We ended up at a door, and when she opened it, there was a huge room with a huge pool. The ceiling was completely made of glass and as I looked up, I could see the stars and the moon. I was surprised at that, but when I scanned the room, I saw hundreds of candles around the perimeter of the pool. Everything was so beautiful tonight and it made the pool look so....Magnificent! I was trying to figure out what we were doing in here, but before I could ask, Jubilee jumped into the pool. I looked at the spot where she was standing and I saw most of her clothes were on the ground. I didn't want too seem to excited, but I damn near ripped off my clothes and jumped into the pool. I surfaced a few seconds later, and when I did, I was looking right into Jubilee's eyes.

'' Where is everybody?”

Jubilee: “Joey and Rachel are gone. Xander's parents are at some function, and the others left to go get some food.”

'' And they left Jude?”

Jubilee: “They'll bring him something back.”

She swam a little closer to me, but I was trying to figure out what was on her mind. The look in her eyes was so intense that I felt like she was looking into my soul. I brought my hand down to the small of her waist and pulled her closer to me. We hadn't done much more than kissing and light fondling, so seeing her without much clothing on was having me feeling good. I brought my lips to hers and gave her the most passionate kiss I could. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I gave her mine in return. She slowly pulled back from me and again she looked in my eyes.... It was like she was searching for something and my eyes were the key to her answer.

Jubilee: “I'm ready!

Even though she whispered those two words, it was like she had screamed them in my ear. I was hardly aware when she kissed me and by the time I regained all of my senses, she was on the other side of the pool. I slowly swam her way and watched as she smoothly lifted herself out of the pool. She sat on the edge of the pool and I swam in-between her open legs. As much as I wanted this, I wanted to make sure she knew exactly what she was saying.

'' Jubilee... Are you sure this is what you really want?”

Jubilee: “Jamie trust me.... If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't have told you I was ready. I want this and I don't want it with anybody but you.”

She leaned down to give me a kiss and I tried to put as much passion in that kiss to ensure her that I would make this special for her. I brought my hands up her legs, to her thighs and I watched her quiver and moan as I brought my hand to the band of her panties and slowly pulled them off of her. Besides the time at my parent's house when I almost touched Jubilee's breast, we never had any contact in a sexual way besides kissing. No hand-jobs..... Oral.... None of that. Just kissing. I had the pleasure of seeing her naked backside after she got out of the shower, but that was it. As I slipped her underwear off and her completely hairless pussy came into view, I almost lost it. With me still inside the pool it was hard for me to get at her like I wanted to, so I told her to go sit on one of the lounge chairs and after I got out of the water I went over to her. She looked so sexy with only her bra on....But in a little while I'd be taking care of that problem also. I had her sit all the way up in the lounge chair and I had just enough room to get where I wanted to be, which was right between her legs. I brought her up to kiss me and while she was raised up, I undid the strings on her bikini top and slipped it off as I took in the beauty of her body. I kissed her on the lips again and laid her back down. I left little kisses all along her neck and as I made it down to her breast, I took her left nipple in my mouth and then the right as I tried to make her more comfortable and get her even more aroused. I spent a few minutes on her breast and then made my way down to the real prize. I kissed the insides of both of her thighs and then I planted a kiss right on the lips of her vagina. I swiped my tongue between the folds of her skin and listened to her moan above my head. I was making love to her with my tongue and making her happy was pleasing me so much. I never knew what kind of person Jubilee was when she had sex, but I was starting to discover that she was a moaner. I loved moaners! Those moans always let you know when all of that hard work was appreciated. She put her legs over my shoulders and I really went to work on her. I was eating her out like I'd never eaten anybody out before. I was eating like a man who hadn't had a decent meal in a long time. I lost count of how long I stayed in between her legs, but after a while I did pull my tongue out of her. She had at least three orgasms while I was down there, so when I lifted my head up to look at her and I could see she had tears coming out of her eyes.

Jubilee: “Kiss me!”

I was a bit surprised because I knew most girls didn't want a guy near their mouths after they had been eaten out, but I guess Jubilee was different. I kissed my way back up her body and when I made it to her lips, I slipped my tongue in her mouth and she took it like she was trying to suck her juices off of my tongue. Without ever taking my lips away from hers, I lowered us back down in the chair and just continued to kiss her. I loved Casey. I really did..... And when we were together, those were the best times..... But what I felt for Jubilee was multiplied by like a billion. I finally managed to pull myself away from her and chuckled a little at remembering how she took my tongue. I mentioned it to her and she let out a small giggle.

Jubilee: “You were down there so long.... I had to see what all the fuss was about.”

An awkward moment passed by and I looked at her again, just as she was looking at me. I laughed a little because we were nervous all over again.

Jubilee: “I guess you should take those boxers off.”

'' Jubilee you know we don't have to do this right?”

Jubilee: “Jamie I'm not doing this because I feel like I owe you. I want this and I want you. I want you right now!”

I got up off of the lounge chair and slowly slid my boxers down. They were a bit see through, but when all of me finally came into view her eyes widened and her breathing seemed to get shallow. I instantly pulled my boxers back up and first the first time in my life, I was self conscious about the size of my penis. I looked down at my chest and just told her to forget about all of this.

'' I'm sorry... We shouldn't be doing this.”

Jubilee: “Jamie listen to me.... You have a big dick. I didn't know how big, but I can handle it. I'm a big girl and I want this.”

I slowly slipped my boxers back off and shyly got back on the chair. She gave me a small smile and I relaxed a little bit as she took me into her hand and started expertly stroking me. I was so close to shooting from just a few seconds of hand action, that I was worried about myself. She lovingly stroked me and somehow I hardened even more. I looked deep into her eyes as she made love to me with her hand and my toes were curling up with the pleasure that I was feeling.

'' Not....N-n-not like this! I....don't want to.... cum like this!”

Jubilee: “I read somewhere it was best to get the first nutt out of the way.”

'' Y-y-you....You've been doing your h-h-homework.”

Jubilee: “Uh huh.”

She kept stroking me and for a second when she lowered her head I thought she was going to take me in her mouth, but she simply blew on the head of my penis. I don't know what it was about that simple action, but she barely had enough time to move her face before I was cumming all over her hand and my stomach. Maybe it was the hot air being blown on my dick, but I shot cum all the way up to my chin. I was panting so heavily that I thought I might pass out, but I slowly regained my composure and through hazy eyes, I looked at Jubilee and gave her the biggest smile I could. I thought that we were going to finish this another time, but she suggested we get back in the pool to calm down and get our senses so we could get to the main event. Walking to the pool proved to be super difficult because I was still post-orgasmic and I almost fell into the water. I eased myself into the pool after Jubilee and after cooling off for a few moments, she swam back over to me and right into my arms.

Jubilee: “I've never felt that good before! I felt like I was about to pass out.”

'' (laughing) Well I did my best. I loved tasting you.”

Jubilee: “Well you can taste me anytime you want.”

This girl didn't know what she was doing to me. She got back out of the pool and made her way back to the lounge chair. I got hard just thinking about what was about to happen. She looked so sexy waiting for me on that chair. She opened her legs for me and I got in between them and just placed the head of my penis right at her vagina. I could tell she was becoming nervous, so I backed off and just stroked her legs.

'' I'm not in a rush... And you know we can take as long as you need.”

Jubilee: “I'm ready.... I'm just a bit nervous. Do you have a condom?”

'' No! I honestly wasn't expecting this.”

Jubilee: “Well I have one in my skirt over there.”

I used my powers to bring the skirt over to us and I grabbed the condom out of the pocket.

'' You sure you're ready for this?”

Jubilee: “Yes!”

I lowered my face back down to her pussy and got it wet so I could slide in better. I straightened up, opened the condom, and rolled it on. It was kind of a tight fit, but I guess I'd have to manage. I lowered myself down until I was right on top of her and I placed the head of my penis right up to her opening. I applied the tiniest bit of pressure and I felt her tense up. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her to try and take her mind off of the penetration. I waited a few moments and then pushed inside of her as gently as possible. I was aware of the moment when her hymen broke because she groaned and squeezed my arm pretty hard.

'' Are you okay?”

Jubilee: “I will be..... Just give me a few minutes.”

I waited a good couple of minutes and when she raised up to kiss me, I took that as a cue to continue. Every second I was inside her was complete bliss. I stopped at about six inches and just let her get used to that. I didn't want to hurt her, but as I stroked back and forth I started giving her more of me. In a few long minutes, we were pelvis to pelvis. She hadn't stopped moaning and I hadn't even started fucking her like I wanted to.

'' Are you okay?”

Jubilee: “You're so BIG! Just give me a few minutes... Okay?”

I heard what she said and I complied in a sense, but I was still slowly moving back and forth inside of her. I kissed her again and started slipping about 6” out of her and then feeding it back into her. I knew she didn't give me a signal this time, but I'm sure she was ready. I started stroking inside of her, but I kept it at a comfortable pace for Jubilee. I didn't want to scare her, and I definitely didn't want to hurt her. I eased back and forth inside of her and tried to make her first time pleasurable and memorable. We were at it for about thirty minutes when it started to feel like I was about to cum. I had started out fucking Jubilee all nice and soft, but after a few minutes of that, she wanted it the way I usually gave it. She had another two orgasms, so I knew she was enjoying this. I could feel the cum building inside of me, but I didn't know if I should cum in the condom with it inside of her, or if I should pull out. I kissed her one more time and I slammed into her as I unloaded inside of her. I was panting like crazy and as I got off of her,I almost fell on my ass. My dick was still on fire and as I pulled the condom off, I looked at the amount of jizz and it was almost more than my last load. I tied the condom into a knot, disintegrated it, and then sat down in between Jubilee's legs. She still had her legs open, so I gently massaged the inside of her thighs in an attempt to make myself busy. I felt awkward for some reason after having sex with her.

'' Are you okay?”

Jubilee: “Yeah(smiling).... I am good. Damn good!”

'' We should probably get you cleaned up.”

Jubilee: “That would probably be a good idea.”

'' Do you know if they have a shower or something in here?”

Jubilee: “Yeah they do.”

She led the way and in a few short minutes, we were cleaning up and washing the smell of awesome sex off of us. I took my time sponging every inch of her body and even stuck two fingers inside of her just to hear her moan. I moved up close behind her, and I was going to slide back in her, but I didn't have a condom, so that seemed like a bad idea. Instead I just slid my dick back and forth between the folds of her pussy. This was almost as good as being inside of her. I started whispering sweet nothings in her ear and I rubbed her stomach and waist and started lifting my hands until they were resting on her breasts. I slowly massaged her breasts and gently played with her nipples while I got myself off in-between her legs. I heard her moaning and I felt her clawing at my hands, so I knew she was having an orgasm. I only lasted about ten minutes and when I couldn't handle it any longer, I pulled away from her and aimed my hard-on at the floor just as I started cumming. This load was significantly smaller, but it was still a decent amount.

Jubilee: “You're going to kill me.....”

'' (laughing) Well at least you'll die happy!”

We washed again and after I dried the both of us off, I walked her to her room and kissed her goodnight. I knew the others were back and I smelled food, but I ate enough for the night. I was so tempted to sleep in Jubilee's room, but I didn't want to disrespect Xander's parent's home anymore than I already had, and I definitely didn't want them to hear us. I made it to my room and when I got in my bed (thankfully Jude had left), I just reflected on everything that had happened. Jubilee and I finally took the plunge and I don't think it could have been better. I really did love Jubilee... I don't think I ever told her that, but I felt it. I just didn't know how to tell her. Hopefully she felt how much I loved her after tonight.

~ ~ ~

Serenity: “Well somebody had a good night.”

Jubilee: “Shut up!”

Serenity: “So how was it? Did Jamie put it down?”

Jubilee: “I don't even know what you're talking about.”

Kevin: “Come on Jamie.... I know you'll hit us up with the details.”

'' I don't kiss and tell.... Sorry!”

Xander: “You two are lame....”

'' Just because some of us are still virgins, that doesn't mean we need to spill all our info.”

Xander: “Low blow Jamie..... Low blow!”

Jude: “Can we change the subject please?”

We all kinda looked at him sideways and just ended the conversation. Ever since this shit was Riley.... he'd been acting like an ass. I just didn't understand why they couldn't hash this shit out.

Xander: “I'm going to take a walk.”

Jude: “Right over to Riley's house right?”

'' Jude cut it out! This shit is going to far.”

Xander: “It's okay Jamie. And no I wasn't going to go over Riley's house, but now I think I might.”

Jude: “Whatever! It's not like it matters anyway.”

Xander: “Obviously it does. You haven't stopped talking about it. You're jealous.... It's perfectly understandable. Riley's a great looking guy.”

Jude: “You both can kiss my ass. Fuck you and Riley!”

Xander: “Wouldn't you like to.”

I saw Jude puff up, and before I knew what happened, he was on-top of Xander and he was delivering blow after blow. Xander was holding his own and he was evading most of the blows, but Jude was still trying to pound his face in. I was just about to reach in and pull Jude off of him, when I saw something in Xander's eyes that I had never seen before. I backed away and just in time because Jude was knocked right up to the ceiling. It was like Xander was moving at super-speed, because by the time gravity pulled Jude back down, he was up and waiting.

'' Guys... Stop!”

They didn't pay me any attention and they started really going at it. They were going blow for blow, and even though Jude was physically stronger, Xander was a bit smaller and a little faster. For a second Jude got the upper hand and he knocked Xander all the way across the room and over a table. Jude was over there in no time and again they were fighting. I thought they were finally getting tired, but Xander grabbed Jude around the shoulders and he threw them both out of a window. I was so shocked that things had escalated to this degree. I teleported outside just in time to see them hitting the ground. Everyone basically followed suit and in my mind I was thinking that it was time to end this shit.

'' Story....”

Story: “Already on it.”

She created an illusion that would completely blank us out to everyone. They wouldn't even know we were outside. Casey created a shield around all of us, so that if any power was used, it wouldn't go anywhere.

'' Guys stop this shit now!”

Jude: “Jamie stay the fuck out of this!”

'' No! You guys are taking this shit to far.”

I stepped up and with a swipe of my hand, Jude and Xander flew apart. They were up and no time, and now they were both looking at me.

'' You guys need to chill the fuck out!”

Jude: “I asked you to stay out of this Jamie.”

'' But I didn't! This is Xander's parent's house and both of you are disrespecting them. This shit is getting crazy.”

I looked at both of them and finally they got away from each other. Jude broke through Casey's shield and took a walk somewhere and Xander went back into the house. I couldn't believe they let things go this far. I followed Xander into the house and Story followed her brother. She didn't look like she was in a comforting mood, so I doubt that was going to be a loving conversation. I followed Xander all the way up to his room and once we were in, I closed and locked the door. He was facing away from me, but I was pissed off like crazy right now. I pushed him towards the bed with telekinesis and turned him at the same time, so when he hit the bed, he was face up. I held him down while I walked over to the bed and I straddled his waist so he couldn't go anywhere.

Xander: “Get off of me Jamie.”

'' No.”

Xander: “Get off of me!'

'' No! You've got some fucking nerve.... How do you think your parents are going to feel when they see that shit downstairs?”

Xander: “He's such an asshole! What was I supposed to do? He's so damn jealous.”

'' You didn't exactly help the situation any.”

Xander: “Why should I have to? Is it my fault that both of them like me?”

'' No it's not... But still don't stick that shit in his face.”

Xander: “Jude can kick rocks for all I care.”

'' You're one of my best friends Xander.... Jude's one of my best friends. How do you think I feel when I see you two fighting? How do you think that makes any of us feel?”

Xander: “I understand what you're saying Jamie.... But I'm not going to put my feelings to the side....”

'' No one's asking you to. Just don't rub them in his face.”

Xander: “Then tell him to lay off all of with all those comments about Riley. He's acting like I asked for this to happen.”

'' Do you like Riley like that?”

Xander: “Of course.... I wouldn't be in this predicament if I didn't like him.”

'' Yeah.... That's true.... I can't try and tell you what to do, but stuff like this happens a lot. You just have to look inside yourself and see who you really want to be with.”

Xander: “Thanks Jamie.... You're a big help. My dad told me that already.”

'' Well obviously we're telling you something right.... All I know is you better fix this shit before something worse happens.”

Xander: “I need to think.”


Story: “You are so fucking whacked right now Jude.”

'' What the hell are you yelling at me for?”

Story: “How could you start a fight with Xander in his parent's house?”

'' He provoked me!”

Story: “So what!”

'' You don't understand.”

I felt her grab me by my arm and she spun me around.

Story: “No you don't understand. You don't know what Xander is going through. It's bad enough he has to deal with not having any memory, but on top of that, he has to deal with two guys he really likes trying to be with him. How the hell do you think that makes him feel? He doesn't know who he should be with, because neither of you are giving him the opportunity to find out.”

'' Story.....”

Story: “Don't Story me! You need to lay off of Xander until he comes to you and says that he's ready.”

'' I don't know if I can keep waiting for him. I want him so much Sis, but I'm not going to keep wasting my time if it's not going anywhere.”

Story: “There's that male mentality. He's not ready, so you move on to the next person. You make me sick Jude.”

'' It's not my fucking fault I have hormones Story. You're used to being a virgin and not having sex. I'm not! I like SEX!”

Story: “Well why don't you go fuck some meaningless bitch and see how you feel after that. See how good that makes you feel.”

'' And what the hell are you trying to coach me for anyway? I'm your big brother and you've been in how many relationships?”

Story: “One and that was enough to know that you have to give a person an equal balance of space and personal time. I learned the hard way. But I know now.”

'' Carson still isn't talking to you?”

Story: “No. And I can't say that I blame him.”

'' I could try and talk to him.”

Story: “No thanks. Maybe I'll talk to someone who actually has a working relationship.”

'' (laughing) Ouch.... Low blow!”

~ ~ ~

'' Can I talk to you?”

Xander: “No.”

'' Come on.... Seriously?”

Xander: “Seriously... No. I don't want to talk to you anytime in the near future.”

'' I came to apologize and I brought your favorite guilty pleasure.”

Xander: “Oh yeah.... And what's that?”

'' Strawberry Parfait. I picked one up and I got ice cream.”

Xander: “It's only two o'clock.”

'' That's why it's a guilty pleasure.... I'm really sorry Xander.”

Xander: “Yeah right.”

'' No really. I am. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. It's just every time I see Riley.... Or think about you and him together.... My blood just boils. I know I've fucked up. Royally! But I am trying to fix it.”

Xander: “And a parfait is supposed to do that?”

'' Consider it my official white flag.”

Xander: “It's a start.”

He scooted over some and made room for me on his bed and I passed him a spoon as we dipped in. We didn't really talk about anything important, but it was nice to finally not have tension between us. I wanted to be with Xander, but if it came or didn't come at the cost of our friendship.... That I really couldn't handle. We ended up turning on his big screen and we watched half of some dumb ass movie and then put in a different one. The second one wasn't much better and before I knew it Xander had his head on my chest and we were both sleeping.

I don't know how long it was, but when I woke up, the DVD menu was on the T.V. playing over and over again. Xander was still on my chest, and as I was going to shake him, I stopped. I just studied Xander and thought about how we could be. Being a couple at the school would be so awkward for the both of us. It was just that I had never felt this way about anyone before. I knew what I had to do and I knew it was going to be one of the hardest things for me to do. A few tears escaped my eyes as I ran my fingers through the curls in his hair, and just tried to come to terms with what I was going to say to him when he woke up. That time happened sooner than I was expecting and I quickly pulled my hand away from me.

Xander: “Jude?

'' Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.”

Xander: “It's fine. How long have you been woke?”

'' Just a few minutes.”

Xander: “Well why didn't you wake me up. I would have gotten off of you you know.”

'' I didn't mind.”

Xander: “So what's up? Why are you crying?”

'' Just thinking about some stuff I have to do.”

Xander: “And it's making you cry?”

'' Yeah Xander it is. It's about you. That thing I have to do is about you.”

Xander: “Jude I thought you were going to lay off this whole....”

'' Just listen. This is hard for me Xander, but I can't make you feel something that you don't feel or aren't ready to feel. I really do care about you Xander and I'm not just trying to make you another notch in my belt. This is real for me. But I know that it isn't the right time for us and maybe some day it will be. I know that I have to let you go so that you can follow your heart and decide who you really want to be with. I know that I have to do this so that our friendship can remain intact. That's what's most important to me.”

I was waiting for him to say something when he threw his body at me and our lips collided. He tackled me back down on the bed and he was smothering me with his mouth. Not that I wasn't into it, but I grabbed his arms and pushed him away from me.

'' Xander what are you doing?”

Xander: “I just needed some time to figure out who I wanted to be with Jude. With you constantly trying to get me to decide.... I just felt so pressured and I wanted to throw Riley up in your face to show you how you were pushing me away. I love Riley and he'll always be one of my best friends.... But it's you I want to share my first time with. I don't know if I want to get into a relationship, but I want this to happen and I want it to happen with you.”

It took my a minute to process what he said, but I slowly brought my lips to his and lowered him back to the bed. I never took my lips off of his, but somehow we managed to get completely naked. I don't know how long we kissed, but I never wanted it to stop. He slowly pushed me away and he just started staring into my eyes. It was a little embarrassing, so I looked away. My eyes used to be the warmest color and now they were so.... dead! I hated thinking about it, because it reminded me of what I was and who was inside me. He grabbed the sides of my face and turned my head so he could look into my eyes again. I looked at him for a second, but again I turned my head.

'' Xander I don't want you to stare at me like that. My eyes.... They're evil.”

Xander: “Everything about you is perfect Jude.”

'' No it's not Xander. Maybe you see something in me that I don't, but I'm a monster. I can't do this with you. I'm sorry.”

I got up off the bed with Jude following me, but when I went to leave, he grabbed my arm and pushed me back down on the bed. I was going to get back up, but he sat on my thighs and pushed me back onto the bed.

'' Xander I....”

Xander: “Just relax Jude. I don't care about your eyes or any other imperfections you think you have. Neither of us are perfect, but when we're together.... I only want to think about the positive in both of us.”

'' The difference between me and you Xander is that you are perfect. You might not think so, but I know you are.”

Xander: “Then let's be perfect together. Right now while we're together... We'll be perfect for each other.”

He slowly brought his lips to mine and I got lost in the feeling of us finally being together. I wanted so bad to just take him right now, but I couldn't get over how soft his lips were. I could feel his dick pressing into my thigh and as I wrapped my hand around it, it pulsed in my fingers. I just stroked him up and down as he moaned into my ear. He was making me so hot that I felt like I was about to explode any second. I wrapped my other hand around my own dick and started to stroke myself off rapidly. I could almost feel the cum building up, when Xander moved my hands away with his powers.

Xander: “That won't work.”

'' Xander please! I need to cum so bad.”

Xander: “No Jude. If you cum, I want it to be because of me. Not your hand.”

He bent down to kiss me and he started to stroke me off. I was really getting into the kiss when he pulled his lips away ad he started moving down my chest. He left little kisses all down my chest and as he got closer to my dick, I was praying for him to just let me cum. He finally made his way all the way down to my dick and after studying it for a bit, he took the head into his mouth. I felt like I was about to explode, but he took me out of his mouth and sat up. I didn't know what the fuck was up, but he had a big smile on his face.

Xander: “So where do you want to cum? I can tell you're about to pop.”

'' Wherever! Please Xander just make me cum.”

I watched as he slid his tongue along the length of my dick and I could feel the cum building up. He attacked the head of my dick with his tongue and I just lost it. Cum started spraying all over and when I was finished, his tongue was covered in cum and he even had streaks running down his face. I was feeling drained, but Xander hadn't gotten off and both of us were going to enjoy this. I watched him swallow down my load and then I told him to lay back down on the bed. He did and that's when I went down on him. He must have been just as horny as I was, because after just a few seconds, he was unloading in my mouth. I cleaned him up and laid down beside him. He was still feeling the effects of his climax, so I gave him a few minutes to calm down. I'd be damned if this was the end of our first really encounter. I waited for about ten minutes and then rolled myself on top of him. He looked like he was about to protest, so I kissed him hard, hoping he wouldn't say anything. When I pulled away he was just looking into my eyes. I wanted to tell him how much I really did love him, but I didn't want to scare him again.

Xander: “Jude....I really want to make the best of this time.”

'' Oh yeah!”

Xander: “Yeah.”

He got up off of the bed and motioned for me to lay down in his spot. Once I was settled, he got back on the bed with his head right between my legs. I wondered what he was doing and why he was sucking me off again, but after I was hard, he got back up and straddled my waist. He leaned down and kissed me and I was damn near jumping out of my skin when he positioned my dick right at his hole. He kept on kissing me and as he lowered himself down, he started making little painful noises. I knew he was hurting, but in a few minutes he'd be feeling as good as I was. He got up and moaned out loud when it got particularly painful for him, but he never stopped. I placed my hands on his waist and steadied him as he finally had all of me in him. I couldn't imagine a better moment than the one I was in right now. I waited a little while for him to get comfortable and then I started pumping up into him. He was moaning softly and I was feeling like I was about to pop already. We stayed in this position for a while longer, but after a while I wanted to be on top of him. We maneuvered ourselves around until I was on top and then I re-entered him. I kissed him again and again as I slowly slid in and out of him. I backed away only for a few seconds to look at the pleasure that was written all over his face. If his eyes weren't closed, I'd know he'd see the pleasure written on mine. I kissed every spot of him I could reach just to show him how much I appreciated this. I was giving it to him the best I could and I wasn't even fazed when the door opened, his dad saying something before saying a shocked 'Oh Shit!', and then the door slamming closed. Xander's eyes had fluttered open for about a second, but when I slammed back into him, the pleasure made him close them again. I ground into him repeatedly and when started writhing on the bed, I laid down on top of him, and started kissing his neck. I was tempted to pull out and change positions, but I wanted to see his face when he came. I could feel the cum building up and when Xander started squeezing my arm and then letting go, I knew he was close. I got back on my knees and was just pumping into him when his dick pumped up and started spraying cum everywhere. I loved seeing him shoot off of his load and knowing it was because of me made me all the more ready to climax. I didn't know where I should cum honestly, but I don't think I had the energy left to even pull out of him. I pumped into him a few more times and I felt my insides tighten up and I released the biggest load of my life. I couldn't count how much was inside of him, but I knew it was a lot. My orgasm was so intense that I could hardly think straight. I squeezed Xander to me a little harder and pushed into him again so that I wouldn't slip out. I don't know how it happened, but I was hard again in no time. I didn't have the energy to actually fuck him again, so I just did baby strokes back and forth inside of him. How long I did that I'm not sure, but I was sleep in no time.


I very slowly lifted Jude of me and rolled him over onto the bed. He had slipped out of my while we both were sleeping and I could feel the dried cum caking up under me on the sheets and on the back of my thighs. I wasn't going to take a shower, but what I had to do..... I didn't want the smell of sex all over me. I took a shower downstairs only because I didn't want the sound of the shower waking anyone up. I slipped on my clothes and I was gone. I didn't chance using the front door, so with just a thought I was standing outside. I was going to use powers to get there faster, but I needed the time to think about what exactly I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. It was a very short walk and after only a few minutes I was standing on Riley's porch. I knocked a few times and some girl answered the door. She looked me up and down and I'm pretty sure she was a girl from the high school. I don't know for sure, but I thought I saw a small smile creep onto her lips. She motioned for me to follow her and as we walked upstairs, I took in Riley's house for potentially the last time.... Depending on how all this went down. I was actually quite glad that at least one person was going to be in the room, but as we opened the door, she reached for a coat and everybody else was either putting their's on, or were walking towards the door to leave.

'' I didn't mean to stop whatever you all were doing.”

Girl: “It's fine. We were all about to leave anyway. If you two want to meet up with us, the diner is open all night. Just send me a text or something.”

Riley: “Alright Tawny. We might take you up on that.”

She closed the door behind her as she left and Riley and I were alone. I was getting hot all over and I didn't want to feel that way right now. I had to concentrate on something else so I wouldn't have to look at his face and the questioning look he was giving me. I was so engrossed in counting the billions of tiny fibers that made up his rug, that I didn't even feel him move so close to me. My first instinct was to protect myself, but I calmed down knowing it was only him in the room. I looked in his direction and he was only inches from me.

Riley: “I've been waiting for you. Hoping that you would come over. I thought that maybe that Jude kid had...... Well whatever! You're here now.”

'' Riley I....”

Riley: “I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. I mean New York is so far away and I just couldn't get there like I would want to.”

'' Riley.....”

Riley: “But none of that is important. You're here now.”

I wanted to stop him when he brought his face closer to mine, but I just couldn't manage it. I couldn't manage to take myself away from him. I felt like I was getting a surge of emotions from somewhere deep down inside of me. The only problem was that I had this same level of emotion when I was with Jude tonight. I tried to push him off and in my mind it should have worked, but I'm sure in actuality my attempts didn't even register with him. For the second time tonight I was undressed and I watched someone I love take off their clothes, wanting to share something special between us. The word “STOP!” was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't let it escape from my mouth. He got down on top of me and just started kissing me again. I thought that I would be half-hearted about this knowing that I was just with Jude, but I couldn't take my hands off of him. I was so mad at myself right now! I knew this was wrong.... I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I watched as he descended down towards my dick and as he took me in his mouth, I was in complete bliss. His head game wasn't much better than mine, so whatever we did when we were younger must not have stuck. He bumped his teeth sometimes, but for the most part, I enjoyed the blow job he was giving me. He pulled away after a while and I thought I was going to return the favor, but he had other plans. I didn't know what he was doing when he grabbed me under my knees and bent them back until my knees were close to my head. I was going to protest, but when he swiped his tongue across my hole the first time, I grabbed the sheets and the words got all jumbled up in my throat. I could hardly see straight and he started really getting into what he was doing. My emotions were so conflicted and I didn't know what was right anymore. I don't know how long Riley had been tonguing me down, but after a while he lowered my legs down a little and placed the head of his penis at my entrance. I really wanted to tell him to stop, but I just couldn't find the words. Riley was my best friend.... How could I say no to him? I was still tender from earlier with Jude and I know I could have lessened the pain, but I wanted to experience everything about this. It only took a few minutes and then Riley was laying on top of me and we were making out. He slowly stroked back in forth inside of me. He was moving so slowly that I memorized how he should feel inside of me. I don't know how long he kept up those slow movements, but he never picked up his speed, and I never wanted him to. I glided my hands up and down the sides of his body and just enjoyed the feelings I was having. I wrapped my arms just below his armpits and pulled him down to me. I couldn't believe how quickly I lost control of the situation and how much my views on what was happening right now had changed. Somehow I felt that this was wrong, but.... I couldn't help myself. I could here Riley panting on top of me and I knew I was so close to cumming. After just a few more minutes, I could feel Riley growing inside of me, and then he released. I didn't think it could happen, but as he started to shoot, so did I. Our climax together was so perfect and like all good things, it quickly came to an end. He was inside of me for a few more moments and then he slowly rolled off of me. I was to exhausted to even try and move, but I did relax into Riley's arms when he wrapped them around me.

Riley: “Now what were you trying to say earlier?”

'' It's not important. Not right now.”

Riley: “Jude must have been pretty mad when you chose me.”

'' Please let's not talk about that.”

Riley: “You did tell him right?”

'' Riley....”

Riley: “Xander did you tell him? Who did you choose?”

'' I don't know. Okay?”

Riley: “What the fuck do you mean you don't know? Have you fucked him?”

'' Riley.....”

I know he saw the look on my face and that was all the answer he needed.

Riley: “When?”

'' ....”

I started to get up, but he grabbed me around my arms and pulled me back down to the bed. I thought he was going to hit me, but he just held me down on the bed.

Riley: “When?”

'' A few hours before I came over here. I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't let me talk.”

Riley: “Are you fucking kidding me?”

'' Riley I'm sorry.”

Riley: “How the fuck could you do this to me Xander?”

'' I'm sorry.... I tried to tell you.”

Riley: “So that's why you came over here? To tell me that you fucked him? That's what you wanted to fucking tell me?”

'' Riley it's not like that. I don't know what I want. I'm sorry!”

I went to get up off of the bed and this time Riley let me. I got my clothes on and I was heading out the door, when it slammed closed. I looked back and Riley was staring a hole in me and it looked like he was trying to control his breathing. I tried to say something, but I was instantly slammed into the door and I fell to the ground. I started to talk again, but my mouth wouldn't open.

Riley: “Don't say shit. If I didn't love you so much.... I'd kill you right now. I wouldn't even regret it.”

I fought against his power and eventually broke through.

'' I didn't want this to happen Riley. I swear!”

Riley: “I don't want this Xander. I don't want to be in a constant tug-of-war with that kid.”

'' I don't know what to tell you Riley.”

Riley: “Tell me who you really want.”

'' I can't right now. I'm so confused.”

I felt my body lifted up into the air and I was set back on my feet. Riley walked up to me and I thought he was going to hit me, but he grabbed me up in his arms and hugged me. I was so damn confused. Everything that was going good, had just turned sour. I thought that I wanted to be with Jude, but now I had had sex with Riley behind his back, and I don't know what would happen if he ever found out. I know he will though....

Riley: “You have to tell him.”

I was going to tell him. I couldn't have that on my heart.

'' I have to go.....”

Riley: “Call me and tell me what happens.”

I was heading out the door, when he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him.

Riley: “I really do care about you Xander. I just wanted you to know that.”

'' I know you do.... I'm so sorry about all of this. Truly!”

Riley: “Just let me know how things turn out. I'm here if you need me.”

I left out of the house and made my way home. I hoped that Jude was still sleep, because I needed some time to prepare what I wanted to say. I made it to my house, but for some reason I couldn't seem to go in. It felt like the air was being sucked away from the atmosphere.... I whipped around, but the air had settled and nothing was there. I made my way to the front door, but not before looking behind my back one more time. When I opened the door everything was still dark, so I made my way upstairs and got into my own bed. I tried to think of how I could possibly explain to Jude what happened. As I thought about it, I knew Jude wouldn't understand. He'd hate me forever. I'd hate myself forever.


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