High School X


I relaxed in my tub and just let the water massage my muscles. Lately I had been so angry. I was angry with Xander before, but once he moved out, my anger tripled. Not seeing him here, so that I could be angry at him, so he could see my anger, was pissing me off. I wanted him to know how much he hurt me. Who the fuck did he think he was? I finished up my bath and got out of the bathroom. I did all the normal stuff like putting on deodorant and lotion, and then I laid down in my bed as is. I would have put on some underclothes, but my roommate wasn't here, so I didn't give a fuck. I reflected on my life and the way it had been progressing in the past couple of months. Months? It didn't even seem like a long time. It wasn't a long time, but my life had taken some major turns. I had died for Christ's sake. How many people can say that? How many people would want to?

I was still reflecting, when the door opened up, and my roommate walked in. Gavin and I didn't really have many problems, but we definitely weren't friends. I thought about covering up, but I didn't care enough to actually do it. I couldn't help but watch his reaction, and I could tell he was instantly pissed.

Gavin: “Dude... You could put on some fucking underwear!”

'' I could do a lot of things. That doesn't mean I'm going to.”

Not to say that it was all his fault. I mean, I had kind of become an asshole in the past few weeks. It was one fucking event after another and I was fed up. I guess he was tired of trying to be friends.

Gavin: “You're such an asshole.”

'' Get over it.”

He dropped his stuff onto his bed and then went to the bathroom. He slammed the door, but I didn't even care. I was in such a fog lately. The bathroom door whipped open and Gavin came storming out.

Gavin: “I may not be in your group of friends, but you could at least be nice to me. I'm your fucking roommate. I'm not trying to be your best friend, but you could at least be considerate!”

'' I'm sorry if I don't act like the perfect person from your perfect fucking world. Just leave me the fuck alone Gavin.”

Gavin: “You're so fucking pitiful Jude.”

'' Why don't you suck my dick Gavin!”

Gavin: “Would it even help? Apparently Xander was doing that, and it didn't fucking help.”

'' What the fuck did you just say to me?”

Gavin: “You heard what I said Jude.”

I slowly got off of the bed and slipped on some underwear. I walked over to Gavin and he started backing up. I was right in front of him and his back was up against the wall.

'' If you ever make a mention of that again, it'll take a fucking army to pull me off of you.”

Gavin: “I'm just asking for a little courtesy. I'm not trying to be your best friend, just trying to be comfortable while I'm here.”

'' I apologize, but don't come at me like that again.”

I started putting on some clothes and I could tell Gavin was watching from behind me. I knew he was scared of me, but he had just pissed me off. He wasn't a bad guy, it's just that with my current mood, I wasn't open to making new friends. I wanted to go out, but I didn't want to go out by myself... That just might lead to trouble, or me going to Xander's and starting something.

'' I'm going out for a little bit... Do you want to come with me?”

He looked surprised for all of a few seconds, but then his face straightened up.

Gavin: “Are you sure?”

'' Yeah I'm sure.”

Gavin: “Can I take a quick shower?”

'' Yeah... Go ahead. I have to go to Casey's room for a second.”

Gavin: “Cool... I should be done in like twenty.”

I left out of the room and made my way to Casey's. I told her that I would take Morgan off of her hands for the day, so I was going to pick her up. I passed a few people on the way and they were looking at me funny. I had to keep reminding myself that people would never look at me normally. Not only that, my history at this place was a cloudy one. I finally made it to Casey's door and I knocked a few times. It took her a while to answer the door, but when she did, I could tell she had just woken up. I walked into the room and saw Kevin sleeping on the bed and Morgan was beside him.

Casey: “Did you still want to take her?”

'' Yeah. I said I would. You look like you could use the day off.”

Casey: “Yeah I do. Besides Kevin wanted to take me somewhere.”

'' Well get her stuff together and then you guys can go and have some fun.”

Casey: “Thanks so much Jude.”

'' No problem.”

I basically just sat around for ten minutes while she got Morgan's baby bag together, and then I left. Thankfully Morgan was still tired and had fallen back to sleep. She was barely awake as Casey dressed her. I made it back to my room, but when I opened the door, Gavin was standing by his dresser looking for a pair of underwear. My eyes immediately traveled to his ass, and my dick got hard instantly. I wasn't going to lie to myself, Gavin was a great looking guy, and luckily for him he was straight. I sat on my bed and just faced the other way. I laid Morgan down on my bed and just waited for him to get ready. I was just about to see if he was ready, when he walked around my bed and stood in front of me. He only had on a pair of small red briefs and my dick jumped hard again. I looked him up and down, he was clearly unaware of the effect he was having on me. He had two different outfits in his hands and he was holding them out to me.

Gavin: “Which one?”

'' Um.. Uh...”

I took a look at both of them and one was obviously better. It was a pair of navy blue ribbed jeans, with a white shirt, and a red Von Dutch hoodie. He also had a pair of red and white Air Force 1s. The other outfit was basically just jeans and a t-shirt. I told him which outfit I thought was better and then he walked away. I had never really looked at Gavin before, but now I was seeing him in a whole new light. He was Norwegian and Cuban, so he was extremely attractive. He had really light skin, and light brown curly hair. His eyes were a light green color and very sexy. At 5'8”, he wasn't as tall as I was and he wasn't as muscular, but he had a nice swimmer's build and a sexy smile. I also noticed that his belly button was pierced and he had a tattoo around it also. It was some kind of Celtic moon design, and it looked really nice on him. I immediately felt bad for the way I had been treating him recently. I waited a few more minutes and he came back around the bed.

Gavin: “I'm ready!”

I looked up at him and he had a huge smile plastered on his face. He was so fucking sexy!

Gavin: “Is that Casey's baby?”

'' Yeah... Her name is Morgan.”

Gavin: “Can I hold her?”

'' Sure. Just be careful.”

Gavin: “I took a class on childcare before I came here. My mom was having another kid and I was babysitting after school.”

He held Morgan with the utmost care and we made our way to the Garage. I would have taken my car if it was just myself and Gavin, but I checked out one of the school cars instead. I strapped Morgan into her car seat, and we were on our way. I found myself taking quick glances at him every so often. He wasn't doing anything special. Just staring out the window and enjoying the view, but the way the light reflected of his eyes, and the way it shined through his hair.... I couldn't explain it. I didn't know where we were going exactly, but we were just riding.

'' I don't even know where we're going. I was just taking a ride.”

Gavin: “Anything you need to get done?”

'' Not really. I was thinking about going to get some new shoes and maybe some new shirts.”

Gavin: “Sounds like a plan.”

I made a turn at the next light and we were headed for the mall. We had been riding with the radio down for most of the time, but a particular song came on and he got really excited.

Gavin: “Do you mind?”

'' Not at all.”

He sung along, and he had a pretty nice voice actually. I just listened to him sing and tuned the radio out completely. He knew most of the songs on the radio and ended up singing us to the mall. We finally got there and I parked the car as close to the door as possible. I didn't have a stroller for Morgan, so I planned on buying one... She wasn't a big baby, but she damn sure wasn't a featherweight. We walked around the mall until we found a stroller, and after I paid for it, we started looking around the mall.

'' Do you sing a lot?”

Gavin: “Not really. I don't think I'm all that good.”

'' You have a nice voice.”

Gavin: “You're the first person to say that... You must be the only one who believes it.”

'' I doubt it.”

We ended up going to several stores before I found anything I was even remotely interested in. We finally found a nice little store and went in. There was a nice looking girl behind the counter and I realized that I knew her.

'' Tatiana?”

Tatiana: “Jude?”

'' In the flesh. How have you been?”

Tatiana: “Just working. You?”

'' You know me. Always some kind of drama.”

Tatiana: “Sorry to hear that.”

'' It's fine.... By the way, you never called me.”

Tatiana: “Haven't needed to be saved.”

'' I don't always have to be a hero.”

I could see the emotions play across her face, but then she quickly masked them.

Tatiana: “She yours?”

'' Naw. I'm babysitting for a friend of mine.”

Tatiana: “That your boyfriend?”

She was teasing me, but I figured I'd give her the truth.

'' He's my roommate, but who knows what'll happen.”

My cards were on the table, and she'd do with them what she pleased. Again she looked at me strangely, but then she smiled.

Tatiana: “Keeping the options open... Always a good idea.”

'' So how many jobs do you work? Damn!”

Tatiana: “This one... And I got a job at the Zoo.”

'' The Zoo?”

Tatiana: “Yeah. I figured I'd play around with my abilities.”

'' Any luck?”

Tatiana: “I keep a belt in my locker. Never know when I might need to change.”

'' You sound accepting at least.”

Tatiana: “It took some getting used to. I'm still not fully accepting of it.”

'' You'll do fine.”

Tatiana: “So what are you guys doing here?”

'' I was doing some clothes shopping. What time do you get off?”

Tatiana: “Twenty minutes.”

'' You're welcome to hang out with us if you want.”

Tatiana: “Sure. Meet me back here at three.”

'' Will do.”

I ended up buying like seven pairs of shoes, and like three Hoodies. I had spent almost $1,000 and the day wasn't even close to being over. Gavin spent like $300 and then another $100 on a few outfits for Morgan. I couldn't let him do me up like that, so I planned on hitting the next couple of baby stores for her. We ended up spending twenty minutes in the store, so we were just cashing out when Tatiana clocked out. She changed into a normal outfit in the back, and then she came out. I formally introduced them and we got to going.

Tatiana: “So Gavin... Are you a mutant too?”

He looked at me sideways for a minute, but then he turned back to her.

Gavin: “Yes I am. Are you?”

Tatiana: “Yeah. Transfiguration.”

Gavin: “Illusions, Hallucinogens, Mind-control, and mild-empathy.”

'' Hallucinogens? That's new?”

Gavin: “Yeah. The Professor discovered it a while ago... I wanted to tell you, but...”

'' Sorry...”

Gavin: “It's fine.”

Tatiana: “So what were you guys getting into?”

Gavin: “We were just hanging out. I guess we're going to a few more shops, then whatever.”

We went to a few more shops and basically just sprung most of our money on clothes for Morgan and a little bit for ourselves. Even Tatiana bought her some things. We stayed at the mall for a few more hours, and then got out of there. My pockets were considerably thinner.

Tatiana: “So where to now?”

Gavin: “We could go to a beach.”

Tatiana: “No good beaches in the area.”

Gavin: “I could make a great beach.”

'' No need.”

I created a portal right in front of us and drove into it. I thought Tatiana was going to scream, but we were out of it instantly.

Tatiana: “Where are we?”

'' Hawaii. I've always wanted to come here.”

Gavin: “Are you serious?”

'' Yeah.”

He jumped out of the car and started running down the beach. I saw his clothes coming off and I just had to laugh. Tatiana moved to the front seat and she just looked at me. I didn't know what was up, so I asked her.

'' What?”

Tatiana: “You like him don't you?”

'' Why do you say that?”

Tatiana: “You have a look in your eyes.”

'' He's an okay guy. I didn't realize it until earlier.”

Tatiana: “Well if you like him, you should go after him.”

'' Nope. Last time I did that, I ended up driving my friend away. I'm not going to do that again.”

Tatiana: “I thought men bounced back like nobodies business.”

'' We're good at masking our emotions. We don't bounce back that quickly.”

Tatiana: “Well... I don't know about you, but I didn't get teleported to Hawaii just to sit in the car.”

'' Me either.”

She grabbed up Morgan and we made our way down the beach. Gavin was already getting a number from some girl and it honestly made me jealous. I wanted to blast her ass to smithereens. He jogged back over to us and he had a frown on his face.

Gavin: “I didn't know Hawaiian women were so forward. She practically threw her panties at me.”

Tatiana: “I'm sure it's not that bad.”

Gavin: “Look!”

He showed us a pair of women's panties, and they had some chick's number written on them. I immediately started laughing. That was pretty damn forward. We found a spot on the beach and just settled in. It was nice to just have a day to relax. We never got that at the mansion. All to soon, it got dark, and it was time to go. We gathered up the little bit of stuff we had, and got back to the car. I got Tatiana back home, with the promise of calling more often. I decided to get Gavin and myself some dinner, so we stopped at a nice fast food place and then went back to the mansion. Gavin took the food and I delivered Morgan to Casey.

Casey: “Hey... I didn't expect you to keep her this long.”

'' Sorry. We ended up going to the mall and then we went to Hawaii.”

Casey: “Hawaii?”

'' Yeah.”

I handed her all the bags and she looked at them in wonder.

Casey: “What's all this?”

'' Just stuff we bought for Morgan. You should see how many bags I have.”

She just shook her head and thanked me.

'' No problem. Did you have fun?”

Casey: “Oh yeah!”

'' (laughing) Good. Well me and Gavin are gonna hang for a bit. I'll get up with you guys tomorrow.”

Casey: “Alright... Thanks again.”

I walked back to my room and Gavin was on my bed when I opened the door. He was just laying there watching my T.V. He was on one side of the bed, so I guessed he made room for me. I laid down beside him and just got comfortable.

'' Did you eat already?”

Gavin: “Naw. I was waiting on you.”

'' Alright... Let's grub.”

We dug in and the food was gone in no time. I couldn't stop myself from repeatedly looking at Gavin as he did things. Every movement of his was just turning me on in the inside. It wasn't even horny thoughts, it was just endearing I guess. He would laugh at something on the T.V. and I swear the whole room got brighter. He caught me staring at him once, and his face turned quizzical.

Gavin: “What?”

'' Nothing.”

Gavin: “Oh okay.”

He said that, but every now and then, he'd look at me to see if I was looking at him. I thought it was cute, but all to soon, I ended up falling asleep. I didn't even know that I was tired.

~ ~ ~

Jamie: “So what did you guys do?”

'' Nothing. We just watched movies and shit.”

Jubilee: “He is pretty cute.”

Kevin: “What about Xander?”

'' I'm not checking for Xander anymore and Xander ain't checking for me. We're just not meant to be together.”

Story: “You don't know that.”

'' I do know that. I can't dwell on that nigga. I'm moving on and I'm sure he is too.”

Carson: “So that's it? You guys are just done being friends?”

'' I don't even know. I know I pissed him off a while back, but I wasn't ready to accept shit from him. Maybe I'll go over there and see how he is.”

Story: “You should. He still asks about you.”

'' What does he say?”

Casey: “He basically just wants to know how you are. If you're okay. Shit like that. He misses you.”

The door to my bedroom opened and Serenity walked in. She had on a skimpy ass bathing suit, and I couldn't help but admire her body. She went right over to my drawer and pulled out a towel, a wifebeater, and a pair of my cargo shorts.

'' Come on in. Invite yourself to my stuff.”

Serenity: “Thanks.”

She took a shower and we continued to talk. I really didn't care that she used my stuff... She was one of my best friends.

'' Well if I don't go over there, will you tell him I said 'Hi.'?”

Story: “Yeah, but it would be better if you went over there.”

'' Yeah I know. Dammit.”

Serenity came out of the shower a few minutes later and she plopped down on the bed beside me. She smelled like my peach shampoo.

Serenity: “What are we talking about?”

Jubilee: “Jude's love life.”

'' Or lack thereof.”

Serenity: “That reminds me... Xander told me to tell you to call him. If you wanted.”

Story: “That's what we've been telling him for like the past twenty minutes.”

'' Okay... Okay. I get it. I'll give him a call sometime.”

Kevin: “Good... Now that that's over, what are we getting into today?”

Story: “We were supposed to run drills with Logan and the team, but he canceled, so I'm not sure.”

Carson: “We already have the space, so we might as well use it.”

'' See if they are free... We don't want to make them come at the last minute.”

Carson got in touch with the others while we made our way down to the Subbasement. He didn't get a response from anyone, and we were surprised to find them all already in the Danger Room.

Jamie: “What are you guys doing down here?”

Sooraya: “Logan told us to use the time slot if we wanted to. We figured we'd get some training done anyway.”

Eric: “Is it a problem?”

'' No not at all... Just surprising. We just tried to call you guys to see if you wanted to train anyway.”

Victor: “We're taking this very seriously. We really want to be on this team.”

Casey: “Awesome. Let's get started.”

We were all surprised when she straight blasted Victor in the chest with a force beam. He was hit hard and flew back, but he grounded his self before he crashed into the ground. He looked pissed for a second, but then he ran straight at Casey. He looked like he was going to charge her, but his tongue shot out instead and wrapped around her foot. I could see the surprise on her face and then he slammed her back into the ground. I thought he was done, but he jumped into the air and landed right on her chest.

Victor: “Checkma... Ahhh!!!”

I saw Victor fly back and he crashed into the ground. Kevin had joined the fight and he didn't look all that happy. He went to blast Victor with more fire, but he was protected by a shield.

Julian: “Oh no you don't.”

Kevin: “Bring it Keller.”

Julian: “Always do.”


~ One Week Later ~

Kid: “Hey... Hey! Xander wait up!”

I turned around and my lab partner was running right at me.

'' Hey what's up?

Stephan: “Did you get the notes for class today?”

'' Yeah... Where were you?”

Stephan: “You didn't hear?”

'' Hear what?”

Stephan: “They had a break-in at the Bank. The whole safe was emptied out.”

'' Are you serious?”

Stephan: “Yeah... They had all kinds of reporters over there.”

'' I wonder who did it.”

Stephan: “Who else?”

His eyes traveled down the hall and I followed the direction he was going. Jolen Espinosa, Regan Wyngarde, Jon Kasiya, and Maddisyn Chang* were walking down the hall with the same bored look they always had.

Stephan: “I know it was them... Someone needs to stop those guys.”

'' Yeah... Someone does.”

Jolen's eyes caught mine as they passed us, but he didn't acknowledge me. I saw Regan whip her eyes in my direction, but I didn't pay her any attention.

Stephan: “We better get to class.”

'' Yeah... Let's go.”

~ ~ ~

School was finally over. Thank God! I had to get out of there. I had never been so overwhelmed with people. Everywhere I went, kids were talking about that damn bank. I walked home and dropped all of my stuff off and changed out of my uniform. I didn't have anything to do, so I took a walk into town. There were a lot of shops around here that I had never paid attention to, but the area was so dead. I walked into a pastry shop and the only person inside was the clerk.

'' Can I get a bear claw?”

Clerk: “Sure... That'll be $2.15.”

I paid her and then grabbed my snack.

'' Where is everybody?”

Clerk: “Probably at the bank. This town doesn't get much action, so that place is probably swarmed with people.”

'' Okay... Thanks.”

I left out of the shop and like everyone else, my curiosity got the best of me. I didn't know what bank it was exactly, but they were all pretty much on the same street. I casually walked over there and the robbed bank quickly became visible. There were people everywhere, but the crowd did seem to be dwindling. I walked over and the group was finally dissipating. There were several cops still around, and one came over to me. I looked at his name tag and it said Officer Hartley.

Officer Hartley: “Hey Kid, we're clearing this area out... We need you to scram.”

'' What happened here?”

Officer Hartley: “What does it look like Kid? The safe got busted open.”

'' That seems almost impossible. That looks like a pretty big safe.”

Officer Hartley: “Nothing's impossible. Especially not with mutants in the area.”

'' You think mutants did this?”

Officer Hartley: “I'm almost sure of it. We're very tolerant of mutants in this area, but this isn't acceptable.”

'' That's surprising to hear.”

Officer Hartley: “I'm sure... My sister is a mutant. She's a student up at the Massachusetts Academy.”

My eyes roamed down to his name tag and memorized it. I didn't recognize the name, but it would be cool figuring out what student it belonged to.

'' Can I look around?”

Officer Hartley: “Sorry Kid... This is a crime scene.”

'' Well maybe some other time.”

Officer Hartley: “Maybe.”

I walked down the street and ducked behind one of the small buildings. I shape shifted into an adult male with a black suit on and a clear ear-piece. I walked back over to the bank and introduced myself.

'' I'm Agent Wayde with the FBI. Theft Division.”

Officer Hartley: “Didn't know this was big enough to reach the big boys.”

'' Government money is missing Officer....?”

Officer Hartley: “Officer Hartley.”

'' Well I'd like to take a look around if that's okay with you.”

Officer Hartley: “Of course.”

I ducked under the yellow tape and started looking around. The safe was completely ripped out of the wall. This was definitely the work of a mutant. I ran my hands over the safe and immediately I felt a tingling sensation in my hand. I concentrated on the feeling in my hand all of a sudden, I was in the bank, but the safe was still in tact. It was like I was looking at things play out right in front of me. Nothing seemed to be wrong, but then the security guard fell from his chair. I ran over to him, and he had a small needle in his neck. I tried to help him, but my hands just passed through him. I was about to try again, when the door was blasted off the hinges. Even though I knew they couldn't see me, I hid on the side of the guard's desk. I watched as Maddysin, Jon, Regan, and Jolen entered the building. I felt nothing but rage fill me, but I knew there was nothing I could do. They cleared all the money out of the teller's drawers, then they moved on to the safety deposit boxes and emptied those. There was some pretty priceless stuff and it was gone instantly. I followed them as they moved on to the safe and they worked on getting that open. Maddysin tried to punch her way in and even though she left some dents, the safe wasn't open.

Regan: “Jolen.”

Jolen: “Got it.”

I watched Jolen take a stance, and the others backed away from him, then.... Everything disappeared. I was pulled back to reality, and Officer Hartley was shaking my should. I was tempted to kick him off of me, but I didn't.

Officer Hartley: “Are you okay Agent? You've been standing in that same spot for the last five minutes.”

'' I'm fine... Just trying to get a handle on things.”

Officer Hartley: “Do you see anything that might help us?”

'' Nothing yet. I'm going to go write up a report and send it over to you guys... You were right, this isn't a job for the big boys. I'm sure you Officers can handle it.”

His chest expanded and his shoulders slid back.

Officer Hartley: “Of course we can Agent... Of course we can.”

I made my departure from the bank and transformed when I was a safe distance away. I started walking back to my house and noticed that the group of criminals was standing in seeing distance of the bank. I watched them, but no one seemed to notice me, except Regan. I hurried home and bolted my door when I got there. The last thing I needed was to be involved in more mess. This was the exact reason I had left the Mansion.

~ ~ ~

Stephan: ''Did you hear? The police still haven't found any info on the bank robbery.”

'' And they probably won't.”

Stephan: “You know something?”

'' No, but I think you were right. It had to be them.”

Stephan: “They're the only mutants who flash they're powers. They just make it hard for everyone else.”

'' Are you a mutant Stephan?”

Stephan: “So what if I am? You want to make something of it?”

'' No... Chill. I was just asking. I am too.”

Stephan: “We should band together and take those guys out once and for all.”

'' I don't think that's a good idea.”

Stephan: “Why not?”

'' I'm not trying to get in any drama here... That's why I left my old school.”

Stephan: “You have the opportunity to make things better Xander... You don't just turn away from something like that.”

'' No that's exactly what you do Stephan. You run away from opportunities like that. I've been there, and trust me, the picture painted is a lot different from the reality.”

Stephan: “Whatever... I'm standing up to them today in the cafeteria. Either you're with me or you're not.”

'' Please don't do that Stephan.”

Stephan: “I take that as a No. You're just like every other scared kid here. I thought you were better than that Xander.”

I watched as Stephan walked away and I knew he was dead serious about lunch time. I knew this was going to end very badly. I knew I had somewhat of a grasp on Ziyi's powers, but I had never seen any of the others at work. Stephan didn't know what he was getting himself into.

~ ~ ~

It was lunchtime and all eyes were on Stephan. No one had ever approached “their” table. At least that's what everyone told me. If for no other reason, that's what drew the lunchroom's attention. I saw the smile creep up onto Regan's face and I saw the murder in her eyes. She didn't care what Stephan had to say, to her, he was already as good as dead.

Stephan: “It stops today!”

Jolen: “What are you talking about punk?”

Stephan: “You have this whole school scared, but not me... Not anymore!”

Maddysin: “Sit down before you get hurt.”

Stephan: “Try me Chang.”

Maddysin: “You've made a big mistake Stephan.”

She slowly got up from the table and walked around to him. He kept his stance and then attacked. She sent out her foot, and he was down instantly. He rolled out from under her just as she slammed her foot into the ground, leaving a small hole. No one dared to move as he engaged her again. He ran at her full speed, but she jumped into the air, and sent her hand crashing into the back of his neck. He seemed to freeze in mid-run, and then fell to the ground panting. He tried to get up, but she just kicked him back to the ground. I thought I was hallucinating, but a jagged bone wormed its way out of his forearm until it was in the shape of a long thin blade. He picked it up and ran at Maddysin full speed. I couldn't let him kill her, that would ruin his life, and the so-called relations he was trying to help. I pulled him back with telekinesis and let him fall to the ground. I know I didn't give myself away, but everyone was looking around for who did it.

Maddysin: “I hope whoever did that didn't think it would stop me... It just further pissed me off.”

She jumped towards Stephan and that's when I moved. I got to him just in time and I kicked her square in the chest. She flew back in the air, but she landed on her feet.

Maddysin: “This isn't at all surprising.”

She ran at me full speed and we started going at it. She was extremely quick and crazy strong. I was holding her off, but I had to make sure that none of the others were sneaking up on me. I remember the fight with Jolen and how quick Jon had gotten behind me. She did a flying kick toward me, but this time, she had a glow around her foot. I tried to move, but she caught me right in the chest. I saw the blood leave my mouth before I felt the excruciating pain. I crashed to the ground and tried my best to regulate my breathing. The pain in my chest didn't seem to be going anywhere, but that didn't stop her from attacking me. I rolled out of the way multiple times, but she never relented on her attack. I finally had enough and I threw her back with telekinesis. She crashed into a table and slid out of view. Everyone had their eyes on me, but I didn't even notice them. Jon and Regan were staring a hole into me, but they never rose from their seats. I looked around, but there was no Jolen.

Jolen: “I told you that you should have just minded your business.”

I whipped around and he was right behind me, not even five feet away. He had a strange look on his face, but I was watching his body. I didn't know what his powers were.

'' She would have killed him.”

Jolen: “She has better control than that... I think (laughing).”

'' It's not funny Jolen. Stephan may not have had the power to back up what he said, but he was right. You all terrorize this school and it needs to stop.”

Jolen: “And that's your job? You don't even know us.”

'' You haven't given me the chance. The things you do... You don't want people to to think good things about you.”

Jolen: “You don't know me Xander.”

'' I don't need to know you Jolen.”

Jolen: “Your mistake.”

I ran at him, but he was gone almost instantly. I looked around for him, but he was nowhere to be found. I created a telekinetic bubble around myself and waited for Jolen to appear again.

Jolen: “That really can't help you Xander.”

'' Show yourself Jolen.”

Jolen: “I'm all around you Xander. Always have been... Always will be.”

'' Come out!”

Jolen: “Fine! You want me... Here I come!”

All the doors in the cafeteria blasted open... The room was basically an offshoot of the school with a long hallway leading into the cafeteria. There were eight doors, two on each of the four walls. I tried to see where Jolen was, but he was no where to be found. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but different forms of plants were worming their way into the cafeteria... In no time at all, I was completely surrounded.

'' You've got to be kidding me... What kind of shit is this?”

Jolen: “You laugh? Don't underestimate me Xander.”

'' Fuck you Jolen.”

I extended the globe around me and waited for Jolen to attack. There was a swirling of some vines and all of a sudden, Jolen was standing right in front of me. He got as close to me as possible and ran his hands over my force field.

Jolen: “You shouldn't take nature for granted Xander.”

I saw the vines creep up around my shield before I could stop them... They wrapped around my shield and started crushing down... I could see the ground rising up to eye level and he must have been pulling me under the surface. I didn't dare retract my shield, but I couldn't extend it either. Jolen had me wrapped up so tight in his powers. I knew that in a matter of time I would run out of oxygen. I fought with all of my might and when it seemed like I would fail, I could finally feel my shield expanding. I applied more power and slowly but surely, I was gaining some leverage. I could see the surface above me and I started pushing towards it more and more. With one final push, I broke the surface and lowered my shield. I had no energy to keep it up.

Jolen: “Nice try Xander.”

I couldn't even speak... I was so drained. I got my shit together and jumped at him. Surprise flitted across his face as I did a spinning kick into his chest. He flew back, but he landed in a high chair made of roses.

Jolen: “Damn it Xander... Every time I try.”

'' Stop talking... Fight me!”

Jolen: “Fine! It's time to end this.”

'' Give me your best shot.”

I ran for him and started gathering power at the tips of my fingers. I was getting ready to strike, when a sharp pain shot through my chest. I looked down and there was a large needle sticking out of me. I watched in horror as the blood poured out me, but there was hardly any pain. I fell to the ground and started feeling drowsy all of a sudden.

Jolen: “Quit it Regan! He's already done. He'll be passed out in seconds...”

Regan? But she was no where around. I would have watched her the most. Through hazy eyes I looked at Jolen and he had worry written all over his face. The other students in the cafeteria looked on, but they never tried to help. I watched as a ripple formed in my sight and Regan walked towards us with triumph on her face. I watched as the image of a worried student body disappeared and the faces of laughing students became clear to me. They hadn't seen any thing. They never knew they were in danger.

Jolen: “Stop with the blood Regan before he bleeds out.”

Regan: “He'll be fine.”

Jolen: “The venom is coursing through his veins... Any added shock might kill him.”

Regan: “Who cares?! He's to big of a threat. He knows to much.”

Jolen: “I care... Quit!”

Regan: “Fine....”

I fought to keep my eyes open, but it was no use... Whatever Jolen did to me... It took it's toll.


I stepped out of the shower and grabbed up my towel. I was still dripping wet, but I walked right out of the bathroom into my bedroom. I thought Gavin was gone for the weekend, but when I looked up, he was walking into the room. Worst yet, his parents were behind him. I immediately covered myself with my towel, but I knew it was to late and they had all gotten an eyeful.

'' Gavin... I'm so sorry. I thought you were gone for the weekend.”

Mrs. Duvall: “It's no problem... Really!”

Mr. Duvall: “Jill control yourself.”

Gavin was looking at both of his parents in horror and I was just trying to find something in the area to put on. I settled on wrapping the towel around my waist until I could find some underwear or something.

Gavin: “Sorry Jude, but I thought I was going home for the weekend. Turns out my parents want to stay here and see what I do around school.”

'' That's nice.”

Gavin: “It is?”

Mr. Duvall: “So you're Jude?”

'' Yes Sir.”

Mr. Duvall: “Hmph.”

I didn't know what that was about, but apparently Gavin did.

Gavin: “Dad I told you not to say anything.”
He turned back to me and he had an apologetic look on his face.

Gavin: “I told them about how things had been in the room.... But I never got a chance to tell them how cool we had gotten in this past week or so.”

'' Oh.”

Gavin: “I'm really sorry to have you just walk into this Jude.”:

'' No, it's cool. I just thought it might have been about something else.”

Mr. Duvall: “Something else? How much worse can it get?”

Gavin: “Dad!”

'' It's fine Gavin.”

Mr. Duvall: “No it's not fine. You've been treating our son like crap and it's fine?”

'' That's not what I was implying Sir.”

Gavin: “Dad cut it out.”

'' I'm going to get dressed and go. I'll talk to you later Gavin.”

I moved around Gavin and his parents and got an outfit out to wear. I walked back in the bathroom, got dressed, and then left out of the room. The door wasn't even all the way closed before I heard Gavin cussing his father out. I really didn't know what I had did... I mean a lot of kids had arguments, so what was the big deal? I didn't think about it to much and I made my way to Casey's room. We were all supposed to be going to the mall again, and hopefully there wouldn't be any issues this time. I knocked on Casey's door and was only waiting a few minutes before my sister opened the door. She had on a wife beater, some short shorts, and a pair of Air Force 1s. I took in my sister and I was just amazed at how much she had grown up. She was always a bit more responsible than me with her previous condition, but she was growing up to become a really great lady. She had even grown a few inches and now stood at 5'8”. She was growing up and it made me so proud. We didn't really have parents any more, so it was just me and her looking out for each other. I followed her into the room and everyone was similarly dressed with shorts and wife beaters. I felt overdressed, so I went back to my room with Story right behind me.

Story: “So how's Gavin?”

'' I have no idea. It's like I walked into a mine field today.”

Story: “I thought he was gone for the weekend.”

'' Me too. I came out of the shower, and first his parents see me naked, and then his dad like goes off on me.”

Story: “About what?”

'' I don't even know. Apparently Gavin told him we weren't getting along, but it seemed like more than that. Gavin was trying to shut him up. I just excused myself from the situation.”

Story: “Well maybe you should ask Gavin what this is all about.”

'' I plan to as soon as his parents leave.”

Story: “They're staying?”

'' For the weekend I guess.”

We finally made it to my door and as I walked in, Gavin turned to look at me with anger in his eyes. But when he realized it was me, his look softened.

Gavin: “Hey Story.”

Story: “Hey Gav.”

He smiled at her and then turned his attention back to me. I think he saw the expression in my eyes, and I knew that he knew that I wanted to talk. He motioned for me to follow him and we ended up in the bathroom. He locked the door behind us, and when he turned to face me, his face was all apologetic again.

'' What the hell did I walk into Gavin?”

Gavin: “I'm really sorry about that Jude. My parents are really overprotective.”

'' It seemed like a lot more than simply being overprotective.”

Gavin: “Okay it is... But you're going to hate me.”

'' Tell me what happened.”

Gavin: “Well you know I told them about argument we had...”

'' Yeah. So?”

Gavin: “Well I told them some other stuff too.”

'' Like what? Spill it already.”

Gavin: “Like the stuff where that guy came out of the mirror. And... and sometimes you talk to yourself in your sleep.”

'' You told them that?”

Gavin: “And I told them about what happened to Xander. I'm really sorry Jude. All that was before I really got to know you.”

'' Gavin how could you do that? Your parents think I'm some kind of monster now.”

Gavin: “I'm trying to fix it Jude. I mean I've told them about all the fun we've been having this past week. But, they...”

'' But they're what? They're waiting for me to blow up on you and have another episode? Right?”

Gavin: “Something like that. I'm really sorry Jude.”

'' Save it!”

I damn near ripped the door off of the hinges trying to get it open and when I finally did, Story and Gavin's parents were staring into the bathroom. I was extremely pissed off now, because his parents were looking at me like I was some kind of freak or something. His dad looked like he was about to say something, but Gavin's mom gave him a look and he stopped whatever he was going to say. I walked past them again and pulled a pair of shorts and a wife beater out of my drawer. I kicked off the shoes I had on and settled for a pair of Jordan's instead. Story was waiting for me at the door and I made my way over to her. I took one last look at Gavin and walked out of the door. I could see the pain in his eyes, but I didn't give a fuck. He made me out to look like some kind of animal.

Story: “Jude.”

'' Not now Story... Please!”

Story: “Okay.”

I just couldn't process whatever she was going to say and how I was feeling right now. I was so pissed off. We had almost made it to Casey's room, when there was a voice in my head.

Nazarus: “Do you need me to take over for a while? I could and no one would even know the difference.

'' What? No! I'm fine.

Nazarus: “You're not fine Jude. If anyone knows that, it's me.

'' I'm fine... Honestly.

Nazarus: “ I'm here if you need me. You know that right?

'' Yeah I know.

He was gone from my thoughts, but what he said wasn't. What felt like an invasion before, could now grow to become my saving grace. Story just walked into Casey's room and I went directly to the bathroom. I changed quickly enough and when I came out, everybody was ready to go. Kitty was thankfully enough watching Morgan, so we could have a 'grown-up' day out. We made it down to the cars, and yet again, there was Gavin and his parents. My blood immediately started to boil, but Story put her arm around me and it somewhat calmed me. My friends said “Hey” to Gavin, and he introduced them to his parents, but he never said anything to me. His dad was giving me the evil eye, and everyone seemed to notice it. They looked back and forth between the both of us, but I wasn't going to cause a scene. I turned my back on that whole situation and walked over to my car. Story had finally gotten her license, so she and Carson opted to take her car. Everyone else piled into Kevin and Jamie's trucks, so unfortunately, I had a lot of time alone to myself. I was driving, but everything... every-fucking-thing reminded me of Gavin and how angry I was. I realized that I had left my friends far behind me, and my rage was almost to the point of making me turn back around.

'' Nazarus.

Nazarus: “Jude what's up?

'' About what you said?

Nazarus: “No problem. Don't worry about a thing.

And I didn't. I was tired of this world, I sat back and let Nazarus take the wheel for a while.


The car swerved the tiniest bit and then I was firmly in control. I was happy that Jude trusted me enough to do this. With me in his mind and him in mine, we had really gotten to trust one another. I slowed down the car considerably, and Story pulled up beside me in the next lane. She took one look at me and I could tell she knew something was off. I knew I could imitate Jude damn near perfect, so it must have just been some kind of brother-sister bond. She looked me dead in my eyes and I gave her the tiniest nod. Carson chose to look over at that point, but he just looked at me, smiled, and then his eyes were back up front. Story was a great driver, because her eyes hadn't deviated from mine in the tiniest. She finally saw something in my eyes that was somewhat promising, and she turned back to the road. I knew she still didn't trust me, but I hoped that would change eventually.

We made it to the mall in about twenty minutes, and we all were happy to be out just having fun. Story kept glancing at me every now and then, so I pulled her to the side, so we could squash this. She would draw attention from the others if she kept it up.

'' What is your problem?”

Story: “I'm just keeping my eyes on you.”

'' I'm not going to do anything Story. Your brother trusted me enough to let me take over. You need to trust me too.”

Story: “That's easier said than done.”

'' I understand that, but I'm not going anywhere. I haven't given you a reason not to trust me.”

Story: “And I hope you never do.”

She went back over to Carson and I joined Jamie and Jubilee in a game store. We all separated for a short time, but we ended up meeting back up in the food court. We all ordered some food and then pulled some tables together so we could all eat together. I'd never admit it to anyone, but I was happy Jude had died around the time I needed a host. At first his friends pissed me off, but I was happy with them now. They were really cool people to be quite honest. His sexual tastes weren't at all offensive either. This thing with Gavin was fucked up, but it wasn't worth giving up on sex with him either. I was brought back to reality when Jubilee snapped her fingers in front of my face. I realized my focus had lapsed and I jumped back into the convo.

'' Sorry about that. What was your question?”

Jubilee: “What happened there back at the Mansion? Gavin's dad was staring daggers at you.”

'' Oh that. Gavin told his dad some of the stuff that happened. He told me his parents were really protective of him.”

Jubilee: “Still... That doesn't give him the right to judge you without even getting to know you.”

'' Yeah that's how I felt. Gavin tried to apologize, but I wasn't really in the mood to hear anything from him.”

Kevin: “Well I'm sure he's sorry. I mean, he seems like an okay kid.”

'' He is... I guess it just hurt is all. We've been hanging out these past couple of days, so I just didn't expect the past to be thrown in my face.”

Serenity: “His parents will come around. Once they get to know you.”

'' Hopefully I don't get that chance. I was almost ready to turn around and settle this shit.”

Carson: “Seriously man... You have to get your temper in check.”

'' I know, but it's hard. Sometimes, I just get so angry.”

Story: “It's understandable. Especially when people don't trust you.”

'' Well you guys trust me don't you?”

Story: “Of course. I trust you. We all do.”

Jubilee: “Definitely.”

Everyone else nodded and they truly seemed sincere. This conversation was about me and Story, but it was good to see the others weren't afraid of me anymore. We were still just hanging out and eating, but then Story changed the subject.

Story: “So... I was thinking I might go and get my hair cut.”

Casey: “What?... No. You have beautiful hair.”

Carson: “I totally agree. I love your hair how it is.”

Story: “Guys, I'm ready for a change. I just think it'll be fun to look a little different. I can always just grow it back.”

'' I think it's a pretty cool idea. I think you should go for it?”

Story: “Seriously?”

'' Yeah. I think you would look awesome with a different style.”

Serenity: “Well maybe I'll get my hair cut too.”

Carson: “I just don't think it's a good idea.”

I looked in Carson's direction and it seemed like he seriously got upset. Only I wasn't the only one to notice.

Jamie: “Dude what's wrong? It's only a hair cut.”

Carson: “I like her the way she is.”

I thought Carson was starting to show some controlling gene, but it wasn't that at all thankfully. Story didn't fully trust me, but she had protected me, so I would do the same for her.

Carson: “I just don't want you to change and then guys start coming up to you and stuff.”

Story: “Carson... I'm not going anywhere.”

Carson: “I know. It's just that when girls get their hair cut, it's because they want more attention.”

Story: “I don't want more attention Carson. I just think I need a new look. Why don't we both get hair cuts...”

Carson: “I don't know. My hair is pretty much the way I like it.”

Story: “Well you can help me pick out a style.”

He smiled a little and then nodded his head.

Carson: “That works.”

I shook my head and then started to gather up the trash we had. I got up from the table, but when I did, a group of kids caught my attention. They weren't really kids.. More like their age honestly. But something caught my attention about them. I didn't know what it was about them, they weren't special in any way. There were two girls and two boys, but they were all very plain looking. The girls were both red heads, probably sisters, and the two guys were the biggest contrast. One was a large black guy and the other was a awkward looking Chinese guy. Maybe it was the tense way they were standing, or maybe it was the some what alien look to them. Something just wasn't right. They were staring directly at me, but for what I wasn't sure. I turned away from them and walked back over to the group. They were still chatting, so I sat down and just waited for them to get ready. They were all talking around me, but Serenity noticed how quiet I was and she turned her attention to me.

Serenity: “Jude what's wrong?”

'' Huh... Oh nothing.”

Serenity: “Nothing?”

Kevin: “You haven't said anything for like the last five minutes.”

'' Okay listen... Is that group of kids still behind me?”

Jubilee casually looked behind me and she confirmed my suspicions.

'' I don't know what they're deal is, but when I got up to throw the trash away, they were staring me down.”

Casey: “You've never seen them before?”

'' I'd remember them Casey. I have an exceptional memory.”

Story: “I think we should go.”

'' Why?”

Story: “They're coming this way.”

We all rose out of our seats and turned to face them, but when we did, they were gone. It was extremely weird because Story was watching them the whole time.

Story: “They were just there.”

Serenity: “This is some creepy shit. Let's get the hell out of here.”

We got to the cars as quickly as possible and left as soon as possible. I couldn't help but be somewhat nervous. I was out of the mall parking lot before the others had even started up their cars. I don't know why I was so nervous, but something had me on edge. I kept my eyes on the rear-view mirror and as I reached the expressway, I slammed my foot on the gas. I saw Story's car cruising up behind me and Jamie and Kevin's cars were on either side of her. It comforted me somewhat, but when I out my eyes back on the road, my heart almost stopped. There was a car right on the side of me and inside was that group of kids. My eyes jumped back to the road and I had to avoid hitting an SUV. I swerved into the next lane and then successfully passed the SUV. I tried to shake whoever they were, but whatever move I made, they were right on my ass. I checked my rear-view again and I saw Story's car fighting through the traffic. She was whipping the hell out of her car and in no time she was in the lane on my right. She rolled down her window and I did the same.

Story: “Jude who the hell are they?”

'' I don't know!”

Story: “I'll try and get them off your ass.”

'' Story no! Something isn't right about them. Just stay back.”

Story: “Jude...”

'' You heard what I said!”

I was coming up on another car, so I slowed down just enough to not hit them. Story zoomed past me, but she stayed a respectable distance away from the other car. I didn't have many options, but I closed my eyes and let my energy flow. I felt a shiver go down my spine and when I opened my eyes, Jude was sitting in the passenger's seat. For anyone looking into the car, it would have seemed like there were twins in the car.

Jude: “What the hell?”

'' I need your help! These people... they're following me.”

Jude: “I know... Who are they?”

'' I don't know.”

Something caught my attention and when I looked out my window, there was an orb of fire coming at me. I swerved just in time to avoid it, but it did hit the car behind me. I heard the explosion and then I felt the intense heat behind me.

Jude: “Oh my God!”

He pushed his door open and jumped out of the car. Before he even touched the ground, he was flying back to the destroyed car. Orb after orb of fire was being thrown at me, but I successfully evaded them. I didn't know what I was going to do until I saw Story's car up ahead. I had told her to stay away, but she had slowed down until she was just ahead of me. I looked inside the car of the people that were attacking me and they were just so dead. It finally clicked in my dead.


If they were demons it meant that they had hosts. I didn't know how I could get them off of my ass without killing them. I tried to put some distance between me and them, but they weren't having that. Every move I made they were right there. I finally caught a break when I squeezed in front of a small car and took off. I got beside Story and signaled for her to keep going. I knew she wouldn't listen to me though. She pulled ahead and turned into a U-Bend. I didn't know what she was doing, but as I passed her, I saw Carson getting out of the car. He looked pissed off, so she must have told him to get out. Through my rear-view mirror I saw her turn the car around and she was shooting back up the highway towards me. We had completely lost track of the others, but I assumed they weren't to far behind. The traffic had really picked up with people fighting to get away from the fire balls being thrown left and right and people were zooming past me. I didn't want to lose Story, so I didn't dare go any faster, but that was the opportunity that they needed. I saw red chains wrap around the front of my car and then I was flying out of the windshield. I skidded across the highway and stopped ten feet from my car. I knew I had severe cuts up and down my arms and even on my face. I tried to stand up, but I just couldn't find the energy to do so.

.... : “Look what we have here? Nazarus bleeding on the ground. Exactly where you deserve to be.”

I knew that voice. Though it hurt to do so, I turned over and faced my attacker. At first I noticed the ring of fire that was keeping the traffic away, and then I noticed the girl walking towards me. It was one of the red heads and the look on her face was pure glee.

'' Rayne?”

Rayne: “In the flesh.... Well not my flesh, but you get the point.”

'' Why?”

Rayne: “Well Nazarus... After you abandoned me I joined up with the Sovereign and he wants you home.”

'' I can't go back there Rayne. I can't.”

Rayne: “You don't have a choice. We're here to take you back.”

The other three got out of the car and stood behind Rayne. I couldn't tell who they were, but I knew they were just as dangerous as Rayne was.

Rayne: “How do you do this Nazarus? Stay in a weak pathetic body like this?”

I tried my hardest to stand up, but I only managed to get to my knees. I watched as Rayne walked over to me, but the others stayed back. She stopped right in front of me and I prepared myself for whatever she was going to do to me. I was expecting her to slap me, but when her hand lightly caressed my cheek, I was truly confused. She smiled down at me as she stroked my face.

Rayne: “Not bad Nazarus, but it's in no comparison to the real you.”

'' I won't go back Rayne.”

The smile left her face, but she didn't remove her hand from mine.

Rayne: “Don't make this harder than it has to be Nazarus.”

'' I'm happy now. I have a life. A purpose.”

Rayne: “Purpose? Wasn't I good enough?”

'' I loved you Rayne. In some part of me I still do, but what we had wasn't meant to last.”

Rayne: “Of course it wouldn't last. You left me and then you got caught.”

'' I've spent centuries locked away like some animal. I'm free now Rayne.”

Rayne: “You are an animal Nazarus!”

I heard the revving of an engine and as my eyes looked up, I saw Story's car flying above the ring of fire. Her car was heading right for the other three kids, but right when she was about to hit them, the big black guy punched the side of her car sending it flying. Her car flew into the barricade on the side of the road and then fell out of sight.

'' Story!!!”

Rayne: “Ah... To bad. Well... I'm done fucking around with you.”

'' Rayne please!”

She walked away from me and the big guy came towards me. His body shook for a minute and then the black guy fell down to the ground and Kyros was standing in the same exact spot. His red hair was like blood as it flowed down to his shoulders. He had on a black and red leather outfit and his signature blade whips at his sides. He walked over to me and as he knelt down right in front of me, his ever stoic face cracked into a smile.

Kyros: “Hey Baby.”

'' Kyros.”

Kyros: “Did you miss me? Being locked up all that time.”

'' Of course Kyros.”

Kyros: “Good. Then you won't mind coming back with us. Will you baby?”

'' Actually I do mind.”

Kyros: “The Sovereign is very angry with you Nazarus. You don't want to piss him off further.”

'' Fuck the Sovereign!”

Kyros: “How dare you Nazarus? He's my father.”

I was about to reply to him, but his scream was like nothing I had heard from a demon. I could see the flames burning on his back as he rolled away from me. I could see Kevin, Jamie, Jude, Casey, Serenity, Jubilee and Carson all in the distance. I even saw Story flying up from the ditch her car had fallen into. She had a large gash on her forehead, but it seemed to be quickly healing.

Rayne: “I see you have more company Nazarus. Well if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get.”

I watched as she separated from her host and the others followed in her lead. As the true forms of Rayne, Vayl, and Celia came into view, I knew we wouldn't win this fight. All of them scorned lovers. All extremely powerful. Capture or Kill was the mission and I was the target. My friends were just a nuisance in the way.

Celia: “So what's it going to be Nazarus?”

~ ~ ~

So another chapter ends. This is more of a 3 part story, so I guess this is 2 of 3. If any of you noticed I changed the name of the Chinese girl in the story. Ziyi Quin was really ugly. I don't know if Maddysin Chang is any better, but it does sound a little better in my mind. Not that much happens in this chapter, but part 3 will be mostly action and might be a little shorter.