Being as this is a story with straight people in it there will be some straight sex. I hope it doesn't offend any of you, but it's a necessity to this story. Anyway I made a Yahoo! Group so that people can keep in touch and tell me there ideas about the story. This is the address for the site and I hope that people will join the group and tell me everything you think of the story. I do realize that there are a lot of blanks in my story. I don't think I ever even mentioned the ethnicity of Casey but she is a Caucasian and White. The straight sex may be very visual so if you don't want to read it you may need to skip a portion of Kevin's narrative and Jamie's.


- Earlier That Day -

I watched as Bobby fell down the stairs and when I looked up I saw everyone looking at me. Logan had a look of anger on his face and I knew later I would be getting my ear cussed off. My mom looked angry too, but more so she looked surprised. I guess she thought that me and Bobby were buddy-buddy. WRONG! I walked down the stairs as Jean and Betsy tried to wake Bobby up. He was still in his ice form but he was knocked out.

Mom: “What is wrong with you Jamie? Fighting in the house? I thought we had raised you better than that.”

You did Mom. It's just something I can't talk about with you. Not right now.”

Mom: “Well I think you owe us an explanation. Why were you fighting your friend in our house?”

Bobby Drake is not my damn friend.”

Dad: “Excuse me? Don't you dare talk to your mother in that tone.”

I'm sorry. He's not my friend Mom.”

Dad: “That doesn't explain why you were fighting.”

We've had problems at school. And when he came into my room I just snapped. Please just drop it. I can't have this conversation right now.”

I ran back upstairs and looked at all the damage we caused. I made an appointment for someone to come and fix the wall and I started packing my things again. I got all of my clothes, video games, and books and things. I was wrapping up my laptop and I heard someone coming up behind me.

Logan: “I'm really disappointed in you.”

Not the first time I heard that. My coach used to say the same thing.”

Logan: “You couldn't wait to get home before you acted an ass?”

You don't know what you're talking about?”

Logan: “I think I do. You have this grudge against Bobby and the minute you're alone, you jump on him.”

That's not what happened.”

Logan: “Then why don't you let me know what did happen?”

He came in my room talking shit. I asked him to leave and he wouldn't. We started arguing and then we started fighting. It wasn't my fault.”

Logan: “This is your parent's house. You should have known better. If he was bothering you that bad then you should have left.”

Why am I the one always paying for Bobby's fuck ups? Every time he does something it's me who suffers. I'm tired of it, and I'm tired of Bobby. All he does is think of himself and he gets out of everything.”

Logan: “Bobby has been at this school a long time. A lot longer than you. He has more to prove and people are going to let him slide on a lot. You don't have it that easy.”

Is this what I should expect during my time at Xavier's?”

Logan: “It's just the way things are. Bobby has already established relationships with his teachers and peers. You're still the new kid.”

If things keep going the way they are, I might not be.”

I picked all my things up using telekinesis and brought them downstairs. I took out my SideKick II and I sent an Email to Professor Xavier and asked him if it was alright if Casey, Kevin, and I could bring our cars back to the school. It was really tense in the house because my parents were still pissed and Bobby was back up looking at me like he wanted me to drop dead. I went into the kitchen and I saw Jubilee get up and follow me.

Jubilee: “How you holdin' up?”

Great! Just fuckin' great.”

She looked kind of sad because of the way I said it and I felt like shit.

I didn't mean it like that. It's just ever since I came here things have been screwed up.”

Jubilee: “Give it time. Things always get better.”

I pulled her to me and we started making out. I didn't want to go to far because my parents were in the house but I slid my hand under her shirt and had almost reached her chest when my phone went off because I had received an Email.


She pulled her shirt back down just as my dad was rolling into the room and then she left. I followed her out and started to read the Email before handing it over to Jean.

As to the question of bringing your personal vehicles back to the school the answer is yes. It would be easier for you if you were ever to want to go somewhere you don't have to check out the school vehicles. But that is not why I Emailed you back so fast. I need you to tell the seniors they are needed back at the mansion. There has been a break-in at a museum and we are sending a team there. Please deliver this message.
Professor Xavier

Betsy read the Email and then she walked to the nearest wall and then she was sucked into the wall.

What the hell?”

Logan: “She can travel through shadows and end up anywhere. It makes for easy traveling.”

I bet.”

~ ~ ~

We stayed for another day and then we left. The Professor said he would have our cars shipped to the mansion so we wouldn't be driving. Even with everything that happened Neal decided he wasn't coming to the school. At least not yet. He had some things he wanted to take care of and now that everyone knew he was a mutant things wouldn't be so hard anymore. We made it back to the mansion in a about half a day, at 5:30pm and it felt good to be back. Jean and Logan left us to go check in with the Professor and the rest of us went to our respective rooms.

I laid down and in an instant I passed out. I was tired from everything back at home and I just wanted to sleep and not wake up. I slept until around 11pm but I got up when I heard the Jet coming back to the school. I got up and walked downstairs and grabbed something to eat and when I walked back into the hallway there were three kids walking into the mansion and Scott was carrying some girl through the door.

What happened to her?”

Scott: “Betsy... The girl was robbing the museum.”

Oh. Is she going to be okay?”

Scott: “Yeah. Then it's right to jail.”

But she's a mutant?”

Scott: “Mutants need to be held responsible for their actions just as well as everyone else.”

But she's my age.”

Scott: “A criminal is a criminal.”

Can I talk to her when she wakes up?”

Scott: “Why the hell would you want to do that?”

Maybe I can convince her to join the school. So she can learn her powers and not use them to steal.”

Scott: “Talk to the Professor.”

I mean she is just a kid right?”

I looked past Scott and noticed the other three kids just standing there looking lost. There was a really pretty girl, a guy who was clearly her brother because of the way she was hanging onto him and then there was another guy standing off to the side away from the other two. The girl was really very attractive. She was Puerto Rican and looked to be younger than who I guessed was her brother. She had gray eyes, curly hair that was in a ponytail, she was around 5'6”, and she had a very nice shape. Her brother was sexy as hell too. He was about 6'0”, 150lbs, hazel eyes, and his hair was faded on the sides and curly on the top. The other kid looked Puerto Rican too, he just wasn't as dark as the other ones. He was about 5'8”, cute, he had a really thin build, green eyes, and brown hair that he had in a fade.

Scott... What about them?”

Scott: “Shit. Jamie right?”


Scott: “Can you please get them something to eat and I should be back up here by then. I have to put her into the holding cell until the Professor gets to talk to her.”

I turned to them and they all looked a little nervous about being left in the care of a person their own age.

You guys can follow me. The kitchen is right this way.”

I turned around and they all followed me back into the kitchen.

So what do you guys want?”

Hazel: “Just some cereal or a sandwich for me and my sister.”

What are your names?”

Hazel: “I'm Jude.”

Green: “I'm Xander.”

Grey: “....”

I take it you must be shy?”

Jude: “She doesn't talk.”


Jude: “It's kind of a difficult situation and she doesn't want everybody to know.”

I understand that. We all have our own personal secrets.”

Jude: “Her name is Story though.”

Story... That's unique.”

I fixed them all a bowl of cereal and then we just sat around chatting. Finally someone did come but it wasn't Scott.

Logan: “You're up?”

I heard the Jet. Came down here to get some food and that's when I saw Scott walking in with that girl.”

Logan: “Yeah well that girl attacked the whole team. Was a challenge knocking her ass out, but Betsy finally managed it.”

Is it okay if I go and talk to her? I mean if she was that hard to beat imagine how she would be if she was on our side?”

Logan: “Probably won't fly. She's a criminal.”

She's not the only one with a dirty past Logan.”

He looked at me for a minute like he was going to say something, but with the new kids in the room he chose not to and just left.

We started talking again but then there were more sounds coming from the hallway. We heard talking and then Bobby and two of his friends, Eddie and Jordan walked into the kitchen. Eddie was about 5'3”, 200lbs, white, blond hair, brown eyes and handsome. Jordan on the other hand was 6'3”, 215lbs of lean muscle, and middle eastern, he wasn't attractive to me but he wasn't ugly. They were all in wife-beaters and boxers so they must have all been bunking in the same room for the night. They were all talking and then when they saw me they all just stopped talking.

Jordan: “Look what we have here!”


Jordan: “Hell yeah we got a problem. You got Bobby in trouble behind all your gay bull shit.”

Is that what Bobby told you? Because from what I remember it was Bobby that came to me, it was Bobby that begged me not to fuck up his rep, it was Bobby that disrespected my parents and their house. So Jordan unless you know what you're talking about you should keep your fucking mouth shut.”

Eddie: “Jordan leave it alone. It's not your problem.”

Jordan: “Screw that. He takes over Bobby's mind and has Bobby do things with him. So Eddie I'm not going to leave it alone.”

Eddie's right Jordan. You should mind you're fucking business.”

He walked up to me and the new kids just backed up to give him room. I didn't know what his powers were but I knew I could destroy his ass.

Eddie: “Jordan back up. Leave him the hell alone. Bobby tell him to back off.”

I turned around and was about to walk away from the whole situation when I felt a punch to the back of my head. I fell to the ground and when I did my arms and legs were instantly frozen in place. Bobby and Jordan started to kick me anywhere they could get their feet and Eddie was yelling for them to stop. I felt and heard a bone in my ribcage break and I yelled out in pain. They kept hitting me for a few more seconds when all of a sudden they stopped. I looked to the left and Story had a look of concentration on her face with keeping the two of them restrained. From where I was on the floor I heard footsteps and then I was released from the ground. The ice had been crushed by Jean and as I stood up I was looking into the faces of Professor X, Logan, Hank, Betsy, Scott, and Rogue.

Professor X: “What is the meaning of this? How dare you make a spectacle of yourselves in front of our new students?”

Sir I...”

Professor X: “You have done nothing but fight and disrespect my home since you've been here Jamie.”


Professor X: “And Bobby... I would have thought much better of you. You've been here the majority of your younger years, but yet you disrespect me, my staff, your peers, and everything this school stands for.”

Jude: “Sir with all due respect Jamie didn't start this fight. The tall guy did.”

Professor X: “Jude, this has been brewing for far longer than you know.”

I grabbed my soda off of the counter and walked slowly to the doorway.

Jean: “Jamie are you okay?”

I'm fine.”

Logan: “You don't look fine. Come here for a minute.”

I walked over to him and he asked me to lift up my shirt so he could see if there was any damage. I did and when he touched my side I cringed because of all the pain I was feeling.

Logan: “You're bruising up pretty bad. I'll take you down to the Med Bay.”

I'm fine. I'll be fine.”

I walked up the stairs and into my room and laid down. I was in so much pain but I played it off just so I wouldn't give Bobby the satisfaction.

~ ~ ~

When I woke up that morning my body was screaming in pain. I managed to get out of bed and make it to the toilet where I spit up a huge wad of blood. My ribs were still hurting and I barely was able to get dressed. I finally made it down to my class (30 minutes late and the class with Bobby) and took my seat.

Casey: “What the hell is wrong with you? Class started a half hour ago.”

I know. I'm just not feeling good.”

Casey: “You aren't looking good either. Are you sure you're okay?”

I was about to answer her when I just keeled over in pain. I fell out of my seat and I was knocked out before I hit the ground.


Jean: “He has internal bleeding. When the bone broke it stabbed into his side. It's surprising he's not dead. He went through a whole night bleeding.”

Logan: “Is the kid going to be okay?”

Jean: “Right now... I really don't know. With his mutant abilities he should be fine in a few days. But if he doesn't then that'll worry me. I'm more interested in the broken bone. If it stays in the spot it's currently in then his wound won't heal.”

Well how do you move the bone?”

Jean: “We'd have to reset it.”

How do you reset the bone?”

Jean: “We would need to go in and set the bone back where it belongs.”

Okay that's simple.”

Jean: “Actually it isn't. With Jamie's powers he would heal very quickly, which wouldn't allow me time to reset the bone. We need someone who can hold back that power until I'm done.”

Who can do that?”

Jean: “Betsy can. I'll get her down here as soon as possible.”

Bobby did this right?”

Jean: “He was involved.”

So there was someone else?”

Jean: “It's nothing to worry about. The Professor is handling them.”

I want to know what happened to my best friend. I deserve to know what happened to the father of my daughter.”

Logan: “It was a friend of Bobby's. Jordan.”

He's in one of my classes.”

I walked out of the room and went to check on Morgan. She was with Storm right now because I had classes but I didn't go to any of them because of what happened to Jamie. I was walking around school looking for any sign of Bobby or Jordan and when I did find them there would be hell to pay. Jamie was my best friend and if something happened to him because of that punk ass Bobby I would lose it. I was going to check on the other side of the grounds when someone grabbed my arm.

Kevin: “Hey.”


Kevin: “What's up?”

I'm looking for Bobby. Have you seen him?”

Kevin: “A while ago. He was in Elemental.”


Kevin: “What's up? Why you looking for him?”

It's not important.”

Kevin: “So we can't even talk anymore? That's how it is?”

Just don't have anything to say.”

Kevin: “Well can we talk? About us I mean.”

There is no us. You made that perfectly clear.”

I walked away from him before he said anything else. I didn't feel like talking to Kevin. I was on a mission. I looked around some more and I finally hit the jackpot. Jordan! He was talking to some chick but I didn't care. I sent her a message to get away as fast as possible because things were about to get real dirty. I shape-shifted into Bobby and walked up to Jordan.

Sup' Jordan?”

Jordan: “Hey Bobby. What's up?”

Just thinking about things.”

Jordan: “Like what?”

That shit we did to Jamie. It was foul.”

Jordan: “Foul? That punk ass deserved it. Bobby you're one of my best friends. That punk isn't going to do that to you.”

I heard he's really messed up. His friend Casey went down to the Med Bay and he has internal bleeding. He might be seriously hurt.”

Jordan: “Who cares? Next time he'll know better than to screw with us.”

I shifted back into my original form and adapted super strength and punched him in the stomach sending him flying. Normally it would have did some serious damage but he got up like it was nothing. His power must have been super reflexes and super strong or something because he was coming at me really fast. He ran over to a tree that was in the yard and yanked it up from the ground.

What are you going to do with that?”

Jordan: “I'm going to smash your pretty ass.”

He swung the tree at me like it was a bat and he almost hit me, but with my gymnastic training I moved out of the way easily. I summoned up an energy ball and sent it flying through the base of the tree and into his chest. He stumbled back and the tree was ash but he was still standing.

Must be impenetrable.”

He ran over to the little pond and picked up one of the boulders that surrounded it and threw it at me. I caught it in the air and before I could launch it back at him a second boulder flew into my stomach knocking me on my ass. It took me a little longer to recover than him but I did get up. He was coming at me again so I flew out of the way and onto a nearby tree. I shape-shifted into him and I jumped back to the ground.

Let's see how you handle yourself.”

He ran at me and just as he reached me and threw a punch at me, I grabbed his arm and swung him as hard as I could. He flew about 10 feet in the air and landed in the grass about thirty feet away from me, leaving a crater in the grass. A small crowd of people were forming around us but I didn't care. He got back up and I could see the he was in pain. I walked over to the pond and picked up one of the boulders using telekinesis and launched it at him. He wasn't quick enough to move but he punched the rock and it smashed into pieces. I was at the pond so I walked out and set my mind on the water. Inside of me it felt like I was turning into water or becoming part of it. All I know is that I had control over ever drop of the water. I formed a massive water snake and brought it down on Jordon. It was more of a scare tactic because water couldn't really do anything but drown him, but right as it was reaching him it started to freeze over and then shattered. I looked to my left and there was Bobby.

Just the man I wanted to see.”

Bobby: “What the hell is your problem?”

Well I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that my best friend may be dying because of you and you're stupid ass friend.”

Bobby: “What are you talking about? We didn't do anything to him.”

Last night Bobby? When your and Jordan jumped him and broke one of his ribs.”

Bobby: “He deserved it.”

And you deserve this...”

I heard something coming up behind me and it was large. I didn't even turn around but I stopped it and sent it back flying at Jordan. I was feeling it again. The same feeling I had when we first did the Danger Room. I felt like I was about to lose control. I flew down to where Bobby was and landed a few feet away from him. He started shooting ice shards at me but I crushed them almost as soon as they left his hands. He turned into his ice form and started to come towards me. I had lost control of the water because there was none after Bobby shattered it and decided to adapt Earth. It was a different feeling and I had the grass beneath him forms belts that held him in place. Might have worked if he was someone else, but he just froze them and walked toward me again crushing them. He sent a bigger ice shard at me and instead of crushing it, I turned it back toward him and sent it flying at Jordan who was getting back up. It hit him in his shoulder and because of the intense cold it penetrated his skin sending him falling back to the ground knocked out.

Just you now Bobby.”

Bobby: “Look I'm sorry about Jamie.”

It's to late for the Bobby.”

I pulled one of the trees out of the ground and knocked Bobby through the air like a bug. He flew over 20feet and smashed back into the ground. When he got back up he was dazed and the ice armor started to wane. I walked over to him and just as I was about to punch him, my body became stiff as a board. I couldn't see behind me but I knew it was the Professor.

Professor X: “Bring her to the holding cells.”

Scott: “Xavi...”

Professor X: “Do as I say!”

The hold on me was released and Scott walked me back into the building. I could see Jean using her powers to carry Jordan into the building and Storm was snapping Bobby out of his daze. Scott looked angry, but also sympathetic. I guess he was pissed at the Professor. He brought me down to the sub-basement where usually we would go to get to the Danger Room. But I was led in a different direction and when he opened the door, I could see cell like rooms with force fields as doors.

I'm not going in there.”

Scott: “It's just for a bit.”

The Professor doesn't want us here does he?”

Scott: “Someone should be down shortly.”

I looked to across the room and there was a girl about my age in one of the cells. She didn't look like a dangerous person or someone bad so I wondered what she had done. I was about to ask her a question when the door opened and Jamie was walked into the room by Mr. McCoy and led to the cell opposite from me and right next to the girl.

What the hell is going on here?”

Jamie: “I don't know. The Professor wanted me in here as soon as I woke up.”

Are you okay? You had me scared for a minute.”

Jamie: “I'm fine. Jean fixed me up real good.”


We had been sleep for the last few hours. We didn't have our on room yet, so the three of us bunked out in the Teacher's Quarters. I was pretty shaken up about what happened last night and that guy getting jumped on like he did. He seemed like a really nice guy and I hope he was okay. A lot of hate was between those kids and you could tell by the way they acted around each other. It was kind of late in the morning. Around 11am. I could hear kids walking outside of the door and talking so I knew classes must have been going on. I looked around the room and Jude was still sleeping and so was Xander. He was a really sweet guy after he warmed up a bit. It's bad what happened to him though, doesn't remember a thing about his life, just what his parents and friends told him. I got dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a wife beater and left the room. From what we had seen last night the mansion was beautiful. Everything was so nice and clean and expensive. I found the main staircase after wandering down a few wrong hallways and walked downstairs. A few people stared at me and some just smiled and kept going. I guess no one wanted to be the first one to talk to the new kid. Not that I could talk anyway. I walked around the main floor of the building and I opened a door that I thought led to the entertainment room but instead it was a classroom full of kids. I stood in the door shocked because everyone was staring at me including the teacher.

Teacher: “Hello. Is this your class?”


Teacher: “Did you hear me? I'm Professor Rasputin. Piotr Rasputin.”


I turned and ran out the room. I didn't want to talk using my mind because I didn't want to scare him so I decided to just get out of there. I was going to go back to the room if i could find it but before I even made it to the stairs I could hear Mr. Xavier in my head.

Professor X: Story I would like you to come to my office. Your brother and Jude are already here.

I got to his office by pure luck and when I walked through the door there were a group of adults there including the guy I had ran from. I sat down next to my brother and the Professor introduced the other people in the room to me. There was Ororo, Rogue, Piotr, Scott, Logan, Hank, and of course the Professor.

Professor X: “First I would like to welcome you to our school. It is great when young people such as yourselves wish to learn about their powers. But that is not why I called this meeting. With every student that walks through that door we like to evaluate where that child is power wise. How much power they possess and so forth. The longer you are in the simulation the better we can determine your powers. Even if you only have one power we will be able to sift out how many you actually have and help you to work on them.”

With the other adults in tow the Professor led us to an elevator and brought us into the basement which was very high tech looking. There were many doors but we were led to one that said Danger Room. I wasn't sure about that so I grabbed Jude's hand and we walked in together. From what we saw it didn't look very dangerous.

Ororo: “This is the Danger Room. It is a room where we can run any holographic simulation in order to assess the amount of powers you have. We are going to start with a very small drill and see where it takes us.”

Jude: “Is this dangerous? We haven't discovered really what our powers are. I mean I've been able to do things I wasn't able to three years ago.”

The teachers in the room exchanged a glance and they all started to look a little nervous. Especially the Professor.

Xander: “I don't even know what my powers are.”

For the next three hours we ran the drills that they put us through and the look of dread on the Professor's face grew more and more. Eventually he stopped the program and he led us out of the room and into another room in the basement. There were already four people there, the guy we met, the girl we came in with, and another guy and girl. The three of us were placed into one cell and told to wait.

What the hell is going on here Jude?”

Jude:” I don't know. That Professor guy looked really freaked.

Jamie: “It's your powers. I bet they are the same as ours. That's why the Professor has us in here. He's scared of us.

Casey: “I'm Casey and that's Kevin. What did he say your powers were?”

Xander: “He didn't. He just said that it was already in the system, and then he told us to leave.”

Kevin: “I wonder what the hell he's talking about. They can't treat us like this.”

I can find out.

I hadn't seen Dreamer since before we came here but he said he's always around. I concentrated and summoned him into the room and when the black smoke in the room cleared I was looking right at him.

Dreamer: “At your service.”

Jamie: “What...”

Casey: “The...”

Kevin: “Fuck?”

Dreamer I really need your help. Down the hall the adults are having a conversation about us. We really need to know what the are talking about?”

Dreamer: “I will be back shortly.”

He was gone instantly and we were left to wait. I directed my thought at the girl who hadn't said anything but everyone else could hear it too.

What did you do for them to put you in here?”

...: “I robbed a museum.”


...: “Needed the cash.”

Kevin: “What's your name?”

...: “Serenity.”

We were all quiet for a while and just waited on Dreamer to come back. It was about 20 minutes and there was another cloud of black smoke and I was looking into the face of dreamer again.

What happened?”

Dreamer: “I will show you.”

I felt him connect with my mind and I was seeing exactly what he saw in the room. I knew that he would have also been reading their minds. I had added a few more skills to the drawing and he had acquired them just as before.

-Control Room-

All of the seniors were lined up on the wall and arguing back and forth with the Professor.

Jean: “Logan did you sense that?

Logan: “Someone just entered the room.

I guess you didn't have to be a telepath to talk to one when they entered your mind.

Jean: “Who is it?”

Logan: “I don't know. Just wait to see if they do something stupid.”

The Professor was looking very angry and so was everyone else in the room.

Professor X: “As much as I want to help these kids, it's just to dangerous.”

Ororo: “Dangerous? For who?”

Professor X: “Everyone. These kids could tear this world apart.”

Logan: “So we keep them here and what? Let them just go through the motions and not train them?”

Professor X: “They have more power than they realize. If they tap into that then...”

Logan: “So you want to keep them here so people like Magneto and the so-called bad people can't get to them. But you don't want to train them.”

Professor X: “Magneto would turn those kids into monsters.”

Ororo: “You're drawing a fine line yourself. They deserve to be able to use their powers just as good as everyone else.”

Professor X: “I'm doing what I think is right!”

Scott: “I hold the utmost respect for you Xavier, but you aren't their parents. You can not make these kind of decisions without their knowledge or permission from their parents.”

Professor X: “We need to keep the other kids safe. If that means not telling them everything about their full powers, then that's what I plan on doing.”

He looked very scared but the other teachers still looked at him and they were furious.

Jean: “You can't do that Xavier and I won't let you. If you try to control or suppress their power you could end up hurting them. Or worse their powers could greaten beyond their control and then you're right. It is look out world.”

He dismissed them from the room and that's when Dreamer teleported back to us.


We were all extremely pissed especially Jamie, Casey, and myself. The Professor told us we were powerful, but he also lied to us about our real power. We still didn't know what that power, but we were going to find out. It was another hour or so before Logan came back into the room and turned the power off on all the doors even Serenity's. He led us out of the room and we walked to the elevators in order to get back upstairs. We were half-way up to the Ground Floor when Logan pressed the Emergency button and the elevator stopped.

What the hell?”

Logan: “Now I want to know what the hell that was that came into our meeting?”

Serenity: “What are you talking about?”

Logan: “The Professor was so occupied that he didn't notice it. But myself and Jean did. Now what the hell was it?”

We don't know what you're talking about.”

Logan: “Like hell!”

Serenity: “It was me. Well... my friend Dreamer. I had him go into the room and see what you were saying about us.

Logan: “So you snooped on our conversation?”

Casey: “Yes. Now what isn't the Professor telling us?”

Logan: “It's not my business.”

Jamie: “But it's ours. We deserve to know whatever the hell he's keeping from us.”

Logan: “Where is this Dreamer guy?”

Serenity: “Around.

Logan pushed the Elevator button again and then we were back on our way to the Main Floor. He told the Serenity, Story, Jude, and Xander to follow him so they could get placed in their rooms. Jamie saw Jubilee and he went off with her and it was just me and Casey. She started to walk away so I grabbed her arm to try and keep her there.

Can we please talk?”

Casey: “I'm really trying to figure out what we have to talk about.”

Look I know I was an ass to you. But you kinda caught me off guard with the whole baby thing.”

Casey: “Well Morgan and Jamie are my life. He's my best friend and she's our daughter.”

Yeah I know that. I really like you Casey and I want to be with you.”

Casey: “Why are you doing this?”

Doing what?”

Casey: “I can't count on you Kevin. I have feelings for you. I'll admit that but c'mon? You're not gonna stick around.”

If you give me a chance, I swear I'll prove to you I'm all the guy I said I was.”

Casey: “I can't.”

Kevin: “Casey please don't give up on me?”

She walked away and I was left standing there. I didn't know what to do about her but I really did like her. Maybe I loved her. I walked to the athletic center and lifted a few weights. It had always calmed me in the past but it wasn't working today. Casey was on my mind day and night. I stayed for just a little while longer and then I left to go back to my room. I was completely alone here. Casey and Jamie both hated me and I could understand why both of them did. I basically told Casey that I didn't want anything to do with her because of her baby and I had called Jamie a fag. He had never done anything to me personally and we really we starting to become friends and then I messed it all up. I laid down in bed and just thought about everything here. The Professor was keeping something from us. He wasn't telling us what exactly our powers were about, and besides who the hell would want to destroy the world? Where the hell would we all live? I had almost dozed off when there was a rapid knock on my room door. I thought it might have been my roommate but he was away on some mission for the school, so I just got up and opened the door. I was surprised to see Casey and I was even more surprised when she pushed me into my room and started to make out with me. I tried to stop her and get her to talk to me but she wasn't having it. She pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me. We made out for a little while longer, but I finally managed to stop her and calm her down.

What are you doing?”

Casey: “I really like you Kevin. I'm mad. I'm really mad at you, but I want to be with you. I don't know what you're intentions are but I...”

I didn't want her to say anything to upset herself so I kissed her again. She started to unbutton the shirt she had on and I slipped it off of her. She had smooth light brown skin and a perfect C-cup chest with small brown nipples. I caressed her breast and then took her left nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it softly and listened to her moan in pleasure. I started to unbutton the khaki skirt she had on and she lifted her hips so I could slide it down her legs. She slid my t-shirt over my head and we started kissing again. I had never felt this hot with anyone before, I literally felt like my dick was about to explode. I rolled her over to where she was under me and then slid off of the bed and just looked at her. She was perfect. Skin smooth like butter, no marks or blemishes, she had a perfect ass and tits to match. I unbuckled my pants and hooked my thumbs in my underwear so that they came down too. I wasn't super huge, but no one had ever complained. I was about 8.5”, uncut, thick, and I knew how to work it. She still had on her Tweety briefs so I pulled them off of her and looked at my prize. She had a Brazilian Bikini Wax so she was really smooth around her vagina. I got down on the bed and started to lick and kiss my way down until I was looking right at her pussy. I slowly ran my tongue along the length of her pussy and then ate her out for a little while. I never was really big on giving girls head but I wanted to make this extra special for her.

Casey: “That feels really good. Oh My God That Feels Good! But I don't... don't go down on guys...”

That's alright. Girls usually can't handle me anyway.”

That was true. What girl actually likes giving head. The only reason the chicks in porn do it is because they get paid. I was hard as a rock right now and when she grabbed hold of my cock I felt like I was going to cum right there.


Casey: “I'm not using any.”

She got up off of the bed and I laid down in her place. She was stroking me and it felt like my body was on fire. She had a very nice method too. Slow at first, then she would speed up a little and squeeze the head when she made it to the top. I'm guessing she had done it before. I wanted her to stop so I wouldn't cum, but I didn't want these feelings to stop either. She stopped stroking and just held me for a bit.

Casey: “Do you have condoms?”

I think they might have expired. It's been a while since I needed them.”

Casey: “Well luckily I came prepared.”

She reached down to her skirt and pulled three condoms out of her pockets. I took one from her, opened it up, and then rolled it over my meat. I didn't know if she could handle it, but she looked confident anyway. She climbed on top of me and eased her way down my dick and got used to how much it filled her up. It was a little while before she moved again and then she started to slowly ride me for a while. I loved her riding me but I grabbed her by her hips and then flipped her over so that I was on top of her. I was moving at a medium pace and was trying to give her as much pleasure as I was having myself. I guess she was feeling good too, because she was moaning really loud. A little to loud actually, but I didn't care. I kept a steady pace while I was fucking her and just tried to keep from cumming. It didn't last for either of us though because it only took a few more strokes before she had her orgasm and I unloaded in the condom. Everyone says that when you have your orgasm you make hideous faces, but not her. Every look on her face was beautiful and the moans were perfect. All of a sudden there was a slashing sound and the door to my room fell to pieces. We both looked at the door and there was Logan, Scott, Ororo, and a bunch of kids looking into the room.

Casey: “GET OUT!”

Turn around or something!”

Logan: “We thought someone was getting attacked in here.”

Casey: “Well clearly we're not, please move or turn around or something.”

Logan directed all the kids to move, but not before a few of them took a few more glances into the room. As soon as everyone was gone and Logan, Scott, and Ororo were turned around, we quickly put on some underclothes so we wouldn't be so exposed.

You could have knocked!”

Ororo: “We heard screaming.”

Casey: “I was having an orga... I was excited.”

Scott: “I bet! Sex inside of school is strictly forbidden.”

This does serve as a house too, so what's the rules on that?”

Scott: “Don't get smart with me.”

I heard Casey say under her breath 'If you got some' but I don't think anyone heard but me except maybe Logan. They told us that we would have to report to the Professor because we weren't supposed to do anything inappropriate inside of school grounds. I knew that wouldn't be a good idea because we were already on thin ice with the Professor, even though it wasn't our fault. I didn't care much though. I had Casey back at least. Maybe she didn't want to move on to being a couple or anything but I could at least count on her being a friend. Jamie was a different story though. I really did want to be his friend and it wasn't that I was uncomfortable with him liking guys. I guess I was just being a jerk like I had been when we were in school. I didn't care what it took, I was going to get my friend back.


I was actually surprised that they let me out of that damn cell. I mean I did try to neutralize their team. Neutralize not kill. After Johnny I don't think I had it in me anymore. I never wanted to kill anyone, not even Johnny. I just wanted him to leave my mom alone. Naturally they roomed me with Story and to be honest she was a really sweet person. Her constantly talking in my head took a little getting used to but it was better than just staring at her all day. I found out about what happened to her, she almost got raped, and some how it clicked something off and BAM! she doesn't talk anymore. Crazier things have happened and they weren't explained either. But either way she was nice to me and she had a soft heart. I told her my story and she didn't even bat an eyelash. I didn't want to do what I did, but I wasn't going to go broke either. She knew all about Johnny, jail, the museums and everything else. She wasn't the only person that knew though. Everyone did. The southern chick Rogue had told a girl about how I came to the school and the girl went and told the whole school. Rogue had come to my room and apologized over and over again because she didn't mean to put my business out like that. I had been exploring the school and the way people looked at me I could tell that they weren't excepting my history very well. The kitchen was almost close to the entrance of the school, but they had a large cafeteria that was on the opposite side of the Athletic Center. The only reason I decided to go in there was to see if I could see any of the people I had met in the holding cell. When I did walk in and everyone noticed who I was they all got quiet and just stated. I was contemplating walking back out, but I spotted Story and hurried over to her and everyone else. The only people who were missing was Jude, Kevin, and Casey and I guessed that they were probably on their way.

I didn't think the whole school would hate me.”

Jamie: “I've learned to expect the worse when it comes to this place.”

Story offered me some of her food and I nibbled off some of the fruit she had on her plate. We talked about everything and just got to know each other. I was comfortably sitting down and enjoying the company when someone behind me threw pudding on me. I screamed for a second and then slowly got up. The chick who threw the pudding on me looked happy about what she did.

What the fuck is your problem?”

Girl: “Criminals like you.”

That doesn't mean you throw shit on me.”

Girl: “You're nothing. Less than nothing.”

Whatever. I don't even know you and you don't know me.”

Girl: “I'm Tori and I suggest that you leave. Maybe they want a bitch like you here, but I don't.”

Well I don't think it's you that makes the decisions.”

Tori: “If you know what's good for you, then I think I am.”

I walked up to her and then I noticed that there was more than one of her. Freaky.

You gonna jump me or something?”

Tori: “If we have to.”

I walked back to the table and grabbed Story's juice and threw it in the girl's face. It took a second for it to register in her slow mind that she had juice running down her front and she slapped me across the face. I didn't know which one was the real one because I didn't see them at first and didn't know which one was the originator. I formed a force field around me and then expanded it so it pushed all of the Tori copies back. I went after the first one that got up and kicked her in her mouth. She was dazed for a minute but then she swung around and kicked me in my stomach sending me to the ground. By the time I got up Tori and her copies were all up and waiting for me. They closed in on me and I tried to hit as many of her as possible but she seemed to be able to make as many copies as she wanted to. It was getting hard for me to fight any of them off because of their numbers and when I fell to the ground they all started kicking and stomping on me. I heard a thump from my left and when I looked over a whole group of the copies were laid out on the ground disintegrating. When I got up I saw that Story had jumped in and was helping me fight. I was still fighting but I was also looking at the way she was fighting. She was a real machine and knew a lot of fighting styles. They were all backing away from her and trying to close in on me again, but then there was a blinding light and the next thing I knew several copies were being blasted back. I looked to my right and Jubilee(who I had just met through Jamie. She was another really sweet person and she was funny as hell) was also joining in the fight. She was really athletic and flexible and it was easy for her to take out more than one person. I was more of a street fighter but when I was back home I took a few martial arts classes and had learned some moves that were being really effective at the moment. The fight went on for a little bit and then a few of the copies jumped on the table and I guess where planning to jump down on us. I looked up as one of the girls was jumping through the and suddenly a green orb crashed into the girls stomach sending her crashing into the wall. Another girl had already jumped and I saw as someone flying really fast and speared the girl in her stomach and slammed her into the wall leaving the girl stuck in the wall. I noticed that it was Casey and she looked really mad. With all of us fighting the copies of Tori started to dissipate and we were getting the upper hand. I scanned the room to find the real Tori and just as I was about to blast her through the wall with an energy orb, a red beam of light hit me in my chest and sent me flying back. The pain was excruciating and I eventually passed out.

I woke up about an hour later and I guess I was in the Medical Unit. I looked around and everything was normal until I saw a blue fur-ball across the room. My first instinct was to scream but instead I got up off of the table and walked over to him. When he heard me behind him and turned around he looked like a big Cheshire cat. Just blue, with glasses, and a charming smile. I guess if I was that hairy and was his age he'd be kind of cuddly.

Blue: “I'm Hank. You caused quite the ruckus upstairs.”

She threw pudding on me. I was going to walk away from it but she made all of those clones and said she was going to jump me.”

Hank: “I heard the story from your other friends. She is being taken care of, but the Professor is very angry with all of you.”

Especially us right?”

Hank: “Why would you say that?”

I take it you're the smart guy around here. You look like it.”

Hank: “Well I have my moments.”

So you know that the Professor lied to us about our powers?”

Hank: “Xavier is a very honest man.”

He keeping the truth about our powers from us...”

Hank: “If he is then he has good reason for it.”

We deserve to know. He says he wants to keep us safe from some Magnet guy, but that's the least of my worries. I don't want to hurt people and I don't want to lose control of my powers. And who the hell is Magnet?”

Hank: “He's a very powerful and very dangerous mutant. If he knew of your powers then he would use them for his own purposes. He has powerful methods of persuasion.”

I deserve to know what my powers are. If he doesn't want to tell us we can find out from someone else.”

Hank: “Give the Professor a chance. He means the best.”

If he doesn't start telling us the truth, my stay here might become a lot shorter.”


I was livid. Matter of fact I was beyond that. I wasn't mad at Serenity or Jubilee, I was mad at the girl who started the whole thing. My sister was a great fighter but I didn't want her to be in any situation like that. The Professor already seemed to have it out for us and it was only our fourth day here, so I didn't want to give him any reason to get on us. I walked to the room they had my sister and Serenity sharing and knocked on the door. I expected it to be Serenity or Story answering the door but instead it was Jubilee. She had a bruise on her left cheek and a big gash over her eye where one of the clones hit her with a lunch tray.

Are you okay?”

Jubilee: “Yeah! I'll be fine. Just a few bumps and bruises. Nothing serious.”


Jubilee: “Oh, she's awesome. Not even a scratch on her. She kicked major ass.”

Yeah that's my sister.”

I walked into the room and Story was sleeping on her bed.

Jubilee: “She was really tired afterwards though. I came up here to make sure no one tried anything with her.”

Thanks. I guess I'm going to go back to my room now.”

Jubilee: “Okay. If you see Jamie, tell him I'm looking for him.”

Will do.”


This story ends kind of suddenly and I didn't write a piece for Xander but his will probably be the first on the next chapter. Jude's narrative was also kind of short, so I have to give him something to do. But I really only ended the chapter just so that I could introduce my Yahoo! Group. Anyway I really hope a lot of you join and I look forward to reading any comments you guys want to post. Here is the address again (