Part I

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Series, along with all characters events described in the series are the property of Warner Brothers and J.K. Rowling. Any events expressed in this story here are in are pure fantasy, and any similarities between the characters stated above and the characters in the story are pure coincidence. The sexuality of these characters is not relevant, nor is their age because they are mere products of fantasy. This story details sexual acts and encounters, so if heterosexual or homosexual intercourse or acts offend you, do not read any further. Again, if it is illegal in your city or state to read stories of this nature: DO NOT CONTINUE. You have been warned.

This is a series of stories by request of many; you can read my introduction story called "ron-harry".

Ron, Harry, and Hermonie, along with the rest of the first, second, third, and fourth year students met together after the train pulled into the station, they were then greeted by Hagrid, and taken by row boat to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ron sat with Harry on the boat with two other students behind them. They stared at the castle in amazement as they approached the docks. Ron and Harry sat close together so that no would know that they were holding hands. After their first encounter on the Hogwarts Express they were inseparable. They reached the docks and from there they met the Head of Gryffindor House and professor of transfiguration-Professor McGonagall. The students were guided into the Great Hall, where each of them would be placed into their houses.

Harry Potter- Gryffindor

Hermonie Granger- Gryffindor

Ronald Weasly- Gryffindor

Draco Malfoy- Slytherian

Susan Bornes- Ravenclaw

Ron was relieved that he was in the same house as Harry, and Hermonie even though she was a bit stuck up and proper. He found it sexy is some kind of ways. As they sat at their house tables, Ron stared up and down the long table, to see who else was in his house, which he could share his "magical touch" with. There was Oliver Wood, his brothers, Neville Longbottom, Shaemus Finnagin, Harry Potter, and Hermonie Granger. Then he looked at the Slytherian table..Draco Malfoy who was kind of sexy with his slick blonde hair, and his cute soft face.

"Dinner is served," Dumbledore announced.

The loud talking of students and teachers echoed through the hall as everyone enjoyed the wonderful dinner that was prepared. Ron slipped his hand under the table and grabbed Harry's package, making him choke on a piece of chicken.

"Harry, are you ok," Oliver Wood asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Something went down the wrong way. That's all," looking at Ron.

Harry reached under and grabbed Ron back, causing Ron's uncut member to become hard. After dinner was over each of the first years were taking to their rooms in Gryffindor Tower Common Room. Everyone went to bed except Harry, Ron, and Hermonie. They sat around the warm fire as it warmed the entire tower, from nigh sky, you could see the window that had been glowing from the fire. They each told their story one how they became endowed with their witching powers.

"Well I'm tired so, I'm going to bed, don't think about sneaking out, we just got here, and we don't need to get negative points," Hermonie demanded.

"Good night Hermonie," they both said.

"We've known her for four hours, and she's already like an annoyance," Ron smirked.

After everyone went to bed it was only Harry and Ron who were left in the common room. It was only 11:00pm and they both knew that they had classes in the morning. Ron was sitting on the couch and Harry on the chair.

"I don't bite, you can come sit with me," Ron smiled.

Harry came to the couch and cuddled up to Ron. Harry repositioned himself so this back was up against the corner of the couch. Ron came over and leaned up against him. Harry wrapped his arms around Ron, and hugged him tight. Ron looked up and was greeted with a soft gentle kiss. Ron opened his mouth and allowed Harry's tongue to slip in and out of it. Ron and Harry kiss passionately as their cocks grew in their Gryffindor boxers, which were once Hogwarts boxers. They magically change once you get into your house. Ron undid Harry's tie and unbuttoned his shirt, as Harry did the reverse to Ron. Ron kissed Harry's neck, gently nibbling his neck giving him a small hickey; he slowly went down and kissed Harry's chest paying little attention to Harry's nipples. He unbuckled Harry's belt and pulling them down just a little bit for play access. Ron pulled Harry's pants down just a little bit to kiss around the base of Harry's three inch cut cock. Harry thought to make it a little interesting. He reached on the small coffee table and took a piece of chocolate, unwrapped it, and stuck a small part of the chocolate near the fire to soften it up. He took the chocolate to his lips, and kissed the chocolate, then took the chocolate to Ron's lips teasing him. Harry grinned then took the chocolate and rubbed it around the base of his hard three incher. Ron hungrily licked and sucked Harry's hard cock. Harry rubbed the back of Ron's neck encouraging him to continue. Ron's mouth sucked and licked around all of Harry's lower regions.

"Mmmm, oh god Ron, please don't stop keep going," Harry said quickly coming to orgasm.

Ron quickly worked up and down on Harry's cock, which threw Harry over the top. Harry arched his hips forward trying to get his meat deep into Harry's throat, causing Ron to gage a little. Harry then relaxed and looked deep into Ron's eyes as to say thank you. Ron sat back tired, and Harry climbed over to Ron and kissed him, tasking chocolate, and a hint of his own cock.

"I guess it's my turn," Harry said.

"If you feel up to it," Ron smiled.

Harry undid Ron's tie, shirt, and pants. He pulled his lover's pants down revealing all of Ron's glory. Ron grabbed a piece of chocolate and mimicked Harry except rubbing the chocolate on the extra skin of his uncut member. Harry looked on as Ron smeared the chocolate, careful not to make a mess for someone to find in the morning. Harry took his friend's uncut member and greedily started to suck on it. Ron gasped as Harry's mouth engulfed his uncut member. Ron's breathing picked up as Harry's mouth worked up and down on Ron. Ron had fantasized at dinner about this moment and now it's coming true. Ron thrusted his hips, whiched caused Harry to swallow Ron whole. Ron moaned so loud which could have woken up the whole, tower, but thankfully he didn't. Harry gagged a little but let Ron slide all the way down his throat.

"Harry, it's too much for me to.... Oohhh...handle," moaned Ron.

Ron just stopped thrusting and Harry came up for air.

"That was bloody brilliant," he said in between breaths. "You have more magic than just that scar Harry."

"We'd better hit the showers," Harry choked a little.

They both gathered their clothes and went to the showers. They put their clothes in a hamper, which magically cleans them and transports them onto the chair next to each of their beds. Ron turned on the warm water and both used the soap to clean each other. Spreading the soap all over each other's bodies. Ron purposely dropped the soap for Harry to pick up, but Harry didn't catch what had happened. As he bent over Ron admired Harry's cute bum, and has never thought about playing with Harry's bum at all. Harry lathered up the bar of soap and washed his new boyfriend's smooth body. They took turns washing each other's body's while enjoying the warm shower. A thud was heard from hear by, so they quickly finished and went back to the dorms wrapped in their towels. They both cleaned up and toweled off. They started to walk back to the boy's bedroom when they heard a noise a small noise coming from the girls bedroom, he quietly opened the door a crack to see the moonlight shining on Hermonie's bed, and they could believe what they were seeing. Hermonie, was moaning softly as she rubbed her young cunt to orgasm. Ron and Harry closed the door quietly and walked backed to the boy's dorm. Right before going in Ron kissed Harry, and said to him

"No matter who we encounter while we're here, you will always be my boyfriend, no matter what..agreed," Ron asked.

"Of course," Harry agreed. "No matter what happens or who we encounter separate or together."

They both went in quietly observing the boys lying in their bed. Harry went into bed as Ron took off his towel and climbed into bed thinking who is next adventure would be with, he had an idea but it would have to be strategic...and feel to sleep.

Do you know who it is?