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Part II

Ron awoke from his sleeping state in the middle of the night, to soft moans coming from next to his bed, at first he thought it was Harry, but to his new lover was quietly asleep. He didn't know who took the bed next to him. The silhouette of a boy, whose hand was bouncing beneath the cover in a familiar area, Ron smiled and fell back asleep. In the morning Ron woke to the boy's room completely empty except to the wonderful view of Harry's bum. Ron stepped out of bed and snuck up behind Harry, and wrapped his arms around him.

"Good morning love," Harry smiled.

"Good morning," Ron yawned.

Harry turned his head around and kissed Ron on the lips. We'd better get down to breakfast before anyone thinks that's somethings up. All of a sudden Hermonie entered the room shocked with two naked students hugging.

"I'm sorry, oh geez, get dressed you two, we're late," Hermonie stood in shock.

The door closed behind her.

"Do you think she know," Ron said.

"Maybe," Ron replied.

They quickly got dressed. Harry ran out the door, with out Ron. Ron had told Harry too not to wait for him, and he would be down in a second. Ron got dressed and took out his notepad and wrote a quick note saying:

I saw you last night, in the middle of the night.

Don't worry I won't tell anyone, I would like to

Meet you and show you some tricks if you want

To meet me after everyone goes to sleep tonight

In the common room.

He marked it as "Gryffindor to Gryffindor," and He gave it to the owl that was sitting on the bedpost, and watched the owl fly out of the room. He never figured out how the owl would get to the Great Hall, but owls were mysterious creatures. He flew downstairs to the Great Hall.

"It's about time you got here," Hermonie said.

"I had to finish up on an assignment," Ron smiled.

Harry just smirked as the trio went in to the Hall, Ron looked around to see where the owl would land, but the owl never showed up. He had hoped the young Gryffindor would get his note. Just then the owl flew over head; he had missed whom the owl had delivered it to. Oh well, he would find out after lunch. Everyone had finished breakfast and went back to their rooms to get their books. Upon walking up, Hermonie handed Ron and Harry a note and went to her first class. It said:

I didn't mean to walk in on you and Harry

Why, didn't you tell me that you two

Were like that? I hope that you trust me..

Write me back if you can..


Ron folded the note and put it into his robe. He and Harry walked into the room, closed the door and shard a passionate kiss. He and Harry had read the note and smiled.

"Wait till she finds out, I want to show her we do," Harry said.

Ron agreed, but that would come at a later date.

"We got 30 mins before class, I'm going to the bathroom," Harry said.

"Hold on I got to go too, I'll be down in a sec," Ron said has Harry was leaving the room.

Just then an owl dropped a note into Ron's hands said:

I didn't mean to wake you last night.

I would like to meet tonight.

Ron had a huge grin on his face. This was going to be interesting. Ron and Harry proceeded to the Gryffindor bathroom. There were shelves and hooks to put their bags and their robs, so not to get them filthy. Harry and Ron looked through the bathroom to make sure that there was no one was there wasn't anyone in there. Harry stood in front of the toilet, Ron reached around and undid Harry's fly reach through the brightly colored Gryffindor boxers and pulled out Harry's soft penis. Ron gently kissed Harry's neck as the urine ran into the toilet. Ron got down on his knees and licked the last few drops of Harry's magic wand. Ron got up and licked his lips, as he placed Harry's wand back in his pants. Harry stood behind Ron and pulled out Ron's uncut wand. Harry was in love with the extra skin that Ron had on his lovely flesh tool. Harry sucked on Ron's ear, which was Ron's turn on spot. Ron began to urinate and became hard. After Ron was done, Harry tried to see how the last drops of urine would taste. I licked the drops from the end of the extra foreskin. It really didn't taste like anything.

They quickly finished and went to Professor Flitwick's charm class. Ron sat next to Hermonie, and Harry sat next to Seamus Finnagin, who was Irish. His mum was a witch, and his father was a muggel, making him half-and-half. Harry thought he was kinda cute, so did Ron. While still waiting for class to start Hermonie asked Ron a couple of questions.

"When were you going to tell me these things," Hermonie asked kinda hurt.

"We didn't know how you would react."

"It would have been nice to know," as Hermonie's voice started to rise to a higher level.

"Keep it down, just a little, I want to keep it under wraps. How do you feel about us?"

"Well, I'm kinda shocked, and I really don't know what to say, except why not me?"

"Who says we forgot you," Ron said?

Hermonie smiled, reached under and grabbed Ron's leg, although she didn't change the look on her face for fear of suspicion. Ron reached under and rubbed the inside of her leg. Professor Flitwick climbed on top of the books and the class began. After class the trio went to lunch, where they sat in their same spots, all the time by themselves. Ron and Harry explained to Hermonie about their adventure on the train, and after she went to bed. Even when they saw her pleasuring herself. Hermonie was shocked and embarrassed, she tried to explain that she met two girls one in Ravenclaw, the other in Huffelpuff had showed her over the summer at a girl's sleep over, of course Slytherian wasn't invited. All three houses got along well, except Slytherian. They ate, laughed, and finished their lunch. They started to get up and leave, when Ron noticed a small letter next to his foot. He picked it up and read:

Looking forward to tonight!

They started toward the common room; Ron started to catch up to the other two, when he was stopped dead in his tracks by a shock. Harry was sharing a passionate kiss with Hermonie.... Ron heart began to shatter into a thousand pieces. Tears swelled in Ron's eyes as Harry and Hermonie looked up. Ron ran off up to the common room. Harry and Hermonie chased after him, only to find him on the floor of the common room in tears, thank god there was no one else there. Harry ran up to his best friend, and his lover, and tried to console him.

"Why would you do something like that," Ron cried.

"I'm sorry, it was just a kiss," Harry said.

"I'm sorry Ron," Hermonie chimed in.

Ron raised his cute red head as his face matched his hair. Harry pulled Ron's face over to him and kissed him gently, allowing his tongue to slide into his mouth. Ron felt a little better but his heart still hurt in his chest. Hermonie came over sat next to Harry and Ron. She hugged Ron from behind, but while in front of others, she would only show her serious side, but now, she was tender hearted. Her soft skin was cool to Ron's warm face. She turned him around a kissed him. He jumped and couldn't believe that he was kissing a girl. He had kissed his sister and him mum, but never like this. Harry jumped in, as all three friends, Gryffindors, lovers, shared one, hot, steaming passionate kiss.

They cheered Ron up by kissing tickling, and hugging their best friend. They hurried to their last class of the day..Potions.

They walked into class, but right behind them was Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle.

"Move, mudblood," exclaimed Draco.

Ron turned Draco around and clocked him right in the jaw. Draco fell to the ground as Snape came in.

"Stop this foolishness. 20 points from Gryffindor are deducted. 10 points from Slytherian," Snape snapped. "Now sit down and turn to page 25 in your text."

While sitting in class Ron's hand began to hurt. Harry and Hermonie rubbed the inside of Ron's legs. They sat in the back row, which was an advantage; Hermonie reached under with her left hand and unzipped Ron's fly. She dropped her notebook by accident, which didn't distract Snape from the chalkboard. She pulled out Ron's cock, and was shocked at his length, and his extra skin. She pulled back the skin quickly licked around the head, pulled the skin back over and sucked on the extra skin. She came back to her seat before Snape turned around, of course no one else paid attention to what was happening in the back row, except Draco, who instantly became hard at the sight of Hermonie sucking Ron's cock. Snape dismissed the class with a writing assignment of the difference between two potions that have the same out come, only Hermonie cared. They walked to dinner, which they all sat together in their houses. At the end of dinner Dumbledore award points:

Huffelpuff: +35 points for helping others in need = 235

Ravenclaw: +50 points use of intellect in an emergency situation = 225

Gryffindor: -20 points for physical attack against another student = 200

Slytherian: -10 points for rude language toward a fellow student = 195

Everyone was dismissed from dinner. Most students went to the library for studying, others went to bed. The trio went to the Common Room ran up to their rooms, disrobed, and got into more comfortable clothes. Ron took of his boxers, as Harry looked as Ron's cute boy bum, and put on a pair of maroon seats, and a Gryffindor T-shirt. Harry put on a pair of Gryffindor pajama bottoms, and a top, while Hermonie put on a Gryffindor gym shorts, and a tank top. They met down by the fireplace, and talked about the day's happenings. Ron sat on the couch with his arms wrapped around Harry, and Harry with his arms wrapped around Hermonie. Ron started to wonder whom would he meet. It could be anyone from Gryffindor house, but he only knew of two first years, Harry, and Neville Longbottom. Could it be Neville? He didn't care. Two hours had passed and it was already 12:30 am. Harry and Hermonie kissed each other and Ron good night, and went to bed. Ron hid behind a chair and waited for his new playmate. After waiting for 5 mins, a young Gryffindor came down from the stairs.. Seamus Finnagin..Of course! Ron got really excited. Seamus sat on the couch in his boxers and a yellow tank top. Seamus lay there on the couch rubbing his hard uncut cock. Ron approached Seamus, and Seamus looked up.

"So it was you," he said with his cute Irish accent.

"Yeah, you looked so hot," Ron said.

Ron came over and kissed Seamus on the mouth. They kissed for several minutes. Ron reached down and pulled his new playmate's boxers down. Seamus was uncut like himself, except Seamus had an extra inch, making his uncut boy penis 4 inches.

Seamus was starting to breathe faster; still uncertain of what was going to happen. Ron just grinned that sweet grin of his and leaned over slowly until his warm breath was coming directly onto Seamus' mouth. Ron's mind lost control of all rational thought, and he parted his lips instinctively. Ron placed his red lips over his new lover's mouth, and for the second time felt the inside of the mouth of another boy. Seamus' whole body shuddered in ecstasy as he felt Ron's sweet tongue probe into his depths. He reached up a hand and caressed his silky red hair while his other hand traced the warmth of his torso. Ron, with a swimming head, sat up and ripped off his shirt, revealing a smooth, white, boyish chest that begged to be gently licked and kissed.

He then quickly shed his pants, and proceeded to straddle Seamus' midsection. Seamus' gasped at the sensation of Ron's hot, hairless crotch land on his stomach. He raised his hips without thinking, searching for something to rub his dick against, but Ron was sitting above it. Ron reached behind him and trapped Seamus' cock against his own back. He then slowly stood up just enough to let love toy's cock snap back so that its head was just grazing the underside of Ron's tight, pink ball sack. He then re-lowered himself onto Seamus, letting the surfaces of both their immature dicks rub together in the process. Seamus thought he was about to explode. He had never thought anything could feel so good, having a warm, smooth young body pressed against his own, feeling it moving against him; feeling Ron's own heart pounding against his own chest, feeling his sweet boy-breath on his face... Ron slid over and began to chew gently on the left side of his new lover's neck, wondering at the delicate substance of his friend's hot flesh, and the squirming, horny body under his own.

He then slid downward, tracing a line with his tongue down to his small left nipple, where he paused to swirl wet, warm circles around the sensitive tip, while his the fingers of his right hand played and pinched the other. Seamus was tossing his head from side to side uselessly, caught up completely in these new and incredible feelings that this gorgeous pre-pubescent boy was giving him. His cock was now pressed tightly against Ron's smooth, pliable stomach. Every time Ron took in a breath, Seamus felt the sweet pressure on his dick increase deliciously, causing him to moan deep in his throat. The vibration of the sound coursed through both boys' highly sensitive bodies, causing both of them to shudder with delight, in turn causing more moans.... An endless cycle of boyish lust. Ron's mouth continued to slide downward until his tongue came in contact with this Irish boy's throbbing penis. With one quick move, and with no warning, Ron took Seamus' cock all the way into his mouth.

"Ohhhh, that feels good.... oh man, so warm and slippery, aaaahh... how the ...unnhhh..." Seamus started to babble.

He groaned ridiculously as his hips unconsciously began to thrust his young dick in and out Ron's hot mouth, matching Ron's down-strokes. His tempo and groaning increased, and his vision blurred so there were several hot, half-naked boys sucking away at his four-inch cock. Soon he couldn't control himself anymore, and felt his entire body: young-muscled legs, small, tight butt, and boyish shoulders, tense spasmodically as his dick twitched uncontrollably in its first orgasm. Ron noticed that it was totally dry, though; not a drop of cum came out of his throbbing cock. That was fine with him, however; it just meant he could keep going. So just when Seamus thought he was about to relax, he felt Ron's mouth increase in suction and start bobbing up and down again. Amazingly, and as only boy of 12 or younger can do, Seamus had two more successive orgasms before collapsing in exhaustion.

"So, was that fun?" asked Ron mischievously.

"Wicked!" was all Seamus could softly manage.

"Why the bloody hell didn't I figure that out before? Good grief, they should teach this stuff in school! How could anyone *not* want to feel like that?!?!?"

"I dunno. But it's my turn, now!" Ron exclaimed, still horny as all.

He had a 3 1/2-inch boner sticking out from his body, no longer covered by the clothes he had managed to shed while sucking his new lover's sweet young dick. The sight of it caused a new surge of passion to sweep through Irish boy's young frame. He leapt up and grabbed the kneeling Ron by the ass, and drew the head of his young succulent uncut cock into his cute mouth, wondering at the salty/sweet taste. Ron made a noise deep in his throat, and collapsed backwards, taking Seamus with him. Seamus was imitating what Ron had done to him by swirling his hot, juicy tongue around the swollen head of Ron's slender cock. His fingers could tell that there was a hotter spot where his asshole was, so he dug a finger deeper into Ron's puckered crevice, pushing upward further every time Ron's hips thrusted backwards. Shaemus paused to lick Ron's hot, hairless balls every few strokes, eliciting the appropriate moans of pleasure from his young lover.

Soon, Ron couldn't hold back any more, and shot three quick spurts of boycum into a surprised Seamus' mouth. He almost didn't feel the successive tightening and releasing of Ron's warm, moist asshole around his finger. He thoughtfully swallowed, and decided that the taste wasn't too bad. It wasn't the thick, stringy cum of an adult, which he had thought but the sweet, spermless jism that only a young boy's balls could produce. Both boys leaned back, exhausted. The warm fire made them hotter, and they could still feel the warmth of each other's bodies. They looked at each other, grinning; knowing that this would be the first of many such sessions.

Ron looked back by the stairs only to see Hermonie with her pants down rubbing her hairless young cunt. Ron smiled, as she smiled back.

"We'd better get to bed we have class in the morning, and you should not have to worry about jerking off now do you," Ron said.

"Not for a second," Seamus agreed. "I don't think I'll jerk off for another two days."

"Don't worry, they're be other days," Ron said smiling looking back at Hermonie.