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Part III

It was 4:30 pm at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and classes were done for the day. Students returned to their rooms, to put away their schoolbooks. Students had free time to study with professors, visit the library, or practice charms and spells. No one was in Gryffindor tower, as most Gryffindors enjoyed the outdoors, especially on sunny days. Ron, Harry, Seamus, and Hermione stood in the common room. All four of the young Gryffindors had been sexually active and two of them had been Ron's play toys, but today would be different. Ron had discovered a secret passage in Gryffindor tower, a nice spacious room, which could have been an office at one time. There was a king-size bed in the room, it must have been a school teachers room at one time.

"Let's get changed and meet me in the common room, in 5 mins," Ron said.

"Why would we want to get changed," Hermione asked puzzled.

Harry looked at Ron, and Seamus, and smiled.

"Time for a little foursome before, dinner," Harry replied.

Ron and Harry had been planning this for several weeks now, and it was time to put it into action. Ron kissed Harry, Hermione, Seamus, and left. Harry did the same, tasting the new flavor of Seamus Finnigain, the sweet young Irish boy. All of them finished kissing.

"Don't take to long," Ron yelled.

"We won't," Seamus yelled back.

All three ran to the fat lady portrait, said the password, and ran through the hall. The three boys went into the dorm room. Ron threw on a flimsy scarlet tank top with skintight gold shorts. Harry put on a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants that made his cock look like a tent pole. Seamus donned a robe, under which was a pair of Gryffindor briefs. Hermione had putt on a tank top with no bra and thong. All three meet in the common room, as Ron walked over to the far right wall, and tapped a series of blocks on the wall. The door moved aside, everyone went in and closed the passage door. Ron jumped on the bed.

"Cum and get it", he commanded.

A loud unison of "Yeahs," and "Mmmms" went up as Harry got on one side, Seamus on the other, while Hermonie moved straight up the middle. Seamus threw his robe in the corner and stroked his prick through the tight fabric, driving Ron wild as he tried to watch Harry strip totally at the same time. Ron patted Harry's bare cock, marveling at how hot the cut rod felt. He ran his finger over Harry's slit and tasted his sweet pre-cum. Harry groaned and dove his tongue into Ron's hot mouth, tasting his friend's second best body fluid, and then moved down to tongue Ron's round little nipples. Hermione was busy sucking on Ron's toes, and she decided to give Ron's thighs a bath. His uncut tool was stretching his shorts to their bursting point, but Hermione got even more turned on feeling the wetness of her own cunt. Seamus was drenching the pink satin covering his throbbing missile with his seductive flicking with his tongue. With Harry worshipping his chest and Hermonie nuzzling his covered basket, Seamus knew it was time for Ron to take on some real meat. He shed his briefs and let his rock hard 3 1/2 inches slap Ron on the cheek. Ron grabbed hold instantly, burying as much of the wand as he could down his wanting throat. Seamus jerked his head back in ecstasy, as he watched Ron's pink lips move up and down his now glistening shaft.

"Mmmm, fuck yeah," Ron moaned!

"Take it all down, Ron! Suck my big cock!"

Little moans of happiness came from Ron when he'd come up for air, only to grab hold again. He reached down and started to fist Harry's prick again. Seamus moved his hands down on the bed, and started thrusting in and out, expertly fucking Ron's mouth. Ron felt the young Irish boy's balls slapping against his wet chin, and it made him suck even harder. He reached his hands around to Seamus' bubble-like globes, and felt for his tight hole. Slowly he began to finger it, easily sticking in 2 and then 3 fingers thanks to the ramming workouts this stud had received in the past.

"C'mon Hermione! You're driving me..mmm..insane! Start working it!"

"Yeah!", Hermonie responded.

Finally and slowly pulling out Ron's uncut wand. She teased at first, slowly devouring Ron's pale boy balls, and flicking at the smooth shaft. But when she got to the bulging head, she took it in her mouth so quickly that Ron shuddered with pleasure. A shudder Seamus felt as his beautiful sucker's tongue vibrated against his totally worked over cock. Harry got up off the bed and got behind Hermione. She surprised him by actually ripping the bra off Hermione's soft budding breasts. Hermione squealed and went all the way down on Ron. Harry massaged the kneeling Hermione's cunt, finally yanking off the thong to reveal the hairless cunt. Hermione had a tasty cunt, and so that was Harry's reason for lying on his back under Hermione.

"Go head, sit my face, Hermione! I want it," Harry shouted!

Hermione grunted and began smothering Harry's face, fitting her pussy lips in Harry's mouth. Harry squeezed Hermione's tight ass, feeling the hips slam back and forth into his full mouth. Hermione started timing her bouncing with his sucking, and the heaven he put Ron in was helping Seamus get the best blow of his life. What a train of teen Gryffindors writhing with pleasure! Hermiones's tan body was getting all flushed with the glow of sex, and her young cunt was rocking Harry's tongue hard and fast.

"Mmmm", she kept on moaning as she made slurping sounds while deep throating Ron's sweet rod.

Harry was fisting himself furiously, and he took his gushing pre-cum and pried open Hermione's amazingly tan ass cheeks. Hermione had a really tight hole, and Harry took advantage by ramming two wet fingers in and out in a blur of aggression. Hermione was actually yipping as she kept choking on Ron with full force.

"Mmm, fuck that's good, Hermione!" Ron let up on Seamus' very happy cock while he experienced a blowjob he only dreamed about.

"Yeah, you like my dick, huh? Good little cock sucker. Taste my delicious cock. Yeahh!" Ron said.

He turned back to the fisting Seamus, and freed Seamus' hands up again so he could run them through his shiny brown hair as Ron's mouth puckered around that hot uncut rod again. Everyone was doing a lot of moaning and grunting, and as much as they didn't want to give up their ecstasy, they didn't want for it to end already. So Ron, Harry and Hermione pried their mouths off their lovers' and got into their favorite positions. Seamus walked down to the foot of the bed, and Ron jumped on it near the headboard. Harry kissed Seamus as he came by, squeezing his perfect ass to Seamus' delight. Seamus stood at the bed's bottom, and Hermione lay down in front of him.

Seamus pulled Harry's legs onto his broad shoulders and got a good look at the ass he was about to pulverize. He stroked his meat again, and it stood at full attention, the head pressed right up against Harry's hole.

"You want it, man?", Seamus asked, torturing Harry with the teasing tingly feelings he was giving by massaging Harry's big cockhead slowly.

"Yeah! Yeah! Fuck my ass hard, big boy!" That urging was all Seamus needed, and he begins pushing his Weasly-soaked cock into Harry's ass. The bulging helmet was in all the way, and Harry moaned with the slight stretching his definitely-not-virgin hole had to go through.

"Ooooh! Your ass is kissing my cock! Now I know why they call it a pucker!" Seamus was almost all the way in, and he started thrusting as soon as he felt his balls touch Harry's ass.

"Mmmm, that's soooo hot!", Ron cried out as he watched Finnigain's shaft appear and disappear into Harry.

"You ready, Hermione? I going to shove all my cock in you!"

"Yes, give it to me, yeah!", Hermonie said as she fingered herself with both hands.

"Bend over and let me see that pucker." Hermione leaned over Harry's body and started 69ing with him, while Ron took one look at Hermione's asshole before sticking his tongue right into it.

"OH God!", Hermione groaned as she was taken by surprise by Ron's wet poking tongue.

"Mmm, so tasty!", Ron shouted between licks. Seamus felt like he had climaxed ten times already. His slapping balls and Harry's ass contractions were turning Hermione on like never before, not to mention she had a hunk tonguing away at her own ass! Hermione was sucking Harry with all she had. She loved tasting Harry's musky boyhood. When he started to caress Harry's balls, Hermione urged Ron to fuck her while the chance was still there. Ron smiled and lubed his cock up with some hot saliva. Slowly but surely, he pushed half of his cock into Hermione and stopped to enjoy the feeling of Hermione's pussy closing on his prick like a glove.

"Oh yeah, more Ron! Shove it all in!"

"You got it, you hot cockslut! Umm! Ugh! Oh yeah! Take all of me baby!"

Hermione couldn't believe it but Ron had buried his whole inches inside of him. She felt burning, and then rhythmic pangs of ecstasy as Ron's cock went to work. Hermione had come up to moan her approval, but she was back down on Harry's tool before you could say HOT ORGY! The two Gryffindors were one now, with Harry and Hermione sucking each other off passionately. Seamus and Ron were getting close to their boiling points watching their ass-filled companions going at it. Seamus rubbed his sweat over Harry's smooth back, as he continued to pound his peter into Harry. Ron most satisfying and strenuous workout inside of Hermione. Beads of sweat dripped onto Hermione's ass, and Hermione's tight little hole behind was covered in glistening glory. The two cocksmen looked at each other and smiled.

Ron mouthed out "Fuck him harder", and Seamus drove his blood-engorged cock into Harry faster and faster. Hermione and Harry moaned happily as both got rammed harder.

"Harder, you two! Make me feel the room spin! Suck, Harry! Ungh!"

Seamus watched as Harry shout his desires and then goes back to blowing tongue-fucking Hermione, and he began to lose control.

"OH, you guys are so hot! Yeah, Harry! Take my load, man! YES! UGH! OH YEAHHH!"

Seamus felt his jizz pulsate out of his cock and he shot three strings into Harry's love canal.

"Ooo, awesome," Seamus groaned!

He pulled his dick out of Harry's ass and spurted a bit of cream on Harry's shaft, which Hermione eagerly devoured. The salty sample made Hermione want more, and she went back to work on Harry. Harry started shaking, and Hermione didn't have to wait long before she got a drink of Harry's cream.

"Yes, Hermione! Oh you're the best sucker...UH!" Spurt after spurt of Harry's cum flew into Hermione's waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop, and kept Harry's softening pecker in her mouth as Harry ate her out as Ron fucked her. Ron's hips slammed his cock into Hermione even faster until he threw back his head and drained his seed.

"UHHHHHHHHH, Hermione! Whew! Feel me explode! Ooh yeah, that felt smashing' great!"

With a light pop Ron took his spermy cock out of Hermione's gaping hole, and watched as his load came oozing out slowly. Seamus turned to face Hermione, and he ran his hands all over Hermione's drenched body, clenching his ass as he sucked on her hot young cunt.

"Umm, Seamus! I've wanted this all night! Chow down, big man! OOOH! HERE IT CUMS!" Hermione moaned contentedly as Hermione's juices flowed out of her young pussy. All three boys got down on their knees and licked pussy lips. The Harry and Seamus, two friends kissed for quite awhile, as the four embraced each other 's wet bodies happily.

All three got dressed, and headed back to the dorms to get changed for dinner. The clock in Gryffindor town read 5:00pm. The all got dressed. Hermione wiped herself of Ron's young cum, and licked it off her finger. The boys Ron and Seamus ate Harry's hole. They finished dressing, and the four teens stepped into the public eye with rosy glows and wide smiles.

"What'd ya do today," a young Ravenclaw asked.

"Oh, talked about spells, charms. Mostly our favorite one, " Ron said with a wink to his friends and lovers.

As Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Seamus walked into Great Hall, Dumbledore looked at the four teens, and smiled. They quickly turned their heads,

"Does he know," Ron asked himself?

Ron saw the playtoy as he stared across the room. He was beautiful, but didn't know what do you about, but Ron knew he could dream till then. They enjoyed a wonderful dinner, one bothered to grab each other as they were still sensitive to what they did earlier.