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Part IV

It was evening at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and all was quiet except for the Slytherian dormitory, where loud snoring was heard. All of the Slytherians were tucked into their green and silver four poster beds. All except one, Draco Malfoy. The skinny, blonde hair boy was up in the common room sitting in his t-shirt and his Slytherian boxers. It was 1:30 in the morning the brightness of the moon, shown through the window as Draco approached it.

"There's no one like me in this pathetic castle," said as a tear dripped down his soft face. "No one understands what it's like to be alone in the world. If they could only see what it's like to be...bisexual"

Draco sobbed softly. The only reason he was mean to everyone else was because it was the only way of dealing with his feelings inside; if he was miserable so was everyone else. No one in Slytherian house knew neither Snape, nor Crabbe, or Goyle, his cronies. He also had to fool his parents, they couldn't know that he was a sweet young man. He had a secret crush on two people who happened to be Gryffindors...Ron Weasly, and Hermonie Granger. He had no desire for his rival Quidditch seeker, Harry Potter. His teenage cock had become instantly hard thinking about Ron and Hermonie. Why waist a perfectly good hard on. He ran up to boys dorm room, looked in to see if anyone was up...everyone was snoring and fast asleep, then he went to the girls dorm, and all were snoring as well. Quietly he crept down the stairs. The cold touch of the stone on his bare feet, sent chills up his spine, and more blood to his erect penis. He went over the green couch and sat down. He thrusted his small hips upward just enough to slide his boxers down to his thighs, just in case someone came down. He looked down at his four inch cut boy penis, which had a small blond patch right above the base of it. He was proud of how he had grown. He could remember when he was eight years old when he started to explore himself, and the great feeling that came with it. He snapped back to the present, took hold of his four inches of boy meat, and started stroking it, up and down slowly at first.

"Oh, Weasly I wish you were here," he moaned.

"Granger...I want to feel your lips all over my hot cock," he continued as his voice squeaked.

He started to stroke his blond cock faster, and harder imagining Weasley's hands running all over his body. With three more strokes, he blew his load all over his hand and his thigh, he continued to stroke with orgasm after orgasm flew over him. He slurped up all the cum over his hand, imagining it was Weasley's sweet boy cum. He smiled, pulled up his boxers and fell asleep by the fire.


"Oh, please don't stop, keep going," Ron said.

The mouth that was eagerly eating at Ron's uncut rod was enjoying it immensely. Hermonie wrapped her tongue around Ron's boy cock, while she rubbed Ron's boy balls. Ron's hands were rubbing the back of Hermione's neck. Ron couldn't explain the feeling he was feeling while she was engrossed with Ron's lower body part. Harry had decided to turn in early, and didn't feel like playing around for the even, but made sure that one went down stairs. Hermione was done sucking on Ron and wanted more. She took her mouth off of Ron and rubbed the small patch of red hair that was at the base of Ron's boy meat.

"Proetectius," Hermione said pointing her wand the opening of her young cunt.

Ron held his cock in his hand, as Hermione lowered her young cunt on to Ron's hot cock. Ron's cock slide in perfectly, since Hermione was finger fucking herself as she sucked her red haired lover off. Hermonie bounced up and down, impailing herself on Ron's five-inch uncut cock, which had grown since their last encounter and hitting puberty. Hermione continued to bounce up and down on Ron's as the passionately made out. Their tongues twisted, tied, and stuck together. Ron lifted Hermione up, and stood up while her legs were wrapped around him, he turned around and placed her on the couch, and let her enjoy the ride as he bucked his hips several times pumping his young cock into her.

"Uhhh uhhh uhhh, harder, uhh uhhh uhh," was all Hermione could say.

"You're so tight," Ron replied in between thrusts.

Ron started to thrust harder and harder.

"I'm going to cum Hermione...I can't hold it."

"Me too," Hermione moaned.

Ron grabbed his lover's hips, and thrusted his hips deep into her one last time and shot four hot loads into the tight young cunt. He nibbled and kissed on Hermione's neck to show appreciation for the special treat of the evening. Ron slide his slowly limping cock out of Hermione's cum filled twat. They both sat up, and Ron put his arms around Hermione.

"What are you thinking about," she asked.

"Nothing. I was trying to figure out who else could get in on the action, I'm sure you would be tired of mine and Harry's cocks," Ron replied thoughtfully.

"I haven't even had Seamus' cock in he yet, why, who else did you have in mind?"

"No one in particular, yet," replied Ron grinning.

He fondeled Hermione's buddy breast, as she gently kissed around Ron's nipples, which drove him, nuts.

"You always know my weak points," he said.

"Well, when Harry touches you on the chest you shudder all the time," she smiled. "We'd better get some sleep we've got a transfiguration test tomorrow."

They both kissed and snuck upstairs.



Neville's alarm clock started ringing which woke the whole boy's dorm room up. Neville, Ron, Harry, and Seamus woke up. Everyone threw their covers off. Ron had his cum soaked boxers on, Harry his sweats, Neville, his pajamas with a strong case of morning wood, which made Seamus smirk, and Seamus, naked as the day he was born, which took everyone by surprise.

"What? I happen to like sleeping in the buff. If feels good with the covers running all over my body," he said with his cute uncut Irish boy cock sticking up.

Neville, and Seamus, took no time getting dressed, and went down stairs.

"Come on you two," Hermione yelled upstairs.

Harry walked over to Ron and kissed him on the cheek and gently pinched Ron's boy nipple. Ron kissed back, and grabbed Harry's bum in return. They both hurried down and meet Hermione. They walked down to breakfast talking about the transfiguration test.

"So what exactly do we have to do," Harry asked.

Ron replied, "We have to transform ourselves into an animal, and transform back out. Then we have to change someone else into an animal, and transform them back."

"Oh, this is going to be fun," Harry said laughing.

They went to breakfast and ate. The beautiful breaks ranged from eggs, sausage, bacon, crumpets, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, and fruit. Everyone ate as much as they could, and some more. Professor McGonagall took a spoon, and tapped the glass lightly to get everyone's attention. Everyone quieted down and looked up at the head table, where all the teachers were: Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Snape, Sprout, Madame Pomphrey, Trewlany, Mad Eye Moody, and Dumbledore.

"Attention everyone, attention," Dumbledore echoed. "Please note that today, house point will count double, which includes gaining points, and loosing points. That is all enjoy your day."

"Wow," a Huffelpuff replied.

"Ron, you'd better make sure you don't get into anymore fights," Harry and Hermione, both said.

Ron grinned, and they walked to transfiguration. All the desks were moved aside and book bags were placed against the walls. Professor McGonagall approached the class with nervous eyes wondering whom would screw up and who would come away with out a mark.

"Ok class, today since house points count double, we will have a contest, to see which house performs "Ferriverto" correctly. You will all be teamed up with someone from a different house, in order for the points to count. You must turn your partner into an animal, and then turn them back into their original state. Harry Potter and Susan Bournes, Hermione Granger and Vincent Goyle, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy."

As Professor McGonagall continued the list Draco frowned with being placed with Weasley, but secretly in his mind he was smiling, but that wasn't the only thing, his cock had become hard, but thankfully it was covered by his robes.

"Weasley, and Malfoy, Malfoy, you first," said McGonagall.

Everyone cleared a circle as Ron and Draco stood three feet away from each other. Ron handed his wand to Harry, which Harry held carefully.

"Ferriverto," Malfoy cried.

Ron spun in a circle and was transformed into a bear cub, which all the girls, awed at. Draco smiled at the transformation and thought how cute Ron was in his state. Draco pointed his wand and Ron returned to his normal state. McGonagall walked briskfully over to Ron and checked him over to make sure everything was were it was supposed to be.

"20 points to Slytherian," she said, as everyone clapped.

Ron approached Draco, and pointed his wand. Ron smiled.

"Ferriverto," Ron said smiling.

Draco spun around as a blue blast hit him, as the light dimmed down; a white ferret was running around in circles. Everyone smiled. Ron pointed his wand and reversed the spell as Draco turned back to his normal self. If only Draco knew that a ferret would still be in his future.

"20 points to Gryffindor," McGonagall said.

Draco approached Ron and shook his hand. Which shocked the entire room including Ron, Harry, Hermione, and McGonagall.

"10 extra points to Gryffindor and Slytherian," she said. "For not killing each other."

"I'm only interested in extra points," Draco said as he turned away, but was a perfect plan to touch his crush's hand.

Harry and Susan turned each other into a tiger, and a pelican, and Hermione and a Ravenclaw turned each other into a hawk, and a monkey. The room filled with all sorts of animals. Gryffindor had walked away with a total of 85 points (including double points), Slytherian 75, Ravenclaw 75, and Huffelpuff 75 1/2 for a mix up that happened. McGonagall was so proud that everything went well, and dismissed the students to lunch.

At the beginning of lunch Dumbledore gave each house 20 extra points for everyone working well with each other in McGonagall's class. Everyone ate lunch and enjoyed the break that they had just had. Everyone in the transfiguration class had felt weird, and ate only a little. Owls filled the room, as the mail came pouring in. Errol, the Weasley's owl crash landed, on the table. Percy caught the mail, and distributed letters to Fred, George, himself, Ginny, and Ron. Hedwig, Harry's owl dropped him a not from Mrs. Weasley, to her Harry was part of the family. Ron opened a note that was written in a different handwriting that he didn't recognize.

I dream about you constantly, you're the one I want

I want you to be my first, you can't begin to

Dream about how I feel about you. Follow the

Directions to the secret passage, and be in the

Room at 2:30 am

Ron quickly closed the note and put it on the inside of his robes. He looked around and everyone was still reading their notes. He looked over to Seamus who was staring nervously at the table. Ron looked at Seamus, and he looked back, Ron tapped Harry and Hermione with his foot and nodded his head to the side signaling them outside. They finished up and left the dining hall. Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Seamus, ran to a hidden corner of the great hall.

"What is it Ron," Harry asked.

"Seamus got a howler," Ron said sadly. He had gotten a howler from his mum about the car incident.

"Well, open it, you have to someone, might as well get it over with," Hermione said.

Dumbledore approached them, and turned and looked at Seamus.

"Are these the friends whom you wish to share this with," he asked. "Do you want this to become knowledge among the school?"

Seamus looked behind the Head of Hogwarts, and the whole hall had followed them out. Seamus walked to the center of the hall, where Harry, Ron, and Hermione had followed. Seamus started to get teary, as he probably knew what has going to happen. Seamus flipped open the tab, and it transformed, a woman's high pitched Irish voice echoed through the great hall....


The howler tore it self into shreds. Everyone in the Great Hall was shocked, Gryffindor felt sorry for him, Huffelpuff mumbled questions to each other, Ravenclaw stood in shock, and Slytherian laughed and shouted out names. Draco, who stood in the back, felt sorry for Seamus who was kneeling on the floor with his hands covering his face. Ron knelt next to him whispering soft things in his ear, Harry knelt on the other side, and Hermione in front.

"SILENCE," Dumbledore shouted!

"30 points from Slytherian. For rude language, and obscenities toward a student. If I'm not mistaken that's 60 points since it's double points day."

Everyone shut up quickly as they had started calling names.

"You three take Seamus to Gryffindor tower and comfort him. You will be excused from your last class of the day," Albus stated.

The four went up to Gryffindor tower, Seamus' head was lying on Ron's shoulder. They walked into the Common Room, and took of their robes; Ron sat down holding Seamus in his arms. Harry and Hermione pulled up chairs next to him, and rested their hands on his knees. It was going to be a long night, after three hours of crying Seamus fell asleep in Ron's arms. Ron gently placed a pillow under Seamus' head and covered him with his robe. Harry, Ron, and Hermione, left the common room. They walked around the quiet halls of Hogwarts and no one said a word.


Draco sat in his potions class, scared as hell. Thoughts ran through his head, what would happen if Hogwarts found out, what if his parents found out, would his father disown him, what would happen if you combined wolfsbane and buckroot...huh?

"Draco, I said what would you get if I combined wolfsbane and buckroot," Snape said sharply?

"A catastrophe," Draco guessed...

"A lucky guess...but right," Snape said as he turned back to the board.

Draco played it cool, but was still upset about what happened in the Great Hall at lunch. The horrors haunted his mind, but hopefully everything would turn out better tonight. He instantly grew hard.


"I can't believe what Seamus' mother said that in a howler," Ron replied. "Wasn't his mum a Gryffindor as well?"

"Actually, Ron, she was a Ravenclaw," Hermione replied.

"But, Hermione, how do you know that," Harry asked?

"I found a yearbook in the library, she was a chaser, a prefect, head girl, and almost became a teacher in potions a long time ago," she said calmly.

"Snape would of loved that," Harry chuckled.

Night had come, Hermione went to the library, and then went to bed. Dumbledore gave Harry permission to take Seamus' on a midnight ride through the rooftops of Hogwarts on his Nimbus 2000. Ron wore sweats and a t-shirt, and covered himself in bed, so that everyone would think that he was sleeping. Neville was asleep, Ron and Seamus came in kissed good night, and went to bed. Ron looked at his clock; it was time to find out who sent him the note. He sneaked down the stairs through the portrait, and followed the map down to the hidden passage. He walked in there was a bed, a small side table, and a note with a black cloth. He noticed that this was the same room the famous Gryffindor foursome happened. The note said:

Put on the blind fold, and I will take it off when it's time

Patience comes with a great reward.

Ron smiled and put on the blind fold, and stood there. He was touched on the shoulder, and shuddered.

"Who are you," Ron asked?

No reply came. Draco walked around and ran his finger around Ron's chest, which tensed up. Draco lowered his voice to keep letting Ron guess.

"Don't be tense, just relax, it will be fun," Draco said deeply.

Draco took off Ron's shirt, and was mesmerized by the beautiful boy chest. He ran his hand over the smooth chest, which instantly cause Ron to get an erection. Draco squeezed Ron's uncut member through his sweats. Draco licked around Ron's nipples, which caused Ron to gasp. Draco knew he hit a hot spot on Ron. Draco worked his way down, kissing, licking every inch of Ron. He pulled his sweats down and gasped as Ron's four inch uncut member flopped out. Draco began to lick up and down the member, he pulled back the foreskin, which Ron had, and licked around the purple head. He pulled the skin back over the head, and sucked Ron's cock up and down. Ron remained silent running through all the names of Hogwarts students, but no one came to mind. He just enjoyed the mouth around his cock. He could hear moans coming from below, so he put his hands on the head below and fucked the face below him. Ron couldn't hold it anymore. Ron blew three hot loads into his mysterious partners waiting mouth. Draco moaned in agreement. He took around by the hand and the boy butt, and led him over to the bed.

He lay Ron down on his back, and straddled Ron's chest, and forced the cock in his mouth. Ron gladly accepted it. Ron fingered Draco's hole forcing two fingers up the blond boy's rectum. Ron hungrily licked cock all around but was disappointed when the cock was taken from him. Draco turned around around on all fours, Draco grabbed his hard cock, and pointed toward the entrance of Ron's cute boy hole, and slide it in. Ron was in heaven as he had a cock in his ass besides his brothers. Draco began to fuck Ron's hot hole.

"Oh yes," Ron yelled.

"Give to me hard, pound my boy ass," he commanded.

Draco didn't need any encouraging as he picked up the pace and slammed his cock into Ron's hole repeatedly. Draco enjoyed the hot tight hole that he had been longing for so long. He flipped Ron over with Ron's legs over his shoulders and began to fuck with longer, slower strokes. Draco kissed Ron's lips gently, and then slowly removed the blindfold. Ron's eyes adjusted, and with no one touching his uncut cock, blew load after load on Malfoy's chest.

"OH MY GOD," Ron shouted! "I can't believe it was you!"

"You don't know how long I've wanted you Weasley," Draco said. "I don't mean to make fun of you, I really don't."

With that Draco shoved his cock deep inside and shot five hot loads of blond boy cum into Ron. He collapsed on Ron who flipped Draco over and began to make out with him.

"Your not made at me," Draco asked sweetly.

"No, your ass will make up for it, I promise, but I've secretly have had a crush on you to. I don't know if I should fuck you back because they way you laughed at Seamus," Ron said.

"I didn't laugh, I was in the back. I promise you I didn't laugh, if anyone found out I were gay, I would be destroyed. When Seamus hot the howler I was shocked with what his mother said. You don't believe me do you," Draco asked?

"I believe you. You sound sincere enough," Ron said.

Ron put Draco on all fours and slid his cum covered cock into.

"Yes Weasley, give it to me hard, fuck my Slytherian ass," Draco commanded.

Ron fuckingly agreed. He pounded Draco's ass hard and fast; Draco reached down and jerked his cock while the red haired hottie was fucking his ass hard.

"Your hot ass is so tight, it's kissing my cock, and driving me nuts," Ron said in between breaths. Ron flipped Draco over and fucked him furiously. Ron grabbed Draco's cock while he fucked him. He kissed Draco and ran his free hand through the blond boy's hair. Ron pushed hard into Draco's hot ass...

"UUHHHHHHAAAAGGGGGG," both Ron and Draco said as they came together. Draco's boy sperm blew all over Ron's stomach. Ron gasped.

"Wow, you're a true blond," Ron smiled.

"And your a true red head," Draco smilingly replied.

Ron got down and began to lick him own cum out of Draco open hole; Ron flickered his tongue in and out of Draco's ass. Sucking and licking, slurping and moaning, and he ate out this hot boy's ass. Ron lay down and spread his legs for Malfoy, to lick in return. He didn't even hesitate as he began to munch on Ron's hot boy hole; he took, Ron's cock, and played with the foreskin. After Draco finished his dessert, he climbed on Ron and opened Ron's foreskin. Draco took his cock and pulled the foreskin over his own head. Ron grimaced in pain, as two cocks turned to one. Ron had never felt anything like it before. Ron grabbed the no one cock, as Draco began to fuck the skin that was around his cock, within minuets Ron and Draco's cum mixed together creating the best potion that either of them has ever made. They looked at the clock and it was almost 4:30am.

"We'd better get going, it's going to be along day," Ron replied.

"I agree," Draco said. "By the way thanks for not turning me into something stupid today."

"No biggie, same thing."

"Oh, take this for Seamus, just don't tell him who it's from," Draco said.


They both kissed, put on their clothes, and snuck back to their dorms, they both made it unseen by the prefects. Ron walked into the Common Room.

"You missed the best fuck party of your life," Harry replied. "Seamus, Hermione, Me, and Neville."

"Neville," Ron replied?

"I'm going to bed," Ron said.

"Where have you been," Hermione asked?

"You wouldn't believe if I told you, I'll tell you in the morning," Ron said climbing the stairs. Ron placed the note next to Seamus' bed stand. He looked at Seamus and gently kissed him on the lips, Seamus smiled and readjusted his sleeping position.

"I love you," Ron said sweetly into Seamus' ear.

"I love you to," Seamus said softly turning over.

Ron took off all of his clothes and jumped into bed, and smiling closed his eyes.