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Part V

The night was cold at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The halls were quiet, the classrooms were bare, the professors dreaming of students passing their O.W.L.s and their N.E.W.T.S., and students fast asleep in their beds. Hogwarts was usually bustling with students practicing charms, and spells, students sitting in the dining hall feasting on wonderful cauldron cakes and pumpkin juice provided by the Hogwarts' house elves.

The Gryffindor common room was quiet and warm, the soft crackling of the fire filled the room. The girls were sound asleep in their room, squeezing their pillows or stuffed animals. The boy's room was mostly quiet, Harry, Ron, Neville, and Dean asleep in their beds. All except one, Seamus Finnagin, who was sitting up in bed with his arms wrapped around his knees. His pajamas were soaked in sweat, and tears filled his eyes, he sat there and reminisced about the day before where he opened a howler infront of the school. He loved his parents and his Irish history, he felt betrayed about telling his parents that he was gay, and thought that they would still love him. His heart felt like a glass that had just been thrown to the ground.

Ron awoke to a soft moaning across the room. His red hair was tasseled every where as he lifted his head off his feather, sweat soaked pillow.

"Seamus..is..is that you," Ron said still sleep?

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you up," Ron said in between sobs.

"No, it's ok, your still thinking about what happened aren't you," Ron asked getting up and walking over to Seamus' bed?

"How can I not forget? My mother in front of the whole school told me, that I was a faggot, wouldn't you be upset too," Seamus asked teary eyed?

Ron came up to Seamus.

"I, I believe I would," Ron replied.

Ron sat on Seamus' bed.

"I'm sorry I'm just being a big baby," Seamus relied.

"No you're not," Ron smiled slightly.

Ron moved into Seamus' bed with him. Ron wrapped his arms around Seamus. Ron pulled Seamus' head on his shoulder, as he gently kissed the back of his neck, and then his head. Seamus looked up at Ron.

"I love you," he said.

"And I you," Ron replied.

Seamus took Ron's arms and held them tightly, and fell asleep. Ron and Seamus fell asleep together, Seamus began to stir about thirty minuets alter after falling asleep. Ron undid Seamus' shirt, and rubbed his chest, as soon as Ron did that, Seamus calmed down and went to bed. A pair of eyes watched them, and they were filled with jealousy, but they eventually closed and all was silent.

A pair of soft hands gently shook Ron and Seamus as Ron has holding Seamus with his arms wrapped around him gently. They both woke up. Neville was waking everyone up; Ron opened his eyes as see Harry's soft smooth bum shining in the light, which made him smile. Dean had already put on his briefs, and started to slide on his pants, and Neville had his shirt and tie on already with no pants. His white legs were strong and thick. Neville was always thought that he wouldn't find anyone, but he was very curious about all the adventures they others had told them about, but he did enjoy the four way with Harry, Hermione, Dean, and Seamus. None the less, Neville didn't have a thing Ron; much less he didn't have a thing for Seamus either.

They all got dressed and met Hermione in the Great Hall as they sat down for breakfast. As Seamus and Ron walked through the school, everyone stared at Seamus. Slytherians laughed and giggled, making kissing motions to him.

"Just ignore them," Hermione said.

"It's kinda hard not to," Seamus said with his head down.

They entered the Great Hall, as they teachers were starting to sit down, Professor Dumbledore approached the front of the hall.

"Good morning to all. I have a few announcements about yesterday and today," his voiced echoed through the Great Hall.

"First, there is a student within these walls who that we accept as the same student as when he first came to the school. He has not changed his heritage, he is not changed is skin, he has not changed the way he mistaken his charms, the only thing he has changed, is they way he loves," he continued.

"We are support fellow students, and anyone making bad comments or remarks about him, or anything about whom he chooses to be with will serve detention with me, you will also write a message to him apologizing for your rudeness. Second, the Quidditch match today will be moved to after lunch, lunch will be brought to the Quidditch locker rooms-Gryffindor and Slytherian. Now, with all that is said and done, enjoy breakfast....Oh, one other thing, today students will choose what classes they want to go to, you must choose three."

Everyone looked at each other with bright smiles on their faces.

"They will not be assigned homework, or have to make up test," he said looking at Snape.

Snape looked totally pissed, he had a test that day, but he knew not to screw with Dumbledore because Dumbledore gave him the second chance to work at Hogwarts, since he was known as a Death Eater.

"Now. Eat," he said.

Everyone was happy, even Seamus was smiling. No one really seemed to look at him or poke fun at him. Harry looked over at Ron.

"What's wrong? We don't have to take potions, we could do Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology," Harry said!

"I was thinking about asking Seamus out, but I didn't want to ask till I asked you," Ron replied.

"You know what's funny? I was going to ask out Neville," Harry smiled.

"WHAT," Ron replied shockingly.

"Why Neville? I thought you would ask out Hermione," Ron replied.

"No. Dean is going out with Hermione. You don't know about Neville, he's great, funny, and can help me in Herbology. Is that ok," Harry asked?

"Yeah it's fine with me. We can all get together and have one giant fuck fest. Since when was Hermione interested in Dean," Ron asked?

"That would be brilliant, Dean and her started dating when I caught them making out in the library," Harry chuckled.

They ate their breakfast.

"So it's ok then, right," Ron asked?

"Yeah," Harry replied.

They finished up their breakfast and ran to the common room to get their books. Ron pulled Seamus aside in the common room.

"Seamus, I wanted to ask you a question. Um, would you...would you be...be...my..." Ron stammered.

"Boyfriend," Seamus finished?

"Would you," Ron asked?

"Yes," Seamus replied.

The hugged each other and they kissed, Ron slipped his tongue deep in Seamus' mouth. Everyone in the common room froze in amazement, Harry, Neville, Hermione, Dean, Fred, George, Ginny, everyone started in amazement. Ron looked up.

"Yes, I'm gay too, and I don't care," Ron said abruptly.

They left Gryffindor Tower to go to Transfiguration. Word had spread through Hogwarts that Ron was dating Seamus, and Dean was with Hermione. Harry kept his and Neville's relationship a secret, because no one could know that the famous Harry Potter was bisexual. Ron and Seamus walked into Transfiguration holding hands. Everyone just stared at them. Draco Malfoy walked into the doorway as he saw Ron and Seamus holding hands, Ron turned around to talk to someone, and saw Draco. Draco looked hurt; his eyes swelled, and ran off. Ron chased after him; he caught up to Draco and turned him around.

"Get off of me you gay red headed freak," Draco yelled!

"What's your problem," Ron yelled back.

Everyone started to fill into the hall surrounding the two.

"I didn't do anything your the one going around holding hands with all the guy," Draco replied.

"That's the way I am, you don't have to go say anything about me or my boyfriend, or anyone else I love," Ron yelled.

Draco pulled out his wand, and so did Ron.

"You want a piece of me, come get and get it Ricturshemprua," Draco fired!

Ron flew to the ground he flipped, up which he learned from a Huffelpuff. Everyone stood in shock.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

A spray shot out of Ron's wand, and hit Draco freezing him, and dropping him to the ground frozen.

"Mess with me or anyone else I love, so help me I will end it between us," Ron said.

Everyone moved back in the class and sat down before McGonagall got back. Draco had been taken to the hospital wing, and laid on a bed frozen. The class drew on and on, as each student trying to transfigure different animals into different objects. Ron thought about Draco, and remembered their one hot night, and how Draco and seduced him, and bound him, and plowed his sweet boy hole. Ron snapped out his dream world and back into reality. Class was over and it was time for lunch. Ron, Harry, and Seamus gathered their things as they went down. Ron whispered something in Seamus' ear and Seamus backed down so that Ron and Harry were alone.

"I don't know if I can do this Harry," Ron said.

"Maybe this wasn't just a good idea, being out and everything. Fred, George, and Ginny know, what do I do, where do I go from here, I didn't even plan on this happening tonight," Ron said neverously.

"Ron to tell you the truth, I don't know what to tell you, I don't even think Hermione could tell you what you should do, I can only say that you can each problem as it comes along, you've really changed since we first met," Harry said.

They all attended lunch, but today since they only had three classes, well, two classes left, there was time after lunch for an hour and a half break. Seamus, Ron, Harry, Neville, Hermione, and Dean went up to Gryffindor Tower. Everyone went and did their own thing, Harry and Neville, went up to their bedroom. Seamus took of his and Ron's robes and Hermione helped Dean with his homework.


Harry and Neville took off their shoes, chucked off their robes, shirts, and pants. Neville closed the curtains around his bed to give Harry and himself some privacy. Neville lay on the bed while Harry climbed on top of him. Their lips met together, Harry ran his hands through Neville's brown hair, and Neville ran his hands over Harry's teenage bubble butt. Harry inched down licking his lover's body; he licked around Neville's nipples which remembered how that used to drive Ron nuts. Harry continued down to Neville's package, which was covered in Gryffindor briefs. He rubbed Neville's teenage cock, not only was Neville's cock hard, but Harry's was getting hard as well. Harry pulled down his new lover's briefs to release the hard cock that slapped Harry in the face as it came out. Neville had a full 5.5" cut cock. Harry grabbed the blood filled wand, and began to stroke it up and down.

"Ohhhh that feels soooo goood, eat it Harry," Neville said.

Harry did not need anymore encouragement. He engulfed his mouth over the full five and half inches of hot Gryffindor teenage cock. Harry worked his mouth up and down Neville's long hot cock. Harry savored the flavor of clean teenager skin. Neville was starting puberty, so there were only a little bit of hairs around the base of his cock, which tickled Harry's nose as he went up and down Neville's boy cock. Harry let go of Neville's cock and jerked the saliva soaked rod up and down, sending waves and waves of pleasure over his lover's body.

"Harry I'm going....uhhh...to..ohhh..cummmm," Neville breathed hard.

Harry stroked harder and quicker, his mouth quickly went back over the head of Neville's cut cock, just as the hot jizz hit the back of Harry's throat. Neville had released five hot loads of pre-pubescent boy cum. Harry could not hold much more of the cum that leaked out the sides of his mouth. Harry swallowed as quickly as he can. Harry climbed back on to Neville and kissed him, letting some of Neville's own spunk slip up his own mouth. Harry sat on Neville's chest and pulled out his six-inch cock. Neville quickly gobbled it up. Harry grabbed the head bored and fucked Neville's face. He loved every minuet of it, sucking the boy wizard's wand. Neville reached around and started to finger Harry ass. Neville's fingers were thick, Harry loved ever minuet of it. He never thought how someone so clumsy good be so good at sucking cock. A wave so powerful went over Harry's body as Neville' swallowed the whole six inches. Harry gave long fluent strokes. Within seconds Harry was filling Neville with throat with thick globs of cum. Harry collapsed on Neville.


Seamus was lying on the common room couch with his arms wrapped around Ron's chest.

"I think I should write mom and dad a letter," Ron said looking at Seamus.

Ron reached down grabbed his quill and a piece of parchment and began to write as Seamus began to rub Ron's uncut cock through his pants. Seamus made sure that no one was paying attention to them.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I've been meaning to write you about something, but have not yet had the courage. Something happened at Hogwarts, don't worry about it, everything is fine. A student said something that effected the whole school, himself, and how some people look at him. I came to find out that the same thing happened to me. Mom, Dad, Bill, Charley, Percy, what I've been meaning to tell you that, I'm...I'm bisexual. I don't mean to hurt you in any way, but I have a boyfriend, Seamus Finnagin, he's great, I hope that you don't think any lesser of me. I love you all.



"I'm sure everything will be alright," Seamus said.

"I hope your right, I'm going out on a limb here," Ron said as he rolled up the scroll.

"Let's go to the Owlery," Ron continued.

Seamus and Ron put back their robes on, grabbed their books for their charms class. The walked down the corridor holding hands, no one looked at them or even cared. They bumped into Professor Snape who was on patrol duty making sure that none of the students were getting in trouble, maybe allowing Slytherian to get into some trouble. They froze in terror as Snape's dark eyes pierced their eyes; Snape walked off quickly mumbling the words, mudbloods and faggots in the sentence. They passed Professor McGonagall, and Sprout, who smiled at them. They approached both of them.

"Mr. Weasley and Mr. Finnagin, I suppose you two are considered a couple," McGonagall asked?

"Yes mam," Seamus said.

"Well, we believe that you two are a nice couple. 20 points to Gryffindor for bravery and courage," McGonagall.

"And another 20 points for love," Sprout added.

They both looked at each other smiling.

"Thank you professors," Ron said as they ran off.

They reached the owlery. Ron prepared the letter, as his new boyfriend, grabbed an old barn owl, how looked that no one would ever want to use him. The barn owl nipped at Seamus' ear and Ron's fingers thanking them, then grateful, the old owl flew off.

"Well we still have and hour, what do you we do," Ron asked.

"Well I know something that needs to be taken care of," Seamus said grabbing Ron's package.

They went to the abandoned boy's bathroom on the fourth floor. No one ever went into there, the toilets didn't work, and Peeves the Poltergeist was usually running in they're with tricks. Ron and Seamus stood at the door, no one was around, they where either doing homework, relaxing, or talking in their common rooms or the library. Ron poked his head in, it was free of Peeves, and it looked like there weren't any tricks with in the room either. Ron and Seamus went to one of the bigger stalls in the back of the bathroom. The stall had two hangers, the hung up their robes and their bags. As soon as their robes were off Seamus shared a passionate kiss with Ron, as Seamus ran his fingers through Ron's silky red hair, just then it happened...


The old barn owl flew into the house. Molly Weasley was a red headed woman, with a fun disposition.

"Thank you dear," Molly said to the owl giving the old owl an owl treat.

Molly opened the letter, as she read it, her eyes grew wider and wider.

"Arthur come read this letter from Ron," Molly yelled.

Arthur was a tall red headed man. Everyone in the Weasley house had red hair except Bill, who will start to work at Gringortt's Wizard Bank. Arthur read the letter, and was shocked just as much as Molly.

"Good Lord, I have kind of kind of known this was coming, I guess we must write him," Arthur said.

Molly and Arthur sat at the table feeding the old owl, and began to write a letter to Ron.


then it happened, Ron's uncut cock grew to its maximum length. Seamus knelt down on the floor. He unbuttoned the top of Ron's pants, and pulled the zipper down. His pants slide off, revealing the red hairs at the base of Ron's uncut teenage boy cock. Seamus tongue licked and flicked the tip of the extra skin covering Ron's head. Seamus enveloped all of Ron's cock. Ron's hips rocked back and forth as Seamus lightly humped Seamus' Irish mouth.

"Seamus I'm going to shoot, here it cummmss."

Ron shot out creamy strands that filled Seamus' mouth as he slurped it up hungrily. Ron sat down on toilet tired, as his legs gave way.

"Don't think that you're not going to repay the favor," Seamus said.

Ron smiled and knelt on the floor. Seamus opened up his pants for Ron and pulled down is boxers, the beautiful uncut Irish cock. Ron swallowed the whole cock; he had been practicing on a sausage he took from lunch on the run. He had managed to swallow the whole thing. Seamus gasped as the whole cock slowly moved down Ron's throat. Seamus sat on the toilet as Ron worked Seamus' cock up and down his throat. Ron fingered Seamus' cute boy hole; the brown hairs tickled Ron's nose as all of Seamus' cock had disappeared into Ron hot mouth. Ron had pushed two fingers into Seamus' hole, his hips had slammed into Ron's mouth, spurt after spurt of the cum glided down Ron's waiting throat. Ron let the boy cock slide out of his mouth. Ron grabbed Seamus' legs and spread them. Ron guided his now hard cock deep into Seamus' ass. He allowed nature to take its course, and began to fuck the hole in front of him. His hips flowed back and forth pumping Seamus' hole

"Oh God yes, Ron, that's it, pump it harder, ohhh goodddd yessss, ohhhh," Seamus breathed stroking his cock.

"Ohhh Seamus your hole is so bloody tight, it's sucking my cock," Ron cried.

"I'm cumming.....uhhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhh," Ron grunted as he thrusted his hips deep into Seamus, filling up his hole.

Ron pulled out, and Seamus stood up. His hole hurt, but he loved the feeling of his hole wide open. The kissed each other. Seamus sat on the toilet as Ron slide down on Seamus' cock, not only was Ron bouncing up and down, impaling himself on his Irish lover, but his lover what letting the cum leak out of his recently fucked hole. Ron bounced up and down on Seamus' cock, loving every minuet of it. Ron and Seamus kissed each other letting their tongues fight each other Seamus thrusted upwards as Ron thrusted down creating a pleasuring pain. Seamus' cock jerked in the Ron's hot boy ass as both lovers shot cum everywhere.

They both stood upwards. Ron pulled out his wand and pointed it at Seamus.

"Occleansiar," Ron said.

Seamus was clean, there was not sign of cum and where.

"Occleansiar me," Ron said.

He was clean of cum. They both got dressed and headed for charms.


They went to charms and then something that no one would expect to happened...happened.