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Part VI

They went to charms and then something that no one would expect to happened...happened. Crabbe and Goyle were standing over the body of young Dean and Neville. Draco stood amazed, and mind flashed to what had happened, just a few seconds ago.

Dean and Hermione walked into their charms class, as Neville followed, they were greeted by a group of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. Dean was standing near a young first year Hufflepuff girl, when a loud commotion broke out. Professor Flitwick, and older looking dwarf of a man was scolding Crabbe and Goyle for using one of the unforgivable curses. The curse allowed the user to control anyone they wanted to, and to do anything they wanted them to do. They cursed a second year boy who was in the middle of talking to Professor Flitwick. Dean had overheard them telling Flitwick couldn't tell the older Slytherian goons of Draco what to do. They both pulled out their wands. Dean saw what was happening, Neville followed suit attempting to push Dean out of the way. They jumped in front just as Crabbe and Goyle both yelled

"Avada Kedavra!"

A flash of light knocked Neville and Dean to the ground just as Dumbledore appeared in the doorway. He said a charm that tied both the goons together. Draco snapped back to reality as Hermione was kneeling by Dean's limp body, and some Gryffindor boys were attempting to see if Neville had made it through. Cornelius Fudge the Minister of Magic was summoned and had brought Demeantor guards with him to escort Crabbe and Goyle to Azkaban Prison.

As Draco came back to reality Ron, Seamus, and Harry were laughing and joking as they came into the class, and stopped like a child that had just been smacked. Harry stood in tears, as his new love was the victim of a heroic deed. Ron and Seamus both ran over and pulled off the victim's lovers. They all stood in a group huddle hugging each other.


The next few days at Hogwarts were dark, and rainy. Students still could not believe what had happened. Harry stayed up in the common room, starving himself and avoiding all contact with the outside world. Dobby his friend and old house elf of the Malfoys had brought him several things up, but Dobby was hurt when Harry turned him down. He had thought of the touch of Neville. Then his best friend and old lover, Ron, popped in his head. He was jealous that Ron and asked Seamus and not him. Hermione was still distraught over what had happened to Dean as well. Dumbledore had allowed Hermione to go home for one day to see her parents. Harry fell asleep by the warm fire in the common room.

Harry had woke up and found himself tied to a chair, and his legs spread apart. Harry was scared and confused and his scar was burning. The ropes, which bound Harry, were scrapping his nipples, which turned him on, but hurt him. A dark shadow appeared in front of him. Harry's scar burned more.

"Harry Potter," the dark voiced said.

"Voldemort," Harry replied!

"What do you want with me, how did you get into Hogwarts," Harry asked?

"It doesn't matter, soon I shall arise and everyone you care about will not live with what I have prepared. Your mud-blood friend, Mrs. Granger will be my first victim; then your poor red headed boyfriend, Ron Weasley is his name, if I'm not mistaken. No matter," Voldemort explained.

Beneath his robe Voldemort pulled out a dagger and began to scrap it over Harry's bare chest, not cutting the skin, but allowing the feeling of the sharpness of the blade to show Harry that the blade was real, and he was not in a dream. Harry stood in shock as Voldemort knelt down with the dagger in his hand.

"Mr. Potter, didn't you mother ever tell you not to point," Voldemort replied.

Harry looked down and saw his cock was hard, red, and raging. He watched as Voldemort took Harry hard cock into the disgusting mouth. His cock was burning like fire. It was like his cock was going to blow up right there, and he would have to pass as a girl. Voldemort let up off of Harry's dick, raised the knife, and swiped at Harry's cock, slicing off the cute mushroom head.


Harry woke up in a cold sweat pushed the dark figure off of him, grabbed the knife by the side table, and stabbed it deep into the figures arm. The room became clearer; Ron was on the floor covered in blood and in pain as Ron let out a howl, the knife sticking out of his arm.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you, I thought it was Voldemort, Help! HELP," Harry screamed!

Percy, Fred, George, Lavender, Angelina, Dennis, Colin, and Seamus, and a couple of girls in their tank tops and their panties ran down, and saw Harry over Ron. Seamus started to charge at Harry, but was not successful as Fred and George held him back. Percy sent Dennis Creevy to get Professor McGonagall, and Professor Dumbledore. Dennis soon arrived with McGonagall and Dumbledore as all three of the came into the room.

"What happened here," McGonagall asked?

No one replied. In between sobs Ron managed to explain.

"Harry never showed to bed, and it was getting late. I walked down into the common room, where I saw Harry going crazy over on the couch. His scar was glowing greed, and I grabbed him and tried to wake him," Ron managed between breaths.

"Mobiluscorpus," Dumbledore said.

Ron's body rose in the air, and began to float down to the hospital wing, leaving a trail of blood. Harry followed Dumbledore and McGonagall to the hospital wing. Madame Pomphrey sat attending to a girl who had been a victim of Fred and George's Ton-Tongue-Taffy. She held her tongue in a basin tub filled with water, and it slowly begun to shrink over a couple of days. Harry dozed off into a dream state. He thought of how his scar was glowing green and the dream of Voldemort cutting off the head of his dick. It didn't make sense to him at all. He snapped back to reality. He sat by Ron day and night thinking about what had happened. Hermione joined him in the hospital wing after she got back from her visiting her parents. She was equally disturbed when she found out about what happened to Ron. Harry and Hermione both sat at Ron's beside, Harry and Hermione said nothing but just looked at Ron who lay asleep in front of them. The blanket covered his blue pajama bottoms, but left this upper body uncovered. Harry admired Ron's smooth chest. Ron nipples were not erect like they usual were. They were soft and smooth, and were bigger than a dime but smaller than a penny. Hermione too admired this body. Her hand held his she kissed his hand gently she noticed small red hairs around his armpits; she had never seen them before, but just smiled.

"How long is Ron going to be here," Hermione asked Harry?

"Madame Pomphrey said two more days," Harry replied.

A shadow figure appeared in the doorway of the hospital wing. Hermione signaled Harry to look behind him, Seamus stood behind Harry, and Harry did not look up and behind him. Seamus just laid his hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I know you care for him just as much as I do. I know you didn't mean to hurt Ron in any way. Till he heals, I would appreciate that you would not come to the hospital wing. Just till he's better, I want him to see me first, when he wakes up," Seamus explained.

Harry looked at Seamus sadly; he thought how his first lover was now being stolen from him. He couldn't even breathe, Ron, his best friend since their first experience on the train to Hogwarts, and all after that. The Weasleys were his real family next to Hogwarts, they toke him in and rescued him from the Dursleys. Harry looked at his sweet friend. He lay there with a bandage wrapped on his arm. His smooth chest glimmered in the light and his face, expressionless, and his red hair, lay smoothly on his forehead. Hermione felt and uneasy tension in Harry's face. He looked up.

"Seamus, I respect that you are Ron's boyfriend, but you have to respect that I am Ron's brother. I will NOT leave his side, except for classes," Harry said sternly.

Errol, the Weasley family owl flew into the hospital wing, and dropped a letter on Harry's lap. It was addressed to Ron from The Burrow. Seamus snatched it up.

"I'm his boyfriend, and I feel I should give it to him," Seamus said.

Harry snatched it back.

"I don't think so, I'm his brother, I should open it," Harry said.

"I'll give it to him, since both of you are only concerned with who's what to our friend, he's not a piece of meat," Hermione said grabbing the letter.

Seamus pouted out the door. Harry looked at Hermione and left for class.

Hermione slide the note under Ron's hand.

"I wish you could see what's going on. Everyone is being torn apart. No one understands you, but me, if they only knew," Hermione said. She kissed him on the lips, and went to class.


Ron rested in the hospital wing for days. A figured looked around to see if anyone was in the wing. No one was there. The figure approached Ron's beside and sat in the chair next to Ron's side. The shadow reached for its wand.

"Lumos," it said.

The wand lit with a glow. He set the wand in a holder. A tear rolled down the soft face of the Slytherian boy. Draco reached out for Ron's hand, but hesitated.

"It's ok, you can touch him," Dumbledore said.

Draco took Ron's hand to his soft face and tears rolled down his face.

"Is he going to be ok," Draco asked?

"Yes. He'll be fine," the Head Master responded.

"I would have expected to see you down here in the day time, but if your not comfortable during the day, now is a better time than ever. I see that your attitude towards others has changed," he continued.

"After I felt the feelings I felt, and the damage I had cause everyone, I knew I did something terrible, but I don't know how I'm going to face my father, or my house," Draco said.

Draco rose and kissed Ron on the forehead, running his hands through Ron's red hair. Dumbledore had disappeared from sight as Draco turned around. He left the wing and snuck back through the halls into the Dungeon.

"Where have you been," Pansy asked?

Draco didn't respond but went straight to his room. Slytherians had their own separate rooms; Draco took of his robes, and put them on the hanger as they began to clean themselves. Draco pulled off his shirt, and his pants. He stripped off his boxer shorts, and stood in front of his mirror. He admired his skinny, white body. His blonde pubic hairs covered his crotch. He picked up his wand and pointed it at the pubic area.

"Occleanenso Removous Hair," he said.

All the blonde pubic hair fell off of Draco's balls and cock, and disappeared. He enjoyed the smooth feeling of his body. He jumped on top of his silk sheets and fell asleep.


Ron woke up two days after the confrontation of Harry and Seamus. He felt the note beneath his hands, he opened it the best he could with only on free hand.


We are proud of who you are. We have heard about Mrs. Finnigan's letter to Seamus, and we are extremely upset about how she reacted to her son. I'm so proud of you either way. I do wish that you wouldn't say anything around your father while he's at work, we cannot have this go around the Ministry of Magic. How is everyone? Please write me back as soon as you can.



Ron smiled and relaxed a little bit more. Madame Pomphrey came and took Ron's temperature; she said a small charm that put up barriers around the bed.

"Mr. Weasley we have to take your temperature. Please stand up and drop your trousers, and bend over," she replied.

Ron stood there in shock.

"Mr. Weasley, I have seen every body part of the male body and female, don't be ashamed. No come on, I don't enjoy this part, and I know you don't either," she said.

Ron did as he was told. He stood there without a shirt, and soon he would be naked in front of his nurse. He closed his eyes dropped his pajama bottoms. His uncut four and half inches was soft. He turned around and bent over the bed. The nurse breathed warm hair on the thermometer and gently eased it into Ron's boy hole. Ron stood there, as his uncut wand became to grow harder. He tried to imagine quidditch, or potions, to make it go down, but then his friends popped in his head and it sprang to attention. The nurse pulled out the thermometer out of Ron, as he quickly pulled up his pants.

"It's seems that you enjoyed that a little much Mr. Weasley, you are officially discharged," she said smiling.

She helped Ron put on his school clothes and put his arm into a sling. Ron walked the corridors of Hogwarts. Everyone who passed by him said their hi's and how are you's? For the first time in Ron's young life, he was the celebrity and not Harry. Harry, he thought of his best friend and first lover, and the torment he must be going through. Ron decided instead of walking around Hogwarts he would head straight to the Gryffindor Tower. As he passed people, they looked and snickered, or sneered at him, so joked, and some cried. He had never gotten this much attention in his life. Ron walked into the common room, which gave the warm and comfortable feeling of home. He ran up the staircase to the boys room, where no one was found, Scabbers, his pet rat, was on the bed, and Hedwig, as sleeping on her perch, and Trevor, Neville's toad, sat there in his tank which had not been changed or fixed since Neville had died. Ron took a few minuets to changed out the tank and the water. He then wrote a quick letter to Neville's grandma, and asked if she would like to come pick up Trevor.

"Hedwig, would you like to take a post to someone for me? Can you take this to the Longbottom's," Ron asked?

Hedwig chirped excitedly and flew out the window. Ron went back down the stairs and saw a girl in a chair in a corner. It was Ginny, his younger sister. He walked up behind her and looked as she was writing a paper for potions and another from charms.

"Hey there," Ron said softly.

"Ron," Ginny cried.

She jumped out of the chair, and hugged him tightly. She sobbed lightly as her one of several older brothers held her, the most important one to her.

"Where is everyone," Ron asked.

"Quidditch match against Ravenclaw," she said.

"I didn't feel like going," she continued.

She was still hugging on Ron. The hug of her body to his, made him hard, he had not remembered the last time he had jerked off or had gotten any. Ginny looked up in shock.

"Ron, you have something that needs to be taken care of," Ginny said gripping his crotch with here little hands.

Ron jumped.

"I didn't know you were sexual around here. You are you doing stuff with," Ron asked.

"Hermione showed me something that muggles use, it's called a vibrator, and she also taught me out to suck on a guy, and eat out a girl too," Ginny said excitedly.

"Would you be willing to help out your best brother," Ron asked?

"You don't know how long I've wanted to," she said.

Ron and Ginny walked to up to Ron's four-poster, which had been neatly made by Harry, Seamus, and Dean. Ginny help Ron take of his robes and closed the curtain to the poster bed so they would be alone. Ginny took off her pants and her shirt, showing Ron her budding breasts and her hairless little cunt. She rubbed Ron's wand and pulled down his pants with his boxers. Ginny gasped at Ron's length. She had seen him limp, but never hard. She gripped the uncut wand and went to work licking around the shaft and his balls. Ron used his one good arm to swing Ginny's hips to his head. He pulled down the gold panties, and admired the cute cunt his sister had. He flicked his tongue in and out of her pussy, enjoying the flavor of his only sister. They continued to suck on each other for several minuets; Ginny had her orgasm long before Ron was ready to cum, seeing she was still young.

"Ginny, I'm going to squirt if you don't stop," Ron said.

She turned around. Ron scooted up on his pillow to see his wonderful sister work in hard uncut boy meat. Ron let out a long moan grabbed his sisters head with is good hand, and fucked her face. She swallowed his whole cock. He wondered how his sister could do this? Was it a family trait? He bucked on last time and let out five hot jets of Ron's boy cum. Ginny swallowed four of them, and pulled off, letting the fifth one hit her face. She crawled up on Ron as they shared a passionate kiss. She climbed down on to Ron's hardening cock.

"Does it ever go down," she smiled?

"No," Ron smiled back.

"Well we're going to have to take care of that aren't we," she said slyly.

She took Ron's cock and guided it into her hot young cut, allowing the head to penetrate her untouched pussy first. She slowly sat on Ron's cock, allowing the whole thing into her, she started to bleed a little as Ron knew he had just popper her cherry. Wait till his brothers find out. Ginny bounced up and down on Ron's cock. She bent down and kissed Ron on his soft lips gently. She had never really kissed a guy before; expect her brothers on the cheeks. Her tongue slid in Ron's mouth. He loved the wetness or her sweet innocent mouth. She moaned and cried out as orgasm after orgasm flew over her. Ron's hard, uncut boy wand was going to blow any second. Ron bucked his hips and Ginny slammed herself on Ron as, his uncut cock exploded. Ginny collapsed on Ron, and she closed her eyes for only a moment when all of a sudden Ginny felt something behind her. Something caressed her smooth butt. It was Harry with his cut boy wand in hand, after licking Ginny pink pucker he started to fuck her cute ass. She looked up as Seamus was climbing onto Ron's face; Ron gladly accepted the cock in front of him. Ginny let her tongue explore Seamus' pink boy hole, now knowing what the Irish tasted like. She was in heaven as she ate a guy's ass, rode a wand, and got fucked by a wand. Moan after moan, and thrust after thrust, cum flew everywhere. Bodies collapsed, and everyone fell asleep. Ginny tip toed off to bed smiling.