Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction which contains explicit descriptions of sexual activities between pre-pubescent boys and male teens. Do not read this if you are offended or if it is illegal for you to do so. The characters and setting involved are copyright and trademark by J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros. The character of Neil Camden the prefect is of my own creation. Although, this is a work of fiction, one small thing that happens in this part, actually does come from my experience as a youth.

Hogwarts' Lessons in Love
by BluePoetX

Part Three: Bodily Charms

Neil was in his prefect's quarters, sitting at the small desk in the corner of the main room. He was working on a paper that would be due at the end of the week. After writing a few paragraphs, he decided he could take a break. He needed to release some tension, he told himself. Between class work, doing favors for the professors and getting his charges situated in their rooms, the past couple of days had indeed been hectic.

He stood up, took a few steps then stopped to stretch his limbs. He arched his back as he pushed his arms outward then overhead. He felt his semi-erect penis pressing against his trousers. He continued walking, pushing away a shiney, dark brown and black curtain to enter his bedroom. After undressing, he looked down to the tented silk boxers he was still wearing. Tugging at the waistband, he made the golden swirls on the royal blue material tickle his glans with a cool softness. He opened a drawer to take out a sketch and a large white feather, then, careful not to damage the artwork, he climbed onto the large bed.

When he had found the sketch last spring, the student it represented was in his fifth year at Hogwart's. The prefect didn't think the young man was particularly attractive, but the warm smile captured by the artist brought a similar expression to Neil's face.

The figure was nude and lying on a blanket that was draped over a sizeable log. The arm that was visible was hanging relaxed at an angle. The smooth chest was fairly developed for someone his age. Neil would imagine cupping the edge of the pectoral muscle he could see and giving a tender squeeze. The stomach was flat with just a hint of the muscles below the soft skin. The legs were of average build, with a light covering of fine hair over certain areas. The leg at the fore was flat against the fabric below, while the other was bent at the knee so as to rest the hidden foot on the fallen tree. Then there was the object that seemed to be as boldly drawn as the inviting face. Surrounded by a small gathering of dark curls, the partially hardened member was lying in the shallow furrow where the abdomen met the thigh. Below the young body and the covered log, was drawn a stylized box that was left empty of some intended message.

Barely touching the paper with one finger, Neil caressed the soft shadows behind the figure, while lightly running the tip of the feather along his own chin and neck. He wondered if there was ever a copy done, complete with the words in the box. He wondered how the youth's girlfriend would have reacted to seeing it, if indeed she was the intended recipient. The feather fell to the artwork, trying to tickle the image with a soft touch that started at the neck, glided down to swirl around the nipple, then continued to the dark curls. Neil's other hand had moved from the sketch to his own nipple, playing with it between two finger tips. One day he would learn the magic craft to make the youthful figure come alive to his touch.

The prefect was a little startled by the knock on his door. He gave it a cold stare through the curtain that was almost invisible from the bedroom area. He sat up to put the artwork and feather on his bedside table then stood to pick up his robe.

"I'm coming!" he called as he walked towards the door. As he opened it, he held the robe closed.

"Hi. Sorry to bother you," said Ron with half a smile and troubled looking eyes. "But Harry's got a bit of a problem."

"Hello, Sir," Harry said in a timid voice.

"Oh, no real bother." Neil knew he didn't sound convincing. "Well, come in, boys, come in!" He directed them to the small couch. Harry threw his invisibility cloak over the armrest and sat next to Ron.

Neil sat on one of the two overstuffed chairs facing the couch across an ancient carpet. The boys could see that he wasn't wearing much, if anything, under his Gryffindor robe. Neil hoped he could keep his dick out of his thoughts, so that it would keep deflating and he could relax his grip on his clothing. He asked, "So what's so terrible that you're sneaking about after curfew?"

"Were you in bed?" asked Harry. "We can come back later."

"No, sit back," Neil said with concern. "What's the problem?"

"Harry had a really bad nightmare!" Ron saw the prefect look over to his friend, and he turned, too. "But it's not just about his dream. We have some questions, too... about something." He nudged Harry's arm.

Harry fidgeted as he looked at Neil's bare feet then up to his smooth shins. Finally, he glanced up to the prefect's eyes and said, "It's about sex."

"So much for deflating!" thought Neil. He looked over the pajama clad duo, noting the differences between them. He saw Ron's fiery, red hair. He saw that Harry's neck and face were not pale. He saw Harry's beautiful, green eyes looking back at him then shift to the carpet. He wondered what kind of games the boys played together at night. He shifted in his seat and said, "All right. Start from the beginning, Harry."

The boy described his dream in general terms like he did before with his best friend. Reluctantly, he answered the prefect's questions with embarrassing details. He felt hot and noticed he was damp with sweat. A few times, he glanced at Ron, hoping for some support, but his friend just stared at nothing in particular

Ron was confused about the feelings and thoughts he was experiencing. He loosely clasped his hands between his knees, wishing he would sink a little into the cushion he was sitting on. His stare would wander from his knee, to Harry's knee, to the prefects thigh and back to his own crotch. He scolded himself, "Come on, Ron! You're not going to see anything up his leg."

Neil had to carefully move his cramping hand twice as he questioned Harry about the nightmare and his real life dealings with the people involved. After asking all the questions he could think of, or at least the safe ones, there was one left, "So, Harry, what do you want to know?"

Harry was relieved that he didn't have to tell about Ron showing up at the end of the dream. He felt better and sighed, tugging his shirt away from his chest to let the air cool his skin. "How old does a boy need to be... to start growing hair?"

The prefect slowly nodded. He figured that the body underneath Ron's pajamas must be perfectly smooth, as well. He imagined the redhead standing up and his clothing melting away. He answered, "Usually, twelve years old, sometimes earlier, sometimes later."

"Oh, good! We're both twelve," Harry said with joy. "I just turned twelve last month."

"Well, happy belated birthday, Harry!"

"And our balls, uh, I mean our testicles... Ron, stop laughing! They're looser, you know, looser than a little boy's."

Neil smiled. "Good! Then you two are on schedule."

There was a moment of silence, then all three burst out laughing. Ron could hardly speak, "Our balls, no, no, testicles!" His friend punched his upper arm. Ron punched back with a glancing blow. The laughter died down to chuckles.

"Boys, you can call your body parts whatever you wish," said Neil. They were all still grinning as he continued, "I'm your prefect not your doctor." Everyone started laughing, again.

"How big is your cock?" Ron asked in a loud voice.

Neil's smile vanished. All were quiet. The prefect's tense jaw barely moved as he spoke, "It's... of average size." He glared at Ron, but secretly enjoyed the turn of events.

"I can't believe..." Harry was shaking his head. "Ron..." He looked at Ron's face, but his friend just stared at his knees. Harry turned to Neil and asked, "Sorry about that, but... what is the average size?"

"About five to seven inches." Neil's face relaxed, and he leaned forward. "Come on, Ron. I can't stay mad at you." He smiled at Ron until the boy looked up and smiled back. "Anything else, anyone?"

"Can you cast a divination spell to check if I'm charmed or cursed?" asked Harry.

The teenager had difficulty believing it. Here was a second-year student using one of the classic lines of the older ones. Judging by the sincere faces of the boys, he knew they were not aware of the history of such questions.

"Sure. Let me get my wand." As he quickly stood and walked to the curtain, he held his robe away from the front of his body. In his bedroom, he put on his trousers as he watched the boys whispering to each other and giggling. He wondered if they were soon to learn the secret of his dividing curtain. He placed the nude sketch back in the drawer, then he turned to pat the bed and said, "Are you ready?"


"Are you ready?" Neil repeated as he held the curtain open. The boys looked at each other then stood.

He walked up to them. Waving his wand over Harry, he said two magic words. White sparkles were suddenly swirling around the boy, then a moment later they were gone. Neil spoke, "Well... there's no curse or general charm on you. Of course, there could be a charm on a specific part of your body, even on an area of your skin."

"How do I find out?" asked an eager Harry.

"I could cast one spell while watching at your back, then cast it again in front, but..." Neil paused, with worry on his face, then continued, "you would have to be naked and feeling some kind of pleasure." His visitors looked at each other. "Maybe the nurse should do this for you."

"No, no! I'd much rather you did it." Harry wondered if he had really spoken. "Uh, you would keep this a secret, right? I don't want the Professors finding out... unless, of course, they really had to."

"Of course, I'll keep it confidential, Harry! I wouldn't be trusted otherwise."

Harry glanced over to his friend then asked the prefect, "Could I, please, speak to Ron in private?"

Neil agreed and left through the curtain. He saw the boys lean close to each other then decided to turn away. He felt confident they would both want to be examined for harmful enchantments. He picked up the white feather and smiled to himself. After about half a minute, he heard Harry tell him to wait a while longer. There was silence for some time, then the rustling of clothes, finally Harry called for the prefect, saying he and his roommate were ready.

The seventh year student turned to the curtain but decided not to look up until he entered the main chamber. There was a slim boy with dark hair, naked and facing away from him. Of course, next to the first boy, was a taller red head in a similar state. Neil felt like grabbing one boy in each arm and devouring them with kisses, but he went on with the ritual.

He got close to Harry and lightly rubbed and tickled his ears and neck with the fingers of one hand and the feather in the other. Harry giggled barely louder than a whisper. Ron turned his head to see what was happening. Neil massaged Harry's shoulders and felt a stirring in his own trousers. He massaged and tickled one bare arm then the other. He then knelt on both knees.

"Ah! That feels nice," said Harry as the older student began to knead the muscles of his back as best he could in their positions. Harry laughed softly, when he felt the feather near his left armpit. It ran across his back, dipping half way down, then on to his right armpit. The prefect gently lifted his arm to reach all the sensitive skin. Harry started giggling as the feather worked on him. He thought he just saw Ron touching himself, then realized he was quite excited, too. He closed his eyes so as to feel... not see, not think, just feel. He started breathing through his mouth, and everyone could hear it.

Ron wondered why he just rubbed his cock. "I can't help it," he thought, "Harry's getting all worked up. I can hear it! I can see it!" Looking to where the wall met the ceiling, he wondered if Neil was still wearing trousers. He imagined a gust of wind billowing up the teenager's robes to expose a six inch erection.

Neil was, indeed, wearing trousers, and his hardon was aching to break through them. He finished working on the smaller boy's legs, then turned his attention to one of the cutest butts he had ever seen. He took one bun in each hand. He told Harry to keep steady. After feeling some weight pressing against his palms, he squeezed the boy butt. He squeezed the young cheeks then relaxed, squeezed then relaxed. He pushed them up then down. He pressed into them with his finger tips. He kneaded them with his knuckles. He squeezed the little buns together, then pushed them apart. He noticed Ron had started to squirm.

"Ron, do us a favor," the prefect asked, still focused on Harry's butt. "Pick up the feather and tickle Harry around my fingers, please." He saw Ron's leg and arm move closer then out of sight.

The red haired boy was surprised to see that the teenager's robe was thrown on the chair behind him. He gave Neil's body a quick inpsection, admiring the ripples moving along his back and arms. He was disappointed that the prefect was not naked, but still felt like jumping on him and wrestling him to the carpet. He picked up the large feather, then leaned sideways to touch his best friend with it. If he couldn't see Neil's hairy willie, then the teen wasn't going to see his smooth one, at least not yet. He tickled Harry's butt, careful not to get the feather too deep into the crevasse, and heard him moan. He continued the fantasy. In his mind he called for his friend's help to pull the prefect's clothes off. Then it hit him, Harry was moaning with pleasure and rubbing his own thighs. He never imagined Harry as so sensual a being, eventhough he had imagined doing sensual things with him.

"Right," said Neil. "Let's cast the first spell." He grunted as he stood to pick up his wand from the chair. "Deasis Aparo!" he commanded as he waved his wand over Harry. The prefect saw no sign of charms or curses on the boy. "So far you're clear, Harry."

"Good," said Harry. Glancing over his shoulder, he tried not to seem too eager as he asked, "Should I turn around now?"

Neil paused for a moment then said, "No, let me check Ron's backside. After that, you two can help each other's frontside feel good." Harry agreed, so the teenaged wizard started to work his pleasing routine on the taller boy, who wasn't afraid to start oohing and aahing, after just a few seconds of caring attention.

Harry couldn't stay idle, so he knelt between Neil and Ron. "I'll help. I think I can do it, now." With his left hand casually covering his stiff dick, he rubbed and tickled his friend's lower legs. Ron started laughing softly, so Harry looked up to see the prefect had begun to work on his armpits. Harry smiled. "Feels good, eh, Ron?" Ron moaned a little louder in response, bobbing his head.

Soon, Neil and Harry were at the white butt that had a few freckles sprinkled about. As Harry used the feather to repay his friend, he cheerfully told him about the markings. The red head answered with an "Aaaah," and bobbed his head, again. Harry thought he should check Fred and George in the lockers or showers, to see what was in Ron's future.

"That should do it," said the prefect. He stood to cast the divination. Harry scooted back a few inches to get a better look at Ron. Neil said the magic words, but Harry didn't see anything magical occur.

"What's supposed to happen?" asked the boy with glasses.

Neil answered, "If part of his body were charmed, I would have seen it turn a different hue for a moment, but..." he grinned, "Ron, you look good from here!"

"Great, I thought I would be clear."

"Well, we do need to check your frontsides, both of you." The teen directed Harry to stand up then added, "Now face each other." The duo turned. Neil adored the cute profiles, with the cute, embarrassed smiles. He walked around the naked boys to take a cushion from the sofa. He felt a drop of wetness in his boxers and pressed his lips together. The prefect dropped the cushion between him and his visitors. "Knees starting to hurt," he explained. He noticed his charges look him over, especially his bare chest. Another drop of wetness.

"All right, you two start gently touching each other's faces." After seeing them do as they were told, Neil knelt on the cushion to finally allow himself to gaze upon... Harry's left hand was still cupped over his penis. There was Ron's four inch boyhood, proudly poking the air, but across from it, and a little lower, a nervous hand was hiding the other dick that the teenager desired to see. "Harry, might as well relax your hand. We're going to see your privates, anyway."

"Oh, I forgot," the boy fibbed. He looked down to see Ron's cock and the prefect's eyes returning his glance. He lifted his hand and saw his stiff dick pointing to Ron. "That does feel better. My hand, I mean." His friend giggled but then quickly apologized with his eyes.

"It's perfectly natural to have an erection, in fact we are trying to stimulate your bodies, after all," Neil reminded them. "Work on each other's necks and shoulders," the prefect directed, "and share this." He picked up the feather and passed it to the taller boy. He caressed a leg with each hand, but kept staring at the boy parts that were waving in front of him. Ron was definately more developed than Harry. Ron's balls were meatier by about twice the volume of his friend's. The teen guessed that within two months there would be soft wisps of red around the Weasley willie. He almost felt like his stare would cause the first hair to sprout. Neil finished rubbing and squeezing the boys' legs, with his hands getting about two inches away from their immature genitalia. His wrists however did glide over their smoothness, as he reached for the farther thighs.

The prefect stood up, took a deep breath then rubbed his knees through his trousers. "Now, for the fun part," he said, but knew it wasn't exactly true. He replaced the cushion. "You two tickle and massage each other's chests and arms, while I will see to your abdomens!" The boys had wide grins. "Mind that you keep your feet as still as possible. I don't want to have to chase you around my quarters." Neil beamed a sly smile. "Begin!"

The twelve year olds were giggling right off. Soon they were laughing and noticed that the shirtless teenager was chuckling as he tickled their tummies and grabbed at the flabby parts. Ron played a finger over one of Harry's nipples. At first, the smaller boy looked shocked.

"Ha!" Harry said with wide eyes, and the smile returned to his face. He tweaked both of Ron's nipples dropping the feather.

Neil laughed hard, shaking his head, but then calmed down to say, "I'll get that." He bent down, expecting something.

"We got him, now!" bellowed Ron. The naked roommates pushed Neil to the couch and quickly pinned him down by sitting on his lap. They tickled their prisoner and he tickled back as best he could. Harry stole the white plume and swirled it around one of the prefect's nipples then the other. The teenager threw his head back and howled with laughter. Harry couldn't resist the wide open neck, so he set the feather to it.

The chamber was filled with the guffaws of the three students. Tears of laughter were welling in the teenager's eyes. He couldn't see who played with his nipples, and he could only guess it was Ron who was tickling him just under his waistline.

"Stop!" Neil gasped, then more forcefully, "Hold it! Back off!" The boys sat still. Neil blinked and wiped the tears away. "We've got some unfinished business," he said with a slight smile. The nude duo lifted themselves off of the teen and stepped back. Everyone was breathing hard through huge grins.

The prefect peered at the hairless cocks four feet away. The tips glistened with fresh boy fluid. He felt quite moist in his crotch, too. He got up and reached out to fondle the two pairs of marbles. The boys swayed and softly panted. Neil took hold of both stiffies at their base, using only his thumbs and forefingers. He lightly jerked them three times. His visitors couldn't keep their eyes fully open for the wonderful waves and jolts of pleasure they were feeling.

"Seems the last parts are already stimulated," Neil said in a clinical manner. The boys barely reponded. He walked back to the chair to pick up his wand. "Face this way, Ron, Harry." They followed his orders.

Neil swished his wand and spoke, "Deasis Aparo!" Harry and Ron came to their senses. "Nothing there, Harry," the prefect reported. He repeated the spell over Ron and gave him the same results. "Well, that's that, chaps! No bewitchments on ya." The boys smiled and said thanks. "Harry, we'll go over the dream, again after classes and try to figure it out." They didn't move. "Off to bed for all of us! Get your peejays, boys. Watch out for Mrs. Norris."

"It's not fair!" declared Ron. "You've seen us naked, but we haven't seen you."

The teen straightened up. "Now, don't go presuming over your superiors." He saw Ron's face express disappointment and confusion.

"Sir," Harry called, "when were you last examined for nasty charms?" The slim boy gleefully added, "Now, don't lie."

"That's right, Sir!" Ron kept a serious voice, but his eyes were sparkling. "We want to return the favor."

Neil focused on something far away. "Hmm, early last May," he didn't lie. He was happy to recall the night he and another sixth year student thoroughly examined each other. He felt a little pained that the young man didn't want to continue their relationship.

"Way back then?!" Harry asked. "Mr. Camden, you could be in terrible danger!" His partner grunted and shook his head in mock disbelief.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, thank you for your concern, but I have some of my own. First, neither one of you have cast the spell before." Ron gasped and made a gesture to indicate that Neil should realize who he was talking to. "Second, I'm not a boy, so it may take more of an effort to get me properly stimulated." Harry chuckled as he remembered the hardness he felt while sitting on the prefect's leg. "Ahem! Lastly, I'm tired and my knees are aching. If we do this, or not, I shall be lying on my bed. If you two beginners can't keep me aroused, I'll probably go out like a light."

"We won't let you down!" declared one naked boy.

The other said, "Let's get to it!"

"Fine," said Neil, "wait here while I get ready." He disappeared behind the curtain. As he took off his trousers and boxers, he watched Ron and Harry shake hands, whisper and giggle. He put his prefect's hat over his six and a half inch erection and got on his bed face down. "All right, come in!"

The twelve year olds burst through the curtain. Harry quickly walked to the bed and hopped up to kneel on the teen's right side. Ron hesitated, he hadn't seen nude teenagers as often as Harry. He was confused, not knowing if he should feel disgusted or happy at the sight of an older student's naked arse. One thing was certain; he wanted to see the "average sized" cock underneath the white mounds, so he climbed up to Neil's left.

"Now, you boys massage my scalp and ears a bit." The duo bent over to do so. "Aaah! That's nice, you two."

Soon the boys had Neil softly laughing as they tended to his neck and shoulders. Next came his arms. Ron and Harry were a little worried that the purring prefect would fall asleep. The red haired boy barely touched the bottom of Neil's foot, gliding a finger tip across it. Neil jerked his foot into the air a chuckled. "I'm awake! I'm awake! Did I kick you, Ron?"

The boy said he was fine, so Neil told them to start working on his back. He wanted a good massage before they began to rub and tickle. Slowly, Ron lifted his right leg to rub it against the teen's leg. Neil said it was a good idea, so the other boy followed the example.

Suddenly, Harry took the next logical step. He laid on top of the teenager's right side and started undulating from his head to his feet. Before the prefect could indicate if that was good, Ron just about slammed himself on Neil's left side. All three were moaning with pleasure, rubbing, squeezing and grinding. The teenager felt the slick boy cocks sliding up and down his buttocks and thighs. Everywhere else their bodies touched felt warm or hot, but the prepubesant precum was strikingly cool. Neil forced himself to lie still, so he wouldn't shoot his semen into his hat.

"Which one of you is going to cast the spell?" asked the prefect. "Take the wand and stand on the floor." Both boys got off the bed. "All right, Harry, give it a go."

"Deasis Apero!" incanted Harry while waving the wand.

"No, no, 'Aparo'," Neil said.

"Oh, I see." The boy raised the wand, again. "Deasis Aparo!" He blinked three times. "Was I supposed to feel a tingling in my eyes?"

"Yes, you did it." Neil was smiling from the pillow. "Question is did you see a flash of color change?" Harry shook his head. "Good! See, nothing to worry about. Thank you, though! Goodnight..."

"Hold on, Sir," said Ron, "I'm going to check the front of your body." His roommate passed him the wand, and Ron placed it on the small table.

"Oh, fine, if you must," complained the teenager. He reached for his groin with both hands. His butt went a little into the air, he turned himself over and jostled the bed as he settled on his back. He was holding his pointed hat over his crotch. The hat was lying on his stomach, but there was definately a bulge in it.

"Mr. Potter," Ron spoke dryly, "I don't believe Mr. Camden is fully cooperating."

Harry raised an eyebrow to the hat. "He will before all is done." He looked into Neil's eyes. "If he knows what's good for him."

"What are you two talking about?" asked the prefect. "Can we complete the exam, please?"

The naked boys climbed onto the bed and kept climbing until they were covering as much of their host as possible. They tended to Neil's body. Soon everyone was loudly purring as they aroused each other with pressing flesh and searching limbs.

The buried teen felt his precum was really flowing under his black hat. He felt the cool wetness seeping from Ron and Harry, too. "How much juice can those little cocks make?" he asked himself. Then he wondered how much more he could take before blowing like a geyser.

He kissed each boy on the top of their heads. That got their attention, but they looked a bit nervous. His cock was aching for release, but he wanted it to last, "Time for soft touches and tickles, boys." Their smiles returned.

Harry picked up the feather and slowly swirled it around Neil's face and neck. Ron decided to use his head. He brushed his side of the teen's face with his hair. Harry played the plume around and over Neil's left nipple. Ron hesitated, but then softly rubbed the other with his nose.

"Aah! Aaaah!" The older student shut his eyes in ecstasy. "That's enough, boys," he panted. They stopped their ministrations. Neil calmed himself and opened his eyes. "It's time you see one of Gryffindor's finest," he said with a sly grin. He tugged on his hat so that it was pointing straight up. The boys lifted themselves off of him to kneel by the slightly pulsing hat. Harry ran his fingers through the small patch of pubic hair that was previously unseen, then he let Ron take a turn. After the red head lost his patience, he nodded to his best friend. Harry took hold of the tip of the hat.

As Harry lifted the black cone, Neil shifted his hands to the base of his cock to keep it pointing up, instead of leaning towards his belly button. The hat went high, stretching a thread of clear, sparkling teen fluid between itself and the hardened dick below it. A second later the thread snapped in two. Harry put the moistened hat on the bed next to him. The boys were fascinated by the mature member. The purple-pink head was fully exposed as the foreskin was drawn back.

"Wicked!" Ron exclaimed.

"Wickedly lickable?" asked Harry.

Neil hoped to hear, "Yes," but Ron gasped and said, "Harry!"

The taller boy looked at the prefect's face. If Neil had nodded at that moment, Ron's mouth would have jumped on the juicey cock, but all he saw was a smile.

"Can we touch it?" asked Harry in a hushed voice. The teen nodded and moved his hands from his crotch to rest one on Harry's thigh and one on Ron's. Harry cupped the soft eggs in his hand, rolling them around and letting them tumble through his fingers. Ron wrapped one hand around the pinkish shaft, using his sight and touch to search it's shape and hardness. His other hand went to his own cock so that he could compare the two.

"Harry, can we switch, now?" Harry took Neil's throbbing rod and gently squeezed it a few times then tugged on it. He slid the loose skin up, until it was fairly tight and covering most of the glans. Ron was playing with the biggest balls he ever touched. The prefect closed his eyes and moaned and writhed.

"Does this hurt?" Ron asked.

"No," answered Neil, wondering why the boy asked that, but then he felt some hairs around his cock being pulled harder. The question was repeated and he answered, "A little." He opened his eyes as Ron released his pubes and went back to examining his balls.

Harry moved his fist snuggly to the base of the six and a half inch cock. He put his other hand just on top, but still a good part of the head could be seen.

"Oh, my!"


As Harry let go of the top of the teen's dick and relaxed his other hand, the clear drop on the tip grew larger then glistened as it flowed down. Not fully aware of what he was doing, Harry gathered the teen juice with his fingers. He studied it for a while, stretching it between digits, but then looked like he didn't know what to do with it.

"Put it on my nipples," suggested Neil. The boy blinked, but then giggled and bent over to spread it over the officer's left nipple. Neil rolled his head from side to side and thrust his hips off the bed.

The curious twelve year olds had to treat themselves to the same experience. They squeezed their own boy juice onto their hands, rubbed it on their chests, and whimpered at the cool tingles that raced over their bodies. The boys wished they could produce the slippery stuff more quickly.

Suddenly, Harry hopped off the bed and cast the spell that was almost forgotten. He said all was fine then declared, "Well, looks like we've all spermed tonight!"

Ron agreed as he took the next drop of Neil's precum and wet his own dry nipple with it then said "But one of us is going to wash his hat for it!" The boys chuckled.

The prefect was about to correct the boys when there was a pounding at the door. "Who could that be?" he asked, looking upset. "You boys stay here." He put on his blue and gold boxers, at which Ron and Harry whistled, then slid into his robe. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Draco Malfoy in his robe and pajamas.


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