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Hogwarts' Lessons in Love
by BluePoetX

Part Four: Enter the Draco

"Just let me in," the blonde student was threatening, "I know about the two naked boys on your bed!"

Neil let him in, peered into the quiet corridor, then closed the door. Ron and Harry rushed through the curtain. It occurred to them that they were naked, but their wands and clothes were lying on a chair less than twenty feet from Malfoy. Harry did take Neil's wand and passed it to him.

The prefect asked, "What do you want?" At the same time, Harry asked, "How did you get here?"

Malfoy squinted at the boys' softening dicks then answered, "How I got here is my secret to keep. I don't wish to spoil any future fun. What I want is to see that Harry is completely satisfied with his sex education tonight."

"You don't have to worry about that," said Neil.

"He already answered our questions," said Ron, "We've done just about everything. If there's anything else, Harry and I will figure it out."

"Cum, now, Mr. Prefect," Malfoy cooly scolded, "there is one white hot issue that these boys don't know about."

"Wait a moment!" Harry said with alarm. "How did you know we were here and what we were doing?"

Malfoy replied, "I have a gift..." He had an evil smirk as he watched terror creep onto the boys' faces. They wondered if he, indeed, had the innate ability to see them anytime, anywhere.

"And who gave you this gift, Malfoy?" Neil wasn't so worried.

"Very clever!" said the Slytherin. Some satisfaction had left his smirk. "My father gave me a magic mirror. I just had to try it tonight and Lo, what should I behold!" His eyes were sparkling but it didn't last.

"So then," Neil said with a slightly curled lip, "we have seven years before we have to worry about you spying, again."

"How...?" Malfoy started, "Well, you are clever. You know about such mirrors." He gestured as if brushing something aside. "It doesn't really matter. All I'm concerned about is Harry's lesson, so continue, Sir."

"We really were done," Harry said as he picked up his pajama bottom.

"No, Mr. Camden has not reached the climax," argued Malfoy.

The boys looked confused then turned to Neil. Harry asked the prefect, "What is he talking about?"

Neil hesitated then said, "He means I haven't cum."

Ron spoke, "Come? Come where?"

Malfoy gave an insulting laugh. "Cum, C-U-M! Not C-O-M-E. Honestly, how do you Weasleys have so many children? Well, maybe that explains it. You don't have a clue to what you are doing."

The red haired Gryffindor was about to swing at the Slytherin, but Malfoy whipped out his wand. Ron glared and huffed.

"Cum means to have an orgasm or to climax," explained Neil. "It's a great feeling that takes over your whole body and mind. It can also mean to ejaculate, to make semen, or it can mean the semen itself." He saw the confusion on their faces, so continued. "Semen is the fluid that has sperm in it. You two can't make sperm, yet."

"Well, then what's the stuff we all made?" Ron angrily asked as he passed a thumb over his penis.

"That was precum. It's a lubricant for sex." Neil turned to Malfoy, "Are you satisfied, now?"

"Oh, no!" the blonde student exclaimed. "Let's see you finish the lesson." He nodded towards the front of the blue and gold boxers. A hint of the hard cock underneath could be seen through the fly. "I believe a certain part of you wishes it, too. I was watching, as you know, then the image started to fade so I decided to join your special class." He gave a mean stare. "If you want me to leave quietly, you should continue."

"Fine!" said Neil, then he made his robe fall to the floor as if that would prove something.

Malfoy put away his wand, Harry dropped his pajamas, and the three twelve year olds followed the teenager back to the bed. Neil, Harry and Ron got back to their previous positions. The boys began to play with the hairy cock and the smooth nipples. Their own dicks were soon hard, again, but the prefect's was slowly going limp.

"Malfoy," Neil called, "it doesn't help that you're standing there with a cold stare! Step into the bathroom, so I don't have to see you."

"I have a better idea," Malfoy said, then to the astonishment of Harry and Ron, he undressed. He put his robe on the bed next to Ron, dropped his sleeping clothes to the floor then hopped on the bed, kneeling on his robe. Everyone could see he had a five inch erection that was a little thicker than Ron's, but most disheartening, to Harry and Ron, was that Malfoy had hair! It wasn't much; just a few dark blonde strands. Malfoy said, "Let me have the waist up." Ron and Harry shifted their hands to tend to Neil's genitals and legs. Malfoy began to tweak Neil's nipples and finger his belly button.

"I see you've bewitched your half inch prick," said Ron.

"No, this is purely natural," Malfoy said with mock sympathy.

Neil tugged on the Slytherin cock then more gently stroked it for a several seconds. He lightly ran two fingers over the top, around the pink head, then underneath. Harry cast the devining spell over it then shrugged. "It's real," he said in a sad tone.

"Well," said the prefect, "too bad your soul isn't as developed as your dick."

Draco responded, "I am a Malfoy! We do not worry about our souls." Almost imperceptively, Neil shook his head. He closed his eyes then relaxed onto the pillow. Malfoy gave him a nasty look.

The teen thought that Malfoy wanted something else, "Maybe, he wants attention. Ha! Maybe, the other Slytherins are too rough in their sex play." Neil smiled and decided to take advantage of the attention he was receiving. He put a hand out to find Malfoy's face. He caressed his chin and neck. After a while he rubbed and pinched his left nipple. He felt the back of a hand on his lips, so he opened his eyes.

Malfoy had two moist fingers at the prefect's face. "Do you want some?"

"No, thank you. I'm trying to cut down on Slytherin... stuff." At first, he wanted to say "slime," but he didn't want to provoke Malfoy.

The blonde twelve year old frowned, but proceeded to swirl his slick juice on Neil's nipple. He slowly blew cool air over the area, and the prefect threw his head back in pleasure. When the nipple was dry Malfoy caressed Neil's neck then leaned over to kiss his chest. He went from left to right then back again. Each kiss got closer to the nipples. Harry and Ron barely moved their hands as they watched with guilty wonder. Malfoy stopped before his lips touched the most sensitive points. He sat up and started to caress Neil's abdomen. The other twelve year olds went back to exploring the prefect's lower body.

Suddenly, Malfoy took Ron's and Harry's cocks into his hands. They gasped and said, "What?!"

Neil looked down to see Malfoy withdrawing his hands. The Slytherin turned and holding up the boys' juices stretched between fingers and thumbs asked, "How about Gryffindor stuff? Do you want to taste it?" Malfoy didn't need magic to read the teen's face.

"Yes!" Neil pleaded in a whisper that was almost a hiss. He licked and sucked clean one hand then the other. "Mmmm... Mmmm!" He ground his buttocks into the bed and his thighs against the boys' knees. Ron and Harry could hardly believe what they saw.

"Too bad they don't make Bertie Bott's in that flavour, right Mr. Prefect?" Malfoy asked.

"I'll buy a bag every weekend to find out," answered Neil. He was feeling wonderful, but still he wanted to end the stress in his crotch. "Ron, make a fist around my cock and start pumping it up and down... Ah, yes, good. Harry, keep playing with my balls but lightly tap one once in a while, please." He paused. "Draco, finish kissing my chest, would you?"

They all did as directed. Soon Neil was thrusting his rod in rhythm with Ron's strokes. When Neil went faster, Ron kept up. Neil started panting. It seemed he started to say something, something besides "Ah!." No one noticed Malfoy's hand go into his robe. Neil thrusted higher. Malfoy sunk his teeth into the prefect's breast, and sucked and licked.

"YAAAAH!" It was almost a roar coming out of Neil's mouth. It was almost a fountain cumming out of his red cock. Harry stopped and sat up as the first two streams shot past his face toward the ceiling. Ron pulled back too, but he didn't stop pumping altogether.

Malfoy pulled out his wand, pointed it to the cock that was then spurting onto Ron's hand, then with a rising gesture said, "Gasma eterni!" Neil's softening moans and ah's became stronger again, along his ejaculations.

"This is cum!" declared Malfoy as he took the prefect's shooting dick above Ron's sticky hand and pointed it at Harry. The next thick stream of teen cum landed on the scar on Harry's forehead, stretched down over one lens of his glasses, his cheek and finally hung swinging in a circle off his chin. Ron opened his mouth, not knowing if he was going to laugh at the sight or yell at Malfoy. He did neither, because Harry instinctively pushed the squirting cock. One shot flew into the air, but the next flew right into Ron's mouth.

Malfoy laughed, and it wasn't an evil laugh. He sounded like he was just a kid enjoying the scene. Teen cream was flying and landing all over except on him.

Ron and Harry leaned Neil's pulsing cock against Malfoy's weakened grip. The Slytherin turned his head as stream after stream splattered over his face and chest. "Stop... Quit!" said Malfoy.

"Stop!" It wasn't Draco this time. "Hurts!... Uuunh!... Stop!" Neil looked and sounded like he was in real pain as he squeezed Malfoy's thigh. The three twelve year olds let go of the firing rod. Harry tried to soothe Neil by putting his hands on his thigh and stomach near the throbbing cock that was unloading on the teen's face and torso.

"Gasma subseedeh," said Malfoy as he made a gesture with his wand. Instantly, the ejaculations ended and Neil's body seemed to relax and slowly his breathing returned to normal.

"Are you going to be all right?" asked Harry.

Finally, Neil gingerly touched his balls then pinched his scrotum to pull it loose. "I think I'll be fine, but it may be a few days before I can wank off, again." He sat up and glared at Malfoy. "Don't ever cast a spell that hurts me, again!" Malfoy averted his eyes. "I'm going to the bathroom," Neil said so that Malfoy could make way. "I'll bring some towels." When he entered the bathroom he angrily shut the door.

Malfoy calmy put his wand into his robe and sat on the bed, facing the others as best he could. Harry took his glasses off and used a couple of fingers to wipe the cum. He looked around then found a dry spot on his left thigh to smear the white stuff. Malfoy snickered.

"The look on your face!" said Ron with a smile. "When he hit your glasses." He was trying to control his laughter.

For a moment Harry was upset but then smiled and asked, "So, Ron, what did it taste like?" All three shook with giggles and low yelps of laughter.

Finally, Ron was able to say, "It wasn't that bad. I really didn't have time to taste it." He gave a little shrug. "I just swallowed without thinking."

They were softly laughing, again, as the bathroom door opened and a clean but irate prefect stepped through. The smiles of the two young Gryffindors vanished in guilt, but Malfoy kept his evil smirk. Neil tossed a towel to each of his visitors who then proceeded to wipe themselves clean.

"You got me so flustered I can't think of the clean up spell!" the prefect declared.

"Oh, right," said Malfoy. "I'll get it." He found his wand again and soon there was a light swirling breeze and everyone and everything was clean of Neil's spunk. "Slytherin saves the day yet again."

"Alright, Draco, time for you to go," said the prefect.

The blonde student looked at Harry. "There is one more thing I must show Potter." He picked up his robe and pajamas. "Come on."

Harry and Ron were a little worried, but then realized Malfoy was heading back into the area where their wands and the invisibility cloak were, so they and Neil followed him.

"Stand over here, Potter," Draco directed, indicating the space in front of the couch.

"If you insist," said Harry, "but first..." He picked up his wand then took his place. He felt like he wasn't naked anymore, eventhough he was. Ron also found his wand and walked over to watch Malfoy's actions. Neil lifted his robe from the floor, put it on and stood near Ron.

The young Slytherin raised his wand and so did the prefect who said, "Careful, Draco."

Malfoy looked over his shoulder at Neil and shook his head. He turned back to Harry. "Now then, Potter, wouldn't you like to feel what Camden just felt?"

Harry's green eyes let on that he was worried but trying to look annoyed. "Not if it's going to hurt."

"No, forget that," said the nude blonde. "That's not the spell that I want to cast on you." He scanned Harry's body in disgust. "You'd probably scream so loud as to wake all of Hogwarts."

"What is it then?" asked Harry. "I won't allow you to utter one magic word without defending myself, unless I know what you're up to." The champion seeker raised his wand and Ron cleared his throat.

"Weasley's broken wand couldn't slow a fly," Malfoy grunted.

"No, but his fist could knock out your teeth," Harry said as the worry left his eyes. He thought all would turn out well as long as Ron were there with him.

The Slytherin saw a little smile appear on Harry's face. He grinned in return. "Relax, Potter. You will definately enjoy this. I'm going to turn your puny little twig into... a bigger twig!"

Harry was surprised. All he could say was, "Really?"

"Yes," answered Malfoy. "There's a spell that will mature your little willie. I'll even..." he paused, "I'll even show you how to wank off."

Ron let out a breath, his brow wrinkled in fear and anger.

"Don't worry, Ron," Neil said. "I'll do you."

Malfoy looked over his shoulder again. "Why Mr. Prefect! Still feeling sexy, I see."

Neil said, "I believe these are the words you are looking for." He waved his wand at Ron's boyhood and incanted, "Genitalis Maturus!"

Ron looked down to see hair sprouting over his penis. At first it was a few, but within moments there was a small thick patch that was almost as fiery as the hair on his head. Harry and Draco were also witnessing the transformation. The bespectacled boy moistened his lips as he watched his best friend's dick get longer and thicker. Even if Harry had been conscious of what he had done, he need not have worried as all eyes were focused on the activity between Ron's legs. The Weasley family jewels grew and the pouch of skin they hung in made way to accomodate them as it's color slightly darkened. The red pubic hair took hold of more space towards Ron's belly button and also settled around his full grown balls.

Ron leaned his backside on the armrest of the couch. He was in awe of what he just saw, of what he saw now that the magic was over. He had almost five inches of soft uncut manhood. It twitched once and started to harden.

"What an ugly thing, Weasley!" declared the blonde Slytherin. "What do you think, Potter?" Malfoy was enjoying putting Harry on the spot.

Neil said, "Ron, you are lucky to be so endowed." He turned to Malfoy. "You are envious. Simple as that, Draco."

"Envious?!" Malfoy snorted. "I am envious of that lumbering Weasley? You've gone mad." He turned to Harry. "Genitalis Maturus!"

The star seeker suddenly wasn't hairless. Thin wisps of light brown appeared, but were soon crowded out by darker hairs. Harry was smiling as he saw his penis and testes maturing much like those of his best friend. He felt a tingle at the base of his growing dick and started rubbing his thighs to force blood into it. He wanted to see himself in all his glory as soon as possible. When his genitals stopped growing but for excitement, he had to give a curt thanks to Malfoy.

"Way to go, Harry!" Ron said.

Harry smiled at the red headed man child then nodded at his fully erect cock. "Look at you! How big is that then?"

The prefect cast a spell, then a ghostly measuring stick materialized alongside Ron's cock. Ron pressed his hardness and the ruler together one way then another. He settled by measuring his manhood from the upper side. "Just a notch under eight inches!" he proudly announced.

Malfoy made a sour grimace at the news, but then seemed to cheer up as he asked, "What did you say to me, Potter?"

Harry stopped playing his cock and loose nuts. He looked into Draco's eyes and reluctantly said, "Thank you, Malfoy."

"You're a clever little wizard. Can't you think of a proper way to thank me?"

Harry cast the charm on Malfoy's privates. The Slytherin cock was already hard, but still it grew in length and girth. More dark blonde hair sprouted, and soon Draco's sex was fully matured as well.

Ron passed the floating stick to Harry. "Go on, see how big yours is!"

Harry held the ghostly item to his cock. "Six and a half inches, but I'm not disappointed." He beamed a smile to everyone in the room.

Neil said, "Right! You shouldn't be. That's good and average."

"Go on, Potter, check mine, will you?" Draco asked. "Or do you believe me when I say it's almost as big as Weasley's?"

"Do you think we're blind, Malfoy?!" Ron was irritated. "We all can see it's the same size as Harry's."

"You can measure yourself," Harry told the Slytherin. "I'll watch and make sure you don't slip up."

Malfoy took the measuring stick, stroked his manhood a few times, then pressed the two together. "Six and three quarters!" he said. Harry nodded in agreement.

The blonde student tossed the ruler aside and started to slowly stroke his hard dick. "Alright, Potter, grab your prick and do this. You will soon feel the most awesome thing in your life."

Harry followed Malfoy's lead. He felt strange but then began to enjoy himself. He tried stopping but had to get back at it. It was almost like his hand had a mind of it's own. He looked around and saw the other twelve year olds starting to wank faster. The prefect had a hard cock, too, but he was just lightly petting his erection with two fingers as he enjoyed the scene.

Harry's gaze went back to Ron's eight inch rod. The head wasn't pink like it was before the charm. It was purplish. The red haired boy with the huge cock was enjoying his first experience of masturbation. Ron looked up and exchanged smiles with his best friend.

"Fancy that pink troll, Potter?"

Harry saw that Ron barely acknowledged the insult, so he too let it pass. He closed his eyes and imagined himself alone, stroking his man sized shaft. In his mind he was in his dorm room, but then Ron came in and took over pumping his cock. It felt different - it truely felt different. Harry realized he was now only using his thumb and two fingers to pleasure himself. That method was more comfortable and felt much better for him.

Malfoy let out a gasp. Harry opened his eyes. The blonde Slytherin pointed his dick between Harry and Ron. He thrust his hips forward, he started to grunt and moan, and stream after stream of fresh spunk struck the couch. The first shot went about halfway across the middle cushion, then the ones that followed travelled less and less until the white stuff was just oozing out.

Harry and Ron witnessed the second cumming of the night. Eventhough Malfoy was someone they despised, they couldn't help being affected by his sexual climax. As the blonde's moans became faint, the two friends had their first orgasms.

For the first time, Gryffindor's champion seeker and his roommate felt the churning of semen within their groins. For the first time, the boy with the fiery hair felt an electric web emanate from his throbbing hardon and permeate throughout his tingling, convulsing body. For the first time, the boy with the lightning bolt scar felt the thick rush through his cock. Ron panted and moaned in ecstasy for the first time. Harry saw his own rod let loose jets of hot cream, each accompanied by a pulse of his engorged manhood. The twelve year old roommates had their first orgasms, but they both came like men.

Ron and Harry felt the wonderful tingles subside. They were excited and tired at once. They felt a strange emptiness and guilt underlying their giddiness like many boys before them. The friends both wondered if Malfoy's presence was the cause of their regret.

"There you are, Potter," Draco said as he started to dress. "Now you and your... little friends can have some fun whenever you like."

"Well, I certainly enjoyed this," Harry replied, "but I'm sure you had your reasons for coming here."

"Relax," Malfoy said. "I don't want you to do anything else, The Boy Who Came."

Ron took a step forward. "Then just leave, Malfoy!"

"I am leaving." Draco slipped into his robe and hopped onto the window sill. He took a vial out of his robe and tapped it with his wand. "Potter."

Harry's seed was lifted off the carpet and was quickly sucked into the glass tube. Harry and Ron lifted their wands, but Neil jumped in front of them.

"Let him go," the prefect commanded.

"He has Harry's sperm! His first sperm!" Ron protested. "Who knows what kind of spell or potion he or... Snape has planned for it!"

Neil turned to Malfoy. "He has nothing!" he declared. The smirking blonde trickster held the vial up and jiggled it.

The prefect faced Harry and incanted the counter spell to the maturing charm. Harry's penis vibrated as it shrank back to it's non-magical size, slapping against his abdomen twice. His pubic hair retreated and vanished as his scrotum returned to it's boyish normalcy.

"Fucking Gryffindor bastards!" Malfoy had seen Harry's cum evaporate, so he threw the empty vial to the floor where it shattered with a pop. "I'll get you yet, Potter." He stuck his hand out the window. "Up!" His broomstick made a painful sounding smack against his palm. He gave one more burning stare to Neil then jumped onto his ride and flew away into the night.

The prefect turned Ron into a regular boy and cast a spell to make the broken glass whole, again. "Some of this Slytherin shit is probably real," Neil said then used the clean up spell on his couch. "Well, what a wonderful evening, eh, lads?"

Ron and Harry just glanced at each other then started to dress.

Neil sat at his desk, looking at the boys but thinking of what just happened, wondering if Harry's nightmare had anything to do with Draco. He saw Harry pick up the invisibility cloak and asked him, "Malfoy wasn't in your dream, correct?"

"No, only... Teams Gryffindor and Slytherin." Harry still didn't wish to admit that his best friend also appeared.

"And Hagrid at the end... " Neil said. "Now, Captain Wood." The prefect raised his brow. "It must have felt terrible to have him, someone in charge of your welfare, so to speak, turn on you and even direct all the torture." The boy slowly nodded. "I'm almost certain he's the key, then. Do you want me to talk to him and try to find out what he may want?"

Harry answered, "No, I think I can handle it."

"We can handle it," said Ron.

Harry shook his head. "He may not like the two of us on him like that, if he is the cause. Thanks anyway, Ron, for being my friend and offering your help." He turned to Neil. "And thank you, Sir, for... all your help."


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