Author's Note: This is a fictional story; even though I do not know Daniel Radcliffe’s true sexual origins nor do I have any rights to the Harry Potter stories or the characters within those stories. This is a complete fictional stories and it also contains sex with minors so please keep this in mind when you are reading it. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.

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Hogwarts Life Chapter 1

I always knew about magic and about who Harry Potter is see in the town I grew up in the town where Harry’s parents were murdered which is Godric’s Hollow. We all knew about his story and what happened that dreadful night. By the time I hit the age of eleven Harry was on his second year already. My parents were so happy and excited when I told them I will be in Gryffindor’s house. I met Harry the second day of school I was sitting in the common room when Ron, Hermione, and Harry came in. They apologized for being so loud and I smiled and told them it was more than okay I was trying to get the understanding of potions. Harry laughed and put his arm around me and told me to just do not under estimate Professor Snape. I thanked him and Hermione told me if I need help to just ask her. I smiled and thanked them all and watched as they left the common room. I know I may seem too young to know this but I have always known I am gay, I told my parents and they are very loving and caring about my choice in life. I guess I better introduce myself my name is Leroy Wright and I am 11 years old. I have deep ocean blue eyes and blonde hair that looks like rays of sunshine. At this moment I am 5’5ft tall and as skinny as a willow branch as my dad says. Both my parents work in St. Mungo’s Hospital which is the hospital for all those in the Wizardly world. They both went to school with Harry’s parents and they were good friends. One day I plan on telling Harry all this but for now the time is not right.

Once I knew they were gone through the portal behind the Fat Lady I went up to my dormitory room and began to undress and I slid into my bed and began to fantasize of Harry. Before too long I shot my load all over myself. I used a spell to quickly clean up and I put my clothes back on and headed down to the Great Hall for dinner. I sat down and still had my potions book so I opened it and read it as I ate dinner. I looked around from time to time but didn’t see Harry anywhere in fact Ron wasn’t around either. It was still early so I just figured they would be late. Hermione came in without both Ron and Harry and when she saw me she pulled a boy who looked extremely shy along with her. She asked me if they could sit next to me, I told them sure no problem at all. She introduced me to the boy next to her who I found out was Neville Longbottom. I shook his hand and introduced myself he looked at me and smiled “Your parents work at St. Mungo’s don’t they, Your Dad’s a Doctor and your Mum is a nurse”. I smiled and told him yes that’s correct and Neville smiled and relaxed a bit. I asked Hermione about potions and her offering on tutoring and she accepted immediately.

We talked for a little and I told them where I was from and they asked if I knew if Harry’s old house was still there. I nodded and told them that several enchantments of protection for both the house and visitors have been placed there but it still stands. We then discussed about school and as we were talking Draco Malfoy came behind us “I see you have a new boyfriend Mudblood how sickening. You would think a Wright would have more common sense than to hang out with the likes of you” he said to Hermione. I got up and looked up to Malfoy “Draco let me tell you something right now your family may be pureblood but seeing you and knowing about your family’s history I would say that you are worse than any other Half-breed’s or muggle born individual here in this school. In fact you are worse than them your are the cud a cow spits out of its mouth” I said to him straight to his face. Just as I said that there was a roar of applause around the room from both students and facility, Malfoy was turning red he raised his wand at me but before he could say anything I used the Expelliarmus Charm on him which caused him to lose his wand and sent him flying back. I laughed at him “Seriously Malfoy if you really want to do this then once I have the teachers’ permission I will truly enjoy teaching you a lesson or two. But until then I suggest you not point your wand at me unless you want me to send you to St. Mungo’s Hospital where you will have such great care” I turned around and walked out of the Great Hall and went to the Gryffindor’s common room.

I knew what I did probably will have consequences but if there is one thing I hate is when some wizard families think they are better than other because they think it’s because they come from a long line of pure bloods. My parents always taught me it doesn’t matter if you come from no magic family or from a pure blood family it’s the person you want to be that makes the witch or wizard. I fell asleep in one of the arm chairs reading my book for transfiguration. Hermione, Harry and Ron came in and Hermione must have seen me sleeping there because I felt a soft tap on my shoulder “Leroy you should go to bed its late and take it from me that chair will cause you to have a major cramp in your neck in the morning”. I yawned and thanked her for waking me up and the four of us headed to our rooms. As we did Harry and Ron both asked me if I really did disarm Malfoy and challenge him to a dual I smiled and told them yes. Harry’s face lit up and he put his arm around me and told me he and I are going to have to have some dueling lessons so I could teach him the spell I used. He told me he will bring it up to Professor Lockhart to see if he can set the class up since he is the Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. I laughed and told him okay I really didn’t want to let no one know I knew what kind of person he really is.

I woke up the next morning and headed to the bathroom as I walked in I heard water running in one of the shower’s as I walked in I saw Harry showering. I went to the shower stall next to him and told him Good Morning. Harry smiled and told me morning and I couldn’t help but notice his smooth soft looking body. He had a small little patch of hair starting just above his dick and his dick well let’s just say that he is a shower not a grower. I quickly looked away and began to blush because I knew he knew I was looking at him. Harry inched over towards me a little closer and whispered in my ear “You know Leroy you are not that bad looking yourself in this department” he said patting my hardening cock. He then whispered for me to meet him up in the sixth floor in an empty class room. I told him I will come and Harry smiled from ear to ear and told me he will be waiting. We quickly finished our shower since we didn’t want to get caught fooling around. As I got dressed I couldn’t help but think of Harry’s dick and how beautiful it was.

I finished putting on my tie and I headed down to the Grand Hall for breakfast. I saw the ghost of Peeves terrorizing Fitch and I couldn’t help but laugh. Malfoy walked in front of me and he quickened his pace away from me. I smirked as I watched him and his little bitches head off. As I entered Harry and Hermione were already at the table and they waved to me to come join them. I sat down and before I could ask where Ron was I saw him come in and he sat down in his normal spot between Hermione and Harry. He looked at me and rolled his eyes and asked why I was sitting near them. Hermione gave him a look to kill “You Ronald Weasley have no love or respect for others, now I suggest you shut your mouth” she then flicked her wand making a muffin fly into Ron’s mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh some; I looked around at everyone and couldn’t help but feel peace here at Hogwarts. Just as we were all leaving Harry pulled me aside and asked if I still wanted to meet with him later tonight before he head’s to detention. I smiled and nodded yes to him and he laughed and told me not to be late. As I was walking down to potions I couldn’t help but feel like something wasn’t quite right that the very walls of Hogwarts’ dungeons were moving.

I entered Potions and grabbed a spot next to Collin’s who had a huge thing for Harry. Anyways we sat together and Collin’s and I talked until Professor Snape came in telling us we either shut it now or detention. We began class and soon Snape told us that we need to turn to our potions book to a potion to help cause boils. I smiled and knew I had this in the bag since my dad was a Doctor he began to teach me at age 5 to make different potions to help people. Colin and I decided to work together and we finished our potion before any of the class. Snape then cursed Colin with boils and told him to drink the potion to prove we did it right. Colin quickly drank some of the potion and instantly his boils were gone. Snape looked at me with a raised eye brow then looked at his scroll that had our names on it. “Well this explains it Mr. Leroy Wright your father is a very well-known Doctor at St. Mungo’s Hospital well I hate to say it but 100 points to Gryffindor for creating a fast acting potion to solve boils. However you are to start attending second year potions as of tomorrow you are to have your parents by you a book for that class so get out of my class and do not let me see you here tell tomorrow” he said kicking me out of class.

Since I had no other place to go I decided to go to the Owlery and send my parents a letter. As I got closer I heard the sound of what I could only describe as two guys having sex. I levitated myself up just enough to see who it was and to my surprise I saw both Fred and George Weasley going at it Fred was busy taking George’s dick into his ass as Fred was trying to bite down on his tie. I pulled out my dick and did a quick dampening spell so they couldn’t hear me; I stroked my dick to the beat of George’s thrust so I ended up cumming just as he did. I did a quick cleaning spell and pulled my pants up and slid onto the window the owls came out of just as they opened the door to leave. I found my owl and gave it my letter to my parents and I headed out to go have some lunch. I stopped by the library and found a copy of the book of potions I needed. I nearly bumped into Neville as we both turned the corridor to enter the library. Neville smiled as I let him go first then we talked about his parents and mine. I found the book I needed and Neville looked at me oddly and I told him what happened in potions. He laughed and he then blushed as I told him he has a beautiful smile and he shouldn’t hide it.

Neville and I headed down to the cafeteria where we found Ron and Harry complaining about Lockhart’s latest disaster in class with Hermione ending up having to freeze the pixies in the air. I told them about how I will be joining them tomorrow in potions. Hermione put her book down and shrieked in excitement for me. I told them about what caused me to come into their potions class. I looked at the clock and I noticed that I needed to head to Charms next Hermione offered to walk with me then she would catch up with both Ron and Harry who needed to go to Quidditch practice. I wished him good luck although I have heard that he is the best seeker Gryffindor has had in a long time. Hermione and I walked to charms and she gave me a few tips for some charms on how to hold me wand. Just as we reached Charms Hermione pulled me aside “Look Leroy I know you like Harry and I can tell for some reason he seems drawn to you so all I ask is to be careful around him please”. I told her okay I will and she hugged me and wished me good luck in class. Charms class was okay I think the funniest thing to happen was one student tried to lift the feather but instead she made Professor Flitwick float around the classroom.

Once class was over I made my way down to the Quidditch ring where I saw Ron puking up slugs. I asked his sister Ginny what happened and she told me he tried to curse Malfoy with a slug puking spell but because his wand is broken it backfired. I shook my head and was about to offer some help but they were already half way down the path to Hagrid’s hut. Ginny and I decided to walk back to our House common room. She told me she really was having issues with Potions so I offered her some help. I showed her a few tricks my dad taught me about a few herbs that were to be used for the potion Snape wanted the class to learn before next class. Ginny and I became instant friends right away I was open to her about being Gay and she told me that she is completely fine with it. We changed the subject to guys who we thought were cute and comes to find out she too has a huge crush on Harry. She asked me what I thought of Neville and I told her that I truly think that he is misunderstood and because of his grandmother always nagging on him he has put it in his mind that he is not that great. She agreed with me then I told her that I thought Ron was kind of cute in a dork kind of way but she smacked me and said eww. I looked at the clock and saw it was nearing dinner time so I asked Ginny if she would join me with dinner as we were heading down the Great Hall we saw Malfoy picking on Neville. So I used a nice spell to put a clown nose, hair, and make up to be put on Malfoy and his stupid minions. The students around him all began to laugh and point at him and that’s when Malfoy noticed what happened. He looked pissed and asked who did this too him, I smiled and pushed my way through the crowd and told him I did as I pointed my wand at him. He stormed off and told me I will get it.

So here is Ginny, Neville and me sitting in the Gryffindor table when Hermione came in. She sat down and I asked how Ron was and she told us he is find both him and Harry are doing their time in Detention. I shook my head and told her I felt bad for Harry because I knew that he was with Lockhart. Hermione gave me the look like okay spill it you know something look so I told her “Professor Lockhart is not who he says it is. Yes he has written those books but he didn’t do all those things actually he is very accident prone and he always seems to always out do anyone he comes across in his so called trips” I said to them. Hermione looked at me oddly and studied my face I knew she was trying to see if I was lying then she gasped and it clicked I wasn’t making up stories. Ron showed up just at the end of dinner and he looked around the table seeing what was left. When he saw that only a salad he sighed and I smirked and pulled out the plate I put aside for him it was full of roasted turkey legs, roasted boar, and also had a big helping of potatoes and carrots. Ron smiled and said thank you and grabbed the plate and he began to pig out. I excused myself and headed up to my dorm. As I came to my bed my owl was waiting for me with a parcel. I fed him a treat and took the parcel and noticed it was my new potion book already with a note from my mom saying “Oh Leroy we are so proud to hear you are advancing to second year potions. We love you so much honey and please try not to get into trouble at school, Love Mom and Dad”. I sat the note down and opened the spell book and smiled because my mom tucked a picture of me and them in it. I looked at the clock and saw it was nearing 8pm and I went to the sixth floor and into the empty class to wait for Harry. I waited until almost 9:45pm then finally couldn’t wait anymore because it was nearing time for all students to be in there assigned houses. I walked down to the moving staircase and finally was able to get to Gryffindor’s Common Room. I went to my room grabbed my book on History of Magic and began to read it. About 2 hours later everyone came in and they were all talking about Filch’s cat being strung upside down and Petrified. They then said something about something written on the wall that said something about a chamber of secret’s being opened. I looked around to see if I could find Harry, Hermione or even Ron and they were nowhere to be found.

They finally showed up and Harry looked worse to wear like he had been sick or something. I noticed Harry looked like he was about to pass out so I ran up to my room and quickly grabbed some chocolate my mom insisted for me to bring in case I got sick. I gave Harry a piece of it and he thanked me I asked him what happen and he retold me the story of how he, Ron, and Hermione came across Filch’s cat in the hallway. Ron looked like he was about to pass out so he said good night and headed to bed. Hermione soon headed off as well leaving Harry and me alone in the common room. Harry took my hand and apologized for what happened earlier and for leaving me waiting for him. He told me how Lockhart had him helping him with his fan mail and he rolled his eyes and we both laughed. I took the chance and kissed his lips and softly told him he can make it up to me later but for now he needs his rest. I walked up to the dormitories with him and we said good night and gave one another a quick kiss and we went to our rooms. I was in complete bliss I got to kiss Harry Potter and bloody hell is he a good kisser. I was too tired to take care of my hardening dick so I quickly slipped into bed where I dreamed of Harry. All of a sudden I woke up in a cold sweat I had seen Harry being chased by a huge snake like creature and a student in a Slytherin robe but the boy looked off and gave me the heavy jeevies. I looked at my alarm clock and noticed it was only 5:30am I got up grabbed my robe and towel and went to go have my shower. I noticed that Collin’s was up as well I said hello to him and went and ran the bath to try and relax my nerves that were in an up roar since my dream. I asked him why was he up so early and he blushed and told me he got up this early to shower because he is embarrassed because he still hasn’t grown much as in the dick department. I looked down and saw a semi hard dick averaging around 4 and a half. I knew that was about how big it will be until he hits puberty. I softly told him not to be embarrassed at all he will grow into a gorgeous young man soon. He smiled big and thanked me for the pick me up.

I slid into the bath full of bubbles and relaxed a bit. Neville came in not soon after and asked if he could join me I welcomed him into the bath since it was huge. He sat next to me and smirked at me. He grasped my dick and began to stroke me under the water. I almost wanted to shoot my load right then because Neville’s hands felt great holding my dick. I reached over and grabbed his dick and he smiled and we both began to jerk one another off. We soon shot our loads and were gasping for air Neville tilted his head back and let out a sigh of relief “I have wanted to do that since I met you. I like girls but I like to have fun with guys too. If you want to me to ever give you a hand or even a mouth I am always available Leroy” he said getting up and drying off leaving me alone in the tub. I couldn’t believe I had just had my dick jerked off by Neville Longbottom. Ron and Harry came into the bathroom just as I was drying off. They both had morning woods and I waved to them and I told them good morning. Ron waved while Harry came up to me and asked how I was. I told him doing great and I would see them soon in the Dining hall. I got dressed and headed to the dining hall Neville, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, and George were all sitting next to one another, I joined them and Fred asked if I was coming to the Quidditch match today and I told him I wouldn’t miss if for the world. Just as I said that Harry and Ron came in and asked me what wouldn’t I miss for the world and I told him the Quidditch match. I noticed Malfoy and his gang come in and pushed a Hufflepuff student over as he came in. I was about to get up to say something but Harry and Hermione both held me down by my shoulders. I told them that he can’t get away with it and Hermione said “If you do something to him today they can say you did it on purpose so that Gryffindor can win the Quidditch Match today. I know I can’t stand it either but we have to sometimes let it slid for now at least” I groaned and said alright fine.

Ron, Harry, Hermione, Neville and I all finished our breakfast and headed down to the dungeons to Potions. I couldn’t help but admire Harry’s hot ass tucked into his pants and my cock wanted to have that ass. I quickly thought of something that would make my hard on go down and thank goodness it did. As we entered the room I noticed Snape already there and he looked pissed that we were the last ones to arrive. I couldn’t help but noticed the evil looks that Snape was giving Harry. Potions was very uneventful but I can say this that Snape didn’t dare say anything negative towards our small group because I managed to help everyone except Hermione with their potions. Snape gave me a look like I was a fungus and when class ended we all headed out to go get ready for the Quidditch Match.

As we entered the Common room Colin asked Harry for a picture with Harry in his Quidditch Robes. Harry smiled and told him okay and went up to change real quick. When he came back down I had to hold my breath because he looked extremely hot in them. Colin took the picture and said he will get it developed tonight after the match. As we all were heading down to the Quidditch field I asked Colin if I can have a copy of the picture and he said of course. The match was crazy one of the bludgers was going rogue and looked like it was trying to kill Harry. I burst out laughing when Malfoy got knocked off his broom and he cried like a baby. I then saw Harry get hit in the arm by the bludger and I knew right away it was broken by the way he was holding it. He managed to catch the golden snitch and Hermione blew the bludger up just before it could hurt Harry again. Lockhart came over and said he could fix Harry’s arm Harry insisted that he would just go to the Infirmary. Lockhart soon caused Harry’s arm to have no bones and I knew he was in for a whole lot of pain since he would need to have a potion to make his bones grow back. Hermione, Ron and I got Harry to the Infirmary where Madam Pomfrey came in with a bottle of Bone Growing potion she complained about it because she too knew that Harry was in for a rough night. We left Harry alone and I told him that I will wait for him to get better before we did anything he smiled and blew a kiss at me.

Ron, Neville, Hermione and me headed to the Dining Hall where we had dinner we then headed to the Common Room where we threw a party for winning the match. Colin took a couple more pictures and said he was going to go and develop them. He left and I decided to head to my room to go and grab my book of History of Magic to read. Hermione came and sat next to me and she smiled “You remind me of me, you are always reading” she said smiling. I told her yea I couldn’t help it I loved to read. We talked a little more and then we talked about things. I knew I could trust Hermione so I told her what happen between Neville and me and she was shocked as well. I looked up at the old clock to the left of the fireplace and noticed it was nearing 1am and Colin still wasn’t back yet. I mentioned it to Hermione and she too thought that was odd because with the help of magic it doesn’t take long to develop pictures. We both decided we would head to bed and go see Harry first thing tomorrow morning. We went to bed and I stripped down to my boxers and fell asleep.

I woke up around 7am and got dressed and made why way to the common room. I found Hermione reading her transfiguration book near the fire. I tapped her on the shoulder and she jumped a little but then smiled and we wished one another good morning. She sat her book down and asked if I was ready to go see Harry. I asked her what about Ron and she laughed and told me that Ron wont wake up for nothing. We made our way to the Infirmary where we found Harry with both arms fully boned. We both hugged him and he asked where Ron was and we told him he was asleep still. He then told us about the previous night about a house elf name Dobby who admitted that it was him who cursed the Bludger and he was also the reason why Harry and Ron missed the train. He then told me about Colin and I felt like I was going to collapse because Colin was such a great kid and he was one of my friends. I asked Madame Pomfrey if I could see Colin and she smiled and nodded and showed me to his bed. He was completely petrified in a position like he was about to take a picture with his camera. I asked Madame Pomfrey what is being done and she smiled and said that my dad and Professor Sprout are waiting for the Mandrakes to mature.

I told Harry and Hermione I was going to stay here for a little bit and see if there is anything I can do to help Madame Pomfrey. They left and I went to Madame Pomfrey and asked her if she could use some help. She smiled and told me that she could use some help she gave me a list of ingredients to go ask Professor Snape and Professor Sprout for. I looked over the list and told her no problem. I went to Professor Snape’s office first and got the ingredients that were needed from him. He huffed and puffed because I was interrupting his time he had a student doing detention. He got the stuff for me and literally pushed me out of his office. I then headed down to the greenhouse and Professor Sprout was busy watering the mandrakes she smiled and quickly got me the list and I thanked her. Neville was in the greenhouse so I went up to him and asked if he wanted to join me for lunch later up in the observatory tower. He smiled and said he would love that. I took the things that Madame Pomfrey asked me to get and handed them to her. She thanked me so much for getting the ingredients for her I asked her if she needed anything else she just smiled and said no. I told her to let me know if there is and she promised me that she would do that. I stopped by the kitchen and got the stuff for my picnic with Neville and headed up to the observatory tower to wait for Neville.

Near lunchtime Neville came carrying a bottle of butterbeer. I smiled when he came in and shut the door. He fumbled a couple times with his words but I took his hand and he soon stopped stumbling with his words. I asked him about his grandmother and we joked about her and he seems to relax even more. We had a delicious lunch together and soon we began to kiss and make out. I used a dampening spell to shield any noise we make and I also used an intruder spell just in case someone would sneak up on us. I slid my hands underneath Neville’s shirt and pulled his shirt and vest off of him and I slowly began to kiss his soft smooth body. He shivered and moaned at my kisses and I could see his dick causing his pants to tent up. I smiled and began to kiss his lips again and soon we had each other naked and we were on top of one another tongue wrestling. Neville and I were in complete auto pilot we both never really have done anything like this except we both have jerked guys off. Neville turned so his cock was near my mouth and my cock was near his. I took a deep breath of his scent and began giving Neville his first blow job. He then began giving me his and oh my gosh his mouth was so nice and warm and his sucking technique was awesome. I couldn’t help but notice Neville was a grower because by the time he was completely hard he was sprouting a seven and a half wood that I had almost the full amount in my mouth. He began to moan and I could taste his precum leaking down my throat. I begged him to stop sucking me because I could tell by the way my balls were aching I was about to shoot my load but like me he kept going. Soon we both shot massive loads down one another’s throats.

We fell down next to another and Neville turned around so he could kiss my lips. We laid there kissing and exchanging the remnants of one another’s cum inside our mouths. Once we broke off from our kiss I looked at Neville in the eyes and asked him if he could fuck me. Neville looked a bit nervous and he asked if I had a condom I told him no, he then said okay no problem. He told me to get on my hands and knees so he can prepare me for his dick. I asked him how he knew so much and he told me the muggles internet. I did as he asked and I soon felt him put his mouth to my ass crack and began probing my ass with his tongue. The sensation was incredible and my dick hardens up almost immediately as he began licking my asshole out. The feeling was so intense I thought I was going to pass out from the great feeling of pleasure. He then stopped and soon I felt this pressure being pushed into my hole. It was soon replaced by pain and I looked back and saw Neville pushing his dick inside of me. He was very gentle and rubbed and messaged my back as he pushed his dick deeper into my ass. He let my ass soon get use to this new feeling and began to work his dick in and out of me. Once I was used to it I began to beg him for more so he increase his speed. Within fifteen minutes I could feel his shaft that was buried deep inside of me began to throb and then I felt it. It is and was a feeling that I can only describe as the most wonderful feeling in the world. He shot his load deep inside my ass plastering his cum against the walls. I shot a load from my dick that was so massive that I lost my breathe I didn’t even have to jerk off to do so. Neville collapsed on top of me and we just lay holding one another. We finally used a spell to clean us both up and the mess and we headed to the Gryffindor Common Room.

As we waited for fat lady to let the students through Neville had this new feel about him. I smiled and whispered in his ear how great and wonderful he was today. Neville blushed just as Ginny came up and looked at Neville and then asked me what is up with him. I quickly told her that a girl told him he was cute and Ginny smiled and walked ahead of us. We entered the common room and I noticed a parchment posted on the bulletin board saying dueling class. I went to it and saw that Lockhart and Snape were going to be the teachers for it. I knew if Lockhart was going to be the teacher that it would end up being something hilarious to watch. I signed up and suggested for Neville to do the same but he said no he rather not. I noticed both Harry and Ron already signed up as well. I looked around and see neither them nor Hermione anywhere I didn’t think anything of it so I went to my room to relax a little. Fred and George were coming down the dormitory stairs as I was going up and they looked at me and smiled. George grabbed me and dragged me to a corner where he and Fred looked at me “We know you were there a few days ago in the Owlery and you saw us, we want to make sure you are not going to say anything” Fred said to me as George held onto me. I simply told them I would never tell a soul about what I saw that day and they thanked me and ruffled up my hair and left me so I could go to my room.

I woke up around 8:30pm and knew I missed dinner. I got up pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt and noticed a sandwich with a note folded up beside it. I picked up the note and noticed it was from Neville “Didn’t see you at supper tonight so I brought you this sandwich, Neville”. I sat down in one of the common room’s arm chairs and ate my sandwich. I sat there remembering about what happen today in the observatory with Neville and how great it was. Harry, Ron and Hermione came in through the passage way and was talking they saw me sitting there staring into the fire. They all came and sat on the couch next to me and Hermione asked if I was okay. I told her I was fine just had a lot to think about today. She asked if I ate dinner and I told her yes I had a sandwich. Ron let out a big yawn and said he was going to head to bed. Hermione said she was going to head off to bed as well. Harry looked at me and told them he will be up in a bit. Once we were alone Harry asked me if he could cash in his rain check. Even though my ass was a little sore still from Neville I told Harry yes he can. Harry’s eyes lit up and he told me to go grab a blanket and my wand and meet him back here in five minutes. I ran up to my room and grabbed what he asked and then decided to grab a piece of chocolate to help me get over earlier episode of sex. I shrank my blanket so it could fit in my pocket and put on my shoes and socks and headed back to the common room. Harry was right behind me he pulled out his invisibility cloak and told me to get underneath it with him. We opened the passage and slipped up the moving staircase to the sixth floor to an old classroom.

When we entered the class room I couldn’t help but catch the smell of roses in the room. It was dark as all get out and as soon as Harry shut the door behind us he lit the room up. I looked around and saw candles, a soft looking bed with rose petals on top of it. I smiled and looked at Harry where he came straight up to me and kissed my lips. We stood there with our lips locked together for several minutes. Harry smirked then told me “You know the first day I met you in the common rooms I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I have never really thought about being with a guy before I mean Ron and I have messed around a bit but you Leroy I want you I want to feel your body on top of mine feel your ass grasp my cock and I want you to fill my ass with your cum as well” he told me then began kissing me again. We slowly made it to the bed where we began to undress one another soon I was standing naked in front of Harry and he was naked in front of me. We got onto the bed where I pushed Harry down so he was flat on his back and began to kiss his body slowly making my way down to his hardening dick. When I reached Harry’s dick I began to slowly suck on his balls which made Harry moan extremely loud once I knew I had him where I wanted I began to lick his shaft up and down following his vein and pulling back his foreskin. I soon had his full size cock that my guess was nearing 7inches inside my mouth. I sucked and flicked his head with my tongue and before I knew it Harry shot his load down my throat. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and crawled up to Harry and kissed him so he could taste his sweet juice that filled my stomach. I then straddled above Harry and put his dick up against my asshole where I then sat down so I could get his full size inside of me right away. Harry gasped at how my ass tightens around my dick and I then told him to fuck me. We made love for an hour tell he filled my ass with his cum. I shot my load all over Harry’s chest where he scooped it up with his fingers and tasted it. We fell asleep with Harry’s arms wrapped around my torso and his dick still planted inside of me.

We woke up early the next morning and I could fill Harry’s dick still nestled tightly inside my ass. He began to stir and he grabbed me tightly and pushed his hardening dick deeper into my ass where he began to make love to me again. When we finally both shot our loads we both could feel the love for one another gushing from each other’s bodies. I began to feel bad because of Neville, I told Harry about him and Harry laughed and told me he and Ron have messed around as well. In fact Ron has been bugging Harry to have sex with him. We decided that we would have an open relationship with one another and if we want to have sex with someone else then we can we just be honest with one another. I kissed Harry and then he suggested once he and Ron do have sex if Ron wanted to we should have an orgy with me, Neville, him and Ron. I told him I loved the idea but only if I can fuck him, Harry kissed me and told me of course. We got dressed and Harry did a spell to clean up our little love room and we headed down to breakfast.

Hermione was the first to see us as we took the stairways down towards the dining hall. She looked at us both and gasped and she whispered to us asking if we have been together all night. Harry smiled and told Hermione that she was correct on that she then gave us a small lecture about being away from the Dormitories at night and being caught. We assured her we were careful and she then asked how it was and Harry told her like tasting ice cream for the very first time. She giggled and congratulated us. We told her to keep it down we didn’t want anyone to know about us since being gay was almost just as bad it is in the Muggle world. Neville came down and he looked at me and smiled and blushed and Hermione gasped and asked if I had done it with Neville as well. I told her yes and she punched me hard in the arm for using Neville. We got to the dining hall where a bunch of students were already gathered. We ate breakfast and Ron came down and looked at Harry “Where the Bloody Hell have you been all night”. Harry was quick on his feet and told him that I was beginning to look sick and soon I was puking up purple slush. Ron looked at me and then looked like he was going to be sick. Harry then told him Madame Pomfrey told Harry he should stay in the Infirmary for the night since no students should be out by themselves at night. Ron looked like he had bought it and Harry asked him if he wanted to go to Hagrid’s and Ron told him no he wanted to eat. Hermione then asked if I wanted to join Harry and her to Hagrid’s and I told her I would actually.

We headed down to Hagrid’s hut where we saw Hagrid talking to Professor Sprout about something as we got closer I noticed he was holding a gunny sack. Hagrid welcomed us with open arms and offered us some tea. Harry introduced me to Hagrid and he shook my hands and told me that he knew both my mom and dad at the hospital. He then told me that he knew them when they were students too and my mom was always so kind to him and always made sure he was okay. I smiled and told him that was my mum always caring. We sat and talked about things happening at the school and Hagrid then asked if we were joining the Dueling Class. We told him yea and then I told him knowing Lockhart it will turn into a comedy play. That made us all laugh and when the time came for us to leave we really didn’t want to but we had to so we could get to Dueling Class.

We made our way to the Dining Hall that was turned into a Dueling room with a long walkway. Lockhart began to talk and of course took full credit for the idea of dueling. He and Snape got up and began to show us how to dual. I burst out laughing when Lockhart got his ass handed to him by Snape. Lockhart then called Harry up and Snape called up Malfoy we watched them duel it out until Malfoy summoned a snake and things got bad. I watched and was shocked Harry was a parseltongue, I watched him talk to the snake and although I knew Harry wasn’t telling the snake to attack Justin but from what it looked and sounded like it did. Snape quickly used a spell to make the Snake disappear. Everyone looked at Harry and looked scared including Malfoy. Later on we talked to Harry about it and he told us he never realized he was a parseltongue. Harry looked hurt and worried I saw him walk off out of the library by himself so I went after him. I remember hearing a student scream and I ran to see Harry standing over Justin and Nearly Headless Nick’s petrified selves. I asked Harry what happened and he told me he found them this way. Soon the corridor was full of students and all were pointing at Harry and whispering about him. I grabbed Harry and led him away from everyone. I found a quiet corner and I told him to tell me exactly what happen. He told me about the voice he heard saying “Kill, Kill, Kill” and then he found Nearly Headless Nick and Justin petrified. We went to Professor McGonagall and told her what happened. She nodded and believed Harry and told us to get to Gryffindor Common Room now. We made our way to the common room where we found Hermione and Ron waiting for us.

I headed to my room leaving Ron, Harry and Hermione alone to talk. I entered m room and couldn’t help but noticed how cold it was getting. I started a fire in the wood burning stove and climbed under my covers. Soon my roommates came in and they were all talking about what happened today and I just laid there and pretended to be asleep. When I did doze off I had the same dream about Harry being chased by this Giant Snake like creature and this boy laughing and watching it happened. I woke up and saw the clock read only 2 am. Knowing I needed more sleep I went to the common room where I found Ginny crying. I asked her what was wrong and she looked up and said she is just worried about Harry and everyone. I assured her he was going to be alright that Harry was strong. She smiled then asked why I was up, I told her I just had a bad dream and needed to come down and get a drink. I summoned two cups of warm milk for us both and we sat down and drank our milk but soon we both headed back to bed.

I woke back up around 6:30am and went to shower; I quickly washed myself up and then headed back to my room to get dress. Harry was in the common room when I came down he saw me and smiled when he saw me. I asked where Ron and Hermione were and he said they were busy. I could tell he was hiding something from me but I decided not to push it. We got to the dining hall and as soon as we entered all eyes turned to Harry and there was a bunch of whispering going on. The morning owls came and brought letters and the Daily Prophet to all of us. I opened the letter from my mom and dad telling me they couldn’t wait for the holiday so they could see me. I smiled because I really did miss them. I couldn’t believe the holidays were coming up already. I knew I needed to get Harry something special not because I had to but because I wanted to. I then decided to get Harry a gift that would be like no other. I went to the library and asked the Librarian where the book on making magical carvings was at. She told me where it was and I read what I needed to gather to make the carving come to life. I then headed down to History of Magic and had a long boring class. When lunchtime came I grabbed a sandwich and went down to Hagrid’s and asked if he could help me get a piece of wood that I knew was found in the forbidden forest he smiled and handed me a log he used for the fire and it so happen to be the wood I needed. I thanked him and then went to Herbology since it was my next class. Professor Sprout was feeding the mandrakes that seem to be giving her a bit of trouble. I put on some earplugs and helped her. We got them replanted into bigger pots and just in time for class. I took off my earplugs and I asked her for a couple ingredients I could have and she was more than happy to give them to me. Herbology was actually fun and when class ended I ran up to the castle and ran up to the common room. I headed to my room and began to carve the figurine. I carved out a Gryffindor that was about 8 inches tall. I then began to put the ingredients needed together and I soon had my charm ready. I put the Gryffindor figurine into the potion and watch it sink down into the cauldron. Soon it soaked up all the potion and I said the enchantment and it began to flap its wings and flay all around me. I waved my wand at the figurine and put it in a box and wrapped it up for Harry.

The holidays were fast approaching and soon I found myself getting ready to head home. I was able to get Ron several boxes of Every Flavor Jelly Beans, for Hermione I got her a book on herbs and potions to help cure the sick and afflicted, and for Neville I got him a special cage to keep his toad in so he wouldn’t always be losing him. I put Ron, Hermione, and Harry’s gifts under the common room Christmas tree and then went and grabbed my things and headed out to go catch the train. Neville was right beside me and I asked if he had everything and he told me yes that Ron and Harry helped him pack so he wouldn’t miss anything. We made our way down to the main hall where everyone who was leaving was assembling and I saw Harry waiting near the door to just watch. I told him that I put his Christmas gift under the tree. He smiled and thanked me and told me not to miss him too much I told him that would be hard because my ass wanted to be filled with his dick again. He smirked and told me once I get back he will make sure I get it well filled when I get back. Us who were leaving soon got on the train and Neville and I found a place of our own. I magically locked the door and closed the curtains and smirked at Neville. He smiled from ear to ear and innocently asked me what I had in mind.

I got down on my knees and pulled his pants down and I noticed he had gone commando he then told me that he did it for me. I grabbed his dick and began to suck on his cock and play with his balls with my right hand. He shot his load rather quickly and I asked when the last time he got off and he told me about a week ago. He then pulled me up by my chin and kissed me passionately. Before I could let anything go any further I told him about Harry and me and he smiled and told me he and Seamus were actually seeing each other. I asked why he wasn’t with him then and he simply said that his mom and dad were out of the country so he was staying at the castle. He then took me and begged me to fuck him and how could I refuse an offer like that. I stripped quickly and soon began to eat Neville’s ass out. He was gasping and moaning begging me to fuck him. I then pushed my throbbing hard cock into Neville’s ass he gasped out as he got use to my cock inside of him. I then began to move my dick in and out of his ass. We made love right there on the train for an hour of an half until I couldn’t hold it any longer and I shot two massive loads deep into Neville’s ass. Neville was in complete heaven and honestly so was I. We cleaned up and got dressed and when the snack cart came around I ordered us some food.

The train arrived at King’s Crossing and Neville and I said our good byes and I found my mom and dad waiting for me. They asked me how school was and if I had met anyone. I told them I became friends with Harry and also with Neville. My mom smiled at my dad and she told us that she had a feeling Harry and I might hit it off. My parents apparated us to our home, I found my room untouched and my dad smiled at me and told me he wanted to hear all about what happened at Hogwarts. We sat down for dinner and I told them everything but my sexual encounters on what has happened at school. I told them about the gift I made Harry and my dad was very proud of me. My mom told me to be very careful now that the Chamber of Secrets is open. I told them I was going to be helping Madame Pomfrey once the holidays was over. My mom was excited and told me when I get ready to leave she would send me with some new potions and herbal remedies that she thinks could come in handy at the school.

As the holiday vacation was finally coming to an end I couldn’t help but get excited because I really missed Harry and also my other friends. Harry and I wrote each other back and forth as much as possible. He told me about what he, Hermione, and Ron did with the Polyjuice potion and how Hermione had accidently gotten cat hair instead of human hair. I couldn’t help but laugh when he told me him and Ron went as Crabbe and Goyle. I sent him a message asking if he and Ron have done anything yet. When I got the letter back he said they had sex but it wasn’t anywhere as wonderful as it was with me. I couldn’t help but let a tear fall from my eye when I read that I then read on and saw it say that Ron was open to having an Orgy with me and Neville. Since I knew tomorrow was when I would be returning back to Hogwarts I sent him a message saying I would talk to Neville on the train and that he should also ask Seamus if he wanted to join since he and Neville were a couple. I gave the letter to Hedwig who waited for my reply for Harry and watched her fly off into the moon light.

I woke up fairly early and quickly packed everything I needed and double checked everything. I grabbed a few extra things like condoms I managed to get at a muggle store with the help of some Polyjuice potion. I then went downstairs and found my mom making her famous blueberry muffins. I kissed her cheek and told her morning and she smiled and told me morning. She then told me that Dad wouldn’t be joining us to take me back to the train station he had an emergency at the hospital, She ran into Neville’s grandmother yesterday and we will be stopping by to pick him up as well so to hurry up and eat. I couldn’t help but noticed my mom had made several dozen worth of muffins and I knew some were for her patients. She then handed me a basket and told me it was for the train ride. We apparated to Neville’s Gram’s house and found Neville waiting on the steps for us to arrive, my mom went in quickly and told his grandmother we were leaving and soon we were at Kings Crossing. Neville and I boarded the train and couldn’t help but notice that there weren’t that many students getting on as there were students who came back with us. We of course got a stall to ourselves where we just talked this time as we ate more of my mom’s muffins. I told him about Harry’s offer and Neville began to glow with excitement about the thought. He told me whither Seamus wanted to or not he would so do it. We arrived at the school and Harry, Ron, and Hermione was waiting for us in the common room. I gave them the rest of the muffins and Ron smiled and told me these were better than his mom’s muffins. I nodded to Harry who instantly got the message that Neville was open to the orgy. I told them I needed to go unpack and go see Madame Pomfrey to let her know I was back and ready to start helping in the infirmary. Harry told me he would go with me because he wanted to see how Colin and Justin were doing.

We got to the Infirmary and I noticed there were a couple more students petrified. I sighed and walked over to Madame Pomfrey who looked like she hadn’t gotten much sleep over the holiday break and I gave her the books my mom wanted me to give her. She smiled weakly and told me thank you and I asked her when she wanted me to start and she said next week would do. Harry whispered in my ear and told me to follow him to the observatory so I did and saw it enchanted with lanterns floating and blankets and pillows spread out on the floor. I smiled at Harry and then kissed him passionately. As I kissed him I heard soft music playing and Harry held me close as we began to slow dance to the music. As we danced we slowly began to strip one another and soon we were both naked and dancing under enchanted lanterns. Once we finished dancing Harry led me to the blanket and laid me down softly on the pillows and began to kiss my whole body passionately. He would stop ever so often to return to my lips and kiss and then suck on my bottom lip. Soon Harry had my cock in his mouth and began to tease me by tracing the pulled back foreskin with his tongue. He caused me to shot my load quicker than I thought he would. He then grabbed my cock and began to sit down on my cock. He slid down on my cock slowly and moaned and gasped as my dick penetrated his ass. We made love for nearly two hours nonstop until I finally shot my load deep within my love of my life. Harry pulled my dick out and I grabbed his cock that was leaking precum like crazy and began to suck on it. Five minutes later I could taste the sweet juice of his dick seeping down my throat. Harry reached above us and grabbed a small present and handed it to me. I looked at him oddly and he told me to open it. I opened it and found a small locket in a jewelry box I told him I couldn’t and he smiled and kissed me saying Merry Christmas. I opened a locket and saw a picture of me and him on one end and one of Harry’s parents. I kissed him passionately and thanked him so much for his present.

We left the observatory around dinner time and headed down to the Dining Hall where we met up with Neville, Seamus, and Ron. I asked where Hermione was and Ron said she said something about needing to check something in the library. We went to the Dining Hall and before we could even sit to eat Professor McGonagall came to Harry and Ron saying to come with her quickly. I looked at Harry who had a confused look on his face. Neville, Seamus and I sat down and ate dinner; I stuffed a sandwich and an apple in a pocket in my robes for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. As Seamus, Neville and me headed up to the Gryffindor common room and Seamus looked at me then at Neville “Neville said that you and Harry were talking about having an orgy with me, him and Ron, I am game I always fantasized of Harry and Ron to be honest, so let me know when you want it and Neville and I will come” he said with a huge smile. I smiled back at him and told him he so had a deal. We got to the common room and I noticed Harry and Ron still weren’t back. I went to Professor McGonagall’s office and knocked on her door she told me to enter. I looked at her and then asked where Harry and Ron were. She told me that Hermione was found just outside the library petrified holding a mirror. I began to feel tears forming in my eyes and she walked to me and told me to go down to the Infirmary and she then told me to please be careful. I ran up to my room grabbed my wand and some chocolate to help ease my nerves. I made it to the Infirmary and found Ron and Harry talking just outside the doors.

Ron saw me first and tapped Harry who turned around and hugged me. He handed me the piece of paper and he said Hermione was holding this. I looked at the paper and saw it said a Basilisk. I looked at him oddly then told him and Ron to come with me right now. We ran to the library and I asked the librarian for a book that would list all dangerous mystical creatures. She pointed me to a book and I grabbed it and looked at it. It said that a basilisk was a snake and if someone came face to face with it would die instantly. It then said something about if someone sees a reflection of a basilisk they would be petrified. We talked a little longer and that’s when Harry told me about the diary he found that belonged to Tom Riddle and about his and Ron’s trip into the forbidden forest. I asked him what he found out there and he told me about Hagrid being taken away because the ministry thinks it is him who opened the chamber of secrets and then he told me about the spiders and I saw Ron cringe at the name spider. We left the library and went to our common room and the place was in complete chaos. Students were talking saying that the school was no longer safe and when they saw Harry they all backed away as if he has a fungus.

The next couple days were not any better parents were showing up at the school taking their children home. I sent my parents an owl with a message telling them I was fine and I will keep them updated as much as possible. I went to Madame Pomfrey and told her I would like to start now if she didn’t mind and she smiled and told me thank you that would be great. It was a couple weeks when things began to get even worse the Ministry of Magic had asked Dumbledore to step down and Lucius Malfoy kept coming to the school. Within a week after Dumbledore left that is when the unbelievable happened, we found out that the creature of the Chamber of Secrets took Ginny the teachers were in an uproar. Ron and his brothers’ were in complete shock. McGonagall told Lockhart he needs to find a way to help Ginny and I saw him run off towards his office. Harry pulled me aside kissed me and told me he needed to go help Lockhart and he and Ron will be back but I am needed here to help Madame Pomfrey. I argued a little but I knew he was right. I told him he has to be careful and to remember not to make eye contact with the Basilisk. I watched them run off after Lockhart as I went back to the Infirmary.

About two hours later Ron came back with Lockhart but something was wrong with him Lockhart couldn’t remember anything. Ron told Madame Pomfrey that Lockhart was going to do a memory lost spell but it back fired on him because he grabbed Ron’s wand. It sent Lockhart flying backwards and he was like this when they got to his feet. I asked Ron where Harry was and he told me still in the Chamber of Secrets. I asked him if he knew if he was okay and Ron admitted he didn’t. I fell back into a chair as the memories of my dream seeped back into my mind. Ron put his arm around me and told me that Harry would be okay we need to trust him. I nodded at him and told him thank you for everything. Madame Pomfrey tried a few spells and potions to try to help Lockhart but nothing worked. All of sudden the fireplace in the Infirmary Office began to flicker and stretch and both my parents appeared. I asked them what is going on and my dad smiled and said they came to help. Madame Pomfrey came over and thanked them for coming and told me to get as many vials I can because Professor Sprout was coming with the Mandrakes.

Soon Professor Sprout came in with the Mandrakes and we all put on ear plugs to drown out their screams and I helped my parents make the potion to turn the petrified patients back. I looked at the clock and noticed Harry still wasn’t back yet. All of a sudden the Infirmary doors flew open and Dumbledore appeared in front of us all. He shook both my parents hands and thanked them for coming and helping at short noticed he looked at Lockhart who was mumbling and looking around saying something about trying to catch flies and he shook his head. He told us he needed to get to his office and told Ron to send and Owl to Azkaban with this letter to release Hagrid. Ron ran to the owlery to get the letter sent. As Dumbledore turned to leave I ran up to him and asked him if he had a moment “Professor I am worried about Harry, he went down into the Chamber of Secrets with Lockhart and Ron and he isn’t back yet. I know Harry can protect himself but I am really worried about him”. Dumbledore put his arm around me and told me to walk with him as he headed to his office. He told me that Harry will be okay and when he comes back he will make sure I knew he was safe. I thanked him and I ran back to the Infirmary where my parents were just finishing the potion to reverse the petrification. I handed the first vial to Filch who never left Mrs. Norris’s bedside. I told him to use an eye dropper and drop it in her mouth and within the hour she should be fine. He thanked me and took the potion and within fifteen minutes my parents, Madame Pomfrey and I managed to give everyone the potion. My parents sprayed it on Nearly Headless Nick since he was a ghost.

All of a sudden I saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley come running into the infirmary asking where Ginny was I told them to have a seat and I will get Madame Pomfrey. As I just turned around Professor McGonagall came in carrying Ginny who looked like she had been through hell. Mr. and Mr. Weasley ran to her bedside and asked if she was okay and she nodded that she was fine. My dad came to Ginny and ran a few tests and he said besides being dehydrated Ginny was fine. My mom gave her some chocolate and some butterbeer and told her to drink up. I asked Ginny where Harry was and she told me with Dumbledore in his office. I asked Madame Pomfrey if she needed me for anything else I needed to go check something and she told me know. I gave my parents a hug and ran out of the Infirmary right on top of Ron. I smiled when he looked into my eyes and said well if you wanted me this bad you just needed to ask. I got up and helped him up and told him Ginny was in the Infirmary and she is find I am going to go find Harry who was seeing Dumbledore. Ron gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said thank you and ran to go see his sister.

As I made it up to the floor where the Headmaster’s office was I saw Lucius walking down the Hallway with a house elf which I thought was a bit odd. I ran to a corner to hide from his sight then I saw Harry running after Lucius and saw him hand him a book with a hole in the middle and Harry saying this belonged to Lucius. Lucius gave Harry a nasty look and threw the book to the house elf to carry. Harry then lifted his pant leg a little and I could see he was missing a sock the house elf caught on and opened the book to find a sock. The house elf that I then learned was Dobby began to jump up and down happily saying he was free that his master presented him with clothing. Lucius was furious he raised his wand to Harry but Dobby stepped in front of him and sent Lucius flying down the hallway past me. I quickly ducked behind the statue I was hiding beside and watched Lucius run off. I stepped out and saw Harry who then saw me. I didn’t care at this point if anyone saw us I ran to Harry and planted his lips to mine and pulled him into a hug. “Oh Harry you do not know how glad I am to see you. I was so worried that I might never see you again” I told him between kisses. Professor Dumbledore appeared between us and cleared his throat to get our attention and I thought we were in trouble. He smiled at us both and put his hands on both of our backs and told us that we need to get to the Dining Hall and then he winked at Harry and me.

We arrived at the Dining Hall where we saw what was left of the students sitting at their assigned House tables. I noticed Draco was nowhere to be found, and Harry and I exchanged a look knowing why. Ron came up and hugged Harry and thanked him for saving Ginny. Dumbledore got the rooms attention and thanked everyone who helped with the students who were petrified and he thanked Madame Sprout for the Mandrakes. As he said that the doors to the Dining Hall opened and in came the students who had been petrified. Hermione was the last to arrive and Ron and Harry got up and hugged her first. Then as she came closer I got up and hugged her and told her how wonderful it was to see her back. She smiled and she told us we will fill her in with everything that happened later. Harry took my hand under the table and held it as Dumbledore told all staff and students what had taken place and that the chamber of secrets is no longer a threat for anyone. Then he told us all exams has been canceled and that due to the incident that has happened school was now over tell the new year. He said by Friday which was in three days the train will be here to take us all home. My parents came over to Harry and me and my dad and mom both hugged him. My dad looked at him and told him he sure did look like his dad and Harry thanked him. My mom then asked if I wanted to leave with them and I looked at Harry and told her that I think I will take the train back with them. My mom and dad gave both Harry and I a hug and told me he will see us later this week.

Once we were alone Harry grabbed me and led me up to our classroom where we first had sex in and began to kiss me passionately and began to tear off my clothing. We had a wild love making session that day one that I will never forget we both filled one another’s asses with our cum. We got dressed and went back to the common room and found Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Seamus, Fred and George all sitting around the fire. Fred looked at us and asked where have we been and I told them my parents insisted that Harry got checked out to make sure he was okay after fighting the basilisk and Fred, George and Ginny bought that but the rest of them looked at us like they knew what we were up to. We all talked until late into the evening until Hermione and Ginny said they were going to bed. Once Fred and George left to their room leaving Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus and I alone in the common room Seamus was the first to ask if we wanted to have some fun. Harry and I shrugged and said okay. So we headed up to the dorm room where Seamus, Neville, Ron and Harry shared and we began to enchant the room so no sound could escape and no one could enter. Once we had done that I grabbed a radio out of my pocket and enlarged it and put on some strip dancing style music and each of us began stripping and teasing one another. We all were hard in no time, both Ron and Harry gasped when they saw how big Neville really was when he was as hard as a rock. We soon began dancing and rubbing our cocks up and down one another’s legs and poking one another in the ass. This led to a five way blow job each one of us laid down on the floor and began giving one another a blow job. Ron was the first to shoot his load, followed by Harry, Seamus, Neville then me. Ron gasped and chocked on Seamus’s sperm and we all laughed and he threw a pillow at us all. Ron then asked if Neville could fuck him and Neville smiled and it ended up in a five long sex section. Neville was plowing into Ron’s ass, Seamus was inside of Neville, I was inside of Seamus and Harry was inside of me. We all shot massive loads that night inside and all over one another and we all took turns fucking one another. By the time we all had fucked or been fucked at least once we fell asleep. Ron, Harry, and I shared Harry’s bed with Harry in the middle and me spooning Harry and Harry spooning Ron. Seamus and Neville were sound asleep in Neville’s bed asleep.

We all woke up the next morning with aching asses but bloody hell it was fun. We all got dressed and I quietly slipped to my room where I found Colin sound asleep. I felt bad that he spent the night alone. I walked up to his bed and stroked his hair out of his eyes and saw him clutching his camera tightly. He woke up and I smiled and told him morning. He asked where had I been and I told him I fell asleep in the chair of the common room. I asked him if he was alright and he told me that he really didn’t want to leave the school since he lived in a boy’s home full of muggles who teased him. I then told him not to worry things will work out. I told him I would be back soon, once I left I knocked on Professor McGonagall’s office and she told me to enter. She smiled and asked what was the meaning of the visit “Professor I am not trying to pry into another student’s lifestyle but I am worried about Collin’s going back to where he lives. I was wondering if maybe you can send my parents a message asking them if they minded him coming back with me” I asked her. She sat the parchment she was reading and looked over her glasses and smiled and told me that is very kind of me to think of another student. She told me she will most definitely send a message to my parents as soon as possible. I thanked her and left where I found Harry, Hermione, and Ron all saying that they were going to go down and see if Hagrid was back yet after breakfast and asked if I wanted to come. I told them I am going to skip the offer and I told them about Colin and Harry smiled and hugged me and told me he loved me.

As we entered the dining hall I saw everyone was talking among themselves so we went and ate our breakfast. The morning mail came in and a message appeared right in front of me and it was addressed to me from McGonagall. I opened the letter and smiled when I read it. My parents were more than happy to allow Colin to come back with me, so I wrote Colin a note and enchanted it to fly to him and when he opened he looked surprised and I could tell he had tears of joy in his eyes. All of a sudden the doors to the dining hall opened and in came Hagrid he apologized for being late it seem the owl that had his letter for release had gotten lost. I saw Ron slip down lower in his seat as I saw Dumbledore look at him and shook his head and laughed. Hagrid hugged us all and we told him we missed him, and Harry told him that he, Ron and Hermione will be down after breakfast to see him. After breakfast Colin and I headed back to our Dorm room where I helped him pack up his things. Once we had our things packed I sat down on the corner of his bed and asked him to sit down I needed to tell him a couple things. He sat down and I told him about my house and my parents. I then told him that I am gay he looked down and told me that he was too that is why the boys at the Boy’s home picked on him. I told him I had a boyfriend and he asked me if it was Harry, I nodded and he asked if we had done anything. I told him we had but to please keep it quiet. He hugged me and told me thank you so much for letting him come home with me. I hugged him back and told him that I wouldn’t let him get hurt anymore.

There was a knock on the door and I saw Harry standing there smiling and looking at us. I told him to come in and he sat on the other side to Colin and took a photo of himself out of his pocket and signed it and gave it to Colin. Colin’s eyes lit up and he hugged Harry and thanked him for the picture. Harry smiled and told him not to mention it, it was the least he can do for him. Harry asked if he could borrow me for a bit and Colin told him of course. Harry smiled and told me to come with him so I did. He led me outside down towards the lake where I saw a romantic picnic already set near the lake. We sat down and ate Lasagna and grapes and some real wine. We then began to kiss and make out as the sun began to set, then we made love underneath the stars in the light of the moon. I was going to miss him over the summer but I knew he needed to go back to his Aunt and Uncle’s place he told me that is part of the agreement they made with Dumbledore when he first started Hogwarts. I knew they treated him wrongly and I told him to please find a way to get me a message. We sat inside one another’s arms as we watched the fireflies dance over the lake. We finally got dressed and made our way back to the castle. McGonagall saw us coming in and asked where we had been and I told the truth we were near the lake. She smiled and ushered us to bed telling us that the train will be here tomorrow morning so we need to get some sleep. As we got to the common room I asked Harry if he wanted to share my bed with me for one last night. He asked if Colin would be okay with the idea and I told him that Colin is on our team and he smiled and said lead the way. We fell asleep naked under my sheets holding one another.

Colin woke us up the next morning telling us that the carriages will be ready to go to the station in two hours. He smiled at Harry and I and I told him to strip and join us. He quickly took his clothes off and jumped into bed with Harry and I. Harry and I decided to have some fun with Colin. Harry slid down and began to kiss and lick Colin’s dick when it was its full size he sprouted a five foot wood. He was moaning and gasping as Harry began to suck on his dick. I began to suck and kiss his nipples and soon we had Colin shooting his load inside Harry’s mouth. Harry kissed Colin and shared his cum that was in his mouth with Colin. We had Colin in complete paradise, I then asked him if he wanted to push his cock up into my ass or does he want one of us to have sex with him. He turned bright red and asked if I could fuck him while he does Harry. Harry and I both smiled at one another and got into position and we began to make love to Colin. He only managed to last for a half hour until I felt his ass tighten up and I knew he was filling Harry’s ass with his cum. This caused me to shoot my load up into Colin who gasped and moaned as my cock fed his ass with my cum. We laid there for several minutes until we finally had to get up and get dress so we could get to the train. Colin kissed us both and thanked us for making him feel loved. Harry and I both told him he is loved and we love him. We made our way to the carriages and we got on the train and we were on our way to Kings Crossing. We got off the train and I pulled Harry away from everyone and kissed him good bye and told him to write me every chance he gets. I watched him leave in a taxi and I felt like a part of me just drove away into the sunset. My mom came up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder and told me that he will be fine. I rested my head on her and told her I know but I miss him. She just hugged me and told me she knows. My mom looked around and saw no muggles around so she flicked her wand and had mine and Colin’s things disappear home and then she led us to a hidden area and we apparated home. When we got home mom suggested I show Colin where he would be sleeping so I showed him the guest bedroom. He saw the bed and smiled and went to it and lay down and told him it was so soft. I helped him unpack and saw he had an old looking teddy bear hidden at the bottom of his trunk. He picked it up and looked embarrassed that he had it. I smiled and took his hand and led him to my room I showed him the bear I had on my bed and he seemed relaxed and more at ease.

We talked and played on my computer until I heard my dad come home and my mom yelled that dinner was ready. We came down and my dad hugged me and then Colin welcoming us home. Dinner was outstanding my mom made a roast with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. My dad asked Colin about his family and he told us that both his parents were Muggles and when they found out what he was they told the courts they no longer could take care of him so he was placed in an all Boy’s home. My dad smiled and told him he is more than welcome to stay with us and Colin smiled and cried with tears of joy. My dad asked him if he knew about me and Colin told him yes and then he told him that he was actually gay too and he is sorry if that would cause any problems. Both my parents got up and hugged Colin and told them there is no problem with it at all. Colin and I cleaned the table and did the dishes then we retired back to my room to finish our game. That night Colin asked if just for tonight if he can stay in my bed with me and I told him yes. We undressed and got into my bed where we kissed some but we fell asleep with him curled up in my arms. I slept soundly that night and dreamed of the night Harry and I first made love.

To Be Continued…