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Hollywood Daddies/Hollywood Boys

The sounds of high pitched, desperate and hungry whimpers and moans, punctuated with lower, more masculine forceful grunts filled the hotel suite. Connor Paolo lay on his back as muscledaddy Chris Meloni stood before the bed, fucking his young, luscious asshole with merciless abandon. Chris Meloni was totally naked, his sculpted, perfectly muscled body flexing and sweating with the force of the fuck. Connor was naked except for a wife beater which was hoisted over his shoulders, revealing his taut, boyish frame as he felt Chris' hard ten inch cock hitting his prostate and eliciting more girlish whimpers of pleasure and pain from the young bottom.

Despite his moans of pleasure, carrying on like a twink being broken in for the first time, this was not a new situation for young Connor. He had first met Chris on the set of "Law & Order SVU" when he did his first guest spot at age 12. But it wasn't until Connor was 16 and he returned to the show that Chris noticed what an irresistible prospect the young actor was turning into, with his cute boyish features, small frame and his come-fuck-me eyes. Connor had lasciviously and deliberately tempted the initially reluctant Chris, licking his lips at him when no one was looking, grabbing his crotch and wagging his eyebrows, lingering touches that held on just a little too long. Despite his determination to stay away from the ten jailbait 16-year-old, Meloni eventually gave into forbidden fruit and fucked Connor in his trailer on the last day of filming. Chris still remembers the way Connor's eyes widened as he was penetrated by his legendary cock for the first time. He remembers how Connor initially winced and grimaced, then moaned, panted and whimpered, begging for more...harder..faster. Now that Connor was 22, they still fucked regularly, satisfying an itch that only each other could scratch and tonight was no different.

"You like that? Huh?" Chris panted, punctuating his taunting with a few extra good thrusts into Connor's wet, leaking boycunt. "You like me fucking that ass?"

"Fuck, yeah!" Connor screamed passionately, his own cock leaking precum all over his belly as he felt the exquisite pleasure of Chris' bone carving in and out of him. "Fuck my ass, daddy. Mmmm...that feels so fucking good!"

Chris began to pick up speed, removing his cock from Connor's hole completely only to shove it back in to the base mere seconds later. This elicited the loudest, most pleasure-filled squeals of delight from Connor, who could feel the familiar heat and tingling radiating through his groin, signaling the home stretch.

"Aaaah! Fuck me! Oh my God, I can feel it throbbing inside of me! Fuck!" Chris began to grunt even louder, fucking the boy faster. He could feel his load boiling in his balls, ready to spew. He reached down and jerked Connor's bouncing boy cock ever so slightly, the lightest of touches and that was enough. Connor through his head back on the pillow. "I'm cumming!" He screamed and let out an ear piercing squeal as his dick began to spew its hot, creamy mess all over his stomach and chest, some even reaching his chin with its force. Contractions and shudders inside of the boy's tight ass began to grip Chris's hot, turgid member like a glove.

"Here it comes, slut!" screamed Chris, pulling his cock out just as it began to squirt its hot jism, coating Connor's hole and balls and eventually adding to the load on his belly and chest as Chris jerked his member all over the boy. They both panted loudly, satisfied as Chris collapsed onto Connor, taking his mouth forcefully with his into a sloppy, wet, post-coital makeout session, their hot sticky cum forming a seal between them. Connor's legs were still shaking from the force of the fuck and his resulting orgasm as Chris kissed him passionately, moving to his neck and licking it. They lay together for a moment, still breathing heavily and caressing each other.

"Fuck, that was amazing," Connor said breathlessly.

Chris looked at him, flashing that million dollar sexy smile. "It always is."

Connor hopped up off the bed, walking around the room naked. Chris stared at his tight teen ass lustfully.

"Going so soon?" he asked as Connor searched around for his pants.

"Yeah. I'm meeting some friends later. Josh and Logan want to go to some Hollywood ass kiss party at some old producer's house. He likes boys and he likes 'em young apparently," Connor chuckled, pulling up his jeans. He was talking about Josh Hutcherson, the cute rising star of the "Hunger Games" franchise and the beautiful, boyish Logan Lerman. The three actors had bonded over war stories about their sexual exploits as they all fucked and sucked their ways to the forefront of young Hollywood. And of course, they sometimes played together along the way.

"Sounds boring," Chris said, sitting up, flexing his muscles as he walked over to Connor. He smiled a lusty smile at the boy. "Maybe you should invite them over here. We could have our own little party." He punctuated his request by wrapping the half-naked young actor in his powerful arms and kissing him forcefully. Connor could feel himself giving in.

"But they'd be all over you..." Connor said, moaning slightly between hot kisses. "You think you can handle all three of us?"

"Well, call them. I'll make some calls too." Chris shot Connor a raised eyebrow. "Maybe it's time for your friends to meet some of my friends."

Across town, the perfect, hairy-chested male specimen that was Jon Hamm was at a penthouse he kept in the Hollywood hills, naked, on his knees, with his sexy, stubbled face buried between the luscious, sculpted ass cheeks of Scott Caan, who lay on his back on the bed in front of him. Though Scott was a young, ripped, surfer God, masculine and dominant by anyone's estimation, he was putty in Jon's hands--or rather, his tongue--screaming and moaning in pleasure as he felt Jon's tongue working its way in and out of his tight asshole.

"Do it. Eat my fucking hole, Jon," he panted. "Mmm....that's so fucking good. Get that hole ready." Jon did just that, intensifying his rimming, licking Scott's ass crack from top to bottom, teasing the hole moments before plunging his tongue back in and then lewdly smacking the cheeks to emphasize his dominance.

"Yeah. You fucking like that, bitch," Jon said between licks. "Everyone thinks you're such a tough guy. But then you come over here. Begging me to lick that ass. Spank that ass. Fuck that ass." He emphasized his point by gently introducing a finger into Scott's quivering, hairy hole. Scott let out a loud wail of pleasure at the sensation of the digit penetrating his hungry pussy.

"I need it so bad..." he whimpered between moans. Jon chuckled at Scott's submissive behavior, forcing his finger deeper into the warm, velvety ass, searching around for Scott's hard love nut. As his finger began to graze the prostate, ever so gently, he felt Scott's body jump, his hard 9 inch cock bouncing and leaking precum in anticipation. Suddenly, their foreplay was interrupted by a phone ringing. Jon fished around for his phone, smiling when he saw who was calling.

"Meloni, you fucker," he chuckled. "You have the worst possible timing." He continued to play absent-mindedly with Scott's ass as he talked to his old buddy/fuckbuddy.

"Get your ass over here," Chris chuckled into the phone. "We're having a little get together. I think you'll be pleased."

"I'm about to fuck Scott," Jon said, smacking Scott's read asscheeks again, eliciting a whimper of pain and delight from Scott.

"Bring him. We need all the top studs we can get."

"Alright. This better be good." Jon ended the phone call and looked up at Scott. "Get dressed, slut."

"Where we going?" Scott asked, looking somewhat disappointed.

"Over to Chris'. Looks like you're gonna be a top for someone tonight. I just gotta make a call." Scott began to pout slightly, though the prospect of fucking some stud was never unappealing to him. "Don't worry," Jon said wickedly. "When we get back, I'll fuck you til you're sore."

In a hotel room not too far away, prime Hollywood hunks Bradley Cooper and Matthew McConaughey were busy having their way with their brand new boytoy, "Glee's" Chris Colfer. Colfer was on his knees while Bradley forcefully fucked him doggystyle, railing in and out of his tender boypussy. Matthew had his thick eight incher stuffed into Colfer's mouth, muffling the boys high-pitched moans of pleasure. Bradley had just met Colfer at the SAG awards just a few nights earlier and knew he had to have him. He quietly propositioned the boy and next thing Colfer knew, he was servicing two of tinseltown's hottest studs, in the middle of a seemingly endless fuckfest.

"Suck that cock, boy," Matthew moaned softly in his southern drawl, facefucking Colfer gently. He removed his cock, making Colfer chase it with his tongue, hitting it against his cheek. He chuckled down at Colfer's begging eyes. "You like Bradley's cock fucking your ass boy?"

"Yes," Colfer moaned loudly. "Please let me suck your beautiful cock."

With that, Bradley, who had been mostly silent up until this point, smacked Colfer's ass hard, eliciting a yelp of surprise from Colfer. "I mean, please let me suck your cock, sir," Colfer corrected himself. Bradley nodded quietly, fucking into Colfer's ass even harder, making the boy moan louder. "That cock feels so good!" He screamed, practically crying as waves of uncontrollable pleasure wracked his tiny body. Matthew quickly muffled Colfer's moans with his rock hard, leaking cock. Bradley's phone began to vibrate on the nightstand. He looked slightly impatient as he reached over and grabbed it.

"What?" His face quickly morphed into a grin as he heard Jon on the other line.

"You fucking somebody?" Jon asked with a laugh.

"You know it," Bradley replied, deliberately and roughly stroking his dick into Colfer's, eliciting more loud squeals from the slut bottom, as if trying to prove his point.

"There's a party about to start. Who you there with?" Jon asked.

"Matthew's here. And get this...we've been double-teaming that little slut from 'Glee' all day,"

"Hot. Well bring them over to Chris's suite. The more the merrier, he says." Jon replied, getting hard at the thought of Bradley fucking Colfer. Bradley nodded, ending the call. He looked up at Matthew, smiling.

"You feel like sharing this little thing tonight?" Bradley continued to thrust in and out of Colfer's tight, luscious hole.

"Could be fun..." Matthew replied, licking his lips. Colfer spit out Matthew's cock upon hearing this.

"Sharing me with who?" he asked. Bradley thrust into him hard and deep, causing Colfer to let out another one of his trademark, high pitched moans.

"You'll see, baby..." Bradley replied, his eyes alight with lust. "You got any little friends who aren't doing anything?"

Less than an hour later, all the guests had gathered in Chris Meloni's suite. Connor had invited Josh Hutcherson and Logan Lerman as promised. Matt and Bradley had arrived with Colfer, who invited his slutty "Glee" costar and occasional fuckbuddy Kevin McHale to join the fun. Jon and Scott rounded out the party. On one side of the room, Chris, Jon, Scott, Matt and Bradley eyed the buffet before them, jerking their hard members in anticipation. It was a site to behold. Five of Hollywood's manliest, sexiest studs and five of Hollywood's sluttiest, boyish young upstarts. Chris licked his lips as he looked at the young, naked flesh. He smiled slightly, turning to the other "daddies."

"Alright gentlemen. Take your pick." He chuckled sexily. "Let the party begin."

End of Part 1. Part 2 Coming Soon!

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