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Hollywood Daddies/Hollywood Boys -- Chapter 2

The party was in full swing as the daddies and their boys let themselves go into a wanton evening of sexual indulgence. In the bedroom of the large hotel suite, stud daddy Chris Meloni had the sexy Josh Hutcherson lying beneath him, pinning his arms over his head in a dominant fashion as he attacked the boy's chest with his tongue. Josh writhed, moaned and panted in exquisite pleasure, his toes curling and uncurling involuntarily as his now fully erect nipples were licked, sucked and lightly bitten by Chris Meloni's expert mouth.

This was all rather new for the young "Hunger Games" actor. He had been a child actor, like Connor, but had maintained a fairly innocent, naïve perspective about the industry. It wasn't until he was on the set of "The Kids Are All Right" that he had his first Hollywood tryst with the hot, furry Mark Ruffalo who had popped his cherry, fucking the young boy into willing submission several times over. Later as the movie was wrapping, Mark advised Josh that, as talented as he was, his boyish sexiness could serve as a great asset. This was certainly the case when Josh found himself one of hundreds of young actors vying for the role of Peeta in "The Hunger Games" franchise. A threesome in the Hollywood hills with two silver-haired casting directors quickly turned the tide in Josh's favor as they spent the long weekend taking turns fucking the young boy, who accepted their big dicks willingly and with pleasure into his awaiting, insatiable boycunt.

"Holy shit..." Josh breathed. "That feels amazing." Chris merely grunted in reply, continuing his oral assault on the young boy, giving his wrists a little extra pinning every time he tried to move. He licked lower down Josh's body, flipping the boy's legs up, revealing a pink, tight, clean, inviting rosebud. He licked his lips before plunging in, licking Josh's crack from top to bottom, eliciting a deep, guttural groan from Josh. Though Connor Paolo was still Chris' number one boy, he couldn't deny the excitement of tasting, feeling, fucking another piece of hot, young, willing Hollywood flesh. Josh was smaller than Connor and brought out even more Chris' dominant, daddy-like tendencies. Plus, it's not like Connor wasn't having his own fun...

On the large sofa on the other side of the bedroom, sexy furry chested Bradley Cooper was seated, legs open while Connor knelt before him on the floor, enthusiastically deep-throating his large, succulent member. Bradley, notoriously the strong, silent type just stared down Connor with his steely, intense eyes as the boy slobbed on his hot, cut 9-inch cock, only occasionally offering a quiet nod of encouragement. Connor was in heaven, savoring the manly taste and heady aroma of Bradley's manliest regions. Bradley had been on a fuck binge with his buddy Matthew McConaughey and Connor could taste the remnants of days worth of hookups on the hot stud. Behind Connor, Matthew knelt, eating the boy's sweet hole forcefully, smacking his now red asscheeks repeatedly. He could taste the vestiges of Chris Meloni's load from earlier in the evening. Despite having taken Chris' mammoth cock earlier in the evening, not to mention countless daddy dicks over the years, the tightness of Connor's hold was a site to behold and Matthew was hooked, digging his tongue past the sphincter, licking it from the inside. Connor spit out Bradley's cock briefly, moaning loudly.

"Mmmm...." he groaned. "That's so good. That's so fucking good." Connor scarcely had time to revel in the pleasure of Matthew's tongue up his boycunt before Bradley leaned down and sternly grabbed him by the chin, forcing their gaze together.

"Who told you to stop sucking my dick?" He demanded, a quiet, sexy authority in his voice. Before a stunned Connor could reply, Bradley was forcing him down on his turgid prick, pushing the back of his head and facefucking the young actor. Matthew chuckled, the vibrations from his laughter going up into Connor's hole, causing him to shiver.

"You being rough with my boy over there?" Chris asked from across the room, a horny smile on his chiseled face. He now stood before Josh, lubing up his dick in preparation while the boy lay on the bed in anticipation.

"He's not your boy right now." Bradley replied with a slight sneer, not taking his eyes off of Connor who was still servicing him. "Isn't that right, baby?" He pulled his cock out of Connor's mouth, making the boy chase it with his tongue, even slapping him across the face with the huge member. "You may speak now."

"I'm all yours, sir." Connor replied quickly. And just as quickly as he answered, he was rewarded with Bradley's huge cock reentering his submissive, cocksucker mouth. Connor, always very adaptable, was learning that Bradley and Matthew liked to be in control even more than Chris. This wasn't going to be a tender lovemaking session. He was in for a rough, deep, hard fuck. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a loud, whimpering moan across the room. He smiled to himself around Bradley's cock, knowing that sound anywhere...

"Oh fuck!" Josh screamed, his eyes widening as he felt Chris' cockhead entering his boyhole, stretching it as it probed him. He had never taken a dick as thick as Chris'. Chris stopped for a moment, just the head inside the boy, letting him adjust to the girth.

"Shh, baby..." Chris said quietly. "You want this fucking dick. You want every inch." He pushed further, burying about half the length of his perfect cock inside of Josh.

"Mmm..." Josh bit his lip as he felt the fullness of cock ravaging his boypussy--a feeling now familiar to him, the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure. His eyes widened as he felt Chris plunge the rest of the cock inside of him.

"Fuck, that's tight." Chris said with his quiet, sexy smolder. "Gonna fuck that boyhole so hard," he added as he found his rhythm, pistoning slowly in and out of Josh's velvety boycunt, reveling in the feeling of the tight boyhole gripping his hardness like a glove. Josh threw his head back, moaning loudly.

"Fu-u-uck!" Josh sobbed. "That's so fucking good, daddy! Fuck me!" He moaned as Chris picked up speed, finding his prostate and mercilessly pounding into it, sending intense electric waves of pleasure throughout Josh's body.

"Yeah?" Chris taunted, giving a few extra hard thrusts into Josh's hole, now fucking with full force. "You want that dick, don't you, boy?" Josh moaned and merely nodded in reply, barely able to form a coherent sentence at this point, he was so lost in pleasure. His own six inch cocklet was rock hard and bounced on his belly, leaking a sticky stream of precum into his brown pubes.

"Fucking say it!" Chris grunted.

"I need it!" Josh wailed. "I need that cock so bad, daddy. It hurts so fucking good. Mmm...fuck me deep!"

"Fuck, that's hot," Bradley said absent-mindedly as he looked at the hot scene on the bed. He looked down at Connor, who was still servicing his prick. He pulled him off of his cock and leaned down, taking the boy's mouth with his in an aggressive, slobber-filled kiss. He could taste his own musty, sweaty cock on Connor's tongue as he deep kissed the boy, both of them moaning into each other's mouths. He looked past Connor at Matthew who was still feasting on the boy's hole. Matthew smiled up at Bradley, knowing what to do next. The Southern heartthrob stood up, his face wet from Connor's pussy. He easily grabbed Connor, lifting him up in his arms, breaking the kiss with Bradley and carrying the boy over to the boy where he flopped him down on his back like a rag doll.

Connor now lay opposite Josh, who was deep into getting his boycunt fucked hard by Chris. He turned his head slightly and began to engage in a sloppy makeout session with Josh, stifling both of their moans of pleasure. Bradley and Matthew stood over Connor, stroking their turgid, ready cocks at the hotness of the scene. Matthew took his rightful place, spreading Connor's legs apart and rubbing the head of his cock up and down the crack. Connor broke his kiss with Josh, looking up at Matthew, a stud he had fantasized about during countless self-service sessions.

"You want this dick?" Matthew drawled, smiling down at Connor who nodded eagerly. He placed the head at the entrance of Connor's hole, pushing forward slightly. Connor's face twisted in pain and pleasure as he whimpered loudly at the intrusion. Bradley watched, lewdly stroking his dick and egging on his buddy.

"Yeah, fuck him. Fuck that hole," he said quietly, smacking Matthew's butt in encouragement. Matthew continued to slowly ease his way into the hole.

"Give it to him," Chris said, smiling as he continued to fuck the living shit out of Josh who was bottomed out now, screaming and carrying on like the slut bottom he was. "Don't go easy on him. He can take it."

Matthew nodded and winked at Chris, heading the advice with gusto as he plunged his full eight inches into Connor's awaiting boypussy, eliciting a loud yelp of surprise from Connor, followed by a litany of moans and squeals. Matthew, always competitive, was trying to match Chris' force thrust for thrust, the result being a chorus of pleasurable whimpering as the daddies fucked their boys mercilessly. Bradley got on the bed, jacking his cock over Josh's face. Josh stuck his tongue out, desperate for the thick juicy member, moaning and panting sluttily.

"Please, sir?" Josh pleaded breathlessly. Bradley smiled down at him, releasing his cock and letting Josh take it in his mouth, sucking it deep and hard as Chris continued to fuck his ass. Chris looked at Bradley. They stared at each other nodding as they plugged the boy on either end. Bradley leaned over, kissing Chris hard on the mouth, their tongues dancing as they violated Josh's willing body. Chris broke the kiss momentarily, looking over at Matthew.

"Oh, come on..." he taunted. "You can give it to him harder than that."

Matthew, accepting the challenge, leaned down, kissing Connor as he plunged his hot, thick cock in and out of his boyhole.

"Put your arms around me," Matthew whispered between kisses. Connor complied, wrapping arms around Matthew's neck. Matthew quickly picked the boy up in the air, still impaled on his dick and began to bounce him up and down hard on his Texan cock, eliciting an earsplitting wail from Connor, who threw his head back and allowed his body to be completely overtaken by Matthew. Chris and Bradley whooped and cheered in enthusiasm, watching Matthew grunt as he thrust in and out of Connor.

"You like that dick?" Matthew asked softly, his voice barely showing exertion. Connor nodded, whimpering and screaming in pleasure.

"Fuck me!" He gasped. "That feels amazing! I need your cock in my hole! Don't stop!"

Matthew smiled lewdly. "I wasn't planning on it." And with that, he began to thrust even harder, his cockhead spearing Connor's g-spot, bringing the boy to new heights of pleasure as he rode Matthew like a bucking bronco. They heard faint moans and groans coming from the other room. Bradley and Chris chuckled at one another.

"Think they're having as much fun as us?" Chris asked before Bradley leaned in for another sloppy kiss, groaning as Josh continued to deepthroat his cock.

...In the living room of the suite, more daddy-boy action was in full swing and it was a sight to behold indeed. The sexy, hairy-chested Jon Hamm lay on his back on the large sofa while Chris Colfer faced him, riding up and down on his thick, rigid cock, letting out high-pitched wails of delight. John was quite a different lover than Bradley Cooper, Colfer had learned. Bradley's fucking, while certainly enjoyable, was forceful, almost impersonal, with very little spoken. John was much more verbal, giving little dirty words of encouragement as he impaled Colfer's boyhole, moving his pelvis up and down to meet the boy's downstroke. He grabbed Colfer's waist, forcing him down on the cock even harder, hitting that special spot inside of him, making him scream in ecstasy.

Ever since getting his big break on "Glee," Colfer had certainly had his fair share of sexual escapades. Being very openly gay in an industry of closeted men, Colfer quickly found himself thrust (no pun intended) into the position of being a go-to bottom boy for many Hollywood A-listers looking to get their rocks off in secret. He was a sure thing, a consummate slut-bottom and word had gotten around. He had already been fucked many times by cast mates Cory Monteith, Mark Sailing, Max Adler and Darren Criss, sometimes all at once. Even Matthew Morrison, usually a bottom-boy himself, couldn't resist sinking his bone into Colfer's hole every so often. But more often than not what Colfer really craved was hot, mature daddy dick ravaging his hole, dominating him, owning him and John Hamm was certainly delivering.

"Fuck..." John grunted. "And I thought Scott was a slut. You love that daddy dick, don't you?"

"Fuck, yes!" Colfer screamed, riding up and down even faster to prove his point. "It feels so fucking good." John smiled. This is what he liked to hear. For as much as he obviously got off on shoving his big daddy dick inside a tight boyhole, it added immensely to his own arousal to watch a sexy young bottom like Colfer getting off on having his dick buried deep inside of him, rubbing spots he didn't know were there, causing pleasure thought impossible. John was notorious for making his bottoms cum without even touching their own dicks and he knew this would be no exception. Colfer's cock, a surprisingly impressive seven inches, was rock hard, bouncing up and down on John's stomach, leaking precum into his treasure trail with each downward thrust.

John sat up, wrapping his arms around Colfer's body, pulling the boy to him as he thrust up into his rectum even harder. Colfer's mouth hung open, his voice now hoarse from screaming in pleasure at this point. John wanted to take control now and Colfer was more than willing to let him as he felt John's powerful upward piston motion, bringing him closer and closer to the brink.

"I love fucking boys like you..." John grunted, his face sweating. "So fucking tight..." He leaned forward, attacking Colfer's sensitive nipples with his tongue, circling all around them, moving back and forth. Colfer felt like he might die of ecstasy. He felt like every nerve in his body was alight with pleasure as John stimulated him from head to toe.

"Your cock is so good..." he moaned breathlessly. "Fuck me-e-ee!" He wrapped his arms around John's neck, sobbing blissfully into his daddy's shoulders as John continued to plunder his tight, leaking boyhole. John turned his attention to the large table in the middle of the room, chuckling.

"Having fun over there, boys?"

He was talking to Scott Caan, who had Kevin McHale laid out on the table on his back as he fucked him hard. Logan Lerman was on his knees behind Scott, feasting on the muscle stud's hairy asshole with delight while stroking his own seven inch cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me..." Kevin chanted, feeling Scott's thick length stretching his insides. He stroked his dick in time with Scott's hard, authoritative thrusts. Scott, hardly a wordsmith, mostly grunted and moaned as he stared down at Kevin. He was surprised at the definition of the young bottom's body. Not at all what he expected from the actor who portrayed the dorky, wheelchair-bound character on "Glee." He was quite the cut little stud in his own right, which made the domination all the more satisfying for Scott. He reached down and began to twitch and play with Kevin's nipples, driving the bottom even more crazy.

"Fuck, that's hot..." Kevin breathed. "That feels so good."

"So fucking tight..." Scott whispered. "Your ass is mine." With that, he began to fuck even harder into the hole, causing the table to shake and Kevin to moan even louder. Though Scott had initially had his heart set on getting his own man pussy railed by John Hamm that night, he was happy to fulfill his role as a forceful, muscle-top while his ass got attention from Logan, who was deftly probing his hole, causing him unbelievable pleasure.

"Eat my fucking ass, slut!" Scott moaned over his shoulder. "You like that sweaty hole?" Not wanting to take his mouth off of the delicious, hairy mancunt, even to reply, Logan simply responded by giving Scott's ass a powerful smack. Scott's face registered surprise. Normally he loved getting spanked and this time was no different, but he was surprised to have it come from such a little twinkboy.

"Yeah," John encouraged as he continued to fuck Colfer's hole. "He fucking loves that. Smack his ass again." Logan complied, giving Scott's other cheek a hard smack. Scott let out a loud pleasurable groan, thrusting even harder into Kevin with each smack. Logan continued to force his tongue into Scott's delectable hole, savoring the clean, musky taste of a real man--not something he got to experience often with the boys his own age he fucked around with.

Logan's own cock was leaking and hard to full mast at this point as he stroked it slowly, not wanting to cum anytime soon. Though he was innocent-looking and boyish in appearance, Logan surprisingly found himself topping more often than bottoming. First introduced to the sex party circuit by his buddy Connor, Logan seemed uniquely adept at finding older, submissive studs, desperate for young twink cocks in their holes. While filming "The Three Musketeers," the young stud could often be found in Orlando Bloom's trailer, fucking him doggystyle while Orland screamed into a pillow. He had even fucked Russell Crowe once on the set of "3:10 to Yuma," which he came to find later was quite a feat as Russell was almost exclusively a top. Now as he buried his face between the perfect, muscular asscheeks of Scott Caan, he couldn't help but feel that familiar twinge of desire--that need to sink his throbbing young cock into a waiting, twitching manhole.

"Fuck, that tongue feels so good!" Scott moaned loudly as he fucked into Kevin. "C'mon...eat that ass boy. Lick my hairy hole..." It seemed the more Logan ate his ass, the harder Scott fucked Kevin, who at this point was beside himself, whimpering, moaning, begging for more hard cock, never wanting the fucking to end.

"Damn..." John murmured to Colfer. "Your buddy's really getting fucked." Colfer simply nodded in reply, letting out intermittent moans as John continued to fuck his ass with abandon. He now had Colfer laid out on his back, with one leg hoisted above his shoulder as he fucked the young TV star's hole with long, hard deliberate strokes, aiming specifically for his sensitive prostate.

"AAAH...holy shit! Oh my God. Fuck me!" Colfer chanted.

"Yeah? Tell me something..." John grunted, wiping sweat from his face. "Tell me who owns this ass."

"You do!" Colfer moaned.

"I do what?" John asked teasingly, fucking him even harder. Colfer gasped, his eyes widening as John picked up the pace. "Come on! I do what?" John repeated forcefully.

"You own my fucking ass! I'm a fucking slut!" Colfer replied. "Give me that fucking dick! You own this ass! I'm yours!"

John replied by leaning down and kissing Colfer deeply and sensuously, his tongue tasting every inch of the boy's mouth.

"That's right," he breathed right in Colfer's face. "And daddy's gonna make that ass feel real good, boy..." With that, John began an even more forceful fucking motion, practically doing push-ups into Colfer's hole. Colfer sobbed uncontrollably, his body on fire with pleasure as John continued to fuck the living shit out of him.

Hearing Colfer's moans of pleasure were too much for Logan as he stood up, taking his place behind Scott's meaty ass. He jacked his dick, sliding it up and down the crack, teasing the hole. Scott looked over his shoulder, panting.

"What are you doing back there?" He demanded.

"Fuck him, boy." John encouraged, locking eyes with Logan from across the room. "Fuck his ass good. He needs it." That was all the pep talk that Logan needed. With that, he aimed his cockhead at the hole and slammed into Scott's ass, eliciting a deep, guttural moan from Scott.

"Fuck!" Scott screamed. He hoisted Kevin's legs closer to his chest, fucking his bottom even harder. Logan continued to plunge in and out Scott's tight velvety hole as the three actors formed a daisy chain. "That thing is fucking thick!" Scott moaned loudly, though he was hardly complaining.

"Yeah," Logan grunted as he fucked the older bottom. "Russell Crowe said the same thing. Now take it..." With that, he began to piston rapidly in and out of Scott, causing the muscle stud to tremble and fuck his own bottom even faster.

John laughed as he watched. "We've got a mouthy little fucker on our hands!" He encouraged as Logan fucked Scott in short, rapid strokes, hitting Scott's prostate with every stroke. The stimulation in his manpussy, combined with the feeling of Kevin's tight boycunt around his own cock proved to be too much for Scott.

"Fuck!" He screamed loudly. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" He continued to pump his cock into Kevin, who was on the verge himself and began to jack his dick faster in time with Scott's lust-fueled thrusts. Scott threw his head back and let out a loud war cry as his cock began spewing its hot seed, coating Kevin's insides with white sticky spunk. There was so much that it leaked out of Kevin's hole, around Scott's hard leaking cock.

"I'm close!" Kevin screamed as the feeling of Scott's hot, copious load in his ass sent him over the edge. "Here it comes!" His cock erupted its own load all over his stomach and chest in about four powerful spurts.

"That's fucking hot!" John grunted as he continued to pile drive into Colfer's ass. Colfer was on the home stretch as well, his wails and moans getting higher and louder as John's sweet, deliberate fucking brought him to the brink.

"Oh fuck!" Colfer screamed, throwing his head back with surprise as his cock began spurt its load and he experienced his first ever hands-free orgasm. "Oh my God...Oh my God..." Colfer chanted, his chest heaving up and down breathlessly as John smiled down at him, admiring his own work. He pulled out his still hard cock (he hadn't cum yet) and leaned down and licked Colfer's load off of his belly before traveling up to his face and kissing him, mixing Colfer's cum with their spit as he frenched the boy. He broke the kiss, smiling at Colfer.

"I bet none of those little 'Glee' boys ever fucked you like that." He said with a wink. Colfer chuckled, still panting and shook his head. Truly, they hadn't.

They were interrupted by the sound of Logan's ensuing orgasm as he pulled his hard cock out of Scott's now abused hole and began to spew his hot, sticky load in ribbons all over Scott's back.

"Fuck..." Logan breathed. "That was fucking awesome." John watched as Logan patted Scott's ass lovingly, chuckling to himself. He attempted to walk past John and Colfer into the bathroom but was stopped by John gently grabbing his ankle.

"Whoa. Where do you think you're going, boy?" John asked with a horny smile. He stood up, grabbing Logan forcefully. "You're not done yet." Logan looked down at the hard, swinging horsecock between John's legs and smiled, sinking to his knees...

Back in the bedroom, Bradley and Chris now had Josh doggystyle on the bed. Bradley was fucking his ass while Chris fed him his huge dick. Even with Chris' huge member in his mouth, Josh's moans and grunts of pleasure could still be heard as his ass was probed deep by Bradley's exquisite cock.

"Take that fucking cock, bitch," Bradley grunted, allowing himself to get more verbal. "Take it." He smacked Josh's ass gently as his cock plunged in and out of the hole.

Matthew and Connor continued their fucking on the bed, only inches away. Connor couldn't believe Matthew's stamina. He had fucked him in nearly every position and had shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Now, he had Connor laid out on his side while he spooned him from behind, fucking his cock swiftly in and out of Connor's hot teen hole.

"Oh fuck!" Connor screamed. "Damn, that cock is so fucking huge!"

"Yeah..." Matthew said with a cocky smile. "All the boys love it." He fucked him hard and fast, reaching over and jerking Connor's hard, leaking boycock.

"Fuck!" Connor screamed, feeling his orgasm approaching. "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum!"

"Fuck, yeah..." Matthew said softly. "Cum for daddy. Let it go, baby." Connor squeezed his eyes shut and screamed loudly as his seed began to erupt out of his cock, coating Matthew's hand with his sweet boy nectar. Matthew brought his spunk covered hand to Connor's mouth, letting the boy eat his own cum off his fingers as he fucked him faster.

"Here it comes, boy!" Matthew grunted as his own cock began to spew its load inside of Connor's tight leaking pussy. He collapsed onto his back, panting, pulling Connor close to him and kissing the boy forcefully. Bradley watched this scene, smiling.

"How was it?" Bradley asked chuckling.

"Fucking great." Matthew replied, stroking Connor's face softly.

"You done for the night there, buddy?" Chris asked, forcing Josh's head even further on his hard prick.

Matthew flashed his famous, shit-eating grin. "Not even close, man." And it was true. Even though Matthew had just cum, his dick was still at full mast, ready for action. Bradley pulled out of Josh with a loud pop.

"That's good," Bradley said to Matthew as Chris took his place and began to fuck a moaning, whimpering Josh's ass mercilessly. Bradley crawled over to Matthew and Connor, reaching between Connor's cheeks and probing the now leaking, cum-filled twat with his fingers. Connor moaned reflexively at the intrusion.

"How much of a slut is your boy here, Chris?" Bradley asked, grinning mischievously at Connor who was still panting and recovering from his explosive fuck and orgasm with Matthew.

"One of the best I've seen," Chris winked down at Connor while still giving it good and hard to Josh's hole.

"Think he can handle more than one cock up there?" Bradley dug his probing finger even deeper into Connor's hole.

Connor looked at Bradley's glistening, hard cock, still wet with Josh's ass juices. The thought was too enticing. With that, he got up on his knees, doggystyle, wagging his leaking ass hole at Matthew and Bradley.

"Only one way to find out..." He teased. Bradley and Matthew looked at each other, grinning excitedly while Chris chuckled and began to rail into Josh's boypussy even harder.

"Fuck!" Josh wailed. "Fuck me daddy!"

"Music to my ears..." Chris said, leaning down and licking Josh's ear as he dug deep into the boy's hole. This was gonna be a good night...

End of Part 2. More Coming Soon!

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