Disclaimer: This story is completely fictions and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexualities of the individuals involved. Also, this story depicts unprotected sex, but is not meant as an endorsement of such behavior. Play safe and play smart. Enjoy!

Hollywood Daddies/Hollywood Boys

Loud, high-pitched animalistic whimpers of pain and pleasure echoed throughout Chris Meloni's sex suite. In the living room area, "Glee's" Chris Colfer lay on his back on the large table, his legs hoisted lewdly over the broad, muscular shoulders of hairy muscle-stud Scott Caan. Scott thrust his thick 9-inch member in and out of Colfer's stretched hole, making the slutty bottom boy cry out in bouts of unremitting ecstasy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh my God..." Colfer chanted. He had been fucked by Jon Hamm less than half an hour before and by Bradley Cooper earlier in the evening, but he couldn't seem to satisfy the hunger in his hole for dick. Scott was plunging into him forcefully, staring intently down at Colfer, his eyes glazed over with an almost rageful lust. This was not a sensuous, deliberate fuck like he had been given by Jon. It was the manic, endless piledriving of a caveman determined to get his load off and Colfer was enjoying every minute of it. Scott remained mostly silent, letting out the occasional grunt of determination or sexy taunt.

"Fucking slut," Scott panted. "Can't get enough of this, can you?" Colfer shook his head no in reply as he continued to wail and carry on, his body wracked with sensation as Scott's cockhead repeatedly smashed into his prostate, sending seismic waves of pleasure through his tiny body. Colfer was on his third fuck of the evening and he knew it would not be his last. His one-night record was six tops. He remember the night he won the Golden Globe and he found himself at a star-studded Hollywood after-party where he ran into the sexy, chiseled Ryan Gosling. Ryan invited him to a private party where the young, awestruck bottom served as an all-night cum dump for Ryan, James Franco, Mark Wahlberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner. That night they had used his ass repeatedly, so much so that Colfer could hardly walk the next morning, but it had been a highly pleasurable, unforgettable experience.

Scott spanked Colfer's ass playfully, bringing him back to reality and eliciting a contented whimper from the young, boyish TV star. Scott was loving this, he had to admit. He moved seamlessly between sexual dominance and submission, but when the conquest was a tiny little thing like Colfer, there was no question as to what Scott's role was and he was happy to fulfill it. He had already fucked Colfer doggystyle, had him ride up and down on his dick and fucked him up against the wall of the suite, biting and whispering in his ears as he penetrated the tight, young boyhole.

"You want a break, baby?" Scott breathed, slowing down the pace of his thrusting somewhat. Colfer nodded reflexively, unable to deny that he was sore. A devilish grin spread across Scott's face as he picked up his momentum again, removing his cock completely and shoving it back in hard. "Well, too bad. Because I ain't nowhere near done yet," he said with a sinister chuckle as Colfer's eyes widened and he began to moan and squeal anew. Scott looked over his shoulder, licking his lips at the hot scene that was playing out across the room...

Colfer's dorky, but adorable co-star Kevin McHale lay on the sofa, his legs up in the air as Jon Hamm feasted on his tight, delectable asshole. Scott had dumped a load inside of Kevin earlier and Jon was savoring the ripe, distinctive taste of a recently fucked boy, his stubble rubbing against Kevin's sensitive crack, causing him to shiver and moan with pleasure. Below Jon, lying on the floor was the sexy Logan Lerman, who took Jon's dick into his waiting mouth, sucking on the turgid length, teasing the head, eliciting grunts of approval from Jon. Logan slowly jerked his own impressive boydick as he feasted on Jon's, pinching his nipples and moaning in pleasure at the hotness of the scene. Jon momentarily removed his face from Kevin's sweet hole, letting out a deep loud groan of ecstasy.

"Suck that dick, boy..." Jon breathed, looking down at Logan, making eye contact with the young stud. "Fuck, that's good." Jon chuckled to himself. "You're a born cocksucker, aren't you?" Logan nodded in reply, not wanting to take his mouth off of Jon's perfect cock for even a moment to give a verbal reply. Kevin thrust his hips forward eagerly, silently demanding more attention for his hole.

"Mmmm..." Kevin moaned. "Tease my hole, daddy," he breathed softly. Jon smacked Kevin's ass lightly.

"Bossy little bottom, aren't you?" Jon teased, circling around the hole with his finger before finally penetrating the still tight orifice, sinking his digit deep into Kevin's boycunt. Kevin's eyes widened as Jon went deeper, finding his prostate and rubbing it incessantly. He threw his head back, moaning loudly.

"Fuck, that's hot..." Scott said absent-mindedly as he watched, thrusting even harder into Colfer to emphasize his growing horniness. Scott knew firsthand what it felt like to have Jon pleasing his hole. Though a dominant, stern top, Jon seemed determined to take the care and effort to make sure his bottoms experience exquisite, earth-shattering orgasms as well. No one had ever made his hole feel the way Jon had. Kevin began to whimper like a young girl in heat as Jon thrust his finger in and out of the hole, faster and faster, hitting his love button every time.

"Finger that hole, daddy!" He screamed. "That feels so-o good! Fuck...mmm!" Kevin bit his lip and pinched his nipples.

"Yeah? You think you're ready for another dick in that tight hole?" Jon asked, introducing another finger to his anal stimulation of Kevin. Kevin nodded vigorously. "Tell me how much you want it," Jon demanded.

"I fucking need it. I need to get fucked bad, daddy..." Kevin whimpered. "Please..." Jon sneered, adding a third finger to Kevin's boypussy.

"Yeah. Nice, tight fucking hole." Jon said quietly. "You're gonna get fucked so hard." He removed his fingers, marveling at how the expanded hole opened and closed, almost winking at him in anticipation. Jon stood up, removing his dick from a whining Logan's mouth

"Please let me suck your cock, daddy," Logan said softly, his eyes practically begging. Jon laughed at the boy's submissive attitude, especially after fucking Scott so dominantly earlier.

"Get up," Jon sneered, stroking his own cock lewdly. "The boy said he wants to get fucked. Give him what he wants." Logan obediently got up on his knees and positioned his hard, dripping boycock at the entrance of Kevin's hole, which was wet from Jon's oral assault. He popped the head in and Kevin's eyes widened, then he let out a long, contended groan as he felt the full length sinking into his luscious, tight pussy.

"Mmm..." Kevin moaned loudly, jerking his own hard cock slowly. "Fuck me, Logan. C'mon, do it harder." Logan obliged, ramming his length in and out of Kevin's hole, eliciting even louder moans of pleasure from his bottom. Jon and Scott laughed as they watched the two boys fucking, Jon stroking Logan's dimpling ass as the boy thrust in and out of Kevin's most intimate regions.

"Fuck..." Scott breathed, picking up the pace of his own fucking, grabbing Colfer's legs and hoisting his ass even higher as he piledrived into the willing, slutty bottom. Colfer let out a high pitched squeal of shock at the change in force, eventually getting adjusted to the pleasure of the new rhythm.

"Fuck me! Mmm!" Colfer screamed. "I can feel it throbbing inside of me, Scott!" Scott smiled, happy to have the boy slutting out on his dick, begging for it, craving it.

Jon couldn't help but get ideas as he watched Logan's ass, licking his lips and stroking more vigorously.

"Tell me something, Scott," he said with a wicked grin. "Did this boy here ask your permission when earlier when he starting ramming that boycock into your hole?" Scott replied with a smirk and a shake of his head. Jon chuckled.

"He loved it, though..." Logan grunted, the exertion showing in his voice as he tried to concentrate on the anal assault he was giving Kevin.

"Still..." Jon said, feigning consideration. "I think this boy needs to be punished. Don't you, Scott?"

"Fuck, yeah..." Scott replied.

With that, Jon positioned himself behind Logan, who's face began to register a look of worry. Jon leans forward, taking in the Logan's sweet, fresh scent, licking his ear, making Logan shudder and moan with anticipation.

"What are you doing?" Logan demanded breathlessly.

"I've come across my share of mouthy little twink boys like you," Jon said quietly, his eyes alight with excitement as he lined his hard, pulsating cock up with Logan's hole. "I know what you need..." With that, he pushed forward, the head entering Logan's tight, as yet (for this evening) unused hole. Logan's eyes widened at the shock of the intrusion.

"Oh, fuck!" He groaned, fucking himself on Jon's pole unwittingly, unable to slow down his fucking motion into Kevin. "It's too big," Logan added breathlessly.

"Shh, shh..." Jon said as he began a slow, deliberate, deep fucking motion, hitting Logan's sweet spot. "You're going to be fucking begging for it in a second." Jon smiled, looking over at Colfer who was watching the scene in sensory overload, jerking his own cock, reveling in Scott's fucking of his hole. "Isn't that right?" Jon asked Colfer, with a wink. Colfer nodded, letting out a groan of pleasure as Scott prodded deeper into his ass.

Jon chuckled, then smacked Logan's ass forcefully before beginning a faster, more aggressive fucking motion. Logan began to whimper, his bravado and dominance stripped away, even as he fucked Kevin's ass with gusto. Jon heard the familiar sounds of a bottom becoming addicted to his throbbing cock and smiled with satisfaction.

"You like that, boy?" Jon demanded, punctuating the question with deep, long strokes, hitting Logan's sweet spot with each thrust. Logan, barely able to form words at this point, simply nodded between high-pitched, almost girlish yelps of pleasure as his body was stimulated on both ends. This wasn't good enough for Jon, who began to fuck him even deeper.

"Fuck!" Logan screamed. "That's so fucking good, sir." Jon nodded.

"Yeah, bitch," Jon breathed, groaning as he felt Logan's tight, young boycunt gripping his huge member. "You just needed to be broken in..." Logan's moans and whines of pleasure added to the symphony of boy sluts in the living room, reeling at the exquisite pleasure of having their asses stuffed with hard cock...

In the bedroom, Chris Meloni was standing up, holding Josh Hutcherson in his arms, bouncing the young bottom up and down on his cock, grunting forcefully. Josh was beyond words at this point and had been reduced to a mess of blissful, loud sobs of pleasure as his prostate was speared repeatedly by Chris' mammoth cock as it invaded his young, tight asshole. Sweat dripped off of Chris's body as he fucked the boy, making his taut, well-muscled body glisten sexily. Between Chris and Josh's fucking and the scene on the bed across the room, the air in the bedroom of the suite was beginning to hang heavy with the hot, erotic aroma of mansex.

On the bed, Connor Paolo was embarking on a sexual journey new to even this slutty young bottom, who had seen his share of erotic escapades. He winced slightly as he straddled Bradley Cooper, who lay on his back with his turgid prick pointed in the air. Matthew McConaughey knelt on the bed, jerking his dick, watching as Bradley's cockhead entered Connor's tight asshole.

"Holy shit..." Connor breathed as he slid down on the cock. "That thing is fucking thick." Bradley looked up at Connor lustfully, licking his lips as the boy slutted out on his hard member. Connor tried to ease himself down on it slowly, but Bradley, always a forceful, take-charge top was having none of that. He grabbed Connor's waist, sliding him down, forcing the full length inside of his waiting boypussy. Connor let out a wail of surprise and pleasure as the cockhead hit his prostate.

"You might as well get used to it, boy," Bradley said with a devilish smile. "There's a lot more where that came from." He winked at Matthew when he said that, knowing what was coming next for the experienced young bottom. Connor began to bounce up and down on Bradley's dick, staring down into the hairy-chested top's piercing, distinctive eyes as he rode him. Bradley thrusted upwards, meeting the boy's riding motion, doubling the force of their fuck.

"That feels so fucking good!" Connor moaned loudly, shutting his eyes tightly, leaning back on his hands and letting his legs do the work as he raised and lowered himself on the now legendary Hollywood dick.

"Fucking right it does," Bradley sneered, smacking Connor's asscheeks with both hands, gripping his ass and plunging him down even faster. "You think you're ready for more?" Bradley asked. Connor nodded. Double penetration was something that Connor had long fantasized about, but never experienced. As he felt Bradley thick cock stretching his rectum and he watched Matthew jerking his own gargantuan member in preparation, he wondered if he had possibly bitten off more than he could chew. However, he had yet to meet a sexual challenge that he didn't enjoy. If he could take these two monster cocks up his ass, surely he could handle anything.

Matthew got behind Connor, positioning himself for insertion right alongside Bradley's thick cock. While this was a new experience for Connor, it was hardly the case for Bradley and Matthew, who had double penetrated a number of eager young bottoms. While filming "Magic Mike" last year, Matthew had fucked the insatiable young ass of newcomer Alex Pettyfer many times over. Alex was known around Hollywood as one of the most notoriously indiscriminating bottoms, giving his ass up to any and everyone, often in the interest of landing roles. Even Matthew, whose sexual appetites were pretty healthy in their own right, was shocked by how it seemed like Alex just couldn't get enough cock in his hole. He knew he had to share the boy with his buddy Bradley, who was there in a flash to double-fuck the young upstart all night long after a long day of filming. Matthew remembers having to cover Alex's mouth, he was screaming with pleasure so loudly. That was his favorite aspect of the act. Even the sluttiest bottom boys were never quite prepared for the delicious mix of pain and pleasure that a double penetration ass stretching brought. As Matthew pushed forward, popping his cockhead into Connor's awaiting hole, he knew this would be no different.

"Aaaah...." Connor winced. "Fuck!"

"Take it baby..." Matthew whispered, kissing Connor's neck. "Trust me. You'll fucking love it." Matthew felt Bradley's cock rubbing against his own inside of Connor as he pushed deeper, burying more of his fat 9-incher inside of the boy. Connor's moans crescendoed steadily, rising in volume and pitch as Matthew and Bradley began to fuck him in earnest, stimulating his prostate, stretching his hole and filling him up beyond belief. He was completely at the mercy of these two powertops and slowly, but surely growing to love every second of it as the sensations coursed through his body.

"Damn, baby," Chris chuckled, loving the sight of his boy being double-fucked by Bradley and Matthew. "Take those fucking dicks." The scene made him so horny, watching the young boy who he had first broken in reduced to such depravity. Chris, in his own horniness, leaned against the wall and began to thrust more earnestly into Josh's already battered, stretched hole.

"Fuck me, daddy!" Josh screamed, whimpering with pleasure. Connor had told Josh that Chris was an unbelievable fuck, but nothing could have quite prepared him for the deep dicking he was getting from this studdaddy.

"Yeah, you love that fucking dick. Don't you, boy?" Chris taunted. "Boys like you can't get enough of this." Josh believed him as he felt his insides being worked over. His own hard dick bounced in time with Chris's thrusting.

"It's so fucking good..." Josh moaned, tightening his grip around Chris's neck, burying his head in the daddy's shoulders as Chris continued to fuck the living shit out of him.

"So fucking tight..." Chris breathed, his face dripping with sweat as he dug his monster cock deeper into the boy's hole. "You won't be able to walk after I'm done with you, boy."

On the bed, Bradley and Matthew were really long-dicking Connor now, making the slut-bottom scream as his hole was ravaged. Bradley's eyes glazed over in pleasure, the sensation of Connor's tight hole combined with Matthew's hot cock rubbing up against his own felt incredible.

"Fuck, Chris..." Bradley moaned, chuckling slightly. "This is one hot boy you've got here. He can't get enough fucking cock."

"Fucking right, he can't." Chris replied. Connor felt a little swell of pride, wailing gleefully as he took both cocks like a champ. Matthew leaned forward, grabbing Connor's face as he fucked the boy, forcing him to turn his head so he could give the boy a sloppy, wet kiss, which Connor gladly accepted.

"You fucking like that?" Matthew demanded with a sinister grin. "You like having two big dicks in that hot little hole?"

"Fuck, yes!" Connor screamed. "Fuck me! Oh my God, it feels amazing!"

"Want it harder?" Matthew teased.

"Mmmmm!" Connor moaned, nodding frantically. "Give me all you got..." Matthew and Bradley exchanged mischievous smiles as they began to really powerfuck Connor, focusing their cock heads on his prostate.

"Oh, fuck!" Connor bellowed, his own hard dick slapping against Bradley's taut, hairy stomach as he was fucked into realms of unspeakable ecstasy.

"Take. Those. Cocks," Bradley punctuated his fucking motions with his forceful, dominant words. "Fucking take it, you little slut." Connor felt the familiar warmth radiating throughout his groin as the fuck became too much for him. The cum inside his balls was reaching a boiling point as the young stud approached his third orgasm of the evening.

"Fuck!" he yelled. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" With that, his hard, dripping cock began to spew its load all over Bradley's hairy, muscled stomach and chest as Bradley and Matt whooped and cheered with encouragement. Even after cumming twice before in one evening, Connor's dick still spewed copious amounts of boy jism all over Bradley in three powerful spurts. Matt leaned over Connor, high-fiving Bradley, the two dominant powertops proud of yet another conquest.

Connor's post-orgasmic bliss was interrupted by the sound of Josh's escalating moans and whimpers as Chris brought him closer to the edge. Chris reached down, stroking Josh's cock forcefully.

"Yeah?" Chris said, thrusting in rapid, deep strokes. "You gonna fucking cum for me, boy? Daddy gonna make you cum?"
"Fuck yes! Oh my God!" Josh threw his head back, letting out an earsplitting wail of pleasure as his cock exploded all over Chris' hand and chest, coating the already sweaty daddy with about four spurts of thick, white seed. Josh continued to moan as Chris mercifully slowed the pace of his fucking, finally settling down, cradling the trembling boy on his cock. Chris stared at Josh, smiling lewdly.

"How was that, boy?" He inquired, knowing full well the answer.

"Fucking great," Josh replied breathlessly, leaning in for a deep, tongue-filled kiss. Chris broke the kiss, still holding Josh and looked over at the trio on the bed with a horny smile.

"Let's go see what our friends are up to."

In the living room, the party continued in full force and now all the daddies and boys were gathered in one place. Jon continued to fuck a screaming Logan, who in turn fucked Kevin's hole. Chris had positioned his dick, which was covered in Josh's ass juices from their fuck, over Kevin's face and was being orally serviced enthusiastically by the young bottom. Jon and Chris smiled at each other, marveling at their total dominance of these hot young studs who were completely at their service.

Scott continued to fuck Colfer on the table and was close to bringing the boy to his second orgasm of the evening as he railed his thick, juicy prick in and out of his hole.

"I'm close!" Colfer moaned sluttily, jerking his cock which was dripping with precum. Scott stared intently down at him, focused on getting the slutty little bottom off.

Across the room, Josh and Connor were on their knees, going back and forth between Matthew and Bradley's hard dicks, sucking one, then switching off to suck the other. Matthew and Bradley leaned over the boys, engaging in a wet, deep makeout session, playing with each other's nipples and enjoying the hot young mouths on their juicy, rock hard cocks. The room was a litany of sexual groans and moans of pleasure--quite a hot scene to behold. Colfer's screams cut through the chorus as he began to cum all over himself.

"I'm cumming!" He wailed as Scott fucked the cum out of him, coating his stomach and chest with hot, white jizz.

"Fuck, that's hot..." Scott whispered, slowing down his fucking.

Logan was next to cum, the combined sensation of Jon's rock hard prick invading his boypussy and Kevin's tight hole gripping his cock becoming too much. He let out a loud whimper of pleasure as he began to unload inside of Kevin. He pulled his hot, pulsating cock out just as the last spurt of boycum was forced out, landing on Kevin's belly. Jon leaned forward, kissing the boy's neck and whispering dirty nothings in his ears as his cock was still buried to the hilt inside of him.

Kevin was the last of the boys to cum, exploding all over his chest as he jacked his thick cock, his ecstatic, orgasmic moans muffled around Chris' thick cock shoved deep in his throat.

"Good boy," Chris said with a horny sneer, rubbing the back of Kevin's head as he watched the boy unload his thick cream all over himself.

Jon removed his hard prick from Logan's hole, causing the boy to gasp at the sudden emptiness. "Get up," he ordered, pulling Logan over to where Josh and Connor were on their knees, servicing Bradley and Matthew. Chris and Scott followed suit, grabbing Kevin and Colfer and also positioning them on their knees with the other boys. The daddies jerked their dicks furiously, forming a circle around the boys who watched the scene on their knees, licking their lips in anticipation of what was to come.

"Here it comes!" Jon bellowed, shooting his load all over Connor's face, painting his boyish features with his thick, manly load. Chris was neck, exploding with a loud groan all over Logan.

"Fuck!" He screamed. "Take that load, boy." Logan licked his lips, tasting the sweet cum as it dripped down his lips. Scott was next, his cum landing on Colfer's face and chest, mixing with Colfer's own load. Colfer moaned slightly, leaning forward and sucking the vestiges of sperm from Scott's leaking prick. Finally, Matthew and Bradley came in unison, grunting softly as their cum sprayed all over Josh and Kevin's faces. The boys accepted the cum shower willingly and with pleasure, marveling at these sexy daddies giving them their piping hot loads. The men all panted, coming down from their orgasms, smiling at the sight of the boys covered in cum.

"Damn..." Chris breathed, still panting. "Now that's what I call a fucking party."

End of Part 3. Part 4 Coming Soon!

Hope you enjoyed. For part 4, Chris and Connor will remain constants in the story, but we open on a whole new night. That means a new party which means more potential daddies and boys to play with! Criticisms and suggestions welcome. Who do you want to see? Email me at fiftyshadesofslash@gmail.com. Happy stroking!