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Hollywood Daddies/Hollywood Boys -- Part 4

by Slash Boy (

The unmistakable grunts and groans of passionate sex could be heard throughout the Hollywood hills house of stud daddy Chris Meloni. They were emanating living room, where Chris was currently topping consummate slut bottom boy Connor Paolo, who was laid out in a large sex sling that Chris brought out for special occasions. Chris was railing his huge cock, swollen to its full, unfathomable length and girth with horniness as it stretched Connor's hole, eliciting moans and wails of pleasure from the young actor. No matter how many times Connor had taken Chris' cock in his boypussy (a countless number at this point), Connor still marveled at how the dick was able to stretch him, pushing him to the brink of that perfect mixture of ecstasy and agony. And he loved taking Chris' cock while lying in the sling. There was something so depraved, so dirty, so slutty about the act that brought out the submissive cockwhore in Connor.

"Fuck, that's so good!" Connor whimpered.

"Yeah, baby. You still need that fucking cock, don't you?" Chris emphasized his dirty talk by thrusting his large, leaking manhood even harder into Connor's cunt. Even after a fuck with Connor, Chris knew that they'd both be good to go for three or four more rounds. This was fortunate since Chris had invited quite the guest list to the secluded house he kept in the Hollywood hill. It was a hard-on-inducing slew of hot older daddies, aching to sink their bones into a nice tight hole as well as some young, fresh meat to satisfy. His party a few weeks earlier had been such a raging success that Chris was anxious for another daddy/boy orgy--rooms teeming with writhing, moaning bodies as thick, hard daddy dicks plunged in and out of boy's holes, stretching them beyond belief, bringing unimaginable pleasure to all of them.

"You liked when I shared you, slut?" Chris taunted, licking his lips at the sheer thought of the impending fuckfest. Connor nodded, moaning sluttily as Chris' thick, helmet cockhead slammed forcefully against his prostate.

"It was fucking amazing. All those dicks in my hole..." Connor was excited for what was to come as well.

"Yeah? You gonna be my little slutbottom that I can pass around?" Chris leaned in, his face mere inches away from Connor, a burning, horny rage in his eyes as he violated the boy's hole.

"Fuck yes, daddy!" Connor cried out as Chris leaned in for a sloppy, authoritative kiss, possessing his mouth with his dexterous, skillful tongue. Their verbal patter was reduced to muffled moans as they made out passionately, tasting each other with total abandon. They often got wrapped up in each other like this, ignoring the world around them as they sunk deep into their lusty activities.

They were so focused on each other, they hadn't even noticed the door opening and the first guests arriving. As Chris pounded hard into Connor, who's screams now were at a fevered pitch, he heard the faint sound of applause break through the raucous. He looked over his shoulder to find the first four guests. They were hot studs from across the pond, Michael Fassbender and Daniel Craig. The Irish and British daddies were joined by Cameron Monaghan, the hot, young redheaded actor who was making a name for himself playing a gay teen on "Shameless," and Ezra Miller, the beautiful, pouty-lipped up and comer from "Perks of Being a Wallflower." Michael continued to applaud, licking his lips and watching the scene with a dirty, lascivious grin.

"I didn't even hear you come in," Chris chuckled, barely slowing down his thrusting motion into a still moaning Connor.

"You start the party without us, mate?" Daniel asked Chris, his eyes focused on Connor's naked frame as he was getting fucked. Daniel and Chris wasted no time as they started to disrobe immediately, removing their shirts to reveal their hot, muscular frames.

"Just a little pre-gaming," Chris said with a horny smile, pulling his still hard cock out of Connor's stretched, leaking twat.

Completely unashamed and bold, Chris sauntered over to his guests, his swollen prick bobbing up and down as he moved. He looked Cameron and Ezra up and down, drinking in their youthful sexiness.

"I see you guys brought me some party favors," he said, touching Cameron's face seductively. Cameron could barely meet his gaze, his eyes were so focused on the hard, glistening tree trunk atop a pair of massive, hairy low hangers swinging between Chris' legs.

"Nah," Michael replied, he and Daniel already stripped down to their tight briefs. Their massive erections were lewdly tenting out their underwear. "Found these two sauntering up the walkway on our way in. Ours are coming later," he added with a wink. Chris nodded, turning to Ezra, offering him a strange smile.

"Don't I know you?" He said with a chuckle, reaching around and rubbing Ezra's clothed ass. Ezra shuddered at the man's touch, feeling his electric magnetism.

"I was on your show once," Ezra stammered slightly. He was still new to all of this. His co-star Logan Lerman had given him the info about the party, trying to give the young actor an outlet to release his pent-up sexual desires. Cameron on the other hand was hardly new to this scene. In a way, life imitates art and, like his character on TV, he had been a notorious bottom about Hollywood for a couple of years now. In fact, he was already stripping down and was soon wearing nothing but a jockstrap which revealed his pert, bubbly ass, ready for fucking.

"Is he going to get up and greet us?" Michael asked, licking his lips, his attention focused on Connor who was still trussed up in the sling.

"He stays there for the whole night," Chris said with a sneer. "He's at your service." Connor could feel his already hard dick pulsate as he heard these words. He liked the sound of this. The idea of being a complete cock whore for all the daddies sure to arrive tonight had him horny beyond belief.

Michael immediately removed his briefs, freeing his legendary mammoth uncut meat. He walked over to Connor, sneering down at the boy, his dominance assured and complete.

"You want to get fucked, boy?" Michael demanded in his low, sexy Irish brogue.

"Fuck, yeah," Connor breathed, overtaken with lust as he stared up into Michael's steely eyes. "Please fuck me, daddy."

Michael lined his hard prick up with Connor's tight pink hole, teasing it, slapping its length against the opening, never breaking eye-contact with Connor who stared up at him pleadingly. After an achingly long tease, he finally began to sink his cock into Connor's cock, the opening stretching as it accommodated Michael's famously large meat. Connor threw his head back, letting out a long contented wail of ecstasy.

"Yeah, that's it," Michael whispered. "Take that fucking cock, you little slut."

The others watched as Michael began to powerfuck young Connor. They were transfixed. It really is a site to behold watching Michael Fassbender take control of a young bottom. Cameron, unable to contain himself, immediately sunk to his knees, peeling off Daniel's tight, tented briefs and taking his hard, uncut prick into his expert mouth. Daniel let out a low groan, staring down at Cameron, shocked at the young boy's eagerness. If only he knew that Cameron often found himself in this very position several times a week. It would be every day if he had his way. On the set of "Shameless," Cameron regularly offered hot and cold running blowjobs for his co-stars. He had been sucking off the tall tall hunky lug Steve Howey since the show first started, who shared the secret with Justin Chatwin and Jeremy Allen White. Cameron vividly remembers a night after shooting when Justin and Steve fucked him and Jeremy into submission and when they left, Jeremy turned his hard young cock on Cameron's hole, fucking him as well. The boy was no stranger to servicing men, as Daniel was experiencing firsthand. He allowed his hand to find the back of Cameron's head, stroking his read hair, encouraging the oral pleasure the boy was giving his huge cock.

"Suck that dick, boy," Daniel began to thrust his meat in and out of Cameron's mouth, face-fucking the young lad, who was already deep-throating the length, his nose buried in Daniel's pubes.

Chris chuckled, looking at Ezra who was now the only one in the room fully clothed. He gestured at Michael fucking Connor, noticing how intently Ezra was watching, all the while rubbing the growing bulge in his pants.

"You like that over there?" Chris asked in a tone above a whisper, his face close to Ezra's, deliberately trying to seduce the young newbie.

"Yeah, it's hot," Ezra replied. Chris nodded, leaning in and kissing Ezra's bee-stung, blowjob ready lips, parting them with his tongue and invading the boy's mouth in a forceful, lusty kiss.

"Strip," he ordered, quietly but sternly. Ezra removed his t-shirt and jeans, revealing a boyishly skinny but sexy body. Chris licked his lips as the boy peeled off his tight boxer briefs to reveal a six inch cock, already swollen to full mast and leaking precum. He marveled at Ezra's ample ass, eyeing it lewdly, imagining all the things he was going to do to it.

"Bet your ass can take a pounding too," Chris said, smacking Ezra's ass lightly. Ezra winced, very intimidated by this gorgeous, imposing specimen of a man.

"I...I'm a virgin," Ezra said quietly. Chris' face lit up when he heard this. Deflowering young virginal men was one of Chris' favorite past-times and he could tell Ezra was going to be a fun boy to break in.

"Don't worry," Chris said, grabbing Ezra forcefully. "I'll take care of you." And with that, he hoisted Ezra up and carried him over his shoulders out of the room.

"Where you guys going?" Daniel asked.
"We need a little privacy," Chris called, the glee apparent in his voice. "It's probably going to get a little loud." Daniel chuckled as Chris exited, turning his focus back to young Cameron who was now giving his hairy balls a tongue-bath, sucking one, then the other, then both into his hot, pink little mouth.

"Damn, boy..." Daniel breathed. "You're fucking good at that." Cameron responded by taking Daniel's full length into his skilled throat, swallowing the hard, leaking prick, savoring Daniel's musky odor and flavor. He pulled off the cock.

"Let me show you what else I'm good at," Cameron said, smiling cheekily. He led Daniel over to the sofa, the pair walking past a screaming Connor as Michael showed no mercy on his tight little hole.

"How's his ass?" Daniel asked.

"Fucking great..." Michael replied without taking his eyes off of Connor. Michael was fucking Connor with such force, the entire sling was banging and shaking, adding to the chorus of Connor's whimpers and Michael's satisfied grunts. Connor had seen his share of rough fucks over the years, to be sure, but there was something animalistic and carnal about the way Michael's dick invaded his pussy, smashing his sensitive prostate flat, the top's pendulous balls making a lewd, noisy smacking sound as they banged against Connor's ass. It was as if Connor could feel every vein, every contour, the ridges of Michael's thick foreskin as he was fucked mercilessly, causing his entire body to quake with unimaginable pain and pleasure.

"Mmmm...." Connor bit his lip, trying to stifle his slutty carrying on. Michael wasn't having any of it. He loved hearing his bottoms scream, moan and beg for more while he drove his monster cock into their stretched assholes.

Sexual dominance was hardly a new thing for the rising international superstar. He had been a mouthy powertop since his days back in Ireland and as he started to gain prominence as a film actor, it was no different. On the set of "X-Men: First Class," all of the actors playing the young superheroes seemed to gravitate towards him--his charm, his natural leadership, his unmistakable sexual energy. Nicholas Hoult (Beast) was the first to approach him, propositioning him in a rather forward manner about needing Michael's thick uncut meat up his aching hole. Michael had obliged willingly and with pleasure, fucking young Nicholas up against the wall in his trailer between takes. Then word spread and soon Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee) and Lucas Till (Havok) were coming to Michael for a rough throw in between set-ups. Hell, even James McAvoy, usually a top in his own right, couldn't help but submit to Michael's animal magnetism, dropping his pants and bending over for a quickie after a night of pub-crawling. It seemed Michael's reputation preceded him everywhere he went at this point. And now, with much of the world having laid eyes on his package, it seemed as if every hot piece of ass wanted a piece of him. He reached down, rubbing, teasing and tweaking Connor's sensitive nipples as he fucked him. It was like he touched a livewire. Little did he know that Connor's nipples were practically connected to his cock and the boy began to moan and squirm about anew, giving the young bottom a second wind of energy. Michael couldn't help but flash his sexy, toothy grin watching Connor slut out on his huge cock. This was the response he wanted, he thought as he continued to play with the boy's nipples, pinching them twisting them, rubbing them with painfully light flecks.

"Fuck me! Fuck me...fuck me..." Connor whimpered, practically sobbed, his whole body overtaken with pleasure.

"Damn fucking right I will," Michael replied, leaning forward and kissing Connor on the lips, the tenderness of the act surprising Connor. He continued to piledrive into the boy, stifling their moans and groans of passion with their continued, deep, passionate kissing.

"Damn, that's fucking hot..." Daniel said absent-mindedly. He was now reclined on the large sofa while Cameron straddled him, staring down intently at Daniel. He lowered himself onto Daniel's thick pole, wincing slightly, his eyes widening as the bulbous cockhead breached his tight hole.

"Fuck..." Cameron sighed, his own hard cock swollen to its full impressive 8 inches. "Damn, daddy. That's a big fucking dick." Daniel watched Cameron slowly descend down his length, unbelievably aroused by the sight and sensation of this initial penetration.

"Too much for you?" Daniel asked with an arched eyebrow. Cameron offered Daniel a cocky smile.

"In your dreams, man," he replied, forcing himself down on Daniel's thick, hard cock, taking the full length in his hole. He let out a loud moan at the intrusion, as did Daniel as he sank into Cameron's velvety, warm boycunt. His eyes widened with surprise as Cameron took charge, riding Daniel forcefully, raising and lowering his body with ease and athleticism, his eyes focused into an intent glare.

"Fuck!" Daniel grunted. "Take that fucking dick!"

"Yeah?" Cameron taunted, his hand on Daniel's chest, feeling his muscular body as he bounced up and down. "You like that ass, daddy?"

"Fuck, yeah," Daniel replied. He grabbed Cameron's ass cheeks, raising his pelvis up and banging upward, meeting Cameron's downward thrusts, adding to the growing sensations. Cameron adjusted slightly, moving around until the hard cock was directly spearing his sensitive prostate. He threw his head back, growling with pleasure as the heat radiated from his hot spot throughout his entire body.

"Who's fucking who, here?" Michael asked with a laugh as he watched them, not slowing down his own thrusting.

"The boy knows what he's doing," Daniel replied breathlessly, marveling at Cameron's forceful, power-bottoming.

"Clearly," Michael grunted. "Looks like he's taking control of you, Mr. Bond," he taunted.

"Yeah. He loves this ass," Cameron replied, giving his trademark cocky smile. "And if you stop mouthing off, you could have some too," he added, turning his hungry gaze to Michael, who laughed out loud at Cameron's bravado. Daniel laughed as well, forcing Cameron's hips down harder on his cock, attempting to maintain some semblance of dominance. Cameron continued his bucking motion, fighting Daniel blow for blow as they continued to fuck aggressively.

"You think Ezra's being this forceful?" Daniel asked cheekily, knowing full well the answer...

In the master bedroom, Chris had Ezra on the bed, his full weight on top of the boy, pinning him down as he made out with him forcefully. Ezra moaned, his senses in overload as he drank in the smell, the taste of this studly, muscular god who was taking over his body. It seemed that Chris' hands were everywhere, fondling him, touching him, caressing him. Chris was an expert at breaking in inexperienced bottoms and he knew that this was the best tactic. Get them warmed up, overstimulate them to the point that they're craving that dick up their tight, virgin ass.

He rolled off of Ezra, instructing the boy to get on top of him in the sixty-nine position. Ezra was now face-to-face with Chris' cock--the stuff legends were made of. He had heard from Logan that it was an impressive piece of meat, but now staring at it, there were hardly any words. He sank down, taking the cockhead into his mouth, teasing it seductively with his tongue as he began to fellate the sexy daddy.

"That's it, boy. Suck that cock. Go down on it," Chris encouraged, though Ezra needed very little instruction in this department. Though he was a fucking novice, he had been honing his skills as quite the accomplished young cocksucker for some time, practicing. He often practiced on his buddy Logan, who loved having a hot mouth to sink his cock into. Chris marveled at the boy's oral skills as he began to explore Ezra's pert virgin ass, spreading the cheeks apart. The tight, hairless pink hole seemed to wink at him, beckoning him. Chris leaned in, taking in Ezra's clean, musky boy scent, running his nose up and down the crack. Ezra lifted his head up, a little apprehensive about the attention being paid to his ass.

"What are you--"

"Get back down there, boy," Chris urged gently, prompting Ezra to swallow Chris' cock, eliciting a deep, guttural moan from the stud. Chris gave Ezra's left buttcheek a playful smack, before leaning in and licking him from the top of his crack to the bottom. Even around Chris' hard cock, Ezra's moans and shudders of pleasure could be heard as the man continued his oral assault on the virginal boy pussy, licking his tongue around the hole, teasing it, sticking it deep up the boy's chute, getting it wet and ready.

"That feels so good," Ezra moaned in a high pitch whimper, quickly taking Chris' dick into his mouth again. Chris smiled. He had the boy right where he wanted him.

"Yeah?" Chris asked between licks. "You like that? How about this?" He then inserted a finger, just the tip to start into Ezra's tight anus, the ring gripping the digit snugly. Ezra moaned loudly at the intrusion. He had fingered himself before and had played around with some toys, but this was different. Having another man--an older, experienced sexy daddy--playing with his asshole felt exquisite. Ezra turned his head, making eye-contact with Chris whose eyes were glazed over in drunk horniness.

"Mmm...go deeper," he moaned, hardly believing his own words. Chris smiled widely, forcing the digit in even further, causing Ezra to shiver and whimper loudly, his eyes shut as he relished in the feeling of Chris' anal probing. Chris dug the finger around, searching for Ezra's spot. "What are you doing?" Ezra asked breathlessly.

"Just trying to find--" And with that, Ezra threw his head back, wailing loudly as Chris found his prostate, rubbing the pad of his finger against it, sending unbelievable waves of pleasure throughout the boy's tiny frame. Chris smiled lasciviously, licking his lips. "There it is. Suck that dick, boy." Ezra leaned down and continued to swallow Chris' hot cock, which was leaking intermittent drops of sweet, delicious precum into his waiting mouth.

Chris could feel the boy sucking him enthusiastically, bringing him closer to the edge. Not wanting to cum yet, he nudged Ezra off of his cock gently, as much as it pained him to do so.
"Lay down, baby," Chris said gently, kissing Ezra deeply as he laid the boy on his back. He stood up and grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand, pouring it all over his cock, stroking it. Ezra stared, wide-eyed at the huge monster that was about to be invading his insides. Chris beckoned Ezra to the edge of the bed, hoisting the boy's legs up over his broad, muscular shoulders. He squirted some lube onto Ezra's hole, rubbing it up and down the crack and inserting two fingers, which slipped in surprisingly easily. Chris smiled to himself. The boy was opening up in anticipation.

"You ready?" Chris asked with a horny grin as he rubbed his cock up and down Ezra's lubed up asscrack. Ezra nodded nervously.

"Just go slow, okay?" Ezra said in a small, trembling voice. Chris nodded, winking at the boy as he popped the huge cockhead into the hole, breaching the opening. Ezra moaned softly, the sensation very powerful but pleasurable. Chris continued to force his dick into the hole at a painfully slow pace.

"Shh...relax, baby. It's okay," Chris said softly. "Want me to stop?" Ezra shook his head no. Chris took the bait, sinking the rest of his length into the boy, stretching his ass. Ezra's eyes widened as he felt Chris' thick cock hitting his prostate. Chris knew that face and began his thrusting motion, slowly building speed as Ezra's moans and whimpers began a slow crescendo, gradually gaining in volume and pitch as he lost himself in the delicious ecstasy of being topped for the first time.

"Holy shit...Oh my God, fuck me!" Ezra screamed, fulfilling Chris' predictions that the boy was going to get loud.

"Fuck, that ass is tight," Chris grunted. He picked up speed, really railing into Ezra's now popped cherry. Ezra's cock was leaking a steady stream of precum all over his stomach as Chris fucked the living shit out of him.

"That feels so fucking good!" Ezra whimpered.

"Yeah? You like that cock in your ass?" Chris demanded loudly, pulling Ezra into him to meet his forward thrusts.

"Mmmm! Don't stop, daddy. That's so-o good!" Ezra sobbed. The faint sounds of moans and groans wafted up into the bedroom from the rest of the party, causing Chris to smile to himself.

"Sounds like more guests have arrived," Chris said, grinning down at Ezra. "Wanna let 'em know all know how much you love this dick?" Ezra was slightly confused until Chris climbed on the bed with him, positioning his cock in a downward motion at Ezra's now open, leaking hole. He then began a forceful, pile-driving push-up motion into the boy's hole, causing him to really let out a loud wail of pleasure.

"Fuck! Goddamn, you're a fucking stud," Ezra gasped.

"Fucking right," Chris grunted as he fucked the shit out of the no longer virginal, screaming boy. "Don't ever forget it."

The party was indeed in full swing in the rest of the house. In the living room, Michael was still railing his mammoth cock in and out of Connor's tight boypussy as the boy lay in the sling. Connor's voice was so hoarse from yelling at this point that he was merely letting out joyous, intermittent sobs of pleasure at this point. He had to give it to Michael--the man had stamina for days. He was powerfucking him with no signs of slowing down.

On the sofa, Daniel now had Cameron on his back, finally having asserted his dominance over the young, redheaded powerbottom who was screaming, slutting out and begging for Daniel's dick.

"Fuck me!" Cameron grunted loudly. "C'mon, harder!" Daniel was happy to oblige, slamming his cock with even more force into Cameron's hole.

On the living room floor, two more couples, who had arrived a little earlier, were also in the throes of passionate fucking. Eli Roth, Michael's "Inglourious Basterds" co-star and fellow powertop was currently shoving his thick, nine inch cock into the willing asshole of Josh Hutcherson, who was on his knees doggystyle, moaning loudly. Next to them, Josh's "The Kids Are All Right" co-star Mark Ruffalo, who had taken his cherry a few years back was fucking the living shit out of a screaming Nicholas Hoult. Josh had arrived with Mark, while Eli and Nicholas were guests of Michael and had arrived together. Upon entering the living room, where Daniel and Michael were already deep into fucking their boys, Eli and Mark decided to switch boys and sample some new, young nubile flesh.

Josh could hardly believe Eli's prowess as the top railed in and out of his tight asshole with an aggressive, almost impersonal force. Though not a conventional Hollywood hunk, Eli had a sexual magnetism about him that was hard to deny. Josh remembers the stirrings he felt when he saw Eli as "The Bear Jew" in "Inglourious Basterds," bulging muscles, chest hair peeking over the top of his shirt and his confident swagger. Once Josh laid eyes on Eli's huge, turgid prick, he knew he had to have it.

"Oh my God, that's so good," Josh moaned. Eli, not really one to be overly verbal, simply leaned forward, grabbing Josh's hair forcefully, causing the boy to gasp. He put his face right next to Josh's face and licked his neck, eliciting a shudder and moan from the slutty young "Hunger Games" star, who was beside himself with pleasure as Eli's cockhead was like an unremitting battering ram on his sensitive prostate.

Mark, on the other hand, was much more verbal and talkative, encouraging, taunting and goading Nicholas as the young "X-Men" star took his dick up his tight hole.

"You fucking like that, you little slut? Huh?" Mark grunted, sweat glistening on his body, matting his hairy chest. Nicholas nodded, letting out a whimpering, contented moan. Mark smacked his ass hard. "Say it, bitch."

"I love it!" Nicholas moaned. "I love your fucking cock, sir." Mark smiled, satisfied as he picked up the pace, pulling Nicholas' body back to meet his thrusts, causing the boy to yelp with each inward stroke. Mark turned his gaze to Eli, who was watching him as well, a horny look on his face.

"How's my boy?" Mark asked. "You like his hole?"

"So good," Eli replied, giving Josh a few extra hard thrusts to emphasize his point. "Fucking tight little slut. Gonna fuck this ass so hard." These words caused Josh to moan out in pleasure as Eli lay him flat on his stomach and began to fuck him even more forcefully.

"Fuck, daddy!" Josh screamed. "Fuck that hole! Use my fucking hole!" Eli's face was focused, his large, built body glistening with sweat as he exerted himself, fucking the boy with everything he had. The four fucking couples were interrupted by the arrival of more guests, sure to add to the air of hot man on boy sex as the party really started to get good...

End of Part 4. Part 5 Coming Soon!

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