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Hollywood Daddies/Hollywood Boys -- Part 5

by Slash Boy (

A sex party of massive proportions was underway at Chris Meloni's Hollywood hills house. With more space to play with than when the stud hosted his first daddy/son orgy at a hotel suite, there were definitely more hot, sweaty men in the mix. In the living room, Connor Paolo lay suspended in a sling, his abused, leaking hole exposed for the many tops wishing to fuck him. Currently, his boy pussy was being ravaged by the thick, insatiable cock of none other than Jeremy Renner. His taut, muscular frame glistened with sweat as Jeremy grunted, shoving his fat 9-inch dick in and out of Connor's tight, luscious asshole, eliciting loud, almost girlish whimpers and moans from the sexy young bottom. Jeremy was fairly new to the Hollywood sex party circuit and seemed to be constantly dodging questions about his sexuality. With his rising profile and rugged, unconventional good looks, he soon found endless outlets for his sexual proclivities. He loved fucking boy ass, they younger the better and there was no shortage of young flesh to satisfy his desires.

Jeremy had been invited to the party by his sexy, hairy-chested"Avengers" co-star Mark Ruffalo. Mark himself was laying reclined on his back on the floor in the living room while Alexander Ludwig, the cute, muscled twink from "The Hunger Games" rode his cock, moaning loudly. Alexander jerked his fat eight inch cock as he bounced up and down on Mark's impressive pole, which seemed to be hitting every hot spot in his tight boycunt. Alexander had been invited to the party by his "Hunger Games" co-star, Josh Hutcherson who was currently having his own fun (more on that later). He was accustomed to topping, with his muscular frame and massive prick. He certainly had his way with Josh on more than one occasion during filming. Tonight, he was exploring his more submissive side and enjoying every minute of it. His body glistened with sweat as he felt Mark's hot daddy dick penetrating him repeatedly, hitting his prostate, causing him to let out throaty, loud groans that echoed through the house.

"Fuck, that thing is huge!" Alexander moaned loudly, staring down intently at Mark who smiled up at him, moving his hips in time with Alexander's downward strokes, trying to ram his huge cock as deep as possible into Alexander's luscious, virgin asshole.

"Take that cock," Mark grunted. "Ride it." He was in sensory overload--a party teeming with boy holes to fuck. Mark had already fucked the living shit out of "X-Men: First Class" star Nicholas Hoult and had pounced on Alexander as soon as he walked in the door. He couldn't resist his tight, young body, his model-perfect face and his boyish features. And now, as he plowed into the boy's hole, watching the sexy young actor riding him with fierce intensity, he knew that Alexander was living up to his expectations. Mark looked over at Jeremy fucking Connor and flashed his friend a grin.

"You having fun over there?" Mark asked with a chuckle.

"Fuck yes," Jeremy grunted. "This boy is fucking tight," he thrusted harder into Connor, his balls slapping against the boy's ass as he pounded mercilessly into Connor's sensitive prostate.

"Shit, that cock feels so good, Jeremy!" Connor screamed as he was rocked back and forth in the sling by the sheer force of Jeremy's fucking.

"What'd you call me, slut?" Jeremy demanded, fucking Connor even harder, causing him to cry out.

"Sir," Connor replied, breathlessly.

"Damn right, bitch," Jeremy glared down at Connor, leaning in even closer, his face inches away from Connor's as he fucked him with rapid, deep strokes. Beads of perspiration dripped from Renner's sweaty, sinewy frame onto Connor's body as he continued the forceful, dominant anal invasion, his fat cock stretching Connor's hole as it railed in and out. His balls made a loud, rhythmic slapping noise as they collided repeatedly with Connor's ass.

"Harder," Connor grunted, whimpering slightly.

"What was that?" Jeremy teased.

"Fuck me harder, sir!" Connor bellowed. Jeremy was happy to oblige as he rammed his cock into Connor even harder causing the bottom to grab hold of the chains on the sling and scream out in deep, unbelievable pleasure.

"Fuck, that's hot," Mark breathed, giving a few extra hard digs into a screaming Alexander. "Fuck that boy." He grabbed Alexander's waist, slamming him up and down effortlessly on his fat cock like the boy was a rag doll.

"Fuck!" Alexander panted. "You fuck Josh like this?" Mark snickered at the inquiry, sitting up, thrusting his pelvis hard, his swollen dick hitting Alexander's prostate with delicious force.

"Don't worry about him. He's being taken care of..." Mark replied.

In one of the large guest rooms, young Josh Hutcherson was indeed being taken care of. The "Hunger Games" actor was currently engaged in a naked, sloppy kiss with redheaded twink, Cameron Monaghan of TVs "Shameless." The boys stood in front of the bed, caressing each other lewdly. Josh reached down, stroking, tweaking and pinching Cameron's erect nipples, causing Cameron to shiver and moan with pleasure as the boys put on a hot, enticing show.

Their audience watched, enraptured. They were the sexy, incomparable Michael Fassbender and his "Prometheus" co-star Idris Elba. The two stud daddies sat on the bed as the boys played with each other for their viewing pleasure. Idris had arrived at the party sometime earlier, per Michael's invitation. During their time filming "Prometheus" and after the film had wrapped, Michael and Idris had developed an intimate friendship, often serving as each other's wingmen (not that they needed it) as they went on the prowl for younger studs to dominate. The two British hunks were quite a site to behold. Michael with his pale, lean and developed form and Idris with his tall, muscular adonis frame and beautiful dark skin. Both stroked their huge, uncut members as they watched Cameron and Josh touching each other, very much aware of their daddies' eyes on them.

"You," Idris said in his stern, authoritative voice, looking at Cameron. "Suck his cock." Cameron wordlessly sunk to his knees, kissing down Josh's body as he went, his tongue encircling the boy's nipple, then down his torso to his navel, licking all around the crotch, sniffing Josh's musky scent, sweaty from being fucked earlier, as he licked everywhere but his intended target.

"Fuck..." Josh moaned breathlessly. "That feels fucking amazing." Cameron couldn't help but smile as his oral skills claimed yet another victim. He loved the way men of all ages turned to putty in his hands at the touch of his tongue. He finally grabbed hold of Josh's engorged boy dick, jerking it off painfully slowly before engulfing the entire length in his warm, wet mouth.

"Yeah..." Michael grunted, jerking his dick a little harder. "Suck that fucking cock, you little slut." He looked up at Josh, whose mouth was agape as he moaned in pleasure. "You like that, whore?" Michael demanded.

"Yes, sir. It feels so good," Josh replied, moaning a little louder, trying to amp up the theatrics. He knew this was turning Michael on and he had had his eye on the sexy blue-eyed actor for a while. He just knew he had to have that fat, uncut cock in his hole before the night was over.

This worked out perfectly. Cameron had been casting sideways glances at Idris ever since the stud had entered the party and the attraction was mutual. After greeting Michael and disrobing, Idris immediately zeroed in on the ruddy-haired muscletwink and suggested to Michael that they pull Cameron and Josh into one of the nearby bedrooms for a private show. An array of sex toys--dildos, butt plugs and vibrators were laid out on the bed (part of Chris's special collection). Idris reached over and grabbed a dark black 10-inch dildo, slathering it with lube from the nightstand. He got off the bed, getting on his knees behind Cameron as he spread the boy's cheeks, running the dildo up and down his pale, hairless crack. Cameron shivered at the sensation, briefly taking his mouth off of Josh's dick to let out a loud moan of pleasure.

"Fuck, that's nice. Tease my hole, daddy," Cameron moaned.

"Get that cock back in your mouth, boy," Idris said with quiet authority, not even having to raise his voice. Cameron immediately took Josh's hard, pre-cum leaking dick back into his mouth, savoring the taste and moaning around it as Idris began to poke at his boypussy with the dildo, teasing the opening. Finally, he pressed the dildo into Cameron's ass, breaching the still-tight hole and causing Cameron to let out a loud, muffled groan of pleasure as the boy relished in his favorite sensation--his tight boy ass being penetrated. Soon, Idris was pistoning the dildo in and out of Cameron's hole in slow, deep strokes, hitting the boy's sweet spot, causing him to shiver, moan and squirm with delight at the delicious mix of pain and pleasure.

Michael stood up, still jerking his cock as he walked behind Josh who was now face-fucking young Cameron, reveling in the feeling of getting his cock deepthroated by one of the best young head-givers in the industry. Michael pressed his body up against Josh's, his cock nestling between Josh's pert, ample asscheeks. Josh let out a small whimper as Michael put his mouth to Josh's ear, breathing heavily.

"You like that, boy? You like him sucking your cock while Idris plays with your cock?" Michael demanded, his words going right to Josh's dick. Josh merely nodded in reply, but this wasn't enough for Michael. He leaned in, extending his tongue, licking up Josh's neck to his earlobe. Josh let out a loud moan of pleasure.

"Mmm..." Josh whimpered. "That's so good, daddy!"

"Yeah?" Michael teased, reaching around and tweaking Josh's nipples as the boy got his dick sucked. "You want this?" He asked, referring to his thick, leaking hardness that was wedged in Josh's asscrack.

"Yes, sir," Josh replied.

"Yes, what?" Michael asked with his trademark, toothy grin, giving Josh's earlobe another lick and nibble.

"Yes, I want you to fuck me with that huge, fat cock!" Josh grunted. Michael chuckled, pulling Josh away from the action. He turned the boy around, kissing him forcefully on the lips, tasting his sweet, boy tongue as he invaded his mouth with his own tongue. The two moaned into each other as Michael led Josh to the bed...

Cameron pouted slightly, not wanting to lose the cock in his mouth, but he was soon rewarded with a large, uncut black dick wagging in front of his face as Idris stood before him, staring down with him with wordless orders. Cameron took the impressive, 11-incher down his throat, eliciting a throaty grunt from Idris, who grabbed the back of his head and began to facefuck the boy. It was a challenge for even Cameron. He had never taken a cock this size, but he was determined to get his fill of the beautiful stud tonight. They were interrupted by the sound of a loud, girlish whimper. Cameron couldn't help but smile as he looked up at the bed and saw Michael, who had Josh laid out on his back, railing his hard prick in and out of Josh's willing hole.

"Fuck me," Josh whined. Michael smiled, loving the way that boys turned to withering, writhing bitches under his thrall. He knew the power of his fuck and was happy to wield it as his meet slammed in and out of Josh's hole. The tight, wet warmth of Josh's boycock was perfect.

"How is that hole so tight after taking so much cock, boy?" Michael grunted. He shoved his cock even further up Josh's hole, hitting his prostate with the thick cockhead causing Josh to scream out as waves of pleasure coursed through his body. His own hard cock bounced with the force of Michael's thrusts. He reached down to touch it, but his hand was gently batted away by Michael.

"Later,"Michael said quietly. "Don't touch it. Trust me. It'll be better this way," he said with a sneer. To emphasize his point, he began to piledrive with unbelievable force and gusto into Josh's hole, aiming specifically for his g-spot as he fucked the living shit out of the screaming boy actor.

"Fuck!" Josh screamed. "Oh my God, that's so good! Fuck me...harder!"

Idris licked his lips as he watched this, his attention split between the hot scene on the bed and the hot blowjob he was receiving from young Cameron. He needed to fuck badly. He pulled his black, dripping cock out of Cameron's mouth, teasing the boy, making him chase it with his tongue as he led him to the bed. Cameron stood up, a cocky grin on his face in anticipation of what was to come.

"You want to fuck this?" Cameron asked, grabbing his asscheecks lewdly. Idris chuckled at the boy's bravado as they made their way to the large bed where Josh was still thrashing about in pleasure from the fucking he was receiving from Michael.

"You think you can handle it?" Idris demanded, trying to engage in a bout of verbal oneupmanship with the clearly mouthy little powerbottom. Cameron picked the dildo up off the floor and bent over in front of Idris, inserting it nearly to the hilt, letting out a loud moan of pleasure, licking his lips as he shoved the toy in and out of his tight boyhole. Idris couldn't help but be turned on by this as he watched, transfixed. He was really dealing with a slutty little bottom boy.

"Get over here," he ordered, all humor gone from his voice. Cameron pulled out the dildo and walked over to Idris, kissing the hot daddy on the mouth, letting Idris shove his tongue down his throat as they made out aggressively.

"Lay on your back so I can ride it," Cameron said between kisses. "That's how I like to do it." He tried to gently nudge the muscle daddy backward onto the bed.

"Well, I don't," Idris said with a slight sneer. With that, he grabbed Cameron and shoved him to the bed on his stomach, pulling the boy up into a doggystyle position. Cameron's eyes were alight with the excitement of being dominated. Idris lubed up his fat cock, lining it up with Cameron's hole. "And another thing," Idris whispered, leaning down and whispering right into Cameron's ears.

"What's that?" Cameron asked, panting.

"I don't take orders," Idris replied. With that, he shoved his fat cock into Cameron's hole almost entirely in one long thrust. Cameron let out a loud, ear-piercing scream, joining Josh's chorus of moans as the black stud penetrated his boycunt.

"Fuck, that thing is so huge!" Cameron moaned as Idris thrust in and out. "Fuck me!" Idris smiled, knowing he had broken the young boy as he began to rail mercilessly into his hole and the room filled up with the sounds of two boys being dominated by their daddies.

In another bedroom down the hall, more hot guests were busy playing. 007 himself Daniel Craig sat down in a large chair near the bed, grunting loudly as Joseph Gordon Levitt, the hot, eternally boyish-looking actor rode up and down on his fat prick. Daniel had shot his load in Cameron earlier, but with his stamina, he knew he was good for at least another three or four rounds. When Joseph walked into the party, announcing that his asshole needed to be fucked silly, Daniel was happy to oblige. Unlike the other bottoms, Joseph didn't make as much noise as he rode up and down on Daniel's fat, uncut prick, staring deep into the British stud's intense eyes. Apart from Daniel's grunting, Joseph would only let out the occasional moan or whimper as the cock hit every sweet spot inside his well fucked asshole.

"Fuck, that dick is so good," Joseph said quietly, leaning down and kissing Daniel as he rode him. Daniel grabbed Joseph's thighs, slamming the boy harder up and down on his dick. Joseph began to grunt as he felt his prostate being speared repeatedly by Daniel's fat cockhead. This was hardly a new scenario for Joseph. Ever since he was a teenager coming up in Hollywood, he had been a notorious, slutty bottom, willing to give his ass up to just about anyone who was keen. And even at thirty-one, with his youthful appearance and tiny frame, he still fulfilled the fantasies of stud daddies like Daniel, wanting to get their loads off in a tight, young boy ass. Daniel smacked Joseph's bubble butt as he rode his pole.

"Fuck yeah, smack my ass daddy," Joseph grunted in a low voice. "C'mon, harder!" Daniel obliged, smacking Joseph's ass again, grunting as he felt the boy tightening his ass muscles around his cock. He was a skilled bottom, to be sure. Daniel loved the tight, velvety feeling of the boy's hole, still unbelievably tight after years of taking cock. A moan on the bed caused Joseph to turn his head, licking his lips as he looked at the scene that was going on.

Hugh Jackman was on his knees, his face buried in the asscrack of "Billy Elliot" star Jamie Bell, now a boyish man of twenty-six, with a hot, lean body and a sexy face, which was contorted in pleasure. Hugh's tongue probed at Jamie's tight asshole, licking up and down the crack, causing the boy unbelievable waves of pleasure as Hugh tongue-fucked him with the dexterity of a finger.

"How does my boy taste?" Daniel asked with a chuckle between grunts. Hugh lifted up his sexy stubbled face, which was wet with Jamie's juices.

"Fucking great," he said with his million-dollar smile before diving back into Jamie's hole, licking him with renewed force and enthusiasm.

"Eat my fucking ass," Jamie breathed. "Fuck, that's good. Don't stop." Between Daniel Craig and Michael Fassbender, Jamie was a regular fucktoy for two of the daddies at the party. His former "Defiance" and "Jane Eyre" co-stars had both fucked him mercilessly on and off set, reveling in the boy's ability to take cocks like a pro. He too had been doing it for some time, knowing very early on that he was born to take big, huge daddy cock up his tight boyhole. As Hugh rimmed his tight ass, his dick was rock hard knowing that he was about to be fucked by the legendary Aussie stud--with his hairy, muscular frame and beautiful face, not to mention a perfect, chiseled-from-stone, 10-inch cock that always seemed to be hard. Hugh stood up, hoisting Jamie's legs over his shoulders as he lined his cock up with the now wet hole.

"You ready for this, mate?" Hugh asked with a sexy grin. Jamie nodded eagerly.

"Shove it in my ass, already!" He grunted. Hugh chuckled.

"Eager, are we?" He teased. "Show me how much you want this huge cock up that tight hole." Hugh ordered, stroking his own cock and tweaking his nipples on his hairy, well-muscled chest. Jamie licked his fingers lewdly, never breaking eye-contact with Hugh as he reached down between his legs and began to probe his asshole deeply with his middle finger, shutting his eyes and moaning loudly.

"C'mon, daddy." Jamie moaned. "Fuck me. I need it so fucking bad."

"Only one finger?" Hugh tsk-tsk'd mockingly. "Doesn't seem like you want it all that bad. I'm gonna need some more proof."

"Fuck yeah," Daniel chuckled as he began to thrust into Joseph even harder. "Tease him, Hugh. He fucking loves that. It drives him wild," Daniel encouraged. Joseph, wanting Daniel's undivided attention began to ride him even more forcefully causing the muscle-y James Bond star to stare up into his eyes with rapt focus, grunting at the pleasure of Joseph's tight hole on his cock.

"You know..." Joseph panted. "That this is the best fucking ass you've ever had," he added with a grin. Daniel grunted loudly, digging his fat pole even harder into Joseph, causing the boy to yell out for the first time that evening.

"Fu-u-uck!" Joseph bellowed. "Yeah! That's more fucking like it, daddy! Own that fucking ass! It's yours!"

On the bed, Jamie now had three fingers digging in and out of his hole, whimpering and biting his bottom lip as he stared pleadingly up at Hugh.

"Please fuck my hole, daddy," Jamie whimpered. "Your cock looks so fucking good. I need it inside of me." Without a word, Hugh smiled, swatting Jamie's hand out of the way and lining his hard, dripping meat at Jamie's quivering entrance, pushing forward painfully slowly and breaching the opening. Jamie's eyes widened as he felt Hugh's length invading his insides, causing electric pleasure as it hit the walls of his boy pussy, eventually finding its way to his g-spot. Hugh moved his cock in and out slowly, teasing Jamie as the bottom groaned with pleasure.

"Yeah, boy," Hugh breathed. "Feel that huge cock in that hole."

"Fuck me harder," Jamie grunted. "C'mon, harder daddy!"

"You sure?" Hugh asked with a chuckle.

"Give it to me as hard as you can," Jamie said sternly. Hugh looked over at Daniel, who smiled at him.

"You heard what he said," Daniel said, still grunting at the force of Joseph's bucking. "Give the boy what he wants." Hugh winked and with that he began to pile drive with unmatched, animalistic force into Jamie's hole, causing the boy's moans to get steadily louder and higher pitched until he sounded like a bitch in heat, being fucked mercilessly by one of the hottest tops around.

"Fuck!" Jamie wailed. "It's so big! Goddamn it, daddy!"

"You fucking wanted it," Hugh grunted. "And now you're gonna get it." If it were even possible, he rammed his cock in even harder, his cockhead smashing into Jamie's prostate in rapid strokes. They heard the sounds of girlish moans down the hall, chuckling to themselves.

"Wonder who's getting fucked behind door number two?" Hugh wondered as he railed into a screaming, moaning Jamie.

In the master bedroom, Chris Meloni was still fucking the living shit out of the no-longer-virginal Ezra Miller, who was now on his knees doggystyle on the bed while Chris penetrated him forcefully from behind. Ezra couldn't believe the sensations that Chris was causing him as his dick hit his prostate over and over again, making the now slutty young novice bottom moan and whimper with delight.

"You like that cock?" Chris grunted. "Huh?"

"Fuck, yes daddy!" Ezra screamed. "It hurts so fucking good. Fuck my pussy." Chris smiled proudly, wiping sweat from his brow, proud at having turned out yet another bottom boy in training.

"You were so scared," Chris teased. "But you needed this big dick in that hole. Didn't you?" Ezra moaned and nodded in reply. Chris dug his fat dick into Ezra even harder. He leaned forward, grabbing a handful of the boy's hair, pulling his head up and kissing him forcefully.

"That feels so fucking good!" Ezra moaned, on the verge of tears, the pleasurable sensations overwhelming his young body. Chris licked and sucked at the boy's neck as he continued to fuck the living shit out of him. He pulled out for a moment.

"Get up," Chris grunted. Ezra, still in a sexual daze, obliged. Chris lay down on his back on the bed, jerking his fat dick which was glistening with Ezra's boy juices. Ezra stared down at Chris's perfect, muscled and sweaty frame, overcome with lust as Chris wagged his eyebrows at him. "What, do I have to spell it out?" Chris demanded with a chuckle. Ezra quickly realized what Chris wanted and straddled the cock, lowering himself onto it.

"Mmmm..." he bit his lip as the cock was buried inside of him to the hilt.

"Now ride it, bitch," Chris ordered. Ezra moaned and squealed as he began to ride Chris's fat pole, his insides practically one huge g-spot at this point--every part of Ezra's insides that Chris's cock touched seemed to send waves of pleasure throughout his body.

"Oh my God! It's so huge! I can feel every inch," Ezra moaned loudly.

"Yeah, slut. You love that fucking cock," Chris said, thrusting upwards. Ezra could feel his orgasm approaching, without even touching his own cock. His eyes widened in surprise.

"Holy shit!" He screamed. "I'm gonna cum!" Ezra bounced up and down on Chris's cock, whimpering loudly.

"Yeah," Chris grunted loudly, thrusting up even harder. "Cum! Cum for daddy, you fucking slut! Show daddy how much you love it when he fucks your tight little boypussy!" His upward strokes were deep and rapid, sending Ezra over the top in a loud, screaming orgasm as spurt after spurt of copious boy cum shot from his dick all over Chris's chest.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" Ezra chanted as he experienced his first hands-free, anal orgasm--a very intense sensation indeed. Chris chuckled, very proud of his work as he dipped his finger in one of the puddles of spunk on his chest, tasting Ezra's white, watery cum. Ezra rested on Chris's cock for a moment, coming down, but still panting.

"You like that, boy?" Chris asked with a smile.

"That was..." Ezra was nearly out of breath. "That was fucking amazing."

They wer so wrapped-up in their fuck session that neither Chris nor Ezra noticed Eli Roth and Nicholas Hoult standing in the doorway, clapping and smiling with lascivious, horny grins. Chris smiled, laughing at Eli's boldness. He noticed the hard tree trunk cock swinging between his legs.

"That was hot," Eli said with a smile.

"Where'd you come from?" Chris demanded, gently lifting Ezra off his dick and letting the boy lay down on his chest to catch his breath.

"Been watching for the past couple of minutes," Eli replied, stroking his dick obscenely. Ezra stared at the massive cock, his eyes widening slightly. "How was he?" Eli asked Chris.

"Fucking great. First time, too." Chris replied, smacking Ezra's ass playfully. "Took it like a champ." Nicholas walked over to Chris, climbing on the bed seductively. Chris looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You have anymore left in you or daddy or did he tire you out?" Nicholas smiled cheekily. Chris smiled at the boy's boldness, grabbing him and flipping him onto his back, pinning him down and kissing him. Ezra still lay on the bed, panting as Eli walked slowly over to the bed, his hard cock swinging between his legs. Ezra looked up at him, somewhat intimidated.

"So, you enjoyed your first time?" Eli asked.

"Yeah, it was good," Ezra replied, unable to take his eyes off of Eli's massive prick.

"Time for round two, boy."

End of Part 5. Part 6 Coming Soon!

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