This story is completely fictions and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexualities of the individuals involved. Also, this story depicts unprotected sex, but is not meant as an endorsement of such behavior. Play safe and play smart. Enjoy!

Hollywood Daddies/Hollywood Boys -- Part 6

by Slash Boy (

Ezra Miller, the sexy, young twink rising star, with his beautiful, delicate features and taut frame had been dragged by top stud daddies Chris Meloni and Eli Roth to the living room of Chris's Hollywood hills mansion where a massive daddy/boy orgy was currently underway. The young actor was currently on his knees in the middle of the room, going back and forth between Chris's hot, Italian American sausage and Eli's massive cut prick, slobbering like a bitch in heat as he deep-throated one, then the other, savoring the sweaty, manly odor and flavor...the taste of pure men.

"Fuck yeah," Chris breathed, his voice filled with lustful horniness as he encouraged the young boy whose attention was currently on his turgid member. Chris smiled at Eli, who stroked his member eagerly, awaiting his turn at Ezra's hot mouth and throat. Eli licked his lips lasciviously, furiously jerking his meat and meeting Chris's sexy, smoldering gaze as he tweaked the nipples on his muscular, hairy chest. The two daddies leaned over Ezra and engaged in a sloppy, slobber-filled tongue kiss as they were serviced with gusto by Ezra's eager young mouth. Their little threesome was punctuated by the sounds of moans and groans around the living room as the two daddies and their boy were hardly alone...

Young Connor Paolo was trussed up in a sex sling in the middle of the room, getting his tight, wet abused boyhole fucked by the sexy, hairy-chested "Avengers" star Mark Ruffalo. Connor was no stranger to hot, older daddy cock. He had been Chris Meloni's fucktoy for as long as he could remember. Just that evening, his pert, luscious teen cunt had received the hot throbbing members of Chris, Michael Fassbender (who was somewhere else in the large house) and Mark's "Avengers" co-star Jeremy Renner. Still, he was relishing the hot feeling of Ruffalo's stern, forceful fucking as the actor's large cock speared his prostate repeatedly, sending shockwaves of warm pleasure and pain radiating throughout his body.

"Fuck me!" Connor whimpered as Mark railed into him, sneering down intently at the consummate young slut bottom. "Your cock is so good. Mmmm..." Connor trailed off, reaching to fondle his own boycock, which was hard and leaking precum into his dusting of pubes. Mark authoritatively brushed Connor's hand away.

"Did I say you could play with your cock, boy?" Mark asked in a quiet, but commanding voice. "Huh?" He punctuated his dirty taunts with a few extra hard thrusts into Connor's leaking boyhole. Connor's eyes widened and he let out a loud whimpering yelp as he shook his head no.

"That's right," Mark said, his hairy body glistening with sweat from the effort of the fuck. He leaned down and kissed Connor passionately, possession the young bottom's mouth with his own in a display of affection and authority. He broke the kiss, leaving his panting, sweating face only inches away form Connor's, staring deep into the boy's eyes. "Don't worry, boy. Daddy's going to make sure you cum good. Just not now." With that, he picked up speed, aiming his hot prick right for Connor's g-spot causing the boy to scream out anew in unbridled pleasure.

"Fuck yeah!" Chris whooped as stroked his cock, watching his boy get fucked by Mark. Ezra was currently deep-throating Eli's thick cock, staring up at the two stud daddies as he serviced them. Eli grunted loudly as Chris reached over and tweaked his nipples, sending Eli into sensory overload. Chris turned his attention to the couch, smiling at some more action that was going on.

Jeremy Renner was seated on the sofa, grunting loudly as the hot, young muscled "Hunger Games" actor Alexander Ludwig bounced up and down on his cock, wailing loudly at the anal intrusion. Jeremy was not a gentle fuck. He was forceful, almost mean as he fucked, making Alexander experience that delicious mix of pain and pleasure that came with bottoming. Seated on Alexander's lock, skinny pole was "X-Men: First Class" actor Nicholas Hoult, completing the beautiful daisy-chain of fuck action. Jeremy licked his lips as he thrust further up into Alexander's rectum, causing Alexander to fuck Nicholas even harder. Alexander was in pleasure overload, being stimulated on both ends. Though he assumed the position of young, boy bottom at this party, he also loved topping and Nicholas's hole was perfect; tight, wet and totally enveloping of his member.

"Fuck, yeah!" Alexander moaned. He looked back, over his shoulder down at Jeremy's sweaty, muscular frame as he was bounced gleefully up and down on the huge cock. "Fuck me. That cock feels so good, sir!" Jeremy spanked Alexander's ample ass cheeks.

"Yeah?" Jeremy demanded. "You love that cock. Don't you, boy?" Jeremy taunted. Alexander nodded, moaning loudly as Nicholas began to bounce even harder on his dick.

"It's so good..." Alexander whimpered.

"Yeah?" Jeremy demanded. "How's his hole?"

"Mmm..." Alexander replied, barely able to form words. "So...tight."

"Fucking right it is," Nicholas added, jerking his own cock as he bounced on Alexander's. "Fuck me, Alex..."

"Goddamn, that's hot," Chris moaned. "How are those boys, Jeremy?"

"Fucking great," Jeremy declared, smiling at Chris who now has his cock buried deep in Ezra's throat. Eli has now positioned himself behind Ezra, licking the boy's asshole, previously fucked (for the first time) by Chris that evening. Ezra moaned around Chris's cock, overtook by the sensation of Eli's wet, dexterous tongue in his asshole, felching Chris's delicious load out of his hole and lubing him up for round two.

"You like how that ass tastes?" Chris demanded in a low grumble. Eli briefly brought his face up from Ezra's hold, his face wet. He licked his lips, smiling.

"So good," Eli replied. "Gonna fuck that hole so good..." Ezra pulled off of Chris's dick briefly, looking over his shoulder.

"Fuck, yeah..." he breathed in ecstasy. "That feels amazing. Get my hole ready for your cock, daddy..."

"Get back down on my dick," Chris chuckled, grabbing the back of Ezra's head and forcing the boy back on his hard, wet prick. "And you better let him get it wet," Chris said with a sneer. "Because you're gonna take both of us, boy..."

In a bedroom down the hall, sexy Irish stud Michael Fassbender was grunting and sweating with effort as he fucked the living shit out of "Hunger Games" star, boyish bottom Josh Hutcherson. Josh moaned and whimpered as he lay on his back on the bed, feeling Michael's thick, uncut prick slamming in and out of his tight hole, hitting the walls of his boypussy, stimulating his prostate mercilessly. Next to Josh on the bed lay the hot, young redheaded star of TV's "Shameless," Cameron Monaghan who was getting fucked hard by Michael's "Prometheus" co-star Idris Elba. The room was filled with the low, forceful grunts of the sexy tops and the loud, girlish, submissive whimpers of the younger, boyish bottoms.

"Fuck my pussy, daddy!" Cameron sobbed blissfully, his cock bouncing back and forth from the sheer force of Idris slamming his huge black cock in and out of his hole. Cameron, usually a bit of a mouthy, forceful powerbottom had been rendered completely submissive and compliant under Idris's forceful, sexy thrall. Idris wasn't having any of Cameron's antics as he fucked the young boy into a delicious, pleasure filled submission, his thick uncut meat tickling the young bottom's prostate.

"You like that big dick, bitch?" Idris demanded. Cameron nodded as he continued to sob, thrashing back and forth, his body overtaken with pleasure. Idris leaned down, his body glistening with sweat and a glint of anger in his eyes. "Say it, boy!" To prove his point, he fucked Cameron even harder. Cameron's eyes widened. "Fuck yes, daddy! That dick is so good! It hurts so good!"

"Who's ass is this?" Idris demanded, smiling at Michael, who returned the grin.

"Yours!" Cameron responded compliantly.

"Fucking right it is..." Idris sneered. "Kiss him," he ordered. Cameron turned his head and began to make out with Josh, their moans and whimpers of delight muffled as their tongues danced and their lips devoured one another. The sight was unbelievably hot.

"Fuck, yeah," Michael breathed. He and Idris kissed as their bottom boys made out.

"How's his ass?" Idris asked his buddy, breaking the kiss.

"It's perfect," Michael responded, flashing his trademark, adorable toothy, crooked grin. He began to fuck Josh even harder. Josh broke the kiss with Cameron, staring up at Michael and whimpering.

"Daddy..." Josh whimpered. "It hurts..."

"You love it," Michael sneered, fucking Josh's hole even harder. It was true, Josh did love it. He knew Michael got off on the idea that he was fucking Josh into painful submission. Though Michael's cock was nothing to scoff at, Josh had taken his share of daddy dick up his hole and was handling it with skill and pleasure.

"Mmm..." Josh bit his lip.

"Fucking slut," Michael grunted. "You need this cock up your ass, don't you?" He reached down and began to tweak and pinch Josh's nipples. Josh nodded, his face flush and his cock hard. He could feel the heat radiating from his crotch throughout his body as his prostate was hit repeatedly by Michael's fat cockhead. He knew he wouldn't last much longer.

"Daddy, I'm close!" Josh yelped. Michael smiled.

"Yeah?" Michael asked, slowing down his fucking to a slow, aching pace. Josh's face scrunched in sexual frustration. "Maybe I should stop," Michael teased.

"No!" Josh screamed. "Please fuck me, daddy! Fuck the cum out of me..."

Michael looked at Idris, a facetious look of confusion on his face. "Should I give the little bitch what he wants?" he asked his friend. Idris chuckled, as he thrust into Cameron who was also on the home.

Michael winked and began to powerfuck Josh once more again. Josh threw his head back, wailing loudly.

"Fuck that ass, daddy!" he screamed loudly. "Oh my God, that hurst so good! I'm gonna cum!" This was music to Michael's ears as he leaned down and began to tongue Josh's puffy, swollen nipples. This sent the young bottom over the top as his cock began to spew its boyload all over his chest in a delicious, exquisite hands free orgasm.

Watching his friend shoot his load and the feeling of Idris's thick meat in his hole was too much for Cameron as he too began to moan and wail as his cock erupted in four large spurts of watery boycum that landed on his stomach and chest. Michael and Idris laughed, whooping as they observed their handiwork.

"Good boy!" Idris leaned down, kissing Cameron whose chest rose and fell rapidly as he came down from his explosive orgasm. Michael leaned down and licked the cum off of Josh's body as Josh shivered in post-orgasmic bliss. Michael collected the sweet, delicious load in his mouth and brought it to Josh's as the two engaged in a sloppy, cum-filled makeout session. Josh sighed as he tasted his own load on Michael's tongue. The two men stared down at their freshly fucked boys, who were still panting and recovering. Michael and Idris looked at each other, smiling, their cocks still hard.

"Wanna see what's going on out there?" Idris asked with a wink. Michael nodded.

"Let's let these boys rest. They've had a long night," Michael added with a chuckle.

In another guest bedroom down the hall, Hugh Jackman had "Billy Elliot" star Jamie Bell, all grown up but still boyish, doggystyle on the large, four-poster bed as he fucked him hard and fast. Jamie's mouth was agape as he screamed with pleasure. Hugh was an amazing fuck. Forceful, deliberate, knowing all the right spots to his.

"You like that dick?" Hugh demanded, his perfect, hairy muscular body dripping with sweat as he thrust into Jamie's tight, luscious hole, hitting his g-spot as he fucked the boyish actor.

"Fuck, yes!" Jamie replied. "Fuck me! Come on, harder!"

Hugh chuckled, loving a challenge as he railed into Jamie with even more force than before. Jamie reached underneath himself, stroking his dick lightly, relishing in the sweet agony and ecstasy that was studdaddy Hugh Jackman possessing his inner-most regions, bring unbelievable pleasure to his body.

On the bedroom floor, Joseph Gordon Levitt lay on his back as Daniel Craig slammed his perfect 007 cock in and out of his tight hole. Joseph's body glistened with sweat. Even he, a consummate slutbottom, now in his early 30s, who had been taking cock up his hole since his time on "3rd Rock from the Sun" could scarcely believe Daniel's stamina. He stared up at the muscular stud as he he felt Daniel's hard prick breaching his hole repeatedly, bringing him closer and closer to the brink.

"Damn, that hole is tight," Daniel grunted. Joseph nodded, letting out the occasional moan and whimper of pleasure, his face scrunched in concentration as Daniel grazed his prostate.

"Best ass you ever had," Joseph grunted, flashing a cocky grin. Daniel chuckled, sneering down at Joseph.

"Confident one, aren't we?" Daniel then began to fuck Joseph harder than he had ever fucked before. Even Joseph found himself losing some of his cocky bravado, his face registering delectable pleasure as Daniel really railed into him.

"Oh m God..." Joseph moaned. "Mmmm..."

"Yeah?" Daniel grunted. "What do you have to say now? Huh?" He added even more force to the fuck. Joseph whimpered as he stroked his own dick.

"That's so good, daddy..." Joseph moaned. "Make that ass yours."

They were interrupted by loud, girlish, escalating whimpers from the bed. Jamie was nearing his highly anticipated climax as Hugh long dicked him from behind, showing no mercy as his cock speared the young actor's hole. Jamie stroked his dick even more furiously.

"Fuck yeah, bitch!" Hugh roared. "Shoot that load! Cum for daddy! Show daddy how much you love it when he fucks that ass!"

"Yeah!" Jamie screamed. "Right there! Harder! Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" With that Jamie's cock spewed it's load beneath him onto the bed, leaving several white puddles of cum all over the sheets. Hugh slowed his fucking down as Jamie continued to whimper and scream like a bitch in heat. Finally Hugh pulled out, his hard dick bouncing free as he forced Jamie's face down on the bed.

"Fuck yeah," Hugh breathed. "Taste your own load. Get it all over your face." Jamie lifted his face up, still on his knees doggystle, his face now covered and dripping with his own hot load. He felt slutty, dirty and used...exactly how he liked it.

Soon Joseph reached his climax as Daniel continued to rail his thick dick into the younger, boyish slutbottom. He let out an earsplitting moan of pleasure as his cock exploded its white spunk, one of the shots hitting him in the chin with its sheer force. Daniel smiled down at Joseph, watching the actor now covered in cum as he panted and tried to recover. He looked up at Hugh, smiling. "Let's go check out the rest of the party."

Hugh, Daniel, Michael and Idris had joined the rest of the party in the living room. The daddies had joined Mark Ruffalo in taking turns fucking the shit out of Connor, who could hardly believe his good fortune. Five of the hottest stud-daddies in Hollywood were taking turns violating his ass. Currently, Hugh was slamming in and out of his asshole with unbelievable force while Idris wagged his cock in front of Connor's face, teasing the young slut who sucked it eagerly and hungrily. Daniel, Michael and Mark stood over Connor as he lay in the sling, sneering down at him and stroking their hard pricks lewdly as they watched the young slut getting violated.

On the floor, Eli Roth lay on his back while Ezra Miller screamed in pleasure and pain as he rode up and down on the thick, turgid member while Chris Meloni penetrated him from behind in a delicious scene of double penetration.

"Fu-u-ck!" He wailed, sobbing blissfully. "It hurts so fucking good!"

"Yeah," Chris grunted. "You love these cocks up your ass. You fucking need it, don't you slut!"

"Yes, daddy! I'm a slut! Use me! Make me your bitch..." Ezra whimpered as Eli thrust up into him, the two cockheads rubbing up against each other inside of Ezra.

"I can't believe you were a virgin two hours ago," Eli grunted, chuckling slightly. "Now look at you..." Ezra nodded, whimpering loudly and moaning. Having cum once before that evening, he knew he wouldn't last long. The two cocks were stretching him beyond belief. It hurt, but it was a good hurt and a sensation Ezra had never imagined in his wildest dreams. Chris, sensing the boy was on the brink, began to thrust harder into him.

"Take it!" Chris grunted. "Come on, take those dicks, you little slut. You love it!"

"Oh fuck!" Ezra screamed as his cock began to spew its load all over Eli's hairy chest. Eli and Chris cheered, having brought the boy to his second hands-free anal orgasm of the evening. Chris slid out of his Ezra's hole, allowing the boy to collapse backward in exhaustion. Eli stood up, smiling, covered in Ezra's load, his huge prick still hard. The sound of escalating boy moans interrupted their afterglow...

On the couch, Nicholas was stroking his cock furiously, nearing orgasm as Alexander slammed into him, propelled by Jeremy Renner who was fucking him in a daisy chain that was too hot for words.

"Fuck!" Nicholas screamed. "I'm gonna cum!" With that, his British boycock shot its load all over the floor. The feeling of Nicholas's ass tightening as well as Jeremy's rigorous fucking proved too much for Alexander who threw his head back and let out a loud wail of pleasure as his cock exploded inside of Nicholas's tight ass, coating the walls of his boypussy with his hot boycum.

"Fuck, yeah," Jeremy breathed as the boys dismounted, lying on the couch in exhaustion.

Jeremy stood up and joined the other daddies, who had gathered around Connor in the sex sling. Connor now had Daniel's cock up his ass as he greedily deepthroated Eli's cock, muffling his moans of pleasure. He jerked off Mark and Michael with either hand, while the rest of the daddies stroked their own cocks, moaning and cheering, encouraging the depraved scene of Connor being used, violated and fucked in every sense of the word by this sexy swarm of Hollywood stud-daddies. Chris gave Daniel's ass a good-natured smack as 007 actor slammed into his boy. Daniel chuckled, looking at Chris with horny abandon.

"You want to finish him off? He's your boy?" Daniel asked. Chris smiled, not even having to answer as Daniel pulled out. Chris looked down at Connor, taking his rightful place before the boy he had broken in so many years ago. He smiled down at the boy as he began to fuck him forcefully. Connor spat out Eli's cock and stared up at Chris, moaning loudly.

"Fuck!" He wailed. "That's so good!" Connor concentrated fully on the deep-dicking he was receiving from his original, number one daddy. The other studs stood above him, jerking their dicks and making out with each other.

"All these cocks," Chris breathed down at Connor. "But nobody fuck you like I do. Isn't that right?"

"You're the best..." Connor whimpered breathlessly as Chris fucked him mercilessly, his cock probing at Connor's sensitive, battered prostate repeatedly. The men watched the hot scene. Mark was the first to shoot, coating Connor's chest with his spunk in a roaring orgasm, followed by Hugh, Matthew, Idris, Jeremy, Daniel and Eli who all painted Connor's stomach, chest and face with their huge loads. Before long, Connor was covered in delicious white cum like the little slut he was as Chris railed in and out of him, nearing the finish line.

"Fuck..." Connor moaned. "I'm getting close!"

"Yeah!" Chris grunted. "That's it! Show them who owns this ass!" With that, Connor whimpered in ecstasy, his toes curling as he erupted in a hands-free orgasm, his dick spraying white cum, adding to the copious amounts coating his body. As Chris felt Connor tighten around his dick, he threw his head back and roared.

"Yeaahhhh!!" Chris screamed as he came deep inside of Connor. The men all applauded at the scene as Chris and Connor stared into each other's eyes, smiling breathlessly. Chris leaned forward and kissed Connor tenderly and affectionately, their tongues dancing and dueling as the men continued to applaud. Chris leaned over to Connor's ear, licking it gently and whispered the words that he had said countless times in their years together, "Good boy."

End of Part 6.

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