DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and is based on the author's imagination not on any accurate or real life experience. The author possesses no knowledge of the characters' sexual orientation at all.

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Chapter 15

Somewhere down in my groin I felt a warm wet feeling and so when I actually opened my eyes, I realized it was not a dream. I saw a head with short cropped dark hair in my lap and felt my cock growing. It soon came back to me that Channing (or Chan, as he had asked me to call him) and I had shared the bed last night. We had had some amazing sex and he had not gone to his room and spent the night in my bed. My cock was at full attention now and waves of pleasure were wafting my body as his tongue played with the border of my cock's mushroom head. His hands were now cupping my butt cheeks and squeezing them. I was soon moaning and moving my pelvis in rhythm with the blond head. Ten minutes or so must have passed and I was squirting the creamy cum and I felt Channing's tongue flicking on the slit making the orgasm even more pleasurable. When every last drop was drained, he continued to lick upward and soon reached my mouth. He kissed me deep giving me a taste of my own juices. I guess my morning breath did not bother him as he continued to kiss me, squeezing me in his warm embrace.

"Good morning", he said with a grin.

"If this is the beginning, it will be a great day!", I replied.

Soon we were in the kitchen having breakfast. My culinary skills were meager but I managed toast and omelet and chai which seemed to suffice him. We were about half way when I got a call from Hrithik. He asked to speak with Channing and they two discussed the day. He asked me to bring him to his studio's office and then prepare for the evening's party. We hit the gym together and had a quick workout. It was fun exercising with someone else and Channing gave me some tips that he had learnt from his trainer in LA. Soon I had dropped him off to the studios and went back to preparing for the party. The basement was now equipped as per Hrithik's specifications and the food was to be delivered in the evening.

At about 6 pm I heard a car come in and soon Chan strode in. I could sense he was excited and soon he told me the reason. The Producer had spoken with them from England and they were making the announcement for their new movie tomorrow. This was going to be a true multinational event. The Producer was going to be in England with a British star, Channing and Hrithik were in Mumbai and Brad was going to be in LA and the entire media event was going to be online and clips were going to be sent to the media. I had not known that Brad Pitt was going to be in the movie! Would he come here to The Club at some point?

Channing said he was still a bit jet lagged and would like to nap before the party. I followed him up to his room and as he disrobed I pushed him on to the bed and gave him a nice sloppy blow job. He grinned and lay back, placing his arms above his head, exposing that musky armpit.

"Something to help you sleep," I remarked as I retreated from his room, finished with the job.

The sky was turning pink and I lit the pool and the patio. Hrithik was there but busy on the phone. We had talked a bit about his new venture and his costars. I really wanted to spend some time with him, just the two of us, but I knew that wouldn't happen too soon. This press conference and the announcement was going to keep him super busy as he would then have more media interviews, etc. I still couldn't believe that Brad was going to costar! I was bending down to reach for one of the switches to turn on the light when I felt a pair of hands on my butt and another pelvis grinding me. I stood up and now those hands had traveled around my waist and up to my chest. I knew it was Hrithik. Did he read my mind?

"I want to be with you alone but you know how crazy it is. Tonight's with John and Arjun and Channing but I promise you I'll make it up to you soon", he said with a kiss on my lips.

Damn, I thought, this guy is just so nice.

Channing was now on the patio, dressed in a light green polo and dark blue jeans looking very much the Hollywood star that he was. The polo was not too tight but fitted enough to reveal the muscled body it clad. Arjun and John arrived and soon we were now eating, drinking and shooting the breeze.
"Guys", Hrithik said, "Let me show you something that I learnt in LA". He looked at me and said, "Can you please take them to the basement? I'll join you there soon."

We were in the basement soon and wondering what trick Hrithik had up his sleeve. John and Arjun were caressing each other and invited Channing to join them. I was in the midst of the three hunks and we felt the lights dim. I turned around and saw Hrithk dressed in black leather chaps, a vest made with criss-crossed leather strips and a large leather wrist band. He was carrying a bag. As he strode across, he looked at Arjun and motioned him to come to him. Arjun was bare chested and was wearing only black bikini briefs. Hrithik retrieved some ropes from his bag and pushed Arjun stand between the two columns. With a flourish, H looped the rope around Arjun's wrist and tied the other end to hook on the column. He did the same on the other end. Now I began to understand the design of the basement and the need for the columns and the hooks. This was why H was so precise about the plans and the specifications!

Arjun was now standing spread-eagled, arms tied to the columns and in his bikini briefs. His muscular butt was facing us. Hrithik got leather straps out of the case and secured them around Arjun's ankles. With more ropes he tied them to the columns. He was standing with his arms and legs wide apart, the long hair flowing to the neck. John had stood mesmerized, frozen in his place while Channing was taking off his jeans, displaying his impressive package in printed boxers.. He looked as inviting as he did in those underwear ads I had seen in some magazine a year ago. Hrithik had now moved behind Arjun, caressing that toned body and running his hands through the famous long hair. H held the hair in his fist and tugged them. Arjun let out a gasp as he arched his neck back and H bent forward to kiss him. H bent down, took out a small whip from his case. He smacked it lose and lashed it against the floor. The whipping sound broke the silence and seemed to snap John out of that frozen state. I had never seen or participated in any S & M activity before and I, too, was stunned. Was my endearing lovable boss, H, capable of such sadism?

Channing was now facing Arjun. Arjun's bikini briefs were tenting. A small wet spot appeared on the tip of the tent. Chan was caressing Arjun's head where Hrithik had tugged at. Hrithik was stroking Arjun's back with the end of the whip. I could see Arjun's back muscles contract in response and was struck by his muscularity. Channing was still caressing Arjun all over, occasionally bending down to lick or nibble at a nipple. John reached out to me and we were kissing each other but our eyes were fixed at the trio and the events that were unfolding before us. The trio ahead of us were a mix of muscle, skin and moans. Hrithik stroked his whip and gave a small lash with it , striking Arjun's back. I could see Arjun's cock throb in response and Chan was now licking at the wet spot on the white brief while his hands reached around massaging the back. Hrithik whipped again, almost knocking Arjun off his feet but Chan's mouth held him in place. I could see a red mark appear on Arjun's broad back and another one crossing it was a little lighter. Hrithik then paused to kiss them, lifted the whip and placed one more lash parallel to the first one. He then tugged at Arjun's hair and bent the face back staring down with his cool green eyes. "Tell me when you want to stop", he said.

Arjun was silent, assenting with his eyes but lust was very evident on the face. Chan had pulled Arjun's brief down and it lay stretched across the calves. John and I were still kissing each other, more interested in the scene unfolding before our eyes than really in each other. We continued to stroke each other's bodies licking chests and necks and kissing but our attention was on the three of them. Hrthik now smacked Arjun's butt and quickly repeated it again on the other side. A loud moan escaped Arjun and his cock stood hard and erect piercing the air. Hrithik tugged at Arjun's hair again elongating his neck backward and Chan stood up, licked at the side of the neck. This was an incredibly erotic move and a pearl of precum dripped out of Arjun's prick. He was really turned on by this torture it seemed. Hrithik bent down and took out something with a chain. I had no idea and both John and I stopped to pause and see what was happening. Hrithik took one end which looked like a crocodile clamp and opened it and gently attached it to Arjun's left tit. He bent down, took the right tit in his mouth and lapped at it. Meanwhile, he swung the chain, sending waves of sensation with each oscillation. Arjun let out a long gasp, almost guttural and from somewhere deep within. He was writhing in ecstasy and agony. Chan took the clamp on the other end and placed it on his tit. Both were now joined tit - to - tit. When either one would move the pleasure would be on both ends. They were kissing each other, joined in the pleasure. Chan stepped back to remove his underwear exposing a hard nine-inch deep pink cut cock. As the cock were grinding against six-packs on both stars' torsos, their tongues explored each others mouths. John and I had got back to being busy again. We were now on a large mat 69ing each other. The torture trio were putting on a show that had us so turned on, neither could wait any longer. Hrithik now moved behind Chan and stood behind him. He was spreading Chan's cheeks apart and entering Chan. Hrithik entered him slowly, allowing the young dancer's anus to accommodate the intruder. Chan bent forward, yanking on the chain connecting him to Arjun and both squealed in pain and pleasure. Hrithik was pounding into Chan who was bumping into Arjun.

John and I were reaching our end and I saw him throw his head back and picking up the pace. I followed suit, wanting to spill my seed in sync with the hunk. Both of us matched the rhythm and soon we were shooting into each other's mouths. The three were still at it and Arjun shot his load first, spewing white creamy stuff on Chan's fair abdomen. The sticky fluid helped Chan reach his climax too and he, in turn, let out his spunk. Hrithik was holding both men around their waists and thrusting his pelvis in and out and he came too coating Chan's chute.

I stood up and reached the columns and started unhooking Arjun. As soon as his arms were free, he reached around holding Chan and Hrithik. I let his legs free and the three fell in a heap - spent and exhausted. John and I joined them - five hunks sated with cock, sex, sperm!