Chapter 16


The author possesses no knowledge of the sexual orientation of the persons in the story. This is a work of fiction and is the result of the author's imagination.


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Next day was the big media blitz. I was watching the announcement at home/work. The Club was now my work place and also my residence and more importantly, my playground. While on the treadmill, I saw Hrithik and Chan in a posh Mumbai hotel, shaking hands and hugging other celebrities at the press conference. They were soon joined by Brad from LA via webcast. Brad announced that he was very excited to work with stars from across the globe and that Hollywood and Bollywood were joining hands to produce a major thriller that would be shot in four continents. Soon The Producer joined from London. This man was a forty-something man with a deep tan and a muscled body that was not overly bulky but still toned and definitely good looking. He took the mike to introduce a British star who was going to play a major role also. The camera turned to the man sitting next to him and I missed my step and lost my balance. I had to hit the pause button on the treadmill or else I would have fallen off. This was a man who was fantasized by many men and women all over the world. There was some gossip earlier about him kissing a guy, but nothing had ever happened after that and the story died. It was the current James Bond Daniel Craig! Visions of him stepping out of the sea sporting blue trunks in "Casino Royale" flooded my mind and I remembered how many times I had beaten off to that scene.

The Producer was now announcing that the other two stars who were in Mumbai and the camera zoomed in on Chan and Hrithik. The Producer introduced Hrithik as the hottest star of Bollywood and then Channing as the sexiest star of Hollywood. He made a joke about both these stars who were famous for their dancing, would make the world dance with them and then he announced that the script was in the final stages and shooting would commence soon. The event ended with clips of different scenes from movies that starred Hrithik, Brad, Daniel and Channing set to fusion music.

I was impatiently waiting for Chan and H to return. I had dinner alone, wondering what Chan and H were up to now, whether this was a standard Bollywood party or would they be fucking around with other hunks also. Hrithik called me to inform me that they were going back to some party later but he was talking up a storm about the movie and how he would be in LA next week. I got into bed and dozed off. They came back after about four hours. Some time later I heard a car enter and stop and the main open. I figured it was Chan returning from the shindig and I went back to sleep. Shortly, I heard my bedroom door open and saw H standing at the door, softly stepping in. I sat up, the sheet falling off my chest baring my upper torso and two brown erect nipples. So, he did keep his promise I thought. He closed the door behind him and unbuttoned his shirt, and pants. I turned around and lay, awaiting my boss and friend to enter me. All I wanted was his cock in me, no kissing, no embracing, no words. H sensed that and I felt his tongue on my sphincter, preparing it. He used a finger to stretch the hole and soon he was massaging my cheeks. I felt his cock head on my hole and braced myself for the onslaught. I dug my face in the pillow, lifted my hips up slightly to accommodate for the massive monster about to impale my insides. He entered me gently, allowing the elasticity of the sphincter to tighten around his head and then swiftly pushed it in, inch by inch. I felt it hit my prostrate and I moaned as the first wave of delight rose from within me. I lifted my hips again and he was soon in me. He picked up the pace and was fucking me as I wanted him to.

When he came in me, I thought of nothing else but his cock in me, his body over mine and his breath on my back. He kissed my neck, slipped his arm around my waist to roll me over. My hard-on was between our abs and our faces on each other. He kissed me deep, playing with my nipples. He was now humping me, and soon I came too. We both lay in each other's arms for what seemed an eternity. He told me, "I am flying to LA at the end of the week, and I have to finish up all my shooting schedules. Most likely, I won't be around till I return from LA. If there's anything you need, ask Arjun. You should have enough money from the dues, but I `ve told Arjun to assist you in any way you need. I know you are comfortable with him, as he is with you. If any new members want to join, Arjun will let you know." We kissed deep again, and he patted my chest, stepped back into his clothes.

The next day, I took Chan around Mumbai, The usual sights and later we went to a disco at night. He was recognized by a few people who stopped him for autographs. A female model was definitely flirting with him and he with her. He whispered that he would like to spend the night with her and I arranged for a room in the hotel that the nightclub was located in. I informed him that next morning, I would send a car to pick him up. I saw the two leave almost in the next fifteen minutes. I turned to leave and felt a warm hand on my back. As the hand slipped down slowly I turned around to see Imran Khan. I had spent a night with him and Ranbir, a few weeks ago (see Bollywood Escapades) and he hugged me. To an outsider, it would seem that he was meeting a friend, but I felt his hand on my butt and his pelvis grind into mine. Earlier in the month I had seen stories on TV about his wedding and also the duo (Ranbir and Imran) had joked about his honeymoon on the Filmfare Awards that they had hosted. I guessed he was now itching for some man love! I smiled and was wondering how I could bring him home or not, as H had not specified if I could bring visitors who were not members. I turned around, smiled at him and said, " Congratulations on your wedding".

"Thanks, man, but I really need to have some diversion. Are you free now?"

"I am, but where would we..." before I could finish the sentence, he answered, "I have a room upstairs in the hotel."

"Let's go then". I replied.

"Here's the key, I've to make some rounds and soon I'll join you. Get comfortable in Rm 1510", Imran added.

Upstairs on the 15th floor, the room commanded a view of Mumbai where the lights twinkled on the Queen's Necklace and cars drove by beaming the red taillights. I stood at the window with my hands against the glass and face pressed against the pane. The city that sprawled under me held wonders that never ceased. I must have stayed there for a few minutes but I soon felt a pair of hands massage my butt. And then, I felt another pair circle my chest and tweak my nipples through the fabric of my shirt. Although I wanted to turn around to see who was there, the sensation was too pleasurable to interrupt. Was it Imran on my chest and the stranger on my butt or the other way around? Before I could think any further, I felt the hands unbutton my shirt and lips kiss the nape of my neck. As the hands removed my arms from the sleeves, those lips traced the back of my arms and soon nestled in my armpit. Soon the hands were unbuckling my belt and dropped the jeans to the floor. My cock was now hard as the glass that it was pressing. Lips, tongues and hands were now roaming all over my back, butt and thighs. I managed to shuck my sneakers off and turned around. Imran was facing me and he took my face in his hands and kissed me deep and passionately. That boy certainly kissed well. I looked down to see a head crowned with raven hair that looked up as he was slipping my boxers off. It was Ranveer Singh. He was a newcomer who had just had a hit movie "BBB". Imran and Ranveer and me, on the fifteenth floor of a swanky Mumbai hotel in various stages of undress!

"I got a visitor with me," confirmed Imran. "Hope you don't mind". Before I could answer, Ranveer stood up and kissed me and as my cock throbbed with anticipation, no answer was necessary.

Soon we were on the bed, sucking and licking and grinding. Ranveer had a nice uncut cock that was about 8 inches while Imran's cut stood at seven. I was riding Imran's cock while Ranveer kneeled in front of me, so that I could suck on that juicy pole with a large mushroom head. He had a muscular lean physique with a taut butt that I held to gain stability as I bobbed my head and my butt was impaled. My cock was slapping and soon I felt Ranveer remove his cock from my mouth and swallow mine. Imran was the first to come and as I felt him shoot inside me, I couldn't hold any longer and I removed my prick and shot the load on Ranveer's toned chest. I got off Imran and we both reached out to take care of the last soldier standing Ranveer's. Imran bent down, slurping on the hard pole while I was kissing his chest and nipples. The double stimulation was too much for him and he shot a massive load.

Minutes later, as we lay on the bed, Imran said to Ranveer, "This is the secret Bollywood, and its good you had some practice whie you were still making your rounds with the producers and getting a break, but be prepared for the time of your life with us guys". I smiled as I realized that I was the only non-filmi guy in this circle.

As Ranveer and I left Imran in his room and rode the elevator down, I wondered what room Chan and the model were! He was there for one more day and I did want to enjoy his company, if you know what I mean!