Chapter 17

DISCLAIMER: All characters in the story are fictional and are the product of the author's imagination. No knowledge of sexual orientation of the characters in real life is known.


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Hrithik landed in LA on a smoggy evening. Jet-lagged and tired, he was chauffeured to the hotel and the Hospitality Manager of that swanky hotel escorted him to the suite. He smiled to himself as he realized how the Manager had not bothered to know him the last time he was staying in the hotel but this time he was getting the treatment usually reserved for royalty. One media announcement linking him to big league players like Brad and Daniel changed attitudes in this town. The Manager was fawning over him, taking him in a private elevator that opened right into his suite. He missed the anonymity that he had enjoyed the last time. The Producer had sent a new assistant to assist him. Tim had been promoted to another position in the studio. The new assistant was a female that was good looking and shapely, and could have been a model or an actress. Although H was tempted to ask her to stay back and see if she would get him off, he decided to keep it low key.

Shortly after, he got a call from The Producer who welcomed him back to LA and informed him that he was waiting to meet tomorrow with the scriptwriters and other crew. The Producer also informed H that he was having a party after that and could he stay back for an after-party in his basement. Hrithik knew what that after-party in the basement meant! He had not forgotten the time he had there on his last visit. H accepted the invites to both events. He decided that instead of sleeping this early, despite the jet lag, he would swim a bit and then retire early.

Hrithik headed to the pool and was surprised to see it almost empty. The sun was setting and a cool breeze blowing. Deep blue trunks hugged his pelvis, outlining his massive organ and revealing the sculpted physique. He guessed that it was dinner time and the golden people were either dining or somewhere else. He saw two other men lying face down on the lounge chairs and one person in the pool. He strode down to the water and jumped in. The cool blue water enveloped him, and as he started swimming, he felt the fatigue of the flight slowly dissipate. He stepped out and walked over to the hot tub. He saw someone was sitting in the tub, facing away from him. The hot tub was in a semi-secluded area, covered with shrubbery and almost invisible to the rest of the pool area. He could see a man with dirty blond hair sitting in the tub, with his muscular arms stretched out on both sides. A half-filled glass sat beside the tub. He entered the tub, smiled at the man and did a double-take. It was Jason Bourne (aka Matt Damon)!

Hrithik smiled at him, offered his hand and said, "Hi I am Hrithik". Matt shook his hand and said, "I was supposed to meet you tomorrow at The Producer's place! He has a small party and I want to meet Brad as we haven't met for a while. What a coincidence! I didn't know you were staying in this hotel too. Not too many people are here at this hour and I like the view and enjoy the quiet time".

"Well, then let me not disturb you", said Hrithik, almost disappointed at not being able to continue the conversation.

"Oh you are not disturbing me at all", replied Matt with a smile. "Brad did mention that he met you last time and he also told me about your movie with him. During my last visit to India, I heard a lot about you but never got a chance to meet. So I am glad we finally meet, albeit in an unusual manner. When did you arrive?"

"An hour ago," replied Hrithik. "I am looking forward to meeting the scriptwriters and other crew tomorrow".

"Did you have dinner?" asked Matt.

"No, but I was just going to order room service", the Bollywood hunk answered.

"How about joining me? I have no plans for dinner either."

"Thanks for the offer, but I am jet-lagged and so wanted to get in bed early. If you want, we could go up and order something from the restaurant," offered Hrithik.

"I wouldn't mind coming up to your room", said Matt with a slight leer.

"Let's go then?"

The two movie stars entered the suite and ordered their dinners. Matt mentioned Brad again and how they were good friends and shared stories of their friendship. Hrithik wondered if Matt was "testing" him and decided to be a little bolder. He said, "So, what did Brad tell you about our meeting?"

"Everything" Matt said with a lusty twinkle in his eye and reached forward to kiss Hrithik. Both were still in hotel robes and these did not provide any obstacles to their roving hands. Lips and tongues were exploring each others toned bodies. Hrithik's light brown skin contrasted Matt's pale white body. Hrithik's lips were nibbling at Matt's left nipple while the other hand was cupping Bourne's butt, massaging the right cheek. Hrithik slowly traced his right finger to Matt's mouth and the latter was licking it. Hrithik brought the wet finger to Matt's anus, gently prying it apart and finding the magic button. Hrithik had moved down and his tongue was now flicking at Matt's nine-inch pink cock head. It was thick and engorged with blood, throbbing with pleasure at every stimulation from the tongue. The finger had now found Bourne's button and H was stroking it. Matt's entire body was shuddering and H gulped the cock with his tongue circling the slit. Matt was now pumping his pelvis in H's mouth and with each thrust the finger pressed on the pleasure point. They continued like this for a few minutes till Matt shot several gobs of sperm and he sat on the heap of the robes, spent and sated. Hrithik still had a massive hard on and Matt was on his knees, taking Hrithik in his mouth. Hrithik face-fucked Matt and shot his load all over the handsome face. A thick creamy wad trailed down from his cute nose to his mouth and he tasted the salty fluid. He stood up and kissed Hrithik again, so both could taste the sperm smoothie in Matt's mouth. They soon enjoyed their dinner together and were chatting about the party tomorrow.

Hollywood and Bollywood had met!