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After everyone had cum onto Brad's hard pecs and abs, the Indian guys licked their new guest clean. They tasted their own spicy loads and made Brad feel really good as they gave him this royal treatment. Brad enjoyed the tongue massage very much, especially, as H sucked some of Arjun's and John's cum into his mouth and poured it, mixed with his own saliva, right into his (Brad's) mouth. And Brad played by the rules of the desi guys. So when he had the cum-saliva-mix in his mouth he gurgled some with it, washing his mouth, and pushed his tongue along his teeth and gums. Nasty Brad! When he was in the right mood, he was such a nasty whore. So this was the desi welcome H had promised him! For Brad, it was an exciting start in a fascinating country he had fallen in love with already.

So the guys said good-bye and left the room, one by another. They left "The Club" and headed out for their own apartments, only Arjun stayed there to check out the preparations for the upcoming events at "The Clubs".

H undid the ties and stirrups from Brad's arms and feet and helped him getting out of the sling. Brad smiled thankfully at him as he got up onto his feet.

"Hrithik, that was just amazing. I'm happy to be here and have you as a friend," he said.

"Yeah, I can see that," smirked H good-naturedly and pointed at Brad's erect cock. "You didn't cum, Brad. We'll have to do something about that."

"What do you have in mind?" asked Brad.

"Wait and you'll see. Let's get into your room."

With that H ushered his famous gora guest towards the door. Being extremely horny, both men almost ran up the stairs. When they reached Brad's luxury room, they fell onto the king-size bed and started to kiss each other passionately. As H and Brad were swapping lots of their spit, Brad was mesmerized by the spicy taste of H's cum-flavored breath. That was a gorgeous odor he loved so much. They caressed each other's bodies, touched each other at their most sensitive parts and moaned and groaned for what it seemed to be an eternity.

"Yeah, dude, push your ass into my face," ordered H.

Always a nasty whore, Brad immediately complied. He pushed his anus out, just as if he had a bowel movement. His anus grew bigger and fleshier, its reddish mount opened some only to welcome the tongue of the Indian actor. H took a close look at the delicious dish right in front of him, and as he did so, he realized that Brad offered him something very special. True, Brad was a cum slut whose passive gang-banging attitudes were quite known in Hollywood. But the intimacy he was sharing with him, H, in "The Club" was something completely different. In India, Brad felt like at home. He was desired, he was worshipped, he was loved. The exotic ambience of the strange, yet familiar country added spice to the sex he was having and would have in future.

"Like my ass? It's tasty, isn't it?" Brad asked, sporting a shit-eating grin.

"Uh-huh", H monaed. Brad's ass was definitely tasty. It was clean with just a slight odour of male musk which drove H wild. He allowed his brown desi cock to release some drops of potent Indian pre-cum which Brad noisily slurped.

"It's all yours. I'm all yours," Brad said as he savored the licks of H's wet tongue on his sphincter.

"Yeah, push your fucking ass in my face. Right in my face, Brad," H ordered.

Brad had fun as H moved his tongue in and out the pink hole of the world-famous almost hairless bubble-butt. Brad grinned dirtily as he started to lick H's brown anus as well. It was very tight, since H had been fucked only once in his life, by him, Brad fucking Pitt!

H grinned as the thought popped into his mind that Brad's Adonis-body would digest the spicy Indian food the Hollywood-slut liked so much. After the food had passed Brad's digestive system, it would be this sexy hole in front of him by which the indigestible parts of food would be released and fall into the water of a toilet. Strange enough, this thought gave H an additional thrill, so he probed his tongue as deep as he could into Brad's hungry hole. Mmmhh, Brad's ass tasted really good! H envied Angelina. Lucky bitch,' he thought. `She can lick this delicious shitter whenever she wants to. Damn!'

Brad on his part was overwhelmed by the arousing treatment he was experiencing. No doubt, Indians knew how to bring pleasure to others, men or women, it didn't matter. And H and the others who fucked him in "The Club" an hour before were more than just skilled. Brad was mesmerized by their sexual appetites. `They must have learned the Kamasutra by heart, the sexual Tantra,' he thought to himself. This extensive knowledge in conjunction with their sexy attitude and, last but not least, their longish cocks, was more than he ever had desired. It dawned to him that he had found a real treasure in India. True, he would marry Angelina Jolie in a couple of days, but that wouldn't be all. He had friends there, handsome sex-partners who would really care about his slutty Hollywood celebrity-ass, BEFORE and AFTER his marriage.

H sucked harder on Brad's cock. Brad was moaning loudly as H's tongue ran up and down the veins of the Hollywood cock. Then, after a few minutes, just when Brad's moans had grown obscenely loud, H realized the Hollywood whore was about to cum. `No, not yet,' H thought. Quickly he gently pressed his index and middle finger onto the part between Brad's ball-sack and anus. He kept his fingers there for some moments. Brad still moaned and flailed in his climax. His steel-hard six-pack trembled, his muscles all over his body tightened and his toes curled as the waves of an intense orgasm shook his gorgeous body. What had happened? Brad breathed heavily and looked at H.

"You had your first "dry" orgasm, Brad," H said. "Did it feel good?"

"Dude, that was so intense." Brad was still gasping for air. "I came - but without spilling my load."

"That was the plan," H said, matter-of-factly. "I want you to cum "wet" when you have that Hollywood bone inside me." With that he shoved his cock into H's saliva-wet hole. It was tight as the last time a hard throbbing cock had impaled it was when H was in LA. H winced in pain but Brad quickly stooped down, kissing him deeply and that relaxed H. As the length of Brad's cock made its way, a spasm of pleasure emerged from H's bowels. The feeling engulfed his body while Brad's tongue worked its magic in H's mouth. Brad sensed this and he let that moment linger a little longer and then started rocking his pelvis in very small thrusts. They were just enough to send ecstatic shivers with each stroke and not cause any pain. Now that H's sphincter was completely relaxed, he started matching Brad's thrusts and soon both developed a rhythm. The two hot bodies were grinding against each other as H's legs were up around Brad's muscular shoulders. Both knew that an orgasm was imminent and Brad's thrusts grew deeper and more powerful. H's breath was getting rapider as he too drew close and soon, both spurt out their juices - H on his abs and Brad deep inside H's body. They lay arm in arm, Brad on top of H, arms around each other kissing again. How long they stayed that way was unknown, but when Brad rolled off H, he said "This was a very memorable day. I have to repay this favor when you come to LA next time. I am going to send you and your wife an invite to my wedding and I hope you guys will attend. Maybe Angie can take your wife shopping or get her involved in whatever girls do before the wedding and leave us alone for an hour!"

"I am looking forward to it too," answered H.