Hollywood meets Bollywood

Chapter 8

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, based on the imagination of the author and not on any facts about the celebrities mentioned here. It is meant for adults over 18 years of age.

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Hrithik was dressed in a light brown sweatshirt and chocolate colored track pants with a lime green cotton T-shirt. He had boarded the British Airways plane from LAX airport to go to Singapore. From there, he would fly a charter jet to Mumbai. He was ushered through the airport formalities and now he was getting comfortable in his seat in the exclusive area of the airplane. This was a special plane that had the sleeper seats which meant that he could convert his seat to a bed and cover the area with a curtain. When the seat that was facing him was extended, it could become a double bed. He had made sure that both seats were booked making his area private and almost secluded from the rest of the plane. Since this was a long flight, he did not want the passengers bothering him for autographs. Just before takeoff, he noticed a tall blond man dressed in an T-shirt, jeans with a light cotton jacket. He was seated diagonally opposite Hrithik who couldn't help noticing the muscled body under the clothes. His blond hair was streaked with brown tips and a light beard and mustache was a similar color. He settled in the seat, smiled warmly at Hrithik and maintained eye contact for more than a casual glance. The pilot was soon announcing takeoff and H settled in.

The entire city of LA was enveloped in a golden glow from the setting sun. Even with the smog, the shimmering city was a spectacle below the blue skies. Hrithik enjoyed this moment, reflecting how memorable the previous days were. He had had some mind-blowing sex with some of the hottest hunks of Hollywood. On a personal note, his career was on the upswing and if this movie with the Producer worked, he would be an international star. This was definitely going to be the next step in his career and he wanted to spread his wings across the globe. He couldn't wait to meet Shahid, another major Bollywood star. The two had wanted to start a club where other Bollywood men could meet and have sex without fear of scandal. The flight attendant was a pretty Brit who was obviously aware of the famous man in her flight and she was ensuring that he was not lacking in any comfort. He had selected a Shiraz and was sipping that with some cheese. The man opposite him stood and walked over to pick up some magazine and smiled at H again. He returned the smile and turned his gaze toward the window. When the man returned he reached out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Chase." Politely, but hesitantly, Hrithik, shook his hand and replied, "Nice to meet you". The man held his hand slightly longer than usual and Hrithik felt a stirring, wondering if Chase was coming on or he had still not recovered from his escapades in Hollywood. They engaged in some casual talk and soon dinner was served which H used as a convenient excuse to stop the conversation and return to silence.

He turned on the screen in front of him and selected a recent movie. It was an art film that had won a few awards and he was definitely interested in viewing it. An hour or so in the movie, he glanced up and saw Chase had removed his jacket and was displaying a terrific body only covered with the thin cotton T-shirt and jeans. He was stretching his arms overhead, showing off his defined deltoids and chest. He ran a hand over his blond hair and smiled at Hrithik again. "So how's the movie?" he asked. Hrithik answered, "Good, a bit slow, but the performances are compelling". He was eyeing him almost unconsciously and Chase met his gaze. He stood up, adjusted his belt, patted his crotch and adjusted his waist, without disturbing the eye contact with the Bollywood star. He walked and Hrithik's gaze followed his muscular butt as he walked to the restroom. When he returned, H's attention was on the movie again. Chase brushed past him, and H wasn't sure if he felt a hardness on his shoulder as Chase's groin touched his shoulder. He did not look up and continued watching the movie. A little while later, he got up to use the restroom and saw that Chase was slouched in his seat. His lanky muscular body was looking very inviting and H wished he could fuck him right there. Instead he walked to the restroom, and returned after finishing his business in there. When he came back, Chase's leg was almost blocking the aisle, and H had to walk past him so that he had to brush past him. "Sorry," Hrithik said and sank in his seat.

"Not a problem, my pleasure, actually" Chase replied, as he took his seat.

Chase crossed and uncrossed his long jeans-clad legs several times, unmistakably opening his legs so that H could view his crotch. H wondered what he was planning and whether he was coming on to him or just teasing him or he was just a restless traveler. A few minutes of that and Chase was rubbing his chest, lingering a little too long on his nips. They were now making their presence known thru the fabric of the tee. H decided that this blond muscled fellow-traveler was definitely coming on to him but he did not know how to proceed. He definitely could not reciprocate as he may be recognized and he certainly did not want that scandal. He too, uncrossed and crossed his legs,. and Chase smiled at him. The pilot made some announcement and soon the overhead lights were turned off. H turned on a small bedside light, stood up turned in the aisle to bend down and flatten his seats to convert it into his bed. As he stood up, Chase stood up too, brushing his groin against H's butt. There was no mistake in H's mind now as to what was on Chase's mind. H had now opened up the bed, smoothed the sheets and the air hostess handed him pillows and blankets. H soon walked toward the restroom. When he opened the door to get out, Chase was standing at the door, as if waiting to use the lavatory, smiling and said, "These flights are so long, but with the right partner, they can be fun".
H replied, "True, you know of any ways?"
"Yeah, soon I'll let you know", answered Chase and stepped in the loo.
Hrithik returned to his "bedroom" and lay in the bed and started leafing through a glossy and he soon noticed Chase had returned. As he sat down in his seat, he whispered to H, "Keep that curtain open slightly".
H wondered what he meant, but he soon turned off the lights. After a few minutes, all the lights were off and soon he felt the curtains part and Chase entered. H sat up to make room for the blond hunk. Chase reached for H's thighs and stroked the inner side, slowly. H was now erect and his massive organ was straining to get out. Chase did just that, undoing the belt and sliding the zipper down. H had spread his legs and Chase was slipping the jeans down and caressing the Bollywood star's prick under the boxer briefs. He bent down to kiss H on the lips and they were soon tonguing each other, careful not to make a sound. H had raised his T shirt to roll it behind his neck, and Chase was busy licking the chest and waist. H had slipped his CK off and was collecting his precum on the tip of his finger. He lifted the finger and brought it to Chase's mouth who licked the finger and soon slurped the clear liquid. He lowered his head and slowly took all of H in while playing with the balls at the base of the long schlong. Dark black hair covered the heavy balls and soon Chase took one in his mouth, swirling it and H almost let out an audible gasp. He was now playing with Chase's hair and pushing the handsome face in his groin.

Chase stood up, semi-crouched and removed his t-shirt and jeans, removing his shoes and wearing a thong only, got into the bed with H. In his hand was a condom that he unrolled on H's cock. and then removed the thong. H was fingering him and felt the moistness of hi lube on the pink hole. H realized that he must have prepared for this while in the restroom. Hrithik mounted him and entered him in one stroke as Chase buried his face in the bed, damping any sounds that could escape him. H was soon thrusting in and out, enjoying that tight tush. He wished he had more room and that he could fuck this handsome guy in a nice private area. He pulled out and patted Chase's cheek indicating that he wanted him to turn around. Chase obliged and faced Hrithik. The Hindi movies hero slid up, removed the condom and smacked Chase's face with his dick. Soon Chase took it in his mouth and Hrithik was fucking that chiseled face. He turned the face up slightly to get a better look at it. This was a model's face, he thought as he moved in and out of it. A few minutes later H quickened his pace, and Chase sensed what was happening. He inserted his finger in H's hole. That visitor brought back sensations from the earlier tryst he had with Brad and the Producer. He reveled in being fingered while face-fucking Chase. The prostate massage, while his cock was getting sucked, was working its magic on Hrithik. The airplane lurched a little and that unsteadiness pushed the finger in even more and and he soon shot his load in several spurts. Chase swallowed the creamy liquid, smiling up at him, as H wiped off  a little cum that was dripping out from the side of his rosy lips. H brought it to his lips and licked off his cum. Chase was now beating off his meat thrusting his pelvis up and down and he too came in a six spurts. Both muscled men lay next to each other, kissing lightly and smiling.
Chase got up, got dressed and whispered in H's ear, "Welcome to the mile-high club, Hrithik, compliments of the Producer. I hope you will report back to him with a positive review, he has promised me some modeling assignments!"
Hrithik had a stunned look for a moment, then smiled as he realized that Chase was sent by the Producer to keep him company on his flight. He was certainly going to enjoy working with this Producer. He said, "I hope you enjoyed the flight too and you will get a lip-smacking review!!"