Hot as Ice


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Explanation: This story is set in the X-Men movie verse so Hugh is Logan and Shawn is Bobby. Sexy right?

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Chapter 2

Logan was sitting in the kitchen around the same time as last night. He didn't even have to give a second thought of who entered the room when the temperature noticeably dropped.

"You can't sleep again...Bobby?" Logan said forcing himself not to call the kid "kid".

"No I have a lot of my mind." Bobby said sitting down at the kitchen table. He rest his head down on this folded arms on the table like the previous night.

"Rogue?" Logan asked lighting a cigar.

"You know Logan we are not even talking like we used to. The person I want can't even stand me." Bobby said. His voice was muffled by his arms. Logan raised an eyebrow.

"It can't be that bad." Logan said. Bobby lifted his head up.

"Don't be an asshole to me right now." Bobby said

"Fine kid you go to one of your little for the bullshit. If you want to talk to me then I'm gonna give you the hard ass truth unedited. I don't think it's that bad." Logan said with a growl.

"You have no idea what I'm going through alright. You don't even like people." Bobby said kind of loudly. Logan moved closer to him. Bobby could smell the warm beer on his breath. Logan was very intimidating when you got close to him.

"How in the hell can you tell me what I don't know about, KID. I've been through more hell than you can ever imagine and you have the guts to sit here and whine over some crush." Logan said. The truthfulness of Logan's words were getting to Bobby's soul. Unlike the image that his mutant powers portrayed the Iceman's heart was not cold as ice. As his icy blue eyes locked with Logan's greener ones one lone tear slipped down his cheek, froze, and blew away in the wind. Logan really didn't mean to make the kid cry. He couldn't even remember being 17 but it couldn't have been easy. Logan is Logan though with his unreadable scowl on his face. Logan can usually anticipate anything that an opponent was going to do. This is not an opponent that was attacking him but a kid that was ravishing him. He didn't know how to react when Bobby had leaped forwarded and kissed him. It was an enormous wet kiss that could not be mistaken for an innocent kiss. He tasted Logan; beer and peppermint with a hint of cigar. It drove the young man insane. Logan actually kissed back a little out of habit until he realized this was Bobby that was kissing him like he was the young man's girlfriend. He picked up Bobby and sat him on the counter. Before Bobby knew it he had three 9 inch sharp claws in his face and a rough calloused hand around his throat.

"Hold it right there guy." Logan said as he pinned Bobby down to the counter by his neck choking the man. He had a tight grip around Bobby's throat and was choking him hard. The awful gagging and choking sounds were very prominent in the room as Bobby gasped for life.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please. Stop." Bobby said coughing and gagging in between every word. Logan let him go and Bobby hopped off the counter and ran out the kitchen like a bat straight out of hell.


Bobby didn't come out his room all day after the incident. Logan figured he had hurt the kids feelings. That bullshit in the kitchen was just strange to him. Why would Bobby even think that what he did was okay? Why was Logan even thinking about it, he wasn't supposed to care. Logan never had another man touch him that way. He heard about other men doing...things to each other but that wasn't him. He was about to go in his room when he saw Marie approaching him. He stopped and folded his arms.

"Hey kid." Logan called.

"I have to ask you a question." Marie said quietly. Marie is always quiet and softspoken but right now she was speaking lower than she normally did. He leaned closer to gave her approval to ask her question.

"Did something happen with you and Bobby?" Marie whispered. Logan raised an eyebrow.

"Happen like what?" Logan shrugged.

"He wouldn't tell me but he's packing his stuff. He really wants to go home and I don't want to lose my best friend. All he said was your name and walked away." Marie said. She wasn't accusing him. She loved both of them. She wants everything to be okay again.

"Kid, I don't know what happened but if he wants to leave let him." Logan said walking into his room in the big steps he always takes. Marie followed behind him with a shocked expression on her face.

"What do you mean you don't know what happened? Bobby is ready to leave and you're just going to let him." Marie said speaking a little louder than before now that they were in the room. "I can't make either one of y'all do anything but please Logan just go talk to him. He is really emotional." Rogue said before exiting the room not waiting on a reply.


Bobby was busy in his room stuffing things into his bags that were by the window. He really wanted to get out of here. The incident in the kitchen went too far and he had put his life in danger. It was just stupid. Logan is a murderer and Bobby thought he could open mouth kiss him and it would be like a gay fairy tale, not likely. He had purposely not ran into Logan since then, he didn't know if the older man might want to finish the job he started. Bobby turned around and the sun caught the deep bruises around his neck and a long cut around his collar bone. When Bobby crossed the room again, e looked at his door out the corner of his eye and almost did a double take.

"Where are you goin kid?" Logan asked watching into the room in a swift manner. Bobby didn't say anything he continued to pack faster. He was actually nervous now. He would not talk or kmake contact with Logan.

"Look kid, you don't have to leave. Hell, I'll leave if it's a problem." Logan said with a twisted smile. Arrogance.

"I'm leaving because there is nothing for me here." Bobby said finally turning to look at Logan. He almost gasped, even after he tries to kill him Bobby still found Logan attractive.

"Listen I..." Logan started to approach Bobby but he found his arm in excruciating pain instead. It made him stop mid sentence. His whole left arm had been turned to ice and Bobby's expression was just as cold.

"Don't come near me. If you have something to say then say it but do not come near me." Bobby said. Logan's nostrils flared as he shook the ice off his arm.

"That was cute. I was told to come up here and talk to you, if you don't want to talk willingly we can do this the hard way." Logan said bringing out his claws. Bobby visually flinched when that cold sound of metal scraping bone was heard.

"Ok, ok we'll talk just not now. Um, in the kitchen tonight. Keep the claws away." Bobby said quickly when Logan started to approach him again. Logan retracted his claws and walked out the room. Bobby breathed a sigh of relief. What has he gotten himself involved in?