Hot as Ice


Disclaimer: I don't own anybody that appears here. This is all fiction and I repeat not mine. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. I don't own the X-Men. Also, you should defiantly be 18 to read this even though you're probably going to ignore it if you aren't 18.

Explanation: This story is set in the X-Men movie verse so Hugh is Logan and Shawn is Bobby. Sexy right?

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Chapter 3

At 1:54 am on the dot Bobby decided it would be safe to go down to the kitchen. He didn't think to take a weapon with him to talk to The Wolverine, the thought didn't cross his mind until he was right outside the kitchen. Ice would have to do as always. The strange kid that doesn't sleep was sitting in the living room watching TV for once. Bobby rounded the corner and entered the kitchen to find Logan sitting at the table smoking a cigar. Logan looked at him with his usual scowl and before standing up. Bobby silently sat down in the same seat as Logan walked around to the other side of the counter. Pure silence. An onlooker would deduce that these were the two most stubborn mutants in the world.

"You ain't gotta leave" Logan said suddenly.

"I'm not comfortable being here anymore. That night in th..." Bobby started to explain.

"I'm sorry." Logan said almost inaudibly. The apology was the last thing Bobby expected to hear as hinted by the surprised look on his face. Logan had an equally surprised expression on his face also. The Wolverine didn't apologize to anyone let alone some kid. And for some reason...he meant it.

"I ain't mean to hurt ya. Ya caught me off guard." Logan explained in a grumble. Bobby actually had to smile, Logan was not as much a dickhead as everybody thought.

"I'm sorry too that kiss thing was way out of line." Bobby said softly.

"I'm not used to affection. Everybody I know I either tolerate em or kill em." Logan said.

"It's ok. I understand." Bobby said trying to stop him from explaining himself.

"If the professor saw what we were doing he'd do something to my head because you're so young." Logan pointed out.

"He's not like that. I think the professor would want anything we want." Bobby said and realized it sounded like they were about to be committed. Logan wanted to laugh but he didn't.

"We want?" Logan said with a little laugh.

"Shut up. I was speaking hypothetically." Bobby smiled.

"So you ain`t leavin?" Logan asked.

"No, I was really scared of you that's why I wanted to leave." Bobby confessed and yawned. He stretched his arms over his head and stood up out his chair. "I am going to bed though." Bobby said mid yawn. He walked around the counter and headed for the door.

"Bobby." Logan called and Bobby spun around quickly on his heel with a questioned look on his face. Logan stalked over to him and stood in front of him. He had an unsure look on his face as he leaned closer to Bobby. He stopped a couple of times mid way until he just went ahead and gently but forcefully touch his lips to Bobby.

"Uh, g'night kid." Logan said when he pulled back. Bobby beamed and walked out the kitchen happier than when he came.