Hot as Ice

Disclaimer: I don't own anybody that appears here. This is all fiction and I repeat not mine. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Also, you should defiantly be 18 to read this even though you're probably going to ignore it if you aren't 18.

Explanation: This story is set in the X-Men movie verse so Hugh is Logan and Shawn is Bobby. Sexy right?

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Chapter 4

Rogue had no idea what was going on with Bobby. They haven't tried to be romantically involved in a long time and had grown more into friends. She couldn't help but notice the extreme friendliness between Bobby and Logan. One of them she considered somewhat of a brother and another one was like her surrogate father but those two together it was more than what she saw. She noticed late night while on the way to the bathroom Bobby would be going into Logan's room, Logan was going into Bobby's room or they would both be in the kitchen. It didn't bother her but the curiosity was in fact starting to annoy her.


Bobby stood at the counter over the sink washing his hands when he felt a warm body slide behind his. He felt a pair of aggressive lips on his neck and sideburns tickling him. He dried his hands while he was laughing. He turned around to kiss the man on the mouth. Abruptly Logan pulled away from Bobby and sniffed the air. He turned around and looked towards the door way and saw Marie standing there.

"Hey kid." Logan said towards the door. Marie walked into the kitchen with her arms folded across her chest.

"Hey Rogue I..." Bobby started

"No you don't owe me any explanation. I was spying anyway." Rogue interrupted. Bobby couldn't help but hug her without skin to skin contact. She is such a compassionate girl, it's really sad they couldn't be together. "...and this is what y'all have been doing. I was wondering what was going on with all the sneaking and stuff" she finished.

"Anybody else know?" Logan asked suddenly. Rogue shrugged her shoulders and sat down at the counter.

"I don't know. You think the Professor knows?" Marie asked yawning.

"He's in all our heads, he's probably got some idea." Logan said.

"No, he's not like that, Logan." Bobby insisted again.

"He doesn't have to be in y'alls head to see that Bobby is the only person you're nice to like that." Marie pointed out to Logan. She yawned again. "Ok I'm gonna go back to bed. Please take whatever y'all are doing to the bedroom so you can have some privacy." Rogue said.

"We ain't doing nothing, kid." Logan insisted. Rogue just smiled knowingly and exited the room. He turned back around to Bobby and looked at him yawning.

"I'm sleepy." Bobby said walking around the counter towards the door. Logan grabbed his arm swiftly, not a hurtful grab but a stop grab.

"Let me walk you to your room." Logan said sensually. Bobby smiled and walked beside the older man. Despite Logan's reaction to their first encounter he grew comfortable with the idea of being romantic with Bobby. He was still not the lovey dovey type but it didn't matter because Bobby knew that. Logan was very aggressive; Bobby never had to make the first move. Logan's willingness to try this surprised him but he was not surprised by the fact that he wanted it to be a secret. The professor might make it seem like Logan was taking advantage of Bobby because of the age difference. They walked upstairs and down the hall and went by Logan's bedroom first naturally. Logan leaned up again the door frame and bit his lip.

"Come in for a little while." Logan said with a sexy smile while he was biting his bottom lip.

"Are you sure?" Bobby asked carefully. Logan held his hand out.

"I wouldn't ask if I wasn't sure." Logan confirmed. Bobby snickered and put his hand in Logan's huge hand. He was gently yanked into Logan's room and the door was kicked closed behind him. Bobby walked over to the bed and sat down slowly. He didn't plop and he didn't lay he just sat down. He watched as Logan pulled off his boots as well as his socks. He followed carelessly with his tank top. Next he unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants before he was just standing in his boxers and hairy chest. He jumped in the bed on the opposite side of Bobby.

"If you want to go to sleep I can leave." Bobby said standing up.

"No! Come lay with me." Logan said looking him in his eyes. Bobby nodded and lay down on the other side of the bed since he was already in his sleeping clothes. Despite all their fraternizing, Bobby had never spent the night with Logan or anyone for that matter.

"Come on. I won't bite ya, unless you want me to." Logan said. Bobby scooted over to Logan's body before slowly putting his head on Logan's pec.

"This is nice." Bobby admitted suddenly.

"Yeah it is." Logan said pulling Bobby over until he straddled Logan's waist with his head now between Logan's pecs below the chin.

"This is better." Bobby said relaxed into Logan's body and easily went to sleep.


Little did Logan know that Bobby was a wild sleeper when he woke up Bobby's head was at the foot of the bed and his foot was by Logan's face. Bobby got up and laid the correct way in the bed facing Logan. He studied the older man's features. He just jumped when Logan's eyes snapped open suddenly. He didn't even wake up like normal people.

"Morning." Bobby greeted with a laugh at Logan's frown. Bobby scooted closer to Logan and felt something pressed up again his stomach. This is the first time he's ever felt Logan aroused. He reached down and put his hand down the front of Logan's boxers. Bobby just wanted to touch Logan's penis and hold it.

"I like that." Logan said suddenly in a low groan. He relaxed into Bobby's warm grasp on his dick. Bobby has never really seen The Wolverine this aroused, the next thing he knew Logan had jumped on top of him between his spread thighs. Bobby's legs made their way on Logan's shoulders and their mouths were glued to each other. Logan's pelvis was hard thrusting himself against Bobby.

"Hey, hey slow down." Bobby said against Logan's lips but he was moving like an animal. Bobby flinched when he heard that chilling sound of Wolverine's claws coming out his knuckle. He recoiled when he saw it pointing up at him. The next sound heard were his bottoms ripping in half as Logan ran the claw through the material. Logan kissed Bobby's lips down his jaw line and to his neck until he got to the scar he left on Bobby's neck after their first encounter. He took his time tracing the long scar with his tongue slowly back and forth like he was marking Bobby as his own. He growled out a word that sounded like "mine".

Bobby bit his lip, he didn't know if he was ready for this step but it felt so damn good to be with a real man. Masculine cunning and strong are some of the words Bobby would use to describe Logan among others. He treated sexual contact like he has been deprived for years. Logan had somehow managed to get his own underwear off before he started just thrusting. He was fucking Bobby into the mattress literally without being inside the boy. His penis was creating wonderful friction over Bobby's penis and they both were sweating and panting. Bobby ran his hands down Logan's wet back to his ass where you just gave for dear life. Wolverine hips were thrusting wildly and hard into Bobby's trying to achieve that ultimate feeling he desired. When it hit Wolverine called out an animalistic growl and collapsed on top of Bobby who was shaking from an orgasm himself. Logan noticed that this was the first time Bobby was warm to the touch and his sperm seem cold between their bodies. After coming off his high Logan grabbed the shredded underwear off the bed and wiped off his abs and Bobby's thighs and abs. He rolled quickly off of Bobby's still panting body and grabbed some sweatpants and shirt and head for the door. He looked back at Bobby spread open and out on his bed and gave a small Logan-esque smile. Bobby looked back with a confused hurt face.

"Why are you leaving?" Bobby asked in a hoarse voice that cracked a little.

"I'm not leaving. I just need some air, I'll be back." Logan said walking out the room. Logan never stayed after sex, he always left. It had become a habit. Bobby sighed and tried not to get upset. He got out the bed and looked through Logan's clothes until he found a pair of sweatpants that would fit his narrower physique. He opened the door to Logan's room and boldly walked out in the hallway like it was supposed to be empty. Once he got out he noticed it was not as early in the day he thought and Storm was passing by. She looked at Bobby with a shocked expression after realizing which room he came out of. He looked her with no expression before going into his room without a word.