Chapter 5

Bobby had heard the mental call later that day. He expected it. Xavier was calling him down to his office later that day. Storm could never keep her damn mouth shut and mind her business. Bobby put on hard face and folded his arms when he went through Xavier's office door.

"You called for me...sir." Bobby said connecting eyes with Logan who was sitting on the couch with the normal impatient look on his face.

"Yes, I'm curious about the situation between yourself and Logan. Ororo says you two have been spending some time together." Xavier said calmly.

"What's it to ya, bub?" Logan said quickly.

"I simply want to ensure everyone that there is nothing to worry about." Xavier explained with his hands folded.

"Look..." Bobby started but was interrupted by Logan slipping and arm around his waist.

"I like him, got it?" Logan said to Ororo and Xavier.

"We all like Bobby, Logan, in what way are you speaking of?" Ororo asked curiously tilting her head looking at his arm around Bobby.

"Put it like this, nobody better touch him or they'll answer to me." Logan threatened and jerked his thumb in his own direction.

"Logan, I just want to discuss your relationship. Bobby is still a minor." Xavier pointed out being logical.

"I don't give a shit, Charles." Logan said.

"Calm down. Look, Professor I'll be 18 soon and I know what I'm doing. Don't worry, unless something else is bothering you." Bobby declared.

"No, I have no problems with homosexuals. As a mutant I've learned to be open minded to all forms of people after having been discriminated against myself. I just don't want this to take away from your studies and I wanted to be informed about what is happening between Logan and yourself." Xavier explained. It just hit Bobby that Logan had claimed him in front of other people. He had to suppress the grin that threatened to come across his face as the older man held him. Logan turned Bobby around and led him to walk out of Charles Xavier's office with him.

"It just occurred to me, uhhh I don't ever take ya anywhere. I`m a bad...whatever you consider me." Logan admitted rubbing the back of his neck with a weird look on his face.

"I don't expect you to take me places. You are nicer to me than everybody else. That's good enough." Bobby said looking around kissing Logan on the lips. He grew to love Logan's facial hair tickling his face.

"I'm not used to datin and bein all romantic with somebody. I do wanna take you out." Logan said. Bobby though for a minute.

"Movies would be practical I guess. You really don't have to." Bobby said

"8 o clock kid. Be ready." Logan said walking away on silent feet. Bobby knew how Logan was. From the outside looking in would say Logan is a mean dickhead but he just doesn't show his emotion. If Wolverine was not tearing you apart he actually liked you. Only Bobby and Rogue got to see his inner self which is beautiful. He means well but he doesn't remember being in relationships or how he should act. Bobby was not a girl and Logan tried hard not to treat him like one.


In the late afternoon Bobby found himself twirling in his skates on the ice crafted by himself. He held Rogue's hands as they spun around and laughed before letting go. Nights like this were fun for Bobby. He was energetic about his date so he invited Rogue down to the pond, which he froze, to ice skate.

"What are you doing tonight? Let's hang out." Rogue suggested. She saw Bobby bite his bottom lip, he only did that when he was holding back.

"It's ok if you have plans..." Marie said softly and smiled. Her smile caused Bobby to grin also.

"I guess I have a date tonight." Bobby said unsurely and shrugged.

"Really?" Rogue asked surprised that Logan would entertain the thought.

"Yeah, Logan said he wants to take me out. That's so weird." Bobby said laughing.

"I'm surprised at Logan he's really trying." Rogue said.

"I know but he doesn't have. Having somebody to listen to me ramble and kiss me is good enough. He doesn't have to take me places." Bobby said shaking his head.

"That's what boyfriends do." Rogue said softly.

"What? You think he's my boyfriend?" Bobby said trying out the word for the first time. It rolled off his tongue quite nicely but when he thought of Wolverine "boy" was the last word on his mind. A month ago "gay" was the last word he'd use to describe Logan too.

"Of course he's your boyfriend, Bobby. He thinks words like that are only for girls." Rogue laughed thinking about that conversation. Bobby pulled his knees yup to his chest and rested his head on them.

"I'm so scared, I really like him. I don't want him to wake up and realize he wants a woman or a family." Bobby said. Rogue leaned up against him careful not make skin to skin contact. The silence was comforting. She was comforting him by just being there and listening. It was ironic how she was the closest person to him yet she couldn't touch anybody.