Hot as Ice

Disclaimer: I don't own anybody that appears here. This is all fiction and I repeat not mine. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Also, you should defiantly be 18 to read this even though you're probably going to ignore it if you aren't 18.

Explanation: This story is set in the X-Men movie verse so Hugh is Logan and Shawn is Bobby. Sexy right?

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Chapter 6

Logan hated waiting for anything. He told Bobby to be ready at 8 and he was still not downstairs. Logan was getting heated until he felt two hands on his ass squeezing. His claws instantly came out and he turned around only to find Bobby laughing at his seriousness.

"Relax, relax. It's just me." Bobby said waving his hands before he got stabbed.

"I told you about sneaking up on me." Logan said laughing a little himself. He retracted his claws. "You ready to go?" Logan asked. Bobby nodded and followed Logan into the garage. He loved the way that shirt looked on Logan, his arms were so big. Logan went to retrieve two helmets from the other side of the room for himself and Bobby. When he stood in front of Bobby, he noticed the young man was staring at him. He gave Bobby a questioning look before waving his hand in Bobby's face.

"What's wrong?" Logan asked frowning. Bobby reached out and gently ran his hands up and down Logan's arms.

"Nothing, I just really like your body." Bobby smiled and bit his lip and he ran his arms up and down Logan's muscle arms and down his chest. His hands roam somewhere under Logan's jacket and back to his shoulders. Bobby was snapped up instantly into Logan's arms.

"Slow down, frosty before I take you right here." Logan said taking a deep breath and resting his forehead against Bobby's.

"What if I don't want to?" Bobby said sensually. Logan pushed Bobby into the wall and put his lips over Bobby's colder ones. Bobby wanted to curse himself for getting Wolverine started again. When Wolverine got like this it was hard to get him to stop. He gets somewhat rough also. Bobby couldn't speak with Logan's tongue in his mouth. He half gasped when his feet left the ground and his legs rested around Logan's waist.

"I think we need to go before something happens in here." Bobby said suddenly. Logan looked at him before letting his feet touch the ground again. Logan backed away and took a deep breath and tried to shake off his arousal. He picked up one of the helmets from earlier and stood in front of Bobby holding it.

"I don't need a helmet, it's not that far." Bobby said. If looks could kill, he'd be 6 foot under.

"No. I'm not risking your life. Charles already thinks you're gonna get hurt being with me." Logan said putting the helmet on Bobby's head and fastening it. He put on his own helmet because having an accelerated healing factor didn't stop the pain. Logan climb onto his bike and waiting for Bobby to do the same. Bobby made a mental note take the car next time so he could drive. Bobby hopped onto the motorcycle and wrapped his arms around Logan's waist and hugged his back tightly.

"Hold on." Logan said starting the bike and instantly going at an insane rate.


"Two please." Bobby said once they got to the ticket booth at the theater. He went to pull some money out of his wallet but he found a big hand on top of his stopping him. He looked up at Logan with a confused expression.

"No, I pay." Logan said handing the lady in the booth a twenty dollar bill.

"You don't have to pay for everything." Bobby said shaking his head.

"When you invite me out, you can pay until then I'm paying." Logan said taking his change and handing Bobby a ticket. Bobby shook his head at Logan's sweetness that was forced upon him. Bobby lit up when he saw the snack stand. He made a mental note to go on a diet after he ate all this food. He ordered one of almost everything and about three pounds of chocolate. It only got worse when Logan came over and ordered what he wanted on top of all of Bobby's food. He expected Logan to tell him how unattractive a fat frosty the snowman would be, instead he ordered more candy than Bobby did. Logan paid for all the refreshments before they went into the theater.

Logan could not remember the name of this supposed to be movie but he was not amused. His interest was further divide by the asshole talking to whoever behind him. The enhanced hearing was sometimes a curse. Logan was not about to let some guy ruin this movie.

"Bub, if you wanna talk, take it outside. I'm trying to enjoy the damn movie." Logan said standing up and turning around to face the kid. He had to be Bobby's age.

"You don't own this place. Who still takes there kid to see a movie anyway." The kid said.

"That's not my kid, that's my date and he's trying to enjoy this movie. Now are you gonna shut up..." the sound of Logan's claws sliding out his skin was heard. The sound made Bobby pay attention to the scene unfolding. "...or do I gotta make ya shut up?" Logan finished. The kid turned white as cotton and shut his mouth. Logan growled and sat back down in his seat. The woman sitting next to Bobby looked scared for her life too. Bobby went back to laughing his teenage ass off at the movie. He was easily amused unlike his partner. Like somebody hit a switch Bobby went from laughing to almost crying as the movie changed tones. Logan looked at his armrest before pulling it up.

" Uhh I don't think those are supposed to lift up." Bobby said after Logan pulled the fixed arm rest up breaking it.

"It doesn't matter." Logan said not wanting to admit he wanted to be closer to Bobby. He knew the feeling was mutual when Bobby adjusted himself to where he had his arm across Logan's abdomen and his cheek resting against Logan's chest. Logan reacted by putting arm around Bobby and they watched the movie together. Logan was more interested in watching Bobby. He had become infatuated. Maybe because so many people were scared to get this close to Wolverine. Bobby understood him more than anybody and didn't care about his temper problem, his unintended rudeness or his intended rudeness. Bobby really only cared about him.

Before they knew it, the movie was over and the lights had come on. Bobby looked up at Logan's face which was peacefully sleeping. His eyes slowly opened as the lights got brighter and brighter.

"You fell asleep." Bobby almost pouted. Logan couldn't help but smile.

"I'm sorry." Logan said. Bobby's eyes got big and he smiled.

"No, I just want to do stuff that we both enjoy." Bobby said

"I enjoy working on my bike. You wanna help do that?" Logan asked.

"Yeah." Bobby stretched. He got up form his seat and pulled Logan to do the same. Bobby followed the order man out the theater and into the lobby.

"I gotta take a piss." Logan said suddenly. Bobby nodded and watched as he walked away. That has to be one of the firmest ass he's ever seen or felt. He thoughts were interrupted by a person in his presence. He stopped looking towards the bathroom and turned around to look at this person. He involuntarily let out a groan.

"Bobby." John said

"Yeah?" Bobby answered with a indescribable look on his face.

"What's up?" John asked with a slick smile on his face. Bobby had not seen John since the "events" at Alkali Lake. He abandoned them and he didn't have anything to say to him.

"Nothing at all." Bobby said. He rolled his eyes at the sound of John's lighter .

"Don't be like that, we used to be friends." John said striking the lighter and taking the flame in his hand.

"'Used to' being the correct the key words" Bobby said turning John's flame into solid ice. It fell to the floor and shattered

"You really wanna pick this fight?" John said striking the lighter making a bigger fireball. Bobby's hand started to turn an icy blue and his body temperature went down. He was thrown off when a hand covered and grasped his hand.

"Kid, what are you doing here?" Logan said to John clutching Bobby's hand to stop the fight that was about to start. Logan almost cringed at the sub-zero temperature his hand was enduring. He just gave Bobby a look out the corner of his eye.

"Just having a chat with my old friend." John said snickering when he noticed Logan had not let go of the Iceman's hand yet.

"Well get on." Logan said jerking his head in another direction. John closed his lighter and shook his head. He took his sweet time walking away from the scene. Logan turned around with Bobby's fist still in his huge hand.

"I been rubbin off on ya? I leave for a minute and you get in a fight." Logan said looking Bobby in the eye. Bobby sighed though, he was slightly ashamed.

"Yeah." Bobby said looking Logan back in his eyes. Logan's mouth curled into a grin.

"It kinda turns me on." Logan said licking his lips. Bobby smiled his innocent schoolboy smile and tugged on Logan's arm so they could leave. He put Logan's arm around his shoulder and laced their fingers together. Logan felt indifferent, he never really acted like this in public with someone. Seems like the kid was teaching him for a change. As they were leaving Logan stopped in his tracks suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Bobby asked trying to find something that would make Logan stop. Logan held out his hand and sniffed the air heavily. He turned around quickly and raised an eyebrow.

"Something familiar but I lost it." Logan explained. He hesitated before pulling Bobby along quicker than normal out the door. Logan had a bad feeling about that place all of a sudden.