Hot as Ice


Disclaimer: I don't own anybody that appears here. This is all fiction and I repeat not mine. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Also, you should defiantly be 18 to read this even though you're probably going to ignore it if you aren't 18.

Explanation: This story is set in the X-Men movie verse so Hugh is Logan and Shawn is Bobby. Sexy right?

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Chapter 8

The morning after

Bobby peaked open one eye and looked around the room. He noticed he was not in his room and almost had a moment until he looked on the floor at the remains from last night. Clothes were everywhere, well his clothes were everywhere. He was going to have to get a job if Logan was going to continue ripping his clothes off. He looked next to him and noticed no one was there but the bed still looked slept in. Bobby sat up in the bed and rubbed his left eye with his fist.

"What time is it?" is the question that popped into Bobby's head. Did he have class today? What was the date? Bobby was just jumbled and confused. He winced as a pain ran up his spinal cord. Virginal he was not. He looked at the clock on the wall and noticed it was 5:52 in the morning and he was still tired. He almost jumped out of his skin when the door and opened and closed. Bobby looked at Logan who was fully dressed with his jacket on, those muttonchops perfect as always. Logan took his cigar out his mouth with his index and middle fingers.

"Where are you going?" Logan said blowing out smoke. Bobby just stared at him. He couldn't even answer he just stared and pulled the comforter tighter around his narrow waist. Logan noticed the stare, it was one of expectance but he didn't know what else to say.

"I'm going to my room." Bobby finally answer picking up what was left of his clothes. He was walking towards the door. He swiftly exited the room. Logan just put his cigar back in his mouth.


Bobby sat on his stool uncomfortable as he listen to Storm give some boring ass instructions on a project the class had to do in partners. He was not listening the slightest bit though. All his focus was on his relationship and how weird the morning after was. He didn't see it happening that way. It was so cold. He looked up around the classroom and saw people moving around, pairing up. He remembered that Rogue was not in this class with him so he had to ask somebody else to be his partner.

"Ummm do you want to be my partner?" a voice asked. Bobby turned around in his seat and trying to see who was asking before he answer. He was met with someone's midriff. His eyes followed up and up to meet the person's face. It was Peter. His tall frame made Bobby seem even smaller.

"Uh yeah sure. Take a seat dude." Bobby invited whole heartedly. He used his hand to hold his head and zoned out again.

"You seem distracted." Peter said intuitively. Bobby pepped up a little as his distraction because noticeable.

"No I'm fine." Bobby insisted. He took a slide way glance at Peter; he couldn't over how tall and big he was.

After the class was over Peter offered to drop by Bobby's room later to finish their project. Bobby nodded and agreed before walking out the door. He walked down the hall into one of the lounges and saw Logan sitting on a couch watching television with a beer again his jean-clad crotch. Logan looked at Bobby for a moment before turning his attention back to the television. Bobby let out a grunt and quickly went up to his room.


Later that day Bobby sat at the kitchen counter reading a sports magazine. Bobby placed his elbow on the counter and placed his head in his hand before sighing in boredom. He slowly turned another page in the magazine and continued to read the long bleak paragraph. Bobby heard footsteps in the kitchen. He didn't bother to look up, knowing the stalking fast pace walk of the Wolverine. Bobby got to the end of a paragraph and stopped reading. He just stared at the period at the end of the sentence. He mentally commanded himself not to lift his head. He did a horrible job of hiding his shock when he found too muscular arms on either side of him and facial hair almost touching the side of his face.

"What are you reading, kid?" Bobby heard Logan growl.

"Nothing." Bobby said instantly closing the magazine and looking forward.

"Are you mad?" Logan asked lowly.

"No." Bobby lied in a monotone voice.

"Good." Logan said slowly sliding his hands up Bobby's arms until they rest on the teenager's shoulders. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah." Bobby said nonchalantly turning around on his stool. He stared at Logan for a short while until the older man's mouth curled into a cocky half grin. "Can you let me by please?" Bobby asked noticed he was pinned to the counter. Logan moved back and leaned up against the counter behind him and watched the young man. Bobby busied himself looking in cabinets and the refrigerator twice.

"What are you lookin' for?" Logan asked.

"There's nothing good here; just healthy shit." Bobby said slamming the refrigerator.

"What do you wanna eat?" Logan asked suddenly. Bobby looked at him funny.

"Mcdonald's." Bobby answered. Logan started to walk towards the garage. He turned around and looked at Bobby who just stared at him.

"Let's go." Logan said with a smile. Bobby grinned and quickly jogged behind Logan as they swiftly made their way to the garage. Logan grabbed a helmet and handed it to Bobby.

"Go on." Logan insisted holding out the helmet for Bobby to wear. Bobby huffed and took the helmet. He put the helmet on top of the motorcycle before gently wrapped his arms around Logan's midriff. Bobby buried his face in Logan's chest and inhaled deeply. Logan was surprised by the sudden hug but wrapped his arms around Bobby. He smelled the young man's hair and bit back a smile. Bobby noted that Logan smelled of cigars and a scent that could only be described as "Logan". Bobby pulled back and lifted his hand to gently trace a finger through Logan's facial hair. He couldn't help but notice how handsome and rugged the older man was. He loved his facial hair, strong nose, and defined jaw line.

"Thank you." Bobby sighed. Logan smiled and grabbed the discard helmet. He pulled it onto Bobby's head with a hearty laugh. He quickly mounted the motorcycle. Bobby readjusted the helmet and mounted the bike also. He snuggled up close to Logan; wrapping his arms around his waist and resting his cheek again Logan's back.


"Why are you so disconnected?" Bobby finally asked with his head propped up in his hands. Logan eyed the child-like curiosity in his eyes.

"I'm not. I just don't...I can't remember anything and its made me tough." Logan confessed lowly. Bobby fiddled with the fry carton.

"Nothing at all? How can that be?" Bobby asked with confusion on his face.

"That's a good question, kid. I've been trying to figure that out." Logan said sipping the beer Bobby didn't notice until now.

"It's ok to talk about it. You act like you don't care but I see the real you." Bobby said. Logan looked amused.

"You know the real me?" Logan asked with a bemused tone.

"Well yeah, I read people very well." Bobby said with a meek look on his face. "Is that why you don't trust anyone; why you are always on your toes?" Bobby asked. Logan swallowed the beer in his mouth.

"You could say that." Logan said.

"You know, you don't have to fight every battle." Bobby said with a grin on his face. A grins lowly formed on Logan's face before he laughed.

"When I'm not forced to fight, then we'll talk." Logan said.

"That wrinkle is gone." Bobby pointed out suddenly. Logan frowned in confusion.

"What wrinkle?" Logan asked. Bobby raised up out of his seat and reach a hand over to touch the scrunched up skin between Logan's eyebrow.

"Right there." Bobby said pulling his hand back.

"Yeah...are you done?" Logan said impatiently gesturing towards Bobby's tray of trash.

"Why? Do you have some pressing engagement?" Bobby said sarcastically. He stood up and grabbed his tray. Logan smirked and followed. They walked out of the door together. Bobby looked around at all the people his age. He noticed some of the guys but strangely he didn't feel like he was missing anything.

"I'm not ready to go home yet." Bobby whined

"If I don't get you home, the professor will pt a chicken's brain in my head." Logan said seriously.

"He won't. I'll take the blame but can we please not go home." Bobby said with wide blue eyes. Logan let out a sigh and sucked his teeth.

"Get on." Logan grumbled. Bobby grinned and pulled the helmet onto his head. Once he mounted the bike he held onto Logan with a happy grin on his face. When they got to the park Logan sat on a bench while Bobby continued to walk around in circles.

"Come on let's walk." Bobby said trying to pull Logan up by his hands. The older man was much heavier than he anticipated.

"What are you tryin to do?" Logan asked standing up and letting Bobby pull him along.

"I'm trying to spend time with you." Bobby said with a soft smile. The dull glow of the light fixture made the smile seem angelic.

"I don't think I've ever had someone want to spend time with me." Logan said suddenly.

"Why wouldn't they? Once you get pass the hard shell, there's a kind person." Bobby said.

"I've always been told I'm an animal." Logan admitted.

"You are not an animal." Bobby said seriously. Logan stopped walking and pulled Bobby back.

"What did you say?" Logan asked.

"I said you are not an animal." Bobby repeated as serious as the first time. Logan chuckled. "What?" Bobby asked.

"I could of swore I've heard that before." Logan said and paused. "I had a good time last night." Logan said.

"Yeah I've never felt anything like that before." Bobby said. He tentatively reached out and touched one of Logan's chops. He was so infatuated with the man. He leaned forward and softly pressed his lips again Logan's. Logan's arms went around his waist. Bobby felt Logan gently nip at his bottom lip. He had gotten use to the beer taste Logan seem to always have.

"We've been out here long enough." Logan said breaking the kiss and pointing his finger at Bobby. Bobby put his head down and walked back towards the motorcycle.