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This is my first erotic story so I hope you enjoy!

Hiccup woke to the sound of Toothless fidgeting impatiently right outside his window, as usual. It had taken months to finally train the hyperactive dragon not to wake him in the morning and to instead wait for Hiccup to rise and get dressed for the day.

Not wanting to rise Hiccup lay in his bead for several minutes treasuring the extra moments of rest. Finally opening his eyes he quickly judged that he may have overslept and, from the amount of light shining through the windows, it was nearly midday.

Throwing his feet over the side of the bed he stretched out his arms and suddenly noticed his growing stiffness underneath the sheets. Reaching down to his erection through his small bedshorts (he had been meaning to make some larger pairs for some time now) he caressed his erection. Glancing at the shadow of Toothless, slightly visible around the edges of the door, Hiccup made a quick decision.

“Eh, he can give me ten more minutes”, Hiccup whispered to himself with a sly grin as he propped up his pillows and flopped back into the bed while caressing his crotch with his palm.

Pulling his sheet back up to his waist (one can never be to careful around the village seeing as privacy is a scarce commodity) he slid his tight shorts down below his now bulging penis. Placing his hand tightly around his growing erection he pumped up and down two...three...four times strongly until his cock reached its full length and stiffness.

Fingering his foreskin up and down with his fingers Hiccup's eyes took in the image of his swollen cock and he smiled. His dick had grown very nicely in the last year. In the past he had often felt very self conscious when he bathed with the other boys after dragon slaying classes well over a year ago now, and while Hiccup may still be skinny and short for his age his cock had grown to a well proportioned thick 6-7 inches. In fact, Hiccup noticed, he wasn't really scrawny anymore. Flying with dragons was actually quite a bit of work and while he remained skinny he certainly developed a bit of definition.

Closing his eyes and imagining himself naked with the other boys made him smile because perhaps, now, it would be them who were jealous.

Still pumping his cock with one hand while massaging the swollen head with his thumb Hiccup leaned over the side of his bed to grab the bottle of gel, which he had made himself from various oils, from under the side of his bed. Hiccup knew some of the other guys jerked off without anything extra like lube but he personally found himself getting bored with the repetitiveness of that and like to try to mix things up with various gels (of which he had gone through several bottles of since he had fist learned to jack off over six months ago) to keep things interesting.

Popping off the cork with his thumb Hiccup turned the bottle upside down and let a thin stream of oil pour onto his pulsing dick. After he decided he had enough oil he moved to return the cork to the top but paused, looked down at his body, and poured an additional line of oil up his stomach to directly between his stimulated, tight, nipples.

After corking the bottle and setting it aside Hiccup quickly went back to work pumping his cock slowly, but firmly, with one hand while his other had smeared the heavy oil over his abs and chest. Taking it all very slowly to get the most out of the experience.

The hand hiccup was now using to smear the oil over his chest found a nipple and began massaging it gently with his finger. Occasionally pinching it the give the feeling even greater intensity.

As his arousal increased his hand slowly dropped down his body and began playing with his soft, cum filled, balls. Noticing that he had applied a bit too much oil his fingers followed the line of oil down till they hit his anus.

The sensation hiccup got as his finger massaged his opening was strange enough to make him pause for a moment to consider the feeling. Deciding that the sensation was, surprisingly, a pleasurable one Hiccup continued slowly continues stroking his dick while rubbing his oil slicked hole.

Quickly approaching climax Hiccup stroked his pulsing dick with even greater intensity. As he massaged his tight hole with increasing intensity he pushed first one, then two, of his oil slicked fingers into his aroused anus.

“Ahhhhhh THOR!”, Hiccup gasped as he approached his orgasm. Pushing his slick fingers up his tight ass as far as they would go. His body, glistening with its coating of the gel as well as a great deal of sweat, arched as he came with a groan. He suddenly shot his load in three bursts in rhythm with his hand pumping his trembling swollen dick. The first shot landed on his stomach, the next on his chest and the next hit his chin up to his lips.

Collapsing back into his bed hiccup took a minute to breathe.

After his breathing returned to normal Hiccup opened his mouth and said to no one in particular. “Wow......that was amazing”. In fact, it was the best orgasm he had ever had and was sorely tempted to rest for a while and try again. He did not know what it was about his finger up his hole that made the entire experience so much more intense but he was keen to explore the options much further.

Then he heard Toothless keening for attention and sighed to himself. Realizing that he had thing to tend to before he worried about pleasuring himself any more for the moment Hiccup threw his legs over the side of the bed he grabbed his metal foot and attached it to his leg. Standing he gained his balance and walked over to a table and grabbed a length of cloth. Wiping cum and oil off his body he paused before wiping it off his face. Feeling a string of cum going from his lower lip to his chin he thought quickly and tentatively stuck out his tongue and pulled it into his mouth.

Shuddering at the disagreeable taste and texture he puckered his faced and quickly swallowed. After it had all gone down he considered for a moment then smiled. Though it was gross, it made him feel even more deviant and he loved that feeling. In fact this entire morning had put him in a very dirty state of mind as he considered the possibilities for future experimentation.

Quickly he finished putting on his cloths, grabbed Toothless' harness and left the house only to be nearly crushed by the beast as it careened into him the moment he stepped out the door.

“Whoaaa Toothless!” as Hiccup held out his hand to signal the dragon to calm down. It took a moment to get the beast to stop fidgeting but eventually Hiccup managed to get the harness on and quickly mounted him.

“Off we go!” Hiccup yelled as Toothless launched them both skyward....off the his very favorite feeding grounds. Who knows? Maybe while toothless fed Hiccup could find a bit more privacy for personal time!.

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