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The entrance to the 40/40 Club is overrun with people as Lloyd Banks steps out of his limo and is quickly ushered away to the back of the club by two burly bouncers. They allow him access through the back doors so he does not have to deal with the mess that is currently at the front of the club. The place is already packed and music is loudly playing as people are dancing, drinking, and having a good time. Many celebrities and fans come up to him and commend him on his performance as he walks to the bar and orders himself a drink. The G-Unit rapper stays on the lower level and even dances with a few of his female fans before heading up to the exclusive V.I.P. to mellow out. Hardly anyone is upstairs as he takes a table that clearly overlooks the bottom floor, where it is hectic. He will dance later if he feels like it but it is all about taking it in right now. Banks sips his drink and looks on at the crazy party below him. Although he is not the only one who is dressed in a suit, he feels out of place because it is not his normal style for going to a club.

A waitress gets him another cocktail as he continues to relax himself. Jay-Z and his girlfriend Beyoncé enter the V.I.P. section and walk over to the G-Unit member. They talk about rhymes, lyrics, business, and just about everything as they all sip their drinks and enjoy the good life they are fortunate enough to have. A minor problem downstairs calls Jay-Z away and Beyoncé also heads downstairs to get herself another Cosmopolitan and meet up with her fellow Destiny's Child members. From the look of it, most celebrities are present at the 40/40 Club for their Video Music Awards after party. Actors, musicians, athletes, and even supermodels mingle with each other and the normal people in an attempt to have a good time. Lloyd Banks leaves the table and stands at the edge of the balcony on the top floor, looking below him; his drink is still in his hand. With his enhanced view of everyone, it is clear that 50 cent is not here. None of his G-Unit family is at the 40/40 Club and he does not know how to feel about this. Being on his own is an addicting feeling.

"What you doing up here by yourself kid?" someone with a heavy southern accent yells over the loud music.

Lloyd Banks looks back to see Ludacris coming up the stairs, a drink also present in his hand. "Chillin'," he replies. They have not seen each other since they briefly spoke at that party in the Hollywood Hills. There is almost no one in the V.I.P. section now. "You like the show?"

"It was straight. Off the hook performance G-Unit soldier. Didn't think you had it in you."

"Fuck you nigga!"

Ludacris meets and stands next to him on the balcony. Lloyd Banks continues looking out into chaos but the southern rapper continues to look at him. "I'm just messin' man. It was a hot performance. No use denying it."

"You givin' me props? You drunk already?"

"Damn! You gonna come at me like that even after what I just said?"

The G-Unit rapper smirks. "Had to pay you back somehow."

"Oh, the lil' boy got me. I'll let you have it."

"You ain't gotta let me have shit. I took it."

"Uhuh. So why you over here by yourself?"

"Relaxin'. I'm straight right here."

"Where the crew at? They ditch you already?"

"You so slick tonight," Banks sarcastically retorts.

"Aight. I got nothing but respect for ya man. You went out there and did your thing by yourself."

"I dunno where they are. They'll probably come up here later. Everyone else is. Who you with boy?"

"Me, myself, and I."

"No DTP?"

Ludacris looks at him. "Nah. They doing their own thing."


"Come chill downstairs."

"Naw man. I'm good here."

"Come on."

In an unexpected move by Lloyd Banks, the southern rapper grabs his hand and pulls him away from the balcony. Conceding defeat to the lighter skinned man, he lets himself be taken downstairs and into the mob of people. It is a welcomed change from sitting upstairs and having barely anyone to mingle with. Ludacris smiles at him and finally lets his hand go before they both make their way to the bar; they order the same drink simultaneously and look at each other and laugh as they click their glasses together. Lights flash everywhere and the music keeps the party going as the two new friends sit at the bar and talk and mess around with each other. The young rapper feels calm and relaxed, emotions he hasn't been able to seriously feel in a long time. Banks questions it in his mind because he remembers the last time they were together at the industry party. The very same feelings he finds himself in now were also present that day. The DTP rapper's smile is so warm and inviting and he seems like such a genuine guy. Things couldn't be like that.

50 Cent walks through the front doors of the 40/40 Club with Olivia on his arm into pandemonium. People are scattered throughout the dance floor and to every corner of the building dancing and living their lives. The pair walks past the dance floor and the bar to the upstairs V.I.P. section. The rapper does not want to get mobbed and just wants to hang out with Olivia in private. They hold hands as he leads her up the stairs to the deserted upper floor of the club. This surprises him but he does not mind having the whole second floor to himself. A waitress takes their drink orders and the first female of G-Unit announces that she wants to go powder her nose. Their hands let go and she disappears to the bathroom as the waitress returns with their drinks. He walks out to the balcony and stares down at everyone dancing and talking, celebrities and normal people alike. 50's eyes drag across the whole floor, seeing many celebrities in the process, but immediately stop when his eyes land on the bar, and who he sees there. He heads back toward the first floor once more.

"What up Chris boy? I was looking for you," he hollers above the music to make himself known.

Lloyd Banks turns around to see 50 in a black leather jacket and baggy jeans of the same color. It looks good on him. "When?"

"After the show." 50 Cent eyes Ludacris. Something inside him is screaming. "What's good nigga?" he asks as their hands touch.

"Straight chillin' man," Ludacris responds before taking another sip of his drink.

"I came here after the show C. I couldn't find anyone through the mob."

"Oh. I thought you were gonna go back to the hotel to change."

"Nah. Didn't feel like it."

"You saw how ya boy killed it tonight Fifty?" the southern rapper asks as he proudly pats his friend on the shoulder. Lloyd Banks does not know what to feel.

"Yea. That stage was yours." 50 Cent wonders if the two rappers in front of him are friends. Why are they together?

"That's how I do it."

"Don't get too cocky," the buff rapper advises him.

"You got every right to be a cocky bastard right about now Banks," Ludacris counters 50's words. "That performance was off the damn hook!"

"You right." There is a tension in the air.

The rappers continue to talk by the bar until 50 realizes that he left Olivia upstairs in the V.I.P. section. After an awkward goodbye, he parts ways with them and makes his way back upstairs. The buff rapper cannot keep his eyes of the pair at the bar as he makes his way up the stairs and back to his date. Olivia is on the balcony as he comes behind her and apologizes for disappearing, Lloyd Banks and Ludacris are still visible through the corner of his eye. Something inside him does not trust the southern rapper for anything and it gnaws away at him to the point of insanity. Why is his best friend hanging out with him? What are they doing together? Insecurities surface in 50 Cent along with a strong sense of hatred as he and Olivia look over the balcony; his eyes are still glued to the bar. It does not make sense. Any of it. He mentally shakes himself awake because he does not want anything to show. The music in the club blasts and the crowd roars with excitement as he lets it go, sips his drink, and enjoys his company in the V.I.P. section.

The clock works against everyone because they are all too caught up in having a great time to check on it and the hours pass over and over. It is nearly three in the morning when the 40/40 Club starts to see a sign of freedom being as most of the crowd dissipates; the hardcore partiers are the only ones left standing. 50 Cent and Olivia are dancing on the second floor and hanging out with the few celebrities that have not left the party yet. As much as his mind wants to forget it, he cannot. It is at the forefront and is managing to consume him because he is losing the critical battle. Lloyd Banks is on the first floor of the club and is dancing with a female fan as Ludacris is busily typing a message on his phone. The life of a rap superstar never stops or even slows down. When the female informs the G-Unit rapper that she has to leave, she pops her number into the breast pocket of his suit and kisses him on the cheek before leaving. Almost everyone is gone now and he is extremely tired as he finds his new friend still at the bar. The DTP rapper looks at him.

"I still can't believe you got that thing on man," the southern rapper says as he clicks his phone close.

"Don't hate because I look good in the shit. Ay lemme have a bottle of water," Banks says to the passing bartender.

"No alcohol?"

"Nah. Tired of the shit. I just need some water and I'm outta here."

"Straight. Where you heading?" Ludacris curiously asks him.

"My room kid. Where else would I be going?"

"That it? Yo celebrating over already?"

"There ain't anything else to do and I'm tired as fuck."

"Chill with me."


"You up for it?"

"Now?" the G-Unit rapper asks once again before gulping his water. Something tells him that he wants to go.

"Man this is your night. You gonna call it quits already?"

"It's three in the morning Luda. I think I celebrated enough."

"Come on. Chill with me. I'm not tired."

"Where you going?"

"To my room," he says. "We can chill there. You game?"

"I dunno. Why your room?"

"Because everywhere else is closed. Think nigga," the DTP rapper slickly says as he taps his temple to add emphasis.

"Fuck you! What the hell. I'm down."

"You sure?"

"I say yes and now you backin' out? Can't have it both ways kid."

"Naw. Nothin' like that. Just had to be sure."

"I ain't got shit to do tomorrow. I need a break anyway. Let's go."

"I'm following you," Ludacris says as he gets up and follows his friend out of the club.

50 Cent and Olivia come down from the V.I.P. section a while later to find the place almost deserted. Lloyd Banks is gone. Ludacris is gone. The buff rapper wonders why his best friend left without saying anything to him but brushes it off because he cannot let it bother him. He is tired and is sure that the first lady of G-Unit is as well as they wrap up business at the 40/40 Club and leave. A perfectly timed limo takes them back to 50's place. The two rappers are speeding across town in the back of the southern rapper's limo to his extravagant suite. Banks is tired and rests his head back on the seat and closes his eyes as Ludacris is looking outside; the passing streetlights provide them with light for a brief second before snatching it away completely. Unresolved, nervous, and confusing emotions churn deep within him as his eyes peel away from the road and stares at the latent rapper right next to him. Something is not right to him. It feels off; weird. They arrive to the hotel and silently ride the elevator up to the final floor. It all will change tonight.

"I don't even know why I agreed to this," the tired rapper yawns as he enters the room. He looks around before saying, "Nice room."

"Of course. And just chill out."

Lloyd Banks drops onto a nearby loveseat and watches as his new friend disappears into his room. "I want something to drink."

"Nigga who the hell do I look like? Go find something," the southern rapper hollers from the room.

"Bad ass host."

"Thank you."

"I'm grabbing a bottle of water."

"Yea," Ludacris says as he emerges from his room in a pair of gray sweat pants and a white t-shirt. "You owe me for that."


He sits on the sofa and asks a question that has been on his mind since 50 Cent met with them at the club. "What was up with ya boy Fifty?"

"Huh? What you mean?"

"You not allowed to have friends G-Unit boy?"

Lloyd Banks sits up on the loveseat adjacent to sofa. "What the hell you talkin' about?"

"Is that how he always acts?"

"Like what?"

"Jealous. That nigga was jealous of you."

"What the fuck? You dunno what you saying kid. The alcohol's gotten to you."

"Fuck that. I ain't drunk. But I know what I saw," Ludacris defends himself as he looks over to the other rapper in his room.

"What he got to be jealous of? We best friends. We got it all."

"Maybe. But something was up with him. Didn't you feel it when he came up to us?"

"What you trying to get at?" the G-Unit rapper is curious to know.

"Nothin'. I guess it was just me." The southern rapper is nervous inside and needs something to calm his nerves. He gets up and walks to the kitchen as Banks' eyes follow him though he does not know why.

"It was. That's my boy."

"Let's not talk about him."

"You brought him up. The female he was with---"


"She's the new member of the group."

Ludacris comes back to the living room and sits closer to the rapper. "Word? Why?"

"I guess they thought we could use some more appeal or some shit. Somethin' like that."

"Damn. You like her?"

"She straight. If it's gonna make us more money then I'm down." The G-Unit rapper catches the other man looking at him. "What?"

"What nigga?"

"Why you lookin' at me like that?"

He is honest with himself and his guest about his feelings for the first time. "You remember that party we met at?"


"What'd you think?"

"About what?"

The DJ turned rapper takes another angle. "Did you have fun?"

"Yea. It was good. Why you asking me this for?"

"I dunno. I've been thinking about it a lot."

"The party?" Lloyd Banks is confused and oblivious.

"Us hanging out there. You. I've been thinking about you since then."


Ludacris has the most serious look on his face as he stares at Banks. "It's crazy. Forget it," he chickens out. He cannot do it.

"What? Tell me."

Thoughts do not functioning properly and feelings get mixed up in the older rapper's body as an awkward silence befalls the massive suite. He feels the G-Unit rapper's eyes on him but his eyes are on the ground, noticing every woven piece of thread that makes up the carpet. Ludacris is crestfallen with himself because he is tongue-tied and slightly embarrassed. The awkward moment still looms in the air and the younger rapper opens his mouth to try and speak but no sound is heard. There is nothing to say because the moment confuses him and he does not know what the other man wants or is trying to say. Deciding that actions speak more loudly and clearly that words ever can, the southern rapper gets up from the sofa and approaches Lloyd Banks before kneeling in front of him so that they are on the same level. Light and dark brown colored eyes embrace and intertwine within each other as the DTP rapper rests both his hands on either side of the loveseat's armrest before slowly moving in and kissing the man in front of him. It is sin.

Unlike the rough exterior he is known in the media as having, Lloyd Banks' lips are so velvety soft and smooth and have the sweetest taste to them. It is pure delight and time reaches its end as the two rappers find the slightest hint of what true pleasure can be. The hotel room is as quiet as space and two pairs of lips try to become more comfortable with each other and learn to accept their reality for what it is. The younger rapper completely gives in to his body's needs, forsaking the morality of right and wrong for the moment that time is nonexistent. Ludacris is on one knee now and both his hands tightly grip into the handles of the smaller sofa because he needs that pain to accept that what he thinks is going on in his mind is actually happening in real life. The kiss is so pure and innocent that there is no way it can be wrong. Time surrenders to the will of the raw emotions the two men feel pass through them. His knees feel as though they are about to give away and his muscles give in to pleasure but the kiss never ends. It is more than he expects it to be.

When the kiss finally fades away, both men emerge somewhat disoriented and wanting more. "What was that?" Lloyd Banks asks in a very low tone. The room is spinning to him.

Ludacris looks at him and smiles. "So you wanted it too then?"

"What? No!"

"So why didn't you stop me?"

"I---I. What the hell did you do that for?"

"Because I wanted to."

"What the fuck? This shit isn't happening right now." The G-Unit rapper thinks he is going crazy. He and the man kneeling in front of him did not just kiss.

"Don't front. Just let it happen Chris. You don't want me?"

Banks looks at him. The only one who ever calls him Chris is 50 Cent. "This is confusing me."

"You're thinking too much about it. Relax."

"What you doing? You kidding me?"

The southern rapper looks at him with the most serious expression all over his face. He is still on one knee and is begging for the other rapper's eyes to come in contact with his. "No. After that party I caught these weird and new feelings. The more I tried not to think about it I couldn't. It was you. I had you on my mind. I didn't know why until I realized that I wanted you. I wanted you to be mine. I wanted to be yours."

"I can't. It's not right."

"Why? You don't want me? The kiss meant nothing?"

"I---" Lloyd Banks begins to stammer. He is lying to himself.

"I know it's new for you. How you think I feel? I ain't been with a dude before either. But I catch these feelings when you around me. It's hard to explain. The shit's confusing as hell but I know I like when you around me."

The G-Unit member knows exactly what Ludacris is talking about. The unexplainable feelings. Every time 50 is around him, he feels the same way. "Damn." He knows he wants it but it isn't that easy. What about his best friend?

"I'm not gonna pressure you. Hell, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell it is I'm really feeling."

"You gay?"

"No. I never thought so. I have no fucking idea!" the older rapper sits on the floor, frustration evident by his now less confident body language.

Something clicks inside Banks. Seeing Ludacris on the floor in front of him melts his conflicting heart. It is not about 50. It is about him and his happiness. "How did you know?"

"Know what?"

"That I would be into this?"

The southern rapper looks up at him, their eyes connect this time. "I didn't. I took a chance and wanted to put my feelings out there because they are too strong for me to control. I know it sounds corny---"

"I'm confused. We only talked that one time. When we see each other, we just see what's up and that's it. How are you feeling like this?"

"I don't know man. I honestly don't know."

The DTP rapper looks away as he answers and tries anything to get out of the awkward moment they are now in. It is a mistake. Everything. Did he just admit that he has feelings for another man? Why did that one kiss feel so damn right? All control he thought he once had seeps away and is stolen by the night as he sits on the floor and tries to make sense of it all. Lloyd Banks looks at the rapper on the floor in front of him. Something inside him is screaming that their kiss was right. The emotions he feels right now are right. He then realizes that he is going to sacrifice this chance of happiness because of 50 Cent. Although the buff rapper is still on his mind, they are just friends now and he has to move on with his own life. Ludacris does make him feel different. The two times they talked, he did manage to forget about work, G-Unit, and everything plaguing his mind at the moment. It is something special and he wants to explore it further because the kiss is still on his lips, even after it ended so long ago. He wants more. It is right on his level.

He is finally able to admit to himself that he wants the southern rapper. The things he said after the kiss stick to the G-Unit member's mind and manage to comfort him in a way that no one else has ever able to. That is how he knows it is something he wants. Lloyd Banks gets up from the loveseat and sits on the floor across from the other rapper. He looks at him for a short while before going in and stealing his first kiss from the man. Ludacris does not expect this in the least but embraces it as their kiss innocently begins to turn them into lovers. Nothing else matters in the room now but the passion of the kiss and what it truly means. The pair fall back onto the carpeted floor and he uses his tongue to beg entrance into Banks' mouth. This is not just sex. It does not feel that way. Their tongues collectively roam unexplored territory and taste new sensations in the sinful game of pleasure. The DTP rapper's hands roam all over the body on top of his and touch bare skin for the first time. It is an intimate and scary and overwhelming touch at the same. He stops.

"Wait, wait, wait. Hold up," he says slowly after the kiss dies. He sits up. "I don't wanna rush this. I wasn't expecting this from you tonight Chris. I hope you don't think that sex was my intention for bringing you up here," he tries to explain himself. He sounds so cute trying to defend his name.

"Isn't it? I mean, from what the media says about you, this is your game."

"Funny guy. I may have been known to do it but that was all the way back when I was now starting out. When I had power and abused it. Now I'm more in control of myself. And what about you? You not exactly squeaky clean either kid."

"Yea," he admits. "But lately, it's not working or even worth it. I'm looking for more. Sex and good and all that shit but that's all it is. Nothing else."

"So what's it gonna be with us?"

"Why didn't you wanna rush things with me? This could be the last time we do anything together."

Ludacris smiles at him. His smile is so sexy but sweet at the same time. "Not if I have anything to say about it."

"You really like me?"

"I guess that's---no. Yea. I do like you."

The words leave goosebumps on the younger rapper's skin. They stab at his heart. "I'm starting to like you too."

"Got you caught up in my game?"

"You wish Chris."

"Aww man," The DTP rapper frowns. "We both named Chris. Crazy shit," he laughs.

"Maybe it was meant to be---" Lloyd Banks starts to say, more to himself than anyone else.

"If you wanna wait then it's cool with me. No pressure."

"I think---"

"What?" he eagerly asks.

"That kiss made me yours."

"Damn. I'm that good?"


"You sure?"

Lloyd Banks answers his final question by fastening their lips together in another kiss that manages to leave him temporarily breathless. This has to be right. And even if isn't, he completely gives in to the carnal pleasures his body wants. The kiss is soft to the touch and feels like heaven as the two men continue on the exploration to find themselves through each other. Ludacris' hands once again find their way on the younger rapper's back; he snakes them under his shirt and feels the flesh there for the second time of his life. It is smooth and gentle as his fingers stroke the length of his back from his neck all the way down to his lower back; the southern rapper is careful not to touch anything else yet. He will get there in time but he is more than anxious to see how his night will play out. Banks moans slightly before his hands rest on the DTP rapper's flat stomach. The skin is warm to the touch of his fingers and he gently caresses circles over the small area he has access to at the moment. Once again, everything that was once known is broken.

"You wanna go to my room?" he asks after placing another kiss on the other man's lips.

The G-Unit rapper is nervous but it is what he wants. "Yea. I'm following you."

They get up and Lloyd Banks waits in his place as Ludacris walks around the suite to turn off the lights before following him into the grand bedroom that boasts exquisite views of the city of New York. Both are nervous but when the older rapper kisses him and they fall back on the bed, everything but pleasure is lost. He cups the man's face with both his hands and kisses him back; it is sweet at first but then it rapidly turns sensual and desperate. When their hands meet and interlock within each other's, a slight shiver is sent up the G-Unit member's spine while another is sent down to his growing dick. Banks releases his hands from the soothing grip and moves them up the southern rapper's t-shirt. His new lover, in the mean time, begins to remove the Armani jacket from the man underneath him. It looks great on him but has to come off for the night. He lifts his hands and his shirt slides off as his light skin comes into view. He begins working on removing the tie that has been choking the young rapper for an eternity. It strips away almost magically.

When the blue shirt comes off Banks' body, he notices how greatly their two skin tones differ. The DTP rapper's skin is light brown while his is a darker shade. They contrast perfectly. Once they position themselves on the bed properly, the kisses become more filled with energy and a yearning to belong. Ludacris breaks away and starts kissing along his jaw line and neck before his lips head further down, leaving a steady trail of goosebumps in its wake. He is nervous because he has never been with a man before so he does not know what to expect or what exactly to do to make the man happy. When he passes one of the Lloyd Banks' chocolate colored nipples, he rubs his tongue over it for stimulation. The G-Unit rapper bucks his body up at this intrusion and his hands find the back of the other man's head and gently guide him in his efforts. They are reveling in sin and do not care. After sufficiently teasing both nipples with his tongue and thumb, he moves down and kisses the man's stomach before he is stopped by his belt.

It unhooks from its confines and the belt too slips away into nothingness. His black dress slacks are loosened and he adjusts his body so they can easily slide off. He feels naked and doubt begins to flicker but when Ludacris' lips connect to his once again, they all become scarce and the willingness to go on overflows within him once again. The southern rapper jerks faintly when he feels a pair of hands rest on his butt; it is firm and round and feel perfect in Lloyd Banks' hands. They rest there for a while before they come alive and start tugging at the fabric of his gray sweatpants. Taking the hint, he allows the pants to be stripped off of his body. Both men are now in their boxers and their hard members are visible through the slit found there. The DTP rapper makes another trip down Banks' body; his tongue exploring more this trip than it did the last. He tastes so good. After the pilgrimage is complete, he pulls down the black boxers that are in his way and takes in the sight of another man's dick. Feelings of confusion flood him. He is really doing this.

Lloyd Banks' eyes are shut in pure ecstasy when he feels a warm and inviting euphoria envelop and begin to please his dick. Ludacris only has the head in his mouth because he has to get used to the sensation of sucking dick, being as it is his first time, and is surprisingly not repulsed by it as he initially thought he would be. It will still take some getting used to but he will go down that route because it is what he wants. Sweet moans and grunts play on the tip of the G-Unit rapper's lips as he is being serviced; the pleasure welcomes him in a warm and compassionate embrace. He tastes something on his tongue as he licks the sensitive head of his lover and tries to train his mouth to accept the invader at the same time. When the southern rapper is confident enough with his actions, he begins to swallow more of Banks in his mouth. He is about halfway down the shaft when he knows he has reached his limit for his first time. Mimicking movements that females do to him, he tries his best to bring gratification to his new lover's receptive rod.

The tip of Ludacris' tongue slides over the head and bathes it with saliva before it follows a careful path down the underside of the younger rapper's jumping dick. For it being his first time, he knows how to get the most pleasure out of a man as he continues his work. Lloyd Banks rests his hand on the back of his lover's head, to encourage him to do more, go deeper, and make his forget his own name. The pleasure is unbearably immense and addicting. The only other time he ever felt like this was with 50 Cent that night. The way he felt inside him. When the southern rapper starts fingering his balls while still sucking on his overly excited meat, desperate sounds drum against his vocal cords. He starts bucking his hips up and down, pushing his pulsating member in and out of the other man's mouth; he gags a few times because it is all still so new to him. Banks pulls him up and they kiss again and again until he rolls over and now is on top of the other rapper. It is his turn to have that searing pleasure burn into his veins and mind. It slowly begins.

After one final kiss goodbye, the G-Unit rapper attacks the light, soft skin of his neck with the intention of leaving a mark there. Ludacris jumps slightly when his neck is bitten but moans because the teeth against his now bruised skin is managing to turn him on more than anything any female ever did to him. It is amazing. The man on top of him only leaves him wanting more of everything. This is the right decision. His feelings are being validated through the unspoken words. After a crimson red spot appears on the DTP rapper's flawless skin, Banks smiles to himself and licks it before continuing on his way to what he really wants. Light brown nipples come into view and he wastes no time in teasing and playing with them with both his hands and wet tongue. This is all surreal to him. He is on top of another man and licking his nipples. Touching him in a most intimate way. He does not know what to feel because of his confusion but he does not want to stop. He cannot. A chaste kiss lands on his navel before the grand prize is in view.

Once the barricade of the southern rapper's boxers is off his body, he takes in the sight before him. A naked man. A naked man he wants to touch and taste and become intimately connected with. Ludacris' dick is only about an inch smaller than 50 Cent's but it is a little thicker. He is uncircumcised and his balls dangle freely under his rod. His hair is groomed neatly, he trims it, and Lloyd Banks looks up and their eyes meet. Without another emotion, his lips kiss the tip of his new lover's rock hard and eagerly awaiting member in an attempt to release all of his pent up pleasure. He licks every inch with the tip of his tongue, which slowly drives the other man insane, before taking the first few inches into his mouth and begins to get to work. He sucks and blows at the same time, a technique a female performed on him before, while his palms rub against the DTP rapper's soft, warm ball sac. It is sheer bliss to them both as the flickering, teasing, tasting, and exploring continue. Ludacris feels himself close. It is what he wants. So close to heaven being taken away.

Without warning, he pulls Banks up to him and looks deep into his eyes before kissing him. The look can only signify one thing and when Ludacris whispers sexily into his ear that he wants more, that he wants them to be complete, their bodies sync together and they get into the zone. Flipping over the G-Unit rapper so that he is on the bed once again, the act starts to become official. Another kiss assures him as he moves down and gets into position between his lover's legs. With both his hands pressed firmly into the bed for support on either side of the other man's slim and tight body, the southern rapper leans down and kisses him again because he cannot get enough of those lips. They fit so perfectly together with his. Outside is cool because New York is getting ready to see winter and neither is aware of the time because they are trapped in their own world. For the second time in his life, Lloyd Banks spreads apart his legs with the full intention of granting another man access to his most private and hidden area. It will hurt again, he is sure.

Ludacris runs his fingers along the younger rapper upper legs and inner thighs in an attempt to relax him before he cannot take it anymore. With his already spit-slicked dick, he moves closer and closer until his head touches what he knows is sensitive flesh. Lloyd Banks winces because of the sudden intrusion and the fact that he is being ripped open for the second time in his life. Things do go more smoothly this time around though but the pain is still there and all too real as the southern rapper forces himself into the tight, unyielding crevasse. His hands grab onto the sheets and clutch them tightly as he is being split open for the sake of pleasure. With spit being the only form of lubrication to combine the two bodies together, it is a rougher road to go down but he wants it. He wants the DTP rapper. A small friction is created and he grunts loudly when Ludacris pushes more into him. It is easy at first but now complete pain takes control of his writhing body and he fights with himself to stop it. A pure light is present at the end of the dark road.

A small tinge of pleasure comes forth through the pain and when the southern rapper leans over his body and whispers in his ear that he is in, relief washes over him. They kiss intimately as he hooks his legs around his new lover's lower back and starts to get used to his delicate insides being stabbed at all over again. Banks' hands rest on the back of Ludacris' head as they kiss before they begin to roam throughout every inch of his naked back. They fit together so perfectly right now and more than literally. When a special kiss is shared between the two, it is a signal that he is ready. He breaks the kiss and cradles the other man's hips before he withdraws himself from the aching hole. His hard dick is caressed and kissed by Lloyd Banks' warm and welcoming insides when he pushes back into him, their bodies feeling as though they've just been pushed of a cliff and are flying. Everything is slow right now because the DTP rapper does not want to hurt the man under him more than he already has so he goes at his pace. It is slow and sensual thrusts now.

Lloyd Banks experiences what it is like to have more than just sex for the first time. The way Ludacris touches him, the things he says to comfort him, and the way he kisses him leaves the younger rapper on the edge of his life and desperately wanting someone to push him off to end his insanity. He slowly starts speeding up his thrusts while numerous grunts and groans escape his lips. This is right. This feels right. It has to be. The DTP rapper plows into him with a steady rhythm while he leans in and kisses the man frequently. Banks is tightly gripping a pillow for comfort because the pain is still there but his other hand becomes free and slithers down his damp body and curls around his neglected dick. The first stroke sends a jolt thought his body so he continues to do it; he hopes to catch up within rhythm and become in sync with him but it is proving to be impossible because he cannot concentrate with all the pleasure waves rippling through his body. The friction between their bodies' burn and cascades freely between the pair of men.

Their bodies work together in the game of sex to bring each other pleasure and become one. The pain he feels now is minimal as the satisfaction far exceeds his wildest dreams. Ludacris' hands roam everywhere of his body from his sweaty chest to his round butt as everything slowly begins to slip away from him. When Banks pulls him in for a kiss, he stealthily rolls them over so that he is now on top of the older rapper. They stop for a moment and position themselves once again before he begins pushing into his lover once again. The G-Unit rapper's dick is pressing against the man's stomach and he moans from being entered once again. A quick kiss silences him and he begins to ride the DTP rapper's dick once again, from the top this time. His body bounces up and down and the Atlanta DJ turned rapper has his hands firmly holding his narrow hips so he does not lose his balance and fall. It is all so close to being over. Fingertips are overly sensitive and lips are begging for attention as their sinful night together continues to take them away.

Ludacris plunges his long, hard rod in and out of the man on top of him as their lips connect in another series of kisses. Moans make themselves knows within each of their mouths while the friction created by their lower bodies only propels them further into ecstasy and sheer gratification. The G-Unit rapper rests his hands on either side of the man's head and kisses him with all his might and willpower. He tastes so good. So pure. It is the sweetest and most addicting taste. One of the older rapper's hands leave his narrow waist and rubs over his dick before grabbing and starting to stroke it to match the pace of his thrusts. Lloyd Banks bucks his hips wildly under the touch of the southern rapper warm, expert hands. They touch the right spots to have him seeing starts and when the DTP rapper's dick slides against his prostate gland; Banks feels as if his body is going into a blissful coma. He continues to jab away at it, knowing he found the spot to have the man melt in his hands. Continuing strokes and powerful thrusts proves too much to handle.

"Uh! Uh! Yea! Oh! Fuck!" Lloyd Banks stammers and grasps for words and feelings.

"Yea! Do it! Like that! For me! Do me like that!" the southern rapper encourages while licking the man's ear, jaw and lips. "Just like that!"

It finally happens. A massive release overtakes Lloyd Banks' body as cum shoots up from his balls and makes its way into the real world. Everything proves to be too much for him to handle. The white and sticky liquid sprays everywhere on the DTP rapper's hands and stomach as he begins to feel the same sensations. While still milking the man on top of him, the heated friction claims him and he begins to shoot his load deep inside his lover. His thrusts weaken drastically and the beautiful chemistry their bodies once shared is now torn apart and a million miles away. It is a surprise when Banks' kisses his but he kisses back because it is what he wants; all the while he is still jacking his dick off and pumping into the G-Unit rapper tight hole. The liquid feels weird inside him as he dismounts his lover and drops on the bed next to his body; this time is critical to gathering some desperately needed energy. Ludacris takes deep, long breaths as he closes his eyes and hears his heart pounding in his ears. He's never felt this good after sex. It was more than just sex.

"I'm sorry. I should've pulled out. I was too gone---" the DJ turned rapper begins to say but he realizes that he is speaking to himself.

The streetlights plus the added effort of the stars bathe down onto Lloyd Banks' stable body as he looks at him in awe. It seems as if his tattoos are alive and are dancing on his skin as the southern rapper continues to look at him sleep. Innocence. Pure innocence. He reaches down and draws the blanket over them as he hears the G-Unit rapper mumble something to himself. It is so cute. Once both men are under the covers, Ludacris draws his body closer and closer to his. His arms are around his slim waist and he feels his eyes closing on him but he does not want to leave the sight in front of him. It is too perfect. His body is still on a high and his heart continues to skip beats before trying to calm down and relax. The DTP rapper does it; he moves in close and kisses Banks square on his unaware lips. A goodnight kiss. Another incomprehensible grunt escapes his lips and he does it again because he cannot contain himself. The light continues to draw his attention to the younger rapper before his body shuts down completely into the dark night.