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As daylight breaks into the room, neither tired rapper notices because their bodies are so exhausted and sleep continues to tantalize them into its devilish seduction. Ludacris has his back to other man and their bodies are wrapped up in the coverlet as the day continues to come alive, unbeknownst to them. Lloyd Banks' phone vibrates in his pants pocket on the floor but it too goes unnoticed. Last night proves to be more than either rapper can handle. Everything was raw and confusing and wrong and right. It is meant to happen. The southern rapper is the first to toss and turn on the bed he is now sharing; the light does not help him sleep anymore. After escaping the grip of unconsciousness, the DTP rapper sits up on his bed and yawns before looking over to see Banks' naked upper body. A secret kiss is planted on his lips and he finds a crisp outfit of a white t-shirt and black shorts before going to brush his teeth. He is so happy that he cannot physically hide it. He has what he wants; who he wants. Last night was extraordinary in every way.

He emerges from the bathroom with his eyes wide open; the shower does him good, and his heart is still beating at a slightly irregular rhythm. The Atlanta rapper sits on the side of the bed for a while until he feels movement. "You still sleeping sleepyhead?" he teases.

"What time is it?" the G-Unit member groggily asks.

"`Bout eleven. We slept in. You got anything to do?"

Lloyd Banks turns one more time before finally sitting up and opening his eyes. They are the most beautiful sight to the man sitting next to him. "Who knows? One minute I do then the next I don't. I got nothing here though. I gotta brush my teeth and need some clothes."

"Chill. The maid left a new toothbrush yesterday in the cabinet. And you can wear some of my clothes."

"Lemme get some."

Ludacris searches through his luggage and finds a tank top, pair of khaki pants, and boxers before returning to the room and giving it to the rapper. It is awkward as he takes it and walks to the bathroom to get himself clean. He cannot shake the feelings and the need to talk about last night soon, before everything goes crazy. The southern rapper hears the shower running and contemplates taking another shower himself before he stops himself and gets the menu to order breakfast. He sits on the bed, the same bed where everything happened last night, and thinks about everything he felt. Everything Lloyd Banks made him feel. They way it all came together and was single-handedly one of the most enjoyable nights of his life. The food comes and soon after, the G-Unit rapper comes out of the bathroom drying his hair and face. He is so cute and innocent. They walk to the table and eat their first breakfast together. The moment is priceless.

"This the first time I'm wearing another nigga's clothes," he says after they consume a huge breakfast.

"What, you never wore some of 50's clothes?" Ludacris questions.

Hearing that name does something to the younger rapper. His insides twist. "Naw." They now move to the sofa in the grand room and sit next to each other.

"What you think?"

"About last night?"

"What else?"

He is honest with himself and the man sitting next to him. "I can't explain it. I didn't know it could be like that---" He feels special somehow knowing that Banks has his clothes on.

"Me either. And with a dude. Are you okay? Your body and all?"

"Shit hurts like hell. I can't sit straight right now."


Lloyd Banks looks at his new lover and friend. "I'm not. I wanted it."

"I wanted you. Damn. I can't believe we did that shit."

"Me either. Imagine what people would think."

"Don't go there Chris. Don't go there man," the DTP rapper smiles. His heart is in his throat once again.

"I get to keep Chris," the G-Unit rapper says swiftly, referring to their name conundrum.

"What? Why you get to keep it? It's my name too!"

"I said it first."

"Why don't we just both keep it?"

"I want Chris for me," he cutely whines. "We gotta come up with something for you Luda."

"No fair man! How `bout this? What's your middle name?"

"Don't got one nigga. You stuck."

"Damn! I am stuck. Mine's Brian."

Lloyd Banks looks at him. He thinks the southern rapper is so cute and adorable. It is sweet. "Aww! How cute. Bri. That's you now."

"Just like that?"


Ludacris tries to be slick. "I think we should kiss on it---"

"Oh word? I'm down."

The two press their lips together as remnants of last night piece back together in their mind. The kiss keeps going until both rappers mutually break away. "Damn! Don't think I'll get tired of that."

"I'm a good kisser. Got ya hooked."

"And I'm not?"

"Naw, you are. A great one!" Their lips taste each other's once again. "You taste so damn good."

"You ain't bad yourself G-Unit boy."

"It's Chris," he smiles.

"Don't rub it in."

"Say it."



The southern rapper melts. "Chris. You got me."

"Oh yea. I got Chris!"

"Man whatever!"

"Don't be a sore loser. Here," Lloyd Banks kisses him again.

"I'm straight."

"Is this thing exclusive?"

"What you mean?"

"What we got between us? Is it exclusive or can we see other people?"

The DTP rapper contemplates it all for a long while. Nothing is said. "I dunno. What you want?"

"You tell me what you want Bri."

It is so hard to admit but he swallows his pride and puts himself out there. "I want it to be but if you don't then it's cool too."

"You really want it to be?" Banks asks. "So we'll be like boyfriends or something?"

"I guess. I dunno. But I do know that I don't wanna share you."

Those words become trapped in Lloyd Banks' heart. "I dunno what to say."

"Say you wanna be mine baby boy."

"Yea. I want a relationship with you Brian. The things you make me feel I can't explain or get enough of. I'm stuck too---"

They kiss once again, both feeling something different and more urgent there. "Damn! That sounded so good on your lips."

"Shit! I got a boyfriend."

Ludacris laughs and acknowledges him. "I guess I got one too. Sounds weird huh?"

"Who you tellin'? Gonna take some getting used to but I wanna try."

"Me too Chris. I'm gonna try."

It is a strange feeling to be committed to another man and Lloyd Banks is sure that his feelings made the decision for him. But it is one he is willing to try because of how the man next to him makes him feel. His night with Ludacris is so much more different than his night with 50 Cent. There is almost no comparison but he cannot help but think about his buff best friend and he starts to feel guilty about it. The southern rapper's sweet kisses bring him out of his trance and he kisses back, not sure of when the two of them will be able to be together like this again. He has to live in the moment and take full advantage of it. Their lips massage and play on each other's as hands come to life and start traveling to places they are most comfortable. Banks' cell phone rings once again but it is still on vibrate so it goes unnoticed as its owner continues to get pleased by his new man's lips. He can feel himself growing hard through his pants and pulls away because he cannot finish what his mind wants to start right now. Time is running away fast.

"What?" Ludacris pouts like a child before moving closer and closer to kiss him again. "I can kiss you whenever I want now. You mine G-Unit boy."

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" He does not want to stop now.

"Oh yea baby. I'm that good."

"But--oh. Uh. I got---" His sentence is silenced.

"Come on. Stay here with me. Last night can happen again. Right now. See how you making me?" the DTP rapper asks as he grabs the other man's hand and rests it on his already hard dick. Lloyd Banks gently squeezes it through the fabric of his pants and kisses him as he moans.

"Sorry Bri baby. I probably got shit to do now. I know you do too."

"Ugh! Yea. But I'm taking a break. I thought you were too."

"Guess I can't stay away from the game. I gotta check my phone. Where's it at?"

He sighs and stops his assault. "Still in your pants. On the floor in the room."

Ludacris sports a cute, pouty face as the younger rapper gets up from the sofa and walks back into the room to retrieve his phone from the Armani pants he wore to the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Upon clicking it open, six missed calls greet him. Sitting on the bed, Lloyd Banks begins to decipher through them. Two are from his publicist, probably to congratulate him, while the other four are from 50 Cent. Two from last night and two from today and he immediately wonders what is going on. Neither left any messages, voice or text, and the G-Unit rapper begins to contemplate on whether he should call his friend back right now or later on when he is by himself. His mind is too full with thoughts of his new boyfriend and the time they are sharing together to have to deal with 50 but he has to know what is going on. Why did he call him so many times? It could be something about his album. He walks outside and sits back on the sofa, still fiddling with his phone, and dials the number while the DTP rapper playfully teases him by licking his ear.

"Chill for a minute baby," he says to a most playful Ludacris.

"You need a minute?"

"Naw. Just chill out here with me."

"Chris man where the hell you at?" 50 Cent's voice comes on the line. "I called yo ass so many times."

"What's good? Something come up?"

"Naw. Where you at?"

"Chillin' with my home boy. What's up?" He has to dodge questions and stay sharp now.

"Why you ain't pick up yo phone? I called yo ass `bout four times."

"Had it on vibrate. Anything wrong?"

"Naw. Just wanted to see what you were up to man. Since you left me last night."

"Las night? When?"

"At the 40/40 Club Banks man. I go upstairs and come back down and you gone. Where'd you go?"

"Just came back to the hotel. I was tired as fuck." Lloyd Banks smiles and tries not to laugh as Ludacris places kisses on his neck. The southern rapper pushes him back on the sofa, puts his legs astride his body, and sits on his flat stomach all while he is still talking on the phone to what seems like a jealous 50 Cent.

"You went with that nigga Ludacris? He wasn't there when I came back either."

"Naw kid. We was just hangin' at the bar. He's straight." Ludacris smiles as he hears this and moves in to catch his man's lips in a kiss. They are on dangerous territory but that is what makes it so fun and addicting.

"I don't like that nigga."

"What you mean?"

"Dunno." 50 Cent feels stupid because his jealously is blinding him and probably pushing his best friend further away from him. "I dunno."

"He cool. He ain't got beef with G-Unit or Em or Dré ."

"I'm sorry Chris man. I didn't mean to say that. He seems straight," he tries to cover his tracks.

"Can't be having beefs with everyone nigga."

"Shut up."

"Who you with? I can come through. My day's free. We could go to the gym."

"Naw. Can't right now homie."

"Aight. Who you with. I can roll through." Ludacris is licking is already quivering atom's apple while his body is still on top of the G-Unit member's.

"I'm `bout to leave and do some shit now," he lies. 50 cannot know where, or who, he is with.

"You covering some shit nigga."

"What you talkin' `bout man?"

"You gonna play me like that Chris? I know when you lying kid."

"You crazy Curtis Jackson," Banks tries to play it off. The phone conversation is making him uneasy and the DTP rapper touching and tasting his skin is leaving him unable to focus.

"Whatever. So you went back to the hotel after the club?"

"What's up with all the questions kid?"

"I can't ask my best friend a question now?"

"You impossible C." The G-Unit rapper does not want to fight with him so he cuts it before it escalates even more. "But yea, I came back to the room. Needed some sleep."

50 does not know why he is acting the way he is. Almost jealous and upset when he is far from those two emotions. His body manages to confuse him once again. He has to admit he is sorry once again but it is too hard. He sighs and just does it. "I'm sorry Chris. I was just wonderin' why we didn't hang out after your big performance."

"We did."

"But not like we used to."

"I dunno."

"You aight?"

"Yea. I'm straight."

"Aight. You still my best friend. No matter what shit happened between us," the buff rapper says. It feels like Lloyd Banks is slipping away from him.

"Yea. I got you Curtis man. You my boy."

"Aight. Let me holla at you later then boy."

"Straight. I'll get at ya."

Lloyd Banks easily drops his phone on the floor before begin to concentrate on the man in top of him. His hands caress Ludacris' face as he kisses him sweetly, never wanting to stop. A small part of him however is not letting him enjoy the moment because of the unresolved issues and feelings he has in regards to 50 Cent. He still wants him. Everything is still so raw, even after all this time. The southern rapper's tongue snakes into his mouth and fights with his for pure conquest. Banks moans and uses his hands to stroke his lover's back before settling on his head, playing with the waves on his short hair. He is so cute. It is still all so new and unbelievable to him. The G-Unit rapper has a boyfriend. He is in a relationship with another rapper in the music industry. The DJ turned rapper from Georgia is on top of his craving body and their lips are glued together in an intimate game. Blood engorges his dick and older rap artist winces slightly when he feels the hard rod digging into his inner thigh. Everything is overwhelmingly right. The moment will be lost.

The younger rapper kisses Ludacris one last time before he pulls away. His insides are gnawing away at him and preventing him from thinking about anything else. "I gotta go Bri."

"Shit! I'm supposed to meet some new artists in the studio right now. You see that? Already making me late for shit," the DTP rapper smiles as he tries to make the man under him feel guilty.

A kiss on his lips signifies Lloyd Banks' apology. "It felt so good here."

"Yea. There's gonna be more times but you gotta go and I gotta go."

"I'll wait for you to get ready."

"Lemme just jump in the shower kid."

"You the one who's already late."

"Forget you."

Ludacris hops up from the sofa and walks into his bedroom and ultimately to the shower while the other man reaches over and grabs the remote before realizing that his expensive Armani suit is still strewn about on the bedroom floor. Lloyd Banks' walk is slightly off as he makes his way into the room, the shower is running, and begins to pick up his belongings. Finding a bag in the closet, he stuffs everything into it and takes it back with him to the living room. The southern rapper hops out of the shower a few minutes later and gets dressed in record time because he is already so late and the studio is in what seems like the other side of the state of New York. A pair of blue jeans and a polo shirt will have to do and he finds a pair of shoes to match and a scent to splash on himself before he is ready. Although the DTP rapper is late, he wouldn't change it if he could do it over again because spending time with Banks means a lot to him. With his wallet and phone in place, the older rapper walks out of his room. He grabs a bottle of water and his shades in preparation.

Lloyd Banks does not want to leave but he has to because he needs to sort many things out. "You ready?" he hears Ludacris ask as he is walking to him and trying to fasten a watch to his wrist.


"Aight. Let's go."

They get to the door and stop to look at each other. "You wanna go first or me?" Banks asks.

"Your ride here yet?"

"No. Yours?"

"He said a few minutes so probably. I'll go."

The G-Unit rapper moves in and kisses the other man unexpectedly. Ludacris is overwhelmed by this but gives himself to it. "I'll call you okay baby?" he says when they break apart.

"Yea Chris."

"Now go. Don't want you to be later then you already are."

"It's your fault."

"Sorry Bri."

Another kiss and Ludacris walks out of his suite and into the elevator. When his phone rings in his pocket a few minutes later, the G-Unit rapper also leaves the hotel room. Lloyd Banks is being selfish. He likes two men. The car ride back to his room is hard as he desperately tries to sort out everything that is on his mind. It was hard enough when he only had his feelings about 50 Cent to deal with but now that the southern rapper is in the mix, he is going to fall; he knows it. It is not fair to either man, or himself, if he continues on without figuring anything out. He really does like 50 but now he is really into the DTP rapper. The way he made him feel last night and even when they were on the sofa together earlier manages to make Banks feel secure about every aspect of his life. He wanted Ludacris so bad last night that it almost hurt and he's never experienced that in his young life. It is all so mixed up and crazy. Once he is back in his room, he orders something to satisfy his grumbling stomach and tries to start deciphering his mind. It will be impossible.

Deciding it best to try and sort out his feelings when he truly has free time, the G-Unit rapper eats and gets ready before leaving his room again to run errands. His publicist in on the phone with him when he is in the car and she informs him of all the minor meetings and issues he has to take care of in terms of his upcoming album release, career, and image in general. She lays it on thickly. Lloyd Banks is still on fire from his previous night's performance so he accepts every task and does not think twice it. It all has to get done eventually anyway. The day he once thought was going to be free is now compact with everything as he is sped through the busy city. Once everything is squared away with his album's release through the executives at Interscope, the younger rapper leaves and does a couple of interviews and press appearances and time escape him completely. He only stops when he is hungry again, having missed dinner. It is almost ten when he grabs a bite to eat and appears at a club to promote his single and hype up the bash. He is beat.

Lloyd Banks jumps into the back seat of a Yukon Denali and removes his hat from his head as he rubs his eyes and yawns. The time is one o'clock and he lets himself recollect all his feelings and thoughts so he can function properly before sitting back and enjoying the ride. It is cold outside because winter is ever so close to being upon them and he feels slight goosebumps on his skin. The G-Unit member does not get to enjoy the few precious moments of free time he finds himself in because 50 Cent comes to his mind. And then Ludacris. And then all his conflicting feeling. It is hell. He closes his eyes and tries to defend himself but cannot because he does not know how to. He wants to see him. Now. Although the younger rapper's body wants sleep, he ignores it and informs the driver of his new plans. The new ride is spent calming his mind and trying to fight off fatigue, although it is almost impossible. The studio is dimly lit and Banks gets out, informs his driver to wait there until he gets back, and makes his way inside the lonely, desolate building.

A very friendly receptionist gives him the information he needs and he walks to the back and stands in the doorway, looking at Ludacris writing something on a pad and tinkering with the devices of the recording studio. He is alone. Lloyd Banks looks at the man for a long while before making himself known by saying, "Hey."

The southern rapper looks up when the word slams against his eardrums and smiles when he sees who it belongs to. "Hey. What you doing here?" He is surprised.

"Where your artists at? You alone?"

"We finished up. I was just trying some new stuff out to see how it sounds. You aight?"

The G-Unit rapper is still standing in the doorway with his strong shoulder pressed into it. He is confused. "We gotta talk."

"What about?" The DTP rapper does not know what to think but he feels something strain inside him.

"You done?"

"What's going on Chris man?"

"Finish what you doing. Then come back to the hotel with me."

Ludacris looks at him funny. He does not know what is going on. "I can't now," he says as he shuts off all the equipment and begins to gather his belongings. "Let's go."

"You sure? If you got something to do then stay. I'll wait."

"Naw I'm good. Let's get outta here."

The ride to the hotel suite is one of the most uncomfortable Ludacris has ever felt in his life. He does not know what to say or what to expect from the changed man next to him. Lloyd Banks' tone and body language back at the studio tells him that something is wrong but his eyes say to trust him and everything that is going to happen tonight. He desperately wants to believe his eyes but his tone and body language are so powerful and convincing. They tantalize him to the point of it eating him up inside because he does not know what is going on; he has no control over the situation. The southern rapper remains calm as they meagerly talk about nothing of importance in a car ride that seems to be taking forever to end. Banks tips his driver and puts his hoodie over his head and sticks his hands in the pockets of his jacket as a cold breeze blows while they walk through the deserted lobby and to the elevator. The DTP rapper quietly follows, hoping that the hotel associate does not recognize him. Everything is quiet until they get to the room.

Lloyd Banks removes the hoodie and rests his phone and wallet on a nearby table. "Damn it's cold outside. You want something to drink Bri?"

"Naw I'm cool. What's going on?" the southern rapper has to know. He sits on the sofa of the grand room and takes it all in. It is a nice place.

"Gimme a sec."


The G-Unit rapper strolls into the kitchen and grabs himself a glass of water before finding some Aspirin and popping the pills in his mouth to soothe his massive headache. He is torn. "You look good," he says as he makes his way back to the grand hall of the hotel suite and sits next to the other rapper.

"I know."

"Cocky bastard," he says as he smiles for the first time tonight.

"Damn straight. You aight though Chris man? What's up with you?"

"I dunno. Shit's all messed up."


"Me. I'm fucked up."

Ludacris looks at him. Something is hurting the man next to him. "What's bothering you? You look upset."

"It's all so new you know. I just---"

"Talk to me."

"I gotta tell you some things."

"Okay. What about?"

"Me." He gathers all his thoughts and relaxes for a minute. "I like you. I'm really starting to like you Chris."

Hearing Banks call him by his real name slightly throws him off. "That's good. Isn't it? I know it's gonna be hard with the media and all---"

"I don't give a fuck about them. This isn't about that."

"So what's it about?"

The G-Unit rapper sucks it up. "I got feelings for Fifty too. I like him too."

"You do?"

"I've liked like him for a long time. And the more we hung out, I just started catching these feelings."


"I'm not saying this shit to hurt you. That's not what I want. I just need to be straight with you from the beginning," Banks says as he looks into the other man's eyes.

"Okay. What does he think?"

"I dunno."

"You told him?"

"That's another thing. You not the first Chris."

"What do you mean?"


"Just tell me Banks man." Ludacris starts to lose his patience.

"We slept together. He was the first one."

"So he does like you then?"


"I'm not getting this shit."

"I liked him but kept it to myself. Then one night, shit just happened and we slept together," Lloyd Banks begins to explain his difficult and emotional past with the buff rapper 50 Cent.


"He said it was a mistake and that he wasn't into guys like that."

"So why'd you sleep together?"

"I still don't know that answer. He just said that we're best friends and that we should forget it ever happened."

"You can't huh?"

He looks down to the floor, hangs his head, and sighs. "No. I dunno how to."

"And where do I fit in to all this?"

"You're someone I'm really starting to like now. I wasn't expecting the things you did last night."

"Why'd you go along then?"

"Because you made me feel things I never felt before."

Ludacris rubs his eyes and rests the back of his head on the sofa. "So what you wanna do?"

"I dunno. I just wanted to be honest and fair with you Chris. I dunno what you wanna do---"

"You can't put it on me baby. You already know how I feel. I put myself all the way out there."

"Is it gonna bother you?"

"It is."

"Why? Because you wasn't the first nigga to fuck me?"

The southern rapper looks at him. That hurt and he gets slightly angry. "No! Who the fuck said that?"

"No one. But I know how it is."

"Look, that shit isn't like that Chris. Not with me. I don't care that he got you first. It's not about that. I just don't wanna see you get hurt. And yea it does bother me that you got feelings for some other dude but I know you can't help it. He's been around you longer than I have. I'm the new guy. I can't just ask you to forget him. It's not right or fair to you."

"I know what you're saying but it's so hard for me. I know we ain't gonna have shit together but I can't just forget it. I've been trying for so damn long."

Ludacris looks at the rapper next to him and smiles. "Then I'll just make you forget him. I love a challenge."

"You still wanna try the relationship thing with me?"

"Yea. You too special a guy for me to pass up."

"I dunno what to say," the G-Unit rapper is speechless and something inside him illuminates brightly.

"I know you gonna work this out on your own. You don't need me pressuring you."

"I hope so."

The DTP rapper subtly moves closer to him and rests a soft, sensual kiss on his man's lips. "I know so Chris."

"Damn. That felt good."

"You want me to do it again?"

"I gotta be sure," he slickly replies. Their lips connect again and tongues start to roam but it breaks off prematurely.

"So how was he?"


"Compared to me?"

"Don't ask me that. I hate being put on the spot."

"Tell me."

The G-Unit rapper looks at his man. His eyes are so inviting and craving. "I can't compare you. It's too different."

"What you mean?"

"I think it was just sex for him. We didn't kiss. He didn't touch me like you did or anything but it was good. I won't lie. Great. But you gave me more. And I liked that better."

Ludacris grins widely from ear to ear. He looks like a cute, devious, devil that is plotting something. "Well, he is into sex and not into making love after all."

"Funny Bri. A frikin' riot."

"We gonna get through this."


Lloyd Banks in the one who takes the initiative this time and captures the older rapper's lips in a sweet kiss to say thank you. Their bodies are now revitalized and refreshed because of the kisses and the talk. The G-Unit rapper feels the weight of the world lift off his shoulders as he is honest with Ludacris about everything that has happened between him and his best friend 50 Cent. The once sweet and innocent kisses evolve into more serious and passionate ones and each man begins to get hard in their pants. The southern rapper gets up from the sofa and picks his lover up, who then hooks his legs around his hips all while never interrupting their kiss, and wraps his strong hands around his narrow waist to securely hold him there before he begins to walk to the bedroom. Banks' hands rest on the man's shoulders and their tongues dance upon each other's through the journey to the soft, warm bed of the master bedroom. The DTP rapper drops his man on the bed and begins taking off his own shirt. Their eyes never stray from the other man's.

Ludacris hungrily works out of his shirt and helps the other rapper out of his before dropping on his body and forcing their lips together again. Hands roam the new exposed flesh and take in every imaginable sensation as everything is explored. The G-Unit member wastes no time in working his hands down to his man's pants and start to undo them. All the while, Banks' pants are being ripped off and his boxers are the next to go after that. Once the pile of clothes on the floor is complete, the lovers become reacquainted with each other's body once again. The denied pleasure resurfaces and takes control of everything, like the night before. It is a perfect replay. The Atlanta DJ turned rapper easily slides the first few inches of his man's dick into his mouth and begins sucking on it and licking the sensitive tip with his wet tongue. Lloyd Banks bucks and moans before positioning his body parallel to Ludacris' and grabbing the base of his stiff rod and stroking it before licking a trail from his balls all the way to the very tip. He follows this path numerous times.

The cold New York City night becomes jealous of the warm and cozy world the two rappers are now sharing as they simultaneously suck, lick, tease, and flicker over each other's anxious, hard dick and balls. The moment is compromised of pure ecstasy and the only goal is to bring pure satisfaction to the man next to them. Lloyd Banks coats the older rapper's member with plenty of spit while he sucks on it and rubs against his walnut-shaped testicles. Quiet moans and grunts of appreciation and gratification escape their lips whenever they can as the game escalates and more bliss is required. Ludacris carefully runs his tongue along the turgid shaft of his lover's dick and begins to taste precum on his lips and tongue. They continue to please each other's most intimate area; the conversation is not on their mind and neither is 50 Cent. Those raw and unsolved emotions can be dealt with later. The pair breaks their smooth cycle and finds each other's lips once again. Their tongues serenade each other with sensual touches until the level goes higher.

The G-Unit rapper is on his hands and knees on the bed and rests his head on two pillows as Ludacris kisses him one last time and crawls down his body, ending up where he needs to be. In between his man's legs, he admires his butt by running his finger along every curve before he gets into position because he has to have it like that again. He has to have Lloyd Banks' insides caressing and touching him again. It felt too perfect the last time and he needs that again. It has become his only drug. The DTP rapper spreads his lover's cheeks open and presses against him in an attempt to get him to relax before he starts forcing himself inside once again. There is still much pain but he can instantly feel the pleasure from the first thrust and moans out loud in absolute satisfaction. The southern rapper works more and more of himself into the small opening in a faster and more urgent pace and he bends over and kisses and licks the nape of Banks' neck when he finally inserts all of his throbbing rod inside the man under him. They rest there for a small second.

The kisses on his skin comforts Lloyd Banks and leave shivers that pierces through it and runs along his spine as he begins to feel the older rapper moving back and pulling out of him. The friction is not there yet and he desperately wants that heat between their bodies and cries out when Ludacris slams back into him. His fingers claw the nearby pillows because he is still not used to the man's length and thickness being inside him but adrenaline mixes with pleasure and has him delirious with lust. The G-Unit member wants it longer and harder and faster. Colorful spots appear in front of his eyes and his body almost shuts down because he knows the southern rapper is toying with his susceptible prostate gland. The rap superstar grabs on to his man's hips and enjoys the ride as the rhythm between their bodies become synchronous and the warm friction starts to make itself known. Sweet groans and noises fills Banks' bedroom as he is still on the bed on his hands and knees and pushing his body over the edge with an abundance of bliss. Nothing else matters.

An unbreakable friction develops between their bodies as Ludacris continues to plow his thick dick in and out of the tight hole he is so addicted to. A tranquil heat develops in between them and only manages to enhance the sensation. Lloyd Banks jerks back when he feels his lover reach down and grab his hard rod and begin to play with it. The southern rapper's strokes are long at first but then they become short and fast before going back to being long, slow, and steady. He is mixing it up and it is driving his man crazy. In their own world of lust, both rappers continue to give all of themselves to each other and continue to push the envelope on what is morally correct amongst society. That does not bother either at the moment though because it is not worth it. It never will be. The DTP rapper thrusts harder and faster until cum rushes up his dick and explode inside Banks' body. Everything is thrown off balance but the younger rapper starts cumming as well because he cannot hold out any longer. It all feels too good and manages to seduce him.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck---" Ludacris mumbles over and over as he extricates his softening dick from his lover and drops on the bed next to him.

"I know baby," Banks responds, looking for air.

"Your body okay?"

"Yea. Hurts a little but I'm good."

"Sorry if I was too rough."

"No. It was great."

The two men share a kiss and crawl under the covers to try and get some sleep. Instead, they start to cuddle. Lloyd Banks begins by laying kisses on the soft skin of his man's neck and notices the hickey he left there the day before and smiles as Ludacris wraps his arms around him. They continue to embrace one another. It is a sweet moment between the pair of rappers. The money, power, and prestige that come along with each of their names mean nothing to them now. It is all washed away in the sands of time; which seems to become irrelevant whenever they are together. The southern rapper steals another kiss from the man next to him as he grabs another pillow and places it behind his head. Banks yawns and rests his hand on his man's stomach and gets closer to him as his eyes start to flutter away into dreamland. A place where everything and anything is possible. Banks feels his forehead being kissed as well as when fingers are running through his soft hair. When the older rapper sees his boyfriend sleeping, he closes his eyes too.