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The V.I.P. section is now more packed than ever as both rappers try to navigate through the maze of people to get where Lloyd Banks wants them to be. Ludacris has no idea where he is going or who he is going to meet but he cannot peel his eyes off of 50 Cent. He cannot believe they slept together. The image is burning into his mind and the rapper in him thinks of the great ammunition he now has against the buff, cocky man but he cannot do that to his boyfriend. It is a way to protect himself though, if 50 were to ever come after him. Their hands accidentally brush against each other's as they move through the crowd until a clearing comes into view. The southern rapper swigs his drink and keeps following his man's slim body until they arrive at the booth where the two men continue to play with the little boy. Both Dr. Dré and Eminem get up to shake the DTP rapper's hand and tells Banks to watch Marquise while they go and handle some quick business. The six-year-old looks at the new man next to his second best friend. The boy recognizes him.

He stands up on the chair of the booth as he says, "Hey! I know you. You're Ludacris!"

He smiles at the little boy. He is so endearing. "Yep kiddo. I'm Ludacris. And who are you?" the southern rapper asks as he extends his hand.

"I'm Marquise but my daddy calls me Tré ." The little boy shakes the older man's hand.

"Really?" He looks at Lloyd Banks for a minute. "And who's your daddy Marquise?"

"He's Curtis' son." It is the G-Unit rapper who finally speaks. Having Marquise and Ludacris meet affects him greatly but it is uncertain why.

"Yep. 50 Cent is my dad."

"Really?" The DTP rapper sits next to the standing boy in the booth and he finally climbs down. "Your dad's a great rapper. You know that don't you short stuff?"

"Yep! He's the best!" The younger rapper sits across from them in the booth.

"You look pretty sharp there Marquise in your nice shirt and pants. And I like the boots. I have a pair just like them."

"Thanks. You're cool Ludacris. I see you on TV all the time."

"Thanks buddy. You're pretty cool yourself. You can call me Chris." The Atlanta DJ turned rapper ruffles the little boy's short hair.

"Your name is Chris too?"

"Yep. Just like his," Ludacris points across the table to the other rapper.

"Neat. I never knew two Chris' before."

"Well now you do. How old are you shorty?"


"You like school?"


"You a good boy?"

"Trying to be," Marquise says as he looks up at him. It is like he is examining him to see where he is coming from.

"I think you're a good boy."

"He's a very good boy and I'm his second best friend," Banks finally says.

"Who's your first?"

"My daddy."

"Am I one of your friends Marquise?" The southern rapper thinks the little boy is so precious.

"Yea. You're a cool guy and I like you. You're my friend."

"Put it up there," Ludacris says as he raises his hand and Marquise reaches up to give him a powerful high five. The rapper ruffles with his hair again as the three of them continue to talk and learn more about each other.

The two members of G-Unit dance closely together and risk one kiss because they are too caught up in the moment to stop it. They dance for a long while after as the party rages on, celebrating success and achievement. Olivia announces she has to use the bathroom and disappears, leaving him alone. His son runs on his mind so he starts looking around for him. When 50 Cent sees his son talking to the southern rapper and Lloyd Banks, his first instinct is to take him out of there because he does not want the boy near Ludacris but when he sees Marquise smiling and playing with both rappers, he stops himself from causing a huge scene. What are they doing though? Why are he and Lloyd Banks there together with his son? Things are not adding up or making any sense. When Olivia gets back, they walk together to the booth where the six-year-old is relaxing. Olivia sees the DTP rapper and is a little nervous because she is a fan of his. They walk in silence until they get to the table. 50's and Ludacris' eyes connect with each other's for a moment.

"What's going on Luda?" 50 fakes his words but they are convincing. He does not know why he does not like the man, almost all of a sudden it seems.

"Chillin' Fifty man. Enjoyin' the party and talkin' to Marquise here. He's a smart kid."

"I know. What's going on Tré ?"

"Nothing daddy." Things feel forced and not as free flowing as they should be in a situation like this. "Just talking to Chris and Chris," the innocent boy points at one man and then the other.

"You're crazy squirt," Lloyd Banks says as he laughs.

"This is Olivia," 50 Cent says, introducing the newest member of the G-Unit crew. "She's part of G-Unit now."

"Oh. What up girl?" They shake hands as he smiles at her.

"I think it's about time to go home buddy."

"Already?" Marquise pouts.

"You're mother's gonna kill me if I bring you home too late."

"But I wanna stay and have more fun."


"Okay I'm going---" he groans.

"Hit me up there again before you go kid," Ludacris says as he raises his hand once again. The-six-year-old does it even harder than the previous time. He then picks up the boy and crosses him over his body before rests him on the floor next to his father and Olivia. "Later lil' sharp dude."

"Bye Chris." He walks up to Banks, who is upset that he is leaving so soon but understands and hides it. "Bye Chris my second best friend," he tells the young rapper before hugging him tightly. "Thank you for the talk buddy," he whispers lowly to him.

"Not a problem squirt. Take care of yourself and your crazy father here."

"I got you Banks man. I'll catch you boys later," the buff rapper says as he shakes both their hands.

"It was nice meeting you Luda."

"Same here baby girl," he gets up and gives her a hug.

"All the best Chris. As always," she says to her fellow G-Unit member.


They hug and kiss before the trio disappears through the crowd and their night of partying comes to an end. 50 is not proud of himself but it is done and cannot be changed now. Marquise is in his arms as he and Olivia walk out the packed club and into an awaiting car. The first stop is to drop the first lady of G-Unit off. When they arrive at her hotel, she kisses an already sleeping Marquise on the cheek and kisses his father more passionately before walking into the lobby and then the elevator. The driver speeds away and the buff rapper rests his head back on the seat as his son's body is sprawled out over the seat with his head resting his father's muscular thigh. He knows the six-year-old was more tired that he let on so he does not feel as guilty now. Lamps light the streets as they drive back to his former girlfriend's house. She is not there when the pair arrive, it is a little past one, so he uses his spare key to let them in. Marquise is fast asleep on his shoulder and he waves the driver away. He decides to spend the night here with his son. It is a treat.

The party is still going but Ludacris and Lloyd Banks separate from each other because they do not want to seem as if anything more than professional respect and courtesy is between them. He is disappointed that Marquise and 50 left so soon and wonders if it had anything to do with the fact that the buff rapper does not like his man. The fact that his son was there only made him act civil but he does not want to jump on the bad thoughts because they will only manage to throw him off his mood. Aside from everything, the G-Unit rapper considers the party a huge success and enjoys it very much. Dr. Dré leaves and Eminem is the only one hanging out with him. The southern rapper leaves as well, but not before pulling Banks into a desolate corner of the club and kissing him. He is heading back to Georgia with his man's succulent taste on his lips. The party finally winds down at around four in the morning as he shakes hands with the white rapper and finally leaves the Cheeta Club. Ludacris showing up like he did manages to make his night more special.

"Hey you," Lloyd Banks says as he yawns and is making his way back to his hotel suite. "Where you at?"

"About to board this private jet. What's going on Chris?" Ludacris asks his man as he picks up his bag and walks into the airplane. His body is tired.

"Just wrapped the party. I'm heading out and just wanted to see where you were."

"Keeping tabs on me already?"

"Yea, you wish. You ain't that important nigga."

"I'm not?" the southern rapper asks sadly.

"Not yet."

"As long as I get a chance to change your mind then it's all good."

"You going all sweet on me Bri. Where's that hardcore rapper you show the media at?"

"Oh trust kid. He still here and he will be coming out if you act up. And what about yourself Mr. I'm So Tough G-Unit Guy?"

Banks laughs. "Whatever nigga! You on the plane already?"


"Can you talk?"

"Isn't that what we're doing now?"

"You know what I mean fuck boy."

"Fuck boy? You gonna call me that after I take time out of my busy schedule to come to yo album release party?"

"Thank you," the G-Unit rapper says innocently and meaningfully.

"You're welcome baby."

"It meant a lot to me that you showed up there."

"That's why I did it. You had fun?"

"Yea. It was great."

"I saw you looking at them."

He sighs and shuts his eyes. He feels a slight headache coming on. 50 Cent will always be a source of pain to him. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it."

"Since when did you boys get a female in G-Unit?"

"A while now. She's straight. I like her."


"What's that mean?"

"Nothing. Nothing."

"I do like her. She's got real talent."

"She also got ya boy Fifty Cent," Ludacris states matter-of-factly.

"No she don't. They were just dancing."

"Who knows when it comes to him?"

"They're not dating. He's a professional."

"But he's a man first Chris. And I won't lie, she's fine."

"Why we talkin' about this?" The younger rapper is agitated. There is no way 50 Cent and Olivia can be dating. It is not right.

"I dunno. Can I ask you something?"


"You love Marquise don't you?"

"Yea. I've known him since he was born. He's my lil' soldier. Why?"

"Just wonderin'. He's a smart kid. Hard to believe he's Fifty's son."

"Ay come on. That's my friend you talkin' about kid. Watch ya mouth."

"I'm just messin'. I'm too tired."

"Me too. I'm just gonna jump on that bed," he says as he reaches his hotel. The rapper tips the driver and makes his way up to his room.

"Can I join you?"

"Horny ass nigga."

"Well what you expect? We exclusive now so I can't mess around with the hoes."

"You funny Bri. Funny as hell."

"I got it all. I'm funny, sexy, charming, fine, rich, successful, talented, good in bed---"

"Okay that's enough. I think I'm gonna throw up," Banks makes a fake gagging sound over the phone.

"Don't hate kid. I had fun with you and the lil' boy."

"Yea. Too bad he had to leave so soon. He really likes you."

"He's a cool lil' man."


"Well let me get some sleep on this flight."

"Yea. I'm `bout to go to bed now. Thanks for showing up Bri. It made me feel good baby."

"It's my job to make you feel good. And I got it on lock," Ludacris smoothly informs him.

"I'll give you that one today. But just today."

"Okay. I'll talk to you later."


His album is finally released and Lloyd Banks is both excited and nervous. His day is full with radio and television interviews but he takes it all in because he really wants all his hard work to be recognized and rewarded. Later in his day, 50 Cent joins him and they do several interviews together. He wants to ask the buff rapper the real reason that he left so early with his son but he does not want to end up getting into another fight so he lets it go. Their relationship is scarred forever and no amount of apologizing will ever make it okay. Neither can take back that night, the cause of it all. The G-Unit rapper just feeds off his high of finally having his record out to the public and do not allow his painful feelings to hurt him, at least for the moment. Both men talk business in between shows but he makes sure and thank 50 for bringing Marquise to the album release party. It did mean a lot to him. Banks cannot get the conversation he had with the six-year-old that night out of his head. Is the older rapper really upset over their situation? What could it all mean?

Weeks go by and the G-Unit rapper is living high in both his professional and personal life. His album shoots up the charts immediately and opens up at number one; a fact he is very proud of. He begins to negotiate his second single with management and he begins to see that his relationship with 50 is slowly creeping back to what it once used to be. Although the changes are small, Banks notices them there and the buff rapper even commented on it on a few occasions. However small they are, it is positive steps in the right direction and neither man could not have hoped for more. At the other end of the spectrum, his personal life manages to keep a tight vice grip over him. As much as the young rapper does not admit it to himself, Ludacris has him on look. He keeps him intrigued, interested, and making him feel special when they talk on the phone. Both have been so busy recently that they haven't had time to meet up since the album release party. Lloyd Banks remains calm though; he knows this is how it is going to be from the start.

It is a surprisingly cold day in Los Angeles as the overworked rapper makes his way out of a series of meeting conjured up to discuss the statistics of his album and finalize the debate over what his second single should be. He does not have a jacket and goosebumps make themselves known all over his body because the breeze blows strongly. Night begins to fall on the city as Lloyd Banks finally completes another busy day in his life. Although he loves being a member of G-Unit with Young Buck and 50 Cent, he must admit that it does feel good to stand alone for once. Not having to compromise on video or photo shoots or having to reach an agreement with two other men grows on him. His performance at the Video Music Awards opens his eyes up to being a solo artist for the first time. Being on stage by himself gives Banks a high that he is still sure he is experiencing. Stars sprinkle throughout the black sky as the younger rapper enters his hotel room and gets to relax for the first time. A phone ringing brings him back from his dreams.

The G-Unit member looks at it for a moment before smiling. "What's going on kid?"

"I ain't no kid nigga. I'm yo man," Ludacris huffs.

"Aight chill. What up man?"

"Tryin' to see you. Where you at?"


"Damn," he sulks. "I thought you were still in NY. I came up here for nothing."

"Aww. Sorry babe. Should've called me."

"Man. We haven't hung out in a good minute."

"You knew it was gonna be like this," Lloyd Banks states.

"Yea. It's kinda hard."


"What you doing?"

"Just got in. `Bout to go take a shower."

"Can I join you?" the southern rapper asks his man sexily.

"Come to the west coast and we can talk about it."

"So if I come out there you gonna give me something?"

"I said we'd talk about it."

The DTP rapper smiles to himself. "Why am I stuck here? This is yo fault."

"Ain't my fault a nigga don't know how to use his phone."

"That's mean."

Lloyd Banks hears a knock at the door. After taking off his shoes, he walks to it and looks out through the peephole. "Yea well. Someone just knocked but I ain't seeing anyone."

"Maybe it's yo food."

"I didn't order food," the younger rapper says as he opens the door. His phone call is cut.

"Hey you," Ludacris says as he smiles irresistibly and is tucking his phone away into his baggy jeans.

"Think you got game nigga?"

"I know I do. You ain't suspect a thing."

"Damn! You good. You got me---" Banks starts but is cut off by his man's soft lips being forced against his own. It feels so good. So right.

"What you gotta say to that?"

He is momentarily stunned but wants more. "Do it again," he requests like a cute little boy.

The southern rapper steps into the suite and closes the door behind him before sensually connecting his lips against his man's once again. He is pressed against the closed door. "You want another one---"

His sentence is swiftly killed and their tongues are groping one another's again. They are finally able to contain themselves enough to break apart. "Damn!"

"You good. You good Chris." Their voices are low and sensual.

"Yup. What you doing here?"

"I dunno. You tell me."

"What you want?"

Ludacris looks at him and grins. Something about the G-Unit rapper makes him feel so safe and secure in life. Like no bad things can ever happen when they are like this. "How `bout that shower now?"

"You're on Bri."

Lloyd Banks carefully swoops in and gets himself another kiss. He rests his hands on his man's waist, rubbing the fabric of clothing there smoothly back and forth as their lips are stuck together. Everything is right. Ludacris follows the younger rapper's lead as he begins to walk backwards further into the suite and to their ultimate destination of the bathroom. While on their way, clothes begin to get ripped off their eagerly awaiting bodies. Banks unhooks all the buttons of the man's shirt and easily slides it off his toned body; it uncaringly drops on the floor. Their lips only part when the southern rapper lifts his lover's polo shirt over his head and tosses it aside. Tattoos come alive as fingers gently caress them and moans are elicited from each man in their sinful game. Belts are unbuckled and pants fall down to the ground as each man almost becomes completely exposed to the other; their kiss never falters. The G-Unit rapper pulls his man's boxers down with his thumbs and they finally reach the bathroom. Ludacris steps out of his own.

The water flows coldly and crashes into the tub but it goes unnoticed as both rappers enter the overzealous shower and continue to thrive on the passionate moment they are in. After running for a while, the water finally adjusts to a warmer temperature and everything ultimately comes together. Lloyd Banks turns the showerhead on as he tastes his man on his tongue and lips and heart. Everything is there. Water rains from the heavens upon them while they are kissing; they never stop because it cannot be over. The DTP rapper roams his hands all over the slick body next to his, touching tattoos and sensitive flesh on its journey to the beyond. Warm water coats their entire bodies as their tongues play against each other competitively for victory. Pleasure ripples throughout their bodies as a direct result of the fight but neither man is complaining. Banks is pressed against the tiles of the shower and his hands are secured around Ludacris' narrow waist and sticks into his skin because it is all so much. He wants it. He needs it badly. Now.

Ludacris' kisses are so powerful and sexy that it drives him mad. He knows how to especially utilize his lips and tongue to bring his man pleasure and he does feel the fingernails digging into the lower region of his back. Pain does not register to his body however so it only manages to enhance his drive to get to the top. To become one with the cute rapper he is so intimately pressed against right now. Their rock hard dicks rub against each other's and feel so good together as the kiss is finally lifted and he aims for Banks' neck. A place he loves to suck and kiss and tease. The southern rapper's tongue expertly works over the tender flesh, kneading it and tasting the man. He tastes fresh and clean; it is devilishly sexy. Lloyd Banks' eyes are closed and he tries to take in all the pleasure; he cannot because it cascades. It overflows and his body goes into overdrive to try and cope with it all. His fingers unhook themselves from the DTP rapper's back and moves lower to his butt. His hand curves around and grabs it; his man jolts and wickedly glares at him.

The DJ turned rapper is on his knees in the bathtub kissing the most sensitive area of his man, any man. It all still feels so strange and doubtful to him but when he is doing it, he knows he cannot stop because he wants it as bad as his body needs oxygen to survive. It is right in every way. It could never be wrong. After adequately teasing the pulsating, wet rod in front of him, he envelops it into his mouth and starts working on it. Goosebumps rise up all over Lloyd Banks' skin as he feels the hot sensation on him. Ludacris starts out slow because he wants to draw out the pleasure for as long as possible so he uses his lips only. They loosely wrap around his lover's dick as he pumps it in and out of his mouth. It is still foreplay and teasing to an extent. Once his has the G-Unit rapper begging him to do more, his lips become tighter around the shaft and his tongue swirls across the tip, bring delirious pleasure to his boyfriend. Banks takes control and holds the older rapper's head steady on each side as he drives his meat into and out of his sweet, humid orifice.

"Yea! Yea. Just like that baby. Fuck!" he grunts and grumbles as he continues to take advantage of the southern rapper's mouth.

The DTP rapper is pushing his limits. He starts to gag on a few occasions but he is taking in more of Lloyd Banks into his mouth than ever before. He loves being controlled this way. It is making him unbelievably hot and bothered and he wants desperately to release himself but it cannot be over so soon. When his face is set free, he plants a soft kiss on the very tip of his man's jumping dick before he gets up and kisses his lips hard. The once wet touches of love are more dominating and aggressive as the two rappers get caught up in it all. They are the only two people in the world and a cold shiver is send down Ludacris' spine when he feels his back being pressed against the cold tiles of the shower wall and his nipples being sensually gratified. Banks' hand wraps around his thick rod and begins stroking it while he continues to tease both nipples with his tongue and free thumb. A sweet kiss touches the older rapper's navel, which causes him to laugh because he is extremely ticklish there, before the grand prize is met. Pleasure is the only emotion now.

The southern rapper's thick, mushroom head pops into his mouth and he begins to suck on the meat as if he is a child innocently sucking on a lollipop. Ludacris' hands guide his head as it bobs back and forth; his shaft becoming coated with spittle. His tongue intertwines around the rod and licks every conceivable inch as he feels water falling down on his head and face. The G-Unit rapper closes his eyes and concentrates on his job, pushing his lover over the edge. Pushing both their limits over the edge and reaping all the rewards of it. Lloyd Banks carefully places the tip of his tongue against the end of his man's rock hard pole and completes small revolutions with the wet organ. This drives him mad and he pleads for more. The grunts and pants grow heavier as the younger rapper trails his tongue underneath and drags it along ever so slowly until he reaches a pair of dangling balls. Banks' fingers caress the hanging flesh sac and he licks it a couple times before trying to take them into his mouth. Veins are overrun with satisfaction and want to burst.

"Come here," the Atlanta DJ turned rapper cutely says as he pulls Banks' body up to his and their eyes meet. He places his forehead against the younger man's and continues to stare through his eyes to the pure essence that composes him. "You have the most innocent, beautiful, sexy eyes baby. I always get lost in them."

"Want me to come and find you?"

"Nope. I wanna be lost in you. I can stare at them all day."

Lloyd Banks pecks his lips. Ludacris manages to fight away every insecure, selfish, and scary thought he has ever had when they are together. The feelings are too strong. "I want it. I want you Bri baby."

"How do you want it?" the rapper teases him. He wants to hear the words to push him into overdrive mode.

"No. I'm not gonna say that. You killing my mood here."

The southern rapper stealthily moves and gently attacks his lover's earlobe with his teeth before whispering into his ear, "Tell me. Please. Pretty please with a cherry on the top."

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" The G-Unit rapper presses him harder into the wall and kisses along his jaw line to his neck to behind his ear and utilizes his tongue to flicker at the lobe present there. "I want you. I want you inside me baby. Make me feel good. Make me yours," he confesses.

"You don't know what hearing those words from you means to me Chris. You sure you want it?"

"Yes. I want us to be connected."

"Damn baby. Damn, damn, damn. Sounds so good on your lips."

Before any more time is wasted, Lloyd Banks switches their bodies once again and kisses his man passionately to push him over the edge once again. Ludacris welcomes this aggressiveness and runs his hands along his lover's chest and stomach while their tongues fight with each other. The younger rapper ends the kiss and turns around because he is ready to feel whole again. Water slams onto his back and drizzles down onto the bathtub as he stands there and admires the man in front of him. His hands delicately trace down Banks' back and brush against his butt. The DTP rapper runs his index finger between his cheeks and slightly touches the opening that is present there. He feels it when the younger man shivers under him and he strokes it one more time before removing his hand completely and replacing it with his neglected dick. It is as hard as steel as he starts pushing into the still unwavering muscles of the G-Unit rapper's tight entrance. Both close their eyes and start to experience true bliss. It is carnal desire fully.

Ludacris drives his entire length up into his man and he feels one slight sharp pain but it is only momentarily. The satisfaction to follow is greatly needed and depended on by both rappers. Lloyd Banks' palms are pressed against the tiles and his eyes are shut tightly as he begins to move himself back and forth on the rod impaling him, getting used to it all. He will never get used to the pleasure though because it is always different each time he does this and that is why he could never get enough of it, even if he tried. The Atlanta rapper rests his hands on his lover's narrow waist for the support and begins meeting Banks' motions with his own. When they clash against each other, cataclysmic feelings erupt and spew over, drowning their bodies deep within it. Banks grunts and encourages his boyfriend to go harder and deeper because he wants to see the brightly colored stars in front of his eyes. He wants to not remember his own name or who he is. He urgently needs that escape from being in the public eye and the feelings over 50 Cent.

Their senses, especially touch, are heightened and the rappers begin to feel every little touch or caress as they continue to remain connected to each other in the most physical way possible. The DTP rapper reaches over and rests both his hands on top of his man's hands, which are still firmly pressed against the tiles of the shower, and begins to kiss his back. Banks' moans drive him wild and he gets carried away, biting him on the back of his shoulder and neck. He does not care. It all feels too good to care. Blood seeps out of the two fresh wounds and the southern rapper tastes it; he bites him again because he is not in his body right now. The G-Unit rapper winces at that one and cries out before his hands slides down and off the tiles, leaving his man's by themselves. Lloyd Banks yanks his dick forcefully and rapidly as his body is yearning for its release from the real world. It does not take very long before both artists succumb to the friction and gratification and cum blasts out of their ecstatic rods. Ludacris pulls out and shoots in the tub in a frenzy.

They each catch their breath and feel the shortage of adrenaline their bodies were temporarily addicted to. "I was good?" Ludacris asks after an eternity of silence. Warm water bathes them both.

"Never thought I'd like being fucked so much."

"Gotta try new things right?"

"You were great Bri baby."

"Say my name again," the southern rapper requests.


"It sounds so right when you say it. So damn real."

"Brian can't get enough of Chris," the younger rapper refers to himself in the third person.

"You right. Chris is my G-Unit boy. He my baby."

"Don't worry. Chris is liking Brian more and more everyday."

"Is he now?"

"He making Chris feel good. Real good."

"I think it's Brian's job to make Chris feel good. Brian got that in check," he says as they kiss. It is sweet and pure. There is a basic need there.

"Damn. Shit was amazing."

"I know. I was there too."

"You got somewhere to be?"

Ludacris thinks to himself for a moment. "Nope. I'm all yours tonight."

"Only mine?"

"I ain't going nowhere."

"I don't like to share."

"So I noticed."

The two lovers continue their shower the way it is supposed to be done until Lloyd Banks gets out and starts drying his skin. He feels cold. "I can't believe you fucking bit me twice kid," he says as he is looking at the sharp teeth indentations on his skin in the bathroom's mirror.

"Three times. You marked me so I had to return the favor," Ludacris says as he drapes a towel around his wait and embraces his man from behind. They are both clean.

"I'm bleeding because of you. If I get infected---"

"I ain't got shit nigga. What you talkin' about?"

"Why don't you shut up and kiss me?"

"Why don't I?" the southern rapper asks himself.

Their lips touch as they walk out into the bedroom to find clothes to wear. Ludacris has to borrow some of his man's clothes so he asks him for a pair of boxers and pants. He can feel his body giving out him. He is weak because he barely ate anything all day and just spent more energy that his body was willing to give taking a special shower. It does amaze him that Lloyd Banks' clothes fit him so well and they kiss one last time before he finds something to put on while the older rapper flips through the menu to find something to satisfy his grumbling stomach. It is around two in the morning when they two rappers finally order food and eat together in the dining room. After an incredible dinner, they decide to watch TV but their bodies fight against them on it so the head straight for bed. Banks cuddles up to the southern rapper, who securely places his arms around him, and they talk before each starts to yawn and nod off. The room is dark and cold, because outside is cold, as the pair finally gives in to the demands of their bodies and catches some sleep.